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Popoi is an demonic cat puppet in the Puyo series and a major antagonist in Compile Worlds. He is thought to be the evil mastermind behind both Puyo Puyo Fever and the Pre-Meteor Arc shenanigans, and is widely known more for his terrifying(?) power as a dark mage than he is as Ms. Accord's pet puppet. Though his legacy as a villain lives on to this very day, he has mostly been an omnipresent threat; only appearing in 2 episodes. It is his antics that spurred the creation of the Anti Dark Magic Alliance. Recently however, he showed up aiding Accord in doing good... albeit rather reluctantly.


Popoi's past is widely unknown. It's not even sure where he came from or why Accord came to be his main tool in his destructive schemes. Regardless, he eventually came to be the "Prince of Darkness", pretending to be Accord's idiot puppet cat in order to draw suspicion away from himself and to his pawn. In an act of betrayal of conniving wit, Popoi came to be in possession of Accord's Flying Cane, though why is uncertain. Popoi was defeated by both Amitie and Raffine, sending Popoi back to his puppet form for a very long time. Recently however, he has completely separated from Accord.

Popoi's motives are as mysterious as his origins. Much like Ekoro and Accord, Popoi is a bit of a nomad and a hider; hiding places and never staying in one place too long. What has been seen of Popoi shows that he appears to be extremely sadistic, as all of his victims are slowly and/or painfully tortured, blackmailed and traumatized. He is also a master of manipulation, as shown by the fact that he is able to control both Accord and Tarutaru as willing pawns. Apparently, he also has an acquired taste for Norwegian Black Metal, calling Draco a racist asshole for dissing on it.

Popoi's power is quite uncertain, unlike that of nearly any other Compile Worlds antagonist thus far. Judging from past events, Popoi is stated to be an extremely powerful dark mage, though this has never been seen. However, he has been able to shrug off multiple attacks, suggesting a strong resistance to normal magic, if nothing else. Also of note is that Popoi is a quick-escape artist, able to make epic get-aways at the most convenient of times. He is also a shop keeper in his spare time, and is implied to be able to share his near-invulnerability with Accord.


The origin of Popoi's name is not known at the time of this revision. (Or maybe just not by the person writing)



  • Popoi has only appeared in two episodes.
    • In both these appearances, he was played by User:Black Amendment... who will eventually never play him again.
  • It is interesting to note that in Puyo Puyo Quest, Popoi refers to only the puppet form of Popoi, while Black Popoi refers to the demon cat version seen in Puyo Puyo Fever. Whether that means that the demon Popoi is canonically called Black Popoi or not is a mystery.

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