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This page is about a character in Compile Worlds. If you were looking for the God in Puyo Wars, see Planetary Gods of Gaias. If you were looking for the robot in Sonic Heroes, see E-123 Omega.

Omega, also known as Dark Draco or Perfect Draco, is a character in Compile Worlds. She is a clone of Draco Centauros, though she has a personality independent from her original persona. She first appeared in Episode 14 as a surprise plot twist in the "Ekoro Arc", aiding the ADMA. She then went missing for 24 episodes before returning. She was intended to be the final clone of Ekoro's cloning project, but she did not meet the standards.

Character concept

Omega and Theta were conceived on the fly by Keiji during the finale of the Ekoro Arc, which didn't go quite as expected as a result, using blueprints on the wall earlier to hint at her existence. Some time after the episode, Chao made a drawing of her that was considered "epic" at the time by Keiji (though now it probably looks rubbish... and that's assuming he could ever find it again). Omega, her code name, was bestowed upon her by Keiji, who had given code names to most of the clones before documenting them on the site.

Keiji also noted in Episode 41 that Omega had purple wings; a key difference aside from any different clothing or Ekoronian emblems.


Though the exact time that Omega was put into development is unknown, it is very much possible that Omega was conceptualized as early as Episode 9, when Ekoro personally confronted Draco, the then de-facto leader of the ADMA. As for the model choice, Ekoro probably made this decision based on the fact that Draco was his greatest enemy at the time, Omega being the blueprint for the final and "perfect" clone. However, right before her birth, it was revealed by Fake Arle that someone, suspected to be Alpha, had made a serious error in her design - possibly the ability to externally neutralize her - and thus, she was retired from her title as the ultimate clone while Ekoro worked on plans for a second ultimate clone in solitude. It is likely that Omega received all of the parts that the other clones "tested".

Omega, unlike Draco, is capable of casting magic. Due to her high level of sorcery, martial arts, and pyrotechnics, she is a deadly foe in battle, being only surpassed in power by Zeta and most likely the ones. Much like Draco, however, Omega's main element is fire, so she is also susceptible to its weaknesses. Despite this, Omega clearly demonstrated the ability to kill anyone who gets in her way in both episodes she's ever fought in, further reinforcing her role as the would-be final clone.


Omega is named after the final letter of the Greek alphabet, referencing her backstory. It represents 800 in Greek numerals. Dark Draco, much like all of the other Dark clones, was inspired by Dark Arle and Dark Witch of Madou Monogatari fame.


  • Still laughing like a maniac? Admit it Ekoro, you've got nothing on Zeta or me.Episode 14
  • Your final that you FAILED. — Episode 14
  • Do these wings look red to you?Episode 41
  • What is the secret to having the extra 24 episodes of screen time I missed out on?! — Episode 41
  • It would be a shame if you went with it. I wouldn't get to fight your powered up form in the tourney if you went now. — Episode 41
  • Keep the Faith~♪ — Episode 41
  • Well, at least they're in different places. If they were all here, I could probably just Bayoen the shit out of them, and the entire universe would implode.Episode 48
  • She may be out plotting to destroy the world or whatever, but she's still as naive as the rocket-piloting, cake-baking Satan stalker. — Episode 48


  • Omega and Zeta are the only two clones who have willingly attacked another character other than Ekoro or one of his associates.
    • Coincidentally, they are both "Final Clones".
  • Omega is the only clone to (seemingly) kill a character on screen, killing off Seriri and Fufufu.
    • Omega is also the only character to kill another who was originally a member of the ADMA.
  • Omega has been MIA the longest of any recurring character in the RP, being absent for a whopping 24 episodes.
  • Omega is the only clone that reappeared in SHAME since the Meteor Arc.
  • Though Omega was intended to be the final clone, she still has an Ekoro emblem in her last known design; the Ekoro emblem is conspicuously missing in Zeta's.
  • It was never revealed what Omega's "design flaw" was; multiple answers can be given based on evidence gathered from newer arcs.
    • Ekoro himself, through Omega, tells Zeta that there were never meant to be "two ultimate clones" before absorbing her.
  • Given how Omega's artwork shows a number of physical differences on her, it's really hard to say how the hell Seriri mistook her for Draco, because her wings are definitely not red, nor is her tail green.