Rulue's Vacation Condo (InstanceTopic, 16)

From Compile Worlds

Rulue's Vacation Condo is a huge condo situated on the Coast of Mill in Primp. It is two stories high, and seems more like an actually decent house than a condo. Rulue and Minotauros are it's only residents, and it serves as a counterpart to Rulue's Mansion in the Madou World, much like how Satan's Tower is to Satan's Castle. The condo has only appeared in two episodes of Compile Worlds, and has only actually been explored once. As such, what it's interior is like is mostly unknown, apart from that it probably looks nice and has a tropical theme. It is unknown who else owns a part of the condo or if Rulue is actually buying it from someone else. Nobody knows why Rulue has a condo if she's too selfish to share things with others to begin with.