Episode 60 - Chat log

Start date: Thu May 07, 2015. All times are UTC.

[18:51:45] <Vert> Hmm... So it seems we have no leads after all, then...

[18:52:03] <Nanako> *clamps the book shut* It was a good try, though.

[18:52:14] <Arle Nadja> sigh

[18:52:27] <Compa> Yeah that's right ^-^ i knew we find something in leanbox ^-^

[18:52:45] <Compa> but what now?

[18:52:55] <Lemres> Well, there might be sweets here in Leanbox yet~

[18:53:15] <RanRan> Uh sweets? ran ran can bring you some

[18:53:19] <Lemres> --Or perhaps something more helpful?

[18:53:30] <RanRan> *runs away*

[18:53:45] <Feli> Lemres senpai....

[18:54:12] <Vert> Oh... come to think of it, weren't you saying about the world being in danger earlier?

[18:54:27] <Arle Nadja> Oh, yeah, about that.

[18:54:58] <Compa> Vert? Do you think that dangerous person is as dangerous as arfoire?

[18:55:08] <IF> It hasn't even been that long since we took out Arfoire...

[18:55:12] <Arle Nadja> See there's a man named Angol Mois that could be running around... He's tried to do a lot of evil stuff.

[18:55:22] <Arle Nadja> And a lot of dangerously evil stuff too.

[18:55:41] <Compa> But maybe he isn't in this world

[18:55:56] <Arle Nadja> ...I might be partially to blame for some of it, but I'm not gonna let him take out his rage on me against the entire world!

[18:56:09] <Nanako> ...No, I'm sure... if all of us, and Satan got teleported here

[18:56:21] <Nanako> it's just our luck for Angol to be here too... plus, Satan did mention him...

[18:56:21] <Feli> Even if he is in the other world

[18:56:34] <Feli> There may not be another world for us to return to if we leave him unsupervised

[18:57:04] <Compa> oh so many outworld devils :( i dont want our world destroyed or damaged

[18:57:32] <Lemres> Don't worry, little Compa~ We will do our best to stop Angol from doing any harm~

[18:57:50] <Compa> We will fight at your side of course :)

[18:57:57] <Alpha> 3

[18:58:03] <Alpha> Did somebody mention Angol?

[18:58:13] <Arle Nadja> !! Alpha!!

[18:58:16] <Compa> Uh? Who are you? :)

[18:58:47] <IF> ...it's a good job this Basilicom is large enough for all these random people showing up out of nowhere...

[18:59:06] <Alpha> My apologies...

[18:59:25] <Vert> Now now, Ai-chan, wasn't that a little rude? There's plenty of space here~

[18:59:26] <Alpha> There was a ruckus going on here earlier so I came to investigate, and lo and behold should I find my old friends!

[19:00:04] <Feli> Alpha is harmless for the most part. Pay little mind to his intrusion.

[19:00:15] <Plutia> (I really don'T know what they are talking about =_= maybe i take a little...nap....zzz)

[19:00:28] <Compa> Nice to meet you Alpha :)

[19:00:41] <Alpha> Either way, if you're worried about Angol's magic, I have that taken care of.

[19:00:55] <Nanako> Oh? Someone who knows what's going on?

[19:01:24] <Keiji> 10 360

[19:01:35] <Alpha> Well, I can't say how we got here, but I was still able to work on my project that would disable Angol's magic for good.

[19:01:48] <Alpha> ...At least as long as it's alive!

[19:01:58] <Alpha> Heh heh heh

[19:02:01] <Keiji> does Nanako know anything about this?

[19:02:05] <Keiji> or anyone for that matter

[19:02:18] <Chao> No, Alpha's the only one that knows about his project

[19:02:20] <Keiji> ok

[19:02:32] <Nanako> Disable Angol's magic... for good?

[19:02:34] <Arle Nadja> Ok, that sounded kinnda creepy but I trust you..

[19:02:52] <Compa> Can you explain anything?

[19:03:17] <Alpha> In order to prevent Angol from using magic, one must be using the magic he is trying to use first. If someone is using Angol's magic, then Angol cannot use magic from the same hole in the magical field.

[19:03:46] <Compa> so..you are stronger than this...Angolß

[19:04:01] <Vert> Hmm... magical field? I've never heard of this...

[19:04:04] <Alpha> I created a clone who is always drawing from that hole in the magical field! Therefore, Angol cannot derive his magic from that hole any longer without firs killing the clone.

[19:04:20] <IF> It must be how they use magic in their world, I guess?

[19:04:34] <Nanako> An Angol clone..?

[19:04:59] <Nanako> Wait, is this really a good idea? Like... what if this Angol clone turned evil too..?

[19:05:04] <Compa> talking about magic...i think i call neptune if my room is still alive 0.o

[19:05:22] <Compa> *calls neptune and speaks with her*

[19:05:27] <Alpha> D-Don't worry, I put his concious through a rigorous moral training routine! S-So he wont act evil!

[19:06:00] <Nanako> So, where is this clone?

[19:06:47] <Alpha> It's at my temporary lab not too far from here. I'll lead the way if you like.

[19:07:13] <Lemres> This development is all rather sudden... but it's better than not having anything against Angol.

[19:07:36] <Compa> *stops talking* uh neptune ate all i had left >.<

[19:07:56] <Neptune> 3

[19:08:04] <Neptune> (Ehehe... sorry about that)

[19:08:13] <Neptune> (At least the rest of this place is safe, though!)

[19:08:26] <Compa> (Nep-Nep... ^^'')

[19:08:43] <Neptune> (We threw out the table and cleaned up, it was trashed after all.)

[19:08:54] <Neptune> (And Peashy-chan wants a rematch...)

[19:10:02] <Compa> (Oh no...but thank you for cleaning ^^ Nep-Nep? We met some crazy people. I think they are called Satan and Aplha. Aplha seems nice but Satan wanted to marry Arle. We'll head now to Alpha's lab. See you ^-^)

[19:10:16] <Compa> (Alpha* Sorry)

[19:10:35] <Neptune> Wha? That's a lot to take in at once! --Oh, you're off already...

[19:11:16] <Compa> (do you still wanna stay at my room? i have some money left in my room. You can buy a new computer game)

[19:11:20] <Arle Nadja> *rocks on her heels* ...Oh! Have you seen Gypsum or Auriol?

[19:11:23] <Neptune> Stan and Apple? What weird names everyone has these days...

[19:11:48] <Alpha> No... I have not... I hope they haven't been taken hostage by Satan or something like that.

[19:12:10] <Neptune> (Oh! Thank you Compa-chan! Well, bye now~)

[19:12:12] <Neptune> 4

[19:12:23] <Compa> uh? bye Nep-Nep

[19:12:47] <Compa> *sigh* Nanako? Peashy wants a rematch

[19:13:04] <Nanako> ...She's on, as soon as we find out what the hell is going on here

[19:13:11] <Compa> ^^''

[19:13:31] <Alpha> Shall we?

[19:13:35] <Compa> Yeah ^-^

[19:13:36] <Nanako> Yes, let's...

[19:14:29] <RanRan> *doesn't see the group except the sleeping Plutia* uh? where is that Lemres? Ran Ran found some sweets

[19:14:34] <IF> I feel like I should come along too... (I've never heard of so many things I'm out of the loop on...)

[19:14:41] <RanRan> 4

[19:14:51] <Vert> Awh, Ai-chan? But we still have games to finish..

[19:14:57] <Plutia> 4

[19:15:29] <IF> I'll.. I'll make it up to you somehow, I swear! (But for now, I must investigate...)

[19:15:41] <Chao> [Alpha directs the gang to his temporary Lab in Leanbox. It looks like it was an old Compile Worlds building transported here, thankfully not on top of someone else's residence or the like]

[19:15:53] <Vert> 4

[19:16:05] <Nanako> ...

[19:16:06] <Nanako> WHAT.

[19:16:20] <Nanako> It's...

[19:16:24] <Alpha> I was lucky this was teleported here. :D

[19:16:27] <Nanako> Hey! I thought the FGF Arcade was destroyed!

[19:16:30] <Compa> I've never seen something like this 0.o

[19:16:38] <Alpha> Oh t-this is yours Nanako...?!?!

[19:16:45] <Alpha> Oh my god......

[19:16:47] <Nanako> I haven't seen this since Primp was destroyed!

[19:16:57] <Arle Nadja> Well how about that!

[19:17:03] <Nanako> ...It has new glass everywhere.

[19:17:24] <Alpha> The old glass was broken. D:

[19:17:39] <Nanako> I... I'll resist the urge to cartwheel into it, just this once.

[19:17:49] <Compa> Eeeks ! We forget Plutia? ._.' Ah Yvoire will find her

[19:18:05] <IF> I wouldn't worry about her. She can have a nice rest at...

[19:18:28] <IF> ...well, so long as she really does rest and doesn't end up transforming for any reason...

[19:18:36] <Feli> So... where is this clone?

[19:18:37] <IF> *cough*

[19:18:43] <Compa> uh that would be trgic ^^''

[19:18:56] <Alpha> Ah! Yes! The Clone! Ah hum...

[19:18:59] <Alpha> *clears throat*

[19:19:04] <Alpha> SIGMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[19:19:18] <Sigma> 3

[19:19:28] <Nanako> ...wow, that's one rude way to summon a clone.

[19:19:31] <Sigma> *walks slowly into the room holding a cake*

[19:19:39] <Sigma> You called for me?

[19:19:41] <Nanako> Hey look Lemres, cake


[19:19:57] <Nanako> Called it


[19:20:26] <Compa> Uh i can't win with my pudding against this cake...

[19:20:32] <Sigma> This cake was meant for Alpha chan.... But I suppose you could have it...

[19:20:38] <Lemres> CAKE

[19:20:46] <Lemres> *takes the cake and begins eating*

[19:21:10] <Sigma> Who are these people? Are they guests or intruders?

[19:21:14] <Compa> nice to meet you Sigma ^^ I am Compa! Can i have the recipe? :§

[19:21:32] <Alpha> n-nO! No intruders! Just guests! This is Sigma! Isn't he a marvel?

[19:21:56] <Sigma> The recipie consists of the following ingredients: butter, milk, eggs--

[19:22:06] <Alpha> Ah, no she wants it written down, Sigma.

[19:22:13] <Keiji> ...

[19:22:24] <Compa> Uh that would be nice :)

[19:22:32] <Sigma> Very well.

[19:23:03] <Keiji> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwidwUQmAhk <-- this is what Sigma's ingredient list made me think of

[19:23:23] <Chao> omg

[19:23:44] <Arle Nadja> I'm Arle!

[19:23:52] <Compa> Lemres? What do you think of a pudding with the taste of this cake?

[19:24:48] <Lemres> Ifd bhe imn lofe wifh iht

[19:25:07] <Feli> Lemres senpai, it's rude to talk with your mouth full..

[19:25:16] <Compa> Uh very well ^.^

[19:25:46] <Sigma> I've written the cake recipe. Please take it and follow the instructions to bake the cake.

[19:26:04] <Nanako> *meanwhile, walks inside*

[19:26:10] <Compa> Thank you so much Sigma *gives a little kiss on his cheek*

[19:26:58] <Nanako> Woah, most of this place is just how I left it...

[19:27:10] <Compa> Nanako? What is this place?

[19:27:18] <IF> This is a building from your world, you said?

[19:27:29] <Arle Nadja> It's Nanako's old HQ from Primp, right?

[19:27:38] <IF> How come it's in Leanbox then?

[19:27:44] <Nanako> ...Well...

[19:28:01] <Nanako> to put it simply, where we're from? Buildings teleporting around isn't particularly unusual, somehow.

[19:28:21] <Arle Nadja> It actually shouldn't be here at all right now though, considering Primp got blown up and hadn't been rebuilt by Eldora yet...

[19:28:53] <Nanako> Even so, none of this makes any sense, so it's on par with the rest of what's happened today

[19:29:07] <Alpha> At least it's here now though...

[19:29:17] <Compa> Maybe has Histy some informations about things which are teleported in this world

[19:29:31] <Alpha> Also as you can see Sigma is more interested in baking cakes than world domination.

[19:29:51] <Compa> I would love to bake with him ^^

[19:30:30] <Sigma> Is she suggesting we should forge a baking partnership?

[19:30:40] <Compa> Yeah!

[19:30:50] <Compa> The Cake Alliance!

[19:31:04] <Nanako> *snicker*

[19:31:07] <Sigma> Cake Alliance...

[19:31:28] <Lemres> I whole heartedly support this Cake Alliance.

[19:31:32] <Lemres> Let there be CAKE

[19:31:36] <Compa> And limres gets free cakes and puddings! ^-^

[19:32:13] <Sigma> The next cake must be for Alpha chan though. Only on these terms will I agree to the partnership.

[19:32:30] <Compa> May I help you? :)

[19:32:33] <IF> *starts fiddling with some of the dusty computer equipment while everyone is casually going on about cake*

[19:32:38] <Keiji> 10 0

[19:32:44] <Alpha> W-Why do you insist it must be for me??

[19:32:59] <Keiji> 11 540 k+'yt/jPPwHQ4InZM' t+'????'

[19:33:11] <Nanako> Hey! Don't touch that--!

[19:33:19] <Sigma> Because, Alpha chan, you-- Please be careful with that equipment. Alpha chan will be angry if it breaks.

[19:33:29] <Keiji> [suddenly a screen comes to life]

[19:33:34] <IF> Oooh?

[19:33:38] <Nanako> Ahh...

[19:33:44] <Juichi> 3

[19:33:47] <Sigma> Oh!

[19:33:49] <Compa> If-chan...what did you do?

[19:34:24] <Keiji> 10 540

[19:34:25] <Juichi> *Suddenly pops up on the screen* Okay, okay, what the HELL is going on?

[19:34:39] <Compa> Eeeks! It speaks!

[19:34:40] <Alpha> !!!

[19:34:42] <Nanako> Uh...

[19:34:49] <Nanako> Juichi? What are you doing in there?

[19:34:55] <Nanako> And why are you wearing a hanbok...

[19:35:00] <Juichi> ...

[19:35:12] <Arle Nadja> One strange thing after the other...

[19:35:15] <Juichi> *looks at himself, and his completely gender inappropriate dress*

[19:35:22] <Juichi> Uh. I have no idea, either.

[19:35:57] <Compa> But...it's cute >0<

[19:36:04] <Juichi> I feel like I've been stuck here for 622 years...

[19:36:30] <Arle Nadja> 622 sure is specific.

[19:36:51] <Juichi> Hang on, let me just do an emergency self-diagnostic. I'm sure there was something really important to tell you.

[19:37:01] <Juichi> *five minutes later*

[19:37:04] <Juichi> OH!

[19:37:15] <Juichi> Nanako! It's super-important!

[19:37:34] <Compa> hot news everyone!

[19:37:35] <Juichi> Some idiot set the date 622 years in the future. I was actually only stuck here ten minutes.

[19:37:44] <Juichi> ...That's not the important thing, though!

[19:37:53] <Juichi> Lastation!

[19:37:59] <Nanako> Lastation?

[19:38:06] <Compa> Uh? Noire's home?

[19:38:10] <Juichi> ...You've heard of Lastation, haven't you?

[19:38:35] <Compa> Yeah ^^ Thats one of the 4 big islands here ^^ Noire is the CPU of Lastation

[19:38:43] <Nanako> Oh... Hmm...

[19:38:53] <Juichi> Well, at least someone knows of it, anyway.

[19:38:54] <Feli> So what of this Lastation?

[19:39:30] <Juichi> Histoire's in trouble!

[19:39:41] <Compa> Lastation is a high tech city with many firms and companies. There are many computer nerds who can hack your system maybe

[19:39:47] <Compa> You know Histy?!

[19:39:51] <Juichi> I... honestly don't know who this Histoire is, but she's apparently locked up somewhere in Lastation

[19:39:59] <Juichi> and so I was sent to find help

[19:40:18] <Lemres> Oh dear... that's no good.

[19:40:26] <Compa> We have to find Histy! oh no! Histy is important like the CPU's in this world

[19:40:45] <Compa> She records everything of gameindustrie

[19:40:48] <Arle Nadja> Histy's that important huh?

[19:40:55] <Arle Nadja> Well, then we need to save her!

[19:41:02] <Juichi> Please, come quickly..

[19:41:12] <Compa> Yeah! I can text Noire for help! She can look for her too!

[19:41:12] <Juichi> But... The Basilicom won't let anyone through.

[19:41:37] <Juichi> Noire's the one who asked my assistance, actually...

[19:42:05] <Juichi> I'd ask Nanako to come through the computer network, but the matter assemblers there are offline.

[19:42:19] <Compa> *texts Noire (Hey Noire! We need your help! Histy is in trouble.We met poeple from another world,but details later. We have to go to Lastation but the basilicom won'T let anyone through! Help us please! love Compa)

[19:42:20] <Juichi> And to make matters worse, I can't even be assembled here. So I'm stuck in the computer.

[19:43:04] <Sigma> How unfortunate...

[19:43:08] <IF> Hm... I don't really know how you're inside a computer, but...

[19:43:23] <Juichi> That's it! I can download myself onto one of your phones!

[19:43:28] <Juichi> ...why do you have so many phones, anyway?

[19:43:52] <Compa> Use mine :) I have the number of many people around in gameindustry ^-^

[19:43:53] <IF> Hey, I have a big information network, I gotta have all these phones.

[19:44:03] <Sigma> Cell Phones seem to be a popular peripheral in this world. More investigation is needed.

[19:44:07] <Keiji> Juichi was talking about IF's nine phones

[19:44:28] <Alpha> ...Now that I look you have nine phones...

[19:44:32] <Shinghi> IF has nine phones?

[19:44:35] <Keiji> yep

[19:44:37] <Alpha> that's a lot of phones!

[19:44:39] <Keiji> rotate her model in-game

[19:44:41] <Shinghi> oh...k xD

[19:44:46] <Keiji> all those phone cases on her belt

[19:44:50] <Keiji> I can't imagine they're empty

[19:44:52] <Shinghi> oh...xDD

[19:44:52] <Keiji> and yes, I counted

[19:44:53] <Alpha> But not as many as nine THOUSAND phones! Amirite?

[19:45:01] <Nanako> Enough for Cirno, though.

[19:45:12] <Nanako> Still.

[19:45:26] <Nanako> Sounds like we'd better get going. IF, can you plug your phone in here?

[19:45:37] <IF> Sure... which one, though?

[19:45:51] <Nanako> Whichever has the most specs, I guess.

[19:46:11] <Keiji> [and so Juichi is downloaded onto one of IF's many phones.]

[19:46:31] <Keiji> 12 540 t-'????'+'Analogue - Mute (Rescue)'

[19:46:35] <Keiji> 10 0

[19:46:52] <Keiji> [Main screen turn off, and Juichi appears on IF's phone instead.]

[19:47:01] <Compa> Uh there you are ^.^ Hi

[19:47:06] <Arle Nadja> So, I guess we should head to Lastation then?

[19:47:29] <Compa> Yeah lets go!

[19:47:33] <Nanako> Ah... but like Juichi said, how should we do that>

[19:47:33] <Nanako> ?

[19:47:38] <Compa> hehe...

[19:48:00] <Compa> Plutia,vert,peashy and Neptune are CPU's they can fly when they transformed

[19:48:01] <Arle Nadja> Oh yeah the Basilicom isn't letting anyone through.

[19:48:12] <IF> ...oh, oh gosh

[19:48:16] <Compa> but i think each of them can carry only one

[19:48:18] <IF> you aren't suggesting we do THAT again, are you.

[19:48:35] <Lemres> I can fly with my broomstick~

[19:48:40] <Compa> We dont have another choice

[19:48:45] <Feli> And so ca I with my wings.

[19:48:54] <IF> You have wings?

[19:49:06] <Compa> What?

[19:49:08] <Alpha> Sigma, would you like to join them? I could stay behind and maintain the place.

[19:49:19] <Feli> Do... Do you not see them?

[19:49:29] <Feli> The divine wings of my dinner divinity?

[19:49:30] <Compa> No i cant see themdi u IF?

[19:49:41] <Keiji> I thought they only appeared for Wh... oh wait

[19:49:48] <Keiji> was she White Feli the entire time?

[19:49:57] <Shinghi> yeah

[19:49:58] <Chao> She has been yeah

[19:49:59] <Keiji> bugger

[19:50:01] <Chao> it even says so

[19:50:05] <Keiji> can we retcon that and have her transform D:

[19:50:13] <Keiji> that'd be more epic anyway

[19:50:14] <Chao> Sure why not

[19:50:15] <Shinghi> :D

[19:50:18] <Keiji> DON'T FORGET THE MUSIC

[19:50:35] <Chao> 10 35

[19:50:49] <Feli> Oh, yes... the fall must have untransformed me...

[19:51:01] <Feli> Very well. I shall show you ascension!

[19:51:05] <Compa> i call for the CPU's help *makes a group call of Vert,Neptune,Peashy and Plutia*

[19:52:00] <Chao> [Feli floats into the air, and she becomes engulfed in a bright light. Two wings sprout from her and she is now White Feli (for real). She remains hovering with her wings as the light fades, but she still glows radiantly.]

[19:52:08] <IF> ...You're a CPU too, then..?

[19:52:17] <Compa> So beautiful :0

[19:52:39] <Nanako> ...Err... well, I don't think she's like one of your CPUs. But she does transform like that

[19:52:51] <Compa> (sorry guys,feli just transformed like you. so back to the topic. we need ur HDD form to fly to lastation)

[19:52:57] <Feli> CPU? No. I am but a mere sorceress. Bu I have the holy power of Dinner.

[19:53:05] <IF> ...dinner?

[19:53:13] <Peashy> 3

[19:53:14] <IF> This sounds more like one of Neptune's jokes...

[19:53:16] <Plutia> 3

[19:53:36] <Plutia> (uh? flying? okay =_=)

[19:53:42] <Nanako> ...Well. I think I'll stay here with Alpha. I miss this place, and I really should clean it up

[19:53:52] <Peashy> (I'll take that Nanako! hehe ;) )

[19:54:00] <Nanako> *sees Peashy* and there's another reason to stay here

[19:54:08] <Alpha> Sounds like a plan. Sigma, please accompany the others. I'm sure they'd appreciate your help.

[19:54:11] <Peashy> uuh she noticed ._.

[19:54:20] <Sigma> I'll miss you Alpha chan. :c

[19:54:38] <Sigma> Please take good care of the lab while I am away.

[19:54:42] <Nanako> We'll have our rematch one day. Right now is not the appropriate time or place, and I'm certainly not allowing you to destroy my beautiful FGF Arcade

[19:54:59] <Keiji> 14 n+'FGF Arcade'

[19:55:00] <Peashy> (we'll see nanako.bye!)

[19:55:05] <Nanako> 6 r-'10'+'12'

[19:55:07] <Alpha> 6 r-'3'+'12'

[19:55:09] <Nanako> 4

[19:55:10] <Peashy> *turns her phone off*

[19:55:12] <Alpha> 4

[19:55:22] <Plutia> (see you soon =_=) *turns off*

[19:55:28] <Vert> 3

[19:55:33] <Vert> You called, Ai-chan~?

[19:55:42] <Compa> and what's with you vert and Nep-Nep? :)

[19:55:42] <Vert> I missed you already~!

[19:55:54] <Arle Nadja> Wow, it sure is easy to call the CPUs here!

[19:55:57] <Neptune> 3

[19:56:06] <Arle Nadja> I kinda wished it was that easy to call Eldora back in our own world, hehe.

[19:56:12] <Vert> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'10'+'10'

[19:56:17] <Arle Nadja> But if it was I wouldn't get to kick any butt!

[19:56:18] <Neptune> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'8'+'8'

[19:56:30] <Plutia> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'10'+'10'

[19:56:33] <Neptune> It's easy to get somewhere fast when you can fly.

[19:56:34] <Peashy> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'8'+'8'

[19:56:59] <Neptune> So... who wants to try out the Neptune Special?

[19:57:15] <Compa> Nep-Nep? what is that...,,Special''?

[19:57:21] <Keiji> you know what it is

[19:57:27] <Shinghi> what?

[19:57:31] <Shinghi> xD

[19:57:34] <Arle Nadja> Neptune Special?

[19:57:34] <Keiji> don't you remember that scene lol

[19:57:38] <Keiji> maybe i got the name wrong

[19:57:44] <Keiji> but it was something like that

[19:57:49] <Shinghi> okay? xd

[19:57:58] <Keiji> "Next time I'll show you the Neptune Special" or something

[19:58:03] <Keiji> after Compa was all dizzy

[19:58:06] <Shinghi> okay ^^

[19:58:10] <Keiji> or whoever Neptune was carrying

[19:58:46] <Plutia> Can I take you with me Arle? =_= I fly calm.donÄT worry

[19:59:06] <Arle Nadja> Well, alright!

[19:59:20] <Neptune> ...But, the Neptune Special...

[19:59:24] <Plutia> *takes arle at her schoulder*

[19:59:39] <Neptune> Then, Ai-chan

[19:59:40] <Neptune> ?

[19:59:43] <Peashy> I'll take you Sigma! *grabs Sigma*

[19:59:58] <IF> No way, Vert's the only one I'll allow to carry me..

[20:00:10] <Sigma> A-ah, please don't touch me this suddenly!

[20:00:14] <Vert> Oh my, Ai-chan~ What a nice thing to say~!

[20:00:27] <IF> Ah... *blushes as she realises how that sounded*

[20:00:30] <Lemres> *mounts Broom stick*

[20:00:50] <Compa> Nep-Nep? ;( why are you so mad to me? i did all for you and NOW you are betraying me ;( carry me. I am your best friend!

[20:00:57] <Neptune> Compa-chan!

[20:01:28] <Neptune> I was starting to think nobody needed me. But I'll gladly carry you any day!

[20:01:46] <Arle Nadja> Aw..

[20:01:51] <Compa> I love you all so much but Nep-Nep the most!

[20:02:12] <Compa> thank you nep-nep :,)

[20:02:30] <Neptune> Then, away we go!

[20:03:11] <Keiji> [Neptune's carrying Compa, Vert's carrying IF, Juichi is in IF's phone, Lemres and Feli are flying by themselves, Plutia's carrying Arle and Peashy's carrying Sigma. Perfect]

[20:03:37] <Keiji> (and now to suddenly hand the plot over to Chao)

[20:03:55] <Chao> (are there large TV screens anywhere in Lastation)

[20:04:07] <Chao> (just out of curiosity)

[20:04:09] <Keiji> would certainly hope so, they've got all the tech after all

[20:04:14] <Chao> score

[20:04:22] <Keiji> 10 0

[20:04:30] <Shinghi> but i didn't see any in the game

[20:04:59] <Keiji> let's not worry about the minor details

[20:05:00] <Keiji> :P

[20:05:17] <Shinghi> ah there are some! but not many

[20:06:02] <Chao> [And the brigade of flying Comps and Mages flies to Lastation, the technological heart of Gamindustri. As they do though, they notice huge hoardes of people gathered around a giant TV, as if anticipating something]

[20:06:27] <Keiji> this totally reminds me of the SA2 Eggman TV scene

[20:06:43] <Keiji> 10 396

[20:06:48] <Plutia> Whats going on there =_=?

[20:06:50] <Keiji> WHY DOES THIS SONG COME UP IN THE MENU FOR /cue eggman

[20:06:55] <Keiji> 10 0

[20:06:57] <Chao> 11 541 k+'yt/VgO38SDgiAU' t+'AAI - Calisto Yew Theme'

[20:07:19] <Arle Nadja> Woah, there's a lot of people here...!

[20:07:27] <Keiji> 11 542 k+'yt/CvERHiTfx9w' t+'E.G.G.M.A.N.'

[20:07:32] <Keiji> 10 542

[20:07:33] <Sigma> They appear to be waiting for that TV...

[20:07:37] <Keiji> this is totally fitting

[20:07:53] <Keiji> but feel free to overrule it

[20:08:24] <Feli> I suppose we should see what the fuss is about...

[20:08:33] <Neptune> *is in the middle of her dizzying Neptune Special when she notices the TV, and stops to hover in midair*

[20:08:58] <Compa> Nep-Nep! !!

[20:09:42] <Peashy> Uh do u see that girl there? dat boobies tho

[20:10:54] <Keiji> 10 0

[20:11:15] <Chao> [As if by clockwork, the TV turns on. Everybody gasps in awe below as it turns on. A fancy logo reading "Mois Praline" spells out on the screen. It is shortly followed by the appearance of a talkshow-like room with a woman. The woman is dressed almost identically to Ganache, but with a purple skirt. She has long brown hair and is holding a chocolate bar in her hand.]

[20:11:20] <Chao> 10 541

[20:11:30] <Praline> 5 n+'TV Lady' c+'1' s+'' r+'0' v+'false'

[20:11:39] <Praline> 3

[20:11:51] <Praline> HELLO LASTATION♥

[20:12:00] <Neptune> Ohh... That looks like someone I recognise, but why can't I place it..

[20:12:18] <Compa> Maybe cause you lost your memory?...


[20:12:36] <Chao> [everyone below screams "YEAH" in unison]

[20:12:43] <Compa> Nep-Nep dont look! My Puddings are the only thing you eat :(

[20:12:49] <IF> *turns her phone's camera on so that Juichi can watch the scene below*

[20:13:04] <Neptune> But chocolate...

[20:13:57] <IF> It's probably yucky factory chocolate. You prefer Compa's homemade pudding, don't you?

[20:14:11] <Neptune> Hmm, well if you put it that way... yes, Compa's pudding is the best! ♥

[20:14:25] <Praline> YES! GOOD! We're excited to introduce to you the newest chocolate in our Luxury Chocolate Box line! The Pralatte! Smooth, dark chocolate, coating a warm, caramel and mocha latte creme filled center~♥ You'll melt away as this confectionery genius melts in your mouth!

[20:14:27] <Compa> thank you Nep-Nep I'll beat my authority into your skull!

[20:14:31] <Compa> lol

[20:14:35] <Shinghi> lol

[20:14:39] <Neptune> isn't that Plutia's line

[20:14:42] <Keiji> nickfail

[20:14:51] <Shinghi> the second part is not expected xDD

[20:15:11] <Chao> [A man is shown eating the chocolate on the screen and he nearly pisses himself over how good it seems to taste. A woman is then shown eating it and fainting after the first bite.]

[20:15:34] <Vert> But... why are they showing this chocolate-selling show on such a big screen..?

[20:16:10] <Compa> maybe is chian now really popular with sweets?

[20:16:13] <Compa> ^-^

[20:16:31] <Vert> Somehow, this doesn't seem like the kind of thing that Chian would do, though...

[20:16:40] <Praline> Starting today, you'll be able to taste test the NEW PRALATTE at all of our trusted retail partners and candy shops. Be sure to look forward to the boxed release tomorrow! Don't forget to tune in to tomorrow's show and stay updated on all of your favorite Mois Praline products!♥

[20:16:58] <Chao> [the crowd goes fairly nuts at the announcement of a taste test]

[20:17:04] <Juichi> Wait, did she say "Mois"?

[20:17:11] <Compa> yeah

[20:17:49] <Praline> AND! For a limited time only, we're rereleasing the original chocolate that started it all! The original Mois Chocolate truffle! You know the one~♥

[20:18:07] <Lemres> *practically drooling*

[20:18:16] <Juichi> Yeah, she sure said Mois... That's gotta be the same Mois we know, right Arle?!

[20:18:37] <Arle Nadja> It might be... but why is he advertising chocolate on TV?

[20:18:40] <Compa> please tell us.who is mois?

[20:19:41] <Praline> Well, that's all for today folks! I'm your gorgeous CEO, Praline! Thank you all for tuning in! I love you all!! Mwah mwah, kisses!♥♥ Buh Bye!♥

[20:19:49] <Praline> 6 n-'TV Lady'+'Praline' r-'0'+'0'

[20:19:52] <Praline> 4

[20:20:02] <Compa> CEO?

[20:20:18] <Chao> [The TV shuts off and the crowd immediately tries to start scrambling for their nearest store to get the new chocolates]

[20:20:21] <Keiji> if that was an OOC comment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chief_executive_officer

[20:20:46] <IF> Wow... they're going crazy down there.

[20:20:53] <Shinghi> ah k

[20:20:57] <IF> I'm glad we didn't land yet, or we'd be getting run over left right and center...

[20:21:00] <Arle Nadja> Yeah...

[20:21:14] <Feli> Such an unusual hype for candy...

[20:21:16] <Keiji> (can Arle answer Compa's question btw?)

[20:21:27] <Arle Nadja> Also Angol Mois. His last name is Mois.

[20:21:41] <Compa> Oh no that one!

[20:21:49] <Lemres> Dark Chocolate... Caramel... Mocha Latte Creme... *sobs*

[20:22:33] <Neptune> Well, I can see why everyone's going crazy over them. They ARE pretty enticing. If it wasn't for Compa's pudding, I'd probably be going mad for them too.

[20:23:08] <Vert> But, if this is being run by the same dangerous person you were talking about back in the Basilicom... this sounds like it could be really bad, doesn't it?

[20:23:34] <IF> A front for something sinister, of course...

[20:23:48] <Arle Nadja> Yeah... if Angol is pulling the strings of that company there's gotta be no good for whatever's coming out of there.

[20:24:00] <Lemres> B-But... CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE.


[20:24:16] <Neptune> Anyway, for now, we should probably find a good landing spot..

[20:24:33] <Feli> Yes, lets. My wings grow tired.

[20:24:40] <Plutia> uh? on the basilicom is someone waving

[20:24:43] <Sigma> I want to be on solid ground... ;_;

[20:24:50] <IF> The Basilicom?

[20:24:53] <Plutia> Noire! :)

[20:24:53] <IF> Surely that'd be a trap?

[20:25:19] <Compa> let's land there

[20:25:27] <Arle Nadja> Isn't the Basilicom blocked off though? If we landed there we'd never be able to get out.

[20:25:28] <Keiji> shinghi hold on

[20:25:32] <Keiji> that wouldn't make any sense.

[20:25:48] <Keiji> if Lastation's been taken over again, the Basilicom won't be a safe place

[20:25:52] <Keiji> and Noire wouldn't be there

[20:25:54] <Shinghi> oh yeah xD

[20:26:18] <Plutia> uh i was daydreaming =_= we better land before i start sleeping. i am tired *yawn

[20:26:36] <Neptune> Then, how about we go see Chian again?

[20:27:07] <Feli> Maybe a Lastation native can tell us about this Mois Praline Chocolate Company...

[20:27:41] <Compa> Chian is some of the company runners here in lastation. i think she knows the chocolate company

[20:28:01] <Keiji> everyone going to Chian's place and finding Chian, Singe and Noire tied up y/n

[20:28:13] <Compa> Hi Everyone!

[20:28:19] <Keiji> what?

[20:28:21] <Chao> y

[20:28:31] <Shinghi> we find them or not

[20:28:41] <Keiji> but what was the hi everyone for lol

[20:28:43] <Chao> (that actually gives me some other oppourtunities too)

[20:28:53] <Shinghi> oh tied up xD

[20:28:56] <Keiji> [Finally everyone lands at Chian's place]

[20:29:06] <Chao> 10 0

[20:29:13] <Neptune> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'8'+'9'

[20:29:18] <Vert> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'10'+'9'

[20:29:22] <Juichi> 6 r-'0'+'9'

[20:29:23] <Shinghi> so we didn't get in the house?

[20:29:25] <IF> 6 r-'10'+'9'

[20:29:31] <Sigma> Solid ground. Balance restored.

[20:29:31] <Plutia> 6 r-'10'+'9'

[20:29:32] <Juichi> 6 s-''+'In IF\'s Phone' r-'9'+'9'

[20:29:40] <Peashy> 6 r-'8'+'9'

[20:29:43] <Arle Nadja> 6 r-'10'+'9'

[20:29:48] <Lemres> 6 r-'10'+'9'

[20:29:52] <Feli> 6 r-'10'+'9'

[20:29:57] <Compa> 6 r-'10'+'9'

[20:30:03] <Shinghi> you have to edit compa

[20:30:05] <Shinghi> i can'T

[20:30:08] <Keiji> just did

[20:30:13] <Shinghi> oh yeah xD

[20:30:17] <Keiji> as you can see

[20:30:17] <Sigma> 6 r-'0'+'9'

[20:30:43] <Chian> 5 n+'Chian' c+'9' s+'' r+'9' v+'false'

[20:30:59] <Singe> 5 n+'Singe' c+'0' s+'' r+'9' v+'false'

[20:31:57] <Shinghi> maybe i play one of them?

[20:31:59] <Arle Nadja> So, this is Chian's house?

[20:32:24] <Keiji> sure

[20:32:31] <Keiji> Chao is still up to play Noire?

[20:32:47] <Chian> 3

[20:32:49] <Chao> Sure

[20:33:07] <Keiji> 10 528

[20:33:07] <Chao> I hope I do her justice

[20:33:17] <Noire> 3

[20:33:32] <Keiji> [and everyone bursts into Chian's place]

[20:33:54] <Shinghi> are they gagged?

[20:34:50] <Neptune> Chian~! We came to see you after this weird Prilane lady showed up!

[20:34:53] <Neptune> --

[20:35:06] <Neptune> *suddenly notices the three of them tied up*

[20:35:15] <Neptune> Wa-wa-wah!

[20:35:28] <Arle Nadja> Ah! They're all tied up!!

[20:35:38] <Keiji> (Chao, gagged y/n?)

[20:35:49] <Chao> (y)

[20:35:55] <Chian> mmm mm mmmmm

[20:36:08] <Noire> *muffled yelling*

[20:36:21] <Neptune> Noire! Not you too!

[20:36:46] <Neptune> Don't worry, I'll get my best friend out of there no problem!!

[20:37:07] <Neptune> *runs over and starts tugging at the ropes but just ends up making them worse*

[20:37:25] <IF> Oi, Neptune...

[20:37:34] <Sigma> ...Should I assist you? I know how to untie approximately 14 unique types of knots.

[20:37:35] <IF> that's not going to help, now ..

[20:37:39] <IF> !

[20:37:51] <IF> Well, I was just going to cut the rope, but...

[20:38:15] <Sigma> That is also an appropriate solution. Carry on.

[20:38:38] <IF> *proceeds to cut the ropes and gag and free Noire from them*

[20:38:53] <IF> *and the same for the others*

[20:39:00] <Neptune> Uuuu...

[20:39:01] <Noire> I-It's not like I wanted you to help or anything...

[20:39:18] <Neptune> I wanted to be the one to help her...

[20:39:23] <Chian> Thank you IF *massages her arms*

[20:39:26] <Neptune> We're best buds after all!

[20:39:34] <Compa> are you hurt? :( i can heal you!

[20:39:47] <Noire> I'm fine! I can take care of myself.

[20:39:48] <Neptune> Right Noire? *gives her a big hug*

[20:39:55] <Chian> nah.it's fine

[20:40:00] <Noire> I have to take care of-- Neptune!

[20:40:02] <IF> You say that, but you got all tied up...

[20:40:17] <Singe> 3

[20:40:17] <Singe> *dusts himself off after he is untied*

[20:40:26] <Singe> Still, we must thank you for freeing us.

[20:40:56] <Arle Nadja> Of course! We got the distress call from Juichi and we sent off!

[20:41:00] <Chian> ah.these man.they just got in and ambushes us

[20:41:18] <Keiji> (it was Noire that sent that btw, if it wasn't clear)

[20:41:39] <Shinghi> yeah ^^

[20:41:40] <Noire> (Of course he'd get Neptune involved somehow)

[20:41:41] <Neptune> Yes, yes, you have to take care of me, I understand~ ♥

[20:41:56] <Noire> T-That's not what I m-- Nevermind.

[20:42:48] <Keiji> 10 518

[20:43:21] <Noire> I noticed there was trouble in Lastation again... some woman in a purple suit tricked me into thinking she was Basilicom staff and that I had a day off though, and then I got kicked out of the Basilicom and ambushed.

[20:43:53] <Neptune> Awh, Noire got kicked out again?

[20:44:07] <Noire> I swear I could've handled it by myself though. Lastation is my problem, and mine alone.

[20:44:28] <Noire> But then again am I really fit to be the goddess of Lastation when I always get kicked out of my own Basilicom?

[20:44:44] <Singe> Not just Noire. Chian and I were expelled as well, even after all the hard work we did under her leadership

[20:44:56] <Compa> Of course! But you often fell for many people ^^''

[20:45:02] <Sigma> How Rude...

[20:45:15] <Neptune> Oh, come on! See, this is why you're such a loner... "Handling it by yourself" all the time

[20:45:39] <Neptune> You really should rely on us sometimes too!

[20:46:09] <Vert> Yes.... If it wasn't for Neptune, I'd never have got my power back from Arfoire back then.

[20:46:28] <Noire> Well, aren't you supposed to be doing important things in Planeptune?

[20:46:44] <Neptune> Important things? Naw, what are you thinking of?:)

[20:46:56] <Compa> Noire,Chian,Singe? we are hear to ask you something. do you know something about this...how was it called? Mouse Pralines?

[20:47:09] <Compa> the new praline company

[20:47:44] <Chian> yeah they are selling many many sweets.the people are so freaked out when they eat 'em

[20:47:49] <Noire> Oh yeah, I know about that. They just appeared out of nowhere after I came back from my "vacation" and everyone was going crazy about them. It's almost like they wanted the chocolates to be their new CPU or something.

[20:48:14] <IF> This all sounds suspiciously like what happened when Avenir was here, doesn't it?

[20:48:36] <IF> You getting kicked out, everyone going crazy over a new company, and even to the point of losing faith in their CPU...

[20:48:51] <Chian> but I don't sell sweets so they aren't big competitors for me

[20:48:56] <Noire> Hmph..

[20:49:11] <Arle Nadja> So, something like this happened here before?

[20:49:40] <Neptune> Oh, yup! It was such a big ruckus, it took us over half the game to sort it out!

[20:49:59] <Noire> I worked the hardest to resolve it though.

[20:50:12] <Noire> ..at least that's what my absence for five chapters would like to tell you.

[20:50:22] <Neptune> Always so modest, that's my Noire~

[20:50:41] <Chian> Who are you all? I haven'T seen you anywhere before?

[20:50:58] <Arle Nadja> I'm Arle! We're not from around here...

[20:51:06] <Arle Nadja> I'm Lemres.

[20:51:13] <Lemres> *I'M LEMRES

[20:51:25] <Feli> Feli.

[20:51:27] <Vert> Oh, yes. Pardon us, we really should have introduced everyone...

[20:51:31] <Chian> Oh hi. I am Chian. I run this company here

[20:51:46] <Sigma> My name is Sigma. It is a pleasure to meet you.

[20:52:08] <Chian> uh.do you always speak so swollen?

[20:52:32] <Sigma> I am not swollen. I am perfectly healthy.

[20:52:51] <Chian> i mean speaking so formally

[20:53:07] <Sigma> Do you want me to speak informally? I was told by Alph

[20:53:19] <Sigma> Alpha chan says it's not polite.

[20:53:30] <Chian> who's that now? ah. Do you want to drink something guys?

[20:53:51] <IF> Are you sure that's okay? You only just got untied and all...

[20:53:58] <Arle Nadja> Yeah.

[20:54:07] <Chian> i am fine,dont worry

[20:54:09] <Noire> We're fine though, aren't we?

[20:54:22] <Singe> It shouldn't be a problem, right? They only tied us up, it doesn't look like they did anything to this place.

[20:54:23] <Chian> *goes into the kitchen*

[20:54:45] <Chao> [However, in the kitchen Chian sees someone inside...]


[20:55:15] <Arle Nadja> !!

[20:55:37] <Neptune> *grabs Noire's hand and runs into the kitchen*

[20:55:46] <Noire> Wuh!!

[20:55:50] <Chian> Mom is it you? no...not really

[20:55:59] <Chao> 11 543 k+'yt/-n94YHkUIiU' t+'AWDS - Dark Terror'

[20:56:47] <Neptune> It'll be okay! I'm sure whoever it is they're no match for the Nep-Nep-Noire tag-team!!

[20:57:08] <Chao> [The person in the kitchen is a little girl with bright pink hair, a red seifuku outfit, and two giant strawberries in her hair that make a "bowtie". She's talking on the phone. She hangs up and turns around, revealing her left eye is a mechanical eye]

[20:57:11] <Peashy> Uh? I'd like to fight ;) it's been so long

[20:57:13] <Chao> 10 543

[20:57:19] <Keiji> also didn't Pluta and Peashy de-transform when they landed?

[20:57:24] <Fresa> 5 n+'Little Girl' c+'12' s+'' r+'0' v+'false'

[20:57:34] <Fresa> 3

[20:57:40] <Shinghi> oh sorry i forget to change

[20:57:47] <Fresa> 6 r-'0'+'9'

[20:57:47] <Peashy> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'9'+'9'

[20:57:54] <Plutia> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'9'+'9'

[20:58:00] <Fresa> Oooh, boo hoo!

[20:58:09] <Peashy> BOOO!!!

[20:58:25] <Fresa> Mr. Ganache is going to be oh so cross with me now that you're all untied and spilled some dirty little secrets!

[20:58:52] <Fresa> I don't like it when Mr. Ganache gets cross.

[20:58:56] <IF> D... did she just say what I think she said?

[20:59:13] <Fresa> There's so many of you here! It's sooooo unfair!

[20:59:14] <Vert> So... Ganache came back after all...

[20:59:25] <Lemres> Ganache you say?

[20:59:29] <Neptune> Hey, you gotta have a big party if you wanna make sure you're prepared!

[20:59:38] <Peashy> hey i am your age.let's fight.it'll be fair trust me ;)

[20:59:51] <Compa> peashy!...

[20:59:54] <Compa> no

[20:59:57] <Fresa> Me? Fight you? Gwee hee hee hee hee~♪

[21:00:01] <Fresa> Oh my god, like

[21:00:07] <Fresa> That would be SO UNFAIR!

[21:00:08] <Fresa> For you!

[21:00:12] <Peashy> uuuh that brat .,.

[21:00:28] <Keiji> (I'm getting a massive Mimi vibe from this Little girl. As in Super Paper Mario Mimi. And that's not a bad thing, at all.)

[21:00:54] <Plutia> *sleeping the whole timeÜ*

[21:01:08] <Fresa> I was supposed to keep that dumb CPU and her annoying little stooges all tied up for Mr. Ganache so we could do evil things.

[21:01:16] <Neptune> Well, it looks like you failed!

[21:01:22] <Fresa> But now people know Noire was all tied up literally, and that's no good at all.

[21:01:29] <Neptune> Nobody keeps Noire tied up when her best bud's around!

[21:01:33] <Fresa> I guess I have to make more people disappear than I thought~♪

[21:01:40] <Neptune> Ne, Noiruu~?

[21:01:42] <Fresa> More fun for me!

[21:01:50] <Peashy> We'll make you disappear!!

[21:02:03] <Noire> Idiot! We're in front of the girl that tied me up!

[21:02:14] <Chian> uh thats right ^^

[21:02:19] <Fresa> Oh, like gosh! I didn't introduce myself!

[21:02:20] <Neptune> Then let's tie her up and get our revenge! :D

[21:02:23] <Fresa> I'm Fresa!

[21:02:30] <Fresa> 6 n-'Little Girl'+'Fresa' r-'9'+'9'

[21:02:38] <Compa> but we have 4 CPU's i think we can challenge her

[21:02:39] <Neptune> Freshener?

[21:02:50] <Neptune> Can I squeeze you to make the room smell nice?

[21:02:52] <Fresa> And you're all gonna be dead!... --wait, my eye says one of you is Arle Nadja!

[21:02:55] <Fresa> !!

[21:03:01] <Neptune> *immediately gives her a big squeeze hug*

[21:03:02] <Peashy> Freezer? i know someone from Bragondall Z but...

[21:03:04] <Arle Nadja> !!! That's me?

[21:03:34] <Fresa> *prys Neptune away and looks at Arle*

[21:03:47] <Fresa> I have orders even higher than Mr. Ganache to make you disappear forever!

[21:03:57] <Vert> Even higher than Ganache? Oh my...

[21:04:03] <Fresa> Like, this guy is scary. I dont want HIM to be cross with me for failing.

[21:04:04] <IF> So... he got employed by someone else.

[21:04:31] <Fresa> So sorry everyone, but chit chat time is over~♪

[21:04:41] <Juichi> ...

[21:04:42] <Compa> maybe arfoire? i mean higher than ganache is she

[21:04:49] <Fresa> Now it's happy wappy death time for all the naughty boys and girls!

[21:04:51] <Juichi> Everyone! Split up and run!

[21:04:56] <Compa> ?

[21:04:57] <Neptune> Wha~?

[21:05:04] <Neptune> But I wanted to squeeze

[21:05:06] <Chao> 11 544 k+'yt/Y8mErMJNhlU' t+'AWDS - Jugger\'s Theme'

[21:05:08] <Chao> 10 544

[21:05:14] <Plutia> **snoreing*

[21:05:14] <Vert> Maybe it's the best idea...

[21:05:17] <Fresa> *pulls out a huge bazooka*

[21:05:20] <Vert> She can't chase us all, after all!

[21:05:26] <Compa> Aii!!!

[21:05:27] <IF> Woah...

[21:05:30] <Fresa> Gwee hee hee~~

[21:05:33] <IF> Yeah, before she fires that thing!

[21:05:35] <Chian> Run erveryone!

[21:05:40] <Vert> *grabs IF and runs*

[21:05:46] <Neptune> *grabs Noire and runs*

[21:05:50] <Chian> *runs outta the door*

[21:05:54] <Fresa> *starts unleashing Bazooka hell on the house*

[21:05:58] <Singe> *runs with Chian*

[21:06:04] <Compa> *runs behind neptune

[21:06:09] <Arle Nadja> Waa!! *runs like the wind*

[21:06:20] <Feli> *Grabs Lemres and dashes out of there*

[21:06:22] <Peashy> Neptuna!That girl's creepy!

[21:06:42] <Neptune> Well, I guess we won't be getting those drinks after all... the place is totally blown up now...

[21:06:45] <Sigma> *throws up a shield of magic behind them as he runs to catch up* There!

[21:06:46] <Plutia> *wakes up* huh? =_= did someone call me? ?_?

[21:06:53] <Neptune> Plutie!

[21:06:58] <Neptune> No time to sleep, you gotta run!

[21:07:00] <Plutia> hi neppy =_=

[21:07:03] <Plutia> huh?

[21:07:06] <Plutia> waaaah!

[21:07:13] <Plutia> *runs outta the house

[21:07:14] <Fresa> Stupid boy! My Bazooka shells can penetrate magical force fields if I fire them just like... THIS

[21:07:26] <Neptune> We need to split up! Take Peashy and get somewhere safe

[21:07:33] <Fresa> *fires an enchanted shell that breaks the force field*

[21:07:39] <Plutia> *grabs peashy* come with me =_=

[21:08:00] <Sigma> !! Danger levels are high! Protection not guaranteed. Retreat is the best course of action!

[21:08:31] <Keiji> [By now everyone is safely(?) away. Noire, Neptune and Compa in one group; IF, Vert and Juichi in another; Feli and Lemres in another; Peashy and Plutia in another; Chian and Singe in another... What about Arle and Sigma?]

[21:08:52] <Keiji> also this music is kickass

[21:08:57] <Shinghi> yeah 0.o

[21:08:59] <Chao> [I guess Arle and Sigma are by themselves]

[21:09:02] <Keiji> okay

[21:09:04] <Chao> Also yay I'm glad you think so

[21:09:09] <Chao> it's Advance Wars :D

[21:09:13] <Keiji> I noticed :D

[21:09:14] <Plutia> ^^

[21:09:17] <Plutia> uh

[21:09:20] <Shinghi> sry

[21:09:21] <Shinghi> fail

[21:09:49] <Fresa> Just you run! The Neapolitan Trio and Mr. Ganache will get you yet!

[21:09:50] <Fresa> 4


Character text lines: 529
User text lines: 114
Action lines: 71

By character

Compa: 91
Neptune: 58
IF: 44
Nanako: 43
Alpha: 31
Sigma: 29
Juichi: 28
Fresa: 27
Lemres: 20
Plutia: 19
Feli: 19
Vert: 18
Chian: 18
Noire: 17
Peashy: 13
Praline: 6
Singe: 5
RanRan: 3