Episode 52 - Chat log

Start date: Sun Jul 15, 2012. All times are UTC.

[13:16:54] <Chao> [Mikki's group is still derping around at the South Coast Lighthouse as they were in Episode 50 during The Gathering. Aeris is with them and is quietly meditating to herself on a cliff nearby.]

[13:18:02] <Sig> ...*he looks at Mikki, then at Aeris, then back at Mikki* ...uh...what did she say she was doing, again?

[13:18:29] <Mikki> Puppet ponies... I don't think I'd like the sound of that...

[13:18:56] <Mikki> Oh, Sig!

[13:19:07] <Sig> Huh?

[13:20:00] <Mikki> I think Aeris said something about locating her sisters?

[13:20:25] <Tech> Yep. And she's taking forever too. *tapping his foot slightly impatiently*

[13:21:02] <Ringo> *Is quietly contemplating the situation to herself, mumbling about this and that in between*

[13:21:23] <Mikki> ... -sign- :\

[13:21:58] <Rider> E-Everyone, please don't be so irritable...; She's surely trying her h-hardest...;;

[13:22:56] <Sig> I wonder how hard it would be to do that by yourself...

[13:23:19] <Mikki> Hmm...

[13:24:07] <Mikki> Do you think buffing magic would help?

[13:24:31] <Tech> How would that help her locate other people any faster?

[13:24:50] <Tech> Or more efficiently, for that matter.

[13:25:54] <Mikki> Well... it's still worth a try...

[13:26:58] <Ringo> Something doesn't seem right.

[13:27:10] <Mikki> Hmm...?

[13:27:13] <Ringo> Why is Ecolo destroying more planets than just Primp?

[13:27:31] <Ringo> I mean, remember his goal was to remodel Primp in his image?

[13:27:44] <Draco> I thought his goal was to remodel the universe in his image...

[13:27:54] <Ringo> ...Hm...

[13:28:03] <Mikki> ... I don't know, either.

[13:28:11] <Draco> Although, he does seem more active than before...

[13:28:24] <Mikki> Unless destroying worlds helps with the remodeling part...

[13:28:28] <Sig> He also keeps talking about "Arley"...

[13:28:35] <Mikki> I can't see how, to be honest...

[13:28:57] <Chao> 10 64

[13:29:08] <Aeris> *She returns from the cliff*

[13:29:19] <Aeris> I bring both good news and bad news.

[13:29:23] <Draco> Oh?

[13:29:30] <Mikki> Hmm?

[13:29:52] <Aeris> I have located the other four spirits; they are actually heading in this direction. It would be wise to stay here and let them come to us.

[13:30:37] <Mikki> That cuts us some slack!

[13:30:53] <Aeris> The bad news is that I also sensed a grave disturbance in the wind; usually that is indicative of a foreboding or disastrous event in the future...

[13:31:23] <Aeris> Unfortunately, it is beyond my power and expertise to track that exact sensation to one particular person or object.

[13:31:43] <Draco> Is there any way we could follow it?

[13:31:51] <Draco> Once the other spirits get here, that is.

[13:31:59] <Aeris> Perhaps...

[13:32:04] <Akkie> -temporary poof-away-

[13:32:09] <Akkie> /afk

[13:32:13] <Keiji> http://i379.photobucket.com/albums/oo232/Zeltic456/Untitled-1-2.png ohgoshsocute

[13:32:25] <Chao> 10 269

[13:33:10] <Sig> I wonder what will happen when we follow the evil sensation...

[13:33:41] <Ringo> Nothing good if the past five arcs were any indication of that.

[13:33:51] <Chico> ...Past five arcs?

[13:34:18] <Ringo> ....Never mind. You wouldn't know about what went on back then...;;

[13:34:31] <Chico> :I...

[13:34:39] <Chao> [Soon, Seriri, Unda, and Juichi arrive.]

[13:34:45] <Seriri> 3

[13:34:55] <Unda> 3

[13:35:02] <Juichi> 3

[13:35:12] <Seriri> Dracie~♥....and Ms. UTAU Hair. >:T

[13:35:29] <Ringo> Well hello to you too, Seriri

[13:35:42] <Akkie> MOMIJI

[13:35:47] <Mikki> ouo

[13:35:53] <Unda> Aeris!! I um uh um um um I found you! *hug*

[13:36:03] <Mikki> -throws self to Seriri-

[13:36:16] <Draco> *looks at Unda and Seriri flying in their bubbles*

[13:36:24] <Draco> Uh... where'd you learn to fly like that, Seriri?

[13:36:46] <Mikki> -ends up entering the water bubble, breathed in a bit of water, gets out, oh well she tried-

[13:36:53] <Seriri> Unda's magic here made it possible. I'm hopeful I'll be able to do this on my own one day :D

[13:37:15] <Aeris> I am glad you're safe, Unda.

[13:37:17] <Draco> Well, at least we won't be taking a cripple round everywhere now

[13:37:21] <Mikki> I can do it! :D

[13:37:31] <Keiji> Also can we have a new cue

[13:37:34] <Keiji> @cue

[13:37:34] <Keiji> 10 70

[13:37:42] <Keiji> ...that was inappropriate

[13:38:32] <Chao> 10 41

[13:38:45] <Keiji> <3 iji music

[13:39:05] <Aeris> Where are the others?

[13:39:07] <Juichi> Cool it, Draco.

[13:39:21] <Unda> Uh uh uh um uh uh um um I uh I don't know D:

[13:39:42] <Draco> You expect a firebreathing dragon girl to "cool" it?

[13:39:52] <Tech> *snickering*

[13:40:03] <Tech> A HOT firebreathing dragon girl at that!

[13:40:13] <Seriri> *DEATH glare at Tech*


[13:40:54] <Draco> Alright, anyway...

[13:40:58] <Akkie> Akkie approval rate is very much beyond charts.

[13:41:01] <Draco> Where ARE the others, indeed?

[13:41:05] <Mikki> "I"...

[13:41:28] <Mikki> YOU can do it! ._.;

[13:41:30] <Chao> [Soon after everyone is bickering about that, Witch, Theta, Klug, Schezo arrive with Ralie.]

[13:41:43] <Klug> 3

[13:41:45] <Mitsuki> 3

[13:41:46] <Mikki> Huh? Hey!

[13:41:51] <Klug> Oh god it's the Loser squad!

[13:41:53] <Theta> 3

[13:41:58] <Ralie> 3

[13:42:02] <Schezo Wegey> 3

[13:42:13] <Draco> Loser squad?

[13:42:26] <Mikki> Klug!

[13:42:29] <Ralie> Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Spirits! Wassup?!

[13:42:43] <Mikki> Today might be your lucky day!

[13:42:48] <Ringo> Look who's calling who a loser.

[13:42:55] <Keiji> 12 293 t-'Compile - Her dream is to be a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER (Amitie Theme) (20th)'+'Compile - Her dream is to be a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER - Amitie\'s Theme (20th)'

[13:43:07] <Klug> For your information, I SAVED that Puyo Spirit, so :P

[13:43:28] <Mikki> We all saved Puyo Spirits! We should all be proud of ourselves! I suppose.

[13:43:35] <Aeris> Which just leaves Serra and Charyl...

[13:43:56] <Keiji> 10 89

[13:44:00] <Unda> I hope um uh Charyl's not feeling...um..uh...angry?

[13:44:18] <Ralie> Man, whatever. She's ALWAYS angry. *eyeroll*

[13:44:29] <Chico> *looks around shyly*

[13:44:46] <Sig> Hi Witch, Hi Theta, Hi Pervert.

[13:44:53] <Mikki> She must sound like someone we know! :3

[13:44:57] <Chico> *cling to Draco... like Rider might...* Who are all these people..?

[13:45:17] <Mikki> They're all pals, Chico!

[13:45:41] <Tech> Three of them are Puyo Spirits. The others are...friends I guess? Except that guy with the glasses.

[13:45:42] <Schezo Wegey> That's Mr. Pervert to you, Sig

[13:45:45] <Mikki> To an extent?

[13:45:57] <Sig> I'm sorry, Mr. Pervert.

[13:46:02] <Mitsuki> And Mrs. Pervert :x

[13:46:54] <Mitsuki> Anyway.

[13:47:26] <Mitsuki> *tosses that Chaos Drive she found to Draco* We found this outside the Solar Star Powerhouse.

[13:47:28] <Mitsuki> Where Ralie was.

[13:47:49] <Tech> *gets all wide-eyed at it*

[13:47:51] <Draco> *catches it* Hm...

[13:48:05] <Draco> Anyone know what this might be..?

[13:48:24] <Ringo> Uh, your guess is as good as mine for this variable. :X

[13:48:38] <Juichi> It reminds me a bit of Nanako's Crystals...

[13:49:02] <Tech> It's like something out of a video game made by a third party hobbling on one leg...

[13:50:00] <Chao> [And finally, Harpy and Camus arrive with Charyl and Keiji's Ex Serra]

[13:50:06] <Mikki> Looks interesting, nevertheless!

[13:50:12] <Keiji> 10 290

[13:50:14] <Serra> 3

[13:50:15] <Mikki> OOC: Hey, it's Keiji's pals and his ex!

[13:50:21] <Charyl> 3

[13:50:24] <Keiji> First bit reminds me of Keep the Faith :3

[13:50:26] <Camus> 3

[13:50:37] <Akkie> Suddenly, Cirnos. :3

[13:50:38] <Harpy> 3

[13:50:49] <Harpy> Draco! ♪

[13:50:56] <Charyl> Holy shit we're all here!

[13:51:00] <Mikki> Hey, Harpy!

[13:51:02] <Draco> Am I glad to see you~

[13:51:04] <Serra> Hey sisters~

[13:51:13] <Seriri> Harpy!

[13:51:15] <Mikki> So, we're all here!

[13:51:20] <Harpy> Looks like we're all together, doesn't it♪

[13:51:32] <Mikki> ... except, not all of us are here. I guess?

[13:51:39] <Aeris> All five of us are united again...

[13:51:45] <Ralie> FUCK YEAH

[13:52:32] <Tech> Heh, I've never seen so many females gathered in one place before...

[13:52:42] <Keiji> *compelled to count them...*

[13:52:57] <Tech> OOC: Sure'd be one hell of an orgy.

[13:53:13] <Mikki> Feli said something about something and reuniting the Puyo Spirits...

[13:53:26] <Keiji> 13 girls, 7 guys (counting Ralie as a guy)

[13:53:36] <Mikki> OOC: It's never complete without a blueberry muffin and her girlfriend. Which are absent. :<

[13:53:37] <Chao> omfg

[13:54:07] <Mikki> OOC: Wait, they're not.

[13:54:35] <Chao> 10 132

[13:54:40] <Keiji> 11 310 k+'yt/1Ga0I01W0jI' t+'Touhou - Keep the Faith'

[13:54:47] <Keiji> 10 310

[13:54:54] <Keiji> You're too fast D:

[13:55:18] <Keiji> 12 310 t-'Touhou - Keep the Faith'+'Touhou - Keep the Faith (Silver Forest)'

[13:55:26] <Klug> So now with all five spirits gathered...we can have ultimate magical power! Erm...I mean we can save the planet or something. I guess that would make me famous too...

[13:55:28] <Akkie> brb gonna eat a donut

[13:55:41] <Mikki> Ultimate power to save the world! Yay!

[13:55:57] <Mikki> -bashes Klug with her wand- Don't get any ideas. <3

[13:55:59] <Charyl> Oh great ANOTHER Douchebag

[13:56:15] <Ralie> Everyone's a douchebag to you.

[13:56:18] <Theta> Can we stop hitting out at one another please? Thanks.

[13:56:31] <Ringo> I'm with Sis here

[13:56:40] <Theta> Now is not the time for bickering

[13:57:05] <Theta> But... now that we have these Puyo Spirits assembled... what do we do next?

[13:57:06] <Sig> Nope.

[13:57:10] <Sig> Uh...

[13:57:38] <Theta> http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lde1yf8H3O1qd31ve.jpg

[13:57:42] <Keiji> nickfail

[13:57:55] <Camus> Their power combined can create a miracle. So I've heard multiple times.

[13:58:03] <Serra> That would be correct.

[13:58:28] <Mikki> ... anyone has a spell that prevents tracking?

[13:58:29] <Serra> But I think we should use our combined powers to resolve other things before exhausting ourselves to death like that...

[13:59:14] <Aeris> I sensed a disturbing presence in the wind. The Abysian wants to follow it.

[13:59:14] <Keiji> 10 132

[13:59:24] <Draco> The Abysian?

[13:59:38] <Mikki> ... which Abysian?

[13:59:40] <Unda> Uh Um...I think she means you?

[13:59:49] <Draco> Oh, well.

[13:59:51] <Unda> You have horns and green hair and um uh um um

[13:59:55] <Draco> My name's Draco, you don't have to be confusing~

[14:00:02] <Serra> ...Fake Arle.

[14:00:11] <Serra> That's what you sensed.

[14:00:25] <Ringo> Not Ecolo?

[14:00:45] <Mikki> The Arle ma spoke with?

[14:00:50] <Charyl> Ecolo?? Pfft, that bitch is dead.

[14:01:01] <Sig> :o

[14:01:01] <Mikki> He's what!?

[14:01:16] <Clocger> 3

[14:01:33] <Mikki> -takes out an unconscious Clocger from hyperspace-

[14:01:35] <Seriri> Dead?! *looks at Draco and Witch*

[14:01:48] <Draco> Well, it's about time isn't it?!

[14:01:58] <Clocger> [Clocger still working? Y/N]

[14:02:03] <Rider> I-Indeed...

[14:02:09] <Clocger> [Doomsday Clocger, that is.]

[14:02:24] <Chao> [N. Ecolo's death]

[14:02:31] <Keiji> 10 171

[14:02:49] <Draco> Doesn't surprise me that Fake Arle's turned evil by now, though...

[14:02:52] <Clocger> -doomsday clock has stopped working and has reverted back to normal time-

[14:02:55] <Draco> After all those kidnappings and so on...

[14:03:07] <Serra> She's gone beyond evil...

[14:03:11] <Mikki> And the grudge she must have held for being stuck in Neptune...

[14:03:28] <Charyl> She's doing fucking crazy science experiments on little girls and stuff!

[14:03:45] <Charyl> Turning them into monsters.

[14:03:58] <Mikki> She also seems to have a plan with this- monsters little girls WHAT?

[14:04:15] <Serra> Synthetic Biology, to be precise. I pity poor Gypsum and Marcus...

[14:04:54] <Akkie> 11 311 k+'bc/homestuck/black-rose-green-sun' t+'Homestuck - Black Rose / Green Sun'

[14:05:03] <Chao> 10 150

[14:05:14] <Sig> ...

[14:05:27] <Akkie> srsly first part makes me think of harlequin

[14:05:48] <Ringo> Marcus?! A m-monster??

[14:05:53] <Akkie> 11 312 k+'bc/homestuck/at-the-price-of-oblivion' t+'Homestuck - At the Price of Oblivion'

[14:05:55] <Ringo> Son of a digit...

[14:06:10] <Mikki> Gy-Gypsum!?

[14:06:20] <Mikki> It's one thing to get Marcus... but...

[14:06:24] <Mikki> Gypsum too!?

[14:06:28] <Ringo> That's just plain unforgivable!

[14:06:44] <Theta> ...it sounds like we don't know anywhere near as many things as we ought to, at this point.

[14:06:57] <Theta> Like what the heck Fake Arle is DOING out there.

[14:07:17] <Aeris> Even we do not know that...

[14:07:37] <Serra> Satan went to confront her.

[14:07:55] <Serra> We were sent away when he did, so we don't know what happened.

[14:08:10] <Serra> For all we know, He, Arle, Nanako, and the others could be dead.

[14:08:22] <Serra> Or Angolian beasts

[14:08:53] <Mikki> Err...

[14:08:59] <Mikki> How strong is this Fake Arle again?

[14:09:10] <Tech> Geez, she must be Grade A boss material here.

[14:09:23] <Charyl> She's a fucking "two".

[14:09:54] <Ringo> AKA we shouldn't even try to scratch her. Great.

[14:10:18] <Draco> Well, there must be something we can do.

[14:10:29] <Mikki> No.

[14:10:30] <Mikki> No.

[14:10:32] <Draco> (Probably not me though, with my complete lack of magic whatsoever and all...)

[14:10:34] <Mikki> Just.

[14:10:35] <Mikki> Freaking.

[14:10:41] <Mikki> No. WHY.

[14:11:06] <Seriri> Ecolo was a one all that time and that never stopped us before.

[14:11:07] <Mikki> Er...

[14:11:08] <Keiji> 10 165

[14:11:37] <Seriri> If we all band together like this and take on her full force, we could at least stop her scheming until we can get a better grip on the situation??

[14:11:43] <Mikki> Zero times a lot, in which zero actually equals one, against one one, in which the one equals more than two.

[14:11:50] <Mikki> Wait, this is stupid...

[14:12:00] <Tech> Fail math

[14:12:07] <Mikki> I'm aware.

[14:12:16] <Mikki> Hey, wait.

[14:12:26] <Draco> So, Charyl... you seem to know a lot about this whole situation.

[14:12:27] <Mikki> What should we do with THIS? -holds out Clocger-

[14:12:36] <Charyl> Yeah?

[14:13:21] <Draco> You and Serra were sent away... from where?

[14:13:34] <Charyl> Satan's Castle.

[14:13:52] <Camus> Arle, Lagnus, Angol, and Nanako went with him.

[14:13:59] <Serra> AND BAKA~♥

[14:14:05] <Camus> ..and baka.

[14:14:13] <Mikki> ... what kind of baka?

[14:14:16] <Mikki> She sounds endearing!

[14:14:58] <Harpy> Camus and I were with them too and came back with the spirits♪

[14:15:28] <Camus> Yeah...

[14:15:58] <Mikki> So yeah, not everyone is here...

[14:16:39] <Keiji> checking logs

[14:16:44] <Keiji> annoyingly

[14:16:53] <Keiji> nobody who visited Kanon is in this party here

[14:17:00] <Keiji> even as fucking enormous as it is at 21 characters

[14:17:16] <Keiji> I believe the Kanon visitors were Satan, Arle, Omega, Daichi and Lagnus

[14:17:28] <Keiji> http://cw.nanako.cc/wiki/:ChatLog/Compile_Worlds/45

[14:17:50] <Keiji> 12 271 t-'Compile - Surge of the Crimson Scream (S. Klug Theme)'+'Compile - Surge of the Crimson Scream - S. Klug\'s Theme'

[14:18:08] <Chao> Arle is dead, Omega, Satan, Lagnus and Angol are at Satan's Castle, and Daichi could actually be here right now if I wasn't being a derp.

[14:18:09] <Akkie> They're all pretty busy being angsted or whatted by Farle.

[14:18:12] <Keiji> 10 65

[14:18:19] <Akkie> Where's Liechi?

[14:18:23] <Keiji> > Arle is dead

[14:18:23] <Keiji> nope

[14:18:36] <Chao> Well, she's not dead

[14:18:43] <Keiji> She gave herself to Fake Arle

[14:18:49] <Chao> but she's not exactly able to appear and expose about Kanon either

[14:18:59] <Keiji> Where is Daichi, then?

[14:19:40] <Chao> [In the sky, Lemres and Daichi are riding on the former's broom. They land in the 21-man-orgy below]

[14:19:46] <Keiji> no they don't

[14:19:57] <Chao> jojojlkjk

[14:20:04] <Mikki> Hmm...

[14:20:05] <Keiji> also it's not a 21-man orgy

[14:20:22] <Keiji> it's a 13-girl, 7-guy, 1-weirdclockthingy orgy

[14:20:44] <Mikki> Won't it be great if they'd suddenly fall from the sky, right here, right now, battered but alive?

[14:20:52] <Mikki> And somewhat successful? Or something?

[14:20:56] <Keiji> [Suddenly VVVVVV teleporting noises.]

[14:21:05] <Chao> but yeah he's with Lemres, who rescued him from Whitespace in Ep. 50]

[14:21:10] <Mikki> -Chrono Trigger teleport-

[14:21:58] <Akkie> 11 313 k+'yt/SGwL97BRAOE' t+'Umineko - deadangle'

[14:22:01] <Chao> 10 113

[14:22:02] <Keiji> [The Puyo Spirits disappear, along with Theta and Harpy.]

[14:22:18] <Theta> 4

[14:22:19] <Harpy> 4

[14:22:22] <Charyl> 4

[14:22:23] <Serra> 4

[14:22:24] <Aeris> 4

[14:22:25] <Unda> 4

[14:22:26] <Akkie> nickfail wow

[14:22:27] <Ralie> 4

[14:22:33] <Mikki> Wait... what?

[14:22:38] <Ringo> O_O

[14:22:49] <Keiji> 10 274

[14:22:56] <Camus> Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!

[14:23:01] <Draco> ...so... we just had the Spirits... and now they're gone?

[14:23:04] <Camus> And we just gathered them too!

[14:23:04] <Draco> NOW how do we save the world?

[14:23:17] <Tech> Uh...I dunno.

[14:23:23] <Tech> :X

[14:23:23] <Mikki> Uhhrrm...

[14:23:28] <Mikki> -shaking the Clocger-

[14:23:46] <Keiji> NOW Lemres and Daichi can appear and land in the slightly smaller orgy.

[14:23:54] <Daichi> 3

[14:23:58] <Lemres> 3

[14:24:13] <Daichi> *witnessed the teleports and the end of that conversation*

[14:24:17] <Lemres> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we are, back in not-Primp~☆

[14:24:26] <Daichi> Have some patience, guys...

[14:24:28] <Mikki> He~ey!

[14:24:32] <Daichi> Where do you think they teleported to?

[14:24:52] <Camus> Hopefully not some hell-hole Fake Arle concocted.

[14:24:52] <Mikki> I'll understand the Puyo Spirits teleporting off...

[14:25:00] <Mikki> But Theta and Harpy too...

[14:25:02] <Daichi> It's not Fake Arle...

[14:25:06] <Daichi> It's not anybody evil.

[14:25:26] <Lemres> Fake Arle is too busy to be teleporting anyone~

[14:25:41] <Mikki> Too busy with making lives too monstrous to be miserable?

[14:25:54] <Klug> So if it's not just some villain out to screw us over, than who DID teleport them?

[14:26:19] <Sig> If it's not anybody evil, then it has to be someone good right?

[14:26:20] <Daichi> There's only one person it can be, right..?

[14:26:40] <Daichi> Someone who hasn't shown up for far too long... but I'm sure she's doing her job wherever she is.

[14:26:50] <Mikki> It's good she is!

[14:27:09] <Sig> You mean that goddess that Lagnus was yelling about at Rulue's house?

[14:27:16] <Mikki> ... where are they in the binary system?

[14:27:18] <Sig> El...dor...ado

[14:27:23] <Sig> or something.

[14:27:23] <Daichi> ELDORA.

[14:27:31] <Sig> Yay!

[14:27:48] <Ringo> You tried, Sig...

[14:27:50] <Ringo> You tried.

[14:28:05] <Seriri> Eldora?

[14:28:33] <Camus> According to ancient legends, she and Satan built a path to another world here and hid it away.

[14:28:34] <Keiji> 10 129

[14:29:01] <Daichi> If anyone's going to save us, and the world, it's her.

[14:29:13] <Mikki> Ehhrrrmmm... -holding out Clocger-

[14:29:18] <Daichi> I don't think any of US would be capable of using the Puyo Spirits' powers how they should be.

[14:29:35] <Draco> -snap at Mikki- What is it with you and your silly clockfrogthing?!

[14:29:41] <Klug> Who are you to talk so condescending to the ones that saved him?!

[14:29:57] <Seriri> *fish tail slaps Klug*

[14:30:01] <Seriri> Ignore him

[14:30:01] <Keiji> (him?)

[14:30:12] <Chao> *them

[14:30:17] <Mikki> -gasp- Klug is being nice!

[14:30:38] <Mikki> Anyway, just a while ago, he was a doomsday clock.

[14:31:07] <Mikki> Last time I saw him, he was at 11-something.

[14:31:08] <Lemres> Maybe he'll rouse for a caramel chew?~

[14:31:24] <Lemres> *puts a candy in the frog's mouth*

[14:31:31] <Draco> Well.

[14:31:37] <Mikki> Hmm...

[14:31:40] <Draco> Even if our world is being saved by a goddess and some spirits... we should still do something.

[14:31:52] <Tech> Like what?

[14:32:01] <Mikki> -fiddles with the key on Clocger-

[14:32:07] <Clocger> 6 s-'Unconscious'+''

[14:32:08] <Keiji> 10 129

[14:32:29] <Keiji> (Anyone know where Nanako was last seen?)

[14:32:39] <Chao> (...with Satan)

[14:32:57] <Clocger> Tick... tock...

[14:33:03] <Keiji> (oh okay)

[14:33:04] <Akkie> I'll be going to sleep REALLY soon.

[14:33:08] <Akkie> Just a heads up.

[14:33:13] <Keiji> You can go now if you like

[14:33:27] <Keiji> we can switch to the new Eldora party

[14:33:29] <Keiji> :3

[14:34:01] <Akkie> Well, nobody's calling me yet, so...

[14:34:08] <Akkie> I'll be gone once people start calling me.

[14:34:29] <Chao> It's still probably a good time to switch parties.

[14:34:30] <Clocger> Huh... what...

[14:34:38] <Keiji> The current situation's a bit single-threaded.

[14:34:46] <Keiji> It's just everybody v Fake Arle and her minions

[14:35:01] <Keiji> If there were some side conflicts this orgy party would have something better to do

[14:35:18] <Chao> How to create side conflicts

[14:35:24] <Akkie> Puyo has about a million characters.

[14:35:40] <Akkie> There's Dark Matter, and Wish, and the OTHER elemental spirits...

[14:36:01] <Chao> I'll think of something. Meanwhile, we can switch to Eldora's party and figure out what's going on there.

[14:36:06] <Keiji> okay

[14:36:10] <Draco> 4

[14:36:10] <Mitsuki> 4

[14:36:10] <Juichi> 4

[14:36:10] <Schezo Wegey> 4

[14:36:10] <Daichi> 4

[14:36:10] <Chico> 4

[14:36:10] <Keiji> 7

[14:36:13] <Akkie> Clocger cliffhanger FTW!

[14:36:15] <Seriri> 4

[14:36:15] <Sig> 4

[14:36:15] <Ringo> 4

[14:36:15] <Rider> 4

[14:36:15] <Klug> 4

[14:36:15] <Lemres> 4

[14:36:15] <Tech> 4

[14:36:15] <Camus> 4

[14:36:15] <Chao> 7

[14:36:15] <Keiji> too lazy to unclaim all

[14:36:15] <Keiji> lol

[14:36:18] <Mikki> 4

[14:36:19] <Clocger> 4

[14:36:20] <Keiji> 10 0

[14:36:22] <Aeris> 3

[14:36:26] <Unda> 3

[14:36:31] <Charyl> 3

[14:36:35] <Akkie> And the rainbows were barfed. :D

[14:36:38] <Ralie> 3

[14:36:43] <Serra> 3

[14:37:35] <Akkie> Sapropel Insects... Rot...

[14:37:49] <Akkie> Count-chan...

[14:38:03] <Akkie> Good 'ole Lucifer, who we know little about.

[14:38:04] <Keiji> 10 159

[14:38:15] <Eldora> 3

[14:38:28] <Harpy> 3

[14:38:33] <Theta> 3

[14:40:09] <Keiji> [The setting is a large room with white tiled floor, walls and ceiling... there are no windows or exits from the room in sight. The room is lit, but nobody can be sure what's lighting it, as it seems virtually empty, other than Eldora and the 7 characters who just teleported there.]

[14:40:29] <Keiji> 10 32

[14:40:48] <Serra> E-Eldora-Sama!! *bows*

[14:41:02] <Eldora> ...Looks like I finally did it.

[14:41:18] <Unda> Um....did what?

[14:41:53] <Eldora> After being stuck in my prison for what humans might call an eternity...

[14:42:13] <Eldora> Still, I must thank everyone who worked to free you.

[14:42:21] <Theta> You're... welcome?

[14:42:38] <Ralie> Yeah, those dudes are awesome, even if they are a bit crazy.

[14:42:52] <Harpy> *hovers knowingly...*

[14:43:04] <Aeris> We too are thankful for those who saved us from our imprisonment.

[14:43:22] <Theta> But uh... who are you... "Eldora-sama"?

[14:43:51] <Keiji> 10 32

[14:44:16] <Serra> She is the goddess of Gaias! Or at least she was until the others demoted her for stopping the molting process.

[14:44:58] <Charyl> To be frank, it's more like she's the goddess of the entire solar system that Ecolo blew up.

[14:45:38] <Eldora> As you know... there is one out there who has put all the Compile Worlds at stake.

[14:45:49] <Theta> Fake Arle, right?

[14:45:55] <Eldora> You would call her that, yes.

[14:46:19] <Eldora> She is also the one who imprisoned me.

[14:46:31] <Unda> Oh no...!

[14:46:49] <Eldora> But now that you Spirits are here... I'm sure you're powerful enough to free me.

[14:47:03] <Charyl> We are!

[14:47:08] <Charyl> Isn't that right?

[14:47:12] <Serra> Indeed.

[14:47:23] <Keiji> 10 160

[14:47:50] <Ralie> So what are we waiting for? Let's jailbreak her!

[14:48:52] <Akkie> -jailbreak-

[14:48:57] <Akkie> -ohgog-

[14:49:08] <Chao> [The five, assuming the room is her prison, begin to exerting a large amount of power against one of the walls. It completely crumbles from their combined onslaught.]

[14:49:57] <Aeris> Theoretically, you should be free to escape now.

[14:50:13] <Ralie> And we didn't even break a sweat!

[14:50:25] <Eldora> *shakes her head* Open your eyes.

[14:50:33] <Eldora> This room you see is not my real prison.

[14:50:51] <Eldora> It's where you are, but it's not where I am...

[14:51:01] <Akkie> WMG:

[14:51:07] <Serra> Well, that makes me feel sheepish

[14:51:12] <Akkie> Fake Arle is Cycless Supreme Existence.

[14:51:21] <Aeris> Hence, theoretically.

[14:51:28] <Akkie> CSE embodiment of Arle.

[14:51:36] <Keiji> CSE?

[14:51:56] <Chao> 10 81

[14:52:16] <Eldora> Please... look at the real surroundings.

[14:52:22] <Eldora> Not the ones your eyes show you.

[14:52:53] <Serra> Forgive our blunder.

[14:53:16] <Unda> This time we'll um...actually unseal you.

[14:55:21] <Chao> [Focusing on the invisible real surroundings, the spirits once again channel their power into freeing Eldora from her prison, this time with proper aim and focus. Of course, since it's not a fake wall, it takes more effort, but they still tear it apart with somewhat ease.]

[14:55:41] <Chao> (am I doing something wrong here?)

[14:55:46] <Keiji> (No, thank you)

[14:56:05] <Akkie> http://puyonexus.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=178

[14:56:27] <Keiji> [Finally, the ceiling and walls disintegrate entirely, leaving the occupants soon to see the floor is in fact the courtyard of the Angel Acadamy, and was all along.]

[14:56:46] <Keiji> [Eldora had been sealed up in her own home, and hidden from everyone else...]

[14:56:55] <Chao> Woah...holy crap. She's good, man.

[14:57:01] <Keiji> ?

[14:57:02] <Chao> ..nickfail

[14:57:10] <Ralie> Woah...holy crap. She's good, man.

[14:57:13] <Chao> tha

[14:57:15] <Chao> r

[14:57:30] <Kanon> 3

[14:57:34] <Kanon> Eldora!

[14:57:36] <Chao> 10 32

[14:57:48] <Keiji> 10 81

[14:57:52] <Keiji> we already ahd that

[14:57:56] <Serra> !

[14:58:00] <Serra> Could it be?...

[14:58:02] <Liechi> 3

[14:58:06] <Aeris> Kanon?

[14:58:10] <Liechi> Eldora-sama!♪

[14:58:51] <Liechi> It's good to see all of you!

[14:59:09] <Aeris> You as well.

[14:59:26] <Eldora> Long time no see, Kanon-sensei.

[14:59:37] <Eldora> Who is the new girl?

[14:59:51] <Liechi> Liechi, at-your-service!♥

[15:00:14] <Kanon> Pay her no mind, she prefers tea making to actual angel studies...

[15:00:30] <Theta> ...

[15:00:33] <Theta> so uh

[15:00:39] <Theta> What am /I/ doing here, again?

[15:00:45] <Charyl> Yeah

[15:00:56] <Charyl> and the floating halo lady too?

[15:01:18] <Ralie> Well, you're not a goddess or a spirit, so you must be pretty special in some other way.

[15:01:29] <Kanon> Harpy... was actually an old student of ours.

[15:01:53] <Kanon> Though she doesn't remember it.

[15:01:54] <Serra> I see... :o

[15:02:35] <Eldora> As for Theta...

[15:03:28] <Eldora> We needed an outside witness, and you were the most sensible pick. Open-minded, powerful, and in an easy situation to summon.

[15:03:41] <Theta> *blush* Well... thanks for the compliment, I guess..?

[15:03:54] <Unda> Teehee~

[15:04:23] <Keiji> 10 36

[15:04:32] <Eldora> In any case.

[15:05:43] <Eldora> We must cleanse Arle of her mass destructive powers.

[15:05:56] <Eldora> And bring back the Worlds she destroyed.

[15:06:35] <Eldora> Primp... Ringo's World... and while you're at it... I could use some help with Gaias...

[15:06:43] <Serra> It's a bit of a chore. But we should be able to resolve it all eventually.

[15:07:41] <Keiji> 10 158

[15:07:42] <Akkie> Night! D:

[15:07:47] <Keiji> Night

[15:07:52] <Aeris> The Madou World could also be in danger of her destruction. Before our summoning I sensed a foreboding sensation in the wind.

[15:08:15] <Akkie> 2

[15:08:57] <Charyl> She keeps the pressure mounted for just a single person.

[15:09:10] <Eldora> ...That Arle has just fled from battle.

[15:09:22] <Eldora> It would be best to summon her now. She won't be able to do anything to us here.

[15:09:34] <Unda> Are you sure?

[15:10:07] <Eldora> Along with the two she forced into being her minions.

[15:10:25] <Eldora> *gives Unda a do you doubt me look*

[15:10:47] <Ralie> If Eldora says it's okay, she knows what she's doing.

[15:11:06] <Ralie> Besides, Kanon's here, so it's totally okay.

[15:11:22] <Keiji> [And so, Arle, Gypsum and Marcus are summoned]

[15:11:29] <Arle> 3

[15:11:37] <Gypsum> 3

[15:11:44] <Gypsum> 6 s-'Angolian Dragon Form'+''

[15:11:44] <Keiji> [Not in their dragon forms, either.]

[15:11:49] <Keiji> :P

[15:12:06] <Chao> 10 150

[15:12:27] <Arle> Oh the irony, that I should be summoned here of all places.

[15:12:40] <Gypsum> ...

[15:12:45] <Keiji> 11 314 k+'yt/reC-5pGofks' t+'Chrono Trigger - Sara\'s Theme'

[15:12:48] <Keiji> 10 314

[15:12:51] <Keiji> More like, this

[15:13:22] <Eldora> Firstly... don't try anything, Arle.

[15:13:44] <Eldora> While you're here, you're powerless.

[15:13:56] <Arle> *raises brow* You don't say?

[15:14:23] <Eldora> But I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge your struggles.

[15:14:36] <Arle> Oh?

[15:15:27] <Marcus> 3

[15:15:32] <Keiji> /being forgetful

[15:15:39] <Keiji> 10 314

[15:16:12] <Arle> That's very sweet of you and all, but what exactly are you trying to go for by bringing me here and acknowledging my plans that were laid half to replace you?

[15:17:17] <Eldora> Although it's hard to say... everything you've done makes sense. And in your eyes... is entirely justified.

[15:17:45] <Serra> :o

[15:18:12] <Arle> How humble of you to admit.

[15:18:39] <Eldora> But there is no way I can just sit here and watch as you destroy everything.

[15:18:51] <Chao> 10 314

[15:18:57] <Eldora> The Worlds are precious places.

[15:19:08] <Eldora> What do you get out of destroying them?

[15:20:46] <Arle> Think of it as a drawing. The worlds are a line on that drawing that isn't quite right. I'm simply erasing the line and drawing a new line. To create the new worlds, I use the remains of the old, dead worlds.

[15:21:08] <Eldora> You seek to recreate the Worlds so that everything is how you'd like it.

[15:21:17] <Eldora> But you won't get any satisfaction out of that.

[15:21:56] <Eldora> You want to be acknowledged... so what is the point in replacing everyone with soulless drones that follow you only because you made them?

[15:22:48] <Arle> By "soulless drones", do you mean the clones I had Ecolo develop for me like that Theta over there, or my Neo Angols?

[15:24:19] <Eldora> Those clones weren't soulless, and they don't follow you.

[15:24:47] <Gypsum> *slinks behind Marcus, feeling belittled*

[15:25:08] <Arle> So...my Neo Angol then. :c

[15:25:33] <Eldora> Those two... and the Neo Angol that just fell...

[15:25:43] <Eldora> When they're your minions, their will is completely blocked.

[15:26:15] <Eldora> And you know it, in the back of your mind you know that they are only following you because they've been programmed that way.

[15:26:23] <Arle> ...

[15:26:57] <Arle> In a way, you are right.

[15:28:02] <Keiji> 10 38

[15:28:06] <Arle> I had no satisfaction in destroying the Worlds. I only wanted their Life Energy and Ecolo wasted it by blowing the planets to smithereens. I had amusement in psychologically torturing people, but my true satisfaction...was the birth of Neo Angol.

[15:28:28] <Arle> I created life. Pure, raw life.

[15:28:34] <Eldora> Arle.

[15:28:51] <Eldora> If you want to be a goddess... why must you take away what is already there?

[15:29:37] <Eldora> You would do very well at the Angel Academy right here... you could create your own world full of people who would worship you, and it wouldn't hurt anyone.

[15:31:21] <Arle> But how does one apply for such an academy? It's the god's equivalent of the human's Harvard; it's nearly impossible to get inside, and even if you do there's no guarantee you'll become famous or renowned for what you studied there.

[15:31:30] <Eldora> Surely you jest.

[15:31:59] <Eldora> You, using your powers as a Two, have been more places than I even know of.

[15:32:11] <Eldora> You kidnapped me from this very Academy, and sealed me away.

[15:32:24] <Eldora> How were you able to do that without knowing how this Academy works?

[15:32:40] <Eldora> You must have found out one way or another, even if you didn't intend to.

[15:33:03] <Arle> Perhaps so.

[15:33:12] <Eldora> You need only have asked.

[15:35:16] <Arle> I suppose it would've saved me the trouble of manipulating, murdering, and concocting this grand ploy. But, if I could do such things as rewinding my life without consequence or temporal damage, would I? I simply don't know~♥

[15:36:42] <Eldora> Nobody is suggesting you should rewind time.

[15:37:01] <Eldora> The important question is what you decide to do now.

[15:37:13] <Chao> 10 20

[15:37:54] <Arle> I suppose now you're going to present an ultimatum to me and feed me to that bastard Ekoro if I chose the "wrong answer"

[15:39:13] <Eldora> Putting your insults aside, I actually wanted to hear your answer without pointing you in any particular direction.

[15:39:38] <Arle> Hm...you just get more and more interesting.

[15:40:57] <Keiji> 10 98

[15:41:18] <Arle> Given the choice, without peer pressure, I am, in all respects, leaning towards continuing my plans anyway. It would be interesting to see if such a threat as an "almighty two" could indeed be stopped. However! Since you offered so nicely to let me into your lovely academy for goddesses...

[15:41:28] <Arle> It makes me reconsider...

[15:41:55] <Arle> Many things...

[15:43:35] <Eldora> There is also the matter of your other half, who only recently joined you...

[15:43:49] <Arle> Oh yes, that.

[15:44:12] <Arle> It's not that much different than say, Sig or Eltia...but at the same time, it is.

[15:44:24] <Arle> After all, it's the "real" Arle.

[15:44:33] <Eldora> Not quite.

[15:44:44] <Eldora> Neither of you were the "real" Arle.

[15:44:50] <Arle> :O

[15:45:27] <Eldora> All people have two sides to them.

[15:45:40] <Chao> 10 30

[15:45:42] <Eldora> In your case... the two sides were separated.

[15:45:55] <Ralie> Woah....

[15:46:03] <Arle> So...

[15:46:09] <Arle> All this time...

[15:46:16] <Eldora> Why do you think the "other" Arle was everyone's favorite?

[15:46:43] <Eldora> Because to them, that Arle was perfect in every way.

[15:47:01] <Eldora> Which left "you", with nothing that anyone wanted.

[15:47:06] <Arle> Therefore, I couldn't possibly measure up to their standards.

[15:47:30] <Eldora> Your other side hasn't woken up yet, but she should start showing herself again shortly.

[15:47:51] <Eldora> From then on... you'd be a normal person, if not for the past.

[15:48:30] <Arle> So...no matter what I do, I'll just fade back into the other half.

[15:49:35] <Arle> When she awakens, she'll undoubtedly take the driver's seat.

[15:50:12] <Eldora> Normally, the two sides would function together.

[15:50:31] <Eldora> But since you two have grown up separately... it would be likely you would take turns, with a split personality.

[15:50:49] <Arle> ...Well now :u

[15:51:20] <Arle> So about half the time I'd be in control? :3c

[15:51:29] <Eldora> Perhaps.

[15:52:07] <Arle> *She looks at the Spirits, then at Gypsum and Marcus, then at Theta and the others, then back to Eldora*

[15:52:35] <Keiji> 10 112

[15:52:57] <Arle> If I wont be forgotten....if you are going to be kind to me....and maybe even if I get control...just maybe...

[15:53:09] <Arle> Just once I could sit back and accept it?

[15:53:47] <Arle> It's better than being forced to live a lonely existence in exile...or being slaughtered by a man off his rocker for 600 years.

[15:54:37] <Eldora> *nod*

[15:55:56] <Eldora> The offer's always open to enrol here, too.

[15:56:28] <Arle> Once I see how things work out for me, I'll consider your offer.

[15:57:24] <Arle> *For once, she smiles out of happiness and not out of malice or mischief...* Thank you...Eldora.

[15:57:44] <Eldora> You're welcome.

[15:57:54] <Eldora> It makes a change to resolve something with words, not fighting...

[15:58:14] <Aeris> Indeed.

[15:58:18] <Eldora> With that said...

[15:58:41] <Eldora> *looks at the Puyo Spirits* We have Worlds to restore, do we not?

[15:58:53] <Ralie> Boy we sure do...

[15:59:10] <Serra> There's quite a bit of work to do.

[15:59:39] <Unda> But um uh...I don't know how to say this...but I think they'll be good as new?

[16:00:26] <Arle> *Turns to Gypsum and Marcus* You two are free. I have no need to control you any more. You can flock back to Satan and Angol now.

[16:00:51] <Arle> *giggles* I think Satan's had enough time to bawl his eyes out over not having a minion~


Character text lines: 430
User text lines: 103
Action lines: 101

By character

Mikki: 81
Eldora: 69
Arle: 39
Draco: 30
Serra: 23
Ringo: 19
Aeris: 19
Sig: 16
Tech: 15
Charyl: 14
Theta: 13
Ralie: 13
Unda: 11
Seriri: 10
Daichi: 10
Camus: 8
Klug: 5
Clocger: 5
Mitsuki: 4
Lemres: 4
Kanon: 4
Harpy: 4
Chico: 4
Liechi: 3
Rider: 2
Juichi: 2
Gypsum: 2