Episode 17 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Apr 16, 2011. All times are UTC.

[11:15:28] <Keiji> So, a meteorite falls from the sky. After knocking Cirno out of the way it promptly lands on and destroys the ADMA HQ. What do?

Start date: Sat Apr 16, 2011. All times are UTC.

[11:19:39] <Keiji> In any case, the explosion sent everyone flying. By anime rules, they're not badly hurt, but they've been knocked into all sorts of different places.

Start date: Sat Apr 16, 2011. All times are UTC.

[11:53:11] <Ringo> nngh...What the factor was THAT about?!?...Things seem to happen for random and spontaneous reasons in this crazy world...but son of a digit!

[11:54:03] <Arle Nadja> When magicians exist, it's natural for that to happen. You'll get used to it.

[11:55:50] <Keiji> [Ringo and Arle happened to land quite near to each other in a desert looking area. There's rocks everywhere so it's amazing (not really, by anime physics) that they didn't get hurt.]

[11:57:08] <Ringo> -gets up, brushing her lolschool uniform off, and realizes Arle is nearby- Arle...?! Are you okay? You dont need a spinal surgery or anything right?

[11:58:33] <Ringo> Wait...you're talking, so you must be fine. Here's a better problem: Where are we?...

[12:00:02] <Arle Nadja> ... in the middle of nowhere, I think.

[12:01:52] <Ringo> Gee, that's helpful to our cause. We're trapped in a dessert...with rocks that should have killed us...in the middle of N knows where. If I wasn't so level headed I'd have a kernel-panic attack.

[12:02:08] <Keiji> (We're trapped in a dessert! Tasty. I think you mean "desert" lol)

[12:02:39] <Keiji> (Also... not exactly trapped, just... lost.)

[12:02:43] <Akkie> (No, it's not Level Ate.)

[12:02:49] <Keiji> lololol

[12:03:44] <Akkie> Kernel-panic attack? ... anyway, if we just wander to... any direction, I think we'll get somewhere.

[12:03:57] <Akkie> (Nick fail.)

[12:04:33] <Ringo> Arle....how did you ever survive in this world before the ADMA got formed?

[12:07:15] <Ringo> I guess we'll just start wandering...-points east- that way.

[12:09:21] <Arle Nadja> Well, let's hold hands in case one gets lost.

[12:10:22] <Keiji> [As you walk, you notice someone in the distance.]

[12:10:46] <Arle Nadja> What's that over there...?

[12:10:58] <Ringo> (This isn't awkward. Nope.) Hm? Let's go check it out!

[12:12:22] <Keiji> [It's a detective. He seems to be investigating something on the ground.]

[12:13:02] <Ringo> Excuse me good sir, can you point us to the nearest congregation of civilization?

[12:14:03] <Contractor> -looks up- Oh! How on earth did you two get out here?

[12:14:30] <Ringo> Would you believe a random explosion likely caused by the collision of a stray meteorite?

[12:15:19] <Arle Nadja> And no, we're not hurt.

[12:16:16] <Contractor> Actually, yes. It's the most bizarre case I've ever heard of. Apparently some pieces landed here so I was sent to investigate.

[12:16:53] <Arle Nadja> And have you any luck so far?

[12:17:21] <Ringo> Well, what exactly are you investigating; the meteorite itself, or it's impace?

[12:17:25] <Contractor> Well, I have no idea what this is... -He shows the thing half buried in the sand-

[12:17:57] <Ringo> -stares at it- Hhmmmmm....

[12:18:06] <Contractor> Can't seem to get it out, either.

[12:19:21] <Ringo> I would suggest digging it out, except the fact that there's only three of us..ill equiped for such a task. It's an unbalanced equation, plus long sleeves.

[12:19:32] <Keiji> (You have magic...)

[12:19:57] <Ringo> -looks at Arle-

[12:21:13] <Akkie> (I don't think Arle knows any digging magic...)

[12:22:03] <Ringo> ....(Accord and Theta DID mention I had powers of somesort...maybe I can make it levitate...)

[12:22:26] <Akkie> (Fire and the like will definitely not work wonders... and I've know idea just what Bayoen does.)

[12:23:14] <Chao> (nobody knows what Bayoen does. You could technically get away with using it as a Mac Guffin here :P)

[12:24:30] <Ringo> (Lets see....) -ahem, DRAMMATIC POINT WITH DASH LINES- I COMMAND YOU TO LEVITATE!!!!

[12:25:09] <Arle Nadja> ... no dice.

[12:25:40] <Keiji> (Try something less cheesy and it just might work.)

[12:26:49] <Ringo> ...(Lets try something NOT humiliating...yeah, like..just think the object will move, and maybe it will move. Telekinisis.)

[12:27:12] <Ringo> -imagines the object to be rising from the sand-

[12:27:22] <Keiji> [Well, it starts glowing.]

[12:28:49] <Ringo> ! It's progress. -continues to imagine the glowing object being lifted from the ground, resisting the urge to hold out her hands and attempt to channel her telekinisis with her hands-

[12:30:16] <Ringo> ...

[12:30:19] <Arle Nadja> Wow... Ringo's got great concentration...

[12:30:26] <Keiji> [It slowly slides out of the ground. When it is fully removed from the ground and floating in the air, you notice it looks an awful lot like one of the blades from the ADMA helicopter.]

[12:30:50] <Contractor> ...-blink- How did you manage that?

[12:31:32] <Arle Nadja> Is this your first time doing this?

[12:31:46] <Ringo> Yeah. I have no idea. I guess I'm magic...-examines the helicopter blade, and is taken aback- !! Arle! That's the ADMA helicopter! ...or rather what's left of it.

[12:32:35] <Contractor> ...Anyway, would you like me to take you back to the city?

[12:33:07] <Arle Nadja> That

[12:33:14] <Arle Nadja> 's a start!

[12:33:15] <Ringo> Of course we would! You can't just leave us out here to starve and sweat to death!...can you?

[12:33:54] <Contractor> Well, come on, let's go to my car. I'd better take that object.

[12:34:04] <Contractor> -leads you to his car-

[12:34:43] <Ringo> Aah! Air conditioned vehicle!

[12:34:52] <Ringo> Nice car.

[12:35:09] <Contractor> Well, I'm glad you like it, but it's just standard issue...

[12:35:55] <Ringo> So what got you involved with the stray meteorite anyway?

[12:36:10] <Contractor> It's my job.

[12:36:24] <Contractor> I just happened to be assigned to investigate the things that fell in this area.

[12:36:28] <Contractor> Which isn't the meteorite.

[12:36:40] <Keiji> brb, making sandwich, feel free to keep talking

[12:37:08] <Ringo> But luckily, we happen to know what DID fall there. Have you seen any other people like us around? Particularly ones with neon hair?

[12:37:17] <Akkie> It's a part of the helicopter we take, too.

[12:38:26] <Chao> nick fail?

[12:38:35] <Akkie> Yes. *klutz*

[12:39:14] <Arle Nadja> I thought things like that are normal where you come from, too. [staring at her red hair]

[12:39:32] <Akkie> It's not the red hair WE see everyday, right? /not nickfail

[12:40:10] <Ringo> Neon hair? Well, if you dye it maybe. Mine is dyed, but red is a pretty natural color compared to say...neon blue like Sig's hair.

[12:41:19] <Arle Nadja> Well, your red hair isn't the natural red, so I had to ask...

[12:41:49] <Keiji> Ok back

[12:41:52] <Keiji> -reads-

[12:43:45] <Contractor> I haven't seen any other people like you, but there are a lot of us on this case, so it's quite possible others were found

[12:44:16] <Ringo> Wow. This must be pretty big if they've got more than one of you on the scene.

[12:44:33] <Contractor> Well, yes, pieces flew EVERYWHERE.

[12:44:49] <Ringo> (Son of a digit, first the whole Ekoro fiasco, and now THIS?!) Everywhere....

[12:45:40] <Arle Nadja> (I'm worried about Carby... but now doesn't look like a good time to bring him up yet...)

[12:46:08] <Contractor> So, I take it you were residing in the building that exploded?

[12:46:32] <Arle Nadja> Yeah...

[12:46:41] <Keiji> Incidentally, "Keiji" is Japanese for "detective".

[12:46:44] <Ringo> Y-yes.

[12:47:20] <Contractor> That sounds like a strange kind of explosion, if it is so powerful but leaves you unharmed...

[12:47:58] <Arle Nadja> Believe me. We've gone through more than that.

[12:48:53] <Contractor> Well, that's not my place. Anyway, we're in the city now. Do you recognise the area?

[12:49:18] <Ringo> Sort of. There's devestation all around, but it looks familiar enough.

[12:50:41] <Keiji> Uh, the HQ was blown up, not the whole freakin' city...

[12:50:57] <Chao> oops lol

[12:51:17] <Ringo> I-i mean, yeah. I recognize it sir.

[12:51:32] <Contractor> Okay, then shall I drop you off here?

[12:51:47] <Ringo> Sure. You okay with that Arle?

[12:52:18] <Arle Nadja> I guess we'll look for our friends ourselves, right?

[12:53:03] <Ringo> Well, I thought we'd check out ADMA Ground Zero first to make sure any of them arent there. And to see what's left.

[12:54:21] <Keiji> [Well, you get out and head for ADMA, but it doesn't exist any more, a big hole in its space, cordoned off.]

[12:54:41] <Ringo> ಠ_ಠ

[12:54:55] <Arle Nadja> Sounds like a plan.

[12:55:08] <Akkie> Hooray.

[12:55:23] <Akkie> Hooray for connection fail.

[12:55:33] <Ringo> Apparently....nothing is left.

[12:56:12] <Ringo> Just...just a gaping hole...How in the factor did we not get killed in this explosion?...

[12:56:14] <Arle Nadja> The two of us made it out alive... but I'm still worried about the others.

[12:56:34] <Arle Nadja> And I dunno. Quantum Physics?

[12:56:45] <Ringo> Me too. Let's try to scope them out. Name an area to start looking....

[12:57:08] <Keiji> [You're still looking around the cordoned area when someone appears out of nowhere.]

[12:57:22] <Epsilon> Nohoho!

[12:57:39] <Arle Nadja> You!

[12:57:46] <Ringo> Ah! Oh...It's just that frog merchant...;

[12:58:12] <Chao> (:D)

[12:58:15] <Epsilon> No(w), you got what was coming to you!

[12:58:30] <Ringo> ....what?

[12:58:47] <Ringo> Don't tell me...

[12:59:01] <Arle Nadja> You know...

[12:59:31] <Epsilon> Ho(w) about a new HQ for just ¥156,000,000,000?

[13:00:28] <Ringo> O_O ¥156,000,000,000?!?! That's expensive!....well...not really, considering it's real estate....BUT STILL!?!

[13:00:38] <Epsilon> No?

[13:00:50] <Ringo> You expect two school girls like us to be carrying ¥156,000,000,000 in our pockets?

[13:01:03] <Epsilon> Hoho, I wasn't about to sell you it anyway!

[13:01:09] <Arle Nadja> Even with the HQ's funds still intact, I don't think that would be possible.

[13:01:13] <Keiji> [He doesn't seem quite right.]

[13:02:16] <Arle Nadja> Hmm...

[13:02:18] <Ringo> Something's...not right. You went on about "You got what's coming to you" Intially I calculated you were the villain behind the meteorite...am I at least half right?

[13:02:40] <Epsilon> Hoho... half right, perhaps you are

[13:02:41] <Epsilon> !

[13:03:04] <Ringo> So you DO know about the meteor and why it landed here specifically.

[13:03:09] <Epsilon> No, I don't!

[13:03:20] <Ringo> ...;

[13:03:25] <Epsilon> I am just a frog merchant - er, a messenger!

[13:03:37] <Ringo> Messenger? Of Who?

[13:03:49] <Epsilon> Who knows?

[13:04:29] <Arle Nadja> You have an idea, at least?

[13:04:31] <Ringo> You're not one of Ekoro or Popoi's lackeys are you? (And why am I asking the suspect and expecting him to answer honestly o-O)

[13:05:06] <Epsilon> I don't know those people!

[13:05:19] <Epsilon> Come, you are summoned!

[13:05:42] <Ringo> Summoned....I guess we oughta follow him. He knew we'd come here....

[13:06:03] <Arle Nadja> How he knew, though...\

[13:06:09] <Keiji> [And S3 Miniboss music comes on my playlist. PERFECT music for this situation!]

[13:06:14] <Keiji> (Whoops, wrong brackets.)

[13:06:27] <Keiji> (Would that be bracketfail?)

[13:06:42] <Akkie> Is that the same Nohoho that's allergic to curry?

[13:06:54] <Epsilon> -walks off and leads the girls round into a certain back alley-

[13:07:32] <Ringo> -feels uneasy walking into a back alley, but doesn't question the logic of the world-

[13:09:09] <Keiji> ["Nohoho" stands to the side with a rather obvious portal looking thing in the middle of the alley.]

[13:09:36] <Ringo> ಠ_ಠ;; You're kidding me right?

[13:09:49] <Arle Nadja> Is there even a point asking where that leads?

[13:10:11] <Epsilon> Hoho, go in, go in!

[13:10:46] <Ringo> My calculations say 'nohoho'. (How's that for a pun.) I suppose we shouldn't question the frog...-jumps into the portal-

[13:11:02] <Keiji> (Well, you try, but something comes out and knocks you over.)

[13:11:29] <Ringo> Ah! -hits the ground with a thud- ...what the???

[13:11:54] <Arle Nadja> -wasn't able to jump along-

[13:12:46] <Keiji> [A tall man steps out of the portal.]

[13:13:24] <Marcus> -looks around- Epsilon, didn't I tell you how these portals work?!

[13:14:01] <Ringo> ....Epsilon? So you ARE one of Ekoro's clones!

[13:14:11] <Epsilon> Ah, sorry, I forgot...

[13:14:31] <Ringo> -turns to the mysterious man- And you...who are you???

[13:17:27] <Marcus> Hmm, that's not right. -he somehow shrinks down to... well, just picture Schezo, I guess. (No, it's not Schezo lol)- Dimensions take a bit of adjustment.

[13:18:28] <Ringo> Dimensionsal portals, huh?

[13:19:18] <Marcus> Anyway!

[13:19:50] <Marcus> How did you survive the explosion?

[13:20:19] <Ringo> You tell me! I can guess you tried to kill us here at the ADMA, but you failed.

[13:22:24] <Marcus> /YOU'RE/ the ones who are going round trying to kill people.

[13:22:46] <Ringo> wait...what?

[13:23:00] <Ringo> Do explain.

[13:23:07] <Ringo> >:T

[13:23:20] <Marcus> You racist jerks!

[13:24:00] <Ringo> Racist? Against what? Or who? The only people Draco discriminates against are dark magic users that commit acts of evil.

[13:24:13] <Ringo> Like Ekoro.

[13:24:16] <Marcus> "Anti Dark Magic Alliance", is it not?

[13:24:25] <Ringo> Yeah.

[13:24:46] <Marcus> And what the heck is wrong with dark magic?

[13:25:18] <Ringo> .....I don't know. You should ask my employer, if she even survived the explosion herself.

[13:25:49] <Ringo> One of our own was apparently a dark magician once.

[13:26:06] <Marcus> Epsilon, why the hell are you still standing there? Go do something useful.

[13:26:30] <Epsilon> Nohohokay... -jumps into the portal-

[13:26:44] <Marcus> -shakes his head at that bad pun-

[13:27:01] <Ringo> -_-;;

[13:27:29] <Marcus> -looks at Arle- And I see you've been silent.


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