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Zeta, also known as Dark Arle, "Perfect Arle", or Aru-Zeta, is a character in Compile Worlds. She is a clone of Arle Nadja, though she has an independent personality of her original counterpart. She was created an unknown amount of time before her debut in Episode 14, where she originally played the role of an antagonist, alongside her creator Ekoro. However, since then she has stayed mostly neutral towards her former arch-enemies. She is the final clone in the first series of Ekoro's clones. Zeta's signature spell is Perfect Bayoen. She was permanently absorbed by Omega in Episode 41.

Character Concept

Zeta was created by Chao as one of Ekoro's clones as early as Episode 11, using Ekoro to hint at her existence. At the time, Puyo Puyo 7 had yet to be released, and only a trailer showing off both Dark Arle and Ekoro was around. Initially under the belief Dark Arle was a separate entity from Arle, Chao used the clones as a way to bring a modified version of her into the RP. As it turns out, this was a good move, as it was revealed Dark Arle was nothing more than an alter ego to the real Arle, and the clone flourished into something more. Zeta, her code name, was bestowed upon her by Keiji, who had given code names to most of the clones before documenting them on the site.

She was designed by Chao, using Dark Arle and Arle's 20th design for inspiration.


Zeta immediately began development after an angry Fake Arle confronted Ekoro about the failure of the original Zeta. Originally however, Zeta was not the ultimate clone; Omega, Dark Draco was, and the original Zeta was a clone of Amitie. However, this Zeta was died before birth due to a serious error in her blueprints, and Omega was revealed to have a similar, though non-lethal flaw in her design. Ekoro then began developing Zeta instead, reusing the name to fill the gap and for convenience's sake. Sometime after Phi's destruction, Ekoro attempted to circumvent the ability to externally neutralize Zeta, along with coding a revenge program deep within her to activate should he be defeated. All the other clones in the series, save Phi, were also used to test the quality of the parts that would be used on Zeta, and presumably any future clones her blueprints would spawn. Apparently, Ekoro would lament to Zeta inside her incubation chamber, ripening her social skills for the time to come. However, it seems her real purpose was to be some sort of "vessel" for Fake Arle's mysterious purposes...

Zeta herself has a semi-unstable personality, much like Ekoro. She is usually torn between acting on Ekoro's behalf and protecting her clones. Like kinship, she expresses a sort of sibling-like relationship with the others, especially Eta. Not at all like her original self, Zeta has a lesbian crush on Omega, who gladly returns the favor. Her opinions tend to be bipolar, swaying one way, and then another, likely due to her internal conflict. Zeta is also prone to having an inferiority complex at times, possibly as a way of showing humiliation for being in the wrong. Despite that, Zeta is also not afraid to hurt others to get things done, especially when carrying out Ekoro's orders. Though she is angry with Ekoro for staging his own death and killing Eta during the final conflict, she respects him as her creator. She also has respect for Witch, for pulling her out of her inferiority complex on the Edge of Despair.

Zeta, fittingly, is supposedly the most powerful of Ekoro's clones. So far, all of her attacks are astronomically more powerful versions of Arle's spells, including Perfect Bayoen, which would have killed Ringo and co. were it not for Eltia. Any more of Zeta's power range outside of using Arle's spells has yet to be seen, though. Zeta was also resistant to external neutralization. Initially, Zeta claimed to have neutralized herself, until she started following the revenge program. Witch theorized that this was the result of an incomplete or sloppy neutralization. It is still unclear weather Zeta was ever truly neutralized before her absorption in SHAME.


Zeta is named after the sixth letter in the Greek Alphabet. Zeta is seven in Greek numerals. This, along with the name Dark Arle, reference her original inspiration. "Perfect Arle" is Ekoro's personal pet name for Zeta. Zeta also resembles the letter Z, the last letter in the Latin alphabet, correlating with her being the last clone.



  • Zeta and Omega are the only two clones who have willingly attacked another character other than Ekoro or one of his associates.
    • Zeta has done this on multiple occasions, including off screen and in prose.
  • When Zeta first appeared as Dark Arle, it was actually thought she was an idiot who was trolling the Puyo Nexus IRC at the time, before Chao clarified she was indeed an RP character.
    • Perhaps by coincidence, this was the last episode of CW to be RPed on Puyo Nexus IRC.
  • While Zeta is technically a "purple" character, her text color has gone between magenta and dark blue.
    • She originally shared this same magenta color with Eta.
  • Arle has attempted to neutralize Zeta four times.
    • Three of these times, she failed and was subsequently flung into the party.
  • Though Zeta claims she can help Sho restore the dead clones, she has yet to do this.
  • Zeta spends most of the Meteor Arc on the Edge Of Despair, yet another reference to Dark Arle.
    • In the unreleased prose documenting this, she even called herself "Dark Arle" and giggled maniacally at this thought.
  • Zeta's code name in text is written as Ζ².
  • Zeta is the only clone not to have a visable Ekoro emblem anywhere on her, probably to signify her status as "Perfect".
    • It could also be to differentiate her from the others due to her being a "vessel".