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For the various other Mitsukis from various unheard-of anime, see Mitsuki (disambiguation).

Mitsuki is a reoccurring character in the Puyo series, and also a major character of Compile Worlds. She is a witch who is traditionally rivals with Arle Nadja, competing with her over magic power, though this has been off and on in the RP. She is known for infamously being a teasing cameo in Puyo Puyo 7, alongside Harpy, and also for being a fellow pervert with Schezo Wegey. In the first episode of The Transition, she reveals her real name, and chastises many for calling her by her occupation.


Like many characters in the Puyo series, Mitsuki lived most of her life in the Madou World. For a time, she trained under her grandmother Wish, who was a far more powerful mage than she, and ventured to the top of her tower many times to continuously try and prove herself. On one of these visits, she met Schezo Wegey, whom she unwittingly helped reach Wish at the top of the tower. Later on, when playing Puyo became a popular way to demonstrate magical power, she met her current rival, Arle, and had many fights with her over their strength, always claiming to be the better magician. Eventually, Mitsuki's Puyo playing antics sent her to Primp. This also apparently gave her an unusual obsession with blueberry muffins...

As a character, Mitsuki is usually aloof and cracks jokes during serious moments. That is to say she can't be serious, but she mainly is very silly and energetic. She is also very competitive, and usually will have no qualms about starting a fight with anyone, especially if they get in her way. She also has a nasty habit of keeping a grudge, much like her fellows Draco and Seriri. Also much like her contemporary, Feli, she can act creepy or childish at times. In accordance to her nature, she may do things on a whim, such as when she joined Ekoro's team in Episode 30. As mentioned above, she had an unhealthy passion for blueberry muffins (and apparently marshmallows). This affinity ended when one of them came alive and attacked her, causing her to develop a temporary paranoia of them. Later, she resumed her fetish, trying to get everyone in on it in Episode 31.

As a magician, Mitsuki is skilled. She is able to summon meteors and thunder bolts at will, and with accurate aim. Episode 31 also detailed she was quite good at swordplay, giving even Nanako a run for her money, though Nanako may have merely been holding back.


As far as official sources are concerned, Mitsuki was only called Witch, being named after her profession. The name Mitsuki however has no particular origin, and probably just popped into Keiji's head during one of the many times he was deliberating over how daft it was to have someone literally called "Witch" and be okay with it.


  • ...S-So this is the mega-pervert I've been hearing so much about! Can I touch him!?Madou Monogatari (Sega Saturn)
  • Agreed... wait... how am I agreeing with that pervert?Episode 23
  • And to think, I would have won that had you not grabbed Arle... — Episode 23
  • This freakin frog over here, not to be confused with Nohoho and Dongurigaeru, tapped into her power!Episode 26
  • I hope Ekoro didn't do anything too terrible to you!Episode 30
  • ...Oh screw it, I might as well just join you two. — Episode 30


  • Mitsuki's text color is a tannish brown. She has had this color since her debut.
    • The only other character who had this color and was not a clone, Lagnus, was forced to change his color to orange in Episode 30.
  • It is a running gag since the Meteor Arc for Mitsuki to complain about the small size of a room, always opting to go outside before doing anything other than talking.
    • Perhaps this means Mitsuki is claustrophobic, but it's probably likely she just hates being packed into a tiny room with over 9000 other characters.
    • This has been entirely forgotten about in more recent episodes though - and certainly since the start of the Transition - but then she's hardly been seen in small rooms recently either.
  • In nearly all of Mitsuki's Pre-Meteor Arc appearances, she mentioned a blueberry flavored treat at least once. Many of these times, it also encompassed the sole purpose of her being there.
  • In one episode, Mitsuki accused Arle of being a copycat for casting Thunder, a spell that was actually associated with Mitsuki herself pre-Fever.
    • However, she didn't seem to mind it when Marcus sicced the Meteor that started the Meteor Arc upon the ADMA HQ.
  • Mitsuki was the first character to neutralize her own clone. However, this was done off screen.
  • In the Pre-Meteor Arc, Mitsuki, much like Draco, was actually infatuated with Arle. However, she moved on much more quickly than Draco did.
  • Despite claiming otherwise in the RP, she is hinted to be flirting with Schezo in Puyo Puyo SUN and Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, where she makes fun of his signature quote. She also, as quoted above, wants to touch Schezo in Madou Monogatari, and perhaps has feelings for him in Tower of the Magician as well.