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The Lowee Arc is the second arc of Compile ♥ Worlds, taking place directly after the events of The Lastation Arc. It began in Episode 66, and it is the current arc of the RP. The plot of The Lowee Arc revolves around finally answering the mysteries posed by the events of The Transition nearly two years ago, as well as a new set of mysteries that have appeared in the previous arc, namely the disappearance of protagonist Arle Nadja's magic.


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Unlike the previous arc, which never ventured into the continent of Lowee at all, the characters are all finally visiting it after the events that began The Lastation Arc. Lastation and Leanbox have also returned in this arc, and Planeptune and Gamindustri Graveyard may also appear again as well.


"There is one who has destroyed the lesser powers..."

Episode 66 begins immediately with a plot twist, as Feli appears on Falcom's Fishing Resort Island and reveals Lastation was bombarded by the missile attack in Episode 65 as well, suffering worse than Leanbox. Arle Nadja and the gang know that's NO good, and it just seems to get worse as Feli tells them of the horrors she witnessed in Leanbox. Thankfully, the good news is that Angol Mois and Praline are locked up for now, so it is safe to venture home. Feli however, notes that the time for Arle to learn of where her magic was stolen has come, as she reveals that Akai Suzuri is in Lowee, which, until now, had largely been ignored since a barrier had blocked it off from the other continents for at least an entire arc. Sigma expresses interest in venturing out to Lowee, but Alpha practically drags him back to Leanbox to fix the FGF Research Co. roof instead, having lost his marbles over the destruction. Raffine decides to take her leave as well, hoping to get a reward from Ms. Accord for picking a fight with Vanille (and then running away) in the last arc. Tech and Falcom stay behind with their Key Fragment and work to rebuild Lastation while everyone else does their own thing.

As Arle and Feli look upon Lastation's rubble in sadness, Nanako, Nepgear, and an angry Vert appear, with Feli greeting Nanako in her usual, memetic way. As the group chats a bit more, they approach Lowee's Border, which is in perfect condition, much to Vert's annoyance. Despite the fact that they (sort of) politely state their peaceful business, the guard there insists that they can't come in, as the barrier had only recently been lifted and Blanc isn't taking visitors yet. However, when Arle gets a little frisky with the guard, a second guard steps in, revealing herself to actually be Andou Ringo. Yes, she's here you dope, like finally. Ringo convinces the other guard to let them in, but the guard insists Ringo escort them to the Suzuri Shrine, since she doesn't want to get in trouble with Blanc. Ringo wonders what everyone is doing in Gamindustri, though she's not sure how she got there herself. Being trapped in Lowee, Ringo took up the border patrol job to keep herself occupied, though she admits she found it boring and missed the good ol' days of kicking ass and taking names.

It is not long after that that Lagnus the Brave, another old friend and fellow protagonist, also shows up, being happy to see Arle. Of course, Ringo only remembers Lagnus because of this apple, much to Lagnus' chagrin. The subject of this apple suddenly gets everyone talking about Angol, and the group of seven realizes quickly they all have a common enemy in him. They approach the Suzuri Shrine, which has gotten a makeover, much like the Azuri Shrine in Planeptune. Feli and Nepgear waste no time laying right into Akai Suzuri, who admits she was indeed responsible for the missile attacks against Leanbox and Lastation. Feli however, decides that it is more important to derail Keiji's keikaku a bit and get down to what happened to Arle's magic. Suzuri informs them that she cannot answer the question personally. However, she reveals the Red Disc, which then possesses Ringo, turning her physical form into that of... Eltia's!

Eltia begins by saying that she has been avoiding Arle's line of questioning for a long time. Eltia asks Arle if her magic is really necessary, claiming she "turned a blind eye" to "EXACTLY" what happened during The Tournament all those arcs ago. Furthermore, Eltia goes so far as to say that the only Two that deserves to exist is The Judge, and that that the remaining ones should also cease to exist with power 4/4AmitieSigOmegaDaichi, and that Arle Nadja deserves neither. All of Eltia's accusations anger Lagnus greatly, causing Feli to restrain him several times, but Arle herself can only respond sadly to Eltia's raving. Eltia further says that she was useless in her original form, so she specifically requested to be turned into the Red Disc instead, citing herself to be completely useless in her original form. Vert decides that she's had about enough of this nonsense and claims that the missiles and Angol Mois are a more important matter. Eltia insists Angol is dead, but Feli reveals that Eltia is wrong, and that Eldora had saved Angol from what would otherwise be his death in order to free herself from her prison. Eltia has a hissy fit, continuing to deny Angol exists, and withdraws from Ringo's body and refuses to speak any further. Suzuri's intention was to destroy Angol's bases with the missiles, but the destruction she's caused has angered the CPUs. Before they can ask her to take responsibility though, a pissed off Blanc appears, having heard Nepgear insinuate that Lowee was misinformed of where to shoot the missiles. Blanc threatens to silence the patrons of the shrine, which results in a very tense atmosphere...


  • This is the first arc in which Blanc appears; every other CPU, including the DLC ones, appeared in the previous arc
    • Fake White Heart, however, did appear in the Lastation Arc, posing as the real Blanc for a Mois Praline publicity stunt.
  • this apple makes a cameo after a three year long absence.
  • The start date of the Lowee Arc, October 17th, 2015, is nearly 3 years after the start of The Transition on November 30th, 2012, which is when these events were originally planned to pan out.