Episode 61 - Chat log

Start date: Sun May 24, 2015. All times are UTC.

[11:00:07] <Neptune> *pant, pant, still holding Noire's hand as she runs*

[11:00:27] <Compa> Wait for me >.< I am not as fast as you!

[11:00:27] <Neptune> Ugh... I can't believe I'm running away at a time like this...

[11:00:40] <Noire> *pant, pant* Me neither...

[11:00:50] <Neptune> What on earth was with that girl?

[11:01:08] <Noire> Beats me. It looks like she wants that new friend of yours dead though...

[11:01:12] <Compa> I dont know but she's creepy >.<

[11:01:40] <Neptune> *slows down a bit* Actually, wasn't she the one that tied you up in the first place?

[11:02:10] <Neptune> What happened, Noire? Was she that strong even you couldn't do anything about it?;;

[11:02:24] <Noire> Erm... well, that's not it...

[11:02:29] <Compa> The strong,cool Noire was beaten :0

[11:02:34] <Noire> I don't know how, but she has really good aim.

[11:02:39] <Neptune> aim?

[11:03:05] <Noire> She snuck a dart in me while I wasn't paying attention... Next thing I know I'm tied up and gagged in Chian's house.

[11:03:17] <Neptune> Oh, goodness... yeah, that is sneaky...

[11:03:22] <Compa> Are you all alright?

[11:04:20] <Noire> Yeah, I'm fine...

[11:04:23] <Noire> but Lastation...

[11:04:39] <Noire> Just what is that Praline up to anyway?!

[11:04:58] <Noire> When I get back to my Basilicom I'm going to go straight to Mois Praline and complain to her directly~

[11:05:13] <Neptune> There was a massive TV ad going on when we got here.

[11:05:17] <Compa> Yeah...she makes the villigers eating her food with many ad

[11:05:22] <Compa> ads*

[11:05:42] <Noire> Who does she think she is?

[11:06:01] <Noire> I wont be swayed by her chocolates.

[11:06:04] <Noire> Or her TV ads.

[11:06:29] <Noire> I have to fix this somehow...

[11:06:33] <Compa> But the people who are living in lastation...

[11:06:36] <Neptune> Still... we ran this far, but what do we do now?

[11:06:51] <Compa> Uh I am thinking about the others.Are they all fine?

[11:06:55] <Neptune> If someone's trying to take over Lastation we should be beating them up!

[11:07:12] <Noire> I should be beating them up!

[11:07:21] <Compa> Yeah we'll save Lastation again!

[11:07:35] <Noire> You should be maintaining Planeptune and worrying about your other friends!

[11:07:50] <Noire> I-It's not like I need your help to save Lastation or anything.

[11:08:24] <Neptune> Aw, come on, don't be like that... You never know when you might get another dart fired at you!@

[11:08:31] <Compa> Noire you pigheaded. We will help you of course,right Nep-Nep? :)

[11:08:34] <Noire> Hmph.

[11:09:13] <Noire> Fine. Do what you want then. I know what I'm going to do, though.

[11:09:31] <Neptune> 'Sides, Planeptune's boring. You wouldn't leave your best buddy out of this, would ya? :3

[11:09:48] <Neptune> *maintaining Planeptune

[11:09:58] <Noire> *totally not blushing right now*

[11:10:29] <Neptune> *puts an arm round Noire's shoulders* That's what I thought~

[11:10:43] <Gypsum> 3

[11:10:48] <Gypsum> Excuse me...

[11:10:53] <Compa> Uh?

[11:11:01] <Gypsum> But I heard you want to go after Mois?...

[11:11:15] <Keiji> Oh good lordy I forgot what the plan was for Gypsum

[11:11:24] <Shinghi> who is Gypsum? xD

[11:11:28] <Noire> Don't tell me you're another one of her filthy chocolate assassins!

[11:11:28] <Keiji> We haven't seen her in CHW yet, have we?

[11:11:37] <Chao> Not since last arc, nope.

[11:11:51] <Compa> Oh otherwise we'll beat you up!

[11:12:04] <Neptune> Woah, woah, you two...

[11:12:09] <Gypsum> N-No! I'm not an assassin by any means!

[11:12:17] <Compa> Uh who are you then? :)

[11:12:34] <Gypsum> I... used to be an assistant to the man pulling the strings of Mois Praline...

[11:12:45] <Chao> 10 509

[11:12:48] <Neptune> Oooh, an insider.

[11:13:02] <Compa> He has informations!

[11:13:04] <Neptune> See Noire, this might be useful!

[11:13:11] <Gypsum> But... it's too difficult to stop him now.

[11:13:13] <Keiji> also Gypsum is a she

[11:13:20] <Compa> oh k xD

[11:13:26] <Shinghi> wron vhat

[11:13:27] <Gypsum> He's amassed so many resources in so little time...

[11:13:29] <Shinghi> oh k*

[11:13:42] <Gypsum> And has those top tier minions working for him....

[11:13:45] <Keiji> chao can you put Gypsum in group 1 please

[11:13:50] <Gypsum> It would take a miracle to defeat him.

[11:13:55] <Gypsum> 6 r-'3'+'13'

[11:14:11] <Compa> Hmmm...but first of all ^.^ I am Compa! Nice to meet you :)

[11:14:17] <Neptune> Hmmm... so it really isn't something we can do by ourselves, then..

[11:14:39] <Noire> So what if he's got a huge company? We still have to do something.

[11:15:45] <Gypsum> ...;;

[11:15:54] <Neptune> Well, I didn't really take in what Freshener-chan was talking about...

[11:16:22] <Neptune> but it sounds like that Ganache guy game back

[11:16:26] <Gypsum> Fresa... She's after me too. I've been in hiding ever since I got here.

[11:16:41] <Gypsum> She was given orders to kill me if she saw fit.

[11:16:46] <Shinghi> do we know fresa?

[11:16:53] <Keiji> she was introduced last episode

[11:17:00] <Shinghi> she's the little girl right?

[11:17:04] <Neptune> yep

[11:17:07] <Keiji> nickfail

[11:17:15] <Keiji> http://cw.nanako.cc/wiki/Fresa

[11:17:32] <Gypsum> Fresa... is a trained assassin. Her eye was replaced with a cybernetic eye to give her what she calls the "Perfect Snipe".

[11:18:03] <Plutia> We had a....conversation with her ^^''

[11:18:10] <Shinghi> nickfail

[11:18:44] <Compa> We had a conversation with her ^^''

[11:18:48] <Gypsum> Her eye calculates the trajectory of her weapon and moves her body accordingly based on any target she locks on to... Her aim is said to be so accurate that there is less than 1% chance that she will ever miss with Perfect Snipe. I'm lucky she just likes toying with me...

[11:19:14] <Compa> Thats creepy :(

[11:19:20] <Neptune> And dangerous!

[11:19:31] <Noire> So we take out her eye and she can't aim, right?

[11:19:43] <Compa> Thats cruel >.<

[11:19:54] <Gypsum> If only it were that simple... She's killed anyone whose attempted to touch her face.

[11:20:23] <Gypsum> Her hit count is in the thousands.... Angol... was right to choose her for this job.

[11:20:37] <Neptune> Hey, wait, so...

[11:20:59] <Noire> So... you're saying she's unstoppable, but all I hear is information on how to exploit her weaknesses.

[11:21:22] <Neptune> She was like this before this Argon guy hired her?

[11:21:47] <Gypsum> She was an assassin... I do not know about her Perfect Snipe or Cybernetic Eye though...

[11:22:15] <Neptune> So, can't we just pay her more to make her fight for us instead of him?

[11:23:00] <Gypsum> Angol has her intimidated. He is a man who tolerates no failure in getting what he wants. He'll have her eliminated, just like me.

[11:23:01] <Compa> If that would work,we do it :3 I mean we have 2 CPU's here,I think we got much money

[11:23:31] <Keiji> (we don't actually have that much money)

[11:23:40] <Noire> Angol? Who's Angol? I thought the person in charge of Mois Praline was a woman?

[11:23:50] <Shinghi> oh k

[11:24:04] <Keiji> (Noire is ousted, and I don't think the Planeptune Basilicom would like to spend so much on something like that...)

[11:24:12] <Gypsum> Angol is a terrifying fiend...

[11:24:54] <Shinghi> Okay ^^

[11:25:13] <Gypsum> He wants nothing less than for the world to fit in his narrow constraint of perfect. Anything less is to be erased.

[11:25:51] <Compa> I feel pity with that little girl...maybe she could be nice to everybody

[11:25:53] <TOTA> 10 121

[11:26:16] <Neptune> Angol this, Angol that... but I've never seen this guy...

[11:27:11] <Noire> Yeah, what gives? Where is he?

[11:27:37] <Gypsum> ....I don't know... But he's here... somewhere in this city.... there's no way it's just a coincidence...

[11:27:48] <Gypsum> that Mois Praline is named that way...

[11:28:00] <Compa> I think he has something to do with that Mois Praline

[11:28:06] <Gypsum> O-oh god... the factories... could they be for?....

[11:28:32] <Gypsum> *becomes sort of paralyzed by the fear envoked by her thoughts*

[11:29:28] <Compa> Uh? Please dont faint

[11:29:31] <Compa> :(

[11:29:35] <Gypsum> If this guy is anything worth his mettle I'd like to see him stop the CPUs.

[11:29:42] <Noire> *

[11:30:11] <Noire> (nickfail)

[11:30:24] <CyberConnect2> 3

[11:30:29] <CyberConnect2> *appears from around a corner* So, basically. Somone from another world shows up, teams up with a runaway from this world, recruits an assassin, takes over the factories, makes a chocolate-factory-front to disguise his actions, and ultimately wants to destroy the world? Yeah... I think I've heard something like this before.

[11:30:50] <Noire> !!

[11:30:51] <CyberConnect2> 6 r-'0'+'13'

[11:30:52] <Shinghi> We don't know CC2 yet right?

[11:31:01] <Keiji> what? Neptune and Noire know her

[11:31:05] <Gypsum> A-ah!

[11:31:10] <Shinghi> ok.compa too

[11:31:11] <Keiji> err and Compa too

[11:31:24] <Compa> Cyber Connect 2! Nice to meet you :)

[11:31:37] <Keiji> remember this happens after the end of Re;birth1 except that Ganache went missing instead of coming round in the canon ending

[11:31:51] <CyberConnect2> Yeah, it's been a while hasn't it?

[11:32:05] <Shinghi> yeah yeah ^^^i know now

[11:32:28] <Neptune> Cybercon-chan!

[11:32:29] <Compa> Did you hear everything? Do you know something about this Mois Praline?

[11:32:48] <CyberConnect2> Mm. While everyone else was distracted by those silly TV ads, I went out gathering intel.

[11:34:38] <CyberConnect2> Sounds like the ice-girl over here knows almost as much, though. We haven't heard your name yet, though, have we? Aren't you Gypsum? Angol's defected minion?

[11:35:17] <Gypsum> !! W-Why Yes... I am Gypsum... but, who are you and how do you know my name?

[11:35:27] <CyberConnect2> Like I said, I went gathering intel. :3

[11:35:38] <Noire> Good work on the intel gathering, Cybercon.

[11:35:51] <Noire> I'll need all the info we can get.

[11:36:02] <Compa> she's the best in her profession ^^

[11:36:26] <Keiji> mm, I'm not sure who's better between her and IF though!

[11:36:52] <CyberConnect2> It's not just you those goons are after.

[11:37:06] <Shinghi> I think CC2,IF saw many things herself when she traveled arounf and she gathers the informations in the internet

[11:37:08] <CyberConnect2> Someone else from their world named Arle Nadja...

[11:37:39] <CyberConnect2> ...and Histoire's been sealed up again.

[11:37:44] <Gypsum> Arle!! She's in grave danger too!... Angol... he almost had tortured her once before...

[11:37:49] <Compa> We know her! We were in a big group but now we are split up

[11:37:54] <Compa> Histy!

[11:37:59] <Noire> Sealed up? So that's where she is?

[11:39:10] <CyberConnect2> More like, she sealed herself to stop them gaining her power AS WELL as everything else they've already stolen.

[11:39:24] <Noire> Hm...

[11:39:29] <Compa> histy...

[11:39:51] <CyberConnect2> *holds out a Key Fragment, but carefully in case anyone is watching* See, they're after these, too.

[11:40:06] <Compa> The Key Fragments?

[11:40:21] <Gypsum> *she looks at it in awe*

[11:40:47] <CyberConnect2> Well, of course, Histy'd split herself into these four to stop her power being used at this time

[11:40:54] <CyberConnect2> *at a time like this

[11:41:28] <Noire> So we should keep the keys out of Angol's hands.

[11:43:14] <CyberConnect2> *puts it away again* Anyway, we should get outta here. She's bound to show up again eventually

[11:43:38] <CyberConnect2> ...that fake White Heart, that is.

[11:43:46] <Neptune> !

[11:43:49] <Compa> Arfoire again?!

[11:43:49] <Noire> Yeah, w-- what?!

[11:44:03] <Gypsum> Fake,,, White Heart?

[11:44:15] <Neptune> Fake White Heart? But I thought Arfoire was gone for good...

[11:44:22] <CyberConnect2> She is. It's not Arfoire.

[11:44:54] <CyberConnect2> If it was Arfoire, you could expect pretty much a fake everybody. But this time, it's just White Heart. And not Blanc, either. She can't de-transform.

[11:45:01] <Compa> Gypsum...in our world there are goddesses called CPU's,and one of them is lady white heart.But we defeated a witch who transformed into a fake of lady white heart

[11:45:23] <Compa> And now it seems she's back :(

[11:45:38] <Gypsum> Could this Fake White Heart person be integral to Angol's plan in anyway...?

[11:46:06] <Noire> Say, didn't Ganache accuse the real Blanc of being the fake?

[11:46:15] <Neptune> !

[11:46:28] <Compa> Thats right!

[11:46:44] <Neptune> So that's why Ganache teamed up with them..?

[11:46:58] <Noire> That's pretty shallow even for him.

[11:47:17] <CyberConnect2> Exactly. It sounds like Fake White Heart is working for Angol, who knows Ganache will follow her.

[11:47:38] <CyberConnect2> And I'm not sure about this bit... but Angol might even have created the Fake White Heart himself.

[11:47:57] <Compa> But than he has to know the real one right?

[11:47:57] <Noire> Didn't that little brat talk about Ganache too? How high does this chain go?!

[11:48:35] <Neptune> So far there's... four? *counting on fingers*

[11:48:41] <Gypsum> It is possible that Ganache and Fake White Heart are managing some of Angol's dirty work on a lower level...

[11:48:59] <Gypsum> Fresa's orders to kill Arle and I come directly from Angol himself.

[11:49:17] <Gypsum> But capturing you may have been something Ganache could have ordered...

[11:49:31] <CyberConnect2> Oh, they only want me for the Key Fragment.

[11:49:37] <CyberConnect2> It's Histoire they really want.

[11:49:52] <Gypsum> Well, I was more talking about this lady in black here...

[11:49:53] <Compa> Histy :( Nep-Nep we have to save her

[11:50:00] <Keiji> oops

[11:50:29] <Noire> Hmph. You don't have to talk about me being kidnapped like that.

[11:50:38] <CyberConnect2> As long as the Key Fragments are kept separated, Histoire is safe.

[11:51:05] <Compa> Uh thank god

[11:51:34] <Neptune> So we should concentrate on beating up Angol instead of freeing Histy again then, right?

[11:51:54] <Noire> He definitely deserves to have a fist in his face about now.


[11:52:12] <Neptune> ooh, you go Noire :D

[11:52:40] <Compa> Noire escalates :D

[11:52:41] <Gypsum> I hope for all our sake you can stop him...;;

[11:53:03] <Noire> Nobody defiles Lastation and gets away with it!

[11:54:17] <CyberConnect2> Anyway, we should get going for now. That faker can't be too far away

[11:54:41] <Noire> Yeah let's move. They're after Gypsum and your Key Fragment, after all.

[11:54:46] <Noire> They probably want me dead now too.

[11:55:02] <Compa> So,we donÄ

[11:55:09] <Compa> dont group up with the others?

[11:56:17] <CyberConnect2> I have an idea. I found an interesting... base of operations we can use. And it's in Planeptune, so Neptune and Compa will be closer to home

[11:56:45] <Gypsum> Please... anywhere but here would be good...

[11:56:50] <Compa> Okay,than lets head back for my home

[11:56:51] <Gypsum> I... I don't feel safe here...

[11:57:56] <TOTA> 10 441

[11:58:02] <Chao> (Group swap time or do we follow them to Planeptune?)

[11:58:09] <Keiji> hold on

[11:58:24] <Shinghi> You choose :D

[12:01:44] <Keiji> (CyberConnect2 leads everyone back to Planeptune, to an area far southwest of the city, through forests and plains until they get to... oh my. An absolutely massive shrine! Gypsum's the only one who /might/ recognise it. It's basically the Dinner Shrine teleported here, but somehow it got made about five times bigger in the process. Aoi is sleeping on a futon inside)

[12:02:19] <Gypsum> This... seems familiar, but I can't quite place it.

[12:02:23] <Shinghi> who was aoi again? do we know her?

[12:02:27] <Gypsum> Much more cozy.

[12:02:31] <Keiji> 15 n-'Group 1'+'Azuri Shrine'

[12:02:56] <Keiji> Nobody in this group except possibly Gypsum knows her yet

[12:03:01] <Chao> Aoi is a shrine maiden from the last arc, but only a few know her.

[12:03:06] <Shinghi> okay

[12:03:12] <Keiji> Chao: does Gypsum even know Aoi?

[12:03:19] <Chao> I dont think she does

[12:03:22] <Keiji> alright then

[12:03:42] <Chao> Oh wiat maybe, but she wouldn't recognize her immediately because their only possible meeting was brief.

[12:03:42] <Compa> do we continue going or do we take a look inside?

[12:04:09] <Noire> Impressive Cybercon. This'll do just nicely!

[12:04:13] <CyberConnect2> From the intel I have, this building wasn't here more than a few days ago. Just like several other buildings and people that've been popping up recently, Mois Praline included...

[12:04:50] <CyberConnect2> This girl was the only person in here, and I couldn't get her to wake up. But I'm sure she won't mind... this is far too big for one person, anyway.

[12:05:23] <Gypsum> Indeed... *mumbling* although I swear I've seen her somewhere before...

[12:05:50] <Keiji> I gotta get some food, gimme a couple minutes

[12:06:02] <Shinghi> k

[12:06:59] <Chao> 11 545 k+'yt/WJLKATedtd8' t+'AWDS - Hawke\'s Theme'

[12:07:17] <Chao> Adding now while I have an opportunity so I can cue it later

[12:07:48] <Shinghi> oky ^^

[12:09:29] <Keiji> back

[12:09:35] <Chao> welcome back

[12:09:39] <Shinghi> wb :3

[12:10:50] <CyberConnect2> Not only is this building big, but the walls are really thick too. It should be good even for defense if someone tracks us down all the way here

[12:11:04] <CyberConnect2> So whaddaya say?

[12:11:11] <Noire> Sounds good to me!

[12:11:31] <Gypsum> I shall stay here... if you don't mind.

[12:11:38] <Neptune> Mm, its certainly a lot bigger than Compa's bedroom... and it was pretty crowded that one time we had fifteen people in there...

[12:11:43] <Neptune> but does it have pudding?

[12:12:15] <Compa> Maybe it has a kitchen ^.^ than i can make as much pudding as you want :3

[12:12:31] <CyberConnect2> Of course it has a kitchen!

[12:12:43] <CyberConnect2> There's even a sign on here calling it the 'Dinner Shrine', so...

[12:12:51] <Compa> Oh...^^''

[12:12:56] <CyberConnect2> I don't know how something with that name couldn't have a kitchen :)

[12:13:18] <Gypsum> Dinner... shrine? Hm...

[12:13:18] <Keiji> also Ducktales Moon Theme for Dinner Shrine theme y/n

[12:13:25] <Chao> y

[12:13:27] <CyberConnect2> :D

[12:13:30] <Keiji> nickfail

[12:13:31] <Compa> ^^

[12:13:54] <Gypsum> Please excuse me while I freshen up. Being on the run has made me unpresentable.

[12:14:26] <Gypsum> *Doing a curtsy, she excuses herself to a powder room in order to fix up her appearance. She's seen prettier days*

[12:14:50] <Keiji> should we switch groups now?

[12:15:12] <Chao> I think so. There's the other 4, and then Sigma and Arle right?

[12:15:17] <Shinghi> yeah

[12:15:44] <Shinghi> the next 2 groups are without me

[12:15:57] <Keiji> Yeah, I was thinking of switching to the FGF Arcade where Nanako and Alpha(?) are hanging out, and having one of the groups show up there

[12:16:14] <Keiji> and maybe have some Satan/Mitsuki nonsense going on

[12:16:24] <Chao> Oh boy

[12:16:38] <Keiji> what, you weren't expecting a break from the Angol related epicness?

[12:16:42] <Noire> 4

[12:16:44] <Gypsum> 4

[12:16:49] <Keiji> ...not saying Angol's plans can't interfere with Satan's

[12:16:51] <Neptune> 4

[12:16:52] <CyberConnect2> 4

[12:17:00] <Compa> 4

[12:17:17] <Chao> I'm hoping for Satan to appear in this episode somewhere, but we'll see how it goes

[12:17:34] <Alpha> 3

[12:17:46] <Keiji> also Chao can you put Aoi in the Azuri room as you own her

[12:18:13] <Aoi Azuri> 6 r-'5'+'13'

[12:18:16] <Keiji> one of these days i'll improve the permission system

[12:20:30] <Chao> anyway azuri moved and alpha claimed

[12:20:53] <Keiji> yeah hang on

[12:20:58] <Keiji> doing a music thing

[12:23:43] <Keiji> 11 546 k+'sp/commercial' t+'Nineko - Commercial'

[12:23:48] <Keiji> 10 546

[12:24:08] <Keiji> FGF Arcade music

[12:24:13] <Keiji> y/n

[12:24:14] <Shinghi> okay ^^

[12:24:16] <Shinghi> y

[12:24:19] <Chao> I expected no less of Nanako

[12:24:21] <Chao> y

[12:24:23] <Keiji> :D

[12:24:26] <Keiji> trivia for you

[12:24:45] <Keiji> this was actually going to be one of the main overworld themes in Project Nanako when it was going to be for Mega Drive

[12:25:01] <Keiji> so i couldn't not use it

[12:25:06] <Chao> Nice

[12:25:15] <Keiji> Right, now to business

[12:25:17] <Nanako> 3

[12:25:22] <Keiji> who is showing up?

[12:25:39] <Chao> Either Feli/Lemres or Peashy/Plutia makes the most sense.

[12:25:52] <Chao> at least to me

[12:26:05] <Chao> unless you were thinking Vert and IF should show up

[12:26:05] <Keiji> it'd be nice if Feli/Lemres showed up at the Azuri Shrine, so Peashy/Plutia would make sense

[12:26:15] <Shinghi> okay :)

[12:26:21] <Chao> Though I'd like at least one group in Lastation still for later

[12:26:38] <Keiji> in b4 that's Chian and Singe

[12:26:45] <Shinghi> yeah

[12:27:01] <Keiji> actually IF/Vert/Juichi should stay in Lastation too

[12:27:21] <Shinghi> ye i am fine with it

[12:27:42] <Keiji> was there anyone else still in the arcade?

[12:27:51] <Chao> Not that I recall.

[12:27:51] <Shinghi> no

[12:28:20] <Keiji> (Shinghi you'll need to move Peashy and Plutia to the FGF Arcade room)

[12:28:27] <Shinghi> ah yeah

[12:28:34] <Plutia> 6 r-'16'+'12'

[12:28:41] <Peashy> 6 r-'16'+'12'

[12:29:27] <Nanako> *just got done cleaning the place up*

[12:29:41] <Alpha> I'm thrilled to be working with you Nanako.

[12:29:53] <Nanako> Yeah, it's good to finally have someone else here

[12:30:05] <Alpha> I've always admired the work you did on the sides back in the home world ☆ u ☆

[12:30:23] <Nanako> Oh, well... thanks for your hard work too, you made it three times faster!

[12:30:44] <Alpha> Yes! I must say, we really tidied this place up in a jiffy.

[12:30:58] <Shinghi> the arcade was in a cave right?

[12:31:08] <Alpha> I guess you could say we tidied it up in a JUICHI!

[12:31:09] <Keiji> was it? I don't remember that?

[12:31:13] <Alpha> Eh? Eh???

[12:31:28] <Peashy> i think so,chao do u remember?

[12:31:32] <Nanako> ...Uhm... *ignores that bad joke* Still, I'm surprised at how suddenly Juichi appeared back then!

[12:31:35] <Shinghi> nickfail

[12:31:48] <Nanako> *suddenly seas Peashy appear outside the window*

[12:31:55] <Nanako> Oh, look who's back for their rematch

[12:31:56] <Chao> No the FGF Arcade isnt in a cave

[12:32:01] <Shinghi> k

[12:32:11] <Alpha> Oh.. they're back already?

[12:32:47] <Nanako> *walks outside to give the child a 'greeting'*

[12:32:54] <Alpha> Also, Juichi's appearance surprised me myself... it was like something out of a visual novel.

[12:33:01] <Nanako> Well, fancy seeing you here again!

[12:33:08] <Peashy> *pulls at plutia's arm* Plutia! Stop falling asleep every 5 steps! We are reaching our goal soon! That little girl -.- i hate her so much! I hope Alpha and that nanako are still here!

[12:33:19] <Peashy> Uh? Heey!

[12:33:36] <Plutia> Did someone call me =_= uh? hey alpha and nanako

[12:33:41] <Alpha> *follows Nanako to greet the others*

[12:33:45] <Nanako> *looks at Alpha* Say, you can use magic, right..?

[12:33:50] <Alpha> Erm... there's only two of you?

[12:34:01] <Alpha> Also, yes I have a decent grasp of magic.

[12:34:05] <Peashy> May I explain everything?

[12:34:10] <Alpha> At least I'd like to think.

[12:34:35] <Alpha> ...the only thing I'd like you to explain is why I can't see Sigma with you...!!!

[12:34:37] <Alpha> D:

[12:34:51] <Nanako> Yeah, that's a good point... what happened to everyone else?

[12:35:38] <Peashy> Okay...we went to Lastationa s you know,and than we wanted to meet chian and Noire and than they were tied up with another guy in a room. Than there was a little girl with a bazooka and BOOOOOOOM! Everything exploded!!!! Everyone came out of the house but we dont know ehere they are at the moment.plutia had the idead to come back to you guys!

[12:35:50] <Nanako> Woah woah slow down

[12:36:16] <Plutia> i am so tired of this long walk *falls asleep*

[12:36:22] <Peashy> oh...plutia!

[12:36:28] <Alpha> S-Something went BOOM and you don't know where Sigma is?!?!

[12:36:32] <Nanako> Who are Chian and Noire?

[12:36:38] <Nanako> And where was everyone tied up?

[12:36:46] <Nanako> And what's this about everything exploding?

[12:36:52] <Peashy> okay okay

[12:36:52] <Nanako> I hope IF's phone didn't explode with Juichi in it...

[12:37:03] <Peashy> so...i dont know where Sigma is,sorry Aplha

[12:37:20] <Peashy> and nanako -.- let's have peace at the moment k?

[12:37:39] <Nanako> Uhm.. sure. You're the one who started it, though :)

[12:37:43] <Alpha> Haha... Hahaha.... HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, that's just lovely! Fantastic!

[12:37:50] <Peashy> Uh thats weird

[12:38:03] <Alpha> This is very very very bad....!!! *pulls at his hair*

[12:38:14] <Peashy> So...chian is a owner from a big factory in lastation and Noire is the CPU of lastation

[12:38:19] <Nanako> Please calm down, Alpha..

[12:38:27] <Peashy> they were tied up in chians house in lastation

[12:38:31] <Nanako> Let's at least hear the explanation before we kill them

[12:38:48] <Alpha> I'll... I'll calm. For now.

[12:39:00] <Nanako> CPU? Like Vert, you mean?

[12:39:06] <Peashy> and a little girl called...Freezer or Fries or something like that had a bazooka and shot at us

[12:39:09] <Peashy> yeah like vert

[12:39:14] <Peashy> and me and plutia -.-

[12:39:29] <Nanako> And let me guess, everyone split up in the chaos?

[12:39:53] <Peashy> yeah thats right. plutia had the idead to come here to explain everything to you

[12:40:03] <Nanako> Hmm... well, I gotta thank you for that.

[12:40:18] <Plutia> *snoring*

[12:40:34] <Keiji> maybe Plutia could be a little less sleepy?

[12:40:38] <Peashy> So...what dou you wanna do?

[12:40:43] <Shinghi> okay xD

[12:40:55] <Keiji> i get that it's her thing, but it's kinda pointless having her around if she's going to do nothing but sleep and complain about not being able to sleep

[12:41:06] <Nanako> You've no idea where the others are, then?

[12:41:14] <Plutia> *wakes up* uh that ground is to hard

[12:41:20] <Peashy> No

[12:41:24] <Alpha> May I now explain why Sigma being separated is bad? Because I'm sure you'd love to hear the implications that has. The very very very bad implications.

[12:41:55] <Plutia> I saw Sigma running in a house alone. I dont think he's in a group with someone =_=

[12:42:06] <Alpha> That's even worse!?!!

[12:42:12] <Alpha> *Ahem*

[12:42:27] <Plutia> What could happen now? =_=

[12:42:36] <Alpha> Sigma suffers from separation anxiety. I didn't have the time to train him how to deal with that...

[12:42:57] <Alpha> If he remains alone for too long... he could cease proper function.

[12:43:09] <Peashy> Do you think he chases this little girl?

[12:43:14] <Keiji> Oh god I had Sigma and Alpha confused in my mind

[12:43:14] <Alpha> Which could cause him to sieze up and make a terrible mistake if he's in danger.

[12:43:24] <Keiji> I thought Alpha was the Angol clone...

[12:43:28] <Keiji> oops

[12:43:36] <Keiji> yeah, that makes this even worse

[12:43:39] <Plutia> Thats worse :(

[12:43:43] <Alpha> If Sigma dies or becomes unable to use magic....

[12:43:49] <Alpha> then Angol regains his magic.

[12:43:59] <Plutia> oh no!


[12:44:06] <Alpha> ABSOLUTELY

[12:44:08] <Alpha> CAN

[12:44:08] <Alpha> NOT

[12:44:14] <Alpha> ARRRRRGH

[12:44:21] <Plutia> uuuuuhhhh I want to transform and BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THIS GIRL!

[12:44:32] <Keiji> which girl?

[12:44:40] <Keiji> oh fresa

[12:44:42] <Shinghi> the one with the bazooka

[12:45:06] <Nanako> ...hnn, this is really bad..

[12:45:13] <Peashy> Plutia becomes aggressive and she's not in her HDD form.weird

[12:45:22] <Alpha> Perhaps I shouldn't have even let him go i the first place... Oh this is terrible....

[12:45:29] <Nanako> I guess we'll have to go back to Lastation and find him ourselves

[12:45:47] <Nanako> I don't like to leave the FGF arcade with noone to keep it safe... But I guess I'll have to

[12:45:48] <Peashy> so lets transform and fly as fast as we can back

[12:46:05] <Schezo Wegey> 3

[12:46:14] <Shinghi> lol that name

[12:46:19] <Keiji> remember to set the room

[12:46:33] <Schezo Wegey> 6 r-'4'+'12'

[12:46:39] <Schezo Wegey> GOING SOMEWHERE?

[12:46:46] <Chao> 10 543

[12:46:49] <Peashy> who's that now?

[12:47:07] <Nanako> Oh my... this is not helping.

[12:47:11] <Schezo Wegey> No desire escapes the Dark Wizard Schezo Wegey.

[12:47:29] <Schezo Wegey> You say this Sigma has the power of an Angel?!

[12:47:37] <Schezo Wegey> Be that I desire!

[12:47:43] <Nanako> ...oh, you were listening?


[12:47:52] <Nanako> Hey, Alpha?

[12:47:54] <Plutia> *transforms into Iris heart* WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU KNOW?! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!


[12:48:00] <Plutia> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'12'+'12'

[12:48:07] <Nanako> I got tired of wanting to beat up Peashy

[12:48:10] <Nanako> Let's beat up this guy instead

[12:48:20] <Peashy> Nanako lets fight in a team ;)

[12:48:31] <Nanako> ...I still don't know how I feel about you.

[12:48:34] <Schezo Wegey> W-What?! Why are you all suddenly powering up! Curses!... Could you have decieved me?!

[12:48:41] <Schezo Wegey> Mitsuki! Get over here!

[12:48:42] <Peashy> *transforms into Yellow heart* "I'm going at full power... Everyone, you will be blown away!!"

[12:48:53] <Nanako> You're the one who showed up and told us you were after our friend's power.

[12:48:57] <Peashy> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'12'+'12'

[12:49:04] <Nanako> Did ya think we were gonna do nothing about that?


[12:49:25] <Alpha> MAKE HIM "DESIRE" HIS OWN LIFE

[12:49:28] <Alpha> MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[12:49:43] <Plutia> Prepare yourself for a punishment so severe, your ass will be red for all time!

[12:50:00] <Keiji> (am I playing Mitsuki?)

[12:50:01] <Schezo Wegey> H-How dare you seek to defile my ass!!!

[12:50:10] <Chao> (I figured you should since you always do)

[12:50:16] <Keiji> (Right, okay, I'd forgotten ^^)

[12:50:19] <Mitsuki> 3

[12:50:34] <Mitsuki> 6 r-'4'+'12'

[12:50:45] <Mitsuki> Sorry I'm late|

[12:50:47] <Mitsuki> ~*

[12:50:53] <Keiji> this keyboard is stupid sometimes

[12:50:59] <Schezo Wegey> Ah you've just arrived. I know where we can get the power of an angel!

[12:51:05] <Mitsuki> An angel you say?


[12:51:28] <Mitsuki> Sounds interesting! Where is it?

[12:51:33] <Mitsuki> *ignoring Alpha*9

[12:51:51] <Nanako> ...alright, I've had about enough of you two goons.

[12:52:02] <Schezo Wegey> I was just about to get the information out of these perverted ladies, but they suddenly transformed.

[12:52:07] <Schezo Wegey> We should take their power too!

[12:52:14] <Nanako> *throws a crystal into the air and casts a Lightning spell through it, targeting both of them*

[12:52:15] <Schezo Wegey> Let us desire them together!

[12:52:20] <Keiji> 10 526

[12:52:30] <Keiji> (no need to thank me shinghi)


[12:52:42] <Shinghi> thanks :D

[12:52:42] <Mitsuki> Epp!

[12:52:49] <Schezo Wegey> Nngh!

[12:52:55] <Mitsuki> *tries to sidestep but it catches her hair*

[12:53:09] <Mitsuki> Hey! I'm the Thunder-user here!

[12:53:13] <Schezo Wegey> *similarly, he is also caught by the lightning*

[12:53:27] <Plutia> *uses Fighting Viper* HA!

[12:53:28] <Mitsuki> I'll show you how it's done, and without any silly crystals either!

[12:53:35] <Schezo Wegey> You dare try to match Mitsuki's thunder! You will pay!

[12:53:46] <Mitsuki> Sanda--!

[12:53:56] <Schezo Wegey> Shadow Edge!

[12:53:57] <Mitsuki> *A much stronger Lightning bolt comes down right above Nanako*

[12:54:24] <Peashy> Flies as fast to Nanako as she can and catches her and saves her from the bolt* atch out!

[12:54:26] <Schezo Wegey> *At the same time he shoots shadowy arrows from his blade at Nanako, the CPUs, and Alpha*

[12:54:39] <Nanako> Woah!

[12:54:41] <Schezo Wegey> The beauty of a Pair Attack!

[12:54:54] <Nanako> *the thunderbolt comes down right beside her, there was no way she could get out of the way alone*

[12:54:57] <Nanako> Uhm... thanks?

[12:55:08] <Plutia> *blocks the shadow arrow and attacks Schezo with her sword*

[12:55:28] <Alpha> Eep! *he haphazardly sidesteps the Shadow Edge and retaliates with his SasserBlaster (tm)*

[12:55:30] <Peashy> No problem ;) now lets kill her!

[12:55:52] <Shinghi> how does nanako attack? does he has a weapon?

[12:56:13] <Shinghi> she* sry

[12:56:18] <Nanako> She uses magical crystals, and she can also just attack melee

[12:56:21] <Keiji> nickfail

[12:56:23] <Schezo Wegey> Ku! *Schezo barely blocks Plutia's onslaught, but he has poor footing against Plutia because of the force at which she came at him*

[12:56:27] <Shinghi> okay.

[12:56:32] <Nanako> Oh, nice one Alpha, I haven't seen the SasserBlaster(TM) in a while@

[12:56:33] <Nanako> !

[12:56:47] <Mitsuki> Tch--

[12:56:49] <Alpha> I just upgraded it myself a few days ago. It's in top shape!

[12:56:51] <Mitsuki> evading me like that.

[12:56:55] <Mitsuki> Then, take this!

[12:56:57] <Plutia> Got ya! *smashes her sword again against him!*

[12:57:06] <Mitsuki> *casts a pretty much unavoidable Meteor spell at all four foes*

[12:57:20] <Schezo Wegey> *he loses footing and gets cut, but retreats behind the meteors*

[12:57:21] <Peashy> Nanako let's do a combo! U use ur meele attack and i push you so hard as i can forward!

[12:57:41] <Nanako> But that's not how...

[12:57:44] <Nanako> ...oh.

[12:57:53] <Peashy> Uh damn! I got you you little brat!

[12:58:06] <Peashy> *runs to Schezo*

[12:58:11] <Alpha> Ack!! *he tries to find a safe spot while he shoots at the meteors with his SasserBlaster(TM)*

[12:58:12] <Shinghi> nickfail

[12:58:18] <Shinghi> plutia does that

[12:58:43] <Nanako> *uses Peashy's boost to slam straight into Schezo, aiming her fist right at his stomach and somehow managing to clear herself and Schezo of the meteor*

[12:58:57] <Peashy> yeaaah thats my nanako!

[12:59:10] <Schezo Wegey> Oh no you-- *is slammed by Nanako*

[12:59:16] <Schezo Wegey> PFFFOARH

[12:59:19] <Keiji> *Peashy, Plutia and Alpha can't escape the meteor, though it is reduced in power thanks to the SasserBlaster*

[12:59:36] <Shinghi> but they can attack the two right?

[12:59:50] <Keiji> they what now

[13:00:04] <Shinghi> ?

[13:00:04] <Alpha> Auugh... I was not made to take meteors... @_@;; A-at least I'm still standing...

[13:00:43] <Nanako> *snatches Schezo's sword while he's down*

[13:00:47] <Nanako> Now then.

[13:00:50] <Schezo Wegey> I've been made a fool? No! I refuse to-- GAH!!

[13:00:54] <Schezo Wegey> MY DARK SWORD


[13:01:11] <Nanako> Will you leave Sigma alone, or do we have to carry on this silly battle?

[13:01:15] <Plutia> *Plutia comes from behind and tries to cleave his head*

[13:01:51] <Schezo Wegey> Hmph! We will retreat for now, but this is not the last of the Dark Wizard and the Greatest Witch in all the cosmos!

[13:02:08] <Mitsuki> *casts a Fire spell at Plutia from behind before she does a number to Schezo*

[13:02:20] <Schezo Wegey> Ow... my stomach... I think I'm going to be sick...

[13:02:27] <Plutia> *gets hit and falls on the ground*

[13:02:33] <Plutia> *transforms back*

[13:02:37] <Plutia> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'12'+'12'

[13:02:43] <Mitsuki> Not so strong now are you?

[13:02:50] <Peashy> Plutia!

[13:02:50] <Schezo Wegey> *limps away from the arcade, beckoning mitsuki to come with*

[13:02:52] <Schezo Wegey> S-Shut up!

[13:02:59] <Mitsuki> *that was at Plutia*

[13:03:03] <Mitsuki> *not Schezo*(

[13:03:08] <Schezo Wegey> *oops*

[13:03:24] <Mitsuki> Well, I guess we were outnumbered this time...

[13:03:46] <Nanako> *returns the sword to Schezo since he seems to have no intention of fighting any more*

[13:04:04] <Schezo Wegey> Next time our pair attack will be strong enough to cut them down...

[13:04:11] <Schezo Wegey> *mumble mumble*

[13:04:19] <Peashy> *runs to Plutia and looks for her wound*

[13:04:26] <Mitsuki> Still. This Angel's power sounds interesting. I hope it can help us with muffin making

[13:04:40] <Schezo Wegey> Yes... or perhaps, some tasty carbonara....

[13:05:08] <Mitsuki> *walks off somewhere with Schezo* looking for it ourselves is probably easier than getting anything out of them, anyway.

[13:05:16] <Mitsuki> 4

[13:05:21] <Schezo Wegey> 4

[13:05:31] <Alpha> P-Phew...

[13:05:43] <Nanako> Are you alright? That Meteor was quite something...

[13:05:52] <Keiji> 10 546

[13:05:53] <Peashy> Plutia..plutia?

[13:05:55] <Alpha> I think I'll be okay... evetually.

[13:06:13] <Peashy> *transforms back*

[13:06:13] <Nanako> Uhm...

[13:06:15] <Nanako> Thanks, Peashy.

[13:06:18] <Peashy> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'12'+'12'

[13:06:31] <Alpha> My body wasn't made to handle that kind of attack but at least I'm not Meteor Mashed.

[13:06:43] <Peashy> Ain't nobody got time for that now nanako! Plutia was hit by this fire spell!

[13:06:52] <Nanako> ?!

[13:06:59] <Nanako> Is she okay?

[13:07:38] <Peashy> idk. she doesn't wake up and she has a little wound on her back.idk if she's just sleeping like always or if it is serious

[13:07:43] <Alpha> She should be fine. After all, Fire is a really basic spell.... Still, we should examine the wound anyway.

[13:07:59] <Nanako> Hn... I don't do healing magic, though...

[13:08:08] <Peashy> we need compa

[13:08:12] <Alpha> ...Neither do I...

[13:08:39] <Alpha> I have a couple of regeneration chambers in here though. Plutia can use one.

[13:08:50] <Peashy> that would be nice alpha

[13:09:21] <Peashy> Nanako? you are nicer than i thought,let's be....mates

[13:09:29] <Nanako> Yeah, let's

[13:10:14] <Nanako> ...though I still don't understand why they were so big when you were in that form...

[13:10:20] <Alpha> *Alpha leads Peashy and Plutia to a room inside the arcade full of Regeneration Chambers, each with a greek letter on them.*

[13:10:43] <Peashy> Haha I am Peashy. I get bigger boobs when i grow up ;)

[13:10:51] <Peashy> *gives one of them plutia*

[13:10:55] <Alpha> See the one with "Zeta" on it? Plutia can recover her strength in there.

[13:11:08] <Alpha> Nobody's going to ever be needing that chamber again, anyway...

[13:11:26] <Plutia> *wakes up* Ah that was good =_= hey guys! Whats up?

[13:12:06] <Alpha> Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Phi, Sigma... Omega...

[13:12:14] <Plutia> Sigma...

[13:12:21] <Nanako> Zeta... that takes me back...

[13:12:36] <Alpha> All of those names... I could never forget them all.

[13:12:54] <Peashy> are they all...people? like sigma?

[13:13:04] <Alpha> You could say that.

[13:13:13] <Peashy> oh okay.what happened to them?

[13:13:46] <Alpha> Zeta and Eta have become a greater part of other people... in short, they no longer exist to interact with us.

[13:13:55] <Alpha> As for the others, god knows where they are now...

[13:13:59] <Peashy> Oh :(

[13:14:23] <Peashy> So...let's find sigma.than is one of them back :)

[13:15:17] <Alpha> It is absolutely imperative that Sigma is located immediately. If he is suffering, he wont be able to fight back at his full capacity.

[13:15:43] <Beta> 6 r-'0'+'12'

[13:15:43] <Alpha> He also knows healing magic that should be able to heal our wounds faster than this chamber.

[13:15:46] <Beta> 3

[13:15:56] <Beta> Hey! I'm right here! Didn't you notice one of the doors was shut?

[13:16:04] <Alpha> BETA

[13:16:08] <Peashy> Hey...you thing

[13:16:12] <Alpha> JESUS CHRIST

[13:16:29] <Peashy> *looks at Plutia* Who the fuck is now Jesus Christ?

[13:16:30] <Beta> *emerges from the chamber, looking like a recolor of Mitsuki but with cat ears and tail for some reason*

[13:16:41] <Alpha> ...pffffffffffffffffft

[13:16:48] <Beta> ...

[13:16:50] <Beta> What?!

[13:16:54] <Alpha> Nekomitsuki!

[13:17:00] <Beta> ...uhm.

[13:17:06] <Beta> *twists Alpha's ear* Say that again?

[13:17:14] <Alpha> Ow ow ow ow ow

[13:17:22] <Peashy> Stop that!

[13:17:28] <Plutia> Yeah! Stop it

[13:17:50] <Alpha> I concur ear twisting is not necessary to convey your message

[13:18:48] <Alpha> I suppose I forgot to check if anyone was actually resting in the chambers in any case...

[13:18:56] <TOTA> 10 399

[13:18:57] <Plutia> ...

[13:19:08] <Beta> *finally stops ear-twisting*

[13:19:09] <Shinghi> lol

[13:19:27] <Beta> I'll have you know, I'm not just 'wearing' these because I 'want' to.

[13:19:49] <Peashy> pff....xD you look like a ugly cat HAHA

[13:19:50] <Beta> As a certain someone will know, they're part of me now, and I couldn't live without them.

[13:20:29] <Beta> And that someone happens to be right here. *bows* I'm eternally grateful, Nanako.

[13:20:37] <Alpha> Ah yes, Nanako made that modification to you...

[13:20:51] <Peashy> uh...sorry Nanako ^^'' he's beautiful

[13:20:51] <Nanako> Uhm, you're welcome! *blushes a bit*

[13:20:58] <Keiji> Beta is also female

[13:21:03] <Shinghi> okay xD

[13:21:44] <Beta> So... what brings our guests here?

[13:22:04] <Peashy> Hey hey we aren't guests! we are friends with them

[13:22:13] <Alpha> Well, they went out for a bit, but they went and lost the most important clone...

[13:22:16] <Keiji> I'd call them guessts

[13:22:22] <Alpha> Siiiiiigmaaaaa ;__;

[13:22:22] <Shinghi> k

[13:22:24] <Keiji> friends are guests when they're at your place

[13:22:38] <Beta> Sigma? I... don't recognise that name.

[13:22:53] <Plutia> Hey thats called that it is our fault that sigma isn't here :(

[13:22:59] <Alpha> O-Oh, *sniff* right, you aren't familiar with him. He was born only recently.

[13:23:27] <Alpha> Sigma is a clone I created to harbor the magical power of Angol Mois so he couldn't use magic himself anymore.

[13:23:57] <Alpha> He's currently lost and may be having an attack of anxiety or depression, which means he is in danger if anyone makes an attempt on his life.

[13:24:16] <Alpha> and I shouldn't even need to explain WHAT KINDS OF SHIT WILL GET FUCKED UP IF HE DIES

[13:24:38] <Plutia> why dont we just go then to lastation?..

[13:24:50] <Beta> Oh my... Angol? I remember him from the Tournament...

[13:25:23] <Alpha> Yes... He's been doing some crazy stuff lately..

[13:25:32] <Alpha> He's worse than he was in the Tournament.

[13:25:37] <Plutia> OH!

[13:25:49] <Plutia> We didn't tell u about that angol!

[13:25:59] <Nanako> oh?

[13:26:12] <Plutia> When we went to Lastation there was an big ad for MOIS pralines

[13:26:21] <Nanako> Mois what nows?

[13:26:32] <Alpha> ...Oh god he's set up shop here already???

[13:27:28] <Plutia> there is a women who calls herself mois praline.they are selling much chocolate and the peoplle of lastation are buying them.we thought about it if this angol could be behind this. and who knows if that lemres falls for the sweets too?

[13:27:53] <Nanako> Yeah, I can imagine Lemres falling for that...

[13:28:00] <Alpha> Lemres is buying candy from Angol? Wonderful...

[13:28:06] <Nanako> Well, I guess we should get going then, shouldn't we?

[13:28:18] <Peashy> Maybe they turn the villagers into rat-eating zombies :0

[13:28:43] <Peashy> that'd be cool


[13:28:52] <Alpha> SO HELP ME

[13:28:55] <Peashy> kk

[13:29:05] <Peashy> we fly now back to lastation

[13:29:12] <Peashy> *transforms andgrabs nanako*

[13:29:15] <Nanako> Hmm...

[13:29:20] <Peashy> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'12'+'12'

[13:29:23] <Nanako> I still don't want to leave this place unguarded.

[13:29:38] <Alpha> ...*looks at beta*

[13:29:42] <Plutia> beta can't come with us so

[13:29:48] <Plutia> *transforms too*

[13:30:18] <Beta> That's okay! I can stay! I can fend off my counterpart easily, so...

[13:30:27] <Alpha> Oh, good.

[13:30:29] <Plutia> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'12'+'12'

[13:30:34] <Nanako> Incidentally, we had a run in with her just now...

[13:30:39] <Alpha> We'll try to be back as soon as we can though.

[13:30:43] <Nanako> ...which is why Plutia ended up in that chamber.

[13:30:56] <Nanako> But, I feel a lot happier with you here!

[13:31:07] <Nanako> Sorry to keep you away from the action, though...

[13:31:19] <Beta> Hey, don't worry about it! There's always another time

[13:31:26] <Plutia> *grabs alpha* no time for talking *flies into the sky*

[13:31:58] <Nanako> Yeah, uhm, see you later--! *is whisked away by Peashy almost before she finishes her sentence*

[13:32:10] <Peashy> okay plutia has to hurry up? is she pregnant? she does things i dont understand


[13:32:17] <Peashy> *flies away

[13:32:20] <Keiji> pregnant? what

[13:32:28] <Shinghi> no she isn't

[13:32:53] <Shinghi> so now group 3?

[13:33:17] <Chao> Well, it's either that or cut to having a segment with Sigma before the others arrive.

[13:33:42] <Shinghi> i think it'd be cool if now comes a sigma part :D

[13:33:56] <Chao> Alrighty then

[13:34:01] <Nanako> 4

[13:34:02] <Beta> 4

[13:34:05] <Alpha> 4

[13:34:06] <Plutia> 4

[13:34:07] <Peashy> 4

[13:34:20] <Sigma> 3

[13:34:37] <Shinghi> does sigma meet someone?

[13:34:47] <Chao> (Not yet)

[13:34:49] <Shinghi> k

[13:35:00] <Keiji> 10 0

[13:35:19] <Sigma> *running away still from Chian's house. He stumbles a bit and eventually trips in his haste*

[13:35:25] <Sigma> Urf!

[13:35:51] <Sigma> ...Ungh... Is... Everyone alright? ...Everyone?...

[13:36:14] <TOTA> 10 513

[13:36:24] <Sigma> *He looks around, only to see the large buildings of Lastation surrounding him....*

[13:36:34] <Sigma> Ah....

[13:36:42] <Sigma> Am... I? Alone?...

[13:37:12] <Sigma> *Though he only just stood up... he sits back down...*

[13:37:38] <Chian> 4

[13:37:38] <Shinghi> 7

[13:37:44] <Shinghi> 7

[13:37:50] <Sigma> ...I miss Alpha-chan.....

[13:38:01] <Keiji> shinghi you ok?

[13:38:03] <Chao> 10 510

[13:38:16] <Shinghi> yeah

[13:38:22] <Sigma> I... I'm alone...!!

[13:38:31] <Sigma> All alone....

[13:38:45] <Sigma> *He drags his knees close to him, and burries his head into them*

[13:39:14] <Sigma> Where am I? Where did they go?... How will I find my way home?....

[13:39:39] <Tech> 6 r-'0'+'9'

[13:39:48] <Shinghi> who's tech?

[13:39:58] <Keiji> find out in the rp

[13:39:59] <Keiji> :p

[13:40:00] <Tech> 3

[13:40:15] <Shinghi> ah found it

[13:40:29] <Tech> *Happens to stroll by, Sigma stands out in the crowded streets, being huddled up and crying on the ground*

[13:40:41] <Tech> Yo... you okay?

[13:41:13] <Sigma> *He looks up, but then burries his head again* I don't know... I'm lost... *hic* Where did they go?...

[13:41:40] <Tech> You got separated? Funny, I got separated from my friends too.

[13:41:50] <Tech> *He sits next to Sigma*

[13:42:07] <Sigma> Heh...? You're alone too?

[13:42:15] <Sigma> 6 s-'(Alone)'+'' r-'9'+'9'

[13:42:29] <Tech> I don't thnk you should call either of us alone, now.

[13:42:43] <Chao> 10 504

[13:43:10] <Sigma> *sniffle* I guess not. By the technical definition of alone, I'm not truly alone right now, am I?

[13:43:44] <Tech> That's right. I'm here. And as long as we're together we're not alone. We'll look for the others together.

[13:43:54] <Tech> Who did you get lost from?

[13:44:28] <Sigma> Let me recall... Arle Nadja... Lemres... Feli.... Neptune.... Noire.... Plutia.... Peashy....

[13:44:51] <Sigma> Vert... IF...

[13:44:55] <Sigma> Compa...

[13:44:59] <Sigma> Juichi...

[13:45:44] <Tech> Wait woah... I recognize some of those names! They've gotta be around if you were with them... You and I have some common interests!

[13:45:53] <Shinghi> 10 268

[13:45:55] <Tech> I'm Tech. I'm a friend of your friends.

[13:46:12] <Sigma> I'm Sigma. Nice to meet you, Tech.

[13:46:15] <Keiji> (I don't think that song works anymore lol)

[13:46:39] <Shinghi> (k.i thought it would be matching at the moment xD)

[13:46:48] <Chao> (Feel free to now bring in others now if you two wish)

[13:46:52] <Keiji> 10 0

[13:47:01] <Keiji> (who arrives?(

[13:47:07] <Keiji> (everyone?)

[13:47:19] <Keiji> (that we were just playing i mean)

[13:47:26] <Chao> (either Nanako's group or one of the lost groups I imagine)

[13:48:05] <Chao> (Nanako's might work better because I have a new face to show :D)

[13:48:12] <Shinghi> idk who was in which group.but I only have chian left

[13:48:18] <Keiji> (okay nanako's group then)

[13:48:21] <Nanako> 3

[13:48:26] <Peashy> 3

[13:48:28] <Alpha> 3

[13:48:28] <Plutia> 3

[13:48:35] <Nanako> *rounds a corner*--Sigma!!

[13:48:36] <Alpha> 6 r-'12'+'9'

[13:48:37] <Nanako> There you are!

[13:48:47] <Sigma> A-Ah! Nanako...

[13:48:49] <Peashy> uh we have to land here Plutia!

[13:48:53] <Alpha> SIGMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[13:48:55] <Plutia> okay =_=

[13:48:55] <Nanako> 6 r-'12'+'9'

[13:48:59] <Plutia> *lands*

[13:49:07] <Peashy> *too*

[13:49:10] <Keiji> room edits, go

[13:49:15] <Sigma> ALPHA CHAN!!!!!!!!!!♥

[13:49:18] <Plutia> 6 r-'12'+'9'

[13:49:23] <Peashy> 6 r-'12'+'9'

[13:49:35] <Sigma> *he practically tackles Alpha locking him into a hug*

[13:49:41] <Alpha> S-Sigma!!

[13:50:07] <Sigma> ALPHA CHAN!!! YOU CAME FOR ME! I'm so happy...!

[13:50:25] <Peashy> *transforms back*

[13:50:28] <Plutia> *too*

[13:50:33] <Plutia> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'9'+'9'

[13:50:35] <Nanako> It was all thanks to Peashy for coming to tell us you were alone...

[13:50:35] <Chao> 10 502

[13:50:36] <Peashy> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'9'+'9'

[13:50:47] <Sigma> It was?...

[13:50:49] <Plutia> but it was mine idea...

[13:50:54] <Sigma> Thank you both...

[13:51:03] <Nanako> And Plutia, I mean!

[13:51:08] <Peashy> Haha No problem! ;)

[13:51:14] <Tech> I found him here. He was pretty shaken up.

[13:51:20] <Plutia> You're welcome =_=

[13:51:32] <Peashy> Uh? Hey. Who are you?

[13:51:39] <Tech> I'm Tech.

[13:51:50] <Peashy> I'm Peashy and this is Plutia-

[13:51:55] <Plutia> Hey =_=

[13:52:02] <Tech> I don't really know how I got here myself, I just kinda woke up on the cold hard pavement one day.

[13:52:11] <Tech> It was one of those "welp" moments.

[13:52:41] <Plutia> You aren't just the only one here who appeard here..

[13:52:49] <Alpha> Thank you for comforting Sigma. He functions poorly when he's alone.

[13:53:08] <Sigma> A-Alpha chan... >m<;;

[13:54:17] <Nanako> So... we're back in Lastation, and we found Sigma...

[13:54:39] <Tech> Is that what this place is called? It sounds like a game console name...

[13:54:44] <Plutia> Maybe the others are around here too

[13:55:39] <Keiji> but, now what do we do? What about Juichi.. and... whoever it was that sent him to get help?

[13:55:44] <Nanako> nickfail

[13:55:47] <Tech> Also, I found this. Maybe you know what it is?

[13:55:54] <Tech> *holds up a Key Fragment*

[13:55:58] <Plutia> !

[13:56:04] <Plutia> A key fragment!

[13:56:13] <Tech> A... key fragment?

[13:56:15] <Nanako> A... key fragment?

[13:56:16] <Peashy> *gras it* dont touch histy!

[13:56:19] <Peashy> grabs*

[13:56:24] <Nanako> ...

[13:56:29] <Nanako> Histy?

[13:56:30] <Tech> Woah what I didn't touch anything!!

[13:56:38] <Alpha> Histy?

[13:56:43] <Plutia> May I explain?

[13:56:50] <Sigma> Please do.

[13:56:51] <TOTA> 10 459

[13:57:57] <Plutia> You know Histy? Histy or Histoire records everything what happens in gameindustry. When we fought Arfoire she was sealed in these key fragments.We had to find them all to free her.It seems she's sealed again

[13:58:33] <Sigma> I understand. She has been fragmented to protect her data?...

[13:58:43] <Tech> Talk about a major defrag.

[13:58:43] <Plutia> Yeah

[13:58:49] <Nanako> So... we're supposed to be finding the other Key Fragments, then..?

[13:59:16] <Vanille> 5 n+'?????' c+'1' s+'' r+'9' v+'false'

[13:59:39] <Plutia> We don't know why she is sealed.If she sealed herself it's on purpose.Arfoire disappeared so she didn'T do this

[14:00:05] <Nanako> Hnn... I dunno, but it definitely sounds like these are important items!

[14:00:17] <Plutia> It is

[14:00:18] <Chao> [A figure approaches the party]

[14:00:25] <Vanille> 3

[14:00:37] <Vanille> And that is exactly why I cannot allow you to take it with you.

[14:00:40] <Nanako> ...

[14:00:44] <Nanako> oh snap.

[14:00:49] <Peashy> I WON'T GIVE YOU HISTY!

[14:01:26] <Vanille> *As he gets closer, you can see that he has long, cream colored hair tied in a pony tail. He is wearing a purple cape and brown pants.*

[14:01:44] <Plutia> What dou you want? go away!

[14:01:45] <Keiji> this is presumably not ganache, right?

[14:01:53] <Vanille> Pardon me for interrupting, but that is a Key Fragment. I believe it belongs to me.

[14:02:00] <Chao> Nah this isn't Ganache

[14:02:03] <Keiji> okay good

[14:02:03] <Peashy> It doesn't!

[14:02:16] <Vanille> Oh?...

[14:02:23] <Vanille> I believe it does though...

[14:02:28] <Nanako> Who are you anyway?

[14:02:33] <Peashy> If you are Histy than it does!

[14:02:59] <Vanille> I... am General Vanille. Close acquaintances may call me Vani.

[14:03:03] <Nanako> ...

[14:03:04] <Vanille> 6 n-'?????'+'Vanille' r-'9'+'9'

[14:03:09] <Vanille> *bows*

[14:03:09] <Nanako> *giggles at the name*

[14:03:18] <Peashy> pfff HAHAHA!

[14:03:22] <Tech> Wait... Vani... Teach?!

[14:03:25] <Nanako> Oh god, I'm just...

[14:03:28] <Nanako> Tech?!

[14:03:37] <Nanako> You know this guy?

[14:03:42] <Vanille> Hmph. Tech. One of my old students.

[14:03:49] <Nanako> .....

[14:03:59] <Vanille> He did well enough but he couldn't stop staring at the man seated in front of him.

[14:04:02] <Plutia> uh....teacher and student reunion

[14:04:07] <Tech> He had a nice ass ok

[14:04:17] <Plutia> ...

[14:04:23] <Peashy> ...i prefer boobies

[14:04:30] <Vanille> Of course you would.

[14:04:32] <Vanille> Now then.

[14:04:35] <Nanako> We know that, Peashy.

[14:04:40] <Peashy> ;)

[14:04:51] <Peashy> anyway you won't get histy!

[14:05:07] <Vanille> It's unfortunate that we had to make contact again like this Tech.

[14:05:22] <Tech> Why do you want History or whatever its called anyway?

[14:05:24] <Nanako> ...and... what are you gonna do?

[14:05:37] <Peashy> Histy! Not History!

[14:05:38] <Nanako> Against... the six of us?

[14:05:43] <Vanille> Heh. You think I'm unprepared?

[14:05:48] <Plutia> against 2 CPU's?

[14:05:54] <Vanille> MOVE IN!

[14:05:59] <Chao> 10 545

[14:06:07] <Plutia> *transforms*

[14:06:12] <Peashy> *transforms*

[14:06:16] <Chao> [Several large Tectars roll in and surround them]

[14:06:20] <Peashy> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'9'+'9'

[14:06:25] <Plutia> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'9'+'9'

[14:06:33] <Nanako> Oh my.

[14:06:50] <Peashy> I think I fly away so he won't get the key fragment

[14:06:51] <Keiji> (Stock-character Tectar?)

[14:07:03] <Keiji> (Might be a good idea to keep track if we're having a long fight)

[14:07:04] <Vanille> I have the New Army of Lastation at my command. Normally, White Heart collects the Key Fragments, but I'll make an exception since she's busy.

[14:07:20] <Tectar> 5 n+'Tectar' c+'9' s+'' r+'9' v+'true'

[14:07:26] <Tectar> 3

[14:07:31] <Plutia> White Heart? Your White Heart is a FAKE! A FAKE!

[14:07:35] <Tectar> 3

[14:07:40] <Keiji> they don't know this

[14:07:41] <Tectar> 3

[14:07:46] <Tectar> 3

[14:07:49] <Keiji> only the Azuri group know this right now

[14:07:50] <Tectar> 3

[14:07:52] <Shinghi> k

[14:08:04] <Nanako> ...That's a lot of Tectars.

[14:08:16] <Nanako> But they're not invincible!

[14:08:20] <Vanille> *grins*

[14:08:48] <Vanille> *ditching his cloak, he backflips on top of one of the Tectars and pulls out a large gun of his own*

[14:08:50] <Nanako> *Takes a hint from the last battle and sets up a Crystal Shield to protect all allies*

[14:09:06] <Sigma> Good call! Fortified defenses!

[14:09:15] <Sigma> *throws up his own magical barrier*

[14:09:24] <Peashy> Nanako? ;) call for the combo when ever you want!

[14:09:25] <Nanako> *The barriers combine!*

[14:09:42] <Nanako> That won't work against these guys Peashy. What else do you have?

[14:09:47] <Alpha> Oh god being ambushed by tanks... this is how it ens isn't it?

[14:10:00] <Peashy> I am very fast and can slice with my weapon

[14:10:10] <Vanille> Fire at will. Their barriers wont hold up forever.

[14:10:18] <Nanako> heh.

[14:10:33] <Nanako> The Crystal Shield is everlasting you know

[14:10:39] <Chao> [The tectars fire large beams at the barriers surrounding the party]

[14:11:04] <Nanako> *The beams are deflected along the barriers, which take no damage, but do create an impressive lightshow*

[14:11:19] <Vanille> If your Crystal Shield lasts for evermore, then so does my Angolium.

[14:11:31] <Peashy> Whats Angolium?

[14:11:47] <Nanako> That much won't break this shield!

[14:12:17] <Vanille> Hahaha!! I'll tear you down eventually. Fire the MPCs!

[14:12:24] <Nanako> M..P...whats?

[14:12:27] <Tech> MPCS?!

[14:13:07] <Nanako> Peashy, Plutia, you two are melee aren't you? And you have metal weapons, right?

[14:13:08] <Peashy> Lets enjoy this for the fullest!

[14:13:14] <Peashy> yeah we have

[14:13:19] <Plutia> Yeah

[14:13:22] <Chao> [All 5 Tectars fire from a "Magic Piercing Cannon" located on each of them]

[14:13:23] <Nanako> What do you prefer, fire or lightning?

[14:13:36] <Plutia> Fire

[14:13:40] <Peashy> Lightning

[14:13:43] <Nanako> Then...

[14:14:07] <Nanako> *uses her Crystal magic to embue their weapons with Fire and Lightning respectively*

[14:14:11] <Nanako> Go get em. :D

[14:14:15] <Peashy> I feel the power

[14:14:28] <Plutia> Woah i am burning but it doesn't hrt.cool

[14:14:46] <Nanako> Those machines will cripple under your attacks

[14:14:47] <Plutia> *jumps out of the shield and starts attacking Tectar #1

[14:14:49] <Chao> [Meanwhile the MPCs continue to fire away at the barrier]

[14:15:01] <Nanako> Ugh... it's starting to break...

[14:15:04] <Peashy> *attacks Tectar #2*

[14:15:14] <Nanako> Alpha, Tech, can you back us up at all?

[14:15:28] <Tech> You got it!! --Augh!

[14:15:40] <Vanille> *Sniped Tech from Tectar 5*

[14:15:48] <Tech> Shit... that's right...

[14:15:48] <Plutia> *smashs into the shield of the tectar* Bam Boom die die die!!!

[14:15:49] <Nanako> Tech!

[14:16:01] <Nanako> *notices the hole in the shield where the sniper bullet passed through*

[14:16:10] <Nanako> Ack. That's some accuracy...

[14:16:29] <Tech> Vani's Eyes are fucked up. He can see a few seconds into the future... that bastard!

[14:16:32] <Peashy> *slices Tectar #2* Slice Slice Slice woooooooooo

[14:16:47] <Vanille> My Forsight shall be your doom!

[14:16:57] <Nanako> You're kidding! Nothing can see the future like that!

[14:17:18] <Shinghi> I think Tectar #1 and #2 are destroyed now :D

[14:17:25] <Tectar> *The Tectar takes some damage but it fires back at Peashy*

[14:17:35] <Nanako> *channels more magic into the shields and the HDD's weapons* Nnn... hff...

[14:18:01] <Tectar> *Similarly, Tectar #1 seems equally unphased by Plutia's onslaught despite some dents and scrapes*

[14:18:17] <Alpha> I'll sass some!!

[14:18:26] <Peashy> ow. uuuh you regret that! *feels the stronger power of nanakos magic and cuts through the tectar #2*

[14:18:31] <Alpha> *Fires his SasserBlaster haphazardly*

[14:19:05] <Sigma> Gngh... I can't use too much magiic, or else I'll become exhausted... but if I don't help you keep the barrier up.

[14:19:10] <Plutia> YOU WON'T ATTACK ME! *starts burning the Tectar #1 to death*

[14:19:34] <Vanille> *snipes at Plutia from Tectar 5*

[14:19:38] <Nanako> ...

[14:19:40] <Vanille> None of that.

[14:19:55] <Vanille> Are you going to come quietly?

[14:20:04] <Nanako> *redistributes the barrier's energy to intercept the bullet aimed at Plutia*

[14:20:06] <Plutia> *dodges* don't understimate a CPU!

[14:20:15] <Vanille> My force is clearly superior.

[14:20:29] <Shinghi> Tectar 1 and 2 are now destroyed

[14:20:33] <Nanako> *It pings off and hits one of Tectar #3's weapons*

[14:20:34] <Tech> Ah yeah, you're still that stuck up teacher I used to know...

[14:20:45] <Nanako> You're not getting through that easily...

[14:20:46] <Tectar> Ack! Main cannon down!

[14:21:04] <Vanille> Doesn't matter. Continue to assault the Barriers 3.

[14:21:23] <Nanako> Alpha, Tech, Sigma...

[14:21:38] <Nanako> If I drop this barrier, can you take cover?

[14:21:45] <Chao> [Tectar's 1 and 2 are feeling some damage, but they still have operational MPCs]

[14:21:49] <Nanako> These are some pretty narrow streets after all..

[14:22:04] <Peashy> (hmm....i am very fast.it seems that that vani haha vani... can look in the future.maybe if i am faster than he thinks i can land a attack on him)

[14:22:14] <Tech> I'll help Alpha and Sigma get out of here.

[14:22:22] <Tech> If that's what you're asking.

[14:22:32] <Plutia> WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE?! *continues smashing into Tectar #1*

[14:22:43] <Nanako> Take the Fragment with you while you're at it.

[14:22:49] <Tech> Got it!

[14:22:59] <Tech> Sorry I couldn't help out more. Good luck!

[14:23:07] <Peashy> Histy! :(

[14:23:19] <Vanille> Hm?

[14:23:58] <Nanako> *Once Tech, Alpha, Sigma and the Key Fragment are off scene, Nanako drops the barrier to increase the power going to the 2 CPUs*

[14:24:18] <Peashy> *gathers all her power and the magic she got from nanako* I will destroy you vanille and all these TECTARS TOOOOO!!!!!!!

[14:24:20] <Tech> 4

[14:24:25] <Alpha> 4

[14:24:26] <Nanako> Now then.

[14:24:28] <Sigma> 4

[14:24:43] <Nanako> *with the barrier gone, she starts having to dance around to evade all the bullets and beams and MPC ammo*

[14:24:47] <Vanille> Huh, Clever.

[14:24:50] <Nanako> (Where is Vanille?)

[14:24:57] <Peashy> *she becomes to an super fast shadow who attacks every tectar the the same time*

[14:25:04] <Chao> (On top of Tectar 5)

[14:25:11] <Plutia> Seems like she got her EXE Drive

[14:25:26] <Nanako> *makes her way to Tectar 5, doing her best to evade attack*

[14:25:44] <Chao> [The tectars keep the pressure on with their fire, but the two CPUs attacks slow them down enough for Nanako]

[14:25:59] <Plutia> Now Nanako!

[14:26:05] <Vanille> *Takes aim at Nanako* I know exactly where you'll be. Don't even bother.

[14:26:08] <Vanille> *shoots*

[14:26:13] <Peashy> *gets faster and faster*

[14:26:27] <Nanako> Foresight is a myth!

[14:26:35] <Vanille> You wanna bet?

[14:27:07] <Vanille> I'll put a bullet in your shoulder 5 seconds before you reach my Tectar!

[14:27:22] <Nanako> Who said I was doing that?

[14:27:29] <IF> 3

[14:27:31] <Peashy> *cause of the lightning magic the tectars are beginning to lag*

[14:27:38] <Vanille> Hm?..

[14:27:40] <IF> 6 r-'14'+'9'

[14:28:11] <IF> *Suddenly appears out of the sky and performs her EXE Drive attack on Vanille and the remaining Tectars*

[14:28:24] <Vanille> Kh...

[14:28:33] <Plutia> I can feel this fire power going through my body *holds on a second and performs her EXE Drive at the moment when IF does her too*

[14:28:53] <IF> *The damage is great enough to destroy the remaing Tectars*

[14:29:26] <Nanako> See. If what you expect doesn't happen, your foresight doesn't work!

[14:30:02] <Nanako> That's not foresight! It's just prediction! Educated guessing! Everyone can do it, some are just better than others!

[14:30:46] <Vanille> I was just merely relying on instinct up until now. I haven't unleashed my All Seeing Eyes yet.

[14:30:59] <Vanille> But I shouldn't have to once my Neo Tectars roll in now.

[14:31:08] <Tectar> 4

[14:31:09] <Tectar> 4

[14:31:11] <Tectar> 4

[14:31:12] <Tectar> 4

[14:31:13] <Tectar> 4

[14:31:27] <Neo Tectar> 5 n+'Neo Tectar' c+'9' s+'' r+'9' v+'true'

[14:31:34] <Neo Tectar> 3

[14:31:40] <Neo Tectar> 3

[14:31:45] <Peashy> *stops running* I am so...tired

[14:31:45] <Neo Tectar> 3

[14:31:52] <IF> There's more where THAT came from, you know.

[14:31:59] <Plutia> I can't fight anymore.I only want to sleep

[14:32:01] <Vert> 3

[14:32:11] <Vanille> Don't worry. Neo Tectars are more impressive.

[14:32:12] <Vert> 6 r-'14'+'9'

[14:32:25] <Plutia> *transforms back*

[14:32:29] <Plutia> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'9'+'9'

[14:32:35] <Peashy> *too*

[14:32:38] <Peashy> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'9'+'9'

[14:32:46] <Vert> *while Vanille is busy being distracted getting his machines out, she thrusts straight through him with her spear*

[14:33:16] <IF> *also attacks Vanille, slashing with her metal claws much like Peashy's*

[14:33:23] <Vanille> ....Oh. How embarassing...

[14:34:01] <Peashy> haha you got backstabbed!

[14:34:09] <Vanille> If only I wasn't a body double.

[14:34:12] <Nanako> ...

[14:34:13] <Nanako> !

[14:34:34] <Vanille> *voice* I would never leave myself so vulnerable!

[14:34:49] <Chao> *it seems to be coming from somewhere nearby but it isn't clear*

[14:34:59] <Nanako> *looks around*

[14:35:24] <Vanille> Hehehehe...Hahaha.

[14:35:35] <Nanako> *pants from exhaustion, confused*

[14:35:49] <Vanille> Checkmate.

[14:36:10] <Chao> [Suddenly though, a large beam hits one of the Tectars from behind]

[14:36:23] <Keiji> (meanwhile Vert and IF are busy attacking the Neo Tectars)

[14:36:31] <Vanille> What?

[14:36:46] <Satan> 3

[14:36:51] <Nanako> WHAT.

[14:37:00] <Satan> 6 r-'10'+'9'

[14:37:11] <Satan> [rolls in with a Carbuncle Tank]

[14:37:12] <Plutia> the fuck? we know you man.you won't marry anyone here!

[14:37:19] <Keiji> CARBUNCLE TANK

[14:37:20] <Satan> YOU DAMN ANGOLS

[14:37:20] <Keiji> ES

[14:37:26] <Keiji> YES*

[14:37:39] <Keiji> 10 33

[14:37:39] <Satan> I'LL HAVE YOU ALL MYSELF!

[14:37:49] <Keiji> oh, erm

[14:38:04] <Nanako> that's a shame

[14:38:07] <Keiji> nickfail

[14:38:16] <Chao> [Another shot takes at another Tectar]

[14:38:20] <Keiji> 10 320

[14:38:26] <Ms. Accord> 3

[14:38:37] <Ms. Accord> 6 r-'0'+'9'

[14:38:48] <Ms. Accord> [rolls in in a Popoi Tank]

[14:38:59] <Keiji> 10 91

[14:39:09] <Keiji> this'll have to do for now

[14:39:17] <Ms. Accord> Now Now, Mr. Vanille, don't you know better than to bring in giant tanks against the kiddies?

[14:39:28] <Nanako> Who're you calling kiddies?

[14:39:45] <Plutia> Who is this now? WHAT happened to our world?! So much weird people!!!

[14:39:46] <Popoi> 6 r-'0'+'9'

[14:39:54] <Nanako> ...well I guess it's fine in Peashy's case...

[14:39:57] <Popoi> 3

[14:40:05] <Vert> Oh my, all these people...

[14:40:23] <Popoi> It's not nyice. Well, I'm nyot nyice but that's beside the point for now.

[14:40:44] <Peashy> OMG A CAAAAT!!!!

[14:40:51] <Ms. Accord> Anyhow. Rest assured. We are here to help!

[14:40:52] <IF> I guess they're also from Nanako's world...

[14:41:21] <Chao> 11 547 k+'yt/0sLzD4dXwUA' t+'AWDS - Tag Power'

[14:41:24] <Chao> 10 547

[14:41:24] <Nanako> Jeez... you're just in time, I'm pretty much out of juice

[14:41:39] <Chao> oo. that's the wrong one

[14:41:41] <Chao> erp

[14:41:57] <Chao> 11 548 k+'yt/IqQRxBSSfqI' t+'AWDS - GOOD tag power'

[14:42:01] <Chao> 10 548

[14:42:17] <Satan> WE SHALL VANQUISH THEM

[14:42:41] <Ms. Accord> Now for a completely uncoordinated....

[14:42:53] <Satan> Unrehearsed...

[14:42:58] <Ms. Accord> PAIR

[14:43:01] <Satan> ATTACK

[14:43:41] <Chao> [Satan and Accord both unleash their most powerful magic at the same time, basically destroying the Neo Tectars after Vert and IF softened them up]

[14:43:50] <Nanako> ...Woah.

[14:43:54] <Neo Tectar> 4

[14:43:56] <Neo Tectar> 4

[14:43:57] <Neo Tectar> 4

[14:44:03] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee!

[14:44:09] <Keiji> Hee hee tea

[14:44:11] <Ms. Accord> Speaking of!

[14:44:24] <Ms. Accord> Wouldn't you like some Hee Hee Tea, Mr. Vanille?

[14:44:40] <Vanille> Y-You... wretched woman! You know of my allergy?!

[14:44:43] <Vert> I wouldn't mind some tea myself...

[14:45:11] <Vanille> Hmph... I'm going to retreat. I've wasted enough time letting that Key Fragment get away...

[14:45:23] <Vanille> Next time, I WILL overpower you!

[14:45:26] <Vanille> 4

[14:45:37] <Nanako> *walks over and gives IF a high five*

[14:45:56] <Popoi> Nyahahahaah!!! He went running for the hills. Definitely a goonie.

[14:46:10] <Satan> THAT'S RIGHT YOU BETTER RUN.

[14:46:19] <Nanako> You got here just in time, IF, Vert. And uhm, thanks you guys too, I guess...

[14:46:33] <Shinghi> guys? i have to go soon.just saying

[14:46:33] <Ms. Accord> Of course.♪

[14:46:46] <Keiji> sure, I was thinking of ending it here for today anyway

[14:46:51] <Keiji> well in a bit

[14:47:04] <Plutia> thank god that u came. we can't fight anymore today

[14:47:14] <Ms. Accord> Any time~

[14:47:22] <Nanako> Thank god you have a cellphone! Or nine of them.

[14:47:29] <Peashy> did u call her?

[14:47:40] <Nanako> Sure did. You didn't think I was that unprepared, did you?

[14:47:49] <IF> Always ready to lend a hand|

[14:47:51] <Peashy> n-nooo never

[14:47:51] <IF> ~*

[14:47:57] <Satan> I came because I heard Angol was running around acting like he could just steal other people's bases again.

[14:48:17] <Satan> I wont let him steal another damned base if its the last thing I do!

[14:48:25] <Satan> All bases are belong to ME!

[14:48:39] <Peashy> he means basilicoms right?

[14:49:13] <Nanako> Well, I guess I can't blame you for anything, so long as you don't do anything to Arle

[14:49:22] <Popoi> Sometimes I wonder what drives that man, meow...

[14:49:47] <Plutia> uh a caaaat =_= *goes to the cat and pets her* so cute

[14:49:52] <Satan> I would never hurt my betrothed! I must rescue her from this hell hole at once!

[14:49:58] <Satan> *zooms off in his tank*

[14:50:05] <Satan> 4

[14:50:13] <Nanako> Anyway, we're about done here, aren't we? We should probably get going back to the Arcade, right?

[14:50:14] <Nanako> ...

[14:50:17] <Nanako> did he just leave in a tank.

[14:50:25] <Nanako> I COULD HAVE DRIVEN THAT

[14:50:41] <Ms. Accord> It's alright deary. You can borrow mine.

[14:50:46] <Nanako> YOU HAVE A TANK TOO WHAT

[14:50:48] <Popoi> NYAN!! WHY?!

[14:51:07] <Ms. Accord> Because Popoi, clearly Ms. Nanako has a better use for it.

[14:51:09] <Plutia> good cat =_= sweet cat =_=

[14:51:13] <Nanako> Well then.

[14:51:19] <Ms. Accord> Besies, we have to look out for the kiddies.

[14:51:21] <Nanako> All aboard the Accord Tank (driven by Nanako)?

[14:51:43] <Popoi> Nyan... I didn't sign up for this...

[14:52:07] <Plutia> *grabs popoi and pets her on her arms* you are soooo sweeet

[14:52:17] <Keiji> ...Popoi's a he.

[14:52:19] <Keiji> lol

[14:52:24] <Popoi> Im nyat sweet...

[14:52:48] <Shinghi> oh damn! the first time i am thinking it ios a girl!

[14:52:52] <Keiji> lol

[14:52:56] <Chao> 12 547 t-'AWDS - Tag Power'+'AWDS - Black Hole Tag Power'

[14:52:57] <Keiji> you can always check the CW wiki

[14:53:00] <Chao> 10 0

[14:53:03] <Plutia> you are really sweet =_= *kisses her*

[14:53:16] <Keiji> nearly all characters have pages on there, look at the top of the infobox for the gender symbol

[14:53:19] <Popoi> why nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[14:54:02] <Nanako> (And everyone gets into the Accord Tank (driven by Nanako) (TM), and the Accord Tank (driven by Nanako) (TM) sets off back to Leanbox and the FGF Arcade)


Character text lines: 842
User text lines: 199
Action lines: 119

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Nanako: 156
Peashy: 99
Alpha: 88
Plutia: 73
Vanille: 47
Compa: 46
Noire: 45
Gypsum: 44
Neptune: 36
Sigma: 32
Tech: 31
Mitsuki: 22
Beta: 15
Satan: 12
Popoi: 7
IF: 7
Vert: 3
Tectar (x3): 3