Episode 59 - Chat log

Start date: Wed May 06, 2015. All times are UTC.

[19:32:50] <Keiji> [Neptune's sneaked off from the Basilicom once again, and she and friends were passing through the area where she'd landed. The hole had never been filled in, treated as some kind of memoir... but today, rather than being empty...]

[19:33:17] <Neptune> Aah? There's someone stuck in there...!

[19:33:22] <Compa> UuH?...Neptune? What'S in there? >.<

[19:33:31] <Compa> Lets help him :)

[19:33:38] <Keiji> him lol

[19:33:46] <Shinghi> uh sorry xD

[19:33:49] <Nanako> *is fidgeting trying to get out of the hole*

[19:34:05] <Compa> *picks one hand* help me nep-nep

[19:34:11] <Keiji> (Chao up to you how you want your chars to be)

[19:34:57] <Neptune> Hey, this is kinda like back when we met, isn't it?

[19:35:01] <Feli> *is also stuck in the ground not far off, making muffled noises and kicking her legs*

[19:35:28] <Neptune> *tugs on the other hand... seems this girl is stuck super deep into the ground if one person can't pull her out!*

[19:35:43] <Compa> *starts pulling out* uuh i am not strong enough >.< and there's another one! Plutia, Peashy-chan help us!

[19:36:00] <Nanako> Ah! You two... gosh, I've been stuck here for hours! Hang on, I think it's working...

[19:36:32] <Compa> Uuuh you aren't a leightweight Y.y

[19:36:38] <Nanako> *somehow, with Neptune and Compa's help, finally gets free and up onto the ground, her clothes all muddy*

[19:37:08] <Compa> let's help the other girl too

[19:37:10] <Feli> *continues to make sounds that are muffled by the ground*

[19:37:13] <Neptune> *suddenly notices the others*

[19:38:01] <Neptune> *grabs one of Feli's ankles. Since apparently this girl got stuck upside down unlike Nanako*

[19:38:07] <Plutia> *looks sleepy* uuh did someone call me =_=

[19:38:15] <Neptune> Uwa... what's with all these people?

[19:38:28] <Neptune> It's like it rained people! And why here!

[19:38:41] <Neptune> Hey, Plutia! A little help here?

[19:38:45] <Compa> *grabs the other ankle* i don't know :(

[19:38:58] <Plutia> Yes,yes :3 *grabs the body*

[19:39:02] <Nanako> *still brushing herself off*

[19:39:09] <Nanako> Whew...

[19:39:16] <Arle Nadja> Um, I don't mean to add an extra people, but could you unstick me next? *is also stuck, not far from Feli, but she's making an active effort to free herself*

[19:39:19] <Peashy> Uuh you can do it >0<

[19:39:40] <Compa> *starts pulling*

[19:39:52] <Nanako> *meanwhile goes to help Arle*]

[19:40:03] <Arle Nadja> Thanks Nanako!

[19:40:36] <Neptune> *seems like Feli is coming out at last*

[19:40:39] <Peashy> I am going to help ya ^.^

[19:40:50] <Peashy> *grabs the hand of the last one*

[19:41:00] <Keiji> that'd be Lemres I guess

[19:41:01] <Feli> Kyaaa!! I'm free...!!?

[19:41:14] <Compa> Now the last one! Come on Nep-Nep ^-^

[19:41:24] <Neptune> *falls over as Feli comes free.*

[19:41:38] <Neptune> Ahhh, someone else can save the last one...

[19:41:48] <Lemres> *flies out of the hole Feli was stuck in with his broom*

[19:42:00] <Lemres> Ah... dirty dirty.... My candies are all ruined

[19:42:00] <Neptune> oh... then that was everyone?

[19:42:04] <Compa> Nep-Nep! Help me and you get some Pudding :)

[19:42:13] <Shinghi> oh xD

[19:42:41] <Compa> Nice to meet you all! i am Compa!

[19:42:55] <Arle Nadja> *brushes self off* Nice to meet you too, Compa! I'm Arle!

[19:43:31] <Peashy> Hey hey i am Peashy ;)

[19:43:34] <Neptune> That was some hard work already... but! Hey! What a way to meet new people! You probably know me already though, I'm Neptune, your adorable friendly CPU~

[19:43:51] <Arle Nadja> CPU?...

[19:43:56] <Nanako> Erm... CPU? You don't look like a computer chip..

[19:44:17] <Compa> Yeah she is the CPU of Planeptune :) donÄT tell me that you don't know what a CPU is

[19:44:21] <Lemres> I don't think I recognize this place...

[19:44:49] <Feli> Planeptune?...

[19:44:52] <Nanako> Well, I run on a CPU, being an AI form and all...

[19:45:19] <Nanako> But hey! I always wanted to see Neptune, even if it's turned out to be a person not a planet! I'm Nanako!

[19:45:24] <Lemres> Oh! I should introduce myself. I'm Lemres. And this is Feli.

[19:45:33] <Feli> Charmed.

[19:45:46] <Compa> Uh?...Nep-Nep? maybe they were transported in our world. Tell me where are you from? :) You have pretty names :)

[19:45:53] <Neptune> Ara?

[19:46:04] <Compa> You know? like Peashy and Plutia

[19:46:19] <Compa> but maybe from another Universe ^-^ who knows? ^^

[19:46:37] <Neptune> Nakano? Lewis? F...fairy? T-too many names to take in at once...

[19:46:53] <Compa> I help you to recognize Nep-Nep ^.^

[19:47:15] <Neptune> Uwah... thanks, Compa~

[19:47:31] <Arle Nadja> So... if I'm here... then where did Auroil and Gypsum and the others go?

[19:47:43] <Arle Nadja> I hope they didn't get separated too.

[19:47:44] <Keiji> (really her name is Auriol)

[19:47:53] <Plutia> *starts taking a nap*

[19:47:56] <Chao> (gdi)

[19:48:15] <Nanako> *looks around at everyone*

[19:48:23] <Nanako> Yeah... I have no idea even how we got here.

[19:48:34] <Nanako> Last I remember we were, err, were we in the Shrine?

[19:48:42] <Feli> Perhaps this is the twist of some cruel fate...

[19:48:46] <Compa> So...Arle, Nanako and Feli? maybe we continue talking at my place? it's safer around there

[19:48:52] <Feli> That is also what I remember...

[19:49:00] <Nanako> Ah, yeah, maybe that's a good idea...

[19:49:09] <Arle Nadja> And I was with some others who were taking down Angol...

[19:49:27] <Compa> Okay ^-^ foloow us ^.^ and somebody has to pick Plutia off,she fell asleep

[19:49:48] <Plutia> *snoring*

[19:50:40] <Neptune> Yay, maybe if we go back to Compa's room, we can have some pudding~

[19:50:56] <Compa> I made a lot this morning ^-^

[19:50:57] <Neptune> And don't worry, I got ya

[19:51:11] <Neptune> *picks up Plutia and carries her on her back*

[19:51:12] <Lemres> Pudding you say?

[19:51:28] <Lemres> I just happen to absolutely love pudding~

[19:51:32] <Compa> Yeah :) Nep-Nep loves my Pudding ^.^ i've got some for you too if you want :)

[19:51:59] <Keiji> 10 522

[19:52:00] <Shinghi> so we go now to compa's room?

[19:52:08] <Keiji> This may as well be called

[19:52:12] <Keiji> THEME OF PUDDING

[19:52:18] <Shinghi> xD

[19:52:31] <Keiji> well, that can be arranged

[19:52:41] <Keiji> 12 522 t-'Neptunia - $100 (Manzai)'+'Neptunia - $100 (Theme of Pudding)'

[19:52:45] <Compa> Sooo° Here we are ^-^ feel like you are at your own home :) i bring you some Pudding ^-^

[19:53:00] <Neptune> Waaii~ Pudding!

[19:53:01] <Compa> *goes in the kitchen*

[19:53:12] <Nanako> She seems.. surprisingly excited about this...

[19:53:26] <Neptune> Of course, how can you not be? Compa's homemade pudding is the best~!

[19:53:36] <Peashy> *jumps on nanako* BOOOOO! Play with me Nanako!

[19:53:41] <Lemres> Homemade Pudding is always delicious!

[19:53:44] <Nanako> Uwah!

[19:53:46] <Feli> *mutterig*

[19:54:03] <Neptune> :o

[19:54:06] <Peashy> You got big breasts! *starts touching her breasts*

[19:54:11] <Nanako> WHAT.

[19:54:17] <Arle Nadja> E-Erm...

[19:54:44] <Compa> PUDDING FOR EVERYONE! *comes in with a tray*

[19:54:49] <Neptune> See! Lewis-kun knows the deliciousness of Pudding~!

[19:55:10] <Feli> Please remove yourself from Nanako before you become the victim of magic you best not witness...

[19:55:12] <Nanako> *tries to escape from the crazy cosplaying bee girl*

[19:55:13] <Compa> Nep-Nep.Dont eat all. we have guests

[19:55:26] <Peashy> Naaaaaa Boobiiiiiies!

[19:55:28] <Neptune> Ah, don't worry, I'm sure you can make more~

[19:55:29] <Lemres> Pudding!

[19:55:40] <Lemres> *helps himself*

[19:55:49] <Compa> *hand out some Pudding*

[19:55:55] <Plutia> *still sleeping**

[19:56:14] <Nanako> *attempts to hold Peashy at arm's length, and clears her throat*

[19:56:37] <Peashy> *gets mad* play with me nanakoooooo!

[19:56:38] <Nanako> Um, so... If there's anyone slightly sane around, it seems we suddenly got teleported here..

[19:56:43] <Feli> *aims her dowsing rods at Peashy ready to fire a spell at a moment's notice*

[19:56:49] <Nanako> ...

[19:56:55] <Arle Nadja> Yeah...

[19:56:57] <Peashy> AAAAAAAH FIRE!

[19:57:01] <Nanako> *levitates a crystal in her hand*

[19:57:25] <Peashy> Do you want to feel my fists?

[19:57:31] <Arle Nadja> We don't know where we're at, and this definitely isn't where we came from...

[19:57:44] <Neptune> Well, you're in Planeptune!

[19:57:59] <Compa> Yes ^.^ you are welcome here :)

[19:58:03] <Arle Nadja> Planeptune?...

[19:58:09] <Neptune> Did you come from Lastation? Leanbox? Maybe Lowee?

[19:58:26] <Compa> Nep-Nep.explain everything to them ^^ i make some Pudding *going in the kitchen*

[19:58:41] <Lemres> Mm! THis Pudding is delicious! I mean... erm... No, I don't recognize any of those places either! Feli and I come from Primp.

[19:58:41] <Nanako> More like, do YOU want to feel this ice-fire-thunder combo?

[19:58:53] <Feli> Or a Chrono Crater?

[19:59:24] <Arle Nadja> I'm from Madou... and not from Lastation, Louie, or Leanbox...

[19:59:25] <Peashy> NEPTUNA? support me!

[20:00:04] <Neptune> Maedo? Never heard of it ...

[20:00:08] <Plutia> *still sleeping*

[20:00:50] <Arle Nadja> We've gone a long way from home then.... arara.... not again..

[20:01:02] <Peashy> I am going to play with my puppet which Plutia made for me ._. *sits in a corner of the room*

[20:01:09] <Keiji> hmm

[20:01:14] <Keiji> what's Neptune's nickname for Peashy?

[20:01:31] <Shinghi> uuuh,,,,i think peashy chan.i look

[20:01:36] <Keiji> oh ok

[20:02:38] <Shinghi> http://hyperdimensionneptunia.wikia.com/wiki/Neptune

[20:02:43] <Shinghi> here are some quotes of her

[20:02:54] <Shinghi> but i can' t find peashy's nickname

[20:03:47] <Neptune> Peashy-chan... maybe it's better if we don't start a fight in here... her breasts aren't THAT big, you know... Compa's might be bigger...

[20:03:52] <Nanako> ...

[20:03:54] <Nanako> you're not helping.

[20:04:07] <Keiji> (They're really not that big, though.)

[20:04:30] <Peashy> Yeah...Compa's are really big.and vert'S too. UUh i love vert'S boobies :3

[20:04:35] <Lemres> DId I mention how delicious this pudding was...

[20:04:39] <Lemres> I mean

[20:04:42] <Lemres> I love this pudding

[20:04:45] <Keiji> is boobs seriously all peashy talks about

[20:04:55] <Keiji> because i really hope not

[20:04:59] <Shinghi> Yeah she loves boobs

[20:05:03] <Nanako> *looks at Arle instead.* Did we end up in the middle of a bunch of insane weirdos again..?

[20:05:14] <Shinghi> sheÄS a little girl ^^ not a lesbian

[20:05:14] <Arle Nadja> I think so...

[20:05:37] <Arle Nadja> And I'm still without any magic...

[20:05:41] <Compa> *comes in with a new tray* SOME CHOCOLATE PUDDING!

[20:05:50] <Lemres> CHOCOLATE PUDDING

[20:05:56] <Neptune> CHOCOLATE PUDDING!

[20:05:59] <Compa> *gives 3 to Lemres* i heard you like it :)

[20:06:06] <Lemres> I LOVE IT

[20:06:10] <Compa> Nep-Nep you get one too :)

[20:06:15] <Compa> anyone else?

[20:06:30] <Nanako> will it keep this crazy girl away from me?

[20:06:48] <Peashy> did ya say i am crazy.....

[20:06:54] <Feli> *muttering something about seducing lemres with pudding, obviously jealous*

[20:06:56] <Compa> Uhm ^^'

[20:07:08] <Compa> Feli do you want some too? :)

[20:07:26] <Compa> or Arle? :)

[20:07:42] <Compa> i've got enough for everyone >0<

[20:07:59] <Arle Nadja> I guess I'll have some!

[20:08:15] <Compa> *gives some pudding to Arle*

[20:08:20] <Nanako> *takes a pudding just because everyone else is*

[20:08:30] <Nanako> Oh, this is actually pretty good.

[20:08:37] <Compa> Bon appetite ^.^

[20:08:43] <Compa> thank you :)

[20:08:52] <Arle Nadja> Yeah! It's no curry, but I'll take it any day!

[20:09:24] <Nanako> So, uhm, now that everyone's pudding needs are sorted

[20:09:26] <Compa> Uh? :) whats curry? Nep-Nep did you hear something about curry? can i eat it?

[20:10:00] <Shinghi> 10 362

[20:10:06] <Nanako> *looks at Peashy who's just holding onto her chest... Nanako's given up and just lets her do what she wants now* and someone's boob needs are also

[20:10:14] <Keiji> LOL WHY THIS SONG

[20:10:23] <Shinghi> idk y not?

[20:10:28] <Nanako> i havent heard this in ages, but even so

[20:10:33] <Keiji> oops, ooc

[20:10:35] <Shinghi> ^^

[20:11:05] <Shinghi> 10 531

[20:11:11] <Nanako> Neptune? You said you were a CPU?

[20:11:30] <Neptune> Yep! Sure did! Why, did you want me to transform?

[20:11:31] <Compa> Not only Neptune ^.^Peashy and Plutia are CPU's too ^^

[20:11:50] <Plutia> *wakes up* did anyone call me =_=

[20:11:51] <Nanako> ...(well, I guess "CPU" must mean something else in this world...)

[20:12:17] <Nanako> Trans...form..? You mean like Henshin Puyo?

[20:12:21] <Plutia> Oh. Good morning =_= I am Plutia. Nice to meet you

[20:12:46] <Nanako> Ah, someone polite, finally~ Nice to meet you too, I'm Nanako

[20:12:51] <Lemres> (I wonder if... Lastation? Lowee? Leanbox? All have wonderful confectionery goodies too.... I think I may never want to leave this wonderful place!''heart)

[20:12:53] <Peashy> if i transform i have bigger boobies than Compa ;)

[20:13:01] <Keiji> It's `` not ''

[20:13:02] <Keiji>

[20:13:08] <Keiji> oh yeah, Shinghi

[20:13:12] <Chao> oh right oops

[20:13:19] <Shinghi> she get's MEGA boobies

[20:13:21] <Keiji> `` heart = ♥, `` star = ☆, `` note = ♪

[20:13:24] <Keiji> remove the spaces

[20:13:26] <Shinghi> k

[20:14:01] <Plutia> You know? =_= I am a CPU of Planeptune too ^-^ I am from another dimension too

[20:14:31] <Neptune> Yeah, she's like my twin or something... I dun really get it myself~

[20:14:43] <Plutia> We are soul maates =_=

[20:14:50] <Arle Nadja> So... what do CPUs do? And do those other places you mentioned have them too?

[20:14:58] <Shinghi> the =_= smiley is a sleepy smiley :D

[20:15:03] <Keiji> I know XD

[20:15:04] <Plutia> we are goddesses ^^

[20:15:41] <Neptune> CPUs? Oh, simples! We're the goddesses of the lands, it's quite a lot of work though ...

[20:16:10] <Nanako> (CPUs are goddesses? Then... we're in a simulation or something? Oh my..)

[20:16:17] <Arle Nadja> Ah! We had a goddess too, but a lot of trouble happens for her... I feel really bad about it sometimes;;

[20:16:25] <Arle Nadja> (I wonder if Eldora knows these guys?)

[20:16:44] <Plutia> Whats the name of the godess? maybe we know her? :3

[20:16:47] <Keiji> 10 81

[20:17:03] <Feli> You speak of Eldora sama?

[20:17:28] <Plutia> Uh? Eldora? Never heard. did you Neppy?

[20:18:13] <Neptune> Elder...what? Doesn't ring a bell...

[20:18:26] <Shinghi> you lost ur memory u know? xD

[20:18:33] <Lemres> Mm... We only learned of her existence ourselves.

[20:18:57] <Lemres> She seems to attract a lot of trouble though... namely from a man named Angol Mois.

[20:19:29] <Plutia> I heard Angel Mouse =_= that was a little mouse from my hometown

[20:20:03] <Neptune> The only goddesses I know of are Vert, Blanc, Noire, and us three here... And the former goddess, I guess, but I dunno much about her. Is that who you mean..?

[20:20:09] <Arle Nadja> Angol's no angel... nor a mouse. He tried to kill me not too long ago, actually.

[20:20:31] <Arle Nadja> Former goddess?... I don't think that could be Eldora... could it?

[20:20:32] <Compa> WHAT? Are u hurt? I am a nurse! Maybe i can heal u

[20:20:38] <Arle Nadja> *looks over at Nanako*

[20:20:52] <Arle Nadja> A-Ah, no I'm fine! Thank you for your concern though!

[20:20:59] <Compa> Ahh good :3

[20:21:21] <Nanako> Well, Eldora can't possibly be the former goddess. She was trained by Kanon after all, so of all the ones we know, Kanon is the only one that could be this "former goddess"...

[20:21:23] <Compa> Nep-Nep? what do you think would IF-chan say? she has a lot of ideas what to do now

[20:21:30] <Compa> and she knows many things

[20:21:55] <Lemres> In any case, I'd love to see what other sweets this world has to offer.

[20:22:19] <Compa> I think i have some lemonade bubble gum

[20:22:23] <Compa> want some?

[20:22:31] <Neptune> Hmm, yeah, that's a good idea, why don't we go see her?

[20:22:43] <Neptune> She's from another world too! Maybe you know her?

[20:22:56] <Feli> *glares at compa*

[20:22:56] <Compa> we can write her.do u think she bought a mobile?

[20:23:07] <Keiji> who, IF?

[20:23:12] <Lemres> I can't say I know anyone named IF...

[20:23:13] <Keiji> of course IF has a mobile

[20:23:20] <Compa> uh feli? why are looking so weird at me :(

[20:23:28] <Shinghi> oh sorry xD_

[20:23:38] <Compa> let's text her if she comes over

[20:23:50] <Keiji> I thought we'd just go find her

[20:23:53] <Arle Nadja> She's just jealous that Lemres likes your sweet stuff so much.

[20:23:59] <Shinghi> oh....okay xD

[20:24:12] <Keiji> obviously she's over in Leanbox, err, playing games, with Vert

[20:24:23] <Shinghi> and vert is playing with IF xD

[20:24:51] <Compa> EVERYONE! Lets head out to Leanbox : ) you can meet some nice Persons

[20:25:07] <Peashy> Yeah Vert!

[20:25:19] <Nanako> ...we only just got here and we're moving again? Ah, sure... do as the Romans do and all that...

[20:25:38] <Compa> uh? we can teleport at our basilicom to their basilicom ^^

[20:25:41] <Arle Nadja> Well, better than sitting around here and trying to figure out what happened here.

[20:25:59] <Neptune> Ah, yeah, about that...

[20:26:17] <Compa> Nep-Nep? dont tell me you broke the teleporter?

[20:26:21] <Neptune> No, but...

[20:26:30] <Neptune> I hope they don't try and make me stay behind and catch up on all the work I missed out on...

[20:26:32] <Compa> or kill some guardians

[20:26:39] <Compa> oh :D

[20:26:43] <Neptune> m-maybe I should stay here ^^;;

[20:27:00] <Compa> do you really want?

[20:27:11] <Peashy> I SATY WITH NEPTUNA!

[20:27:13] <Lemres> Sounds like someone's a procrastinator.

[20:28:20] <Nanako> oh thank goodness for that, if this boob-hugger is gonna stay here, I'm all for going out somewhere

[20:28:24] <Nanako> !

[20:28:31] <Peashy> pah...

[20:28:35] <Feli> We must make haste then.

[20:28:44] <Feli> To find this IF.

[20:28:45] <Neptune> *gives Peashy-chan a hug*

[20:28:49] <Compa> than lets head out ^^

[20:29:04] <Neptune> There there, I can transform for you ~

[20:29:32] <Shinghi> what do u mean with transform you?

[20:29:38] <Shinghi> oh sorry xD

[20:29:40] <Shinghi> for you

[20:29:46] <Peashy> yeah :3

[20:29:56] <Peashy> i cna transform too >0<

[20:30:08] <Nanako> Let's not think about what those two will be doing, then

[20:30:15] <Peashy> to show that nanako what strengh is -.-

[20:30:22] <Nanako> ...

[20:30:32] <Arle Nadja> Lets just... go.

[20:30:39] <Nanako> *uses her fire, ice and thunder combo right as she leaves*

[20:30:58] <Peashy> I HATE YOU!

[20:30:59] <Arle Nadja> *follows behind nanako*

[20:31:05] <Compa> lets go ^^''

[20:31:11] <Neptune> uwah... The table exploded...

[20:31:13] <Arle Nadja> *quickly does the same, dragging lemres*

[20:31:25] <Plutia> Bye bye Neppy and Peashy =_=

[20:31:33] <Lemres> I DIDNT FINISH MY PUDDINGGGGGgggggg

[20:31:45] <Compa> I've got some in my bag ^^

[20:32:01] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> 5 n+'Planeptune Basilicom Staff' c+'9' s+'' r+'8' v+'false'

[20:32:03] <Shinghi> so now we are at the basilicom?

[20:32:05] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> 3

[20:32:07] <Shinghi> k ^^

[20:32:19] <Shinghi> 10 539

[20:32:23] <Neptune> 4

[20:32:27] <Peashy> 4

[20:32:49] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Ah, Compa-chan!

[20:33:01] <Compa> Hello ^.^

[20:33:12] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> It's good to see you again, do you know where Neptune-sama went? Seems she snuck off again ...

[20:33:29] <Compa> uhm ^^'' anyway...can we go to Leanbox? :)

[20:33:32] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> And... oh my, who are all these people?

[20:33:45] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Three lovely lolis I've never seen before!

[20:33:47] <Compa> these are...friends of mine ^^

[20:34:07] <Compa> Arle,Lemres,Feli and Nanako ^-^

[20:34:16] <Keiji> Chao: yes, this guy talks about Neptune and co as "lolis" in the game, and they don't care lol

[20:34:26] <Shinghi> yeah x-D

[20:34:46] <Feli> *GLARE*

[20:34:58] <Arle Nadja> Erm... nice to meet you too?

[20:35:23] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Oh! What lovely names! So, you're off to Leanbox? Well, it's a time of peace right now, so I'm sure you can go right through

[20:35:38] <Lemres> Oh goodie!

[20:35:44] <Compa> Thank you lovely man ^.^

[20:35:52] <Compa> Let's head out everyone!

[20:36:18] <Nanako> Yes, before I feel compelled to use another crystal on this guy..

[20:36:33] <Plutia> Whats with these crystals? =_=

[20:36:38] <Nanako> Oh, these?

[20:36:44] <Plutia> yeah =_=

[20:37:12] <Nanako> They do fancy attacks and stuff. I'll show you if we get in a battle

[20:37:21] <Nanako> ...hopefully I won't miss the next time...

[20:37:30] <Plutia> ooh clevr girl =_=

[20:37:45] <Shinghi> i have no idea how the transport works

[20:37:55] <Keiji> it's a teleporter, i think we just go there now

[20:38:04] <Compa> okay let's get in there!

[20:38:20] <Compa> *goes into a little room*

[20:38:30] <Keiji> [and so everyone teleports to Leanbox]

[20:38:44] <Keiji> (mass room-editing ensues)

[20:38:49] <Nanako> 6 r-'8'+'10'

[20:38:51] <RanRan> Compa-chan!

[20:38:57] <Arle Nadja> 6 r-'8'+'10'

[20:39:01] <Lemres> 6 r-'8'+'10'

[20:39:02] <Plutia> 6 r-'8'+'10'

[20:39:09] <Feli> 6 r-'8'+'10'

[20:39:22] <Shinghi> u have to edit compa

[20:39:25] <Shinghi> i can't

[20:39:33] <Compa> 6 r-'8'+'10'

[20:39:51] <RanRan> Ran-Ran doesn't knew these people. Who are they?

[20:40:05] <Vert> 3

[20:40:14] <Shinghi> 10 517

[20:40:24] <IF> 3

[20:40:29] <Keiji> 10 0

[20:40:34] <RanRan> *runs to vert* Compa-chan is here with some freinds :)

[20:40:39] <IF> 6 r-'0'+'10'

[20:40:55] <Vert> Ara.. I've never seen so many people in the Basilicom..

[20:41:05] <Keiji> 10 520

[20:41:51] <Compa> Hello IF,Vert! I came for your help! These guys fell into our world,like neptune from celestia and now we don't really know what to do ^^'' can you help us?

[20:42:19] <Vert> Oh my.. So that's what happened, they came from another world?

[20:42:41] <Compa> Yeah it seems so.they don't know anything about our world so

[20:43:00] <Lemres> Well, that's a lot of green...

[20:43:06] <Nanako> Yeah... And once again, we seem to be in the middle of a bunch of weirdos... You seem alright though, I'm guessing you're Vert?

[20:43:31] <RanRan> RanRan painted the basilicom green ^-^

[20:43:58] <IF> I couldn't stop her...

[20:44:20] <Compa> Yeah the lady in green is Vert :) and this cute girl is IF-chan

[20:44:29] <IF> And if by "a bunch of weirdos" you mean Neptune and a few other people, I can totally understand...

[20:44:39] <Compa> ^^''

[20:44:49] <IF> Ah..? Cute? I'm not...

[20:44:51] <Arle Nadja> Yeah... We kinda crash landed on Planeptune wiht no real explaination

[20:45:09] <Vert> My my, no need to be modest~ Ai-chan is always cute

[20:45:18] <IF> Vert-sama...

[20:45:29] <Compa> They are always doing so ^^

[20:46:14] <Nanako> ...right, I get it. So this one is only a weirdo when she's next to... well, it's better than always being a weirdo, I guess.

[20:46:18] <IF> Hey!

[20:46:41] <Feli> Anyway... You are IF are you not?

[20:46:47] <Compa> hey,don't be so mean. u are a weirdo too.u burned our table down

[20:46:57] <Nanako> ...ah, I'm sorry about that...

[20:47:35] <Compa> aaah no problem ^.^i aks Plutia if she can....provide Peashy a ,,lesson''

[20:47:50] <IF> That I am... it's rare for someone to be looking for me, though. What brings this up?

[20:48:19] <Compa> IF-chan you've seen so many places maybe u know their

[20:48:30] <Feli> We were hoping you could divine some answers for us about our unusual predicament. We seem to be lost in a world unfamiliar to us with no real explaination.

[20:48:32] <IF> The world these people are from? Hmm..

[20:49:01] <Compa> and Nep-Nep isn't the right person to speak about serious things ^^''

[20:49:13] <IF> Well, I don't recognise any of you, but I might still know something. What can you tell me about your world?

[20:49:43] <Arle Nadja> It's a world where a lot of magicians exist and play Puyo Puyo when they get into fights.

[20:49:58] <Lemres> It's governed by a goddess named Eldora.

[20:50:15] <Plutia> Vert do you ever heard Eldora?

[20:50:18] <Feli> It was recently actually 5 worlds which were destroyed and then pieced together as one again.

[20:50:37] <Vert> Eldora? No, I don't recognise it...

[20:52:16] <Shinghi> i think its If's turn now :D

[20:52:47] <Nanako> What about Kanon? Neptune was talking about a former goddess, so I thought she might mean Kanon...

[20:53:35] <IF> Hmm.. Eldora I've not heard of... but Kanon? I'm sure I read about that somewhere...

[20:53:43] <IF> *digs out her phone*

[20:53:55] <Compa> Iffy! You can help us a lot!

[20:54:04] <Arle Nadja> Ah! You might know Kanon!

[20:54:14] <Lemres> ...by phone. How interesting.

[20:54:16] <IF> Oh... I think it's just a rumor about some old legends...

[20:54:40] <Plutia> but even the CPU's doesn't know about the former goddess

[20:55:05] <IF> Oh, yes, it's certainly not our former goddess. If this legend is even true, it's about a world far removed from ours

[20:55:23] <Feli> Oh?

[20:55:25] <Compa> If-chan you are so smart ^-^

[20:55:31] <Feli> Perhaps it could be our own world...

[20:56:02] <IF> Hmm.. it doesn't really say much though. Just a weird off-topic comment ... If you really insisted, I could try and contact the poster

[20:56:30] <RanRan> uhm...everyone? maybe RanRan can look in the basilicom library?

[20:56:42] <Lemres> Hmm... perhaps its worth filing in the back of our minds, but not pursuing right now.

[20:56:45] <Vert> Ah, that might be a good idea!

[20:57:06] <RanRan> *goes to the library and starts searching in old books*

[20:57:08] <Nanako> But, do you keep things about other worlds in here?

[20:57:43] <Vert> I have quite a collection of videogames from other worlds... which Ai-chan over here has more than doubled in size...

[20:57:53] <IF> *blush*

[20:58:16] <Plutia> Vert? maybe does Histy know something? i mean she records everything

[20:59:27] <Vert> Histy records everything about Gamindustri... So she wouldn't have something about this other world, would she?

[20:59:53] <Plutia> oh thats right...but she's very old so maybe she heared rumors in old times

[20:59:55] <IF> Mm... even if she did, it sounds like this Kanon is so old, she might be older than even Histoire...

[21:00:11] <Chao> [Suddenly however, the gang can hear a loud, belligerent voice harassing the basilicom staff. He's yelling about diamonds and buying the basilicom and... Arle?]

[21:00:15] <Plutia> you are right

[21:00:23] <Chao> 10 125

[21:00:40] <Compa> what happens there now?

[21:00:42] <Arle Nadja> ...Really....

[21:00:52] <Yvoire> 5 n+'Yvoire' c+'5' s+'' r+'10' v+'false'

[21:00:59] <Yvoire> 3

[21:01:08] <Yvoire> Vert-sama, Vert-sama!

[21:01:08] <Satan> 3

[21:01:14] <Satan> 6 r-'2'+'10'

[21:02:17] <Yvoire> Please, do something about this... I've tried my hardest, but he won't stop! D:


[21:02:25] <Yvoire> See what I mean?!

[21:02:39] <Compa> what? buying the basilicom? who is this guy?

[21:02:41] <Nanako> Oh my... look who it is...

[21:02:49] <Compa> You know HIM?!

[21:02:50] <Arle Nadja> Whyyyy

[21:03:00] <Nanako> Looks like we weren't the only ones teleported

[21:03:13] <Plutia> What is going on in our world

[21:03:17] <Satan> ARLE!!♥ ...and those ploddling meddlers Nanako, Feli and Lemres! Bah!

[21:03:32] <Satan> I was just trying to purchase this lovely basilicom for us Arle!

[21:03:37] <Nanako> ...

[21:03:43] <IF> Hey!

[21:03:48] <IF> You can't just, buy a Basilicom!

[21:04:07] <Plutia> nanako what did you say about weirdos? he's the biggest i've ever seen =_=

[21:04:07] <IF> The Basilicoms are very important! They're the homes to the Goddesses!

[21:04:09] <Satan> It would be the most beautiful honeymoon home for after our wedding right?!

[21:04:23] <Arle Nadja> Satan...

[21:04:28] <Arle Nadja> I'm not marrying you!

[21:04:37] <Arle Nadja> And I'm not living in a Basilicom with you!

[21:04:51] <Arle Nadja> I couldn't take this away from an important person.

[21:04:55] <Arle Nadja> Not even for diamonds.

[21:05:03] <Satan> B-But... BUT DIAMONDS

[21:05:16] <Plutia> Vert? let'S transform.maybe he get outta here then

[21:05:53] <Vert> Well, I was kinda enjoying listening to this madman...

[21:06:16] <Vert> But sure, we can't have someone trying to take over the place... especially after what happened in Lastation...

[21:06:23] <Satan> M-Madman?!

[21:06:26] <Keiji> 10 514

[21:06:27] <Plutia> *Transforming to HDD form*

[21:06:36] <Vert> 6 n-'Vert'+'Vert (HDD Form~)' r-'10'+'10'

[21:06:44] <Plutia> GET OUTTA HERE! or I'll beat my authority into your skull!


[21:07:01] <Plutia> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'10'+'10'

[21:07:05] <Satan> But of course I only stole it because Angol wanted to steal it first!

[21:07:09] <Satan> That damn Angol!

[21:07:12] <Vert> *Suddenly, she seems to be in a swimsuit like thing, and is covered with floating bits of armory stuff.*

[21:07:19] <Satan> I can't believe he escaped...

[21:07:23] <Vert> *And her hair is green now, and stuff.*(

[21:07:31] <Arle Nadja> Angol escaped?!

[21:07:34] <Vert> ...

[21:07:49] <Vert> My my, it's not normal for everyone just to completely ignore my transformation sequence like that...

[21:07:59] <Feli> Amazing...


[21:08:14] <Lemres> Ah, so you transform!

[21:08:37] <Satan> E-Eh?! Bah!! These goddess have more power than I estimated!



[21:09:09] <Satan> *flees*

[21:09:11] <Vert> ...

[21:09:18] <Vert> and I didn't even get to threaten him.

[21:09:27] <Arle Nadja> Kick his butt anyway. He usually deserves it.

[21:09:31] <Satan> 4

[21:09:37] <Plutia> that moron...next time i kill him

[21:09:41] <IF> Eh, don't sweat it, Plutia did the work for you

[21:09:46] <Plutia> *transform back*

[21:09:51] <Plutia> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'10'+'10'

[21:09:54] <Vert> 6 n-'Vert (HDD Form~)'+'Vert' r-'10'+'10'

[21:10:16] <Plutia> hello everyone :) was i mad? i forget what i did after my trnsform ^^''

[21:10:21] <IF> So... I gather this guy is also from your world?

[21:10:28] <Arle Nadja> Yeah.

[21:10:43] <Nanako> Yeah.

[21:10:53] <Nanako> And Plutia, what you said about weirdos? You're right

[21:10:57] <Arle Nadja> He tries to force Arle into a relationship with him to no avail. It's gotten rather pathetic.

[21:11:05] <Nanako> I was kinda hoping we'd lose him after we ended up here

[21:11:05] <Feli> *

[21:11:15] <Nanako> but it sounds like that wasn't to be

[21:11:36] <Arle Nadja> I can't believe Satan let Angol escape though... you know what that means for our world right Nanako?

[21:11:42] <Arle Nadja> Or worse... maybe this world!

[21:11:46] <Plutia> I can make him harmless...if you know what i mean hehe

[21:11:50] <Keiji> wait

[21:11:57] <Keiji> Satan had Angol in custody?

[21:12:02] <Chao> Yeah

[21:12:09] <Chao> prior to the teleporting he did

[21:12:09] <Keiji> I forgot all about that

[21:12:12] <Keiji> what happened there

[21:12:32] <Keiji> was Angol's power sealed away or something?

[21:12:43] <Shinghi> 10 268

[21:12:53] <Keiji> oh god the random songs lol

[21:12:56] <Chao> Angol's power is blocked by others using it and that's how they kept him in custody.

[21:13:38] <Keiji> 10 0

[21:13:52] <Shinghi> 10 536

[21:14:13] <Nanako> ...

[21:14:16] <RanRan> *rans back to everyone* LADY VERT! LADY VERT! RAN RAN FOUND SOMETHING!

[21:14:17] <Nanako> yes...

[21:14:22] <Nanako> If Angol's escaped.

[21:14:29] <Nanako> That's going to be a mighty nuisance.

[21:14:34] <Nanako> or rahter...

[21:15:02] <Feli> It could be a catastrophe most devastating...

[21:15:10] <Vert> Ah, Ran-Ran?

[21:15:17] <Vert> Did you find something about Kanon?

[21:15:24] <Yvoire> 4

[21:15:55] <RanRan> yeah i found this book.named...i can'T read it...but her's a passage about somebody who's called Kanon

[21:16:24] <Shinghi> now imagine something.idk who kanon is

[21:16:41] <IF> Hmm... this is...

[21:16:59] <IF> I'm sure I've seen this language before, but I can't read it either...

[21:17:39] <RanRan> i learned a little bit of RanRan B from Lowe but...i can't remember ^^''

[21:17:45] <Nanako> !!

[21:17:52] <Nanako> Hey... can I take a look?

[21:18:05] <RanRan> *gives it to Nanako*

[21:18:09] <Nanako> ...........

[21:18:15] <RanRan> maybe it is ur language?

[21:18:46] <Nanako> It... it is...

[21:19:03] <Feli> !!

[21:19:06] <Compa> yeah ^.^

[21:19:22] <Compa> now...what is it about?

[21:19:24] <Nanako> It's written in my mother tongue... I've not seen this language even since I came to Primp, never mind Madou and now here...

[21:19:39] <Arle Nadja> What a find!

[21:19:42] <Nanako> I... how on earth did this book get here?

[21:20:07] <Compa> sometimes people fall from the skies :D

[21:20:16] <Compa> why not books too?

[21:20:41] <Lemres> But who would've picked up this book and kept it in good condition for so long

[21:20:44] <Nanako> ...The Leader of the Planetary Gods of Gaias...

[21:20:49] <Nanako> yes, that's our Kanon alright

[21:20:50] <Feli> !!!

[21:21:00] <Feli> It is our goddess Kanon!

[21:21:14] <Plutia> can you explain to us....who she is?

[21:21:24] <Arle Nadja> Gosh this universe seems so big but then it all comes back to her, huh?

[21:22:00] <Shinghi> 10 112

[21:22:23] <Nanako> The rest of it doesn't make any sense, though... I can read it, I just don't get what this has to do with this world, our ours

[21:22:25] <Nanako> *flicks through the pages* But...

[21:22:34] <Nanako> how come that's the only page written in that language?

[21:22:49] <Feli> A strange mystery indeed....

[21:23:20] <Compa> Lemres? can you tell us who kanon really is? you get pudding :)

[21:24:00] <Lemres> A-Ah, I'm not all that familiar with Kanon myself, but I think she trains gods and goddesses to lead their own worlds...

[21:24:16] <Lemres> I can't resist the call of pudding though.

[21:24:20] <Plutia> maybe she trained me and vert too but we can'T remember

[21:24:34] <Compa> *gives all the pudding to lemres* thank you :)

[21:24:56] <Arle Nadja> That'd be weird though, because Eldora remembers everything about Kanon... at least I think she does.

[21:25:12] <Nanako> Yeah... I don't think Kanon has anything to do with this world.

[21:25:17] <Nanako> I think...

[21:25:23] <Plutia> hmmm....okay.maybe she's not our former goddess

[21:25:26] <Nanako> *flicks through again*

[21:25:42] <Nanako> I think someone planted this page in here to make us THINK there was a connection.

[21:25:51] <Nanako> If we got teleported here, and so did Satan...

[21:25:53] <Plutia> maybe that satan?

[21:26:03] <Nanako> maybe a whole bunch of other people did too.

[21:26:21] <Nanako> And maybe that includes someone who wants to send us on a wild goose chase

[21:26:26] <Feli> Could it have been Angol?

[21:26:35] <Nanako> Planting this page here, and planting that rumor on that forum thread.

[21:26:46] <Compa> oh oh...i dont wanna know what plutia does when she gets REALLY angry when she hears that there can be so many bad people around here

[21:27:32] <Arle Nadja> And there's still so many other mysteries we didn't solve either... I think my brain might hurt from all these questions with no answers.


Character text lines: 455
User text lines: 72
Action lines: 38

By character

Compa: 87
Nanako: 83
Neptune: 43
Plutia: 38
Lemres: 31
Feli: 30
Peashy: 22
IF: 22
Vert: 17
Satan: 13
RanRan: 11
Yvoire: 3