Episode 32 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Oct 01, 2011. All times are UTC.

[19:02:31] <Keiji> [everyone gets to the FGF arcade, when...]

[19:03:24] <Juichi> 3

[19:03:25] <Juichi> -steps outside the building- Welcome back, everyone...

[19:04:01] <Nanako> Hey, Juichi! Didn't you get sucked into a portal?

[19:04:02] <Daichi> H-huh? Who's this guy? -looks at Nanako-

[19:04:41] <Juichi> Well, yes, I did...

[19:04:59] <Juichi> But the portal just dropped me and the heli back on our helipad.

[19:05:18] <Arle Nadja> That's convenient!

[19:05:33] <Nanako> Not really, since we had to walk because of it...

[19:05:51] <Juichi> I have no idea why anyone'd want to do that... surely, if they can portal me somewhere they'd rather just portal me into a prison while they're at it?

[19:05:51] <Daichi> Yeah...

[19:06:00] <Amitie> But he's safe!

[19:07:49] <Nanako> Oh, and Daichi, this is Juichi, my right hand man as such.

[19:08:18] <Daichi> Hi Juichi! -holds hand out to shake-

[19:08:40] <Daichi> 3

[19:08:40] <Daichi> Nice to meet you, I guess? -shakes hands-

[19:08:49] <Keiji> ...wait, what

[19:08:55] <Daichi> 4

[19:09:03] <Keiji> can you reclaim him, i'm not sure what happened there

[19:09:08] <Juichi> Nice to meet you, I guess? -shakes hands-

[19:09:11] <Daichi> 3

[19:09:37] <Chao> (You need to just code a way to give me him, or edit this guy so I can claim another :Daichi")

[19:11:34] <Keiji> :O)

[19:11:36] <Keiji> *:O

[19:11:38] <Daichi> Mhm! So uh...where's this place? It's not where we found Sho...

[19:11:46] <Keiji> > going through SUN music

[19:11:49] <Keiji> > Endshez1.wav

[19:11:51] <Keiji> > my face

[19:12:00] <Chao> lol

[19:12:06] <Keiji> I haven't heard it in ages!

[19:12:10] <Keiji> I literally forgot it was there

[19:12:24] <Chao> And that it stole a little loop from brave?

[19:12:27] <Chao> XD

[19:12:31] <Keiji> Indeed

[19:13:37] <MagicalKecleon> I'm not really sure to contribute. ;3;

[19:13:45] <MagicalKecleon> *how to

[19:14:16] <Keiji> bleh

[19:14:37] <MagicalKecleon> sorry, man. > <

[19:14:43] <Nanako> It's... our place. :3 Anywa,y, never mind that, just come in~

[19:14:52] <Nanako> -shuffles everyone inside-

[19:14:59] <Daichi> Okay. -is shuffled inside-

[19:15:11] <Arle Nadja> OOC: Every day I'm shufflin'.

[19:15:48] <Nanako> ...So... is it just me, or do you guys keep making more and more enemies?

[19:16:02] <Arle Nadja> Yeah, it happens.

[19:17:13] <Daichi> Hm...I think I've made more enemies since I've gotten here?

[19:18:25] <Amitie> That's OK! Because you've made friends, too! *flowers*

[19:18:37] <MagicalKecleon> she's so happy, it almost causes cancer.

[19:18:48] <Nanako> -laughs-

[19:19:11] <Daichi> Y-yeah! I've made lots of friends too! -MOAR FLOWERS-

[19:19:37] <Amitie> That in itself calls for celebration, don't you think?

[19:19:52] <Amitie> *flowers! don't forget the flowers!*

[19:20:48] <Daichi> A-anyway...why did we come here Nanako? Didn't you hear Ekoro? He's gonna go after Sho!...I think..;;

[19:21:17] <Nanako> Oh, right. I almost forgot!

[19:23:14] <Nanako> This way, please~ -leads everyone around the enormous building til they get to a particular room...-

[19:24:30] <Daichi> :o

[19:25:03] <Nanako> [There is an ominous looking circular raised platform on the floor.]

[19:25:17] <Nanako> You can come out now~

[19:25:40] <Arle Nadja> ...who?

[19:25:44] <Daichi> ...Huh? -looks at Nanako, slightly concerned-

[19:26:19] <Theta> 3

[19:26:20] <Theta> [A version of Theta materializes. She's exactly the same as Ekoro's Theta, except this one has persocom ears like Nanako's.]

[19:26:33] <Chao> omfg

[19:26:49] <Daichi> :O Ringo?

[19:27:03] <Theta> No, silly, it's me!

[19:27:05] <Arle Nadja> No, Theta...

[19:27:05] <Theta> Theta!

[19:27:13] <MagicalKecleon> NINJA'D

[19:27:18] <Daichi> OOC: KITTY RINGO

[19:27:48] <Daichi> They....ta? I'm confused...whose Theta?

[19:27:56] <Arle Nadja> How are you alive?

[19:28:05] <Theta> -reaches up to her persocom ears- Aww, they're lovely~

[19:28:50] <Theta> What do you mean, how am I alive?

[19:28:53] <Theta> I never left! :3

[19:29:07] <Theta> ...*died, not left.

[19:30:44] <Keiji> ...

[19:30:45] <Keiji> lol

[19:31:02] <Daichi> Never died...

[19:31:02] <Keiji> Chao, you apparently have a fan

[19:31:12] <Chao> ???

[19:31:23] <Keiji> i was just listening to ages old japanese anime music

[19:31:30] <Keiji> that i hadn't heard in quite literally years

[19:31:39] <Keiji> one of the engrish lines goes like this

[19:31:48] <Keiji> "Hello merci Chao I love you"

[19:31:55] <Chao> LOL

[19:32:05] <Keiji> I'm serious, I have no idea what that's supposed to be about

[19:32:11] <MagicalKecleon> might be "ciao"

[19:32:18] <Keiji> STOP RUINING MY FUN LOL

[19:32:27] <Chao> DONT RUIN MY FANBASE

[19:32:29] <Chao> SHOOOSH

[19:32:33] <Keiji> pap

[19:32:37] <Keiji> <>

[19:32:46] <Chao> anyway

[19:32:48] <MagicalKecleon> your pap shooshes have no effect on me

[19:33:04] <Keiji> fine then

[19:33:05] <Keiji> honk

[19:33:58] <Daichi> So wait...did she die or did she not? Why does she look like Ring-Oh wait! -smacks his face- You must be one of those Ekoro clones, right?

[19:34:15] <Theta> Erm, yeah? It took you that long to figure it out?

[19:34:22] <Theta> SO ZETTA SLOW

[19:34:27] <Daichi> Sorry...;;

[19:35:16] <Daichi> So much stuff has been happening, it's kinda hard to keep up...

[19:37:40] <Theta> So, what's with this mishmash of characters here anyway?

[19:37:48] <Theta> I heard everyone was grouping up.

[19:38:01] <Daichi> Uh yeah...about that...;;

[19:39:51] <Keiji> .....

[19:40:18] <Daichi> So uh...Ekoro brought me here...wherever that is

[19:40:40] <Theta> Yeah, Nanako told me all about it.

[19:40:51] <Daichi> And- She d-did?

[19:41:09] <Theta> Yup

[19:41:17] <Daichi> Oh...

[19:41:39] <Theta> But Ekoro, that bastard! Keeping me trapped in Whitespace all this time!

[19:41:53] <Theta> Do you even know what I had to live off in there?!

[19:42:00] <Theta> TABS

[19:42:06] <Theta> NOTHING

[19:42:07] <Theta> BUT TABS

[19:42:20] <Theta> I'm so sick of that drink now.

[19:42:21] <Daichi> Whitespace?....Tabs....euuuuh, yeah :X

[19:42:31] <MagicalKecleon> oh my god lol

[19:42:34] <MagicalKecleon> Tabs

[19:42:40] <Theta> If you thought WV had a bad time with the Tab Cans...

[19:43:29] <Theta> Well, I suppose if I got /really/ desperate, I could have started preying on the line feeds instead, but I'm not a line, so they wouldn't be very tasty.

[19:43:42] <MagicalKecleon> *somewhere, Jupiter is cracking up at the mention of the Wayward Vagabond*

[19:43:57] <Theta> And don't even suggest I should try the spaces, that's just like eating air.

[19:44:03] <Daichi> I'm sorry you had to go through all of that...

[19:44:35] <Theta> I mean, I love you for rescuing me Nanako, but you sure were SO ZETTA SLOW with that!

[19:44:44] <Theta> -gives Nanako a friendly hug anyway-

[19:44:55] <Daichi> -smiles-

[19:45:19] <Nanako> -rubs ears with Theta-

[19:45:25] <Keiji> d'awwwww

[19:45:26] <Keiji> XD

[19:45:38] <Chao> reminds me of how Sig's hair twitches

[19:46:10] <Chao> can I toss a visitor at the FGF lab?

[19:46:39] <Keiji> well you could toss a visitor at the arcade

[19:46:50] <Chao> oh okay

[19:46:51] <Keiji> but they wouldn't find their way to the characters here

[19:46:53] <Keiji> :P

[19:46:57] <Chao> Oooh

[19:46:59] <Chao> P:

[19:47:18] <Daichi> Uhm....what do we do now?

[19:47:19] <Keiji> also how did you like my Whitespace lulz

[19:49:36] <Daichi> ...;;

[19:49:49] <Theta> ...;;

[19:50:51] <Daichi> There's...Ekoro....and Angol....

[19:51:17] <Theta> And sister's gone off with Satan.

[19:51:27] <Daichi> Yeah, that too...

[19:52:31] <Daichi> So what are we gonna do about it? We can't just let Angol and Ekoro run around by themselves!

[19:52:42] <Daichi> ...and Satan I guess...

[19:52:42] <Theta> Sorry, did I say it was Ekoro who trapped me in Whitespace? I meant Marcus, of course!

[19:53:05] <Daichi> Marcus....who's that?

[19:53:24] <Theta> And I sarcastically love how it was my sister's kin's minion who did this too me.

[19:53:25] <Theta> *to

[19:53:40] <Daichi> ...;

[19:54:29] <Theta> Can we get some resurfacing on this unbelievably p(l)otholed road here?

[19:55:22] <Chao> (I'm so tempted to make Strange Klug poof in and respond to that XP)

[19:55:32] <Keiji> DO IT FAGGOT

[19:55:40] <Strange Klug> 3

[19:55:44] <Strange Klug> Sure you can

[19:55:48] <Nanako> Well look who it is.

[19:55:56] <Arle Nadja> Oh man, this guy.

[19:56:03] <Amitie> Hi, Klug!

[19:56:04] <Juichi> Do we know this guy?

[19:56:18] <Strange Klug> So it is me. Did you have fun with your lovely battles against Marcus?

[19:56:37] <Nanako> Oh, they sure did alright.

[19:57:42] <Nanako> Here, present for ya. -tosses S.Klug a crystal with a particular intricate pattern on it-

[19:57:58] <Strange Klug> Oh?...And what is this for?

[19:58:03] <MagicalKecleon> *suddenly thinks of PMD2*

[19:58:30] <Nanako> Oh, you'll know when you need it. Actually, you probably already know.

[19:58:58] <Strange Klug> Well, perhaps I do. Crystals, as I've studied, have sealed magical power within them.

[19:59:24] <Strange Klug> But only few have learned the trade of casting magic through crystals.

[19:59:37] <Nanako> Indeed.

[20:00:10] <Juichi> -looks between Nanako and S.Klug-.... uh... guys? do you know each other?

[20:00:20] <Strange Klug> I find it unusual that neither Ringo nor Draco are here....have they gone off to have more fun with their endless war?

[20:00:27] <MagicalKecleon> Is Strange Klug Pathouli?

[20:00:43] <Strange Klug> -turns to Juichi- Not personally, persay. Buuuuut, we do have our resources.

[20:01:06] <Nanako> (psst, yes, they know each other. I was having Nanako ignore him)

[20:01:17] <Daichi> -whisper to Arle- Who IS this guy

[20:01:23] <Chao> o

[20:01:53] <Nanako> They sure have~ I'm sure Satan and Angol will lead them well.

[20:02:02] <Arle Nadja> *whispers back* It's some douche possessed by a book demon, in short, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to know this.

[20:02:08] <Nanako> The same for Ekoro with Witch, too.

[20:02:45] <Strange Klug> Satan and Angol, hm? Oh, and Ekoro is back too? Who let him out of his pathetic prison?

[20:03:08] <Nanako> But we have this little mishmash here, as dear Theta called it, who just don't know what they're doing.

[20:03:18] <Daichi> -whisper to Arle- Well, what's he gonna do to you if he finds out?

[20:04:20] <Nanako> Ringo's pet, of course. Who else of the zeroes can think with portals?

[20:04:23] <Arle Nadja> *whisper* Nothing, I just think I'm breaking the fourth wall.

[20:04:27] <Strange Klug> Ahahahahahaha! Ah, so it's a case of the villainous scum robbing you of all intelligence on the planet hm? How pathetic. I'm sorry for your pitiful state, but I cannot help but laugh.

[20:05:09] <Strange Klug> And now all you have left are these ignorant youths...

[20:05:17] <Nanako> Well, let's not go insulting them.

[20:05:55] <Strange Klug> Hm...well, Arle I'm sure is already a great mage by now, correct?

[20:05:57] <Nanako> Arle is perhaps the most powerful of all the zeroes. She just seems not to know it.

[20:06:18] <Arle Nadja> *suddenly paying attention to him* Huh?

[20:06:35] <Strange Klug> -looks at Amitie- Ah this one....she, too, has great potential. Perhaps on par with Arle...perhaps not.

[20:06:37] <Nanako> Yes, you're a great mage. -pats Arle on the head-

[20:06:56] <Amitie> So...I'm a wonderful magic user afterall? 83

[20:07:12] <Nanako> Amitie, you have far more to learn.

[20:07:25] <Amitie> Aww, fiddlesticks.

[20:07:28] <Strange Klug> -looks at Daichi- ....hm....THIS one is very interesting...

[20:08:05] <Strange Klug> I sense a power in him, but it's not like one I've ever sensed before....I take it he must be from a world different than our own?

[20:08:09] <Nanako> Well, he may not have any magic capabilities, but he's certainly a fighter.

[20:08:42] <Daichi> M-me?? Well, I try my hardest, and that's what counts, right?

[20:08:44] <Nanako> Who knows where he's from.

[20:08:54] <Daichi> I'm from my world....

[20:09:04] <Nanako> Yes, we could all say that.

[20:09:49] <Nanako> Theta's another interesting one. Aren't you, Theta?

[20:10:14] <Strange Klug> Hmhmhm....well, he's certainly your wild card, so to speak. Nobody knows what he's capable of. -looks to Theta- and then the Ekoronian pile of flesh and blood...

[20:10:24] <Theta> I'm interesting? Well, thank you, I'm so used to just being brushed off as a math nut like sis~

[20:11:14] <Nanako> I'm not sure where we should even classify her, in fact.

[20:11:32] <Strange Klug> Well, she falls under several categories.

[20:11:41] <Nanako> Starting out as an Ekoro clone, who already have more of a spiritual link than the normal zeroes...

[20:11:50] <Strange Klug> She seems to be a mage...but Ekoro also lies within her....

[20:12:10] <Nanako> And then perhaps almost entering the class of ones, thanks to my rescuing her.

[20:12:32] <Strange Klug> You have quite diverse power. Such will be very difficult train and take up against forces such as Satan and Ekoro

[20:12:49] <Theta> I'll do my best!

[20:12:51] <Strange Klug> Especially given they both have your former allies to contend with

[20:13:01] <Daichi> I'll do whatever it takes!

[20:13:30] <Nanako> And then, there's my little helper over here. -motions to Juichi who is incredibly confused-

[20:14:18] <Nanako> Definitely a one, but a rather limited one.

[20:14:32] <Strange Klug> So I see.

[20:14:53] <Nanako> Nonetheless, he was certainly vital in my creation.

[20:15:07] <Nanako> or, more specifically, my entry into this world.

[20:15:52] <Strange Klug> So I see...

[20:16:58] <Nanako> However!

[20:16:58] <Strange Klug> Angol is a name I've never heard before. I assume it's because he also was not born here.

[20:17:28] <Nanako> We've all seen this setup, haven't we?

[20:17:39] <Nanako> A number of teams that make sense, and one that's just a mishmash.

[20:17:51] <Nanako> But the mishmash gets along fine and ends up winning in the end.

[20:18:32] <Strange Klug> Hmhmhm...indeed. You have luck with you. Pay attention to your strengths. Never underestimate Theta and....er...that boy...and you should be fine.

[20:18:45] <Strange Klug> Of course, if you truely end up being THAT pathetic

[20:18:48] <Juichi> "That boy"? >_>

[20:18:55] <Strange Klug> you just might win my sympathy.

[20:19:10] <Keiji> S.Klug's saying Nanako'd be pathetica?

[20:19:11] <Strange Klug> Not you!

[20:19:12] <Keiji> -a

[20:19:51] <Daichi> I have a name!

[20:19:57] <Nanako> ^

[20:20:02] <Keiji> nickfail

[20:21:05] <Strange Klug> I doubt you'll need my assistance. But I'll make occasional progress checks...just in case. Maybe I'll even play your little game myself!

[20:21:14] <Strange Klug> But untill then....

[20:21:28] <Strange Klug> -poofs in his red smoke- Fufufufufu~

[20:21:30] <Strange Klug> 4

[20:21:48] <Nanako> Well, that sure was bizarre.

[20:22:01] <Daichi> Yeah....

[20:22:18] <Nanako> Now, where the heck were we?

[20:22:44] <Daichi> ...where WERE we?

[20:22:52] <Nanako> Oh, right.

[20:23:07] <Nanako> Theta wanted to pay a little visit to Ekoro.

[20:23:27] <Nanako> But it'd probably be a pretty good idea to go see Sho and see what we can do about Beta, too...

[20:23:41] <Daichi> Yeah!!

[20:25:27] <Keiji> [Helicopter back to the ADMA, which by now has a nice new helipad and most of the grounds has been cleaned up, thanks to Nanako's chivying the contractors.]

[20:25:36] <Keiji> [And this time Juichi doesn't get portal'd back.]

[20:25:57] <Zeta> 3

[20:26:06] <Zeta> Welcome back, friends.

[20:26:29] <Theta> Why, thank you~!

[20:26:39] <Theta> It's certainly good to be back in this world!

[20:26:51] <Theta> Or any world that isn't full of #FFFFFF!

[20:26:55] <Zeta> TH-Theta!!

[20:27:02] <Theta> Miss me? -hug Zeta-

[20:27:20] <Zeta> -rushes to hug her- I love your ears! They're so cute oh my gosh~

[20:27:25] <Zeta> ♥

[20:28:00] <Theta> -blushes- What happened to Omega, eh? Or is one not enough?

[20:28:26] <Zeta> Omega...I'm not sure where she went...

[20:29:11] <Theta> Well, I guess that's something we'll have to look into...

[20:29:16] <Daichi> Uh guys....I'm really REALLY happy you're all friends again and stuff, but I kinda wanted to see Sho...

[20:29:26] <Theta> But first, is Sho and Beta's hand still around?

[20:30:23] <Zeta> Sho is recovering from his bout earlier. I'll explain that in a second. -retrieves Beta's hand- Yes....we still have this....

[20:30:56] <Keiji> remind me where Sho was last time the party saw him?

[20:31:39] <Chao> He was at the ADMA rubble still, but he had that "heart attack" thing, and Zeta was supposed to investigate it.

[20:31:46] <Keiji> oh shit

[20:32:00] <Keiji> well I hope Zeta can explain that then because I wouldn't have a clue.

[20:32:18] <Chao> She can

[20:32:49] <Nanako> Well, while you're busy explaining, I'll just get this set up...

[20:33:08] <Daichi> Sh-Sho's okay...right?? Lemme see him! -tries to rush inside-

[20:33:25] <Zeta> -stops Daichi- He'll recover fine...but...

[20:33:37] <Nanako> -takes out some kind of device from her Hammerspace(TM), and places Beta's hand in it, which is dematerialized-

[20:34:43] <Nanako> -does some messing around with the computer equipment in the room, and Beta appears on the screen-

[20:35:00] <Zeta> Sho has been tainted with Ekoro's essence. When Sho was overreacting to Ekoro's resurgence, the soul reacted, tugging at his heart. The pain was unbearable, as was the strain, so his body slipped into a semi-comatose state to handle and recover.

[20:35:31] <Nanako> (okay, forget Beta appearing until Zeta's done with the explanation, she can just be setting that up in the background)

[20:35:52] <Theta> Tainted... from what?

[20:37:09] <Zeta> I'm...not sure Theta...Unfortunately, it is worse than I originally feared; the Ekoro soul has somehow attached itself to Sho's very life force. Ekoro is the only one who can extract it from that deep within. If the ritual is performed incorrectly or without experience...he would die.

[20:38:18] <Zeta> So, while he'll recover, he will continue to suffer from these "heart attacks" as Ekoro's soul reacts to various stimuli. The stronger the reaction, the more strenuous on his body it will be.

[20:38:34] <Keiji> when did Sho and Ekoro even come into contact with each other, anyway?

[20:38:40] <Keiji> wait

[20:38:41] <Keiji> nevermind

[20:38:44] <Keiji> i just remembered

[20:38:48] <Keiji> Ekoro was using him wasn't he

[20:38:51] <Keiji> to make the clones

[20:39:03] <Chao> Yes. At least most of them besides Zeta/Omega

[20:39:07] <Keiji> right

[20:39:23] <Arle Nadja> That son of a digit.

[20:39:30] <Daichi> ...;;

[20:39:37] <Daichi> So he's not okay...

[20:39:38] <MagicalKecleon> yes, welcome back to the side of the living, Arle.

[20:40:16] <Theta> Hmm... are you sure it's Ekoro's soul that's doing that?

[20:41:03] <Zeta> I examined him, in and out, to the best of my abilities. I'm positive Ekoro's soul is in him. How, I'm not sure...much less, how he embedded it so deeply...

[20:41:41] <Theta> Oh, certainly, there's something big in him that came from Ekoro... but are you sure it's Ekoro's own soul?

[20:41:42] <Amitie> *bursts out crying* But if he dies, that's not a good thing!

[20:42:20] <Theta> Because from what Nanako was rambling about earlier, it sounds more like the doing of an evil "one".

[20:42:22] <Zeta> If not Ekoro's soul, then it's particles of Ekoro that were detached from him.

[20:43:03] <Zeta> Why else would it react so strongly to Sho even speaking of Ekoro?

[20:43:06] <Theta> ...A parasite, which long ago replaced Ekoro's soul, and then travelled to Sho.

[20:43:26] <Zeta> ?

[20:43:44] <Theta> Ah, I'm sorry, it's all a bit too complicated for you, isn't it?

[20:43:44] <Daichi> Sho has a parasite?!

[20:44:01] <Zeta> Not complicated so much as confusing...

[20:44:12] <Arle Nadja> Well...what a twist.

[20:44:30] <Theta> I'm sure Nanako or S.Klug will explain it later.

[20:45:06] <Daichi> L-later...?

[20:46:15] <Nanako> -finally done tinkering-

[20:46:21] <Beta> 3

[20:46:26] <Beta> -appears on the screen-

[20:46:52] <Zeta> -notices Beta on the screen- B-Beta!!

[20:47:39] <Beta> Hi there! [through the speakers]

[20:47:59] <Beta> It's been so long...

[20:48:04] <Arle Nadja> Howdy do, Beta! How are you holding up, now?

[20:48:33] <Beta> Ah, not bad, not bad...

[20:49:20] <Daichi> H-Hi Beta! I'm Daichi!

[20:49:35] <Arle Nadja> Well, that's a good thing! Considering you just...y'know, came back.

[20:50:53] <Beta> Well, I'm glad I finally got my hand back...

[20:51:06] <Zeta> Ekoro has returned, it seems.

[20:51:16] <Zeta> And he's causing more mayhem than ever.

[20:51:18] <Beta> Indeed, I was caught quite unawares...

[20:51:46] <Zeta> How did you lose your hand?

[20:52:27] <Beta> Nothing particularly amazing...

[20:52:47] <Beta> I was just holding on to something outside the blackness, like anyone would to try and escape it.

[20:52:59] <Beta> But instead of letting me free, the damn thing just cut my hand off.

[20:53:19] <Daichi> Ow!

[20:53:31] <Beta> Yeah, it hurt like no tomorrow.

[20:53:47] <Arle Nadja> You got it back now, which is all that matters, I guess.

[20:55:34] <Zeta> Did you see who summoned the "blackness"?

[20:55:50] <Beta> Sadly not.

[20:56:01] <Beta> I'm sure I'd have been able to escape if I had.

[20:57:29] <Beta> Anyway, Nanako says I can't be materialized here, so you'll see me back at the lab.

[20:57:53] <Beta> Or wherever else is convenient.

[20:57:57] <Zeta> Well, Okay.

[20:58:04] <Zeta> See you soon, Beta?

[20:58:42] <Beta> -rubs her (normal, human shaped) ears-... I'm pretty excited to find out what kind of ears I get...

[20:58:58] <Zeta> I hope they're neko ears :3

[20:59:24] <Theta> ...They're persocom ears, silly...

[20:59:43] <Zeta> Yours are.

[20:59:52] <Theta> So are Nanako's!

[21:00:11] <Chao> [a person is approaching them]

[21:00:11] <Theta> It's not like Beta's going to get neko ears, I mean... how does that even make any sense?

[21:00:39] <Nohoho> 3

[21:00:40] <Nohoho> I sell you fine Neko Ears, yes?

[21:00:52] <Theta> Look how big these are! -cups her ears-

[21:00:54] <Arle Nadja> Shut up, Nohoho.

[21:01:07] <Nohoho> $1 a pair! Cheap Cheap Cheap!

[21:01:19] <Theta> How could you fit all the circuitry in neko ears?

[21:01:34] <Zeta> ...this suddenly makes sesne

[21:01:37] <Zeta> *sense

[21:01:45] <Theta> What does?

[21:01:53] <Zeta> The ears!

[21:02:00] <Theta> ..

[21:02:04] <Nohoho> One pair or two>

[21:02:12] <Theta> Shut up, Nohoho.

[21:02:19] <Theta> -kicks Nohoho out the room-

[21:02:23] <Arle Nadja> I'll buy...-3.

[21:02:24] <Nohoho> NOHOHO~

[21:02:26] <Nohoho> 4

[21:03:52] <Daichi> Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway

[21:06:04] <Beta> Well, I shouldn't keep draining this poor computer of its power. I'll see you all later~

[21:06:09] <Beta> 4

[21:06:22] <Nanako> So, there you go. Beta's safe!

[21:06:39] <Zeta> Nanako....Thank you for all you've done.

[21:07:23] <Nanako> Why, you're welcome~

[21:07:59] <Chao> [A loud, obnoxious siren starts to blare. It sounds as if it's coming from down the hallway]

[21:08:07] <Keiji> o_O

[21:08:07] <Keiji> what

[21:08:15] <Keiji> This ain't no Kuro^zu-cho

[21:08:17] <Keiji> at least

[21:08:18] <Zeta> Wh-what?! Ekoro's is reacting in Sho again!

[21:08:22] <Keiji> I damn well hope not

[21:08:47] <Daichi> W-wha??

[21:09:16] <Zeta> I created an alarm to monitor it's activity. It makes that obnoxious noise if it begins to react too much.

[21:09:32] <Theta> Oh, good work!

[21:10:00] <Ecolo> 3

[21:10:00] <Ecolo> I wouldn't go down that hall if I were you...someone might get hurt!!

[21:10:09] <Theta> Ekoro!

[21:10:13] <Theta> How convenient!

[21:10:17] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE HE~☆

[21:10:21] <Theta> Are you surprised to see me?!

[21:10:50] <Ecolo> Eh? Oh Theta! What ages has it been?

[21:11:05] <Theta> Your lame cloning technology made me so weak!

[21:11:09] <Theta> SO WEAK

[21:11:13] <Theta> SO WEAK TO THE WHITESPACE

[21:11:20] <Arle Nadja> SO ZETTA WEAK.

[21:11:22] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE HE HE HE!!!

[21:11:33] <Theta> ...So, I'm blaming you for everything I had to endure!

[21:11:39] <Theta> However...

[21:11:51] <Theta> Let's see if we can... disambiguate you.

[21:12:00] <Ecolo> Of course so! After all, you were only test fodder for Zeta's magnificence!

[21:12:39] <Theta> Heh...

[21:12:45] <Theta> -taking aim-

[21:12:52] <Ecolo> Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm here to take what's mine!

[21:13:21] <Theta> -charges at Ekoro. Something is taken from him and Ekoro changes to Human!Ekoro.-

[21:13:35] <MagicalKecleon> WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

[21:13:35] <Ecolo> Blaaaaaaah!!!

[21:13:45] <Theta> -But only for a few seconds, as whatever it was quickly returns, and so does his form.-


[21:14:00] <Ecolo> Y-you.....

[21:14:02] <Theta> As I thought...

[21:14:06] <Ecolo> HOW DARE YOU

[21:14:10] <Theta> But it looks like it'll take more to fix that...

[21:14:15] <Zeta> ???

[21:14:22] <Theta> I was right, Zeta.

[21:14:24] <Daichi> !! Ekoro...is a human?!

[21:14:32] <Theta> Or at least, the evidence so far suggests so.

[21:15:06] <Arle Nadja> Inconceivable?

[21:15:26] <Ecolo> -fires black blobs at everyone- I must reclaim what is mine! I must hurry back before waaaay past nine! -he zooms down the hall towards Sho's room-

[21:15:28] <Amitie> Aww, that means he isn't Mr. Blobby like Harpy says...

[21:15:42] <MagicalKecleon> lol lame rhyme

[21:16:50] <Theta> ...Let him go.

[21:16:56] <Theta> It's not like we can stop him... yet.

[21:17:05] <Daichi> B-But Sho!!

[21:17:12] <Theta> Sho will be okay.

[21:17:44] <Ecolo> -returns, with Sho's body- EYAH HEE HEE HEE~☆ Later, party poopers! -zooms back to his base-

[21:17:49] <Ecolo> 4

[21:18:00] <MagicalKecleon> party poopers. :I

[21:18:11] <Daichi> ....

[21:18:25] <Theta> Rather than lashing out, we should plan.

[21:18:29] <Zeta> I..I don't believe it....what did I just see?

[21:18:34] <Theta> And only take action when we KNOW we can beat him.

[21:18:58] <Daichi> ....;; -hangs his head down- ...yeah...I guess you're right.

[21:19:52] <Theta> I think, for now... the most mysterious group is not Ekoro's, not Satan's, but Angol's.

[21:22:20] <Theta> After all... Eltia's the "one" in Satan's group, and it seems Ekoro is possessed by a "one".

[21:23:19] <Theta> And there's me, in our group... although it's not yet entirely clear whether I'm a "one" or not.

[21:23:31] <Daichi> What's a "one"

[21:23:33] <Theta> But Angol's group... nothing jumps to mind.

[21:23:43] <Arle Nadja> It's not a zero.

[21:23:44] <Theta> He must be hiding someone, or something.

[21:24:21] <Nanako> Metalevels...

[21:25:19] <Zeta> If Eltia's a "one", she obviously has qualities that are unique or exceed the qualities of others in her group...

[21:25:45] <Nanako> It's been fun watching you guys organize yourselves so neatly.

[21:25:56] <Nanako> I wasn't going to say this originally, but I guess it'll do no harm~

[21:26:04] <Daichi> You had something to do with this???

[21:26:29] <Nanako> Most of the people in this world, and the other worlds we've seen, I call "zeroes".

[21:26:35] <Nanako> As in, people at meta-level zero.

[21:26:53] <Nanako> Then, there's meta-level one.

[21:27:41] <Nanako> That's me, S.Klug, Eltia, Ekoro's possession, probably-Theta, and I guess whoever Angol is hiding.

[21:28:19] <Zeta> What if Angol himself is "one"?

[21:28:32] <Zeta> Or perhaps, Angol has yet to find his "one"...

[21:28:48] <Nanako> Maybe, I'm not sure. He doesn't seem like a one though.

[21:29:08] <Nanako> (also *Ekoro's possessor)

[21:30:31] <Daichi> Well, why don't you think he's a "one"? (Whatever that means...)

[21:31:11] <Nanako> It's hard to say...

[21:32:16] <Daichi> Angol...he's really powerful...

[21:32:43] <Nanako> But the general property of a one... don't you notice they all seem to know very convenient things, and have some very convenient powers that just don't make sense from the viewpoint of a zero?

[21:33:11] <Zeta> That's right, they do.

[21:33:14] <Nanako> Angol might seem a little like it, but he was merely drawing that power from Eltia.

[21:33:35] <Daichi> He didn't use Eltia to transform me in the cave though...

[21:33:48] <Daichi> Angol is a biological weapon too.

[21:34:04] <Nanako> Well, biological weapons can still be zeroes.

[21:35:00] <Zeta> Another thing that is interesting...and unusual, is that all ones seem to have an unusual physical form, if they even have one.

[21:35:17] <Zeta> Eltia, for example, is a doll, or at least the size of one.

[21:36:10] <Zeta> ...you don't think Angol's one is Gypsum, do you?

[21:36:31] <Nanako> Gypsum? Naw, she's just a secretary.

[21:36:44] <Nanako> There's nothing special about her, meta or otherwise...

[21:36:59] <Daichi> Hm...

[21:37:10] <Nanako> Well, I suppose I'll leave you the puzzle.

[21:37:21] <Nanako> I do have research to be getting back to, after all...

[21:37:46] <Nanako> In fact, let's do a little trade.

[21:38:02] <Chao> (lol S.Klug much? :P)

[21:38:22] <MagicalKecleon> bwahaha, moar Strange Klug

[21:38:25] <Nanako> -puts her materializer/dematerializer from earlier on the floor and steps in front of it-

[21:38:33] <Nanako> [Nanako dematerializes...]

[21:38:35] <Nanako> 4

[21:38:49] <Beta> 3

[21:38:49] <Beta> [And in her place, Beta...]

[21:38:59] <Daichi> !!

[21:39:12] <Zeta> Beta.

[21:39:18] <Beta> Everyone!

[21:39:31] <Beta> -feels for her ears...-

[21:39:34] <Beta> .........

[21:39:43] <Zeta> Did you know, Ekoro was human?....

[21:39:43] <Beta> Wah...


[21:39:59] <Zeta> ....OuO

[21:40:27] <Daichi> -giggling- Beta has kitty ears~

[21:40:36] <Beta> I thought they were big, hard plasticy ears because you had to put circuits in them!

[21:40:58] <Zeta> -shrug-

[21:40:59] <Beta> So why do I get these unfittingly cute things?

[21:41:33] <Zeta> Who knows?

[21:41:35] <Beta> -suddenly realizes she has a tail and has been waving it excitedly since she materialized... and stops and blushes- AAAAAAAAAAAAND WHY DO I HAVE A TAIL TOO ;_;

[21:42:01] <Zeta> ...I guess THIS is why you couldn't materialize here...;;

[21:42:22] <Beta> -hugs Zeta and orz's...- This is so unfair, Zeta!

[21:42:31] <Zeta> It

[21:42:35] <Zeta> It's okay Beta

[21:43:08] <Juichi> [suddenly not unreponsive] Actually, it's just that the materializer didn't have anything to work with.

[21:43:29] <Zeta> ...Oh.

[21:43:37] <Juichi> Back at the lab, we have raw materials, and just now, Nanako dematerialized herself, so it was able to recycle those atoms.

[21:44:01] <Daichi> ...:O

[21:44:06] <Juichi> Not that I really have much of a clue what's going on here, I only really know about the materialization stuff.

[21:44:33] <Juichi> And I've been feeling a little like...

[21:44:37] <Daichi> (Man, Dad would love this place....if he was ever teleported here...)

[21:44:48] <Juichi> -siggh-

[21:44:51] <Juichi> *sigh

[21:44:56] <Zeta> A little like?

[21:45:10] <Juichi> like I've been abandoned, I guess.

[21:45:19] <Zeta> By Nanako?

[21:45:29] <Juichi> Yeah, what the heck is she doing anyway?

[21:45:39] <Zeta> I....don't know.

[21:45:49] <Zeta> I wish I could say....


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