Episode 65 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Oct 10, 2015. All times are UTC.

[19:11:54] <Compa> I wonder if Neptune makes a diet after her pudding escalation. she really got fat 0.o

[19:12:31] <Noire> ...I just hope her pudding obsession doesn't allow that crazy girl to get away from the Basilicom.

[19:12:42] <Keiji> 10 189 jbas=0

[19:12:51] <Noire> I hate to leave her alone there, but we have bigger fish to fry.

[19:13:09] <Keiji> (Here's some music to encourage them to travel :D )

[19:13:52] <Uni> Yeah you are right Onee. Let's beat this Praline!

[19:14:20] <Noire> If I were Praline, and I attacked the Planeptune Basilicom to spread my chocolates...

[19:14:28] <Noire> ...I'd target Leanbox next.

[19:14:50] <Noire> We should check up on them.

[19:15:14] <Keiji> (also Uni probably wants to see how the Airship she stole is doing.)

[19:15:16] <Uni> Good idea. Our basilicom is still conquered by them right?

[19:15:29] <Noire> ...Don't remind me...;;

[19:15:34] <Uni> I wonder if my new Airship is fixed up...

[19:15:43] <Noire> A-Airship?!

[19:16:00] <Uni> You didn't knew? I stole a big Airship all by myself!...

[19:16:09] <Uni> But Nepgear helped me...

[19:16:35] <Noire> U-Uni.... *sighs* I guess you're okay so it doesn't matter, but...

[19:16:54] <Noire> You really shouldn't do so many dangerous things while I'm busy!

[19:17:02] <Uni> ...

[19:17:08] <Uni> I didn't do it for fun!

[19:18:03] <Uni> When Praline tried to open shops in planeptune, I were in a battle against her employees and there was this big Airship so Nepgear and I thought...why not stealing it.

[19:18:25] <Noire> ....Anyway, we should get going.

[19:18:31] <Uni> Yeah.

[19:18:34] <Noire> I'm sure that airship will be of some use.

[19:18:43] <Uni> I think so,too.

[19:19:21] <Chao> [So Noire, Compa, and Uni travel from Planeptune to Leanbox. The journey goes pretty smoothly...until they arrive, that is.]

[19:19:38] <Compa> We arrived. Woho.

[19:19:39] <Schezo Wegey> 3

[19:19:46] <Schezo Wegey> *hiding in a bush*

[19:20:02] <Mitsuki> 3

[19:20:18] <Mitsuki> *Hiding with Schezo, because they're totally a couple now*

[19:20:35] <Noire> It seems... quiet.

[19:20:44] <Uni> Yeah...

[19:20:45] <Noire> As usual, I suppose.

[19:21:47] <Noire> We're not that far from the Basilicom. Maybe Vert is around and actually taking care of things.

[19:22:09] <Noire> ....Or maybe she's playing video games instead of doing her CPU chores... u_u;;

[19:22:24] <Uni> I think she's doing the second one...

[19:22:36] <Keiji> 10 504 jbas=1

[19:23:04] <Compa> She haven't posted anything on her blog for some hours now. I think she isn't at home. But she needs rest too. Never mind :D

[19:23:45] <Noire> I hope she's taking Angol's threat as seriously as the rest of us.

[19:23:53] <Schezo Wegey> !!

[19:24:04] <Uni> I think she does.

[19:24:15] <Schezo Wegey> T-There it is! She knows of the Power of Angels....

[19:25:12] <Schezo Wegey> *leaps out of the bush and points his sword at Noire* TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW OF THAT WHICH I, THE DARK WIZARD SCHEZO, DESIRE

[19:26:02] <Uni> I am not impressed at all you dark wizard uuhuhu

[19:26:16] <Mitsuki> Ah, have the people who were talking about angels before returned?! *leaps out too*

[19:26:28] <Mitsuki> ...No... I don't see them anywhere...

[19:26:53] <Noire> *just grabs Schezo and throws him at Mitsuki*

[19:27:02] <Uni> We don't have the time to handle you two too! We gotta go Noire...

[19:27:24] <Mitsuki> Woah! *sidesteps*

[19:27:26] <Schezo Wegey> W-What?!

[19:27:40] <Compa> Let's move on.

[19:28:14] <Schezo Wegey> *falls on the ground*

[19:28:27] <Draco> 3

[19:28:30] <Shinghi> (my massages are arriving really late again. i think it's still the jukebox)

[19:28:50] <Keiji> weird, now I'm getting lag

[19:29:25] <Shinghi> (this msg will arrive 30 secs too late)

[19:29:28] <Chao> Yeah, same

[19:29:59] <Keiji> just a sec

[19:30:02] <Shinghi> it actually were ,,only'' 24 secs

[19:30:14] <Keiji> 10 0 jbas=0

[19:30:26] <Shinghi> hmm

[19:30:41] <Shinghi> 3 secs 2 l8

[19:30:41] <Keiji> well that's a nuisance

[19:30:50] <Shinghi> or 8

[19:31:03] <Chao> indeed.

[19:31:20] <Shinghi> but you have the lags too right?

[19:31:41] <Chao> Yeah I was lagging pretty hard with the music

[19:31:53] <Chao> I'm still lagging without but it's not quite as bad

[19:32:13] <Shinghi> 1

[19:32:14] <Chao> 1

[19:32:14] <Schezo Wegey> 4

[19:32:14] <Noire> 4

[19:32:14] <Chao> 2

[19:32:16] <Keiji> 1

[19:32:23] <Chao> 1

[19:32:34] <Keiji> Reverted to 9.4.2

[19:32:37] <Noire> 3

[19:32:41] <Keiji> no new jukebox, but whatever let's just rp

[19:32:45] <Shinghi> test

[19:32:46] <Schezo Wegey> 3

[19:32:53] <Shinghi> now it's like before

[19:33:03] <Shinghi> oh yeah you reverted xD

[19:33:29] <Keiji> now back to what i was trying to do

[19:33:50] <Schezo Wegey> H-How dare you throw me! Tell me about the power of angels!

[19:33:55] <Draco> *Suddenly has Schezo thrown into her *

[19:34:14] <Draco> oof!

[19:34:15] <Schezo Wegey> 4

[19:34:15] <Noire> 4

[19:34:15] <Chao> 2

[19:34:17] <Chao> 1

[19:34:23] <Uni> Shut up please. You are annoying you clods...

[19:34:28] <Noire> 3

[19:34:35] <Uni> Noire. Please just move on.

[19:34:36] <Schezo Wegey> 3

[19:34:57] <Draco> Are you guys stupid?

[19:35:09] <Draco> How can you confuse "Angol" with "Angel"?

[19:35:23] <Schezo Wegey> Erm...Well, you see...

[19:35:48] <Noire> I don't have time to tell the likes of you about Angol, anyway.

[19:36:08] <Noire> You're probably just some pervert looking for trouble at the Basilicom.

[19:36:24] <Compa> Yeah get away you pervert!

[19:36:26] <Mitsuki> *rubs her chin* Oh, reaaally?

[19:36:40] <Schezo Wegey> I-I'll have you know that I'm Mr. Pervert! --I mean, I'm not a pervert!!

[19:36:50] <Mitsuki> But we desire information about these Angels, that can help us make our muffins!

[19:37:01] <Draco> Angels don't make muffins

[19:37:08] <Draco> And there aren't any angels around here, anyway.

[19:37:12] <Compa> I can make puddings. But not muffins I am sorry

[19:37:18] <Mitsuki> Puddings?!

[19:37:20] <Noire> Muffins?!

[19:37:25] <Schezo Wegey> DESIRE

[19:37:34] <Mitsuki> ALL OF THE FANCIFUL TREATS

[19:37:40] <Lemres> 3

[19:37:40] <Schezo Wegey> ALL OF THEM

[19:37:43] <Lemres> Sweets?!

[19:37:51] <Feli> 3

[19:37:59] <Compa> Lemres! Feli! Nice to see you again!

[19:37:59] <Draco> Oh god, now there's more of them...

[19:38:00] <Feli> Lemres senpai, please...

[19:38:18] <Feli> Draco, is it not?

[19:38:23] <Feli> It has been some time.

[19:38:49] <Draco> And here I was just going for a stroll to explore this crazy new world and the whole party shows up once again.

[19:38:57] <Schezo Wegey> Mitsuki... do you see it. A real angel!

[19:39:06] <Schezo Wegey> Not an "Angol" or whatever!

[19:39:06] <Draco> Feli, please tell me YOU'RE sane enough to not confuse Angol with Angels...

[19:39:19] <Mitsuki> Yes! It is!

[19:39:30] <Feli> E-eh?! Of course I am! We both have shared history with Angol Mois!

[19:39:42] <Feli> And it seems he is up to no good yet again...

[19:39:58] <Lemres> ...

[19:40:19] <Schezo Wegey> *grabs Feli* ANGEL! GIVE ME YOUR POWER... AND YOUR DESSERT!

[19:40:39] <Lemres> *sighs at Mr and Mrs Pervert. and pulls them away from Feli.* You two should know better, you know each other for goodness sake

[19:40:47] <Mitsuki> But... the muffins...

[19:40:56] <Schezo Wegey> Power...

[19:41:07] <Uni> What animal has pooped in your head man? You are stupid as a toast!

[19:41:08] <Noire> Ugh, these two look like a handful.

[19:41:17] <Noire> Boy I'm sure glad that Vert got these guys.

[19:41:41] <Uni> We got this Fresa. Not better.

[19:42:02] <Draco> Oh, yeah. Whenever everyone's done being idiotic...

[19:42:23] <Draco> who are you three, exactly?

[19:42:41] <Uni> Why would we tell you?

[19:43:06] <Noire> U-Uni...

[19:43:32] <Uni> Noire! We don't have the time to talk to them. They are so weird!

[19:43:44] <Jan> 3

[19:44:40] <Jan> Are you going against my sister-minion? Nobody talks to Satan-sama's minions like that!

[19:44:51] <Draco> ...For the last time Jan, I'm not a minion...

[19:44:56] <Feli> So, you are affiliated with Satan.

[19:45:05] <Feli> How unfortunate.

[19:45:08] <Compa> How many people will come here....

[19:45:27] <Noire> Satan?

[19:45:56] <Keiji> 10 538

[19:45:58] <Uni> I heard his ugly tower is near the arcade or was it near the shrine?

[19:46:07] <Satan> 3

[19:46:09] <Satan> ME

[19:46:20] <Satan> You rang?

[19:46:30] <Uni> Now it really comes together here...

[19:46:40] <Noire> W-What?! No! Go back! I wasn't summoning you you dolt!

[19:46:44] <Draco> The Arcade's here?!

[19:47:11] <Feli> I suppose there's no point in hiding it.

[19:47:19] <Feli> We meet again, Satan.

[19:47:26] <Jan> Oh, you haven't seen it?! Of course it is! In fact, Satan-sama's tower is the whole other side of the shrine than the Arcade!

[19:47:34] <Satan> My, It's quite a party in here!

[19:47:41] <Jan> If you haven't seen the shrine, you haven't seen half of this land they call Leanbox!

[19:47:57] <Draco> Wasn't this supposed to be a solo mission..?

[19:47:59] <Uni> We were in this world before you man...

[19:48:26] <Schezo Wegey> Curses... now that horned fiend is involved. And he has minions too.

[19:48:43] <Mitsuki> He must be after the Angelic Muffins too!


[19:49:02] <Satan> Muffins are nothing when you have...

[19:49:06] <Satan> DIAMONDS

[19:49:08] <Lemres> DIAMONDS

[19:49:16] <Jan> nickfail, and timing fail

[19:50:16] <Lemres> Eh, well, you can at least eat muffins. You can't eat diamonds.

[19:50:20] <Feli> Surely... there must be some reason the perverse ones are obsessed with muffins and have some how confused this with Angol and celestial powers.

[19:50:28] <Lemres> But neither have anything on candy!

[19:50:45] <Compa> I can make you pudding sometimes Lemres :)

[19:51:09] <Satan> I guess I should invent edible Diamonds one day...

[19:51:25] <Satan> But such diamonds would have no value.

[19:51:34] <Satan> If you ate them

[19:51:41] <Lemres> Diamond-shaped candy would be nice.

[19:51:42] <Satan> What a horrible world that would be...

[19:52:11] <Jan> So, did you find it Draco?!

[19:52:15] <Draco> Find what?

[19:52:21] <Jan> The Arcade, of course!

[19:52:40] <Noire> Of course Vert would build an arcade here...

[19:52:49] <Jan> Vert?

[19:52:57] <Jan> No, it's Nanako's...

[19:53:30] <Satan> That lady... she can keep her damn Basilicom! I didn't even like it that much anyway *pout*

[19:53:43] <Feli> ...

[19:53:45] <Jan> Basilicom?

[19:53:57] <Lemres> Now see who's the one asking questions!

[19:53:58] <Uni> So...can we move on now? Or do you want some tea and cake?

[19:54:01] <Noire> ...You tried to steal Vert's Basilicom?!

[19:54:20] <Satan> No, I tried to purchase it. There's a difference!

[19:54:30] <Satan> I'm not a thief like Angol!

[19:54:33] <Draco> Are diamonds even worth that much in this world?

[19:54:59] <Noire> Y-You can't just purchase a Basilicom...

[19:55:08] <Noire> I suppose you have a point about not being Angol though.

[19:55:22] <Draco> ...Well, we digress. Again.

[19:55:57] <Schezo Wegey> ...Everyone. Be on your best behavior. SHE COMES!

[19:56:07] <Midori Mizuri> 3

[19:56:09] <Jan> she?

[19:56:23] <Midori Mizuri> *Approaches the group with a tray of muffins*

[19:56:23] <Uni> Who's coming? SO many weird people around!

[19:56:47] <Mitsuki> Hey, you can't be so disrespectful to the Muffin Town's Shrine Maiden!

[19:56:54] <Schezo Wegey> ALL HAIL THE GREAT MIDORI SAMA

[19:57:15] <Keiji> Does Midori have a theme?

[19:57:22] <Midori Mizuri> Sama? Oh, you're too kind. I don't need such a high honorific.

[19:57:30] <Chao> No. Not yet anyway

[19:57:33] <Chao> :<

[19:58:20] <Chao> 10 462

[19:58:27] <Draco> So this is the Shrine Maiden I heard so much about... Nice to meet you.

[19:58:45] <Midori Mizuri> I heard there was quite a comotion over here.

[19:58:59] <Mitsuki> Yes! Just about everyone showed up at once!

[19:59:07] <Lemres> ...That is certainly what you'd call a commotion...

[19:59:10] <Midori Mizuri> Would anyone like some muffins?

[19:59:16] <Mitsuki> WOULD I EVER?!

[19:59:23] <Mitsuki> Are you the angel in disguise?!

[19:59:24] <Midori Mizuri> I've had so many muffins lately and no one to give them too.

[19:59:29] <Mitsuki> *looks between Midori and Feli*

[19:59:42] <Schezo Wegey> I desire your muffins!

[20:00:04] <Noire> I guess we should take one, Uni.

[20:00:17] <Uni> *sigh*

[20:00:28] <Uni> *takes one*

[20:00:30] <Satan> So these are the famous Midori Muffins? *Takes one*

[20:00:34] <Compa> May I have one too? :)

[20:00:48] <Midori Mizuri> Of course! Everyone gets muffins~♥

[20:01:00] <Midori Mizuri> Really, I have too many!

[20:01:01] <Draco> *takes one gladly*

[20:01:32] <Satan> These are... quite delicious!

[20:01:33] <Draco> *talks while eating* Oh yeah, I was trying to ask who you guys were.

[20:01:43] <Draco> This is a delicious muffin though~

[20:02:00] <Noire> It's so perfectly... moist and flavorful... how...?

[20:02:15] <Schezo Wegey> *stuffing face with muffins*

[20:02:58] <Feli> This is Noire. She is the CPU of Lastation. The pink one with hearts is Compa. As for the third...

[20:03:14] <Draco> The... CPU... of Lastation?

[20:03:22] <Draco> *doesn't know what these words mean*

[20:03:41] <Satan> Erm... would you care to elaborate?

[20:03:48] <Draco> But, hi Noire and Compa! And random unknwon other person! :D

[20:03:50] <Draco> unknown*

[20:04:07] <Uni> I am Uni! The sister of the CPU!

[20:04:24] <Draco> Ah, Uni... I knew I'd get your name eventually if I hung out here long enough. So, you two are sisters...

[20:04:35] <Noire> Hello..erm... Draco, is it?

[20:04:57] <Draco> Well, I'm Draco *nod* And I saved our world from a giant meteor singlehandedly!

[20:05:04] <Mitsuki> You did no such thing

[20:05:22] <Noire> Pffffffffft AHahaha!! My minions say the silliest things, sometimes!

[20:05:29] <Satan> *nickfail


[20:05:47] <Satan> ...Oh yeah, that happened.

[20:06:06] <Schezo Wegey> I drink to forget.

[20:06:16] <Keiji> Shinghi: chronoporting is like teleporting, but you travel in time as well

[20:06:38] <Shinghi> aah okay :D

[20:06:43] <Keiji> 10 160

[20:06:52] <Feli> Yes, that is a tale for another day, I believe.

[20:07:28] <Draco> Speaking of saving the world. You three seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Was that it? You're off saving the world? Can I come too? ☆

[20:07:39] <Noire> ....SHIT.

[20:07:47] <Noire> That's r-right.

[20:07:54] <Noire> We're here because of Praline!

[20:08:10] <Uni> Why are we now friends with them? I don't get it,

[20:08:14] <Satan> Ah yes, that woman selling her candy in Lastation.

[20:08:39] <Satan> I wouldn't eat her candy if I were you.

[20:08:43] <Jan> It's not a problem is it? More friends are always wonderful♥

[20:09:08] <Schezo Wegey> No candy shall ever compare to Midori sama's Muffins!

[20:09:11] <Jan> Oh, it's a bit late, but I should introduce myself... Jan-sama, at your service~

[20:09:25] <Uni> I'd never call anyone sama!!!

[20:09:46] <Noire> At least not a little imp girl, anyway

[20:09:52] <Jan> Hey!

[20:10:14] <Jan> CPUs are so passe. Imp girls are the big thing now.

[20:10:17] <Midori Mizuri> Now, now, let's not get too feisty. Here, have some muffins~♥

[20:10:24] <Draco> THAT'S MY LINE

[20:10:36] <Jan> I couldn't not, though~

[20:10:53] <Mitsuki> *stuffs herself with more muffins*

[20:11:03] <Draco> ... Ah, I already had enough, thanks.

[20:11:40] <Jan> Now then! Jan-sama has completed her daily dose of distracting everyone from important things, so she will be off now! Tally-ho!

[20:11:42] <Jan> 4

[20:11:50] <Noire> I think this muffin lady will be out of a line of work if we don't stop Praline from trying to take over Leanbox.

[20:12:01] <Midori Mizuri> ....Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

[20:12:12] <Midori Mizuri> But... baking is my livelyhood!


[20:12:32] <Compa> Did you ever try to stuff your muffins with pudding?

[20:12:32] <Draco> ...she's gone.

[20:12:43] <Draco> ...Don't suppose anyone else knows the way to the Arcade?

[20:12:49] <Satan> ...That sounds disturbingly delicious.

[20:13:13] <Lemres> Muffins with pudding... That's two things that are lacking candy. That won't do.

[20:13:25] <Keiji> (I'm looking at you Uni)

[20:13:33] <Shinghi> ?

[20:13:40] <Keiji> (Uni's heading for the Arcade after all.)

[20:13:46] <Uni> I know where the arcade is.

[20:13:56] <Keiji> (at the very least it should remind her THEY HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO, PLACES TO BE)

[20:13:57] <Uni> But why would I show you?

[20:14:12] <Noire> I don't think we have a choice now.

[20:14:23] <Uni> And I don't want to show you! Noire! WE gotta GO!

[20:14:29] <Noire> We have to get a move on!

[20:15:04] <Draco> Well, I guess I can just follow you til you decide to show me, then!

[20:15:10] <Uni> ..

[20:15:33] <Mitsuki> *Is still munching Midori's muffins, and follows Midori back to her shrine or wherever she's going*

[20:15:38] <Mitsuki> 4

[20:15:40] <Satan> I'll leave you to that then, Draco. I have other business to attend to.

[20:15:42] <Satan> 4

[20:15:54] <Schezo Wegey> M-Mitsuki... WAIT

[20:15:58] <Schezo Wegey> 4

[20:16:15] <Midori Mizuri> There they go... I guess they're off.

[20:16:25] <Midori Mizuri> I too should be off... TO PREPARE FOR THE MUFFIN WAR


[20:16:37] <Midori Mizuri> *the look in her eyes is passionately serious*

[20:16:43] <Uni> They realy are poopheads...

[20:16:58] <Uni> really*

[20:17:01] <Midori Mizuri> I will not let this Praline and her moldy chocolates have her way!

[20:17:11] <Midori Mizuri> I MUST BAKE MY MUFFIN ARMY


[20:17:46] <Midori Mizuri> TO HAVE THEIR RIGHT TO BE ON THE MARKET

[20:17:57] <Midori Mizuri> I WILL NOT RELENT TO CONSUMERISM.

[20:18:02] <Lemres> That's some speech there, Midori.

[20:18:14] <Lemres> Let me join your cause.

[20:18:22] <Midori Mizuri> MIDORI WILL WIN

[20:18:23] <Compa> Then good luck Midori!

[20:18:29] <Lemres> For the sake of the CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE as well!

[20:18:32] <Midori Mizuri> 4

[20:18:35] <Lemres> 4

[20:18:39] <Draco> ...Well, now that all the idiots are gone.

[20:18:39] <Uni> Let's move on now...

[20:18:40] <Feli> L-Lemres senpai...

[20:18:43] <Draco> Feli?

[20:18:47] <Feli> He's gone..

[20:19:02] <Draco> Perhaps you'd accompany me on this quest to find the Arcade?

[20:19:13] <Uni> What do you think Noire?

[20:19:17] <Feli> I suppose I should let Nanako know that Lemres and I are safe.

[20:19:24] <Keiji> oh god the colors are confusing now

[20:19:28] <Keiji> Draco/Noire and Uni/Feli both

[20:19:36] <Noire> We need to go. Like, now.

[20:19:41] <Keiji> I guess we'll change them once we've claimed the next bunch of characters tho

[20:19:43] <Keiji> otherwise we'll do it twice

[20:19:51] <Uni> yeah

[20:19:53] <Noire> I dont even care who comes with at this point.

[20:20:09] <Uni> Then...Let's go now!!!

[20:20:41] <Chao> [The gang heads over to the FGF Arcade. It's hard not to notice the shiny airship parked outside]

[20:20:58] <Keiji> For some reason Nanako and Phi are not in our character grid, but whatever

[20:21:07] <Uni> That's the airship! Cool-hue?

[20:21:10] <Nanako> 3

[20:21:14] <Nepgear> 3

[20:21:16] <Noire> Y-You stole THAT thing?!

[20:21:16] <Uni> Nepgear should be around...

[20:21:18] <Vert> 3

[20:21:21] <Plutia> 3

[20:21:35] <Phi> 3

[20:21:49] <Uni> Nepgeaaaaar!!!

[20:21:54] <Keiji> 10 513

[20:22:09] <Nepgear> Oh? Uni-chan!!

[20:22:25] <Uni> *runs to Nepgear and hugs her* I missed youuu >o<

[20:22:35] <Keiji> [The Airship is looking in much better shape than before, too!]

[20:22:38] <Feli> Nanako... I have arrived.

[20:22:57] <Plutia> *wakes up* Uh =_= Hey guys!

[20:23:00] <Phi> Huh?... When did so many people get here...

[20:23:10] <Nanako> *arrives from the front door of the Arcade with Phi* Oh, Feli-sama! It's been a while!

[20:23:17] <Noire> Oy, Plutia.

[20:23:25] <Phi> Feli!

[20:23:32] <Plutia> I took a nap =_=

[20:23:35] <Phi> And... Draco?

[20:23:50] <Noire> Of course you did...

[20:23:59] <Draco> *was too busy staring at the HUGE SHINY AIRSHIP to say any greetings*

[20:24:01] <Plutia> I think it wasn't that long so

[20:24:13] <Feli> Lemres and I are safe, Nanako. There is no need to worry.

[20:24:26] <Feli> Although, Lemres has run off to declare muffin war...

[20:24:59] <Phi> Who are these people?

[20:25:05] <Phi> Well, besides Feli and Draco.

[20:25:21] <Uni> We are from this world! Not as you!

[20:25:41] <Phi> Um... I knew that...

[20:25:46] <Draco> ....I'm not sure I remember you? (At Phi)

[20:26:18] <Phi> Hm... I only feel vaguely familiar with you myself. Let's just start anew.

[20:26:20] <Phi> I'm Phi!

[20:26:30] <Nanako> That's good to hear, Feli. At least that you're safe. Not too sure bout the muffin war...

[20:26:54] <Feli> I am unaware of Arle's location, but she is safe. I can sense it.

[20:27:19] <Draco> Arle is here too?

[20:27:28] <Draco> We must find her! She is needed...

[20:27:41] <Feli> No. Not yet.

[20:27:55] <Draco> b-but Jan said

[20:28:10] <Feli> No.

[20:28:11] <Vert> *ahem*

[20:28:16] <Vert> Perhaps more importantly...

[20:28:41] <Vert> *looks up to the distant sky where a huge airship and several assistant smaller aircraft are flying*

[20:28:45] <Noire> Oh, Vert! I was wondering when you'd show up.

[20:28:53] <Vert> Has anyone else noticed these?

[20:28:55] <Noire> *looks up* Shit... we wasted time.

[20:29:01] <Uni> Damn it...

[20:29:02] <Phi> Uh oh...

[20:29:04] <Vert> At this speed, they'll probably be here in ten minutes...

[20:29:14] <Uni> *pulls out the rifle* May I shoot?

[20:29:23] <Nepgear> ...Even for your rifle Uni, isn't it a bit far?

[20:29:38] <Phi> Uh... actually, we had different plans for you, Uni.

[20:29:40] <Nepgear> Besides, we cleaned this ship up for you. Come on in!

[20:29:48] <Phi> Yeah!

[20:29:49] <Uni> Oh yeah!

[20:29:56] <Uni> Let's have some fun!

[20:30:01] <Noire> W-Wait, she's going to pilot the airship?!

[20:30:02] <Uni> It looks amazing!

[20:30:09] <Uni> Of course I am

[20:30:09] <Keiji> > nepgear doesn't have a page on CW wiki

[20:30:13] <Keiji> > i am saddened by this

[20:30:30] <Phi> Nanako said she should. She's our most capable pilot!

[20:30:34] <Nepgear> She's the only one that can, right?

[20:30:42] <Phi> Nepgear vouches too.

[20:30:54] <Nanako> I can fly helpicopters, but I'm probably not so good with planes...

[20:31:07] <Uni> I can handle this Noire. No need to worry.

[20:31:09] <Draco> What's a helpicopter?

[20:31:16] <Noire> ....I suppose it can't be helped. Uni, just be careful okay? Give that Praline a piece of my mind.

[20:31:19] <Nanako> (typo. D: )

[20:31:30] <Uni> I do!

[20:31:38] <Chao> (draco needs a helpicopter for her memory loss)

[20:31:43] <Keiji> bahahahaha

[20:32:00] <Uni> Okay then...*steps into the airship*

[20:32:12] <Nepgear> Who else is boarding?

[20:32:28] <Phi> I'll go with! I can heal wounds and help repair any damages.

[20:32:46] <Nepgear> ....it'd be cool if Plutia could wake up sometime soon, too...

[20:32:58] <Plutia> I am awake =_=

[20:33:02] <Phi> Don't worry, miss! Uni will be safe with me around!

[20:33:17] <Uni> Is the glass in the cockpit bulletproof glass?

[20:33:25] <Feli> You may trust Phi. He is a natural born healer.

[20:33:35] <Nanako> GLASS IS FORBIDDEN

[20:33:45] <Phi> Oh no, not again.

[20:34:15] <Uni> I am just asking 0.o then I know if I can shoot out of the cockpit or not :D

[20:34:18] <Vert> Don't worry. It's actually an artificial material far stronger than glass!

[20:34:36] <Draco> So there's no need to go kicking it all out, Nanako.

[20:34:42] <Phi> The Airship has weapons. You wont need to worry abou shooting through glass.

[20:34:50] <Nanako> Hey, I wasn't about to go ruin your airship. I was kidding. KIDDING.

[20:35:00] <Nanako> I totally didn't destroy all the windows in my own Arcade way back then.

[20:35:12] <Phi> And... These weapons... ARE SO COOL ♥u♥

[20:35:25] <Nanako> Anyway, I guess I'll stay back and guard the Arcade.

[20:35:29] <Uni> I prefer my rifle but I am happy that I can shoot with the ship

[20:35:43] <Phi> I'll keep a radio line with you open Nanako!

[20:35:55] <Draco> I'll stay too. I'm not really designed for aerial battles.

[20:36:18] <Noire> I'll stand ground here. If Praline wants me, she can come and get me.

[20:36:32] <Keiji> why is Noire staying

[20:36:38] <Uni> But I don't shoot them down right?

[20:36:44] <Draco> Most importantly, I found the Arcade, so I must check it out!

[20:37:09] <Draco> Do your best Feli! In whatever world-saving way that may entail!

[20:37:09] <Noire> AActually, Fuck staying here. I'm going to go with on the airship.

[20:37:18] <Draco> (Draco clearly has no idea what Uni and co are about to get up to.)

[20:37:40] <Feli> ...You fail once again to realize the magnitude of the situation.

[20:37:53] <Nepgear> We're running out of time here!

[20:37:53] <Noire> *Noire boards*

[20:37:57] <Nanako> 4

[20:37:58] <Draco> 4

[20:37:59] <Feli> 4

[20:38:05] <Keiji> feli get back in there

[20:38:10] <Chao> [The airship army approaches]

[20:38:18] <Feli> 3

[20:38:25] <Uni> *starts the airship*

[20:38:29] <Nepgear> *pulls Feli on board right before it takes off*

[20:38:33] <Uni> Guys what am i supposed to do now?

[20:38:36] <Feli> Kya!

[20:38:43] <Uni> I mean shall I shoot them?

[20:38:46] <Nepgear> Hang in there Uni. You're piloting the ship!

[20:38:59] <Uni> *the airship starts going in the air*

[20:39:21] <Keiji> [Just for the record, all eight characters currently in play are now onboard the airship. That is Uni, Nepgear, Plutia, Compa, Phi, Feli, Noire and Vert]

[20:39:58] <Keiji> 11 620 k+'yt/q2LTEffA3E4' t+'aaaaaaa'

[20:40:00] <Shinghi> And whats the plan? I didn't get it

[20:40:19] <Keiji> 12 620 t-'aaaaaaa'+'aaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

[20:40:22] <Keiji> 10 620

[20:40:28] <Chao> [As the FGF Airship takes off, the Praline Airships approach. The master airship is rather large and fortified looking. The other airships look a lot like the one the FGF stole, but not as spiffed up.]

[20:40:39] <Keiji> 12 620 t-'aaaaaaaaaaaaaa'+'Sonic 2 - Wing Fortress Zone'

[20:41:02] <Keiji> Is this relevant music or is this relevant music <3

[20:41:09] <Uni> THAT is a big one.

[20:41:31] <Phi> Man, it didn't look so big when it was farther away...

[20:41:43] <Phi> Oh man though, we are TOTALLY GOING TO WRECK IT ANYWAY

[20:42:00] <Feli> Your confidence is assuring...

[20:42:27] <Uni> I think this ship has awesome weapons?

[20:42:29] <Vert> So... did we ever discuss a plan more than "let's fly this airship and beat everyone up"?

[20:43:15] <Uni> No we didn't! That's what I am asking for!

[20:43:23] <Phi> Uh, well... not really. With an airship that big, what choice do we have but to go all out? We have a defense system in place...

[20:43:43] <Phi> If everything goes well though, our weapons should be able to hit them pretty hard.

[20:44:04] <Uni> That's good..

[20:44:11] <Uni> *flies towards the big ships*

[20:44:18] <Nepgear> Well, Vert, Plutia and I can transform and fight outside

[20:44:37] <Noire> W-What about me?! I'm here too!

[20:44:54] <Nepgear> and Noire

[20:45:00] <Nepgear> (I forgot Noire ;_;)

[20:45:06] <Nepgear> (You forgot Ringo ;_;)

[20:45:12] <Noire> (I'm here you dope~)

[20:45:15] <Plutia> Alright =_= *transforms* Let's beat their brain mass out of their heads!

[20:45:19] <Plutia> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'12'+'12'

[20:45:36] <Nepgear> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'0'+'0'

[20:45:39] <Vert> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'12'+'12'

[20:46:04] <Vert> Yes, let's... take out all those that threaten Leanbox's economy!

[20:46:08] <Chao> [As the ships close the distance, the Praline ones stop and maintain their position. A communication line opens between the FGF ship and the Master Ship. Praline is on the screen.]

[20:46:22] <Praline> 3

[20:46:22] <Uni> Heyo.

[20:46:27] <Chao> 10 541

[20:46:44] <Praline> HELLO LEANBOX!♥

[20:46:45] <Plutia> 4

[20:46:45] <Compa> 4

[20:46:45] <Uni> 4

[20:46:45] <Shinghi> 2

[20:46:47] <Vert> Oh not this daft music again

[20:46:48] <Shinghi> 1

[20:46:58] <Plutia> 3

[20:47:03] <Compa> 3

[20:47:04] <Praline> I see you brought a welcoming party for me. How... should I say, sweet♥

[20:47:09] <Uni> 3

[20:47:36] <Uni> Shut up, you fake breast annoying woman!

[20:47:41] <Praline> You see, Mois Praline needs to expand its business. We were hoping you would let us set up--

[20:47:46] <Praline> WOW, RUDE!

[20:47:56] <Praline> I WASN'T FINISHED.

[20:48:08] <Uni> I don't care! Turn your ships around! Now!

[20:48:12] <Keiji> Nepgear didn't get a chance to mention that Compa and Feli can stay and man the weapons but oh well. Also Feli can fly so she can be outside

[20:48:17] <Keiji> *Compa and Phi goddamnit

[20:48:22] <Praline> Excuse me?

[20:48:29] <Vert> *ahem*

[20:48:38] <Vert> I do believe this is my continent.

[20:48:54] <Uni> Excuse your mom. You are annoying! This continent doesn't belong to you!

[20:49:06] <Uni> Vert. Tell her

[20:49:12] <Vert> So as the most appropriate person to speak on behalf of Leanbox

[20:49:36] <Praline> My, your children really need to learn somme maners! Perhaps if you let us set up shop, maybe they'll behave better, and learn when to speak.

[20:49:39] <Vert> Your chocolates and your ships and your breast envy are not welcome here

[20:50:02] <Uni> Ya hear that? Get off!

[20:50:18] <Praline> H-How dare you?!

[20:50:20] <Plutia> Or I'll crush your skull k?!

[20:50:22] <Vert> And as you can see, we do have quite the forces to back that up!

[20:50:36] <Vert> *looks at Plutia and Nepgear and everyone else*

[20:50:39] <Praline> Ugh, I was really hoping that you would go quietly and not resist like Planeptune.

[20:50:51] <Praline> Oh well, it's not like I haven't dirtied my hands before.

[20:50:53] <Vert> You really expect me to not resist?

[20:51:06] <Chao> 10 579

[20:51:09] <Uni> Haha. Nepgear and me defeated you back in Planeptune alone so shut up, fake breasty.

[20:51:22] <Praline> Boys, Get them! I want Leanbox secured!

[20:51:25] <Vert> If I didn't save Leanbox, I wouldn't be able to play my videogames!

[20:51:41] <Keiji> This is also an amazing theme :D

[20:51:42] <Uni> Okay guys! How about some rapid fires?

[20:51:51] <Chao> :D Yay! Thank you omg

[20:51:52] <Keiji> Did you compose it?

[20:51:56] <Chao> Yes!

[20:51:57] <Keiji> :D

[20:52:03] <Uni> *pulls out the weapons of the airship*

[20:52:34] <Keiji> [The airship goes into battle mode and many of the attached weapons arm themselves]

[20:52:44] <Chao> [Several of the smaller airships fly towards the FGF one and start machine gunning it... to little avail]

[20:53:00] <Nepgear> *Busy flying around taking out the disposable airships*

[20:53:00] <Uni> Fire! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa! *fires*

[20:53:01] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[20:53:09] <Nepgear> If that's all you got, you're getting nowhere!

[20:53:09] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[20:53:16] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[20:53:22] <Mois Praline Employee> FOR PRALINE~~~~

[20:53:38] <Plutia> *helps Nepgear out* Let's break every single bone of them!

[20:53:39] <Keiji> So who are these goons?

[20:53:47] <Chao> They drive the airships

[20:53:48] <Keiji> Are they the ones that Nepgear is dealing with, or..

[20:53:55] <Chao> Yeah

[20:54:05] <Mois Praline Employee> Ugh! How

[20:54:15] <Noire> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'13'+'13'

[20:54:32] <Noire> *transforms* You bastards wont get away with this! *slices up one of the airships*

[20:54:36] <Uni> *shoots a rocket at the cockpit of Employee#2* Got ya!

[20:54:59] <Phi> Haha, wait until you see this! CRYSTAL CANON FIRE!

[20:55:07] <Nepgear> *It's really not a hard fight for HDD Nepgear right now. Fly to one craft, give it a good swing, fire at the next with her Gunblade, both are down*

[20:55:24] <Vert> It won't be that easy for long Nepgear! There are some bigger ones coming!

[20:55:35] <Phi> *Phi fires a huge ass Crystal laser that wipes out some of the small airships*

[20:55:55] <Praline> Ugh, what a pain!

[20:56:14] <Uni> Okay fake breast....get THIS! *pulls out a big bazooka like thing and shoots at Praline's ship*

[20:56:24] <Praline> You guys have good weapons and like, so many annoying insects.

[20:56:29] <Vert> Insects?

[20:56:41] <Praline> *The bazooka shell bounces off Praline's ship*

[20:56:44] <Vert> Ha, if any of us are insects, its your lot!

[20:56:49] <Vert> All your staff are the same!

[20:57:18] <Vert> *Is engaged with many spear throws and charges through enemy craft*

[20:57:44] <Compa> I am scared uhuhuhu what shall I do >.<

[20:57:53] <Praline> *pushes a button, revealing a HUGE Angolian remake of the Shadow Cannon(tm) coming out of Praline's ship*

[20:58:07] <Keiji> shit what was that

[20:58:12] <Plutia> *slicing and cutting some things*

[20:58:16] <Phi> Man the other Crystal Cannon Compa! Take out as many-- wait, WHAT?!

[20:58:19] <Keiji> oh god

[20:58:21] <Keiji> it's THAT

[20:58:23] <Phi> Oh god... is that...

[20:58:38] <Uni> THAT is scary...

[20:58:45] <Uni> Do we have this one too?

[20:58:51] <Praline> Ahahahaha!!♥ Time to see what your tiny little ship is REALLY made of!

[20:59:05] <Keiji> [Draco appears on the intercom-screen-thing inside the FGF Airship.]

[20:59:12] <Draco> 3

[20:59:16] <Draco> I know that weapon!

[20:59:17] <Uni> Draco?

[20:59:25] <Uni> Okay. Tell me now!

[20:59:46] <Draco> Shooting fire at it is the absolute worst thing you can do!

[20:59:51] <Draco> It'll just make it stronger!

[20:59:57] <Uni> And what can I do?

[20:59:58] <Draco> In fact.. it doesn't really have any weaknesses!

[21:00:00] <Praline> *She fires the Big-Ass-Shadow-Cannon directly at the FGF Airship*

[21:00:10] <Draco> The best tactic is to go for whoever's controlling it instead!

[21:00:16] <Uni> *tries to evade the attack* woah!


[21:00:21] <Draco> You just have to evade it!

[21:00:27] <Phi> *Nick fail

[21:00:32] <Draco> 4

[21:00:37] <Vert> ...

[21:00:44] <Feli> This is worse than I feared...

[21:00:49] <Uni> Okay guys! CPUs! Kill Praline!!!

[21:00:54] <Vert> Did you hear that Nepgear?

[21:00:59] <Uni> *evades the next attack*

[21:01:07] <Noire> YOU BITCH! DONT YOU DARE!!

[21:01:13] <Vert> Let's rush the enemy airship! Uni and the others can use our ship to fight the smaller crafts!

[21:01:29] <Noire> I agree!

[21:01:39] <Nepgear> Got it! *flies toward the Praline Main Ship*

[21:01:47] <Plutia> Yeah you go and kill that fake breast bitch. I got the smaller ones!

[21:01:49] <Keiji> kinda hoping feli will do something cool at some point

[21:01:54] <Noire> *Immediately flies towards the Praline Master Ship and begins swinning wildly*

[21:02:28] <Compa> *is shooting with the cannon* What am I doing? >o<

[21:02:29] <Nepgear> Noire!

[21:02:36] <Feli> *Feli also jumps out* SIGNIFICATOR!! * She crosses her Dowsing rods, and some heavenly magic assults the airship*

[21:02:41] <Nepgear> Where are you even aiming? Let's try to find a way in already!

[21:03:03] <Uni> Phi? Shall I try to bomb a hole in the ship for them?

[21:03:33] <Praline> *The Airship takes some damage but there are some goons in a section below manning some turrets. It looks like there's a way in from where they're sitting.*

[21:03:35] <Vert> We got this, you just concentrate on holding off and avoiding that Shadow Cannon!

[21:03:39] <Vert> (@Uni)

[21:03:44] <Mois Praline Employee> FOR PRALINE!!!!

[21:03:53] <Mois Praline Employee> GOD DO WE LOVE YOU PRALINE

[21:04:07] <Uni> Alright! *still evading the attacks*

[21:04:17] <Nepgear> ...The way these goons talk really does bug me.

[21:04:36] <Noire> It's so disgusting!

[21:04:59] <Keiji> (Any conceivable place to enter the Praline Airship to take down whoever's behind the Shadow Cannon? Or anywhere that would be logical to attack?)

[21:05:35] <Chao> (There's a part of the airship below where there's an entrance, but there's goons stationed at turrets guarding it. And also glass)

[21:05:55] <Nanako> 3

[21:05:56] <Nanako> Glass is forbidden!

[21:05:58] <Nanako> 4

[21:06:17] <Feli> *Feli swoops in and destroys the glass with her magic*


[21:06:28] <Vert> That seems to be the weak point. Let's go!

[21:06:35] <Mois Praline Employee> OH NO, WE'RE GONNA DIE

[21:06:42] <Vert> *Swoops down after Feli and enters through the broken glass*

[21:06:45] <Mois Praline Employee> *jumps out of the airship*

[21:06:47] <Vert> *Starts taking out goons with her spear*

[21:06:59] <Noire> *swoops in herself*

[21:07:09] <Compa> *still firing*

[21:07:09] <Noire> TAKE THIS YOU FREAKS!

[21:07:18] <Nepgear> *Fires her Gunblade directly at the one that jumped, to make sure he/she can't somehow survive and go aid the enemy*

[21:07:23] <Noire> The enemy airships are slowing down!

[21:07:40] <Phi> Maybe she didn't expect to need more than this...

[21:07:55] <Keiji> (chao, whatever you do, don't let them take out the Praline Airship with their own attacks. I have a plan for that)

[21:08:34] <Praline> *fires the Big-Ass-Shadow-Cannon again* Sooner or later, you're going to get hit, and when you do, you'll be the molasses on my cookie~

[21:08:49] <Praline> I can do this all day!

[21:09:12] <Keiji> [The Shadow Cannon might hit...]

[21:09:20] <Keiji> [Heads = hits.]

[21:09:23] <Keiji> @flip

[21:09:23] <Keiji> ==> Tails!

[21:09:49] <Uni> Woah that was luck that we didn't got hit :0 *still evading*

[21:10:05] <Nepgear> *swinging at all the goons and obstacles in her way, trying to get to the Shadow Cannon*

[21:10:08] <Phi> Geez... this is relentless. I can throw up the defenses, but we'll lose power to the Crystal Cannons.

[21:10:37] <Phi> We have to eliminate more enemy ships so we can put our shields up!

[21:10:56] <Vert> Wasn't Plutia supposed to do be doing that

[21:11:10] <Plutia> I am still doing it!

[21:11:12] <Mois Praline Employee> P-Praline! Ma'am! We uh... there's people in the ship!!

[21:11:18] <Plutia> *crashes the next one*

[21:11:24] <Praline> Really? And who's fault is that?

[21:11:34] <Praline> Ugh, It's fine. Whatever. I'll take care of it.

[21:11:47] <Vert> *Stabs at the guy that just radiod into Praline*

[21:11:54] <Mois Praline Employee> But. NO! YOU'LL DIE--GAK

[21:11:56] <Mois Praline Employee> *dies*

[21:12:15] <Praline> Hmph. Disposable as always.

[21:12:19] <Vert> This is a remarkably long way to get to that cannon...

[21:12:23] <Praline> Just like a foil wrapper.

[21:12:30] <Nepgear> Yeah... they actually designed the ship with some sense for once.

[21:12:42] <Feli> I expect nothing less of Angol Mois.

[21:12:59] <Nepgear> Not like most of those enemy ships in games that leave their weak points right out in the open...

[21:13:07] <Vert> Hey, now you sound like you're praising him!

[21:13:20] <Noire> Don't praise the enemy!

[21:13:46] <Chao> [In the Shadow Cannon Room, Praline and two goons are already waiting for them.]

[21:13:48] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[21:13:56] <Keiji> are they going to fire it again or what

[21:14:12] <Nepgear> There you are!

[21:14:14] <Praline> Boys. Fire the cannon. I'll make sure they don't interfeere.

[21:14:20] <Mois Praline Employee> YES PRALINE.

[21:14:25] <Mois Praline Employee> WE LOVE YOU

[21:14:34] <Plutia> @flip

[21:14:34] <Plutia> ==> Heads!

[21:14:36] <Chao> [They fire the cannon again]

[21:14:47] <Praline> Now, as for you all...

[21:14:54] <Vert> *Quietly into her radar so Praline etc can't hear* Noire! Can you get the one controlling the canon while we distract them?

[21:14:57] <Uni> *the ship gets hit* Arrrrgh! We got hit!

[21:15:23] <Keiji> [That took off quite a bit from the underbelly, including many weapons, but the ship can still fly fine]

[21:15:27] <Noire> *quietly back at Noire* On it!

[21:15:40] <Phi> Augh!! That wepaon is powerful!!...

[21:15:55] <Phi> Jeez... I don't think we can take another hit or two from that thing...

[21:16:08] <Uni> But we are still flying! We gotta evad enow EVERYTHING!

[21:16:29] <Praline> *summons two ribbons of chocolate to her hands, and she cracks them like whips.*

[21:16:45] <Nepgear> ...Chocolate whips?

[21:16:49] <Praline> Let's start the show!

[21:17:00] <Vert> You've gotta be kidding...

[21:17:40] <Praline> *she twirls around, the Chocolate Whips glow and then she suddenly whips at Vert and Nepgear*

[21:18:10] <Chao> (should I flip)

[21:18:16] <Keiji> (sec)

[21:18:22] <Chao> (k)

[21:19:57] <Vert> !flip

[21:20:00] <Vert> @flip

[21:20:00] <Vert> ==> Heads!

[21:20:04] <Nepgear> @flip

[21:20:04] <Nepgear> ==> Tails!

[21:20:21] <Keiji> [Vert gets hit, but Nepgear avoids]

[21:20:28] <Keiji> (What does the attack do?)

[21:21:03] <Chao> (It's a damaging attack, and it hurts quite a bit since the chocolate is energy infused and also flying at a high speed)

[21:21:18] <Shinghi> she got...chocolaterised....

[21:21:22] <Shinghi> omg xD

[21:21:24] <Vert> Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaek!

[21:21:37] <Vert> *goes flying back against a wall*

[21:21:46] <Vert> (--hurry up, Noire...--)

[21:21:48] <Praline> Ahahaha♥

[21:21:51] <Nepgear> Vert!

[21:22:08] <Mois Praline Employee> *Noire manages to kill the two employees managing the cannon*

[21:22:10] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[21:22:12] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[21:22:18] <Noire> Hmph!

[21:22:24] <Nepgear> You'll pay for that!

[21:22:35] <Uni> They stopped firing...

[21:22:36] <Nepgear> *Swings at Praline*

[21:22:42] <Praline> @flip

[21:22:42] <Praline> ==> Heads!

[21:22:49] <Nepgear> *Probably also leaving it open for Noire to join in the attack*

[21:23:08] <Noire> *Noire joins in for a slash*

[21:23:12] <Praline> @flip

[21:23:12] <Praline> ==> Heads!

[21:23:29] <Praline> *Praline gets hit both times, sustaining some damage*

[21:23:36] <Keiji> [Suddenly a fast moving object whizzes past Plutia and heads for the ground a mile or two off]

[21:24:00] <Vert> *gets back up*

[21:24:03] <Plutia> Woah! What was that!

[21:24:21] <Vert> Plutia? You alright?

[21:24:30] <Plutia> (what does whizzes mean? xD)

[21:24:40] <Plutia> Yeah...I think so.

[21:24:49] <Keiji> moves quickly past... while close by

[21:24:52] <Praline> Auuugh! Hrgh! My OTHER suit...! I hate you CPUs. I can see why Angol wants to do away with the lot of you.

[21:24:55] <Shinghi> okay ^^

[21:24:59] <Keiji> i guess is a good way to put it

[21:25:06] <Keiji> like if something is inches from your ear

[21:25:17] <Shinghi> k :3

[21:25:26] <Noire> Bitch, you're getting your just desserts!

[21:25:51] <Plutia> *defeated all left ships* that was 2 ez.

[21:25:52] <Keiji> [Off in the distance the object explodes, taking out several town buildings in Leanbox...]

[21:26:23] <Vert> (Vert can't see or hear any of this, since she's inside. but she can hear the others remarks over the radio)

[21:26:54] <Phi> W-What was that...?!

[21:26:57] <Uni> That will bother vert...

[21:27:05] <Vert> What will?

[21:27:20] <Uni> Nothing! Just keep fighting these fake breasts!

[21:27:20] <Keiji> methinks some reinforcements are needed to keep Noire and Nepgear busy

[21:27:36] <Keiji> just goons though. not ships

[21:27:37] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[21:27:42] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[21:27:49] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[21:28:05] <Praline> Oh good, reinforcements...

[21:28:26] <Keiji> [Another object the same as the first comes past and blows up some more buildings in the background. It becomes clear they are missiles, but they're not being fired from Praline's ships]

[21:28:44] <Uni> From where do they come?

[21:28:54] <Mois Praline Employee> *The goons start firing weapons at Nepgear and Noire*

[21:28:59] <Vert> Where do what come from? You're making no sense all of a sudden!

[21:29:08] <Nepgear> Ack! Just when we almost had her!

[21:29:11] <Uni> Just some birds!

[21:29:12] <Praline> Hmm, maybe I should call Him in...

[21:29:15] <Nepgear> *starts fighting off goons again*

[21:29:26] <Noire> Ugh! I'll tear you all apart!

[21:29:26] <Nepgear> Him

[21:29:27] <Nepgear> ?

[21:29:44] <Praline> Yeah, I'll call him in... SINGE!

[21:29:52] <Vert> Singe?!

[21:30:07] <Praline> Could you be a dear and operate the Shadow Cannon for me? I've got other things to deal with, like my suit♥

[21:30:15] <Vert> You mean the guy that's working for Lastation now ..?

[21:30:22] <Vert> Or... should be...

[21:30:24] <Uni> Since they stopped firing at us I think we could fire back right Phi?

[21:31:01] <Phi> We lost a lot of our weapons. We still have a cannon left and some guns, but you might have to use your rifle after all.

[21:31:23] <Phi> Also where are those missles coming from...?

[21:31:38] <Uni> Can I open this window somehow to shoot?

[21:31:40] <Keiji> [The missile attacks become more common, and another half a dozen have gone past now.]

[21:31:54] <Uni> They are these again!

[21:31:59] <Uni> From where?

[21:32:05] <Phi> OOC: Eggman's robots!

[21:32:17] <Uni> Egg...man....hahahaha

[21:32:20] <Dr. Eggman> 3

[21:32:28] <Shinghi> lol sonic? 0.o

[21:32:30] <Dr. Eggman> I'll have you know Keiji almost used my battle theme for this!

[21:32:32] <Dr. Eggman> 4

[21:33:05] <Mois Praline Employee> My wounds... are so painful.... but... for Praline... I CAN FIGHT...

[21:33:20] <Keiji> [Sadly for Praline, before Singe can man the Shadow Cannon, they get interrupted by something.]

[21:33:35] <Keiji> ["something" being quite the understatement.]

[21:33:36] <Keiji> 10 102

[21:33:42] <Uni> Phi...you fixed this ship up. can I open this to shoot?

[21:34:09] <Keiji> [The next missile crashes straight into the Praline Airship, exploding on impact.]

[21:34:14] <Phi> Just open the door or something! I didn't fix this thing with an-- WHAT

[21:34:28] <Uni> Woah o.o

[21:34:51] <Keiji> [The shrapnel takes out any remaining smaller Praline craft... as well as completely wrecking Uni's ship.]


[21:35:09] <Nepgear> Agghk!

[21:35:10] <Phi> Waaaaaagh!!

[21:35:18] <Shinghi> (Uni's ship is destroyed?

[21:35:19] <Vert> What... is...


[21:35:52] <Mois Praline Employee> WE FAILED... WE LOVE YOU PRALINE...!!

[21:35:59] <Uni> Ayyy! *transforms and grabbes Phi and Compa to flee out of the ship*

[21:36:11] <Phi> W-Woah!

[21:36:17] <Keiji> [The sheer impact knocks Vert, Noire, and Nepgear out of HDD and straight down to the ground. Plutia's okay since she's outside]

[21:36:20] <Compa> Weeeh!

[21:36:24] <Vert> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'12'+'12'

[21:36:27] <Nepgear> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'0'+'0'

[21:36:29] <Noire> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'13'+'13'

[21:36:33] <Plutia> This is going crazy now!

[21:36:39] <Plutia> Uni!

[21:36:44] <Feli> *Feli too is knocked out and detransformed*

[21:36:47] <Vert> NEPGEAR!

[21:36:52] <Feli> 6 c-'7'+'10' s-'White Feli'+'' r-'15'+'15'

[21:36:52] <Nepgear> Vert... Noire...!

[21:36:57] <Feli> KYAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa

[21:37:04] <Uni> Take Phi, Plutia.

[21:37:09] <Noire> UUuugh! Vert! Nepgear!

[21:37:11] <Plutia> *carries Phi*

[21:37:33] <Uni> What are we going to do? They are all in this ship but we have to carry Phi and Compa!

[21:37:35] <Phi> Oof! What is this? Hot Phitato? Please be gentle...

[21:37:40] <Uni> Onee-chan!

[21:37:43] <Vert> *smacks into the ground*

[21:37:50] <Nepgear> *also smacks into the ground*

[21:37:54] <Noire> *also smacks the ground*

[21:37:59] <Keiji> BAD GROUND, BAD

[21:38:09] <Feli> *smacks Noire instead and then rolls on the ground*

[21:38:23] <Shinghi> the airship gound or the ground ground?

[21:38:24] <Nanako> 3

[21:38:57] <Nanako> [The wrecked FGF Airship smacks right into the FGF Arcade, destroying half its roof for the second time in a week.]

[21:39:00] <Nanako> NOOOOOOOOOOO

[21:39:11] <Praline> *Grabs a radio, frazzled* ANGOL. YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS... ANGOL?! ANGOL!!

[21:39:11] <Uni> Onee!!! Nepgear!!

[21:39:14] <Nanako> NOT THIS AGAIN

[21:39:21] <Keiji> 10 102

[21:39:33] <Plutia> Let's fly to the arcade! *flies back to the ground with Uni*


[21:39:48] <Nanako> [Praline falls directly into Nanako's arms as she's screaming in horror about her poor Arcade]

[21:39:56] <Nanako> [somehow]

[21:40:01] <Nanako> ...

[21:40:06] <Nanako> WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!

[21:40:20] <Nepgear> ...

[21:40:28] <Praline> *kicks Nanako in the face and tries to run for it, but she trips on her high heels*

[21:40:43] <Nepgear> *turns her head slowly* Uni..?

[21:40:47] <Praline> Ugh... No... NO! This wasn't part of the script!

[21:40:52] <Uni> *Uni and Plutia landed with Phi and Compa* *detransforms* NEPGEAR! ONEE!!

[21:41:17] <Phi> *runs towards the FGF Arcade and Nanako*

[21:41:19] <Plutia> Now I got you fake bitch!

[21:41:20] <Nanako> Oof! *rubs her face when she's kicked* How could you kick me like that!

[21:41:50] <Nanako> Have a taste of my newly developed Fractal Plane!

[21:41:59] <Praline> Is this really how season 1 of the Mois Praline show ends?... I guess it can't be helped...

[21:42:18] <Nanako> *levitates a crystal in the air as a planar laser-like attack is summoned and slices into Praline*

[21:42:21] <Compa> I fix y'all up! Coming!

[21:42:36] <Nanako> *It will hurt her like hell, but won't wound*

[21:42:41] <Praline> *Praline screams in pain*

[21:42:47] <Nanako> *It also binds her*

[21:42:49] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[21:42:50] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[21:42:53] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[21:43:00] <Praline> Uuuuugh!

[21:43:13] <Praline> I let myself slip...

[21:43:14] <Uni> *searches in the wrecked ship for her sister and nepgear* hello?

[21:43:31] <Nepgear> Uni...

[21:43:36] <Nepgear> I can't move...

[21:43:42] <Noire> Ugh...

[21:43:51] <Noire> What... What happened...

[21:43:55] <Vert> ...and I don't have a sister to worry about me D:..

[21:43:57] <Plutia> *while flying to the others she gets too tired, detransforms and falls asleep* not agaizZZ...

[21:44:05] <Feli> Ngh..

[21:44:05] <Plutia> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'12'+'12'

[21:44:16] <Uni> Onee....Nepgear....

[21:44:22] <Phi> *Goes to check on Feli and Vert*

[21:44:37] <Phi> Feli! Vert! Are you two alright?! That looked like it hit hard.

[21:44:43] <Compa> Oh no! You are bleeding! Let me help you!

[21:45:05] <Feli> Could it be...?

[21:45:33] <Compa> *patches up some wounds of Nepgear and Norie* that's enough for now. Can you move?

[21:45:35] <Phi> Here, let me heal you! *summons a healing rain to heal Feli and Vert*

[21:45:44] <Keiji> 10 592

[21:46:13] <Nepgear> *manages to stand at last*

[21:46:18] <Vert> *so does Vert*

[21:46:28] <Feli> *stands as well*

[21:46:38] <Noire> *Gets up* Uni... are you hurt?

[21:47:02] <Keiji> [As everyone gets healed up, they make their way to the Arcade]

[21:47:03] <Uni> I am alright! I managed to save us out of the airship. What happened in there?

[21:47:21] <Noire> I don't... actually know.

[21:47:23] <Keiji> [The ground is now covered in wreckages of planes as far as the eye can see]

[21:47:41] <Vert> ...Yeah.. Plutia saw something too, I'm sure..

[21:47:46] <Feli> Disaster... destruction everywhere...

[21:47:53] <Plutia> *snoring*

[21:47:57] <Phi> There were these huge missles!

[21:48:02] <Phi> They... came out of nowhere.

[21:48:10] <Keiji> the Missile Arc

[21:48:14] <Phi> One of them hit Praline's ship, and we took a pretty big hit ourselves.

[21:48:24] <Chao> For real?

[21:48:25] <Nepgear> So that was what... that was...

[21:48:28] <Keiji> no I was joking

[21:48:32] <Keiji> it's still gonna be the Lowee Arc

[21:48:34] <Uni> Yeah...Vert actually there weren't birds...there were big and loud explosions which destroyed some villages and houses

[21:48:35] <Chao> I figured but omg

[21:48:55] <Vert> Houses? Villages?!

[21:49:07] <Vert> *climbs atop one of the wrecked ships to look to the distance and sees Uni is right...*

[21:49:08] <Feli> How could I have let this happen...?

[21:49:09] <Uni> Yeah...we don't know from where they came!

[21:49:10] <Vert> ...

[21:49:20] <Feli> There is destruction as far as the eye can see...

[21:49:21] <Vert> All this destruction... in MY Leanbox?

[21:49:29] <Uni> I am sorry...

[21:49:29] <Nepgear> OOC: It's more likely than you think!

[21:49:30] <Praline> It's more likely than you think.

[21:49:40] <Nanako> Shut up you.

[21:49:40] <Chao> Ninja'd

[21:49:51] <Nanako> *Praline is still bound by the remnants of Nanako's attack.*

[21:49:59] <Praline> Hmph...

[21:50:16] <Praline> Don't think just because you've captured me that everything is fine and snickerdoodle dandy.

[21:50:28] <Vert> ....

[21:50:41] <Vert> No. Everything isn't fine and snickerdoodle dandy, as you put it.

[21:50:50] <Vert> ...but we should probably lock you up before we do anything else.

[21:51:01] <Vert> There will be no more Praline chocolate shops in Leanbox

[21:51:02] <Shinghi> Omg xDD snickerdoodle dandy xDDDDDD

[21:51:10] <Praline> Angol's plans. They'll continue. And we'll be the ones laughing when you're all in a mess stickier than melted caramel.

[21:51:19] <Nanako> Angol's plans, huh...

[21:51:31] <Praline> I'm absolutely sure of it. The Grand Finale.

[21:51:32] <Uni> There won't be any in entire Gameindustri!!

[21:51:34] <Praline> Get ready for it.

[21:52:21] <Noire> Lock her up I say. I've got a Lastation to get back to.

[21:52:24] <Noire> Like, finally.

[21:52:40] <Chao> (brb)

[21:53:19] <Uni> What's your problem fake breast bitch?! Huh? Why are you causing so much trouble!!!

[21:53:27] <Vert> *after making a quick phone call, takes custody of Praline from Nanako and begins to escort her to the Basilicom*

[21:53:39] <Nepgear> Uni...

[21:54:04] <Nepgear> we got her, didn't we?

[21:54:27] <Uni> And now? You are all hurt and the area here too and arrgh!

[21:55:32] <Nepgear> ...yeah... We're all this battered -looks at her scratches and bruises all over- but we still got her in the end right?

[21:55:52] <Nepgear> I mean... even if it wasn't for that missile... I think we still would have won

[21:55:55] <Uni> But it isn't the end yet...

[21:56:15] <Uni> we won this battle but not the war!

[21:56:34] <Nepgear> You're right... the war against Angol..

[21:57:08] <Keiji> brb also

[21:57:29] <Plutia> *dreaming from a puppet tea-party*

[21:57:33] <Chao> (I'm back)

[21:57:43] <Shinghi> wb

[21:58:40] <Praline> I guess it's time for me to say my line...

[21:58:57] <Praline> That's all for this season folks! I'm your gorgeous CEO, Praline! Thank you all for tuning in! I love you all!! Mwah mwah, kisses!♥♥ Buh Bye!♥

[21:59:07] <Uni> Shut the fuck up!

[22:00:34] <Shinghi> Chao you write the texts to summerize what happened in the episodes right? they are awesome and it feels that you stuff your love in these texts :D I like them xD

[22:01:11] <Chao> Omg, thank you

[22:01:29] <Chao> I do kinda put a bit of work into making them as fun to read as they are informative

[22:02:41] <Shinghi> I haven't seen them actually before. but now I read the first one and I really like it! I find it exhausting to read it cause the font and the layout is a little bit yeah hard for my eyes but I really do like the texts ^^

[22:03:39] <Keiji> back

[22:03:46] <Shinghi> wb ^

[22:05:54] <Shinghi> uhm...that's it for today? or do we have to make an important conversation between someone? cause I am really tired xD I had to wake up at 7 o'clock to bring my sister to school =_=

[22:05:59] <Keiji> give me a minute to finish eating, then we'll do a bit more RP at the basilicom

[22:06:05] <Keiji> it shouldnt take too long

[22:06:05] <Shinghi> okay ^

[22:07:31] <Keiji> 10 520

[22:07:39] <Keiji> [Back at the Leanbox Basilicom...]

[22:07:51] <Keiji> [with Praline locked up and out of sight]

[22:07:55] <Praline> 4

[22:08:14] <Keiji> gdi thought I'd already created this character

[22:08:45] <Chika Hakozaki> 5 n+'Chika Hakozaki' c+'5' s+'' r+'0' v+'false'

[22:08:49] <Chika Hakozaki> 3

[22:09:22] <Chika Hakozaki> Oh, my darling Vert! You're back! And you're so bruised...

[22:09:42] <Feli> All of us are somewhat injured...

[22:09:47] <Nanako> As is pretty much everyone, yeah..

[22:10:06] <Uni> Uh...guys?

[22:10:12] <Chika Hakozaki> Won't you let me tend to your wounds for once? *Not paying attention to the others*

[22:10:12] <Phi> Woah... I haven't seen the Basilicom yet. It's really nice!

[22:10:15] <Phi> Hehe...

[22:10:21] <Uni> I think I forgot Plutia sleeping at the arcade o.o

[22:10:48] <Nanako> That's okay. She can sleep there if she wants

[22:11:13] <Plutia> *still laying between the wrecked ship and dreaming of an unicorn puppet*

[22:11:17] <Vert> Oh, isn't it nice to see you too Chika.

[22:11:19] <Plutia> 4

[22:11:32] <Chika Hakozaki> I found that info you wanted!

[22:11:45] <Noire> Anyway, I'm sure glad that crazy bitch is locked up.

[22:12:06] <Chika Hakozaki> Now, maybe I could clean you up while I tell you about it..?

[22:12:35] <Vert> Oh, don't be silly. Just cut to the chase. Besides, aren't you usually the one that ends up hurt?

[22:12:44] <Vert> From your own silliness, at that..

[22:12:49] <Chika Hakozaki> Eep--

[22:13:59] <Chika Hakozaki> Well, I guess you caught me out there.

[22:14:37] <Compa> May I make some Winnerpudding? :)

[22:14:43] <Chika Hakozaki> But yes, to the point... those missile attacks...

[22:14:57] <Phi> Anything to eat sounds good...

[22:15:01] <Chika Hakozaki> They came from the direction of Lowee, so I investigated..

[22:15:10] <Noire> L-Lowee?!

[22:15:14] <Compa> *goes in vert's kitchen and starts cooking pudding*

[22:15:23] <Feli> Lowee...

[22:15:30] <Nepgear> Lowee.....

[22:15:30] <Feli> I will remeber that name well.

[22:15:41] <Nanako> Loweeeeee......

[22:15:49] <Chika Hakozaki> Yes, Lowee.

[22:15:54] <Feli> It is the only continent in this world I haven't visited, if I am not mistaken...

[22:16:04] <Feli> Perhaps it is there we may find them...

[22:18:29] <Chika Hakozaki> I even managed to sniff a communication with someone who was coordinating the attacks.

[22:18:44] <Chika Hakozaki> Apparently they were trying to break down some kind of barrier.

[22:18:58] <Uni> And WHO shoot at us?

[22:19:03] <Feli> A... barrier?

[22:19:05] <Vert> But... why would Lowee shoot at us

[22:19:06] <Vert> ?

[22:19:24] <Noire> And furthermore, what's this babble about a barrier? I dont see one anyway.

[22:19:26] <Vert> And not only shoot at us, but destroy so many of our villages!

[22:19:28] <Uni> I don't think that Blanc would should at us.

[22:19:34] <Uni> shoot*

[22:19:52] <Nepgear> You wouldn't see it from here, of course... Lowee IS the other side of the world...

[22:19:57] <Noire> What if Angol has a secret base (zone) in Lowee too?

[22:20:08] <Dr. Eggman> 3

[22:20:12] <Dr. Eggman> HEY THAT'S MY SECRET BASE ZONE


[22:20:24] <Dr. Eggman> 4

[22:20:39] <Chika Hakozaki> *ahem*

[22:21:07] <Chika Hakozaki> Well, there's nothing to suggest that Blanc's lost control of her country.

[22:21:58] <Phi> Hm... but if you guys are okay with each other, why would Lowee keep shooting at a barrier that wasn't there?...

[22:22:03] <Chika Hakozaki> But look at these file titles. Red Shrine Maiden... Histoire's Barrier... The Key Fragment...

[22:22:18] <Noire> Histoire...?

[22:22:23] <Feli> !!!

[22:22:31] <Vert> *looks over Chika's shoulder* "War on Praline"..?

[22:22:32] <Compa> Histy...

[22:22:34] <Feli> Akai Suzuri... I knew it only could have been you.

[22:22:42] <Chika Hakozaki> Oh, do get closer♪

[22:22:57] <Nanako> So, Suzuri's here too..?

[22:23:14] <Nepgear> War on Praline...

[22:23:22] <Nepgear> Could those missiles have been intended for her?

[22:23:28] <Feli> If Suzuri and Mizuri are here...

[22:23:37] <Feli> Then, Azuri must also be here.

[22:23:58] <Phi> It sounds like it, but how did they know where Praline was going to be?...

[22:24:21] <Uni> Who else would fly with so many ships in the sky?

[22:24:24] <Phi> And, shouldn't they have reached out to say "Hey, we're going to launch some missles at the Leanbox skies?"

[22:24:38] <Phi> Because that really came out of nowhere.

[22:24:40] <Chika Hakozaki> I'm not really sure of the details past that.

[22:24:50] <Phi> And caused a lot of trouble.

[22:25:04] <Chika Hakozaki> But maybe I could look further into it if my dearest Vert would spend some quality time with me...

[22:25:14] <Vert> Or you could just do your job.

[22:25:15] <Noire> It sounds like we need to look into this a bit more.

[22:25:19] <Chika Hakozaki> Ah, so cold...

[22:25:25] <Noire> And without the Quality Vert Time, if you don't mind.

[22:25:30] <Noire> The rest of us are here, you know.

[22:25:35] <Chika Hakozaki> ...

[22:25:41] <Noire> We already dealt with a pair of perverts on the way here.

[22:25:44] <Chika Hakozaki> I didn't mean in front of you lot! Gosh!

[22:25:53] <Chika Hakozaki> How immodest...

[22:26:11] <Phi> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway

[22:26:22] <Phi> How about looking into those files for us?

[22:26:29] <Chika Hakozaki> Tch....

[22:26:36] <Phi> It sounds like it's super important.

[22:26:46] <Phi> And, we really could use the help.

[22:26:51] <Nepgear> Meanwhile, we should probably make a move towards Lowee.

[22:27:11] <Nepgear> I wonder how they've been through this whole mess, too.

[22:27:32] <Feli> I am going to make preparations. I must also warn Arle that Suzuri is in Lowee before I move there to investigate.

[22:27:56] <Nanako> Oh... you're leaving us already?

[22:28:15] <Feli> I must go to Lowee. There are questions that need answers.

[22:28:28] <Nanako> If you're going to Lowee, we should stick together.

[22:28:34] <Feli> And, Arle should know.

[22:28:40] <Feli> Because most of all, this pertains to her.

[22:28:54] <Feli> She deserves at least this much...

[22:29:38] <Compa> Guuuuys ♪ The pudding is finished! Stop complaining! Eat some pudding!

[22:29:43] <Noire> By the way, I heard "Key Fragment". Maybe one of them is in Lowee.

[22:30:07] <Noire> I know Cyberconnect2 has one. We should try to make sure the rest of them are safe.

[22:30:24] <Noire> Maybe we could even ask Histy about her "barrier"

[22:31:09] <Vert> Well, for now, let's just eat some pudding. I'm exhausted.

[22:31:27] <Phi> That sounds like a good idea!

[22:31:35] <Chika Hakozaki> If you're exhausted, I could accompany you to bed..

[22:31:50] <Vert> ..

[22:31:52] <Noire> *facepalm*

[22:32:08] <Compa> *hands out the puddings* And one for you....and for you....

[22:32:25] <Feli> I shall prepare to inform Arle of what we have learned and done here today...

[22:33:04] <Keiji> please don't take what Chika says the wrong way. She's not a pervert like Schezo and Mitsuki :p She's just very fond of Vert, and it's actually quite adorable

[22:33:55] <Keiji> Vert cares about Chika too, she just doesn't like to show it in front of others.

[22:34:38] <Compa> Wouldn't it be an idea to call Falcom too and tell them what happened?

[22:34:41] <Keiji> and on that note, maybe we should leave it here with everyone eating Winnerpudding once again

[22:34:51] <Shinghi> okay ^^

[22:34:53] <Chao> Yeah

[22:35:01] <Shinghi> The winnerpudding ends the episodes xD

[22:35:06] <Keiji> And if Feli goes to tell Arle she can tell Falcom too

[22:35:11] <Shinghi> yeah ^^

[22:35:14] <Chao> Indeed.

[22:35:18] <Keiji> Since they are in the same group at the moment anyway.


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