Episode 2 - Chat log

Start date: Sun Mar 29, 2009. All times are UTC.

[8:24:10] <Rider> 3 -- Enter Rider (played by Chao) --

[8:24:31] <Rulue> 3 -- Enter Rulue (played by Chao) --

[8:24:43] <Akkie> Don't expect me to do another random crossover... if OK.

[8:24:46] <Keiji> well I dunno about you but I just use xchat :p

[8:24:51] <Akkie> And I already registered.

[8:24:53] <Keiji> Anything's ok

[8:24:54] <Keiji> :p

[8:25:18] <Klug> 3 -- Enter Klug (played by Chao) --

[8:25:48] <Chao> Hmm...

[8:26:10] <Chao> Can we start now?

[8:26:14] <Akkie> Sure.

[8:26:23] <Akkie> But I kinda wanna continue the last RP.

[8:26:36] <Chao> I know you do.

[8:26:46] <Akkie> When Klug asked Rulue where Satan "the myth" is.

[8:27:30] <Rulue> Hm....Should I or should I not tell you where my Darling Satan is....

[8:28:00] <Arle Nadja> Yes! Even if Carby's with me, I want to end his plans!

[8:28:21] <Keiji> ...

[8:28:35] <Keiji> posting as the wrong chara? lol

[8:28:48] <Arle Nadja> Guh!

[8:28:57] <Klug> Why on earth do you want to end his plans when they haven't even started?!

[8:29:24] <Arle Nadja> I know he's up to something bad or embarassing... like before.

[8:30:08] <Rulue> Irregardless, you'll end up ruining everything for him and I, so-

[8:30:22] <Rulue> I don't think I'll tell you where he is!

[8:30:29] <Keiji> owait... well I'm just gonna listen for a while so i know whats going on here xD

[8:30:44] <Arle Nadja> And like I said before, you and Satan are already a good couple! I don't like him.

[8:31:04] <Rulue> Hmph! Always playing dumb, Arle.

[8:31:34] <Rulue> Why then, do I always hear about "Honey moons under the starry skys with Arle" then?

[8:31:43] <Arle Nadja> It's true, Rulue! He's too evil for me.

[8:32:00] <Rulue> If you weren't an item, he'd obviously be all over my delicious body!

[8:32:07] <Arle Nadja> I have no idea why he isn't giving up on me yet.

[8:32:17] <Klug> Ditto.

[8:32:20] <Arle Nadja> I wish he would.

[8:32:34] <Rider> That's rather mean of you, Arle.

[8:32:43] <Rider> ...

[8:34:35] <Amitie> Now that you mention it, I remember that uncle saying that you're his "fiancé", Arle.

[8:34:56] <Arle Nadja> No, I'm not.

[8:35:01] <Klug> Er...yeah, what Amitie said!

[8:35:28] <Klug> But anyways, we had a deal, Rulue, so tell us where the myth is!

[8:36:01] <Rulue> Ohohoho! But if you remember, I also said I'd tell you if that girl wasn't a waste of my time!

[8:36:15] <Rulue> She was clearly...a waste of my time.

[8:36:20] <Amitie> Huh?

[8:36:48] <Arle Nadja> Seriously, Rulue! You and Satan make a great couple.

[8:36:55] <Rulue> Your Puyo-Capped friend is making me angry with her ignorant nature!

[8:37:12] <Rulue> Pay-attention!

[8:37:13] <Amitie> Oh, me?

[8:37:22] <Rulue> Gaaah!

[8:37:33] <Rulue> *kicks Amitie in the face*

[8:37:49] <Rulue> That should teach YOU to ignore the great fighting queen

[8:38:31] <Klug> *throws his book at Rulue*

[8:38:33] <Rulue> Oh!

[8:38:34] <Amitie> Ow! That wasn't very nice!

[8:38:46] <Klug> Oh it's on now, Bitch.

[8:38:53] <Rulue> Excuse me?

[8:39:01] <Akkie> You forgot about Raffine's presence.

[8:39:35] <Chao> gah...I don't feel like doing Raffine right now XP

[8:40:16] <Akkie> BTW, I do remember a post of Keiji, saying that he hates Raffine? Maybe it's a different person...

[8:40:22] <Keiji> yes I do hate raffi

[8:40:41] <Keiji> i would join in but this sounds rather plot intensive xD

[8:40:48] <Keiji> and i still have no clue what's going on

[8:40:57] <Chao> It's not really :p

[8:41:00] <Akkie> And I still want to continue the story with Raffine for being one of the protagonists.

[8:41:11] <Chao> All it's about is Satan's un-started plans

[8:41:12] <Akkie> Join anytime you want.

[8:41:25] <Chao> And Arle wanting to foil them before they begin.

[8:41:37] <Chao> Rulue's just being a bit stubborn if you will.

[8:41:43] <Akkie> Even if it means giving Chao or me a perfect laugh. XD

[8:41:46] <Akkie> And what Chao said.

[8:42:04] <Rulue> You little brats! I will make you pay for your insolence!

[8:42:27] <Raffine> 3 -- Enter Raffine (played by Keiji) --

[8:42:40] <Klug> What insolence? *rolls eyes*

[8:43:04] <Akkie> I remember something about Raffine's text color.

[8:43:06] <Akkie> Orange.

[8:43:27] <Klug> I didn't know we were insolent*sarcastic*

[8:43:37] <Klug> I'm SOOO sorry*still sarcastic*

[8:44:03] <Raffine> is this orange?

[8:44:18] <Raffine> oh good

[8:44:21] <Raffine> ...wait

[8:44:31] <Raffine> ...

[8:44:32] <Raffine> ......

[8:44:36] <Raffine> why won't it stay put

[8:44:37] <Raffine> lol

[8:44:39] <Akkie> This is orange.

[8:44:46] <Raffine> pie

[8:44:47] <Raffine> pie

[8:44:48] <Akkie> OK?

[8:44:53] <Raffine> It won't stick, though

[8:44:54] <Akkie> That's red.

[8:45:01] <Ocean Prince> 3 -- Enter Ocean (played by SonX) --

[8:45:04] <Akkie> 8th color.

[8:45:23] <Chao> Heck ya my bros gonna be ocean prince

[8:45:37] <Chao> Oh. type /nick Ocean_Prince

[8:45:45] <Chao> It doesn't like spaces :p

[8:45:46] <Akkie> Where's your bro anyway?

[8:45:58] <Ocean Prince> right here

[8:46:03] <Chao> He's Ocean_prince

[8:46:44] <Rider> Ms. R-raffine

[8:46:51] <Akkie> Let's continue.

[8:46:54] <Rider> Are you still here?

[8:47:19] <Raffine> I'm here

[8:48:02] <Rulue> I can't take you brats anymore!

[8:48:19] <Rulue> Fine! I give up! You win!

[8:48:41] <Raffine> Mm? What do we win?

[8:48:45] <Rulue> My Darling Satan ran toward the north.

[8:49:05] <Arle Nadja> OK. Thanks, Rulue!

[8:49:09] <Rulue> You break up with him when you find him, or I will personally hunt each of you down!

[8:49:18] <Rulue> *cuddles a doll of Satan*

[8:49:23] <Arle Nadja> *slap faces*

[8:49:34] <Arle Nadja> I said that I don't like Satan!

[8:49:47] <Arle Nadja> I wish there's a way to get him to give up on me!

[8:50:06] <Amitie> Is that gonna calm you down, aunt?

[8:50:21] <Raffine> Meh, he's not interested in you, Rulue!

[8:50:40] <Rulue> Don't listen to them Darling Satan! They Lie!

[8:50:54] <Rulue> *continues cuddling the doll, this time closer to herself*

[8:51:51] <Arle Nadja> What would you say if I would willingly bury Satan under a lot of Nuisance Puyo to shut him up, Rulue? Would that prove that I don't like him?

[8:52:00] <Klug> Can we get away from her already? Spare me of this drama.

[8:52:14] <Rulue> ...

[8:50:54] <Rulue> *continues cuddling the doll, this time closer to herself*

[8:52:45] <Rider> I...I think we traumatized her...

[8:53:50] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... about those plans...

[8:54:00] <Raffine> I concur, we should bury him under a moon

[8:54:03] <Raffine> :D

[8:54:20] <Klug> Let's get out of here already.

[8:54:25] <Klug> Please.

[8:54:38] <Raffine> Later, Rulue.

[8:54:45] <Arle Nadja> *goes off to the North, following Satan*

[8:54:48] <Rider> Bye...

[8:54:53] <Chao> [Rider, Klug, Raffine and Amitie follow Arle]

[8:55:20] <Rulue> 4 -- Exit Rulue --

[8:55:20] <Ms. Accord> 3 -- Enter Ms. Accord (played by Chao) --

[8:55:54] <Ms. Accord> *appears as they journey along*

[8:56:20] <Arle Nadja> Draco?

[8:56:52] <Draco> 3 -- Enter Draco (played by Akkie) --

[8:56:58] <Akkie> Just felt like adding Draco.

[8:56:59] <Chao> Bro is gonna be Popoi too

[8:57:03] <Akkie> And yeah...

[8:57:04] <Keiji> Man, I wanted to be Draco xD

[8:57:06] <Popoi> 3 -- Enter Popoi (played by SonX) --

[8:57:18] <Ms. Accord> Hello Kiddies :)

[8:57:32] <Draco> Arle!

[8:57:36] <Ms. Accord> Are you having fun?

[8:57:54] <Draco> Let's compete to see who's even more beautiful!

[8:58:22] <Raffine> I think we both know you can't have "fun" with a teacher around...

[8:58:29] <Arle Nadja> Huh? I thought that you said that beautiful girls are so out and girls horns are those who are "in".

[8:58:48] <Raffine> and why would you even bother competing? We all know I am the prettiest around here, after all.

[8:58:58] <Ms. Accord> Who says that Raffine? We can have fun with a teacher, right Popoi?

[8:58:59] <Draco> Forget about it! I still think I'm even more beautiful than you because of my horns!

[8:59:13] <Rider> (she has horns!)

[8:59:19] <Draco> And no! I'm that prettiest!

[8:59:24] <Rider> Um....excuse me....

[8:59:27] <Popoi> That's right! And who better to have fun with than me>

[8:59:34] <Arle Nadja> Here we go again...

[8:59:36] <Mitsuki> 3 -- Enter Witch (played by Keiji) --

[8:59:58] <Klug> Amitie's prettier...

[9:00:06] <Draco> Hmm... despite your horns, you're not too pretty.

[9:00:14] <Amitie> what!? Get real, Klug!

[9:00:33] <Klug> Well, it's true.

[9:00:39] <Ms. Accord> Mr. Klug.

[9:00:46] <Ms. Accord> Keep your comments to yourself.

[9:00:48] <Mitsuki> How absurd! You call yourself pretty? There's nothing better than a nice blonde girl like me~!

[9:01:07] <Draco> That's it! We'll settle this through a beauty contest!

[9:01:16] <Klug> Yeah, nothings' dumber than one either.

[9:01:25] <Klug> HA ha!

[9:01:26] <Mitsuki> You're on, Draco!

[9:01:35] <Arle Nadja> Don't you mean "through Puyo POPping"?

[9:02:01] <Ms. Accord> Now now kiddies, let's not resort to violence again.

[9:02:17] <Mitsuki> Puyo POPping? That's lame. We should do some old school Puyo Puyoing!

[9:03:15] <Arle Nadja> Sure, Witch!

[9:03:29] <Mitsuki> I wasn't talking to you.

[9:03:34] <Amitie> You mean... the other rule?

[9:03:58] <Akkie> Puyo POP is Minna de Puyo Puyo.

[9:03:59] <Ms. Accord> Remember Amitie, Puyo only fall down in pairs in TSU rules.

[9:04:04] <Akkie> Witc also appeared there.

[9:04:29] <Amitie> Oh... thanks for reminding me, teacher.

[9:04:34] <Ms. Accord> And also remember, theres no Fever mode, so a magical ready made Puyo chain wont fall when you offset

[9:04:44] <Raffine> 4 -- Exit Raffine --

[9:05:02] <Amitie> Hmm... sounds tough...

[9:05:23] <Ms. Accord> But you can still offset Puyo. But only on your first offset turn

[9:05:32] <Ms. Accord> After that, they will all fall.

[9:05:48] <Popoi> Hm.. she shouldn't stand a chance, right Ms. Accord?

[9:06:09] <Ms. Accord> Mmhhmm.

[9:06:31] <Mitsuki> Who are you kidding? A newbie could never stand up to the pros!

[9:06:46] <Arle Nadja> Although, if you're experienced with chaining pairs, this would would be a cynch

[9:07:18] <Akkie> Amitie's been used thousands of times in endless modes especially in Puyo POP Fever.

[9:07:40] <Ms. Accord> Did you practice my drills Amitie?

[9:07:43] <Keiji> but relative to the OPP crew, she's a newb :p

[9:08:10] <Akkie> Except in the first PPF where she beat me when I was a newb.

[9:08:24] <Keiji> lolowned

[9:08:36] <Akkie> Her AI was slow but it can really do good chains.

[9:08:44] <Ms. Accord> ...Ms Amitie?

[9:08:52] <Akkie> And don't you mean "LOLlipop"?

[9:09:10] <Keiji> no I mean lollerskates

[9:09:14] <Amitie> What is it, Ms. Accord?

[9:09:24] <Akkie> It's a pun.

[9:09:29] <Keiji> >_>

[9:09:30] <Ms. Accord> Did you practice my drills like I assigned you?

[9:09:55] <Mitsuki> Ha, I bet she was skipping!

[9:10:11] <Ms. Accord> Tsk tsk tsk....that means we have to reveiw!

[9:10:29] <Mitsuki> *nods*

[9:10:42] <Ms. Accord> Are you ready Amitie?

[9:11:27] <Ms. Accord> Ready or not, here I come!

[9:11:31] <Keiji> *slaps Klug around a bit with a large trout*

[9:11:43] <Klug> Ow.

[9:11:51] <Akkie> LOLlipop

[9:12:21] <Amitie> I wasn't skipping! But I guess more practice wouldn't hurt.

[9:12:36] <Ms. Accord> *starts chaining rapidly*

[9:12:58] <Amitie> *places her Puyo as well*

[9:13:08] <Ms. Accord> by the way Amitie, we're going to review the OPP rules, since you obviously are experienced with the TSU rules :)

[9:13:28] <Chao> This means no offsetting trash

[9:13:41] <Amitie> Can you still offset?

[9:13:55] <Keiji> ...fail

[9:14:19] <Mitsuki> Well then Draco, are we going to settle this or what/

[9:14:20] <Mitsuki> ?

[9:14:24] <Ms. Accord> Largo! Andante! Allegro! Presto! Echiro! Presto! Fermata! Fermata! Fermata! KURE-RANTSU!

[9:14:58] <Keiji> also OPP is uselss

[9:15:02] <Ms. Accord> *patiently waits for her trash to fall on Amitie, since there's nothing she can do now*

[9:15:08] <Keiji> *useless

[9:15:17] <Chao> She did that on purpose

[9:15:27] <Chao> She's a naughty teacher .

[9:15:30] <Keiji> I noticed >.>

[9:16:06] <Popoi> Ms. Accord! Essi non possono parlare italiano. :)

[9:16:20] <Ms. Accord> Mmhm that's nice.

[9:16:28] <Amitie> Ei! Iku yo! Motto iku yo! Senoon! Akuseru! Akuseru! Ekurikushisu!

[9:16:38] <Amitie> Yatta no!

[9:16:52] <Ms. Accord> Oh..

[9:17:04] <Ms. Accord> *rapidly rotates the next peice*

[9:17:08] <Draco> Sure! Draco!

[9:17:30] <Draco> *Witch

[9:17:46] <Akkie> What are Draco's phrases, Keiji?

[9:17:57] <Keiji> ...they're playing tsu

[9:18:06] <Ocean Prince> So, when do you peasants bow to the Puyo Prince, hm?

[9:18:30] <Ms. Accord> *continues spinning the piece to delay it's fall while she waits for Amitie to lose*

[9:18:40] <Ms. Accord> (Popoi, do something)

[9:18:56] <Mitsuki> Peasants? We'll see about peasants! You are a mere fish!

[9:19:01] <Amitie> Ei! Fureimu!

[9:19:15] <Ocean Prince> Silence! I am a PRINCE!!

[9:19:19] <Ms. Accord> (anything)

[9:19:23] <Mitsuki> *begins TSU game against Draco*

[9:19:41] <Ocean Prince> You will address me as your superior.

[9:19:42] <Akkie> Well, what are Draco's phrases?

[9:19:55] <Keiji> you don't need to know

[9:20:03] <Ms. Accord> Wait, My chain should have filled your field with nuisance puyo!!

[9:20:22] <Mitsuki> *starts stacking puyo*

[9:20:27] <Keiji> ...wait

[9:20:35] <Keiji> sorry I thought i was draco lol

[9:20:41] <Popoi> *sets up a game of Jump to Conclusions*

[9:20:45] <Keiji> lemme get them

[9:20:50] <Akkie> OK. you can be Draco.

[9:20:51] <Chao> (Amitie can't offset Accord, and Accord can't offset Amitie)

[9:20:55] <Draco> 4 -- Exit Draco --

[9:20:56] <Keiji> ...but I'm witch

[9:21:12] <Mitsuki> 4 -- Exit Witch --

[9:21:25] <Draco> 3 -- Enter Draco (played by Keiji) --

[9:21:30] <Akkie> I was 2. Arle|Carbuncle and Amitie.

[9:21:50] <Ms. Accord> Er....

[9:22:00] <Popoi> Hm?

[9:22:03] <Akkie> And I forgot OPP.

[9:22:03] <Ms. Accord> *still spinning her peice*

[9:22:19] <Draco> Gau, now I don't get to prove my beauty!

[9:23:07] <Draco> Oh well. You can't beat horned, tailed, winged girls like me!

[9:23:10] <Ms. Accord> (Maybe I've taught her too well)

[9:23:17] <Ms. Accord> ?!

[9:23:25] <Ms. Accord> Okay then

[9:23:36] <Ms. Accord> Your turn, Popoi :0

[9:23:38] <Popoi> Perhaps this would be the perfect get-away time, Ms. Accord

[9:23:46] <Amitie> *Uwaa

[9:24:00] <Ms. Accord> (Finally...)

[9:24:22] <Amitie> *tries to spin her Puyo rapidly too*

[9:24:26] <Ms. Accord> Too bad Amitie.

[9:24:44] <Ms. Accord> You failed the test. Maybe next time.

[9:25:01] <Akkie> Amitie didn't say Batankyu yet.

[9:25:18] <Ms. Accord> Well, I guess never say never

[9:25:30] <Ms. Accord> You still have one turn left.

[9:25:31] <Akkie> And that was for the correction with the "Yatta no!" thing.

[9:25:38] <Ms. Accord> Use it wisely.

[9:25:49] <Ms. Accord> (Anytime now, Popoi)

[9:26:00] <Popoi> What do you want me to do!?

[9:26:06] <Ms. Accord> Anything!

[9:26:10] <Draco> Ah! I just remembered! What are we wasting time for here? We need to go and find Satan!

[9:26:20] <Popoi> Hm..

[9:26:21] <Klug> She's right!

[9:26:32] <Klug> Well...

[9:26:36] <Klug> Kind of.

[9:26:38] <Amitie> Ei! Iku yo! Motto Iku yo! Senoon! Akuseru! Akuseru! Ekurikushisu!

[9:26:45] <Amitie> Uwaa!

[9:26:50] <Klug> Satan is a myth... so he doesn't exsist.

[9:26:53] <Draco> Arle, aren't you coming?

[9:27:08] <Ms. Accord> *finally puts down her piece*

[9:27:13] <Ms. Accord> Largo!

[9:27:17] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear~!

[9:27:19] <Arle Nadja> That's what I was actually waiting for.

[9:27:38] <Arle Nadja> And I was still waiting for these to end this.

[9:27:56] <Ms. Accord> *begins pondering what to do with this piece while Popoi twiddles his paws*

[9:28:01] <Draco> You didn't have to, Arle!

[9:28:14] <Popoi> *blares Black metal in hopes of distracting the Kiddies*

[9:28:32] <Rider> But I th-think Amitie-What is that awful noise?!

[9:28:45] <Klug> Oh god! That horrendous music!

[9:28:54] <Amitie> *drops her piece and was buried by Ms. Accord's Ojama*

[9:28:56] <Popoi> It's the sound of pure Norwegian Black metal

[9:29:00] <Draco> Euck! Don't you have any taste in music

[9:29:01] <Draco> ?

[9:29:07] <Popoi> The finest!

[9:29:14] <Akkie> Wasn't it supposed to be "Iyaan

[9:29:20] <Ms. Accord> Yay! I win! I Win!

[9:29:24] <Draco> *burns Popoi's stereo with her fire*

[9:29:33] <Klug> YES! THANK YOU!

[9:29:36] <Popoi> You racist asshole!

[9:29:43] <Arle Nadja> This is still not as horrible as Harpy's voice!

[9:29:48] <Draco> Now now now...

[9:30:00] <Amitie> Fiddlesticks... Oh well... at least it was good as a practice...

[9:30:03] <Popoi> What did the Norwegians ever do to you?

[9:30:25] <Harpy> 3 -- Enter Harpy (played by Akkie) --

[9:30:39] <Draco> Nothing! And I didn't do anything to them either, did I?

[9:30:43] <Harpy> Why hello~!

[9:30:57] <Harpy> *heard the horrible sound*

[9:30:58] <Klug> I forget why we're here

[9:31:06] <Ocean Prince> *inserts earplugs*

[9:31:07] <Draco> Come on Arle, we must hurry!

[9:31:12] <Rider> To see S-Satan

[9:31:15] <Arle Nadja> OK... let's just get Satan!

[9:31:22] <Arle Nadja> *runs off to get Satan*

[9:31:23] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear, now why do we want to see Satan?

[9:31:31] <Draco> Why don't you climb on my back so we can fly there?

[9:31:34] <Harpy> I would like to assist~!

[9:31:46] <Ms. Accord> (Let's follow them, Popoi. This could be fun :))

[9:31:52] <Harpy> *followed Arle*

[9:31:57] <Popoi> Sure...

[9:32:12] <Popoi> (I hope these brats fall off a cliff...)

[9:32:16] <Lagnus> 6 s-''+'Kid'

[9:32:16] <Lagnus> 3

[9:32:29] <Akkie> Let Satan steal Carbuncle

[9:32:44] <Arle Nadja> Ack! What's that horrible sound!

[9:32:44] <Keiji> o ok

[9:32:48] <Lagnus> Stop!

[9:32:51] <Ocean Prince> What am I supposed to do then? Sit here and twiddle my fins?

[9:32:56] <Lagnus> It is dangerous here!

[9:32:57] <Keiji> yes

[9:32:58] <Harpy> Let me come with you~!

[9:33:01] <Ocean Prince> 4 -- Exit Ocean --

[9:33:11] <Keiji> ^_^

[9:33:28] <Arle Nadja> Oh no! It can't be...

[9:33:28] <Popoi> Finally

[9:33:34] <Lagnus> But fear not!

[9:33:40] <Amitie> Huh? Who is this angelic girl?

[9:33:45] <Lagnus> Lagnus Bishashi the Brave is here!

[9:33:51] <Harpy> Let me sing for you as support~!

[9:34:12] <Harpy> *sings for all the rest with all her best... which is still as horrid as ever*

[9:34:12] <Lagnus> And first I shall slay that women with the rancid voice!

[9:34:30] <Ms. Accord> Where is she?

[9:34:31] <Arle Nadja> No! Not again!

[9:34:32] <Draco> ...That's... lovely. Now get on so we can get away from all these silly people~!

[9:34:35] <Arle Nadja> Guh!

[9:34:52] <Lagnus> I'm afraid I can't let you do that!

[9:34:56] <Amitie> Hey! Who's singing that!?

[9:35:05] <Harpy> How rude!

[9:35:32] <Klug> Grow up dork. We didn't come here to play pretend with you.

[9:35:38] <Harpy> You must get punished for your lack of taste!

[9:35:39] <Lagnus> Grrr.

[9:35:50] <Arle Nadja> Lagnus!

[9:35:53] <Lagnus> *smacks Rider and Levels Up*

[9:36:00] <Lagnus> 6 s-''+'Teen'

[9:36:08] <Draco> !

[9:36:09] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear!

[9:36:16] <Arle Nadja> For a moment there, I mistook you for Schezo.

[9:36:17] <Ms. Accord> What a magic show!

[9:36:19] <Draco> That was mean!

[9:36:24] <Ms. Accord> Bravo!

[9:36:29] <Draco> How could you pick on poor Rider?

[9:36:32] <Rider> Ow!

[9:36:36] <Rider> That h-hurt!

[9:36:40] <Rider> You Meanie!

[9:36:43] <Rider> *cries*

[9:36:48] <Harpy> That wasn't too nice~!

[9:36:48] <Draco> I can't forgive you for this, Lagnus!

[9:36:50] <Lagnus> Er....

[9:36:55] <Lagnus> Umm....

[9:37:08] <Arle Nadja> How could you miss those Puyo over there, Lagnus?

[9:37:09] <Draco> *stacks puyo*

[9:37:18] <Arle Nadja> *points to a bunch of Puyo*

[9:37:23] <Lagnus> *stacks Puyo as well*

[9:37:34] <Akkie> You know? The enemies from Madou Monogatari?

[9:37:52] <Arle Nadja> *sigh* We're here to get Satan, aren't we?

[9:38:03] <Harpy> Let me join you for that~!

[9:38:03] <Klug> Well...we WERE

[9:38:11] <Klug> But I guess now we're defending Rider

[9:38:22] <Ms. Accord> *makes popcorn for her and Popoi*

[9:38:31] <Popoi> mmm

[9:38:48] <Draco> Ha! Iku yo! Korette dou da? Rakusho~! Yammai yammai!

[9:39:08] <Arle Nadja> Well... I guess we should just take some curry...

[9:39:09] <Lagnus> *misplaces a puyo*

[9:39:10] <Draco> *ends chain with 5 Sun puyos*

[9:39:18] <Lagnus> O_O

[9:39:21] <Arle Nadja> Guh! Guh!

[9:39:24] <Lagnus> Ha!

[9:39:35] <Lagnus> *is burried by Nusaince/Ojama Puyo*

[9:39:36] <Draco> *watches 60,130 ojama fall on Lagnus*

[9:39:43] <Amitie> Can I have some curry, Arle?

[9:39:58] <Lagnus> @_@

[9:40:11] <Lagnus> 6 s-'Teen'+'Kid'

[9:40:12] <Arle Nadja> But we still don't have time for this!

[9:40:19] <Draco> Now, can we FINALLY go and fly to where Satan is?

[9:40:22] <Lagnus> . . .Wah....

[9:40:23] <Arle Nadja> Let's get to Satan!

[9:40:27] <Lagnus> *runs away*

[9:40:35] <Lagnus> 4 -- Exit Lagnus --

[9:40:35] <Satan> 3 -- Enter Satan (Played by Chao) --

[9:40:36] <Draco> *flies with Arle*

[9:40:41] <Arle Nadja> *runs off to where Satan was going to*

[9:40:52] <Chao> [Finally, at Satan's Lair]

[9:40:53] <Amitie> *follows Arle*

[9:41:06] <Harpy> *flies with Arle*

[9:41:21] <Keiji> Arle, Draco and Harpy get there way before everyone else cause they flew :D

[9:41:34] <Satan> Bwah ha ha ha! My Plans are almost complete! This will be the best Honeymoon under the starry sky ever!!

[9:41:53] <Arle Nadja> Do you ever give up on me once, Satan?

[9:41:55] <Satan> *holds up paper and stick-figure drawings*

[9:41:57] <Draco> The best ever you say? You've never had one!

[9:42:02] <Satan> Arle?!

[9:42:12] <Satan> Bahh! Why are you all here?!

[9:42:18] <Harpy> Can I sing for you~!

[9:42:20] <Ms. Accord> I'm just here for the show

[9:42:31] <Arle Nadja> I knew it!

[9:42:44] <Arle Nadja> It's another honeymoon, right?

[9:42:48] <Klug> You're not Satan. He's a myth. Your a cosplaying idiot.

[9:42:57] <Amitie> Err... what's a honeymoon?

[9:43:02] <Draco> How would you even know?

[9:43:09] <Satan> Baah! I am no myth! And I will have my Honeymoon with Arle!

[9:43:22] <Rider> Hello!

[9:43:23] <Arle Nadja> No way! Who says that I like you!?

[9:43:34] <Arle Nadja> Guh!

[9:43:39] <Satan> Don't deny it. You love me

[9:43:41] <Carbuncle> *agrees with Arle*

[9:43:55] <Satan> Now give me a kiss!

[9:44:00] <Satan> *puckers his lips*

[9:44:11] <Ms. Accord> *puts Popoi to his lips*

[9:44:14] <Draco> *slaps Satan with her tail*

[9:44:15] <Arle Nadja> You're twice as perverted as Schezo, you know that?

[9:44:16] <Satan> Baah@

[9:44:20] <Draco> Enough is enough!

[9:44:44] <Harpy> Why don't I sing for you~!

[9:44:58] <Ms. Accord> Hhmmm....TaruTaru is absent again today....

[9:45:01] <Harpy> *sings again, as horrid as ever*

[9:45:01] <Draco> Why don't you go take a seat.

[9:45:13] <Ms. Accord> Enjoy the show

[9:45:16] <Schezo> 3 -- Enter Schezo (Played by Keiji) --

[9:45:19] <Arle Nadja> Harpy! That's not the time for that!

[9:45:30] <Schezo> Ha! At last I have found you!

[9:45:38] <Satan> Nooo!

[9:45:42] <Satan> Blasted fools!

[9:45:45] <Satan> Go away!

[9:45:48] <Akkie> I was LOLling when accord placed popoi on Satan's lips. Xd

[9:45:53] <Satan> I command you!

[9:45:54] <Schezo> Let us have a battle between perverts!

[9:46:06] <Satan> I am no pervert!

[9:46:09] <Arle Nadja> Schezo! How did you get back to normal?

[9:46:12] <Satan> You fool!

[9:46:13] <Popoi> And I was spitting

[9:46:21] <Ms. Accord> I changed him back

[9:46:26] <Ms. Accord> Simple as that.

[9:46:27] <Akkie> Schezo doesn't want to be called a perv, remember?

[9:46:46] <Arle Nadja> Oh...

[9:46:47] <Satan> I don't care who did what or whos a pervert!

[9:47:03] <Arle Nadja> That does it!

[9:47:04] <Schezo> How dare you do such horrible things to Arle!

[9:47:04] <Satan> This shall be between me and Arle!!

[9:47:09] <Satan> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

[9:47:15] <Arle Nadja> *uses a Fire spell on Satan*

[9:47:15] <Satan> *pushes a button*

[9:47:19] <Arle Nadja> Faia!

[9:47:21] <Satan> AAAAHH!

[9:47:31] <Satan> MY HEADS ON FIRE!!!

[9:47:37] <Satan> *runs around in agony*

[9:47:48] <Schezo> *takes out his sword and swings threateningly*

[9:47:58] <Amitie> I hope he doesn't do that on me.

[9:48:01] <Chao> {A crane grabs Arle and sticks her into a rocket}

[9:48:06] <Schezo> ...

[9:48:14] <Satan> *runs into the rocket too*

[9:48:27] <Chao> (The rocket flies to the moon)

[9:48:30] <Harpy> I must follow them~!

[9:48:30] <Schezo> Argh! How can we have a duel over Arle if she is going to be launched into space?

[9:48:36] <Satan> BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAA!

[9:48:37] <Harpy> *followed the rocket*

[9:48:38] <Draco> Noo! Arle!!!

[9:48:56] <Harpy> *appeared on the rocket before Satan*

[9:48:56] <Draco> Harpy don't go, you won't be able to chase after them!

[9:49:06] <Draco> ...what

[9:49:13] <Ms. Accord> (Now would be an interesting time to turn the tables on the kiddies, Popoi)

[9:49:14] <Keiji> ok how does that work guys lol

[9:49:24] <Akkie> Randomness.

[9:49:44] <Draco> Bah! Well, if Harpy can teleport inside a flying rocket then so can I!

[9:49:45] <Kirby> 3 -- Enter Kirby (played by Akkie) --

[9:49:46] <Draco> *teleports inside rocket*

[9:49:55] <Satan> BAAH! NOOO!

[9:50:02] <Harpy> Can I sing for you~!

[9:50:10] <Kirby> Poyo?

[9:50:15] <Schezo> *shoves his sword down into the ground at his failure to protect Arle*

[9:50:17] <Satan> *pushes Harpy out of the Rocket*

[9:50:41] <Draco> *grabs a hold of Harpy to keep her from falling*

[9:50:45] <Popoi> Sounds like a plan

[9:50:49] <Amitie> *kept following Satan and sang as horribly anyway*

[9:51:03] <Draco> Arle! Use your fire attack in time with me!

[9:51:08] <Akkie> *Harpy

[9:51:11] <Satan> Arle! We must have our Honey moon together!

[9:51:15] <Satan> Now!

[9:51:19] <Arle Nadja> No!

[9:51:20] <Satan> But first.

[9:51:34] <Popoi> 4 -- Exit Popoi --

[9:51:35] <Arle Nadja> *uses Ice Storm on Satan*

[9:51:35] <Satan> *uses Juggernaut to toss Draco around*

[9:51:38] <Arle Nadja> Ice Storm!

[9:51:39] <Draco> *shoots fire at Satan*

[9:51:42] <Satan> Ei?!

[9:52:00] <Satan> *freezes from Ice Storm and then is melted by Draco's fire*

[9:52:07] <Satan> NOOO! I"M ON FIRE AGAIN!


[9:52:20] <Arle Nadja> I have a better idea.

[9:52:21] <Satan> *runs around the rocket in agony*

[9:52:29] <Arle Nadja> *uses Thunder*

[9:52:33] <Arle Nadja> Thunder!

[9:53:00] <Kirby> *heard all the ruckus in the rocket*

[9:53:40] <Amitie> 4 -- Exit Amitie --

[9:53:52] <Akkie> refresh.

[9:53:55] <Satan> *is zapped by the Thunder*

[9:54:01] <Satan> BAAAH!

[9:54:06] <Akkie> I LMAOed at this. XD

[9:54:10] <Satan> @_@

[9:54:27] <Satan> Dammit all!

[9:54:39] <Arle Nadja> *fires his ray at Satan*

[9:54:45] <Keiji> LOL

[9:54:45] <Arle Nadja> Guh guh!

[9:54:50] <Satan> [Satan's rocket suddenly heads back to Satan's lair]

[9:54:54] <Satan> AAH!

[9:55:02] <Satan> No Carbuncle!

[9:55:05] <Satan> Why~!

[9:55:23] <Yu> 3 -- Enter Yu (Played by Akkie) --

[9:55:39] <Satan> [Satan's rocket crashes back down]

[9:55:41] <Draco> *takes to flying to avoid being thrown around by the rocket as it crashes down to earth*

[9:55:52] <Harpy> *followed Draco*


[9:56:00] <Yu> You rang?

[9:56:09] <Satan> *lands in front of Schezo*

[9:56:16] <Satan> *looks up*

[9:56:21] <Satan> Aah!

[9:56:36] <Satan> Pervert!

[9:56:56] <Schezo> *points his sword at Satan*

[9:57:03] <Schezo> Now... leave Arle alone or else!

[9:57:04] <Akkie> Can we let the ghost twins in the lair?

[9:57:11] <Ms. Accord> *throws a piece of chalk at Satan*

[9:57:15] <Draco> *walks up behind Satan*

[9:57:26] <Satan> ?

[9:57:33] <Draco> You heard him!

[9:57:36] <Satan> but-but!

[9:57:39] <Draco> Leave Arle alone!

[9:58:05] <Rulue> 3 -- Enter Rulue (Played by Chao) --

[9:58:14] <Rulue> Darling Satan!

[9:58:29] <Satan> Baah! Rulue!

[9:58:30] <Satan> No!

[9:58:31] <Arle Nadja> Maybe you should just give up on me, Satan?

[9:58:42] <Arle Nadja> Guh!

[9:58:52] <Kirby> Poyo?

[9:58:54] <Minotauros> 3 -- Enter Minotauros (Played by Chao) --

[9:58:58] <Keiji> [Draco, Schezo, Arle and Rulue surround Satan]

[9:59:16] <Kirby> *went to the scene*

[9:59:17] <Minotauros> Mooo!

[9:59:27] <Satan> ....I....er.....

[9:59:39] <Akkie> Anyone can take the place of Amitie.

[10:00:00] <Draco> If you want a girl so badly, look right in front of you, because there's someone very willing right there!

[10:00:20] <Yu> *showed up in the scene randomly*

[10:00:28] <Satan> ...Oh! Look! A big 15-layer super deluxe Chocolate Turtle Cake!

[10:00:39] <Satan> *points randomly*

[10:00:41] <Kirby> Poyo1?

[10:00:52] <Kirby> *looks around for the cake*

[10:01:04] <Arle Nadja> I'm not falling for that again, Satan.

[10:01:21] <Satan> ....

[10:01:25] <Yu> You rang?

[10:01:37] <Rulue> But there is a cake?!

[10:01:37] <Minotauros> MMM!

[10:01:48] <Akkie> Let's turn this into an endless RP.

[10:01:55] <Akkie> I don't wanna stop.

[10:02:01] <Schezo> Make up your mind Satan!

[10:02:15] <Rider> And it says "I Love you-Love Minno

[10:02:16] <Rider> Aww

[10:02:38] <Satan> I shall never give up!

[10:02:43] <Arle Nadja> Err... is that for...

[10:02:44] <Satan> Never Surrender!

[10:03:03] <Satan> *throws down a smoke bomb and hi-tails it outta there*

[10:03:07] <Satan> 4 -- Exit Satan --

[10:03:08] <Schezo> ...

[10:03:13] <Draco> ...

[10:03:18] <Arle Nadja> *followed Satan and tugs his cape... again*

[10:03:19] <Rulue> ...

[10:03:31] <Draco> We lost him.

[10:04:05] <Ms. Accord> Oh well

[10:04:05] <Ms. Accord> We still have each other, right?

[10:04:14] <Akkie> Didn't Arle tug Satan's cape?

[10:04:31] <Keiji> Oh, his cape was left behind

[10:04:32] <Chao> Be nice and let Satan escape

[10:04:53] <Akkie> OK.

[10:04:53] <Ms. Accord> I mean, who want's to see that old meanie, anyway?

[10:05:05] <Rulue> ...

[10:05:11] <Arle Nadja> Err... this is what's left.

[10:05:12] <Rulue> *cuddles her Satan doll again*

[10:05:17] <Minotauros> Moo.

[10:05:26] <Draco> He's not a meanie.

[10:05:26] <Minotauros> My cake failed

[10:05:27] <Arle Nadja> *carries the cape with her*

[10:05:36] <Draco> He just can't get his heart straight >.<

[10:05:43] <Minotauros> *sighes...er...moos*

[10:05:44] <Draco> Or his head, for that matter.

[10:05:50] <Yu> 4 -- Exit Yu --

[10:05:53] <Harpy> 4 -- Exit Harpy --

[10:05:55] <Kirby> 4 -- Exit Kirby --

[10:06:14] <Klug> He's a retard

[10:06:20] <Minotauros> 4 -- Exit Minotauros --

[10:06:38] <Klug> He think's he's some mythilogical creature when he's really just a sick pedophile

[10:06:57] <Draco> You're the worst!

[10:06:57] <Rulue> . . .

[10:07:01] <Draco> You don't even believe he exists!

[10:07:03] <Arle Nadja> He's real, Klug.

[10:07:11] <Draco> Oh, he's real alright.

[10:07:14] <Klug> I refuse to believe it!

[10:07:31] <Lemres> 3 -- Enter Lemres (Played by Chao) --

[10:07:39] <Draco> You never witnessed his antics.

[10:08:03] <Lemres> Hello everyone.

[10:08:03] <Lemres> Do you want some candy?

[10:08:30] <Lemres> Hmm?

[10:08:30] <Klug> Lemres....O_O

[10:08:30] <Kirby> 3 -- Enter Kirby (Played by Akkie) --

[10:08:37] <Arle Nadja> I don't think some would hurt.

[10:08:42] <Arle Nadja> Guh!

[10:08:56] <Arle Nadja> *wants another curry filled candy*

[10:08:57] <Lemres> I'll give you anything but Lolipops.

[10:09:16] <Lemres> I really need to get rid of these Hearts

[10:09:33] <Draco> I'll take some candy!

[10:09:36] <Kirby> Poyo! Poyo!

[10:09:44] <Kirby> *wants some candy*

[10:09:57] <Lemres> *holds out a basket of assorted candies*

[10:09:59] <Lemres> Pick out your treats, kiddies

[10:10:29] <Schezo> (And so my presence is no longer needed. Til next time, Satan.)

[10:10:29] <Schezo> 4 -- Exit Schezo --

[10:10:34] <Rider> . . . are there many people with horns where you live, Arle?

[10:10:58] <Arle Nadja> I have no idea...

[10:11:11] <Rider> But Draco...and Satan....

[10:11:11] <Kirby> Although, there are these two.

[10:12:22] <Ms. Accord> Okay kiddies! Let's have some candy!

[10:12:25] <Akkie> Kirby mistake fail. Xd

[10:12:40] <Kirby> *inhaled the candy*

[10:12:41] <Ms. Accord> *advances toward Lemres*

[10:13:19] <Lemres> . . .

[10:13:20] <Ms. Accord> *glares at Kirby*

[10:13:27] <Kirby> Poyo?

[10:13:41] <Draco> *roasts candy and eats it*

[10:13:50] <Arle Nadja> Err... do you like candy too much?

[10:13:56] <Ms. Accord> We don't inhale candy....

[10:13:58] <Kirby> Poyo...

[10:14:01] <Draco> Mmmm, everything is better roasted!

[10:14:20] <Ms. Accord> Now there's no more left for me.

[10:14:21] <Ms. Accord> Soo....

[10:15:00] <Rulue> 4 -- Exit Rulue --

[10:15:19] <Arle Nadja> Oh, well... I guess it's not gonna hurt with curry, right?

[10:15:42] <Ms. Accord> *grabs her giant mallet*

[10:15:53] <Ms. Accord> Hold still, marshmallow!

[10:16:00] <Kirby> Poyo~

[10:16:08] <Draco> *watches wide-eyed*

[10:16:13] <Ms. Accord> *bashes Kirby with her giant hammer*

[10:16:16] <Arle Nadja> *makes some curry*

[10:16:23] <Lemres> O_O

[10:16:30] <Keiji> stop with the poyoing

[10:16:30] <Kirby> 4 -- Exit Kirby --

[10:16:36] <Rider> >_< I can't watch!

[10:16:55] <Ms. Accord> Opps! I think I killed him!

[10:16:58] <Ms. Accord> Oh well...

[10:17:06] <Draco> *sits back and shares Arle's curry*

[10:17:08] <Rider> K-k-k-k-killed him?!

[10:17:25] <Lemres> *quietly leaves*

[10:17:35] <Lemres> 4 -- Exit Lemres --

[10:17:35] <Sig> 3 -- Enter Sig (Played by Chao) --

[10:17:42] <Sig> Hi guys.

[10:18:07] <Ms. Accord> Hello Mr Sig.

[10:18:22] <Sig> *sees Draco*

[10:18:23] <Draco> Mm, this is the best! Arle, you're fantastic~

[10:18:36] <Sig> ...Hi lady. Your pretty.

[10:18:45] <Arle Nadja> Heheh... thanks Draco.

[10:18:55] <Arle Nadja> Oh... Sig?

[10:18:55] <Klug> *nearly chokes on his candy*

[10:19:08] <Draco> ^^;; Thanks, kid!

[10:19:19] <Klug> Her...pretty?!

[10:19:20] <Klug> HA!

[10:19:27] <Draco> What's your name?

[10:19:37] <Keiji> afaik draco never knew sig

[10:19:39] <Sig> I'm Sig.

[10:19:53] <Draco> Nice to meet you. I'm Draco

[10:19:58] <Klug> That bitch is practically flat-chested!

[10:20:03] <Keiji> ...

[10:20:06] <Keiji> Draco isn't flat chested

[10:20:12] <Sig> ...Klug said the B-word

[10:20:25] <Keiji> if Draco's flat then what do you call Feli o___o

[10:20:27] <Ms. Accord> Mr. Klug

[10:20:42] <Chao> Klug's just being a dick

[10:20:46] <Keiji> oh

[10:21:04] <Ms. Accord> Keep your comments to yourself

[10:21:13] <Carbuncle> Guh guh guh!

[10:21:20] <Arle Nadja> *eats the curry*

[10:21:29] <Carbuncle> *eats the curry as well*

[10:21:43] <Sig> Nice to meet you Draco.

[10:22:07] <Draco> I'm flat, you say? Why don't you take a look around you?

[10:22:26] <Klug> Well, now that I'm on a roll...

[10:23:00] <Klug> Arle's outfit sucks....

[10:23:12] <Draco> *drops her jaw*

[10:23:14] <Akkie> Where's Oshare Bones?

[10:23:21] <Draco> o_o

[10:23:22] <Klug> Rider has tumors on her head.

[10:23:27] <Arle Nadja> Hey! That wasn't nice of you!

[10:23:41] <Klug> And Ms_Accord...uhh...don't even get me started

[10:23:42] <Draco> Hey!

[10:23:49] <Ms. Accord> That's enough of you!

[10:24:20] <Ms. Accord> I think it's time to issue some discipline!

[10:24:28] <Draco> *nod nod nod*

[10:24:34] <Sig> . . .What's discipline?

[10:24:36] <Keiji> ftw

[10:24:43] <Ms. Accord> *kicks Klug from #rp*

[10:24:43] <Klug> 4 -- Exit Klug --

[10:24:49] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee!

[10:25:25] <Sig> oh....

[10:26:24] <Ms. Accord> My My, the kiddies are disappearing like little rabbits!

[10:26:27] <Draco> Serves him right, too.

[10:27:06] <Amitie> 3 -- Enter Amitie (Played by Chao) --

[10:27:16] <Amitie> Hey guys!

[10:27:32] <Sig> Hi Amitie....

[10:27:36] <Draco> Welcome back, Amite

[10:27:40] <Draco> *Amitie

[10:28:00] <Amitie> Huh? Was I here? (I don't remember a thing...)

[10:28:09] <Ms. Accord> Well...maybe

[10:28:15] <Draco> You were playing OPP with Accord earlier.

[10:28:27] <Amitie> But OPP is lame.

[10:28:34] <Draco> Yes. Yes it is.

[10:28:49] <Amitie> No offsetting sucks

[10:28:50] <Draco> Especially as I was so weak in it!

[10:29:04] <Ms. Accord> We can't all be the final boss.

[10:29:13] <Draco> I play TSU every day in honor of my Level 5 position. <3

[10:29:34] <Arle Nadja> But we can be experts.

[10:30:01] <Ms. Accord> (hmm...

[10:30:12] <Ms. Accord> My memory erasing spell has worked)

[10:30:21] <Ms. Accord> (Now to practice my curses)

[10:30:22] <Keiji> LOL

[10:30:26] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee hee.

[10:30:47] <Sig> What's so funny, Ms_Accord?

[10:30:55] <Ms. Accord> Oh!

[10:30:58] <Ms. Accord> Nothing!

[10:31:09] <Akkie> Can I put a random character?

[10:31:22] <Ms. Accord> Want to see a magic show, kiddies?

[10:31:34] <Keiji> when you wanna do stuff just do it, don't ask

[10:31:58] <Draco> A magic show?

[10:32:07] <Arle Nadja> I don't want to act mean but I think I'll pass.

[10:32:07] <Draco> You mean you have more to offer than Arle's spells?

[10:32:20] <Arle Nadja> I'm pretty tired right about now.

[10:32:21] <Draco> Well, this could be interesting.

[10:32:24] <Ms. Accord> Well of course.

[10:32:29] <Arle Nadja> Let's go home, Carbuncle.

[10:32:30] <Ms. Accord> After all, I am a teacher!

[10:32:38] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[10:32:48] <Arle Nadja> *goes home with Carbuncle*

[10:32:53] <Ms. Accord> *brings out a large box*

[10:33:04] <Ms. Accord> *waves her flying can around it*

[10:33:23] <Dr. Eggman> 3 -- Enter Dr. Eggman (Played by Chao) --

[10:33:41] <Dr. Eggman> *comes out of the box*

[10:33:41] <Dr. Eggman> What?!

[10:33:45] <Akkie> What's gonna happen?

[10:33:45] <Dr. Eggman> What the hell am I doing here?!

[10:33:52] <Akkie> LMAO

[10:33:58] <Keiji> LOOL

[10:33:59] <Ms. Accord> Tada!

[10:34:14] <Dr. Eggman> Eek!

[10:34:18] <Akkie> LOLlipop

[10:34:26] <Draco> Hey now, stop stealing my colors!

[10:34:39] <Dr. Eggman> Wha?

[10:34:49] <Draco> Red and yellow!

[10:34:53] <Dr. Eggman> At least I still have these

[10:35:04] <Dr. Eggman> *pulls out a blue Chaos Emerald*

[10:35:22] <Arle Nadja> 4 -- Exit Arle --

[10:35:22] <Dr. Eggman> Er...one of them

[10:35:22] <Dr. Eggman> Nooo!

[10:35:50] <Dr. Eggman> My evil plan to crush Sonic with a giant Robot is ruined!

[10:35:56] <Dr. Eggman> And I was only about to give my UMER a test run!

[10:35:58] <Draco> One of them? Sonic? A giant robot?

[10:35:59] <Draco> UMER?

[10:36:10] <Carbuncle> 4 -- Exit Carbuncle --

[10:36:10] <Draco> What are you talking about, round guy?

[10:36:25] <Dr. Eggman> UMER! My Ultimate Mecha Egg Robot!

[10:36:36] <Akkie> LOLlipop

[10:36:41] <Amitie> Sounds like a pretty cheesy name.

[10:37:05] <Dr. Eggman> Eek! A Sonic in the Box!

[10:37:10] <Dr. Eggman> Shadow! Rouge! Get him!

[10:37:15] <Draco> Aah! What's going on here?

[10:37:29] <Ms. Accord> Oops!

[10:37:46] <Ms. Accord> I guess my magic was too powerful!

[10:37:47] <Dr. Eggman> So it was you?

[10:37:59] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear!

[10:38:07] <Draco> *shakes her head in confusion*

[10:38:38] <Ms. Accord> *stuffs Eggman back into the box*

[10:38:45] <Dr. Eggman> Heey~!

[10:39:01] <Ms. Accord> *random chanting*

[10:39:11] <Dr. Eggman> 3 -- Enter Dr. Eggman (Played by Chao) --

[10:39:43] <Draco> What was all that about, Sensei?

[10:39:48] <Sig> Yay.

[10:40:07] <Ms. Accord> I think I teleported somebody from another world...

[10:40:28] <Sig> Another world?

[10:40:37] <Sig> You mean there's more than one world?

[10:40:52] <Amitie> Uh-huh.

[10:40:57] <Amitie> I think there is.

[10:41:30] <Ms. Accord> Let's see if I can make that teleportation spell work on someone in THIS world.

[10:41:45] <Ms. Accord> *begins chanting randomly again*

[10:42:06] <Feli> 3 -- Enter Feli (Played by Keiji) --

[10:42:14] <Feli> *appears in Accord's box*

[10:42:30] <Ms. Accord> PRESTO!

[10:42:40] <Sig> Hi lady in the box

[10:42:48] <Feli> *looks around and blinks*

[10:42:55] <Rider> M-m-ms Feli.

[10:42:58] <Feli> Sensei, what am I doing here?

[10:43:05] <Amitie> Hey Feli!

[10:43:12] <Feli> *gets out of the box*

[10:43:13] <Ms. Accord> I teleported you here.

[10:43:26] <Feli> Hi Sig

[10:43:29] <Feli> Hi Rider

[10:43:31] <Feli> Hi Amitie

[10:44:38] <Ms. Accord> Now

[10:44:53] <Ms. Accord> I'm going to show you a super powerful spell.

[10:45:10] <Amitie> Get real! Really?!

[10:45:23] <Ms. Accord> Yes.

[10:45:35] <Draco> *waves at the purple girl*

[10:45:51] <Draco> Hello Feli, I'm Draco

[10:45:52] <Ms. Accord> Now...what was that spell again.

[10:46:03] <Ms. Accord> (The sinus curse should do for her)

[10:46:18] <Ms. Accord> Now lets see.

[10:46:27] <Feli> Hi Draco

[10:46:47] <Ms. Accord> *mumbles something under her breath. Feli soon begins to feel stuffed up*

[10:46:56] <Feli> o.o

[10:47:14] <Amy Rose> 3 -- Enter Amy Rose (Played by Akkie) --

[10:47:16] <Amitie> Hey Feli! You don't looks so good...

[10:47:22] <Feli> *sneezes*

[10:47:34] <Chao> *Feli's head begins to inflate*

[10:47:34] <Amy Rose> *randomly shows up when she was looking for Sonic the Hedgehog*

[10:47:45] <Feli> *uses a cure spell on herself*

[10:47:47] <Amy Rose> Oh, Sonic!'

[10:47:56] <Feli> I'm fine, Amitie, really :)

[10:48:01] <Draco> Sonic?

[10:48:04] <Ms. Accord> (Shit. Didn't count on that one)

[10:48:12] <Keiji> lul

[10:48:36] <Amitie> Sonic?

[10:48:48] <Feli> Who's Sonic?

[10:48:57] <Amitie> I haven't the foggiest idea of who he is.

[10:49:12] <Rider> I don't know a m-m-m-Mr Sonic.

[10:49:21] <Sig> What's a Sonic?

[10:49:40] <Ms. Accord> Umm...Oh! SOnic?

[10:49:48] <Ms. Accord> Who's he?

[10:50:04] <Ms. Accord> . . .

[10:50:07] <Feli> ...

[10:51:22] <Amy Rose> Aww... none of you know who Sonic is?

[10:51:40] <Amitie> Sorry. If I did, I would've told you.

[10:51:48] <Amitie> *shrug*

[10:51:51] <Amy Rose> He's a blue hedgehog/

[10:52:09] <Sig> So Sonics are blue hedgehogs?

[10:52:20] <Amy Rose> *slapfaces*

[10:52:35] <Amy Rose> I'm also a hedgehog.

[10:52:43] <Rider> . . .was that tone really n-n-necessary?

[10:53:02] <Sig> Yay, hedgehogs.

[10:53:14] <Amitie> Get Real!

[10:53:22] <Amy Rose> About Sonic, he's a blue hedgehog with spiky quills, white gloves and red running shoes. He's very fast and cool!

[10:53:39] <Ms. Accord> Well....

[10:53:51] <Ms. Accord> There was somebody like that in my box.

[10:54:20] <Ms. Accord> And that reminds me!

[10:54:37] <Ms. Accord> *uses her teleportation chant to summon Harpy*

[10:54:49] <Chao> That's your cue, Kaakun

[10:55:05] <Amy Rose> Huh? Who is this?

[10:55:50] <Ms. Accord> Who>

[10:55:52] <Ms. Accord> Me?

[10:56:05] <Amy Rose> No. The pink-haired angel.

[10:56:17] <Rider> I think I'm going to leave now...

[10:56:21] <Akkie> *is eating burger steak in real life*

[10:56:24] <Rider> Good bye everyone.

[10:56:34] <Ms. Accord> Good bye rider!

[10:56:39] <Ms. Accord> *glares at her*

[10:56:55] <Ms. Accord> *mumbles something under her breath again*

[10:57:03] <Rider> Wha?

[10:57:36] <Rider> [her sleeve openings morph into jets]

[10:57:41] <Rider> Uh...

[10:57:50] <Rider> [her jets blast her off]

[10:57:54] <Rider> MIYAAA~!

[10:58:04] <Rider> 4 -- Exit Rider --

[10:58:18] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear!

[10:58:23] <Ms. Accord> Poor Rider...

[10:58:35] <Sig> Bye Rider!

[10:58:44] <Sig> *waves*

[10:59:02] <Amitie> That scared the living heck outta me!

[10:59:26] <Amitie> Did you see that, Draco?!

[11:00:56] <Draco> wuh

[11:00:57] <Draco> oh

[11:01:03] <Draco> I fell asleep x_x

[11:01:11] <Keiji> brb

[11:01:18] <Chao> kay

[11:01:34] <Chao> Kaakun when will you finish that steak?

[11:01:39] <Chao> We need Harpy

[11:03:08] <Akkie> when i finish my ice cream now

[11:03:16] <Akkie> done with the steak

[11:03:21] <Chao> :p

[11:04:01] <Chao> Ice cream, eh?

[11:05:04] <Akkie> Chocolate Sundae.

[11:05:39] <Keiji> back

[11:05:42] <Akkie> I just have to wash my hands and drink water.

[11:05:56] <Draco> So, what's up Amitie?

[11:06:14] <Amitie> Rider's hands morphed into jets and she went WOOOOSH!

[11:06:16] <Feli> 4 -- Exit Feli --

[11:06:26] <Draco> Jets? O_O

[11:06:36] <Sig> What's a jet?

[11:06:42] <Harpy> 3 -- Enter Harpy (Played by Akkie) --

[11:06:56] <Ms. Accord> *mumbles something under her breath*

[11:06:57] <Harpy> For your information, I am Harpy~!

[11:07:10] <Draco> Oh, you're back?

[11:07:25] <Chao> {Harpy's voice is intensely amplified}

[11:07:26] <Harpy> You look like you will appreciate my song~!

[11:07:34] <Amy Rose> Sure!

[11:07:38] <Ms. Accord> Yes! Sing your heart out!

[11:07:40] <Akkie> What's "amplified

[11:07:48] <Chao> Made louder.

[11:07:48] <Keiji> loud

[11:07:52] <Keiji> lol

[11:08:01] <Akkie> LOLlipop

[11:08:04] <Ms. Accord> Sing!

[11:08:23] <Ms. Accord> As loud as you can!

[11:08:40] <Harpy> *sang the same way as before*

[11:08:46] <Akkie> No different.

[11:08:51] <Amitie> Woa!

[11:09:01] <Amitie> *falls over from the sheer volume*

[11:09:07] <Sig> . . .

[11:09:28] <Draco> *listens intently*

[11:09:35] <Ms. Accord> Oh what a pretty song!

[11:09:43] <Sig> . . .

[11:09:53] <Amy Rose> Hey! That was actually horrible!

[11:10:05] <Sig> Did you hear something?

[11:10:18] <Harpy> You're no different!

[11:10:19] <Draco> Hey, I liked her song...

[11:10:29] <Akkie> Hello?

[11:10:37] <Keiji> hi?

[11:10:43] <Sig> Yay music.

[11:10:50] <Draco> *dances*

[11:11:14] <Harpy> So you have come to appreciate my song~!

[11:11:26] <Harpy> You have such good taste~!

[11:11:32] <Ms. Accord> So we have!

[11:11:39] <Amy Rose> What!?

[11:11:53] <Ms. Accord> *looks over at Amy*

[11:12:00] <Ms. Accord> (hmm....)

[11:12:22] <Draco> *takes out the blue chaos emerald Eggman was showing off earlier*

[11:12:38] <Ms. Accord> Hm?

[11:12:47] <Amy Rose> Hey! That looks like a Blue Chaos Emerald!

[11:12:53] <Ms. Accord> *notices Draco and the Emerald*

[11:12:57] <Draco> Chaos... Emerald?

[11:13:10] <Draco> Aren't emeralds supposed to be green?

[11:13:26] <Amy Rose> This isn't an ordinary emerald.

[11:13:36] <Amitie> Yeah...shouldn't be a Chaos....Sapphire?

[11:13:56] <Draco> Certainly, I'd call it a sapphire...

[11:13:58] <Amy Rose> It's still an Emerald.

[11:14:21] <Sig> *thinks long and hard about "Emerald" and "Sapphire"...*

[11:14:25] <Amy Rose> One like Sonic can use it through stuff.

[11:14:43] <Amy Rose> Too bad I can't...

[11:14:50] <Amy Rose> Although, I do have this...

[11:14:56] <Amy Rose> *takes her hammer out*

[11:15:09] <Ms. Accord> *notices the hammer*

[11:15:47] <Chao> (A tiny mermaid falls out of Seriri's sleeve)

[11:15:52] <Akkie> I remember reading a source that Amy's hammer is very heavy.

[11:15:53] <Chao> Er

[11:15:58] <Chao> *Accords

[11:16:08] <Keiji> ...lol

[11:16:11] <Ms. Accord> Oops.

[11:16:16] <Ms. Accord> Did I drop that?

[11:16:21] <Harpy> Hey~!

[11:16:34] <Seriri> 6 s-''+'Tiny'

[11:16:34] <Seriri> 3

[11:16:45] <Harpy> That looks like that mermaid I met by the cliffside~!

[11:16:46] <Draco> So... what do you use a chaos emerald for?

[11:16:57] <Seriri> *tries to flop away from Accord*

[11:17:04] <Amy Rose> A lot of stuff.

[11:17:09] <Draco> Like?#

[11:17:20] <Ms. Accord> *picks up the tiny mermaid and shoves her back in her sleeve*

[11:17:31] <Seriri> Meep!

[11:18:07] <Sig> I herd something go meep....

[11:18:19] <Sig> . . .

[11:18:26] <Sig> What's a mermiad?

[11:18:42] <Amitie> Er...

[11:18:49] <Amy Rose> One can transform into a stronger form, one can be able to control time through it and other cool stuff!

[11:18:52] <Draco> You don't know a lot, do you Sig?

[11:18:53] <Amitie> Ask Ms_Accord!

[11:19:13] <Sig> I know how to play Puyo.

[11:19:17] <Amy Rose> My Darling Sonic can use those abilities! ^o^

[11:19:20] <Sig> I know how to sit down.

[11:19:31] <Sig> Eat, sleep, catch bugs....

[11:19:37] <Sig> But....that's about it

[11:19:59] <Ms. Accord> He's an angel in my classroom.

[11:20:03] <Draco> Is Sonic good at puyo?

[11:20:29] <Seriri> *falls out of Accord's sleeve again*

[11:20:42] <Ms. Accord> (Get back up there you bitch!)

[11:20:45] <Amy Rose> Puyo? What's that?

[11:20:58] <Ms. Accord> *chases the tiny mermaid around*

[11:21:03] <Seriri> Meep!

[11:21:14] <Harpy> That mermaid looks like that blue-haired mermaid again~1

[11:21:19] <Draco> *holds Accord back*

[11:21:30] <Ms. Accord> Eek! Unhand me!

[11:21:41] <Draco> *looks at the mermaid*

[11:21:45] <Draco> You shrunk Seriri, didn't you?

[11:21:47] <Draco> :x

[11:22:08] <Seriri> *grows back into Seriri*

[11:22:16] <Seriri> 6 s-'Tiny'+''

[11:22:20] <Draco> Ah!

[11:22:24] <Draco> *hugs Seriri*

[11:22:32] <Seriri> Buku buku~ @_@

[11:22:39] <Draco> <3

[11:22:47] <Seriri> I... need... water...

[11:23:01] <Amy Rose> That blue-haired mermaid looks beautiful...

[11:23:09] <Keiji> *puku puku

[11:23:09] <Harpy> It's her again~!

[11:23:10] <Seriri> ...

[11:23:18] <Seriri> Don't eat me!

[11:23:22] <Harpy> She still needs singing lessons~!

[11:23:28] <Seriri> That rumor! It isn't true!

[11:23:35] <Amy Rose> Eat you!? Why would I do that!?

[11:23:42] <Draco> *looks around for water*

[11:23:50] <Seriri> You don't become imortal when you eat Mermaid flesh!

[11:24:11] <Draco> *sees a lake nearby*

[11:24:34] <Sig> Does Mermaid flesh taste good?

[11:24:45] <Amitie> Eww Sig!

[11:24:46] <Amy Rose> Of course it doesn't!

[11:24:51] <Amitie> That's gross!

[11:25:02] <Amy Rose> (What in the world is she thinking about!?)

[11:25:03] <Sig> . . .

[11:25:13] <Amy Rose> (I don't think mermaids taste good!)

[11:25:17] <Draco> :x Sig! How could you think of eating my second best friend? D:

[11:25:18] <Harpy> 4 -- Exit Harpy --

[11:25:27] <Sig> I wasn't

[11:25:34] <Sig> . . .

[11:25:38] <Sig> Was I?

[11:26:22] <Amitie> Um...

[11:26:25] <Amitie> Was he?

[11:26:32] <Amitie> Now I'm confused

[11:26:54] <Amy Rose> Mister! I don't think mermaids taste good!

[11:27:10] <Draco> *carries Seriri to the lake*

[11:27:13] <Sig> . . .

[11:27:24] <Seriri> *starts humming a tune*

[11:27:29] <Draco> Better now?

[11:27:36] <Seriri> Yes.

[11:27:42] <Draco> Yay~

[11:27:43] <Seriri> *begins to sing*

[11:27:51] <Sig> Ooooh

[11:27:57] <Amy Rose> Ah... that song is so beautiful...

[11:28:21] <Ms. Accord> 7_7

[11:28:30] <Ms. Accord> *mumbles something under her breath*

[11:29:09] <Seriri> [her voice suddenly becomes hoarse]

[11:29:14] <Seriri> *coughs*

[11:29:24] <Seriri> Oh! My throat!

[11:29:34] <Amy Rose> What happened!?

[11:29:34] <Sig> . . .?

[11:29:49] <Seriri> I...don't...know....

[11:30:29] <Draco> Accord! Stop picking on Seriri!

[11:30:41] <Draco> I suspected you from the beginning!

[11:30:44] <Ms. Accord> Hm? What are you talking about

[11:30:58] <Ms. Accord> Oh Draco...don't be a bitch.

[11:31:01] <Draco> You and your shady magic.

[11:31:06] <Draco> Me? A bitch?

[11:31:11] <Draco> Look who's talking.

[11:31:26] <Ms. Accord> Temper Temper, Draco.

[11:31:54] <Amitie> Ms. Accord?! Were you really behind all of this?!

[11:32:02] <Ms. Accord> Of course not, Ms Amitie

[11:32:14] <Ms. Accord> Why would you think such horrible things of me?

[11:32:32] <Seriri> Because you beat me up...

[11:32:41] <Draco> And who else is able to do those things?

[11:32:43] <Arle Nadja> 3 -- Enter Arle (Played by Akkie) --

[11:32:44] <Ms. Accord> *mutes Seriri*

[11:33:24] <Ms. Accord> Who will you believe, Amitie? The demon and the mermaid, or your teacher?

[11:33:39] <Amitie> Uh...

[11:33:42] <Arle Nadja> Howdy-doo, everyone! What just happened?

[11:33:59] <Arle Nadja> And who is this pink girl in a red dress?

[11:34:04] <Draco> Arle! You're back just in time... Please use your magic to save Seriri from what Accord did to her! :x

[11:34:16] <Seriri> ..............................!!!!

[11:34:17] <Carbuncle> 3 -- Enter Carbuncle (Played by Akkie) --

[11:34:19] <Seriri> ..................!!!

[11:34:25] <Seriri> ........................................!?!?!

[11:34:31] <Draco> Hurry!

[11:34:34] <Arle Nadja> What!?

[11:34:45] <Draco> She can't talk now >.<

[11:34:50] <Draco> And Accord shrunk her earlier...

[11:34:51] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear, now we can't have this!

[11:34:52] <Arle Nadja> OK...

[11:35:10] <Ms. Accord> *steps in Arle's way*

[11:35:14] <Ms. Accord> KURE LANTSU!

[11:35:23] <Draco> OUT OF THE WAY!

[11:35:24] <Ms. Accord> *throws a piece of chalk at Arle*

[11:35:28] <Draco> *roasts Accord*

[11:35:34] <Arle Nadja> *gets out of the chalk's way*

[11:35:36] <Ms. Accord> Oohh!

[11:36:00] <Seriri> ..........................!!!

[11:36:03] <Arle Nadja> But I don't know a spell that can give her voice back!

[11:36:06] <Draco> If you want a fight, your opponent is me!

[11:36:10] <Carbuncle> Guh...

[11:36:13] <Amitie> Get Real!

[11:36:14] <Amy Rose> What!?

[11:36:40] <Ms. Accord> Amitie! Here's your test! You get an A for the whole semester if you beat Draco!

[11:36:55] <Ms. Accord> But if you refuse me, you get a F!

[11:36:58] <Draco> What! That's bribery!

[11:37:04] <Draco> I can't allow that!

[11:37:05] <Ms. Accord> What will it be, Ms Amitie!

[11:37:12] <Amitie> Uh

[11:37:15] <Amitie> Um

[11:37:16] <Arle Nadja> OK... I'm going to defeat Ms. Accord in

[11:37:23] <Amitie> I really don't want an F....

[11:37:24] <Amitie> But

[11:37:27] <Arle Nadja> Puyo POP myself!

[11:37:29] <Amitie> I like Draco...

[11:37:39] <Ms. Accord> Very well then.

[11:37:49] <Ms. Accord> *starts chaining rapidly*

[11:38:01] <Draco> *also starts chaining rapidly*

[11:38:45] <Ms. Accord> Largo! Andante! Allegro! Presto! Fermata! Fermata! Partition!

[11:39:06] <Ms. Accord> *begins to build her next chain*

[11:39:11] <Amy Rose> I'm sorry... you're too late, miss... who are you?

[11:39:26] <Draco> *finishes extending her GTR while Accord was popping her chain and sets off an 11-chain*

[11:39:41] <Ms. Accord> *counters with a 10 chain*

[11:40:00] <Draco> *enters Fever mode and extends to send back the trash*

[11:40:06] <Ms. Accord> *is still hit by 15+ Ojama*

[11:40:24] <Ms. Accord> *also enters fever mode*

[11:40:35] <Draco> *runs out of Fever mode again and builds her next chain*

[11:40:41] <Draco> A little help here, Arle?

[11:40:42] <Arle Nadja> The name's Arle Nadja. This creature here is Carbuncle.

[11:40:47] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:40:58] <Ms. Accord> *finishes FEVER with an 8 chain*

[11:40:58] <Keiji> ...wait who are you talking to arle

[11:41:07] <Ms. Accord> Tee-hee.

[11:41:28] <Draco> *sets off a 9-chain*

[11:41:29] <Ms. Accord> *begins building her next*

[11:41:45] <Ms. Accord> *counters with a 2 chain*

[11:42:06] <Draco> *watches as Accord can't place her next puyo*

[11:42:07] <Ms. Accord> *is hit by some of Draco's trash*

[11:42:15] <Ms. Accord> Iyaan~!

[11:42:27] <Draco> *looks at the stars sitting above her board*

[11:42:41] <Ms. Accord> *receives a big puyo*

[11:42:58] <Ms. Accord> *trash bin harldy changes*

[11:43:18] <Ms. Accord> *looks up at her Trash board*

[11:43:23] <Ms. Accord> ...

[11:43:26] <Draco> *watches Accord's board fills up with trash*

[11:43:34] <Ms. Accord> Iyaan~!

[11:43:40] <Carbuncle> 4 -- Exit Carbuncle --

[11:43:48] <Ms. Accord> Iyaan~!

[11:43:51] <Arle Nadja> Ms. Accord looks like she's losing...

[11:44:16] <Ms. Accord> *has less than 10 spaces left*

[11:44:30] <Draco> *sends a 3-chain*

[11:44:34] <Ms. Accord> *receives another big puyo*

[11:44:45] <Draco> ...That's impossible

[11:44:49] <Draco> You're cheating!

[11:44:51] <Ms. Accord> Iyaan~!

[11:44:57] <Ms. Accord> *loses*

[11:45:00] <Draco> Ehe! Jitsugoku ga chigau yo!

[11:45:02] <Ms. Accord> Ararara...

[11:45:17] <Draco> Now stay out of the way!

[11:45:34] <Draco> *paves the way for Arle*

[11:45:38] <Amitie> Wow! You beat Ms. Accord!

[11:45:43] <Amitie> Get Really Real!

[11:45:50] <Ms. Accord> T_T

[11:45:58] <Seriri> ...!!!!!

[11:46:01] <Seriri> .....!!!

[11:46:05] <Seriri> ...................?!?!

[11:46:23] <Seriri> .............?

[11:46:30] <Draco> ...arle?

[11:46:40] <Seriri> .................!!!

[11:46:49] <Seriri> *starts flailing her arms around*

[11:47:01] <Arle Nadja> I'm sorry but... I really don't know how to get Seriri's voice back...

[11:47:10] <Amy Rose> ...

[11:47:13] <Ms. Accord> 7_7

[11:47:19] <Ms. Accord> . . .

[11:47:20] <Amy Rose> *goes back to looking for Sonic*

[11:47:21] <Amy Rose> 4 -- Exit Amy Rose --

[11:47:34] <Draco> wah...

[11:47:43] <Amitie> Maybe you could try casting a spell.

[11:47:51] <Draco> Accord! You started this mess, YOU should fix it!

[11:47:58] <Amitie> Make something up! Maybe she'll get her voice back.

[11:48:12] <Ms. Accord> . . .?

[11:48:23] <Ms. Accord> !

[11:48:45] <Keiji> ok stop talking in numbers and punctuation marks

[11:48:48] <Keiji> <.<

[11:48:55] <Satan> 3 -- Enter Satan (Played by Chao) --

[11:49:04] <Satan> Aha!

[11:49:04] <Satan> Arle!

[11:49:17] <Draco> Satan!

[11:49:22] <Arle Nadja> S-Satan.........

[11:49:29] <Arle Nadja> What is it now!?

[11:51:28] <Satan> Did you really think that that I wouldn't have a back-up plan?!

[11:51:28] <Satan> Did you?

[11:51:28] <Satan> *casts a spell that changes it to evening*

[11:51:28] <Satan> Now...

[11:51:28] <Satan> About that Honeymoon under the starry sky...

[11:51:41] <Arle Nadja> Pass...

[11:51:50] <Satan> ...But

[11:52:05] <Draco> Wait, Arle...

[11:52:06] <Satan> I made the sky all pretty for you ;_;

[11:52:07] <Arle Nadja> Even if you bring the sun closer again, no!

[11:52:17] <Draco> *whispers to arle*

[11:52:34] <Arle Nadja> [[What is it, Draco?]

[11:53:00] <Sig> Yay, secrets.

[11:53:42] <Draco> Maybe he knows a spell to bring Seriri's voice back?

[11:53:58] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... let's try asking...

[11:54:10] <Ms. Accord> 4 -- Exit Accord --

[11:54:25] <Satan> ...Don't leave me hanging Arle!

[11:54:42] <Arle Nadja> Do you know a de-muting spell, Satan?

[11:54:56] <Satan> Infact, I do know one of those...

[11:55:11] <Sig> de-mute?

[11:55:18] <Seriri> !!!

[11:55:25] <Arle Nadja> Good. Could you try it to Seriri?

[11:55:43] <Satan> Under one condition.

[11:55:48] <Arle Nadja> If her voice isn't good...

[11:55:54] <Arle Nadja> Honeymoon?

[11:56:03] <Satan> Bingo, baby!

[11:56:16] <Satan> Deal, or no deal?

[11:56:34] <Amitie> Gee, that's a tough one.

[11:56:38] <Draco> Do it, Arle... We can get back at Accord later...

[11:56:58] <Seriri> *starts flailing her arms trying to get Arle to say yes*

[11:57:28] <Arle Nadja> If it has curry and it won't have me marrying you in the end, yes.

[11:57:43] <Satan> then it's settled.

[11:57:57] <Draco> Yay!

[11:58:05] <Satan> *grabs Arle's hand and they head for a Puyo Amusement Park as the sunsets*

[11:58:34] <Arle Nadja> Did I forget to mention... if Carby comes along.

[11:58:45] <Carbuncle> 3 -- Enter Carbuncle (Played by Akkie) --

[11:58:48] <Satan> Of course he can come

[11:58:51] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:58:57] <Arle Nadja> OK!

[11:59:00] <Draco> Hey, do the spell before you go!

[11:59:09] <Satan> Fine.

[11:59:15] <Arle Nadja> Yay!

[11:59:26] <Satan> *mumbles*

[11:59:29] <Arle Nadja> (This is only for now)

[11:59:41] <Seriri> [her voice is restored]

[11:59:49] <Seriri> :D

[12:00:00] <Seriri> Thank you~!

[12:00:17] <Draco> *hugs Seriri again*

[12:00:18] <Satan> Now...

[12:00:27] <Seriri> *hugs back*

[12:01:11] <Arle Nadja> Amusement Park Honeymoon?

[12:01:11] <Arle Nadja> And don't take Carby away from me again or else.

[12:01:29] <Satan> Alright Alre.

[12:01:48] <Satan> But what fun is a Honeymoon where we don't do stuff?

[12:02:03] <Satan> Besides, that's not the only place we're going

[12:02:18] <Satan> But for now.

[12:02:35] <Satan> *drags Arle with him to the Tunnel of Love*

[12:03:19] <Arle Nadja> (><; Who made me say "yes"?)

[12:03:20] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:03:47] <Satan> *gets on a Red Puyo boat with Arle*

[12:04:39] <Satan> Soo Arle...

[12:04:58] <Satan> Don't you find my lush, green hair to be irresitable?

[12:05:23] <Satan> I find your long brown hair to be just that.

[12:09:15] <Arle Nadja> Your hair is just OK.

[12:09:15] <Arle Nadja> (This feels like a Sim Date)

[12:09:45] <Satan> I think a dinner is in order!

[12:10:01] <Satan> We shall eat at my favorite Sushi and Curry bar!

[12:10:07] <Rulue> 3 -- Enter Rulue (Played by Keiji) --

[12:10:16] <Rulue> oo oo

[12:11:18] <Satan> *takes Arle to the Sushi bar*

[12:11:24] <Akkie> I truly turned the rp into a sim date. Sorry about that...

[12:11:35] <Fufufu> 3 -- Enter Fufufu (Played by Chao) --

[12:11:47] <Rulue> *appears to serve Satan and Arle at the sushi bar*

[12:11:54] <Rulue> =D

[12:11:54] <Fufufu> *is on the Teppan table of the bar*

[12:12:19] <Fufufu> Fufufu....

[12:12:26] <Arle Nadja> Err...what's Fufufu doing here?

[12:12:36] <Satan> Do you know what you would like Arle? You may order anything on the menu.

[12:12:37] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:12:37] <Satan> He's the main course

[12:12:50] <Fufufu> Fufufufufufu...

[12:12:53] <Rulue> So, what would you like?

[12:13:10] <Arle Nadja> Err... I'll have sushi rolls instead...

[12:13:16] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:14:49] <Satan> I would like the Fufufu special, with a side of Curry, and a Coke.

[12:15:00] <Rulue> Coming right up.

[12:15:48] <Rulue> *delivers the Fufufu special, sushi rolls, curry and coke*

[12:15:48] <Fufufu> *Fufufu is then chopped up by the chefs into Satan's meal*

[12:15:57] <Arle Nadja> And I'll have curry too!

[12:16:20] <Rulue> *hands out another curry*

[12:16:21] <Satan> Yum

[12:16:38] <Satan> *sticks his fork into his fish*

[12:17:25] <Rulue> (What Satan didn't know, however, is his Fufufu special was spiked to attract him to Rulue!)

[12:17:26] <Fufufu> Fufufu....That tickles!

[12:17:52] <Draco> *lays down on the grass and rolls head from side to side*

[12:17:53] <Satan> *eats Fufufu*

[12:18:02] <Satan> . . .

[12:18:18] <Rulue> How did you like it, /Satan/? *wink*

[12:18:19] <Satan> *stands up and pulls out a ring*

[12:18:53] <Satan> Rulue! Why have I never seen your beauty before?!? Will you Marry me?!

[12:19:05] <Rulue> Of course I will, Satan-sama!

[12:19:06] <Satan> I was going to give this ring to Arle, but now she means nothing to me!

[12:19:16] <Arle Nadja> (Good!)

[12:19:31] <Satan> *begins to make out with Rulue in the resturant*

[12:19:34] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[12:19:56] <Arle Nadja> *leaves the restaurant*

[12:19:56] <Fufufu> 4 -- Exit Fufufu --

[12:20:00] <Carbuncle> *follows Arle*

[12:20:33] <Seriri> Back so soon?

[12:20:53] <Draco> How did it go, Arle?

[12:21:06] <Arle Nadja> Satan has finally gave up on me and finally made out with Rulue.

[12:21:12] <Arle Nadja> Poor Mino...

[12:21:32] <Sig> . . .Made out?

[12:22:03] <Sig> Sounds like fun.

[12:22:16] <Arle Nadja> IF youj have a date.

[12:22:34] <Draco> Mmm? Yes, it's fun. Want to see what it's like?

[12:22:44] <Sig> sure

[12:22:56] <Draco> *makes out with Arle*

[12:23:07] <Arle Nadja> What!? Me!?

[12:23:13] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:23:22] <Sig> oh.

[12:23:37] <Draco> *breathes*

[12:23:45] <Sig> Isn't that just hugging and kissing?

[12:23:56] <Amitie> O_O

[12:23:57] <Draco> I've been waiting so long for Satan to stop chasing you, Arle...

[12:24:07] <Amitie> *blinks*

[12:24:19] <Amitie> Get Really Really Real!

[12:24:34] <Seriri> You like Arle?

[12:24:43] <Arle Nadja> What Amitie said, Draco! I'm a girl! Not a guy!

[12:25:01] <Seriri> But...I thought you liked me :(

[12:25:43] <Arle Nadja> Ugh... first, Satan. Now, Draco? I don't even feel like mentioning the others...

[12:25:56] <Akkie> LOLipop

[12:25:56] <Draco> Hey now, did I ever say you were a guy?

[12:26:13] <Sig> I'm a guy.

[12:26:31] <Sig> ...

[12:26:34] <Arle Nadja> I always thought that making out was only for a guy and girl!

[12:26:35] <Sig> I think.

[12:26:47] <Arle Nadja> Of course you are!

[12:26:57] <Arle Nadja> (Great! Who made him say that?)

[12:27:00] <Seriri> Arle, there is a whole nother world out there.

[12:27:15] <Seriri> There are guys that like each other, two.

[12:27:21] <Seriri> *tto

[12:27:27] <Seriri> **too

[12:27:35] <Draco> Hmm, what you know is only a very small part of the world... ^_^

[12:27:48] <Rulue> 4 -- Exit Rulue --

[12:27:56] <Amitie> ...Isn't two guys making out called being gay?

[12:28:08] <Sig> Ms. Accord said Gay means happy.

[12:28:11] <Satan> 4 -- Exit Satan --

[12:28:36] <Draco> That's the old meaning, Sig.

[12:28:59] <Sig> Old meaning?

[12:29:11] <Amitie> Yeah, Sig.

[12:29:16] <Amitie> Accord is like, really old

[12:29:34] <Arle Nadja> (I hope she didn't hear that...)

[12:29:35] <Seriri> Accord is really mean...:(

[12:30:02] <Akkie> Didn't Rulue just tell Ms. Accord "You're so young and yet you where such conservative clothes"?

[12:30:40] <Seriri> Before she shrunk me, she did all kinds of terrible things to me...she and her cat did.

[12:31:17] <Seriri> They whipped me, slapped me, clawed at me, threw chalk at me, suffocated me....

[12:31:30] <Draco> I'm amazed they didn't eat you.

[12:31:36] <Seriri> And they played a horrible game with me

[12:31:43] <Draco> But, I'm glad they didn't do that.

[12:31:46] <Draco> D:

[12:31:57] <Seriri> Well...the cat bit my tail

[12:32:10] <Seriri> *shows her injured tail*

[12:32:14] <Arle Nadja> That's pretty cruel!

[12:32:18] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:32:21] <Draco> *looks away in disgust*

[12:32:35] <Seriri> *puts her tail back*

[12:32:40] <Seriri> Anyway,

[12:32:50] <Draco> *clenches fist* I promise I will exact revenge on her for what she did to you!

[12:32:56] <Seriri> This horrible game was called "Jump to conclusions

[12:33:06] <Seriri> The cat asked me questions.

[12:33:29] <Arle Nadja> What kind of questions?

[12:33:37] <Seriri> The more questions I answered correctly, the longer I could think about which door I would go through.

[12:33:47] <Seriri> Because there were several doors.

[12:34:18] <Seriri> He explained "When you miss a question, you have to "Jump to conclusions" and pick a door

[12:34:26] <Seriri> One of them lead to escape.

[12:34:31] <Seriri> The others were traps.

[12:35:10] <Arle Nadja> Were you able to escape?

[12:35:16] <Amitie> Ms. Accord and her cat...

[12:35:21] <Seriri> No.

[12:35:30] <Seriri> I went through the wrong door.

[12:35:42] <Seriri> And I was beaten some more and shrunken

[12:35:54] <Seriri> *cries*

[12:36:02] <Seriri> it was horrifiying

[12:36:11] <Draco> *puts her arm around Seriri*

[12:36:31] <Arle Nadja> (Who's the idiot who let Ms. Accord do that?)

[12:36:44] <Draco> You're okay now, Seriri...

[12:36:50] <Akkie> Sorry. I felt like breaking the fourth wall. XD

[12:37:11] <Seriri> *sniff*...

[12:37:27] <Sig> That's a sad story

[12:37:45] <Arle Nadja> And those were creul doings...

[12:37:48] <Sig> I know a sad story too.

[12:38:04] <Sig> I accidentally killed a lady bug one day...

[12:38:10] <Sig> I cried all day.

[12:39:00] <Amitie> Sig...that's not QUITE as bad as what Seriri went through....but it's still a good relation.

[12:39:04] <Amitie> Right?

[12:39:29] <Draco> To be honest, not really...

[12:39:39] <Sig> Oh...okay

[12:39:46] <Draco> If you kill a ladybug they won't know what hit them

[12:40:01] <Draco> But Seriri's been through a lot of torture over a long time =\

[12:40:05] <Arle Nadja> What they all said...

[12:40:24] <Arle Nadja> Except that Seriri's time was thousands of times as horrible as yours.

[12:40:38] <Keiji> hey we need to use some of these ideas in MMF don't we? :p

[12:41:03] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:41:22] <Rider> 3 -- Enter Rider (Played by Chao) --


[12:41:03] <Rider> *falls from the sky*

[12:41:50] <Draco> *looks over in surprise*

[12:41:55] <Draco> Uhh... welcome back?

[12:42:02] <Rider> *lands with a thud*

[12:42:04] <Rider> OWW!

[12:42:11] <Rider> ;_;

[12:42:25] <Draco> (lqtm)

[12:42:39] <Arle Nadja> Sorry I wasn't able to catch you...

[12:43:01] <Rider> ...It was...so sudden...my arms

[12:43:05] <Rider> Or...

[12:43:12] <Rider> My sleeves

[12:43:25] <Rider> They...they....they

[12:43:57] <Rider> blew up or s-s-something

[12:44:03] <Rider> And then I was flying...

[12:44:22] <Sig> Flying sounds like fun

[12:44:32] <Draco> I can fly...

[12:44:34] <Draco> *flies*

[12:44:35] <Arle Nadja> If you like heights.

[12:44:36] <Seriri> Oh no. Not you, too?

[12:44:49] <Rider> Me? What?

[12:45:10] <Seriri> That Accord lady and her cat didn't torture you, did they?

[12:45:22] <Rider> Well

[12:46:00] <Rider> If you consider being forced to eat nothing but Taco B-b-b-bell for several months, then...m-m-maybe

[12:47:08] <Draco> That doesn't sound too bad... More just weird.

[12:47:09] <Draco> o.o

[12:47:21] <Rider> I'm sick of it.

[12:48:16] <Rider> Imagine eating nothing b-b-b-but greasy, soggy, tacos for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and s-snack time every day for seven months s-sstraight....

[12:48:32] <Amitie> I dunno. I like it.

[12:48:39] <Sig> Taco?

[12:49:27] <Arle Nadja> What about curry?

[12:49:56] <Rider> No curry allowed

[12:50:03] <Rider> Nothing but Taco Bell

[12:50:03] <Draco> That's terrible!

[12:50:14] <Seriri> Ick. Junk food

[12:50:36] <Draco> Why don't you eat some of Arle's delicious curry? Maybe you'll feel better.

[12:50:52] <Arle Nadja> That was just what I was thinking.

[12:50:57] <Rider> Would s-s-she really?

[12:51:04] <Arle Nadja> (Too bad I didn't say it...)

[12:51:09] <Arle Nadja> Yup!

[12:51:12] <Rider> Oh, thank you!

[12:51:20] <Rider> *hugs Arle*

[12:51:31] <Arle Nadja> *cooks some curry for Rider and those who would like/love some*

[12:51:43] <Arle Nadja> Free curry for everyone!

[12:51:49] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:51:50] <Sig> Yay, curry.

[12:51:54] <Carbuncle> Guh guh! Guh!

[12:51:56] <Amitie> Wicked!

[12:52:05] <Seriri> Mmm.

[12:52:06] <Arle Nadja> And for you, of course, Carby!

[12:52:16] <Arle Nadja> *gives curry to everyone*

[12:52:36] <Rider> Thank you, Ms Arle.

[12:52:45] <Arle Nadja> You're welcome!

[12:53:02] <Rider> mmm....This is g-good

[12:53:07] <Rider> I like it!

[12:53:10] <Draco> *joins in the curry-eating... even though she already had some earlier*

[12:53:18] <Sig> Mm....food

[12:54:09] <Amitie> Yeah, Arle, this is awesome!

[12:54:17] <Amitie> Waaay better than Taco bell!

[12:54:33] <Seriri> Excuse my language when I say this but....

[12:54:40] <Arle Nadja> I've never eaten some Taco Bell.

[12:54:48] <Arle Nadja> And what is it, Seriri?

[12:54:51] <Seriri> Well, never mind, I won't say that

[12:54:58] <Arle Nadja> OK.

[12:54:59] <Draco> ...

[12:55:05] <Seriri> I'll just say, well of course it's good.

[12:55:10] <Draco> We'll listen if you have something to say...

[12:55:27] <Sig> Maybe she was gonna say a bad word.

[12:55:29] <Keiji> oww i just bashed my laptop against my head

[12:55:30] <Arle Nadja> You can say it anytime you want, Seriri.

[12:55:33] <Keiji> xD

[12:55:53] <Seriri> No shit sherlock!

[12:56:02] <Seriri> It's waay better than fast food.

[12:56:04] <Draco> .......xDDDDDDDDD

[12:56:08] <Seriri> It's Curry

[12:56:16] <Akkie> What?

[12:56:20] <Keiji> that was soooo out of character XD

[12:56:29] <Chao> I know

[12:56:33] <Chao> XD

[12:56:36] <Keiji> but damn awesome

[12:56:51] <Keiji> it's like Miku singing AVGN

[12:56:52] <Keiji> XD

[12:57:02] <Keiji> anyway

[12:57:27] <Draco> Arle will make a great cook when she's older.

[12:57:39] <Seriri> Again, please excuse my language

[12:57:54] <Amitie> It's okay, as long as it's the truth!

[12:58:05] <Sig> Yay, truth.

[12:58:19] <Sig> Wait...what does truth have to do with the S-word

[12:58:25] <Draco> *puts her arm around Arle*

[12:58:29] <Arle Nadja> At least it's appreciation.

[12:58:32] <Draco> for me, won't you? :3

[12:58:47] <Arle Nadja> What?

[12:58:57] <Draco> Ahahahaha, nothing ^^

[12:59:11] <Seriri> It's a bird's life~

[12:59:25] <Draco> A bird? Where?

[12:59:32] <Sig> Birdies!

[12:59:45] <Draco> I don't see any birds...

[12:59:55] <Seriri> It was a song...

[12:59:58] <Draco> o

[13:00:26] <Rider> ...Oh dear!

[13:00:33] <Draco> What is it?

[13:00:46] <Rider> My favorite T.V. program is on in 5 minutes!

[13:00:56] <Amitie> What's that, Rider?

[13:01:14] <Rider> Felix the cat!

[13:01:28] <Draco> ...But... we're like in the middle of a field.

[13:01:41] <Seriri> And I'm in a lake. . .

[13:01:43] <Draco> You couldn't possibly get home in time for it

[13:01:57] <Draco> (yeah lake by the field whatever)

[13:02:00] <Amitie> And if we go back to our dorms at school. . .

[13:02:37] <Rider> Oh well.

[13:02:46] <Rider> At least I had some real food.

[13:02:57] <Rider> And a good time!

[13:03:05] <Draco> Hey, why don't we have Arle's curry for lunch every day? :D

[13:03:13] <Arle Nadja> Well, I think I'll stay around here for now.

[13:03:25] <Rider> Thank you so much, for everything...

[13:03:39] <Arle Nadja> Just tell me how hot you want your curry. ^^

[13:03:54] <Sig> mine was hot.

[13:03:55] <Akkie> Very sorry for the YON reference...

[13:04:02] <Sig> Can you make cold curry?

[13:04:06] <Keiji> I didn't pick it up, sorry

[13:04:09] <Seriri> o_O

[13:04:28] <Draco> But... you're not supposed to eat curry cold!

[13:04:43] <Seriri> Indeed.

[13:04:47] <Seriri> Curry is a spice.

[13:04:56] <Seriri> Isn't it?

[13:05:01] <Draco> Hot as my tongue!

[13:05:19] <Seriri> and that's....the rest of the story.

[13:05:48] <Arle Nadja> It is hard to make cold curry.

[13:05:50] <Rider> Draco's tongue must be pretty hot, then.

[13:05:56] <Arle Nadja> It's spicy and all...

[13:06:00] <Arle Nadja> And of course.

[13:06:05] <Arle Nadja> She can breathe fire.

[13:06:08] <Draco> Well, of course my tongue is hot. How else do I breathe fire?

[13:06:13] <Sig> Oh. Okay

[13:06:37] <Sig> I think I'll go back to my dorm now.

[13:06:42] <Rider> NO!

[13:06:50] <Rider> *covers her mouth*

[13:06:54] <Draco> no?

[13:06:56] <Draco> o.o

[13:07:00] <Rider> Er-I mean. Please don't.

[13:07:09] <Rider> What if Ms Accord gets you?

[13:07:14] <Draco> !

[13:07:17] <Rider> You'll be all alone...

[13:07:22] <Draco> Yes, of course...

[13:07:38] <Sig> Ms. Accord?

[13:07:43] <Draco> Now that we know Accord does such horrible things, we need to stick together!

[13:08:10] <Amitie> Er...yeah!

[13:08:34] <Seriri> Yes...Ms accord is a terrible person

[13:08:49] <Arle Nadja> You don't want the same stuff to happen to you, right?

[13:08:56] <Seriri> I wouldn't want you to suffer a similar fate as me.

[13:09:06] <Arle Nadja> (And I hope Satan doesn't have hopes of ruling the world again)

[13:09:11] <Sig> But I'm not a mermaid.

[13:09:24] <Sig> So why would she do that stuff to me?

[13:09:31] <Arle Nadja> (I know he's emotionless but...)

[13:09:55] <Draco> Well, I don't think being a mermaid had anything to do with why Accord did those things...

[13:10:09] <Draco> I think she'd just as much want to do them to anyone else...

[13:10:17] <Sig> Really?

[13:10:45] <Rider> But she always calls Sig her "Little Angel" b-b-because he's always so good in class.

[13:11:17] <Rider> He's the only one besides Klug to get straight 'A's an entire s-s-smester.

[13:11:39] <Seriri> Favoritism, perhaps?

[13:12:37] <Arle Nadja> In Fever Mode or out of Fever Mode?

[13:12:47] <Keiji> wut

[13:12:53] <Rider> In general.

[13:12:57] <Rider> Not just for Puyo.

[13:13:02] <Rider> But for Magic as well.

[13:13:37] <Seriri> Do you think his work deserves an 'A' for his effort?

[13:13:55] <Rider> Well...

[13:14:05] <Amitie> His handwriting is sloppy.

[13:14:21] <Rider> I can't read a single thing he writes on the borad.

[13:14:26] <Rider> *board

[13:14:47] <Amitie> And he said 1 + 1 = 3

[13:15:16] <Sig> . . .What?

[13:16:11] <Arle Nadja> (I always thought that the school improves Puyo skills. o_O)

[13:16:29] <Rider> And his last essay was only about 10 sentences lone

[13:16:42] <Draco> ...That's worse than Cirno :x

[13:16:46] <Rider> and she applauded it like it was the b-b-bible.

[13:17:00] <Draco> Who wants to bet Accord has some "special" plans for him...

[13:17:07] <Draco> worse than Seriri's? o___o

[13:17:12] <Seriri> Perhaps Ms Accord likes Sig.

[13:17:49] <Seriri> Because this supports my Favoritism theory.

[13:18:06] <Seriri> But It could go both ways, as Draco suggestied.

[13:18:23] <Draco> It seems all suspicious to me...

[13:18:40] <Draco> She may just want a right hand man

[13:18:47] <Rider> Yes. Mr. s-s-Sig, it's too risky. Please don't go.

[13:19:27] <Amitie> (Maybe thats why the teacher always picks on Klug and Raffine)

[13:19:36] <Sig> I dunno.

[13:19:39] <Sig> I miss my bed.

[13:19:50] <Akkie> Can't I explain stuff?

[13:20:01] <Keiji> sure?

[13:20:16] <Sig> Ms accord tucked me in every night.

[13:20:23] <Seriri> O_O

[13:20:33] <Rider> She...d-d-did?

[13:20:36] <Akkie> Because it's Raffine that's hated. Klug neutrality.

[13:21:08] <Chao> But Klug is a smarty-pants

[13:21:33] <Chao> So maybe if Accord was nice like we thought she was, maybe he'd get picked on too.

[13:21:34] <Akkie> Know-it-all, you mean?

[13:21:40] <Chao> Ya.

[13:21:50] <Akkie> Dunno.

[13:22:03] <Chao> But I guess it's actually Popoi that does most of the crude remarking.

[13:22:23] <Akkie> I feel like putting someone who symbolises my in the RP randomly. XD

[13:22:31] <Keiji> do it

[13:22:36] <Chao> Anyways

[13:23:22] <Draco> So... how should we go about stopping Accord?

[13:24:07] <Seriri> Maybe we could use Sig...No...that would be mean to him...

[13:24:08] <Mikki> 3 -- Enter Mikki (Played by Akkie) --

[13:24:24] <Draco> Well, did you have an idea?

[13:24:42] <Seriri> Maybe we could use Sig as a lure.

[13:24:59] <Seriri> For a much bigger something else

[13:25:17] <Seriri> Since Accord seems to have so deep a connection to him.

[13:25:20] <Arle Nadja> Even if he's pretty emotionless... I guess he can still feel physical pain

[13:25:35] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:25:49] <Amitie> Yeah! She wouldn't want anything to happen to her "Precious little angel"!

[13:26:05] <Sig> . . .

[13:26:08] <Sig> Hi

[13:26:29] <Mikki> Hiya!

[13:26:56] <Sig> *sees a butterfly*

[13:26:59] <Akkie> There she is. XD

[13:27:09] <Sig> Ooh.. A butterfly.

[13:27:21] <Sig> *follows the butterfly with wide eyes*

[13:27:35] <Seriri> Why hello there.

[13:27:41] <Seriri> Who might you be?

[13:28:02] <Mikki> The name's Mikki!

[13:28:16] <Keiji> Not MikuriTejina, then?

[13:28:19] <Arle Nadja> Howdy-doo! The name's Arle!

[13:28:24] <Sig> *follows the butterfly into the forest*

[13:28:34] <Sig> 4 -- Exit Sig --

[13:28:39] <Akkie> Mikki's her nickname.

[13:28:49] <Akkie> I decided to use her full name.

[13:29:00] <Seriri> Nice to meet you Mikki.

[13:29:02] <Keiji> is she like a giant butterfly so we can see and talk to her or... o_o

[13:29:38] <Chao> No, the butterfly was something I used to get rid of Sig.

[13:29:49] <Keiji> OH

[13:29:50] <Keiji> xD

[13:29:51] <Akkie> The butterfly was random. I don't know what Chao was thinking about. XD

[13:29:52] <Keiji> sorry.

[13:29:54] <Arle Nadja> This is Carbuncle!

[13:30:00] <Carbuncle> Guh guh!

[13:30:06] <Mikki> Hi!

[13:30:09] <Mikki> BTW...

[13:30:10] <Rider> And I-i-i-m Rider

[13:30:17] <Draco> Hi there, I'm Draco

[13:30:24] <Amitie> Name's Amitie!

[13:30:31] <Draco> *flips her tail*

[13:30:33] <Amitie> And that's Sig. Say hi Sig.

[13:30:40] <Mikki> Can any of you play Puyo with me?

[13:30:40] <Amitie> . . . Sig?

[13:30:42] <Draco> ...Sig just left

[13:30:53] <Seriri> Oh no!

[13:31:01] <Seriri> What will we do now?

[13:31:05] <Mikki> Hello! Can any of you play Puyo POP with me?

[13:31:17] <Draco> I used up all my puyo on accord earlier

[13:31:27] <Mikki> What?

[13:31:44] <Akkie> I remember the Redux script. XD

[13:31:44] <Rider> Well...maybe, but...I-i-i'm not v-v-v-very g-g-g-good.....

[13:32:04] <Keiji> I don't *looks*

[13:32:25] <Keiji> oh that

[13:32:37] <Mikki> Good or bad, I would love to Puyo POP with you!

[13:32:58] <Rider> . . .really?

[13:33:05] <Mikki> Sure!

[13:33:19] <Rider> G-g-g-g-go easy on me.....w-w-would you?

[13:34:15] <Draco> *gets popcorn and sits to watch the match*

[13:34:20] <Mikki> Depends on my luck and mood. I'm in the mood to go easy on anyone who'd want me to do so.

[13:34:35] <Mikki> (And why do I have the feeling that I know that dragon girl?)

[13:34:42] <Keiji> LOL

[13:34:53] <Rider> *starts chaining. /Very/ /very/ slowly*

[13:35:48] <Mikki> *starts chaining without the necessary speed*

[13:36:09] <Akkie> Should I use one die, then?

[13:36:26] <Keiji> ?

[13:36:29] <Chao> Dont care, really

[13:36:34] <Chao> It's just a fun match.

[13:36:37] <Keiji> lol

[13:37:02] <Chao> Weather Rider wins or not, life goes on happily and normally.

[13:37:13] <Akkie> [roll = 5]

[13:37:38] <Keiji> tumbleweed

[13:37:50] <Chao> And I think you should know Mikki's voice pattern :p

[13:37:54] <Keiji> lol

[13:38:06] <Rider> *is hit by trash*

[13:38:07] <Rider> Ouch.

[13:38:42] <Rider> *begins build on top of the trash. Just slowly now*

[13:39:15] <Mikki> Yes! Go! Let's go! The Stars coming! Glace Etoile!

[13:39:26] <Akkie> I was just informing the chain.

[13:39:40] <Akkie> Ack... I was slow at reading her chain phrase...

[13:39:45] <Rider> Here you go! Bento!

[13:40:10] <Draco> *eats popcorn*

[13:40:18] <Rider> *begins building slowly again*

[13:40:29] <Amitie> This could be a while.

[13:40:41] <Akkie> Yes! Go! Let's go! Glace Etoile!

[13:40:42] <Seriri> Do you mind sharing that, Draco?

[13:40:47] <Mikki> Yes! Go! Let's go! Glace Etoile!

[13:41:00] <Arle Nadja> Would you mind sharing some too, Draco?

[13:41:04] <Rider> *is pelted again*

[13:41:05] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:41:08] <Rider> Ouch!

[13:41:11] <Draco> Sure, why not?

[13:41:14] <Rider> *loses*

[13:41:18] <Draco> *gives popcorn to Seriri and Arle*

[13:41:24] <Rider> B-but I lost :(

[13:41:27] <Draco> ...Oh, it's over already

[13:41:43] <Mikki> I tried pushing my luck. I just failed...sorry about that.

[13:41:58] <Rider> Now we need to look for Sig.

[13:42:16] <Seriri> Indeed.

[13:42:19] <Mikki> Sig? What does he look like?

[13:42:20] <Seriri> He is in danger

[13:42:43] <Amitie> About this tall, blue hair, with a big icky red arm.

[13:43:04] <Mikki> Got it... thanks for the tip.

[13:43:24] <Mikki> Now, he might be in that forest!

[13:43:29] <Amitie> I think he went into that creepy looking forest over there!

[13:43:33] <Mikki> *runs off to the forest*

[13:43:40] <Arle Nadja> Wait!

[13:43:43] <Draco> *follows*

[13:43:46] <Amitie> Hey! Wait for us!

[13:43:51] <Amitie> *follows*

[13:43:57] <Rider> Wait for me, too!

[13:44:01] <Rider> *follows*

[13:44:05] <Arle Nadja> *follows Mikuri*

[13:44:10] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:44:15] <Seriri> *flops out of the lake to follow the others*

[13:44:18] <Carbuncle> *gets to Arle's shoulder*

[13:44:30] <Arle Nadja> Wait a minute...

[13:44:51] <Amitie> What is it?

[13:44:52] <Arle Nadja> *goes back to get Seriri and goes back into running. Carby still on her shoulder*

[13:45:05] <Seriri> Thank you

[13:45:26] <Mitsuki> 3 -- Enter Witch (Played by Chao) --

[13:45:46] <Mitsuki> *is sleeping by a tree in the forest....*

[13:46:08] <Mitsuki> Zzzz.....

[13:46:17] <Mitsuki> ..........Oh yees!.....

[13:46:33] <Mitsuki> .......................How is that?...........................

[13:46:40] <Mitsuki> ..............I like the Who....................

[13:46:46] <Draco> What's she mumbling about? o.o

[13:46:56] <Mitsuki> *latches onto Draco*

[13:47:06] <Mitsuki> .....I looove you!....

[13:47:07] <Mikki> Whoawhoawhoaholdon!

[13:47:09] <Draco> uwaa!

[13:47:15] <Mikki> *screeches from run*

[13:47:21] <Mitsuki> HAVE HOT BUTTERY SEX WITH ME!!!

[13:47:26] <Draco> Wah!

[13:47:40] <Mitsuki> Weeee!

[13:47:43] <Draco> *fights off Witch* You won't steal me from Arle!

[13:47:44] <Arle Nadja> Err... I have feelings of nostalgia... :S

[13:47:45] <Draco> Never!

[13:47:54] <Mitsuki> ....................Woohoo!

[13:48:07] <Mitsuki> .....just like the Six Flags coaster!.....

[13:48:28] <Akkie> Puyo Puyo SUN XD

[13:48:38] <Keiji> I was expecting something else to happen v.v

[13:48:51] <Mitsuki> ...................Wakes up.

[13:48:55] <Mitsuki> Draco?!

[13:49:03] <Mikki> Who's that--

[13:49:04] <Draco> *runs away from Wtich and nervously holds onto Arle*

[13:49:09] <Mitsuki> I just had the strangest dream about you.

[13:49:12] <Arle Nadja> H-Hey!!!

[13:49:25] <Mitsuki> We had hot buttery sex with a blueberry muffin

[13:49:30] <Mitsuki> It was pretty bumpy

[13:49:41] <Mitsuki> Arle!

[13:49:49] <Arle Nadja> And at that moment, I thought it was the guy you like that you were dreaming about.

[13:49:52] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:50:02] <Mitsuki> What guy?

[13:50:05] <Mikki> What the-- who's this girl anyway?

[13:50:32] <Rider> And why does she want to...want to....want to...

[13:50:47] <Draco> *is still shielding Arle from the weird Witch*

[13:50:50] <Seriri> want to have hot buttery sex with a blueberry muffin?

[13:50:55] <Rider> Yeah....

[13:51:18] <Mikki> I felt like I just laughed. Sorry if it's pretty insulting.

[13:51:20] <Mitsuki> ....................................................Did I latch onto you, Draco?

[13:51:35] <Mikki> You just did.

[13:51:36] <Draco> No!

[13:51:49] <Mitsuki> I'm sorry but...hehe...hehehehe..

[13:51:57] <Draco> I'm not giving myself to you :x

[13:51:58] <Mitsuki> *busts out laughing*

[13:52:13] <Mitsuki> O-M-G I am sooo sorry!

[13:52:16] <Mikki> *rushes back into looking for Sig*

[13:52:24] <Mikki> SIIIIIIIGG!!!!!!!

[13:52:37] <Mitsuki> *falls back to sleep by the tree...*

[13:52:43] <Arle Nadja> I thought it was going to be the same for me...\

[13:52:51] <Draco> *breathes a sigh of relief*

[13:52:53] <Arle Nadja> Hey... where's that Mikki girl?

[13:52:58] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[13:53:15] <Seriri> . . .I think we should get away from her before it happens again.

[13:53:26] <Draco> Yes, we should

[13:53:34] <Draco> We need to look for Sig, anyway.

[13:53:35] <Mitsuki> *is suddenly snatched away into the trees*

[13:53:38] <Mitsuki> 4 -- Exit Witch --

[13:53:39] <Arle Nadja> It was more than once that this happened...

[13:54:41] <Rider> *hears some singing deeper into the forest...*

[13:54:48] <Rider> I hear singing....

[13:55:03] <Seriri> I...hear it too.

[13:55:13] <Seriri> But that voice...is so unfamiliar....

[13:55:35] <Mikki> Huh? Where's the singing coming from?

[13:55:45] <Mikki> *follows where the song was coming from*

[13:55:50] <Amitie> Do you hear it Draco?

[13:55:59] <Arle Nadja> Huh? who's singing that?

[13:56:02] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[13:56:15] <Draco> Mm... I do hear it... I can't quite make it out, though...

[13:56:52] <Mikki> Waitaminute! I gotta go back with those guys.

[13:57:05] <Draco> Those guys?

[13:57:25] <Seriri> Wait! I see someone!

[13:57:31] <Happy the Chao> 3 -- Enter Happy the Chao (Played by Chao) --

[13:57:49] <Happy the Chao> *is singing to himself*

[13:58:04] <Happy the Chao> Do you like Apples? Yeah we like Apples!

[13:58:06] <Mikki> *runs back to where the others were*

[13:58:29] <Happy the Chao> Do want Grapefruit? Yeah We want Grapefruit!

[13:58:46] <Seriri> Wh..what is it?

[13:58:57] <Rider> It's a.....

[13:59:02] <Rider> What is it?

[13:59:20] <Mikki> Hey, guys!

[13:59:26] <Draco> *sees the... it*

[13:59:37] <Mikki> I'm back!'

[13:59:38] <Draco> Wha... what is it? O_O

[13:59:38] <Happy the Chao> Hi!

[13:59:52] <Happy the Chao> Do you guys like fruit?

[13:59:56] <Mikki> Huh? Who's this little fellow with apples?

[13:59:59] <Happy the Chao> 'cause I sure do!

[14:00:05] <Happy the Chao> Yum yum yum!

[14:00:06] <Draco> We like curry~!

[14:00:15] <Happy the Chao> Curry? Blech!

[14:00:19] <Mikki> Agreed!

[14:00:21] <Draco> :O

[14:00:28] <Draco> You don't like curry?

[14:00:43] <Happy the Chao> Nope.

[14:00:49] <Arle Nadja> Why is curry bad?

[14:00:50] <Happy the Chao> Just toooo spicy for me XP

[14:00:55] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:01:03] <Arle Nadja> What about mild curry?

[14:01:06] <Happy the Chao> Makes me puke fire.

[14:01:16] <Happy the Chao> Ack.

[14:01:27] <Mikki> Though, I only settle for fruits if there's no curry around.

[14:01:29] <Draco> That sounds interesting

[14:01:44] <Rider> Mm.. those fruit look pretty ripe.

[14:01:56] <Happy the Chao> I picked them all myself!

[14:02:14] <Draco> Do you puke fire faster than I can breathe it?

[14:02:15] <Mikki> Are you in the mood of giving to askers or Puyo POPping?

[14:02:33] <Happy the Chao> Apples, Bananas, Strawberries. grapes. grapefruit, cherries...

[14:02:49] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:03:03] <Arle Nadja> Hmm...

[14:03:07] <Happy the Chao> Blueberries, blackberries, pineapples, coconuts, durains, walnuts, peanuts

[14:03:16] <Draco> Durians?

[14:03:16] <Happy the Chao> I got 'em all!

[14:03:22] <Arle Nadja> I guess that means I can only cook curry if you're not around.

[14:03:30] <Happy the Chao> They're spikey fruits.

[14:03:47] <Draco> Why can't you cook curry with him around?

[14:03:47] <Happy the Chao> And I even have fruits that don't exsist in this world!

[14:03:48] <Draco> o.o

[14:03:51] <Mikki> Then I guess it's OK to ask you for one?

[14:04:04] <Happy the Chao> ...?

[14:04:29] <Mikki> ...

[14:04:33] <Seriri> Fruits...that don't don't exsist in this world?

[14:04:39] <Amitie> Sounds yummy.

[14:04:44] <Mikki> Any one fruit.

[14:05:07] <Mikki> Any one fruit this little cutey has.

[14:05:09] <Happy the Chao> The square fruit, triangle fruit, and round fruit...each one with a distinct flavor...

[14:05:25] <Draco> Why are they named after shapes?

[14:05:30] <Happy the Chao> You either really love them or hate them.

[14:05:48] <Happy the Chao> Because they resemble the shapes they're named after!

[14:05:54] <Mikki> If you say "no", we'll go back to looking for Sig or I'll Puyo POP with you if you'd like.

[14:06:20] <Happy the Chao> The flavors of these fruits are really strong, too.

[14:06:27] <Draco> You mean finding Sig isn't our top priority?

[14:06:51] <Happy the Chao> I love them all.

[14:06:52] <Mikki> Hmm... where is that Sig guy anyway?

[14:07:01] <Happy the Chao> But usually, most prefer just one.

[14:07:08] <Happy the Chao> and dislike the others.

[14:07:26] <Happy the Chao> Would you like to sample one of these rare exotic fruits?

[14:07:31] <Mikki> Can I have a mango?

[14:07:41] <Happy the Chao> M-m-mango?!

[14:08:05] <Happy the Chao> B-b-but this is the last Mango I have...

[14:08:30] <Mikki> That's OK. Even if you have one of each only...

[14:08:44] <Mikki> That you can't share anything...

[14:08:51] <Happy the Chao> ......................................No.

[14:08:55] <Happy the Chao> It's not okayQ

[14:09:05] <Happy the Chao> Because you're all a bunch of greedy pigs!

[14:09:11] <Happy the Chao> And you want all my fruit!

[14:09:18] <Draco> What?

[14:09:23] <Happy the Chao> You know what I say?!

[14:09:30] <Draco> All I want is Arle's delicious curry...

[14:09:36] <Draco> And... maybe Arle... <3

[14:09:38] <Mikki> I meant that I won't ask anymore.

[14:09:40] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:09:56] <Arle Nadja> Wh-What!? You want me!?

[14:09:57] <Arle Nadja> Well...

[14:09:58] <Happy the Chao> and then you rub this DISGUSTING CURRY IN MAH FACE?!

[14:10:17] <Arle Nadja> No.

[14:10:34] <Happy the Chao> *snaps*

[14:10:37] <Draco> *falls to the ground*

[14:10:43] <Happy the Chao> Fbbsbgdjbgjbjshdbgjbdjjgimme my trix!

[14:10:46] <Draco> I thought you loved me, Arle T_T


[14:11:48] <Seriri> o.o

[14:11:51] <Mikki> Uh oh... I think he's mad...

[14:11:57] <Rider> I think we mad him mad.

[14:12:01] <Mikki> BACK TO THE SIG SEARCH!!!

[14:12:07] <Amitie> Let's get outta here!

[14:12:17] <Mikki> *runs off again, looking for Sig*

[14:12:29] <Draco> Arle... Don't leave me!


[14:12:59] <Rider> He's scaring me.

[14:13:06] <Rider> *follows Mikki*

[14:13:20] <Amitie> *follows Rider and Mikki*

[14:13:39] <Arle Nadja> Sig!!!

[14:13:43] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:13:56] <Akkie> Where in the forest is SIG!?

[14:13:58] <Draco> *reluctantly follows the others, hoping for another chance with Arle...*

[14:14:04] <Happy the Chao> 4 -- Exit Happy the Chao --

[14:14:46] <Seriri> That was twice we've had close calls

[14:14:57] <Arle Nadja> I thought you were my rival!

[14:15:01] <Seriri> Once with Witch, and once with that....thing

[14:15:15] <Amitie> Rivals can be friends too, right?

[14:15:23] <Mikki> Good thing I didn't cause too much trouble.

[14:15:36] <Arle Nadja> She's treating me like she loves me.

[14:15:43] <Arle Nadja> ><

[14:15:44] <Rider> Maybe she does...

[14:16:11] <Rider> Arle...I don't personally believe in this s-s-sort of thing b-but...

[14:16:23] <Rider> Give-give-her a-a-a ch-chance.

[14:16:28] <Rider> Please?

[14:17:01] <Seriri> Yes, Arle.

[14:17:09] <Arle Nadja> OK...

[14:17:13] <Seriri> At least consider.

[14:17:14] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:17:49] <Mikki> SIIIIIIGGG!!!!!!!!!!

[14:17:59] <Sig> 3 -- Enter Sig (Played by Chao) --

[14:18:10] <Sig> Hi guys!

[14:18:25] <Seriri> There he is.

[14:18:35] <Rider> Oh, Sig.

[14:18:43] <Rider> I-i-i-i'm glad your okay.

[14:18:53] <Draco> Ah, Sig!

[14:18:56] <Mikki> Oh... so this is what Sig looks like...

[14:19:01] <Amitie> Hey sig!

[14:19:03] <Arle Nadja> Oh! Sig!

[14:19:07] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:19:16] <Mikki> Hiya! The name's Mikki!

[14:19:17] <Sig> IS it my birthday?

[14:19:39] <Mikki> Err... when is your birthday, anyway?\

[14:19:42] <Rider> No, Sig. You were lost.

[14:19:47] <Sig> I was?

[14:19:52] <Arle Nadja> We were just worried about you.

[14:20:06] <Sig> Oh right!

[14:20:09] <Sig> Yeah!

[14:20:17] <Sig> I remember the butterfly now.

[14:20:49] <Amitie> Huh? He actually remembers it?

[14:21:07] <Sig> What? You didn't think I did?

[14:21:21] <Seriri> ?

[14:21:39] <Arle Nadja> Why is that the only thing he remembers?

[14:21:42] <Rider> Sig....do you feel alright?

[14:21:52] <Mikki> Geez. Does this guy even notices nothing but bugs?

[14:21:52] <Sig> I feel terrific!

[14:22:00] <Arle Nadja> That's great!

[14:22:11] <Sig> Now that you're all here....

[14:22:17] <Arle Nadja> I thought Ms. Accord or someone worse...

[14:22:26] <Sig> Alone in this dark, dreary forest....

[14:22:40] <Sig> ...where no one can hear us scream....

[14:22:56] <Sig> ...so alone, so scared....

[14:23:08] <Rider> ...M-m-m-m-mr Sig?

[14:23:27] <Seriri> You're scaring her.

[14:23:47] <Mitsuki> 6 s-''+'Unknown'

[14:23:47] <Mitsuki> 3

[14:23:48] <Amitie> Yeah Sig! Cut it out! It's not very funny.

[14:23:58] <Mitsuki> alone in this forest you say?

[14:24:07] <Sig> ?

[14:24:08] <Mitsuki> where nobody can hear us scream..?

[14:24:17] <Sig> Yes,

[14:24:41] <Mitsuki> 6 s-'Unknown'+''


[14:24:47] <Mitsuki> :D

[14:24:52] <Arle Nadja> Not again...

[14:24:59] <Sig> ?! What the fu-?

[14:25:04] <Seriri> !!

[14:25:05] <Mikki> Err... do you guys know her?

[14:25:16] <Seriri> Sig would never use that word!

[14:25:28] <Akkie> LOLipop

[14:25:33] <Draco> Ahhh! You again!

[14:25:33] <Amitie> Yeah! Something's fishy around here!

[14:25:34] <Draco> T_T

[14:26:03] <Sig> Oh fiddlesticks....

[14:26:16] <Amitie> Hey! That's my line!

[14:26:20] <Sig> No...

[14:26:40] <Sig> It's /my/ line.

[14:26:51] <Mitsuki> So... *raises blueberry muffin*... what do you say?

[14:27:32] <Arle Nadja> This looks mixed up...

[14:27:38] <Sig> Hee hee hee!

[14:27:39] <Akkie> *broke the fourth wall*

[14:27:50] <Sig> Aren't you cleaver...Arle.

[14:28:02] <Arle Nadja> Who is in-charge here!?

[14:28:08] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:28:23] <Mikki> What? She can break the fourth wall too?

[14:28:31] <Draco> Nobody's in charge as far as I know...

[14:28:47] <Sig> Someone with more magical talent than Schezo could dream of getting from /YOU/ Arle.

[14:28:58] <Sig> Ha ha ha!

[14:29:13] <Draco> Wait, what happened to Sig?

[14:29:14] <Arle Nadja> What!?

[14:29:14] <Rider> Mr. Sig?

[14:29:26] <Sig> Sig isn't here....

[14:29:29] <Mikki> I'm pretty suspicious...

[14:29:39] <Mitsuki> ...Nobody's paying attention to me? T_T

[14:29:51] <Sig> So who am I?

[14:29:53] <Mikki> *looks at Witch*

[14:30:06] <Seriri> . . .

[14:30:10] <Mikki> I feel like Puyo POPing with you.

[14:30:28] <Seriri> *looks at Witch, acknowledges her, then looks back at Sig(?)*

[14:30:28] <Mitsuki> If I win, can we have sex with the blueberry muffin?

[14:30:51] <Mikki> Why do you keep saying that!? Let's just Puyo POP randomly!

[14:31:12] <Sig> Does ANYBODY know who I am?

[14:31:27] <Arle Nadja> Nope!

[14:31:30] <Carbuncle> Guh

[14:31:31] <Sig> Aww screw this!

[14:31:39] <Sig> 4 -- Exit Sig --

[14:31:39] <Ms. Accord> 3 -- Enter Ms. Accord (Played by Chao) --

[14:31:47] <Ms. Accord> Hee hee hee hee!

[14:31:52] <Draco> !

[14:31:56] <Draco> Accord!

[14:31:59] <Draco> *raises fists*

[14:32:00] <Ms. Accord> [insert sluttly giggle here]

[14:32:02] <Arle Nadja> What did you do to Sig!?

[14:32:05] <Draco> You deceived us~!

[14:32:10] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:32:17] <Mikki> Never mind...

[14:32:23] <Ms. Accord> I decieved Sig.

[14:32:35] <Mikki> Who's this purple haired woman, anyway?

[14:32:41] <Ms. Accord> He was merely leading you straight to me/

[14:32:54] <Ms. Accord> And now that we're here....together....

[14:33:05] <Mitsuki> *looks at Accord*

[14:33:14] <Mikki> Hiya! The name's Mikki! Wanna Puyo POP?

[14:33:14] <Ms. Accord> Alone...where no one can hear you scream while you fuck with a muffin...

[14:33:35] <Arle Nadja> (Err... does she have to Puyo POP randomly everytime?)

[14:33:35] <Mitsuki> You're too old to do that!

[14:33:51] <Mitsuki> *pouts*

[14:34:06] <Ms. Accord> *throws a piece of chalk at Witch*

[14:34:11] <Draco> Accord, what did you do with Sig?

[14:34:11] <Ms. Accord> Pay attention!

[14:34:19] <Mitsuki> Ouch!

[14:34:26] <Ms. Accord> If you're worried about Sig, then don't.

[14:34:27] <Mikki> *tries stalking Ms. Accord about Puyo POPping*

[14:34:34] <Ms. Accord> He's juuuust fine.

[14:34:45] <Ms. Accord> 7_7

[14:34:48] <Mitsuki> Now you've gotten on my bad side!

[14:34:55] <Mitsuki> *casts thunder on Accord*

[14:35:02] <Ms. Accord> *throws a brick at Mikki*

[14:35:06] <Ms. Accord> Ooh!

[14:35:08] <Mikki> Ow!!!

[14:35:15] <Mikki> Let's Puyo POP!

[14:35:17] <Ms. Accord> Brick'd

[14:35:29] <Ms. Accord> *mumbles something*

[14:35:45] <Mikki> *casts Arashi Hoshi*

[14:35:46] <Draco> Hey, stop attacking our friends!

[14:35:49] <Ms. Accord> [Accord's curse turns Mikki's legs into stone]

[14:35:53] <Draco> !!

[14:36:11] <Ms. Accord> ?

[14:36:19] <Ms. Accord> Ow.

[14:36:24] <Draco> *wishes she could use magic...*

[14:36:35] <Ms. Accord> Dacapo!

[14:36:44] <Draco> >.<

[14:36:56] <Mikki> *starts using lots of spells*

[14:37:04] <Ms. Accord> [Accord's attack has no harmful effect]

[14:37:05] <Mitsuki> *also starts using lots of spells*

[14:37:16] <Mikki> Glace Etoile!

[14:37:24] <Ms. Accord> *starts muttering random curses*

[14:37:27] <Mikki> Fueco Stella!

[14:37:44] <Ms. Accord> Fattus Lattus!

[14:37:56] <Ms. Accord> Ow.

[14:38:02] <Mitsuki> Meteor!

[14:38:04] <Ms. Accord> Iyaan~!

[14:38:12] <Mitsuki> Black Hole!

[14:38:15] <Ms. Accord> [Accord's glasses fall off]

[14:38:20] <Mikki> Ack!

[14:38:22] <Ms. Accord> My glasses!

[14:38:27] <Mikki> Star Meteor!

[14:38:31] <Ms. Accord> *frantically looks around for them*

[14:38:33] <Draco> *delivers a swift kick to the face of Accord*

[14:38:42] <Ms. Accord> Ara~!

[14:38:53] <Draco> *pins her down*

[14:39:11] <Ms. Accord> *one of Ms_Accord's curses makes Amitie extremely fat.

[14:39:19] <Amitie> Aaah!

[14:39:40] <Ms. Accord> ...

[14:39:42] <Akkie> I feel like using an esuna stereotype spell

[14:39:45] <Draco> Tell us where Sig is and stop attacking us!

[14:39:54] <Keiji> then do it >.<

[14:40:05] <Ms. Accord> . . .I....

[14:40:24] <Draco> more importantly, why are you doing this??!

[14:40:36] <Ms. Accord> It was....

[14:40:50] <Seriri> *smacks accord with her tail*

[14:40:57] <Ms. Accord> Ara~!

[14:41:02] <Keiji> LOL

[14:41:10] <Keiji> way to go

[14:41:12] <Ms. Accord> *mutes Seriri again*

[14:41:18] <Ms. Accord> Suht up, bitch.

[14:41:19] <Draco> NO!!!!

[14:41:23] <Ms. Accord> You had your fun!

[14:41:24] <Mikki> Défaisons Cicatriser!

[14:41:37] <Ms. Accord> Huh?

[14:42:01] <Mikki> *casts a spell that took down the curses*

[14:42:21] <Ms. Accord> You!

[14:42:33] <Ms. Accord> *mutes Mikki*

[14:42:36] <Mikki> Does that mean we Puyo POP now or with your cat?

[14:43:11] <Ms. Accord> Now that you can't be annoying...

[14:43:18] <Ms. Accord> *pant*

[14:43:21] <Akkie> I kinda wanna give her a feature that lets her cast through her brain

[14:43:28] <Amitie> *sobs*

[14:43:33] <Amitie> I'm fat!

[14:43:43] <Amitie> ...

[14:43:51] <Amitie> *notices she isn't fat anymore*

[14:43:56] <Mitsuki> *pokes Accord with her broomstick*

[14:43:57] <Amitie> Wiced!

[14:44:02] <Ms. Accord> Oh~

[14:44:10] <Mikki> (Défaisons Cicatriser!)

[14:44:12] <Ms. Accord> Oh that tickles!

[14:44:14] <Mitsuki> Tell us why you're doing this!

[14:44:33] <Ms. Accord> *gives Witch a blueberry muffin*

[14:44:36] <Mikki> What are you doing!?

[14:44:52] <Arle Nadja> I have a bad feeling about the blueberry...

[14:44:58] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:44:59] <Mitsuki> That's not gonna buy me Accord, I already have one!

[14:45:01] <Mitsuki> A much better one!

[14:45:07] <Ms. Accord> o_O

[14:45:19] <Mikki> What's gonna happen now?

[14:45:24] <Draco> *is still pinning down Accord*

[14:45:24] <Ms. Accord> Bitchy Witchy

[14:45:38] <Ms. Accord> *finally finds her glasses*

[14:45:39] <Mitsuki> ...

[14:45:44] <Mitsuki> NO!

[14:45:50] <Mitsuki> *smashes Accord's glasses*

[14:45:51] <Ms. Accord> *sees Draco*

[14:46:00] <Mitsuki> There, now you can't do anything about it!

[14:46:03] <Chao> nevermind

[14:46:08] <Keiji> ?

[14:46:21] <Mikki> Aww... I wanna smash that Ms. Accord person's glasses for cursing me...

[14:46:31] <Chao> Accord can't "See" without her glassess

[14:46:53] <Akkie> But Mikki missed the chance to smash the glasses

[14:46:55] <Ms. Accord> I paid a good $50,000 for those lenses

[14:47:06] <Draco> Do you think we care?

[14:47:12] <Ms. Accord> No.

[14:47:21] <Draco> After all you've done to us?

[14:47:33] <Ms. Accord> No. Not really.

[14:47:38] <Arle Nadja> Why are you doing this to us!?

[14:47:42] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:47:49] <Ms. Accord> Would you really like to see Sig?

[14:48:05] <Mikki> Does that mean I can only Puyo POP with the cat pupper?

[14:48:10] <Ms. Accord> Woulf that console your angry souls?

[14:48:15] <Mikki> *puppet*

[14:48:22] <Ms. Accord> Or am I still getting fucked?

[14:48:44] <Seriri> ....

[14:48:45] <Mikki> I have one question or yo--

[14:48:52] <Seriri> Show us Sig

[14:48:53] <Arle Nadja> Puyo POPing?

[14:49:01] <Seriri> Then we'll consider it.

[14:49:08] <Ms. Accord> Very well.

[14:49:22] <Mikki> What about your cat?

[14:49:33] <Ms. Accord> *reveals a baby the looks like Sig, sleeping*

[14:49:39] <Ms. Accord> See, he's fine.

[14:49:42] <Ms. Accord> Just fine.

[14:49:49] <Mikki> ...

[14:49:52] <Rider> No. No he is not.

[14:50:07] <Draco> You turned him into a baby?!

[14:50:10] <Ms. Accord> Ms Rider, I can give you an F

[14:50:17] <Rider> I-i-i-................

[14:50:21] <Rider> Don't care.

[14:50:29] <Draco> Your grades don't matter any more!

[14:50:40] <Draco> They'd never come to your school after this anyway!

[14:50:45] <Mikki> Défaisons Cicatriser!

[14:51:03] <Ms. Accord> Do you really think that ANYBODY will remember this?

[14:51:07] <Keiji> ['they' because madou chars don't really go do magic school]

[14:51:34] <Ms. Accord> How do you think I've stayed in the facility as long as I have?

[14:51:51] <Mikki> You're actually a teacher?

[14:52:02] <Ms. Accord> I didn't just waltz in and go "Oh fux these students, I want a new batch

[14:52:08] <Mikki> That encourages me to Puyo POP with you.

[14:52:22] <Ms. Accord> I had to carefully carve this out.

[14:52:29] <Mitsuki> Looks like anything does...

[14:52:45] <Ms. Accord> Even then, my genius alone could not save me...

[14:53:00] <Ms. Accord> And so...the book...that very book the Klug has....

[14:53:06] <Arle Nadja> Whay would?

[14:53:16] <Arle Nadja> *What

[14:53:16] <Ms. Accord> Yes...Klug has been my Pawn...

[14:53:38] <Ms. Accord> I staged that Strange Klug mess!

[14:53:48] <Ms. Accord> And I Would've gotten away with it too!

[14:53:49] <Draco> Really now...

[14:53:57] <Ms. Accord> Also...


[14:54:00] <Mikki> Who's that Klug guy?

[14:54:30] <Ms. Accord> If it wasn't for those meddleing kids and their stupid dog!

[14:54:39] <Ms. Accord> Damn Baldanders

[14:54:46] <Draco> What dog?

[14:54:54] <Mikki> Who's dog?

[14:55:07] <Arle Nadja> You mean that dog that I met with?

[14:55:13] <Ms. Accord> Ever wonder why Satan and crap showed up here, Arle?

[14:55:14] <Arle Nadja> How did he get involved?

[14:55:21] <Ms. Accord> That was MY doing.

[14:55:39] <Arle Nadja> You meant you planned all of this?

[14:55:41] <Ms. Accord> I purposely led them here, so their broken wishes would trap them here.

[14:55:48] <Ms. Accord> Now....

[14:56:02] <Ms. Accord> I shall merge this world with Arle's...

[14:56:12] <Ms. Accord> And there will be a ginourmous explosion!

[14:56:15] <Arle Nadja> I can't let you allow that!

[14:56:29] <Draco> Me neither!

[14:56:45] <Ms. Accord> And you'll all rot as bones while I eat Mermaid flesh and laugh at the mortals!

[14:56:46] <Arle Nadja> We should settle this with Puyo POPping!

[14:56:59] <Mitsuki> I'm ready

[14:57:04] <Mikki> B(

[14:57:04] <Ms. Accord> [sluttly laugh]

[14:57:27] <Mikki> *was quite annoyed by Ms. Accord and used Star Meteor*

[14:57:37] <Mikki> Star Meteor!

[14:57:46] <Ms. Accord> *looks up?*

[14:57:48] <Ms. Accord> Huh>

[14:58:07] <Ms. Accord> Iyaan~!

[14:58:08] <Mikki> I can summon more if you'd like.

[14:58:11] <Mitsuki> *walks away*

[14:58:27] <Ms. Accord> ...

[14:58:37] <Mitsuki> *walks back and slams a custard pie in Accord's face*

[14:58:51] <Ms. Accord> @_@

[14:59:18] <Ms. Accord> *transforms into a snake and slithers away*

[14:59:19] <Ms. Accord> 4 -- Exit Accord --

[14:59:24] <Mikki> I have a feeling that your cat puppet can transform...

[14:59:33] <Seriri> We lost her again...

[14:59:36] <Draco> Damnit, she got away again!

[14:59:37] <Mikki> Hey! Wait! I wanna Puyo POP with your cat puppet!!!

[14:59:53] <Rider> At least Sig is alright...

[15:00:00] <Draco> He is?

[15:00:09] <Seriri> Yes.

[15:00:16] <Seriri> No harm was done to him.

[15:00:17] <Draco> Well, where is he?

[15:00:18] <Mikki> Would you like me to get him back?

[15:00:26] <Amitie> He's right here!

[15:00:38] <Chao> (Sig is sleeping though)

[15:00:43] <Arle Nadja> He's just alright!

[15:00:53] <Keiji> lol i look at the userlist to see who's present >____>

[15:01:15] <Akkie> Can I let Mikuri use it?

[15:01:24] <Rider> Let's take him back and g-g-get out of here.

[15:01:31] <Draco> Yeah, lets...

[15:01:31] <Seriri> Agreed.

[15:01:36] <Mikki> I wanna go with you!

[15:01:42] <Arle Nadja> Sure! Come along!

[15:01:43] <Draco> *carries Sig on her back*

[15:02:01] <Sig> 6 s-''+'Sleeping'

[15:02:01] <Sig> 3

[15:02:34] <Satan> 3 -- Enter Satan (Played by Chao) --

[15:02:35] <Akkie> Is Sig's age still reduced to dust (Still a baby)?

[15:02:43] <Mitsuki> So, where are we all off to?

[15:03:09] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... that's a tough question.

[15:03:21] <Seriri> The field?

[15:03:30] <Akkie> Sure!

[15:03:39] <Arle Nadja> OK!

[15:03:44] <Arle Nadja> Or maybe to the lake?

[15:03:49] <Mikki> *uses Défaisons Cicatriser on Sig*

[15:04:02] <Draco> .....What does that do, anyway?

[15:04:13] <Seriri> The Lake and the Field are one.

[15:04:21] <Mikki> Gets rid of curses and spells

[15:04:22] <Sig> ZZZZZ.............

[15:04:28] <Draco> Ah, I see.

[15:04:29] <Sig> Ra.......fi.........

[15:04:33] <Sig> .............ZZZZ

[15:04:44] <Draco> Is there a spell that makes people able to use magic~? >.<

[15:05:03] <Seriri> Oh my!

[15:05:09] <Mikki> Err... the more I Puyo POP, the stronger my spells can get.

[15:05:15] <Rider> Oh my-

[15:05:23] <Akkie> Can someone answer a question?

[15:05:34] <Mitsuki> Hey, what are you complaining about? You already have horns, wings, a tail AND the ability to breathe fire. Why'd you want magic too?

[15:05:46] <Keiji> hm?

[15:06:07] <Akkie> Is Sig's age still dust (A baby) or back to normal?

[15:06:21] <Keiji> no since mikki cured it

[15:06:23] <Keiji> surel

[15:06:24] <Keiji> y

[15:06:36] <Akkie> Yups!

[15:06:49] <Seriri> Is that...?

[15:06:54] <Mikki> Let's get back to the lake.

[15:06:58] <Draco> Oh... I guess you have a point.

[15:07:07] <Arle Nadja> Hey! Your not the boss here!

[15:07:33] <Mikki> Nya! I know I'm not! It's not a demand!

[15:07:34] <Satan> OH RULUE!

[15:07:34] <Satan> OH!

[15:07:39] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[15:07:48] <Arle Nadja> Satan's here.

[15:07:57] <Seriri> Did you hear that?!

[15:08:06] <Mikki> He looks like he plays Puyo.

[15:08:22] <Satan> *is on top of Rulue*

[15:08:27] <Mikki> *runs towards Satan and asks him to Puyo POP with her*

[15:09:00] <Seriri> O.O

[15:09:15] <Draco> *continues walking back to the lake with Sig on her back*

[15:09:15] <Amitie> Ew! What in the Sea World is going on?

[15:09:58] <Satan> Rulue! SHould I penetrate deeper?

[15:10:04] <Arle Nadja> Err... what now?

[15:10:04] <Satan> What do you mean "That's far enough?!

[15:10:12] <Satan> BAAH!

[15:10:14] <Mikki> Helllooooooooooo!

[15:10:31] <Mikki> Can you play Puyo with me? My name is Mikki, by the way.

[15:10:33] <Satan> I even took pills for this!

[15:10:51] <Mitsuki> I think he's ignoring you...

[15:10:52] <Satan> I don't know what I EVER saw in you, Rulue!

[15:11:28] <Satan> BAAAH!

[15:11:28] <Satan> *covers himself with a bush*

[15:11:36] <Mikki> I'm not giving up!

[15:11:39] <Satan> What are you brats doing out here in BFE?!

[15:11:44] <Mikki> If he still ignores me...

[15:11:52] <Keiji> bfe?

[15:12:05] <Arle Nadja> Satan! We just keep running into each other randomly, don't we?

[15:12:08] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[15:12:28] <Chao> I think it's a slang for The middle of nowhere

[15:12:28] <Mikki> HELLLOOOOOOOO!!! Can we play Puyo POP, uncle?

[15:12:29] <Satan> Arle!

[15:12:36] <Draco> Just ignore him, Arle...

[15:12:37] <Satan> Aaah!

[15:12:53] <Satan> Don't come into this bush!

[15:12:58] <Arle Nadja> Not again...

[15:13:12] <Mikki> *still went into the bush with hopes of Puyo POPping with him*

[15:13:13] <Seriri> . . .

[15:13:26] <Seriri> He's telling you to go away.

[15:13:52] <Satan> 4 -- Exit Satan --

[15:13:56] <Draco> Baahh!

[15:14:03] <Draco> *sets the bush on fire*

[15:14:06] <Mikki> I still wanna Puyo POP with him!

[15:14:14] <Seriri> I think he left...

[15:14:21] <Seriri> But was he...

[15:14:30] <Rider> Nakked?

[15:14:35] <Mikki> Where'd he go!?

[15:14:39] <Amitie> And

[15:14:44] <Seriri> On

[15:14:51] <Rider> top

[15:14:54] <Amitie> of

[15:14:58] <Seriri> Rulue?

[15:14:59] <Arle Nadja> that

[15:15:19] <Mikki> Sooooo many people to Puyo POP with!!!

[15:15:26] <Arle Nadja> Guh!

[15:15:39] <Mitsuki> You really need to cool it with that obsession...

[15:16:10] <Mikki> It's really me!

[15:16:11] <Sig> ..................sing me a nighty-night song................................

[15:16:26] <Mikki> Would it be OK to wake him up?

[15:16:33] <Draco> No!

[15:16:35] <Draco> That'd be mean...

[15:16:40] <Arle Nadja> I don't think that would be a good thing.

[15:16:43] <Draco> We should drop him off at his home.

[15:16:48] <Sig> ..........................the mean of 2 and 4 is 5

[15:16:52] <Mikki> ... which is where?

[15:17:07] <Seriri> That's the troubling part. . .

[15:17:09] <Draco> umm...

[15:17:36] <Rider> I don't think Sig had a home outside the School Dormitories...

[15:18:00] <Draco> Well, I'm sure he'll be fine at yours, then

[15:18:07] <Arle Nadja> Hmm?

[15:18:55] <Sig> .....................................the square root of 97 divied by the circumference of Nukh times pi and the sum of 88 plus Raffine......equals....247....

[15:19:17] <Rider> My....home?

[15:19:27] <Draco> Why not? You know him best.

[15:19:37] <Mikki> Sorry but his dialogue freaks me out a bit... and I wanna Puyo POP with him

[15:19:41] <Rider> O-o-o-okay.....

[15:19:54] <Draco> Then, lead the way...

[15:20:02] <Rider> Alright.

[15:20:09] <Mitsuki> *stays in the forest*

[15:20:10] <Mitsuki> 4 -- Exit Witch --

[15:20:26] <Mikki> Hmm...

[15:20:33] <Mikki> *broke the fourth wall*

[15:21:06] <Mikki> Puyo POPping is pretty scarce right about now, right folks?

[15:21:22] <Mikki> *went on as if nothing happened*

[15:21:30] <Seriri> There are much more serious matters to deal with.

[15:21:31] <Draco> *follows Rider home*

[15:21:40] <Mikki> Sure!

[15:21:57] <Rider> Poor Sig...

[15:22:05] <Rider> Draco....

[15:22:11] <Rider> I-i-i-....

[15:22:17] <Rider> Think I.....

[15:22:18] <Mikki> Nya... he's already back to normal age... I think

[15:22:33] <Draco> What is it, Rider?

[15:22:37] <Keiji> yes he is

[15:22:42] <Rider> I think I have feelings for him.

[15:23:02] <Sig> .............................................................rofl..........................................................

[15:23:04] <Mikki> Never mind... just lead us home.

[15:23:11] <Draco> Then, I guess you know what it's like, huh?

[15:23:27] <Rider> Know what what's like?

[15:23:46] <Draco> When they won't reciprocate.

[15:23:49] <Sig> ....................................................look a Felicopter.......................................

[15:23:54] <Keiji> ROFL

[15:24:21] <Akkie> *feels like breaking the fourth wall again*

[15:24:25] <Rider> I haven't actually.....asked...h-h-h-im o-out yet.

[15:24:30] <Keiji> don't, it's getting annoying...

[15:25:06] <Draco> Well, me neither. Not really, anyway... I've just done stuff.

[15:25:39] <Rider> Hm....Do you think that I should...?

[15:25:51] <Sig> ...............ZZz.........................

[15:25:58] <Draco> He's a spacey kid.

[15:26:04] <Sig> ..............................................................................weeeeee...................................

[15:26:09] <Draco> He won't tell on his own

[15:26:16] <Draco> So you'd have to make the first move.

[15:26:23] <Sig> .....................I believe I can fly.............................................................................

[15:26:34] <Mikki> He's this spacey?

[15:26:45] <Akkie> LOL

[15:26:47] <Rider> So I should a-a-ask him out th-then?

[15:27:00] <Draco> Yeah. When he wakes up tomorrow, anyway.

[15:27:10] <Akkie> I don't wanna go to bed yet...

[15:27:17] <Keiji> then don't?

[15:27:35] <Akkie> My parents don't allow me to sleep unti 12:00am

[15:27:42] <Sig> ........................Sig Cauer 30% of MVSRP......

[15:27:48] <Akkie> But I stayed up once until 3:00am

[15:28:08] <Draco> So, how far home?

[15:28:09] <Akkie> Let me brush my teeth first.

[15:28:17] <Sig> ...............................................................................................jhonjacobjingleheimershcmit................................

[15:28:43] <Rider> It's a little ways yet.

[15:28:47] <Rider> Sorry.

[15:28:54] <Draco> Ok..

[15:29:14] <Sig> ..................................................I dun wanna go on the pukey ride.........................

[15:29:46] <Draco> Got any advice for me, Rider?

[15:29:56] <Rider> I think....

[15:30:35] <Rider> Maybe you should try to convince Arle that any kind of relationship will work.

[15:31:10] <Rider> Even one between two girls.

[15:31:27] <Rider> Then umm...."make your m-m-m-move.

[15:31:33] <Arle Nadja> Wouldn't that be bad?

[15:31:47] <Draco> Wouldn't what be bad?

[15:32:11] <Akkie> Relationship with two girls

[15:32:21] <Arle Nadja> Relationship with two girls

[15:32:32] <Sig> ....................................................................Sorry!........................I'm in the safety zone!........................................................................................

[15:32:45] <Draco> Well, what's wrong with one?

[15:32:48] <Sig> ..........................................yay safety....................................................

[15:32:49] <Akkie> My mum and dad wanna go to sleep with me now... I wanna stay up later.

[15:33:06] <Keiji> do iiiiit

[15:33:10] <Rider> o.o

[15:33:11] <Arle Nadja> That would be pretty fross.

[15:33:12] <Keiji> we gotta carry on RPing D:

[15:33:29] <Arle Nadja> *gross

[15:33:39] <Draco> How'd you know?

[15:33:49] <Sig> ..................................................................................................what's Dungeons and Dragons?........................................

[15:33:52] <Draco> Aren't you just basing that on what people say?

[15:33:55] <Akkie> My Mom and Dad may never let me on the PC again.

[15:34:06] <Keiji> awww...

[15:34:08] <Arle Nadja> ... never mind.

[15:34:15] <Keiji> did you ask them to let you stay up?

[15:34:15] <Sig> .................................................................................................................................................................................................I wanna be the wizard.

[15:34:31] <Akkie> My Mom and Dad may never let me on the PC again.

[15:34:38] <Keiji> yes, we heard that

[15:34:53] <Akkie> That's my response for you.

[15:35:01] <Keiji> well go if you need to

[15:35:07] <Keiji> ultimately it's up to you

[15:35:11] <Sig> ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

[15:35:13] <Akkie> OK.

[15:35:38] <Sig> Yum.................................................cookie.................................................................

[15:35:56] <Rider> I think Sig has racing thoughts...

[15:36:07] <Draco> Yeah, he sure does.

[15:36:12] <Mikki> I personally think so too...

[15:36:43] <Sig> ............................................................................................................................................................follow the yellow brick road..............................................

[15:37:03] <Sig> .....................ding dong the witch is dead............................................................................................

[15:37:35] <Akkie> Sorry... still laughing at the Felicopter thing to death. XD

[15:37:43] <Keiji> lol

[15:37:49] <Sig> ................................................................................................................I'm tigger.............................rawr................................

[15:38:29] <Draco> *continues following rider for what seems like forever*

[15:38:49] <Sig> ......................no..............................don't do that.................................

[15:38:52] <Mikki> The sooner we get there, the better!

[15:39:01] <Sig> ....................NO................I dun like it...................................

[15:39:10] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... maybe we should do something to get there faster...

[15:39:13] <Sig> ...................................Wha........wa.......................................

[15:39:24] <Draco> Like what?

[15:39:25] <Sig> .........ah..........ah....................aaaaaaaaah...................

[15:39:27] <Draco> I'm just following.

[15:39:39] <Rider> Is he having a nightmare?

[15:39:46] <Mikki> A spell.

[15:39:48] <Rider> We're almost there!

[15:39:55] <Draco> Yay~

[15:40:04] <Mikki> We don't need it anymore.

[15:40:12] <Sig> ...........................................Heelp me~!.............................

[15:40:17] <Draco> o.o

[15:40:31] <Rider> Hurry!

[15:40:45] <Rider> It's just a few more blocks!

[15:40:56] <Draco> Okay...#

[15:40:59] <Sig> ......................................................


[15:41:24] <Sig> 6 s-'Sleeping'+''

[15:41:33] <Mikki> Oh... hi.

[15:41:33] <Rider> ?!

[15:41:34] <Draco> Oh.. he woke up...

[15:41:40] <Draco> And we were nearly there, too.

[15:41:56] <Rider> Are you okay, mr....Sig?

[15:42:03] <Sig> ....Huh?

[15:42:24] <Sig> Was....it...a...dream

[15:42:58] <Rider> I think so.

[15:43:03] <Rider> You're okay now.

[15:43:07] <Amitie> 4 -- Exit Amitie --

[15:43:12] <Seriri> 4 -- Exit Seriri --

[15:43:28] <Sig> Really?

[15:43:38] <Arle Nadja> Oh! Sig! Good thing you're still OK.

[15:43:53] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[15:44:00] <Draco> *puts Sig back down on the ground*

[15:44:06] <Sig> Guh!

[15:44:20] <Sig> *imitates Carbuncle back at him.*

[15:44:21] <Akkie> Carby...

[15:44:22] <Draco> Rider, why don't you take him home? He probably still needs a rest, and you'd get a chance to... yeah

[15:44:30] <Draco> *wink*

[15:44:34] <Rider> Okay.

[15:44:48] <Rider> (Don't mess this up Rider....be....Brave)

[15:45:07] <Chao> *Brave of Puyo Puyo randomly chimes in*

[15:45:13] <Keiji> lol

[15:45:24] <Akkie> lolwut

[15:45:33] <Sig> Look A butterfly...

[15:45:34] <Mikki> Too bad... I wanna Puyo POP with him...

[15:45:41] <Rider> Yup.

[15:45:51] <Rider> Please don't follow it though.

[15:45:58] <Sig> Why not?

[15:46:07] <Rider> We're going home.

[15:46:13] <Sig> Home?

[15:46:14] <Draco> *walks off in the other direction with Arle and Mikki*

[15:46:21] <Draco> So... wanna go to the arcade?

[15:46:24] <Sig> What's...a...home?

[15:46:29] <Mikki> What arcade?

[15:46:37] <Arle Nadja> Umm... arcade?

[15:46:45] <Arle Nadja> I kinda felt like making curry but...

[15:46:52] <Mikki> Curry?

[15:47:00] <Rider> Nevermind, Sig...

[15:47:11] <Rider> Mr...Sig...

[15:47:16] <Draco> Oh, I'm always up to eating your curry, Arle~

[15:47:17] <Rider> Would you...

[15:47:22] <Rider> go...

[15:47:25] <Rider> out...

[15:47:27] <Rider> with....

[15:47:29] <Rider> me?

[15:47:38] <Sig> . . .

[15:47:45] <Sig> Sure.

[15:47:53] <Rider> Really?

[15:48:27] <Rider> Would you really be my-my-my-my b-b-b-boy-f-friend?

[15:48:33] <Mikki> I've been wondering FOREVER about how your curry tastes like ever since you mentioned it!

[15:48:34] <Arle Nadja> OK...

[15:48:34] <Arle Nadja> *makes some curry*

[15:48:34] <Sig> Sure.

[15:48:49] <Sig> Does that mean that your my girlfriend?

[15:48:56] <Carbuncle> Guh guh guh!

[15:48:56] <Rider> Oh yes it does!

[15:48:57] <Carbuncle> :D

[15:49:05] <Rider> *hugs Sig*

[15:49:15] <Sig> *hugs her back*

[15:49:21] <Sig> <3

[15:49:26] <Rider> <3

[15:49:27] <Draco> *helps herself to a bowl of curry*

[15:49:38] <Mikki> *eats the curry as well*

[15:49:50] <Carbuncle> *ate the curry too*

[15:49:58] <Akkie> Where would this pause?

[15:50:35] <Keiji> We could carry on without you...

[15:50:53] <Akkie> Because I should go to bed now

[15:50:57] <Keiji> Okay, then go

[15:50:57] <Arle Nadja> 4 -- Exit Arle --

[15:50:57] <Carbuncle> 4 -- Exit Carbuncle --

[15:50:57] <Mikki> 4 -- Exit Mikki --

[15:51:27] <Keiji> hum

[15:51:34] <Keiji> wonder if amy'll get on or something.

[15:51:52] <Rider> Here we are home at last!

[15:51:58] <Rider> *opens her door*

[15:52:03] <Rider> GASP!

[15:52:14] <Sig> !!!

[15:52:36] <Rider> [Rider and Sig both run away from the house]

[15:52:41] <Keiji> ...

[15:52:52] <Draco> *sees Rider and Sig running towards her*

[15:52:59] <Draco> What happened? o_o

[15:53:08] <Rider> ...She...

[15:53:18] <Draco> she?

[15:53:34] <Sig> Theres a girl in Rider's home

[15:53:45] <Draco> o__o

[15:53:48] <Draco> Who is it?

[15:53:54] <Rider> ...Accord!!

[15:54:01] <Draco> Accord's not a girl

[15:54:04] <Draco> she's a monster!

[15:54:20] <Rider> W-we had to get away.

[15:54:29] <Draco> Isn't anywhere safe now?

[15:54:42] <Rider> I can't believe we drug Sig all this way for nothing...'

[15:54:50] <Keiji> *dragged

[15:54:53] <Sig> . . .

[15:55:00] <Draco> That's such a downer -_-

[15:55:20] <Rider> *sniff* my own home isn't even safe anymore...

[15:55:29] <Sig> I'm tired....

[15:55:42] <Rider> I know! And I'm soo sorry...

[15:56:03] <Rider> I...i....i...

[15:56:34] <Draco> It's okay... I live just the other side of town, we can go there if you want...

[15:56:48] <Rider> Oh please!

[15:56:52] <Rider> Please Draco!

[15:56:55] <Draco> It'll be a bit tight though, as it's just a small beach hut...

[15:57:04] <Sig> Yay, beach.

[15:57:29] <Draco> And don't worry about Accord. There's no way she could know about it.

[15:57:48] <Rider> O-o-o-okay!

[15:57:54] <Rider> Let's g-g-go!

[15:58:04] <Draco> *leads the way*

[15:58:06] <Sig> Okay.

[15:58:19] <Rider> [Rider and Sig follow]

[15:58:43] <Draco> So, how did it go?

[15:58:51] <Rider> He said yes.

[15:59:08] <Draco> Awesome, I'm glad for you!

[15:59:15] <Rider> Me too.

[15:59:27] <Sig> ...Me three.

[16:00:23] <Keiji> [skip to when they arrive]

[16:00:47] <Rider> Wow.

[16:00:56] <Sig> Ooo

[16:00:56] <Draco> Do ya like it?

[16:01:08] <Rider> It's very pretty.

[16:01:19] <Rider> I-i-i- Like it very m-much

[16:01:33] <Draco> *sits down for the first time in ages*

[16:01:42] <Sig> bed.

[16:01:59] <Sig> *finds a bed and lays down on it*

[16:02:08] <Rider> *also sits down*

[16:02:19] <Rider> Oh my go-gosh...

[16:02:25] <Draco> Doesn't take much finding when it's just two rooms in here... ^^

[16:02:36] <Rider> My legs....

[16:02:45] <Rider> I didn't know they felt sore...

[16:02:48] <Rider> until now...

[16:03:10] <Draco> We're all like that, Rider...

[16:03:46] <Draco> So, I guess this is gonna be our "base of operations" for a while, eh?

[16:04:05] <Rider> As long as the b-b-bad guys can't find us here.

[16:04:22] <Draco> Well - even if they do, I'll pulverise them with my flame!

[16:04:29] <Rider> just remember to t-tell Arle where we are...

[16:04:49] <Rider> *hears the door bell*

[16:05:02] <Nohoho> 3 -- Enter Nohoho (Played by Chao) --

[16:05:27] <Rider> I think someone's at the door.

[16:05:40] <Draco> *goes to answer door*

[16:05:47] <Nohoho> Nohoho!

[16:06:00] <Nohoho> I sell you fine goods today

[16:06:10] <Draco> o rly?

[16:06:19] <Nohoho> Oh yes!

[16:06:28] <Draco> Like what?

[16:06:33] <Nohoho> I sell you for best prices.

[16:06:38] <Nohoho> Curry

[16:06:40] <Nohoho> Plushies

[16:06:46] <Nohoho> Exoctic Fruits

[16:07:00] <Nohoho> And more

[16:07:02] <Nohoho> Hoho

[16:07:26] <Draco> You sound kinda dodgy to me.

[16:07:36] <Nohoho> Nohoho?

[16:07:57] <Nohoho> No!

[16:08:04] <Nohoho> You know I smuggle curry!

[16:08:30] <Draco> In any case, I don't eat curry from anyone but Arle. Isn't that right guys?

[16:08:40] <Rider> Right

[16:08:45] <Sig> ZZZZ

[16:09:00] <Draco> He's sleeping again already?

[16:09:06] <Draco> Oh well, it'll do him good.

[16:09:13] <Nohoho> Hoh!

[16:09:24] <Nohoho> I sell you fine mattress yes?

[16:09:34] <Nohoho> I sell for $25.

[16:09:53] <Draco> $25?!?!

[16:10:07] <Nohoho> Two for twenty

[16:10:10] <Draco> *looks around...*

[16:10:27] <Draco> Rider?

[16:10:35] <Rider> Yes?

[16:10:43] <Draco> You think this guy is too shady?

[16:10:52] <Rider> I don't know

[16:10:58] <Draco> =/

[16:11:06] <Nohoho> 4 for $10

[16:11:20] <Draco> Well, we don't need a new mattress anyhow.

[16:11:21] <Draco> But...

[16:11:38] <Draco> since you're a shady guy, I guess you have some shady stuff, right?

[16:12:14] <Nohoho> Nohoho! My stuff good stuff!.

[16:12:21] <Nohoho> I give you 6 for $5

[16:12:35] <Draco> We couldn't even fit that in here!

[16:12:52] <Nohoho> I make house bigger for $50

[16:12:58] <Draco> No.

[16:13:29] <Draco> Since you're not cooperating would you please leave?

[16:13:39] <Nohoho> Nohoho!

[16:13:58] <Rider> *politely closes the door on him*

[16:13:59] <Nohoho> 4 -- Exit Nohoho --

[16:14:13] <Rider> Gee, he sure seemed desperate.

[16:14:20] <Draco> Yeah.

[16:14:32] <Draco> I kinda feel sorry for the guy, but I'm not buying from someone like that...

[16:14:38] <Rider> 6 mattresses for 5 dollars =\

[16:14:57] <Rider> And then he offered to remodel...

[16:15:21] <Rider> I guess it's better though to t-t-trust your instict, right?

[16:15:53] <Draco> Mmm...

[16:16:11] <Draco> Anyway, where'd Arle get to?

[16:16:20] <Draco> And... That Mikki girl.

[16:16:23] <Draco> Who is she anyway?

[16:16:29] <Rider> I dunno.

[16:16:40] <Rider> I hope they have your adress...

[16:16:58] <Draco> Arle does

[16:17:09] <Rider> Okay...that's good.

[16:17:33] <Keiji> yeah so join again as a character if you wanna play

[16:17:40] <Sig> Zzzzz

[16:17:59] <Amyofauir> nah, i'll just watch

[16:18:14] <Keiji> awww

[16:18:19] <Chao> Either I

[16:18:33] <Chao> 'm tired or that Nohoho thing was hillarious.

[16:18:39] <Keiji> Yes, it was hilarious

[16:18:40] <Keiji> XD

[16:19:14] <Chao> I killed myself just typing it XD

[16:19:17] <Keiji> lol

[16:19:26] <Draco> So, what's our plans now?

[16:20:14] <Rider> ...I presume to keep Sig out of harms way and build up a res-s-sistance to take on Ms Accord with...

[16:20:52] <Draco> Well, yeah. I meant more like... how do we take her out?

[16:20:56] <Sig> Zzzz......IRC.....

[16:21:01] <Rider> Oh...

[16:21:05] <Draco> She's clearly a threat to all of us

[16:21:12] <Rider> I dunno...

[16:21:25] <Rider> She has pretty powerful magic....

[16:21:56] <Rider> If only we could bypass all of her negative effects completely...

[16:23:03] <Rider> Mikki's spell is occasionally helpful, but what if Accord starts casting more powerful hexes?

[16:23:18] <Rider> Or just casts too many to cure?

[16:23:35] <Draco> And what if Mikki isn't around at the time?

[16:23:44] <Rider> Yes...

[16:24:01] <Rider> What will we do?


Character text lines: 2279
User text lines: 291
Action lines: 98

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Draco: 398
Ms. Accord: 279
Arle Nadja: 240
Rider: 221
Sig: 167
Seriri: 145
Mikki: 137
Amitie: 120
Satan: 116
Mitsuki: 69
Carbuncle: 42
Rulue: 41
Klug: 40
Amy Rose: 35
Harpy: 31
Nohoho: 21
Popoi: 19
Raffine: 18
Lagnus: 17
Feli: 14
Kirby: 13
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