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Sorry I broke the link to the chat! It's working again now. You can also go to it directly at for now :) Good to see you're still around. Feel free to remove this message when you've read it. ~Keiji

Chao, also known as WitchChao, MinatureX, and Witch, is a Kumizonian who is frequently active on this site. He is from America, despite being an awesome, Video game-obsessed, otakuish type person with a nack for Role-playing in an epic manner and a penchant for losing the game. His old page was crap since it was written back in 2009, but he has now improved the layout and information featured on his page, using Akkie's epically awesome user page as a template.

You can most often find Chao loling on IRC chatrooms, though he also frequently visits a ring of several sites that are relevant to his interests, abusing emoticons as he goes along. Often he enjoys having his trusty pen and tablet with him. Chao often makes typos and captializes words unnecessarily, causing frustration to both himself while editing the site, and to others who find his apparent lack of grammar annoying.

Notable achievements, feats, or abilities

  • Chao has officially nyaned for approximately 1,682 seconds, beating his previous record of just 1,000 seconds.
  • Chao has the ability to make nearly any song Keiji hates into one of his favorite songs by merely remixing it.
  • Given time and drive, Chao is an excellent vector and pixel artist. A decent amount of stuff this is made specifically for pages on Kumizone. :D
  • Chao and Akkie are the primary founders of Subete PuyoPuyo, the very first Kumizonian-hosted RP, and it's still going strong, with over 42 episodes, and a 43rd on it's way!
    • Chao also has the largest portion of main reoccuring characters in the RP, but is 2nd to Keiji in characters claimed if minor, plot device characters are accounted for.
    • Chao has also considered using his sprite skills to make a custom, pretty looking navibox for Subete based content, but that'd be a little least unless Keiji decides to implement namespaces.
  • More to come!

Name Origin

Chao are the name of creatures in the Sonic series, which is what Chao's very first persona was modeled after. Witch Chao is a breed of Chao exclusively designed by him, but it has also now become a portamenteau of Witch and Chao. MiniatureX was created by taking his liking for size change (Or age change in some cases) as a plot device and slapped onto X, a version of Megaman he was studying at the time. The order of preference in nick names goes like this: Chao -> WitchChao (with a space or underscore occasionally) -> MiniatureX/other handle with Chao being the most preferred. Unfortunately, some sites are retarded and have made Chao an unacceptable username for whatever reason.

So, where can I find this..."Chao" person?