Episode 16 - Chat log

Start date: Fri Oct 15, 2010. All times are UTC.

[11:48:58] <Seriri> So, are you excited Dracie? <3

[11:49:50] <Draco> Excited? About what~?

[11:50:01] <Seriri> DINNER!

[11:50:12] <Keiji> Link mah boi!

[11:50:29] <Chao> LOL EXACTLY

[11:51:08] <Draco> Well, it'll be fun having a celebratory dinner with everyone ~ But, wasn't the real excitement taking Ekoro down in the first place?

[11:51:43] <Seriri> Oooooh yeah~ It felt so good to fin-slap that crazy old bitch <3

[11:51:45] <Akkie> /me leaves self out for the pair.

[11:52:04] <Keiji> Arle's in the lounge, you could just have those four do whatever

[11:52:17] <Keiji> Especially as Amitie apparently has a fire extinguisher foam-covered face

[11:52:24] <Keiji> Which is lolz

[11:52:56] <Arle Nadja> [sweatdrops at the "new discovery"]

[11:53:05] <Ringo> So if you and the fire extinguisher foam are here, then where are Lagnus and the burning toaster?

[11:53:16] <Draco> I wonder if there'll be any more rebels to fight off?

[11:53:54] <Seriri> Oh undoubtedly....but if we could beat that mad man, then we can beat them...right sweetiekins?

[11:54:34] <Draco> Nobody can beat the ADMA now ~ :3 -hugs her-

[11:54:45] <Amitie> Uuuuuh I dunno...I think he took off for a hall....Goody! I feel my pores opening up~!

[11:55:12] <Keiji> Pores?

[11:55:18] <Akkie> [wheezes from laughter]

[11:55:19] <Keiji> (I need a character in there.)

[11:55:27] <Amitie> there are pores on your skine

[11:55:38] <Chao> *Chao, not Amitie XD

[11:55:41] <Keiji> lol XD

[11:55:53] <Seriri> -is hugged- :'D

[11:56:10] <Nanako> /me walks into the lounge after an exhausting day and takes one look at Amitie and faints

[11:57:04] <Ringo> ....:U Amitie....maybe you should take that off now before someone loses their vector and goes totally quadratic formula on you....

[11:57:32] <Mikki> -sees a fainted Nanako- I think somebody already did?

[11:57:37] <Rider> I-I agree...

[11:58:24] <Amitie> Well...if you insist...-Amitie dashes towards a bathroom to remove the fluid-

[11:58:37] <Chao> *foam

[11:58:54] <Nanako> /me un-faints

[11:59:14] <Nanako> Hmm! It's quite popular in here today isn't it?

[11:59:46] <Ringo> Yupper! It really does seem that way...

[12:00:49] <Zeta> Omega...just of curiosity...did Ekoro ever tell you WHY he didn't name you the ultimate clone?

[12:02:16] <Omega> He didn't. But don't we already know the answer to that?

[12:02:27] <Keiji> (and I made her red just because Zeta is pink)

[12:02:42] <Chao> (K)

[12:02:44] <Keiji> (shouldn't Zeta be blue or something)

[12:02:52] <Keiji> (idk what color she is as a clone)

[12:02:59] <Keiji> (if you ever decided)

[12:03:06] <Keiji> why am I talking in parentheses

[12:03:10] <Chao> (All the blues are taken up by Sig/Seriri/Accord

[12:03:16] <Chao> LOL

[12:03:20] <Akkie> And Arle.

[12:03:25] <Keiji> but there's too much red/pink

[12:03:34] <Keiji> What color is Zeta's clothes

[12:03:41] <Chao> Hm, I'll make her purple then

[12:03:58] <Keiji> Purple is unfitting

[12:04:03] <Keiji> Make her the darkest blue

[12:04:38] <Keiji> Also, you don't have to unclaim to change the color :P

[12:04:54] <Keiji> Now can we get back in character? XD

[12:05:11] <Zeta> I know it's because of some flaw in your design or something, but I've been curious as to what KIND of flaw...I don't see ANYTHING wrong with you :>

[12:06:45] <Omega> Ah, I'm not really sure myself...

[12:06:47] <Rider> M-ms. Arle...do you think we should look for Mr. Lagnus? If he has a burning toaster...

[12:07:00] <Nanako> Burning toaster? What's this, now?

[12:07:43] <Ringo> Oh, apparently while we were off killing some lunatic that made armies of clones this guy that lives here managed to set a toaster on fire

[12:08:00] <Omega> But I suppose it might be to do with the neutralization thing. Not that it didn't apply to you too, though -shakes head-

[12:08:09] <Omega> Anyway, it's Ekoro, what do you expect?

[12:08:45] <Arle Nadja> Let me get to that... -goes to hall-

[12:08:52] <Zeta> Well....I don't know...do you think he would have told me if I had asked him? He knew he was dying after a point, but he loves being enigmatic...

[12:10:16] <Nanako> /me follows Arle out of curiosity

[12:10:30] <Lagnus> -In the hallway, breathing heavily in half-charcoled pajamas, sword drawn. Beside him is a charred toaster, sliced in half. The carpet in the area is also incinerated- F-foul beast!

[12:10:46] <Nanako> !

[12:11:03] <Nanako> You messed up my beautiful hallway!

[12:11:11] <Arle Nadja> Wh-what did you do to the toaster?

[12:11:41] <Omega> Hmm, I don't think so. But, does it really matter?

[12:12:02] <Omega> We really shouldn

[12:12:09] <Omega> 't care about about what Ekoro thought of us.

[12:12:33] <Lagnus> -notices Nanako staring at him and instantly blushes- Aaah! My apologies ma'am! But this wicked contraption caught fire... -notices Arle, twitches, and blushes even more- I-i-i..uh...well....I chopped it up ^_^;

[12:13:22] <Nanako> -draws her own sword and rushes at the stupid kid- Don't call me ma'am!

[12:13:24] <Zeta> I don't care about what he thought. It was just a lingering curiosity, nothing more, -wraps her arms around Omega's shoulders-

[12:13:43] <Nanako> You make me sound like an old hag! -swings it at him0

[12:13:44] <Nanako> -

[12:14:25] <Omega> Well, that's fine too <3 -snuggles with Zeta-

[12:14:44] <Lagnus> A-ah! -parries her blow, but barely, and gets cut- P-pardon me! What do you prefer then?!

[12:16:12] <Zeta> -snuggles with Omega for a few minutes- Oh...what time is it?

[12:16:26] <Arle Nadja> She's no Rulue, I'd wager that. So "Your majesty" shouldn't count.

[12:17:04] <Lagnus> Pffft, like I would ever call Rulue "your majesty".

[12:17:33] <Nanako> -knocks Lagnus' sword out of his hands and picks it up, comparing it to her own (Nanako's sword is, of course, /much/ more awesome XD)-

[12:17:39] <Nanako> Well, everyone just calls me Nanako.

[12:19:10] <Lagnus> A-ah! Alright then, Nanako. Perhaps we can converse on much less violent terms now?

[12:20:06] <Nanako> -eyes the still burning toaster- Not quite yet. -takes a crystal from her pocket and casts some sort of ice spell on the toaster- That's better.

[12:20:22] <Nanako> But you still have to pay for the damage to the hallway!

[12:20:56] <Lagnus> Fair enough. I caused it myself anyhow...-looks at the char everywhere-

[12:21:12] <Omega> It's still only the afternoon~ Plenty of time till dinner.

[12:21:54] <Zeta> Mmmkay <3 That's good to hear~ -continues to snuggle with Omega-

[12:22:28] <Keiji> (Are they going to do anything interesting? :P ))

[12:22:34] <Keiji> (or just snuggle for hours XD)

[12:22:52] <Zeta> ...LOL idkkkkk

[12:23:03] <Chao> ...

[12:23:05] <Chao> LOL

[12:23:54] <Akkie> They can play cards?

[12:24:05] <Keiji> You don't play cards while snuggling

[12:24:06] <Keiji> XD

[12:24:11] <Keiji> Well

[12:24:14] <Keiji> Maybe you do

[12:24:18] <Keiji> idk

[12:24:57] <Ms. Accord> -steps out into the hallway to see what the commotion outside her door was about- Oh my...-eyes the halved toaster, then Lagnus and Nanako's swords- Perhaps there are less dangerous objects to play target practice with?

[12:25:19] <Keiji> *frozen halved toaster

[12:25:41] <Chao> indeed

[12:25:56] <Akkie> After snuggling.

[12:26:42] <Nanako> Well, I don't know about you, but I'm knackered, so I'm going to bed. Don't forget to pay up, wannabe. -takes both the swords with her and disappears-

[12:27:33] <Keiji> (Can it be dinner time now)

[12:27:44] <Chao> Yes

[12:28:06] <Draco> -gets up- Well, I think it's time for dinner~

[12:28:20] <Seriri> Mmmmkay~

[12:28:48] <Draco> -carries Seriri out of the room and heads to the uh, dinner room-

[12:28:53] <Akkie> What log did Nanako appear again? Other than this? /foggy idea

[12:29:07] <Ms. Accord> -knocks on Sig's Door- Siiiiig~ Dinner time!

[12:29:11] <Keiji> idk

[12:29:14] <Sig> Yay, dinner

[12:29:19] <Keiji> Nanako hasn't shown up outside I don't think so

[12:29:19] <Eta> yay, dinner

[12:29:21] <Keiji> But she lives here

[12:29:50] <Ms. Accord> -heads to the dinner room herself-

[12:29:52] <Omega> -similarly carries Zeta out of the room and heads over to dinner with the others-

[12:30:05] <Keiji> oh god link mah boi is never getting out of my head

[12:30:15] <Mikki> Ah... all this lolz is making me hungry... -heads to dinner-

[12:30:32] <Zeta> -blushes- Omega~ <3

[12:31:04] <Ringo> -heading to the dinner table- D-I-N-N-E-R~

[12:31:12] <Arle> Does anyone want a spare Arle? We seem to have two.

[12:31:45] <Sig> -heads with Eta to dinner

[12:31:59] <Chao> Lagnus wants an Arl- /shot

[12:32:11] <Keiji> So does Schezo XD

[12:32:15] <Akkie> Shipper on deck.

[12:32:22] <Akkie> So does every single person.

[12:32:37] <Theta> -appears in the dinner room as well-

[12:32:40] <Lagnus> -quietly heads to the table-

[12:33:06] <Rider> -runs into the dinner room- W-wait for me!

[12:34:32] <Keiji> Amitie?

[12:34:40] <Keiji> Other than that, is everyone here?

[12:34:49] <Amitie> -POOF-

[12:34:52] <Keiji> lol

[12:34:56] <Amitie> Everyone but Beta

[12:35:38] <Beta> -appears as well-

[12:36:56] <Arle Nadja> -goes off to dinner, deciding something other than curry this time-

[12:37:00] <Mitsuki> [And so, everyone is sitting around one table or another.] -walks up to a table dressed as a maid and asks for their order-

[12:37:04] <Mitsuki> :3

[12:38:42] <Ms. Accord> Oh, I think I'll just...do you have Fettuccine Alfredo?

[12:39:30] <Chao> Do we have formatting codes yet?

[12:39:35] <Keiji> nope

[12:39:38] <Chao> Okay

[12:39:39] <Mikki> Sweet bananas as desert~

[12:39:56] <Mitsuki> We can get anything ~ Even if I don't know what it is ~

[12:40:20] <Draco> Hmm... Nope, there's really no substitute for Arle's delicious curry :3

[12:40:32] <Seriri> In THAT case, I'd totally love...Arle's Delcious curry!

[12:40:48] <Draco> Ah, you top?

[12:40:50] <Draco> *too

[12:41:02] <Arle Nadja> Well, in that case...

[12:41:05] <Zeta> Now that's one thing I CAN'T do! I think I'll have some as well!

[12:41:37] <Sig> Meh, I just want a burrito.

[12:41:39] <Akkie> Where's the kitchen? Also, forget "deciding something other than curry this time" forever.

[12:41:41] <Theta> I don't really mind. Anything's good with me. :)

[12:41:44] <Eta> Me too

[12:42:18] <Ringo> I'm with Theta...ANYTHING would be delicious....surprise me!

[12:42:39] <Beta> Anything that won't make my head melt off again.

[12:42:52] <Omega> What kind of food could make one's head melt off?

[12:43:01] <Rider> I think I'll have a s-small s-stew...

[12:43:29] <Arle Nadja> -to Beta- I'll make your curry a little mild, then~

[12:43:32] <Ms. Accord> Flaming mignon. Not to be confused with Fillet Mignon.

[12:43:47] <Ms. Accord> It melts your skin right off your skull

[12:43:56] <Omega> And hmm. I think I'll have some kind of fish. -looks at Seriri-

[12:44:35] <Mikki> Presentime~ent!

[12:44:38] <Seriri> ...<:V why are you looking at me???

[12:44:54] <Omega> -grins- No reason.

[12:45:38] <Lagnus> Hm...I hunger for meat...-looks at Arle-...although some Curry on the side would be a pleasure~

[12:46:30] <Arle Nadja> -heads off to wherever the "curry factory" should be-

[12:46:43] <Keiji> lol xD

[12:47:01] <Amitie> Huh? Curry? Sounds spicy! I want some!

[12:47:53] <Chao> Arle could probably make some decent wages selling that addictive stuff xD

[12:48:04] <Keiji> lol

[12:48:11] <Mikki> Anyway, I;ll have some curry too, since I can't think of anything better~

[12:48:20] <Mitsuki> -After collecting all the orders she turns off the lights leaving the room lit by candles-

[12:48:52] <Ms. Accord> Oh~ How lovely! -smiles-

[12:48:59] <Akkie> "Curry factory" is probably kitchen.

[12:49:15] <Draco> See, you got your romantic dinner~

[12:49:36] <Seriri> Yum~ :3 -looks at Draco and grinssssssss-

[12:50:08] <Zeta> Oh wow~

[12:51:50] <Lagnus> -stares off at Arle, sort of in a trance-

[12:53:15] <Mitsuki> [Soon returns with everyone's food]

[12:53:27] <Sig> Yay~

[12:53:45] <Eta> Yay~

[12:54:17] <Rider> -sort of put off by Sig's obliviousness, but welcomes the food with open arms(?) anyway-

[12:55:05] <Ms. Accord> Oh how I love pasta~ Thank you very much Ms. Witch.

[12:55:26] <Arle Nadja> -comes back from the kitchen, to her table... chair... meh-

[12:55:42] <Draco> Yay, curry~

[12:56:18] <Lagnus> -sort of looks at Arle, half oblivious to his food- ...the curry is delicious...!

[12:57:08] <Seriri> Mmmmm Currykins~ -stuffs her face like a wild boar, leaving no rice grain unturned...until she remembers it's a formal occasion LOL-

[12:57:59] <Draco> -giggles- Seriri, you're so impatient ~ -wipes off her face- Try to eat properly next time~

[12:58:04] <Mikki> -eats without hesitation, excited for her sweet banana-

[12:58:16] <Arle Nadja> Well, Seriri, I'm just glad you like it!

[12:58:29] <Draco> But it's really not that formal ^^

[12:58:53] <Eta> -obliviously noming his burrito-

[12:59:28] <Sig> -notices Rider is upset-...Would you like to share? -holds out his burrito to Rider-

[12:59:48] <Rider> Yes~

[13:00:18] <Draco> -starts eating her curry anyway....... well, after licking the fingers she used to wipe silly Seriri's face with anyway-

[13:00:38] <Seriri> Here~ -licks Draco

[13:00:44] <Seriri> s fingers for her-

[13:01:03] <Draco> Ah, you don't have to do it too o_o

[13:01:10] <Draco> -but doesnt stop her-

[13:01:33] <Zeta> That fish looks good Omega~

[13:02:26] <Omega> Mm, its tasty ~

[13:02:34] <Draco> Tasty like Seriri?

[13:02:48] <Amitie> Wow! This is Spicy! (It burned the living heck outta me!)

[13:02:53] <Omega> ...yes.

[13:02:56] <Seriri> Ahem! >:T

[13:03:06] <Arle Nadja> Hope that didn't mean literally or sexually...

[13:03:25] <Draco> Use your imagination~

[13:04:37] <Lagnus> -looks at Arle some more, with a little chicken and curry hanging from his lip- Are you bothered by such things...?

[13:05:43] <Ms. Accord> -giggles at Lagnus and Draco/Seriri- You're all so entertaining when you eat. -continues eating her Fettuccine-

[13:06:32] <Arle Nadja> Well, not that much, but...

[13:07:40] <Omega> -is surprised Zeta hasnt asked why she knows what Seriri tastes like.-

[13:08:16] <Zeta> Oh btw what does Seriri taste like?

[13:08:34] <Omega> .............................................................


[13:08:46] <Seriri> D:< !!!

[13:08:57] <Omega> nvm xD

[13:09:14] <Chao> I realized that AFTER I typed it

[13:10:21] <Keiji> So make her ask why she knows XD

[13:10:27] <Lagnus> ...But? Would you feel uncomfortable if someone at the table were...say...fond of you?

[13:10:52] <Zeta> Better question; how do you know what Seriri tastes like?

[13:11:09] <Omega> Well, I ate her once.

[13:11:10] <Ringo> That's what I'd like to know!

[13:11:29] <Amitie> GET REAL! REALLY?!

[13:11:37] <Omega> Well, maybe not her...

[13:11:43] <Omega> But, her clone?

[13:11:48] <Eta> :V

[13:11:57] <Seriri> ....D:

[13:12:11] <Omega> That's why there's no Seriri clone >:D

[13:12:22] <Ms. Accord> Oh my...I didn't know Ekoro promoted cannibalism

[13:12:29] <Omega> She's a fish

[13:12:33] <Omega> It's not cannibalism

[13:12:47] <Omega> And I'll eat you too if you keep showing off that tail of yours like that

[13:12:48] <Ms. Accord> It is when you think of your common origin as a clone

[13:12:53] <Omega> @ seriri

[13:13:09] <Arle Nadja> -ignores Lagnus- Ekoro...

[13:13:19] <Beta> Ekoro's gone.

[13:13:23] <Mikki> It's half-cannibalism, Omega!

[13:13:26] <Beta> You don't have to worry about him <3

[13:13:30] <Seriri> ...-hides her tail from view and edges closer to Draco- D:>

[13:13:46] <Draco> I'm sure you'd rather it was me who ate you, wouldn't you? :3

[13:14:12] <Seriri> Well...if I HAD to get eaten....:0

[13:14:12] <Akkie> I think too much. ;0;

[13:14:17] <Draco> -nibbles playfully on Seriri's ear-

[13:14:47] <Arle Nadja> Huh, Lagnus? You asked something>

[13:14:47] <Arle Nadja> *?

[13:14:48] <Sig> -blissfully sharing food with Rider-

[13:15:05] <Lagnus> ...yes I did. D-do I need to repeat?

[13:15:57] <Ms. Accord> -whisper to Draco- Notice that stutter...I think HE'S the one who's "fond" of Arle...

[13:16:15] <Draco> Why are you telling me that?

[13:16:24] <Draco> -pushes Accord away-

[13:16:53] <Ms. Accord> You just happen to be next to me...that's all. -giggles, then continues eating- (Oh my I'm such a chatty gossip D:)

[13:17:04] <Draco> (wut, you're on a completely different table)

[13:17:05] <Draco> (

[13:17:17] <Keiji> (This thing needs maps. XD)

[13:17:31] <Chao> LOL O CRAP XD

[13:17:38] <Arle Nadja> Well, I don't think anyone here that's not taken is that disturbing.

[13:17:52] <Akkie> YOU CAN NEVER MAKE ME MAP ALIVE./shot

[13:18:02] <Keiji> dont worry i wont make you map

[13:18:13] <Keiji> i'll be designing the maps :P at least for the HQ

[13:18:17] <Lagnus> Well Arle...I erm...well...how do I word this...

[13:18:34] <Keiji> [From somewhere, an explosion]

[13:18:34] <Chao> It's a shame Ekoro's base is already blowed up :C

[13:18:39] <Balrog> Huzzah!

[13:18:46] <Chao> LOLWUT

[13:19:06] <Eta> Huzzah! -mouth half full-

[13:19:16] <Balrog> There you are, Sue!

[13:19:42] <Amitie> Huh?! I'm not Sue! I'm Amitie!

[13:19:53] <Akkie> Who!

[13:20:08] <Ringo> What the factor?!

[13:20:27] <Nanako> -drags Balrog outside- Wrong series, you idiot.

[13:20:46] <Theta> ...Oh my, what was that all about.

[13:21:17] <Arle Nadja> Wha...

[13:21:46] <Beta> Let's just... pretend that never happened...

[13:22:19] <Lagnus> Arle...I just happen to be...well..."fond"...of you...to put it in a sense...(That was...terrible.)

[13:22:39] <Seriri> Let's pretend~

[13:22:43] <Arle> Really? Which one of us?

[13:22:59] <Chao> LOL OH SHIT

[13:23:21] <Schezo> Well, I'll gladly have the other one.

[13:23:26] <Schezo> Err, I mean, the other one's power!

[13:23:29] <Arle Nadja> Wha... -stares at other Arle- How the hell...

[13:23:39] <Arle> Hi, me!

[13:24:06] <Lagnus> What?! T-Two?! Which one was I proposing to?!

[13:24:44] <Arle> -grabs Nadja and poses next to her- That's what I would like to know ~~

[13:24:48] <Arle> ...*we

[13:25:06] <Chao> -A giant cake lowers from the ceiling, and places itself in the center of the room (on a table if there's one then) and from the cake pops....-

[13:25:23] <Mikki> This is a time paradox.

[13:25:24] <Keiji> LOL WHAT THE HELL

[13:25:29] <Satan> SATA ANDAGI~

[13:25:35] <Keiji> ........

[13:25:44] <Keiji> HOLY SHIT

[13:25:54] <Arle Nadja> Uwaah!



[13:26:02] <Satan> ....TWO ARLES?! I have died and gone to Puyo Heaven

[13:26:06] <Mikki> I ROFL'd.

[13:26:19] <Akkie> Nickfail. :<

[13:26:20] <Arle> Unfortunately, none are for you ~~

[13:26:31] <Arle> Now, Lagnus, won't you decide?

[13:26:44] <Arle> -still has her arm around other arle-

[13:27:30] <Lagnus> -looks at the Arles, then at Satan, runs over to Nadja, swoops her Robin hood style and carries her as far away from the Satan Cake as possible-

[13:27:50] <Arle> ....-looks down disappointed she wasnt chosen-

[13:28:22] <Satan> BAH! Greedy Warrior! -steps out of the cake, and snuggles Arle- At least there's one left for meeeee~

[13:29:14] <Ringo> ...So much for dinner :P

[13:29:51] <Akkie> Can't think of something Arle-ish to say. Something to do with cakes and Arles and swings, though.

[13:30:05] <Arle> -grins- Take me away, my lord Satan~

[13:30:10] <Arle> (that was SO ooc)

[13:30:15] <Satan> -notices Zeta- A THIRD Arle?! BAAAAAH! They'll both be mine!

[13:30:35] <Omega> -narrows eyes- She's mine.

[13:30:46] <Zeta> You lay even one finger on me and a Perfect Bayoen shall rain on your ass, Satan >:T

[13:30:48] <Omega> Be happy with one, you.

[13:30:55] <Mikki> -chokes on her sweet banana-

[13:31:45] <Satan> Fine~ I will. Come! We must have our Honeymoon under the starry sky! -gets back in the cake with Arle, and the cake takes off like a rocket-

[13:32:15] <Arle> -leaves in the rocket-cake as mysteriously as she began-

[13:32:16] <Mikki> -runs off to get some water-

[13:32:35] <Schezo> No... Not a single Arle left for me... -runs off crying-

[13:33:27] <Theta> Well, that was confusing!

[13:33:59] <Ringo> No kidding!

[13:34:13] <Amitie> ....what just happened?

[13:34:26] <Sig> huh?

[13:34:30] <Rider> huh?

[13:35:24] <Mikki> -comes back, drinking a glass of water- Next time, I'm bringing water for me... -chuckles a bit-

[13:35:29] <Draco> Well, I have to say, that was the most interesting dinner I've ever been to.

[13:36:17] <Lagnus> -puts Arle down- I...I apologize. I impulsively tried to save you from that demented devil...

[13:37:14] <Seriri> -nods in agreement with Draco- I concur...

[13:37:50] <Arle Nadja> Whatever that was, it's a relief that a sane kind of insanity still exists.

[13:39:52] <Ms. Accord> I must say, this WAS an interesting and bizarre, albeit entertaining and delicious dinner.

[13:41:02] <Theta> And that WAS an interesting and bizarre, albeit not entertaining or delicious sentence.

[13:41:40] <Ms. Accord> ...mine?

[13:41:54] <Keiji> lol who else's

[13:42:43] <Ms. Accord> Well...thank you?


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Omega: 28
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Seriri: 19
Lagnus: 18
Nanako: 16
Zeta: 14
Mikki: 12
Arle: 12
Ringo: 10
Amitie: 10
Sig: 7
Rider: 7
Eta: 6
Theta: 5
Satan: 5
Mitsuki: 5
Beta: 5
Schezo: 3
Balrog: 2