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Sigma is an Ekoronian clone appearing in Compile ♥ Worlds. Debuting in Episode 60, he is a clone of (a younger) Angol Mois, using a tome of magic in order to prevent Angol from ever exploiting his unnatural connection to the field of magic levels above him again.


Sigma was put into development after the events of Episode 58, Alpha deciding a more permanent solution to Angol's problematic anomaly was in order. While the mass teleportation that happened between Episode 58 and Episode 59 slowed progress down, Sigma was still completed. Sigma's conscious was then put through rigorous moral testing, to ensure he would not act evil of his own volition. He was awakened prior to his debut in Episode 60.

Sigma speaks politely and formally in a somewhat robotic manner. He will list his skills and knowledge when prompted. While he maintains a somewhat robotic demeanour he is not completely without emotion. Being grabbed and floating in the air for excessive periods of time makes him uncomfortable. Sigma is generally friendly, but he is particularly affectionate towards Alpha, calling him "Alpha chan". Sigma suffers from moderate separation anxiety, and balls up and cries when he is alone in unfamiliar places. He feels more emotion than who he was cloned after.

Sigma can use Angol's magic, and he demonstrated this in Episode 60 by creating a force field to deflect Fresa's bazooka casings. Alpha has noted he can perform healing magic as well. In addition, he also possess domestic skills like baking and untying 14 unique types of knots.


Sigma is named after the eighteenth letter of the Greek Alphabet. In Greek numerals, Sigma has a value of 200, and in mathematics, it's capital form is the symbol for summation. In contrast to Phi, Sigma is the first letter in skotádi, the Greek word meaning "darkness".


  • Sigma is the only male clone named after an even numbered letter of the Greek Alphabet
    • However this works out since Sigma was chosen to contrast Phi, an odd numbered letter that spelled the word light.
  • Sigma is also the only clone not created as part of the Neo Angol Project.