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The Neapolitan Trio are a group of villainous characters Compile ♥ Worlds. They are in cahoots with Ganache and Fake White Heart although all of them are the collective minions of Angol Mois. They are part of a cover-up for a conspiracy involving Mois Praline's rapid take over of Lastation with chocolate candies.


Not much is known about the Neapolitan Trio. They serve as major antagonists though, with one member being sent to assassinate Gypsum and Arle Nadja, and another to command military forces against any resistance that Angol and his subordinates encounter. Additionally, each member seems to have an unusual quirk with their eyesight.

Members of the Trio

The first known member of the trio, Fresa is a professional hitman in the form of a cute little girl. She is named after the strawberry flavor in Neapolitan Ice Cream. So far, she was tasked by Ganache to cover up the take over of the Basilicom, and personally by Angol Mois to eliminate Arle Nadja, Gypsum, and effectively anyone else who tries to defend them. She can "Perfect Snipe" with her Cybernetic Eye.
The second known member of the trio, Vanille commands Angol's forces that are produced from the factories. Previously a teacher, he is also shown to be cunning and tactical. He is named after the vanilla flavor in Neapolitan Ice Cream. So far, while his orders from Angol are unknown, he tried to take a Key Fragment from Nanako and his old student Tech. He can see five seconds into the future with his "All Seeing Eyes".
Praline is the third member of the trio, though it has not been pieced together by the heroes yet. She is the CEO of Mois Praline, and feverishly advertises the candies to force Mois Praline onto Lastation as an innocent front to the suspicious activities of the trio. She is named after the chocolate flavor in Neapolitan Ice Cream. She can "persuade" people to do her bidding by making eye contact with them, as demonstrated on Singe in Episode 62

Associated characters

While Ganache himself isn't a member of the trio, he apparently has the authority to send Fresa to do field work on his and/or Mois Praline's behalf. He may also supply Fresa with weapons, since he was the head of the technical division of Avenir. He is responsible for the cover up of the conspiracy, and tasked the trio with silencing Noire and her Basilicom staff.
Fake White Heart
A clone of White Heart rumored by CyberConnect2 to be created by Angol himself, Fake White Heart is tasked with gathering the Key Fragments of Histoire and seducing Ganache into going along with the plans of the villains. She was "busy" however, when Vanille attacked the party holding the second Key Fragment.
Angol Mois
The ringmaster of the trio is Angol himself. He personally gives orders directly to individual members of the trio to carry out his complex plan of taking over Lastation to serve as his stronghold, and ultimately kill protagonist Arle Nadja. He is jaded with revenge beyond salvation and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.


The Neapolitan Trio is named after the fact that each character in the trio is named after a flavor of Ice Cream in Neapolitan. Additionally, all of the trio and Ganache are named after sweets, creating a theme for the new villains of Compile ♥ Worlds.

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