Episode 39 - Chat log

Start date: Thu Jan 05, 2012. All times are UTC.

[19:28:51] <Ecolo> Eyah hee hee hee hee~''star Oh what a glorious day for we~

[19:28:56] <Ecolo> *☆

[19:28:58] <Keiji> lol

[19:29:09] <Keiji> is Rider around

[19:29:23] <Chao> Somewhere I imagine

[19:29:36] <Keiji> I'm not sure what to do yet.

[19:32:01] <Ecolo> Have we done anything...evil today???☆

[19:32:28] <Mitsuki> Other than kidnap Rider?

[19:32:43] <Ecolo> Yes?...

[19:32:53] <Mitsuki> Then no, not really~

[19:33:09] <Mitsuki> Unless you count the ongoing tentacular onslaught against the silly teacher over there~

[19:33:19] <Alpha> Well, at least the base's transformation is complete.

[19:33:23] <Ms. Accord> :C

[19:34:13] <Mitsuki> So, what's the plan?

[19:35:14] <Ecolo> Well...see we're going to win this tournament of fun! We need a way to unite my clones under us as one...again

[19:35:29] <Alpha> My sons and daughters ;_;

[19:36:31] <Mitsuki> Hmmmm.... *finger on chin* Well, I don't really know anything about how your clones work, so I'll have to leave the plotting to you

[19:37:07] <Mitsuki> But never fear, this Wicchi will do your bidding~

[19:37:18] <Ecolo> BUT! You do know how Arley, Dracie, and Ringie work, yes? I'd like them on my team too! Then we can cause the greatest lolzy mischief of all time in Primp!!

[19:38:11] <Mitsuki> :o!

[19:38:28] <Ms. Accord> :o

[19:38:58] <Mitsuki> I'm not too sure about Arle, she's always resisted me so far... But "Dracie" is easy...

[19:39:24] <Mitsuki> and if we can get her on our side, "Ringie" will soon follow~

[19:40:01] <Alpha> And maybe, in lieu of Arle, we could recruit Daichi instead, since he thinks I'm the "real Sho", when in fact, the real Sho is comfortable at home...and not being antagonized by a bunch of ducks >_>

[19:40:28] <Keiji> LOL

[19:41:01] <Alpha> OOC: Also, do I LOOK like a gay tsundere to you?!

[19:41:13] <Mitsuki> Won't the real Sho come looking for him, though?

[19:41:31] <Ecolo> Without a portal to Primp, how could he??

[19:41:44] <Keiji> uh

[19:41:46] <Keiji> he's in Primp.

[19:41:50] <Chao> I know

[19:41:59] <Chao> but Ekoro's somehow not aware of this, nor is Alpha

[19:42:13] <Keiji> :||||

[19:42:23] <Keiji> somehow not aware of this huh

[19:42:30] <Keiji> after all the portaling around he's been doing?

[19:42:31] <Ecolo> Although...

[19:42:51] <Ecolo> He could have followed me through the portal when I kidnapped Daichi D:

[19:42:58] <Ecolo> That would be NO GOOD AT ALL

[19:43:13] <Alpha> ...

[19:43:35] <Mitsuki> Well, I suppose you know best

[19:44:00] <Mitsuki> Why don't I concentrate on Draco, while Alpha goes for Daichi?

[19:44:45] <Ecolo> That is a most splendid idea, Wicchi sama~~♥

[19:45:03] <Ecolo> I always knew you were the best~

[19:47:34] <Mitsuki> Of course I am ♥

[19:48:00] <Alpha> Moving right along. I'll set off for Daichi immediately.

[19:48:04] <Mitsuki> Time to go kidnap some--

[19:48:10] <Schezo> 3

[19:48:14] <Schezo> I found you, faker!

[19:48:30] <Alpha> !!

[19:48:32] <Mitsuki> ...

[19:48:34] <Ecolo> !!

[19:48:41] <Ms. Accord> OH PLEASE SAVE ME

[19:48:43] <Mitsuki> OOC: Faker? *You're* the fake hedgehog around here.

[19:49:15] <Chao> lmao

[19:49:28] <Ecolo> It's a pervert! D:

[19:49:39] <Keiji> Ekoro proximity to pervert

[19:49:47] <Chao> XD

[19:50:33] <Mitsuki> So, Mr. Pervert... what part of me looks fake to you now?

[19:51:15] <Alpha> OOC: It's your chest. You haven't upgraded it to a large chest yet.

[19:51:21] <Schezo> I spent ages searching for my desire, Witch!

[19:51:55] <Schezo> Not only did I just run into her clone a few moments ago... but now I come here and see another impostor!

[19:52:09] <Ecolo> You can't desire my minions! They're mine! MINE! D:<

[19:52:11] <Schezo> This is madness!

[19:52:21] <Mitsuki> OOC: Madness? THIS IS SPARTA

[19:52:34] <Mitsuki> Impostor?

[19:52:40] <Mitsuki> No no, it's the real me, silly~

[19:53:01] <Alpha> W-wait, you ran into her clone?

[19:53:13] <Schezo> My desire would never work for the likes of you! *glares at Ekoro*

[19:53:17] <Ms. Accord> I HAVE HOPE~

[19:53:54] <Mitsuki> Then maybe you didn't get to know your desire well enough... because she is right here doing exactly that right now~

[19:54:16] <Schezo> ...

[19:54:20] <Ecolo> Now shoo! I have evil shenanigans to get back too!

[19:55:20] <Schezo> Bah, forget it. And yes, I did see her clone along with a group of others. They're heading this way right now.

[19:55:53] <Schezo> Now I must go back to searching for my desire!

[19:55:54] <Alpha> Oh dammit! We're being ambushed! By my own creations, no less ;_;

[19:56:07] <Schezo> *leaves in some not particularly amazing manner*

[19:56:10] <Schezo> 4

[19:57:03] <Mitsuki> Well then, I'll let you hold the fort, and we'll go off to carry out our kidnappings~

[19:57:17] <Mitsuki> 4

[19:57:18] <Ecolo> E-Eh?! 8D

[19:57:32] <Alpha> That is an amazing idea!

[19:57:36] <Alpha> -runs off too-

[19:57:39] <Alpha> 4

[19:57:44] <Ecolo> ...D:

[19:57:58] <Harpy> 3

[19:58:11] <Ms. Accord> Now you're all alone, where nobody can hear you fuck to a blueberry muffin!

[19:58:26] <Keiji> Except Jupiter is there too

[19:58:39] <Beta> 3

[19:58:43] <Zeta> 3

[19:58:45] <Theta> 3

[19:58:50] <Phi> 3

[19:59:13] <Beta> Aaaargh!

[19:59:17] <Ecolo> Aaaah, my beautiful clones~♥ Wh-What ages has it been??

[19:59:23] <Beta> You stupid stupid pervert

[19:59:35] <Beta> [talking to Schezo since they are just outside]

[20:00:13] <Ecolo> Little do they know my fort is fortified with...POTATO MINES

[20:00:14] <Schezo> 3

[20:00:18] <Schezo> Stupid?

[20:00:30] <Phi> Stupid?

[20:00:37] <Schezo> No, there are clearly no less than two fakers right before my eyes.

[20:01:06] <Beta> *points at Witch* She's the real one damnit!

[20:01:18] <Beta> Why do I get these ridiculous cat ears and not her!

[20:01:32] <Beta> *rambles as the real Witch leaves to go kidnap*

[20:01:37] <Zeta> Because Nanako loves you too?

[20:01:43] <Beta> x_x;;

[20:02:04] <Zeta> I told you I love your kitty ears~ :3c

[20:02:06] <Beta> Hey, pervert.

[20:02:25] <Beta> If you wanna find the real real Witch, I'm sure Nanako will tell you if you go beat her up.

[20:02:34] <Zeta> :o!

[20:02:38] <Schezo> Oh, really?

[20:02:46] <Schezo> Well, I do imagine she would be knowledgeable on this matter.

[20:02:52] <Schezo> I will not stand to see another faker!

[20:02:55] <Phi> Poor Nanako... D:

[20:03:10] <Schezo> *leaves for real this time*

[20:03:12] <Schezo> 4

[20:03:36] <Beta> Right then, that should take care of that smartass robot.

[20:03:53] <Zeta> Right... :/

[20:03:55] <Beta> *walks into Ekoro's Base where the others were waiting nonplussed*

[20:04:08] <Beta> Now then, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted?

[20:04:41] <Beta> Oh yeah, we are taking you guys down!! *cat ears erect*

[20:04:51] <Theta> ...Yes, because you really look serious like that...

[20:04:52] <Ecolo> So, we met again. Although you look funnier than usual! EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE~

[20:05:20] <Harpy> It's good to have a kick around before a fight once in a while♪

[20:05:45] <Zeta> Don't make fun of Beta-Chan's kitty ears, Ekoro >:C

[20:06:15] <Beta> It's okay, you don't have to stand up for me. They're stupider than the stupid pervert.

[20:06:27] <Ecolo> And why not? She looks absolutely ridiculous with them! And so do Theta's ears!

[20:06:30] <Beta> *punches her ears in frustration*

[20:06:31] <Beta> .....

[20:06:34] <Beta> OWWWWWW!

[20:06:41] <Beta> *keels over in pain*

[20:06:43] <Ecolo> EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE

[20:06:49] <Ecolo> OH GAWD


[20:07:11] <Theta> ...

[20:07:15] <Phi> Beta! Are you okay! -dashes over to her-

[20:07:20] <Theta> You have something to say about my ears, Ekoro?!

[20:07:41] <Phi> OOC: You don't look so good. *looks at Ekoro* FIEND!!!

[20:07:51] <Keiji> LMAO

[20:08:08] <Theta> Well, just as well... I needed a chance to test out my new powers anyway!

[20:08:14] <Theta> Crystal Wave!

[20:08:31] <Ecolo> Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh??

[20:08:44] <Theta> [a white wave beam is fired towards Ekoro]

[20:08:52] <Theta> [it's a fucking powerful one]

[20:09:37] <Ecolo> O_O I didn't give you that power! [He tries to swerve out of the way, firing his own black blobs of magic at Theta. Alas he's hit anyway] EYARRRGH!!

[20:09:45] <Keiji> brb

[20:09:45] <Ecolo> M-my splieeeeeen

[20:09:51] <Chao> k

[20:10:22] <Keiji> okay

[20:10:52] <Phi> Yay Theta!

[20:11:33] <Theta> Crystal Locus!

[20:11:43] <Theta> [A sphere appears and blocks all the black blobs]

[20:11:56] <Ecolo> No fair!! ;-;

[20:12:00] <Theta> Yes fair

[20:12:36] <Ecolo> *picks up Accord* ACCORD LANCE!!!! [He tosses Accord at Theta and the other clones]

[20:12:57] <Ms. Accord> Iyaaaaaaan!!?!?

[20:13:10] <Theta> [Accord falls to the floor because she's fat the tentacles are still holding her back]

[20:13:17] <Zeta> ...

[20:13:24] <Theta> I should probably do this too.

[20:13:43] <Theta> Delegate Light☆

[20:13:56] <Beta> *recovers from her ear/brain damage*

[20:14:19] <Beta> Whew. That was nice of you Theta. But I'd rather not have these dumb ears in the first place.

[20:14:56] <Harpy> ...

[20:14:56] <Ecolo> *While Theta is healing Beta, Ekoro is untying Accord from the tentacles* Stupid worthless wench! GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT FOR ME!! D:<

[20:15:10] <Harpy> Theta, you can use the light?

[20:15:26] <Phi> Th-that's what I was wondering! :p

[20:15:29] <Phi> *:O

[20:15:46] <Theta> ...:\

[20:15:51] <Zeta> *nonchalantly casts Perfect Jugem on Ekoro*

[20:15:56] <Theta> I dunno. It was kinda just there.

[20:16:32] <Ecolo> Z-Zeta why?! D:

[20:16:49] <Theta> I think it's one of Nanako's powers, so it's probably not as pure as your light, Harpy-sama.

[20:17:06] <Harpy> I see... Well, I've never heard of intermediate light before...

[20:17:28] <Keiji> wait

[20:17:38] <Keiji> Perfect Jugem is fucking epic

[20:17:46] <Keiji> Aren't you going to even describe what he does :P

[20:17:55] <Keiji> oh wait

[20:17:57] <Chao> Who, Ekoro?

[20:18:00] <Keiji> that was Perfect Bayoen wasn't it

[20:18:01] <Keiji> derp

[20:18:08] <Chao> yeah lol

[20:18:15] <Keiji> what does Perfect Jugem do?

[20:18:53] <Chao> Probably a more epic version of normal Jugem, which is a giant explosion type spell

[20:19:00] <Keiji> oh okay

[20:19:10] <Keiji> nothing particularly amazing then /sarcasm

[20:19:17] <Keiji> do continue

[20:20:44] <Ecolo> *He recovers from the Jugem, having partly used Accord as a meat sheild, and then proceeds to produces columns of dark magic that penetrate the ceiling. There's one aimed at each of the clones and Harpy* Teach you to disobey me!!

[20:21:48] <Theta> Like that'll do anything. Crystal Locus!

[20:22:04] <Theta> [Spheres appear around all the targets]

[20:22:24] <Theta> [The dark magic isn't totally absorbed though, it pushes against the shields.]

[20:22:32] <Harpy> !

[20:22:37] <Phi> !!

[20:22:48] <Harpy>

[20:22:56] <Ecolo> EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE!! Oopsie!

[20:23:02] <Keiji> I'm too lazy to think of a spell name. Harpy's singing something anyway.

[20:23:09] <Harpy> ♪☆

[20:23:10] <Ecolo> Someone's shields aren't quite strong enough!

[20:23:17] <Harpy> [The shields become stronger]

[20:23:27] <Zeta> In your face, Ekoro.

[20:23:47] <Harpy> The power of teamwork, you see♪

[20:24:03] <Ecolo> ...Persistent pesky pestilent pests!

[20:24:19] <Beta> Running out of insults?

[20:24:59] <Zeta> We're done playing with you Ekoro, but obviously you're not done playing with us. That's too bad.

[20:26:38] <Ecolo> Maybe I have run out of insults, but I have not run out of Lovely Tricks! Remember Ms. Accord, that's a nice Rider in our dungeon. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to her!

[20:27:00] <Keiji> OOC Creeper: *stare*

[20:27:12] <Keiji> OOC Creeper: *sssss....*

[20:27:19] <Ms. Accord> ....

[20:27:32] <Beta> OOC: *kills the creeper split seconds before it explodes*

[20:27:57] <Phi> H-hey! That's not nice!

[20:28:24] <Harpy> Miss Rider is in this dungeon?

[20:28:37] <Harpy> ...♪

[20:29:09] <Ecolo> You seem to have forgotten that I'm not very nice, Phi. Accord belongs to me! I can do whatever I want with her, see?

[20:29:29] <Ecolo> Now attack them!

[20:29:57] <Beta> *sneaks away without anyone noticing*

[20:30:33] <Ms. Accord> ...*Reluctantly, she swings her cane horizontally and vertically, creating waves of sparkles that travel to the clones*

[20:30:41] <Beta> *sneaks back with Rider* That was an easy lock to pick.

[20:30:48] <Rider> 3

[20:31:02] <Rider> T-Thank you Miss Beta...;

[20:31:08] <Theta> *easily blocks the sparkles with Crystal Locus*

[20:31:40] <Ecolo> *sways one of the sparkle waves to hit Rider*

[20:31:49] <Theta> *she blocked that one too*

[20:31:57] <Ecolo> :c

[20:32:10] <Ecolo> Whoever gave you the power to repel me...I hate them!

[20:32:12] <Theta> [unless Ekoro curved it or something.]

[20:32:30] <Beta> Well that's fine, because I hate that damn robot girl too!

[20:33:16] <Ecolo> Then why do we not band together and rebel against her??

[20:33:27] <Beta> ...

[20:33:34] <Ecolo> We obviously all have contempt and doubt for her, here.

[20:33:35] <Beta> Because I hate you more, you damn blobby freak!

[20:33:48] <Ecolo> ;-;

[20:33:54] <Beta> Crystal Thunder!


[20:34:30] <Beta> *A lightning bolt hits Ekoro square in the blob on his head, it's x^2 damage compared to the normal thunder spell*

[20:35:01] <Ecolo> Blaaaaaaaargh!! My head! It'll take more than th-that to make me dead...BUT GAWD MY HEAD

[20:35:47] <Keiji> Are you planning on having (Black) Sig make an appearance any time soon?

[20:36:02] <Chao> sure. Why?

[20:36:08] <Keiji> because

[20:36:10] <Keiji> :P

[20:36:25] <Ecolo> Well then, I guess I'll have to take mo--

[20:36:43] <Harpy> "mo"?♪

[20:36:44] <Chao> [The wall randomly explodes, the force of which sends Ekoro flying]

[20:36:56] <Keiji> [Ekoro lands on Rider]

[20:36:58] <Black Sig> 3

[20:37:06] <Rider> OOf!

[20:37:30] <Ecolo> E-Eta?? N-no! Just ordinary Sig!

[20:37:53] <Harpy> I dunno... he looks a little off to me♪

[20:38:05] <Black Sig> Let Rider and Ms. Accord go, Ekoro... *hands glowing with black energy*

[20:38:25] <Zeta> :o

[20:38:32] <Keiji> /cue Space Bos

[20:38:33] <Keiji> s

[20:39:08] <Ecolo> Eyahahaha...EYAH HEE HEE HEE!!! Do you really think it would be that easy, Sig?!

[20:40:02] <Black Sig> *Charges a large energy sphere, red, blue and black in color.* I said, let them go, Ekoro.

[20:40:12] <Harpy> :o

[20:40:26] <Harpy> This energy... I've never seen anything like it before!

[20:40:36] <Phi> N-Neither have I...

[20:40:56] <Harpy> Never mind Ekoro or Marcus or Angol... this is...

[20:40:59] <Ecolo> In your dreams! Hit me with your best shot!

[20:41:19] <Harpy> *gets in front of Ekoro* Stop, please!♪

[20:41:39] <Black Sig> *he drops the charge* H-huh???

[20:41:57] <Keiji> darn, I was hoping he'd ignore her

[20:41:57] <Ecolo> Eh?? 8D

[20:42:08] <Black Sig> Get out of the way!!

[20:42:29] <Harpy> You have to stop! You can't use power like that!

[20:42:42] <Theta> ..Harpy-sama?

[20:42:54] <Black Sig> *resumes the charge* H-Harpy...I have to...Ekoro wont let them go otherwise...

[20:43:09] <Ms. Accord> Sig-kun

[20:43:15] <Theta> *a tear from her eye*

[20:43:19] <Harpy> nickfail

[20:43:41] <Beta> Harpy...

[20:43:56] <Beta> Maybe you should get out of the way before he fires...

[20:44:03] <Harpy> N--no! I can't!

[20:44:04] <Black Sig> I'm sorry, Harpy.... HYDRANGEA!!! [he fires the huge energy sphere straight towards Ekoro and Harpy]

[20:44:22] <Rider> !!!

[20:44:26] <Theta> *dives across to pull Harpy out of the way at the last moment*

[20:44:48] <Theta> [the energy sphere hits Ekoro full on]


[20:45:16] <Harpy> *turns to look at Ekoro*

[20:45:57] <Theta> [Blobs rise from Ekoro's body]

[20:46:38] <Theta> [Human!Ekoro falls to the ground unconscious, and the blobs hover in the air for a few moments before shooting for the base's exit and disappearing from sight]

[20:47:19] <Harpy> ...

[20:47:38] <Harpy> *floats over to Human!Ekoro cautiously...*

[20:48:01] <Black Sig> *pant* *pant* *stares as the blobs leave the scene*

[20:48:11] <Ecolo> . . .

[20:48:25] <Harpy> *silently performs some healing on Human!Ekoro*

[20:48:34] <Keiji> This would be a perfect time to test dat status.

[20:48:51] <Chao> what should it be?

[20:48:56] <Keiji> "Human"? :P

[20:49:15] <Ecolo> 6 s-''+'Human'

[20:49:35] <Ecolo> E...eh??

[20:49:48] <Keiji> Also, I ought to note that Human!Ekoro is not evil.

[20:49:52] <Keiji> In case you forgot. :P

[20:50:35] <Zeta> It...it's just like Theta said??

[20:50:46] <Ms. Accord> Ekoro...

[20:50:47] <Keiji> ...what did Theta say again?

[20:50:50] <Keiji> lol

[20:50:59] <Phi> is human?

[20:51:55] <Chao> ...A parasite, which long ago replaced Ekoro's soul, and then travelled to Sho.

[20:52:00] <Keiji> Ah yes

[20:52:24] <Keiji> Episode 32 I see

[20:53:13] <Theta> ...So Nanako was right...

[20:53:28] <Theta> Not that she's ever been wrong about anything...

[20:53:39] <Beta> Yeah yeah, you suck up to her why don't you.

[20:53:57] <Ecolo> Of course I'm human!

[20:54:05] <Beta> ...:|

[20:54:58] <Phi> Beta, I know you hate Nanako-san, but it's kind of hard to question her knowledge when she's never been wrong, right?

[20:55:21] <Beta> I wasn't questioning her knowledge.

[20:55:23] <Beta> *sigh*

[20:56:01] <Black Sig> Nanako is mean.

[20:57:13] <Theta> Mean?

[20:57:43] <Keiji> http://cw.nanako.cc/wiki/Theta#Quotes

[20:58:05] <Chao> lmao

[20:58:37] <Theta> How is Nanako mean?

[20:58:52] <Beta> *raises an eyebrow* You mean /other/ than giving me these silly ears?

[20:59:14] <Black Sig> She kicked Juichi around and called him weakling.

[21:00:13] <Theta> Juichi, huh...

[21:01:14] <Harpy> Well, for the time being... we have quite the situation here♪

[21:01:23] <Ms. Accord> I see Sig has adopted some impressive power since I've last seen him...and Nanako-san has been busy too.

[21:03:17] <Harpy> Impressive♪?

[21:03:31] <Harpy> That's a terrible power!♪

[21:04:11] <Black Sig> I...I don't even know where it came from.

[21:05:28] <Mitsuki> 3

[21:05:36] <Mitsuki> Ekoro-sama~! I brought the girls~!

[21:05:39] <Draco> 3

[21:05:50] <Ecolo> E-eh?!

[21:05:57] <Keiji> You forgot Ringo

[21:06:04] <Ringo> 3

[21:06:13] <Ringo> Seriously, Witch.

[21:06:16] <Mitsuki> ...Ekoro-sama?

[21:06:20] <Ringo> --What the factor??

[21:06:29] <Ringo> I see clones...but no "Ekoro-sama"

[21:06:49] <Draco> *peers over at Human!Ekoro* Who's this cosplayer?

[21:06:55] <Ecolo> Idiots! I AM Ekoro! Or, Ecolo, if you will.

[21:07:05] <Draco> *chuckles*

[21:07:36] <Draco> You? You've gotta be kidding me.

[21:07:41] <Zeta> He is!

[21:07:47] <Draco> You're not the dude I spent multiple arcs fighting against!

[21:07:49] <Phi> Sig knocked all the evil out of him!

[21:07:52] <Draco> That's not possible!

[21:07:54] <Draco> Bahahaaha!

[21:07:59] <Theta> ...Draco, it's true.

[21:08:32] <Keiji> And wait. Did Ringo and Theta meet since Theta was revived?

[21:08:32] <Ecolo> Perhaps I don't remember fighting such an attractive young lady like yourself, but for all purposes I am the one and only~☆

[21:08:44] <Chao> Uh...

[21:08:50] <Chao> I forget X:

[21:08:50] <Keiji> I get the feeling they did

[21:08:52] <Keiji> but not sure where

[21:09:39] <Keiji> Wow

[21:09:41] <Keiji> They didn't

[21:09:42] <Chao> Actually, I don't think they did

[21:09:54] <Keiji> Ringo was busy being off with Eltia all that time.

[21:09:59] <Ringo> Wait what the factor THETA?!

[21:10:01] <Ringo> BETA?!

[21:10:06] <Theta> Sis?

[21:10:19] <Theta> What's up?

[21:10:33] <Ringo> Well, I've been recruited for Satan, that's what. :/

[21:10:47] <Ringo> It's a long story, but we factored that Angol bastard.

[21:11:11] <Theta> No, I mean...

[21:11:14] <Theta> *looks at Beta*

[21:11:30] <Beta> Duh, she's amazed we were revived.

[21:12:03] <Theta> Oh, right. Sorry sis, I was too busy thinking about Ekoro...

[21:12:20] <Theta> Yeah, Nanako revived us!

[21:12:37] <Ringo> Nanako, eh? She's been up to alot of shenanigans lately, I hear.

[21:13:27] <Harpy> Indeed...

[21:13:36] <Harpy> I witnessed not one, but two new powers today...

[21:14:15] <Draco> You know, it's beginning to smell in here... probably those dead tentacles. *points over to the ones that Ekoro cut off from Accord earlier*

[21:14:28] <Draco> Maybe we should, you know, get the fuck out of here already.

[21:15:05] <Mitsuki> Um... Ekoro-sama?

[21:15:08] <Mitsuki> u_u

[21:15:14] <Ecolo> Yessssss?

[21:15:24] <Mitsuki> *disappointed that Ekoro seems to show no sign of appreciation for her hard work "kidnapping"*

[21:16:12] <Mitsuki> ...Wah!

[21:16:17] <Mitsuki> You're not my Ekoro-sama!

[21:16:22] <Ecolo> Erm....have I offended you? If I were you I'd be offended too!

[21:17:00] <Mitsuki> *runs away, presumably to go find Jupiter and hang out with her*

[21:17:02] <Ecolo> Before we argue about whether or not I'm "Ekoro" anymore, let's just go outside, yes?

[21:17:03] <Mitsuki> 4

[21:17:09] <Ecolo> ...:u

[21:17:25] <Harpy> Let's leave her be for now♪

[21:17:29] <Harpy> *floats outside*

[21:18:05] <Black Sig> *escorts Rider and Accord outside with Harpy through the wall he destroyed coming in*

[21:18:18] <Draco> So, uh... what does this mean for the tourney, exactly..?

[21:18:27] <Draco> If Ekoro's not being evil.

[21:19:08] <Zeta> Wouldn't Ekoro being purified count as defeating him?

[21:19:42] <Theta> But then who defeated him?

[21:19:47] <Theta> Surely it's none other than Sig?

[21:19:57] <Theta> And Sig isn't even in the tournament.

[21:20:08] <Ringo> Hm...that IS a bit sticky.

[21:20:58] <Zeta> Hm...

[21:21:17] <Theta> I guess it just means Ekoro and his teammates are now free

[21:21:27] <Ecolo> Tourney, you say? Free?

[21:22:29] <Theta> But Sig has no interest in them either, other than Accord, so they'd still be able to play if they wanted.

[21:22:38] <Keiji> Speaking of which, why haven't Sig, Rider and Accord been unclaimed yet.

[21:23:01] <Chao> Because they're still around? idfk

[21:23:09] <Keiji> You said he left from the w- oh.

[21:23:14] <Keiji> I thought he left the scene.

[21:23:14] <Keiji> lol

[21:23:34] <Theta> What do you think, Sig? Are you joining the tournament?

[21:23:58] <Theta> Or are you just going to spend your time with those two as spectators?

[21:24:20] <Black Sig> ...I...I'm tired of spectating. That's why I took on Ekoro in the first place.

[21:24:25] <Ms. Accord> :o

[21:24:35] <Theta> ...Then you are taking them as teammates?

[21:25:09] <Black Sig> Taking who?

[21:25:14] <Theta> Accord and Rider.

[21:25:22] <Theta> And possibly the rest of Ekoro's team

[21:25:28] <Theta> since by the rules you're entitled to them.

[21:26:10] <Black Sig> If they want to be on my team. Rider and Ms. Accord will definitely be on my team, though, right?

[21:26:17] <Rider> R-Right...;;

[21:26:31] <Draco> Well it looks like Witch and Jupiter have no interest in the tournament any more.

[21:26:45] <Beta> If they even had any in the first place...

[21:27:52] <Ecolo> Oh what the hell! It sounds like fun on a bun, if you ask me. So I'll be on this Sig's team, since my old team has left my memory.

[21:27:53] <Theta> It'd probably be best for Ekoro and Alpha to come with us, have the clones stick together and all... if you're not taking them, that is.

[21:27:58] <Ecolo> Oh

[21:28:02] <Ecolo> I can do that too~

[21:28:28] <Ecolo> Besides, being flanked by a harem of ladies says things about one's social status, yes?

[21:28:39] <Zeta> ...

[21:28:52] <Zeta> Where IS Alpha, anyway?

[21:28:54] <Theta> You nutter. That's not why we asked you.

[21:29:21] <Keiji> (Accord is the only one here who knows, if you want to reveal it)

[21:29:49] <Ms. Accord> Alpha is off to fetch Daichi. He has the impression Daichi thinks he's the real Sho.

[21:30:07] <Ringo> Wait....WHUT?!

[21:30:35] <Draco> What is it, Ringo?

[21:31:04] <Ringo> The Sho Ekoro kidnapped must be "Alpha"...but if that was Alpha, then where's the real one?!

[21:31:32] <Ecolo> Now that's low even for me~☆

[21:32:19] <Harpy> Well, Sho would be off with his friends, wouldn't he?

[21:32:23] <Harpy>

[21:33:08] <Phi> That's right! Sho and Marin went off with older-me and Arle-sama.

[21:33:34] <Ms. Accord> So the real Sho IS here...interesting

[21:34:39] <Ringo> Okay...I guess that makes more sense now.

[21:34:54] <Theta> In any case, we should probably go fetch him.

[21:35:21] <Ringo> I guess that means Draco and I oughta go back to Satan and tell him Ekoro's out of the running...at least on his own team. -u-;;

[21:36:14] <Draco> You can go tell old man Stan what's up, I'm going to go after Alpha.

[21:36:39] <Draco> But wait...

[21:36:48] <Draco> How's Alpha going to know that Ekoro's changed?

[21:37:00] <Zeta> He isn't

[21:37:03] <Draco> None of the teammates are still here, so... he has nobody to believe...


[21:37:26] <Keiji> remind me where that meme comes from lol

[21:37:33] <Chao> Sonic OVA

[21:37:38] <Keiji> oh yeah

[21:37:56] <Beta> So how exactly do we let Alpha know?

[21:38:10] <Harpy> I hope we can do it without having to fight him or something♪

[21:38:30] <Theta> Wait, aren't you thinking too much into this

[21:38:30] <Theta> ?

[21:38:40] <Theta> Alpha's gone to meet Daichi, who is with Sho.

[21:38:45] <Theta> Won't he just get neutralized?

[21:38:58] <Zeta> Perhaps. If Sho and Alpha have contact

[21:39:34] <Draco> Then let's go make sure that happens!

[21:40:11] <Ringo> Well, alright then! See ya around, Draco.

[21:40:17] <Ringo> *levitates outta there*

[21:40:20] <Ringo> 4

[21:40:37] <Black Sig> ...I suppose we should be going our own way too.

[21:40:47] <Draco> Yeah, See you, Sig, Rider.

[21:40:48] <Rider> I s-suppose...

[21:40:54] <Black Sig> 4

[21:40:56] <Rider> 4

[21:40:58] <Ms. Accord> 4

[21:41:21] <Draco> Now then, let me lead the way~

[21:41:43] <Draco> [Everyone heads over to Woods of Nahe where Sho, Daichi, Alpha and the others are]

[21:42:03] <Lagnus> 3

[21:42:09] <Alpha> 3

[21:42:18] <Daichi> 3

[21:42:51] <Ecolo> 6 c-'0'+'8'

[21:43:37] <Chao> (So where are Sho and Marin? lol

[21:43:54] <Keiji> oh, I didn't know I was playing them lolz

[21:43:58] <Sho> 3

[21:44:01] <Rin> 3

[21:44:04] <Marin> 3

[21:44:08] <Keiji> You wanna play Arle?

[21:44:26] <Keiji> (Because there aren't enough characters in this orgy already)

[21:44:33] <Chao> Arle is unconcious from the Angol battle iirc

[21:44:37] <Keiji> wat

[21:44:43] <Keiji> Surely she recovered by now

[21:45:02] <Arle Nadja> 3

[21:45:25] <Keiji> Alrighty then.

[21:45:35] <Keiji> Alpha's turn? lol

[21:45:51] <Alpha> I've found you! Faker!

[21:45:57] <Chao> *shot*

[21:46:28] <Sho> Faker? I think /you're/ the fake gay tsundere around here.

[21:46:40] <Sho> I mean... Hey! I'm not a gay tsundere! What are you making me say?

[21:46:45] <Daichi> S-so you really ARE gay for me?!

[21:46:51] <Kawase> 1

[21:46:53] <Sho> No, no! Not at all!

[21:47:24] <Alpha> It seems I'm too late to trick anybody. Damn.

[21:47:53] <Arle Nadja> Like you could trick anyone into thinking that sasserblaster could blow away those ducks!

[21:47:56] <Draco> So you're the real Sho, huh?

[21:48:24] <Harpy> If you'd be so kind as to touch your clone, then we can all leave you in peace♪

[21:48:39] <Sho> Touch? Why would I touch him? I told you, I'm not gay!

[21:48:40] <Alpha> B-But, that's no good!

[21:49:13] <Zeta> Don't be stupid Sho. We just need you to neutralize your clone over there.

Start date: Thu Jan 05, 2012. All times are UTC.

[22:01:44] <Sho> Neutralize? What do you mean by that?

[22:02:11] <Ecolo> Just touch him already and find out~☆

[22:02:15] <Sho> ....

[22:02:23] <Alpha> DONT YOU DARE TOUCH ME!!

[22:02:34] <Sho> Uh...

[22:02:38] <Daichi> *looks at Marin and Rin, puzzled*

[22:02:44] <Sho> Handshake?

[22:02:52] <Sho> *holds out a hand nervously*

[22:03:09] <Alpha> ...FIEN. >:T *shakes his hand rather firmly*

[22:03:28] <Sho> Ow! Don't be so rough!

[22:04:15] <Alpha> Well, it seems I don't know my own hand strength.

[22:04:28] <Draco> Is it done..?

[22:04:54] <Phi> Looks like it? Dad isn't being mean or anything...

[22:06:03] <Marin> *walks out of the hut, Arle, Rin and Lagnus behind her* What's all the banter about?

[22:06:12] <Alpha> *he turns to the clones* Can you all forgive me for being a raving lunatic and helping out that psychotic blob to his very end?

[22:06:24] <Theta> :)

[22:06:25] <Theta> Sure!

[22:06:46] <Daichi> There was two Shos and-- I don't even know!!

[22:07:13] <Arle Nadja> Looks like Sho was just neutralizing his clone.

[22:07:25] <Theta> Well, we best be taking our leave now. It was nice meeting you for all of five seconds.

[22:07:38] <Daichi> Y-yeah...

[22:07:49] <Arle Nadja> Good luck in the tourney!

[22:07:58] <Arle Nadja> You'll need it.

[22:08:04] <Theta> Be careful what you wish for, Arle. *wink*

[22:08:19] <Theta> We ARE on opposing teams, after all.

[22:08:47] <Arle Nadja> I know. But it's still good to wish the other teams luck, right? Well, the other teams that we haven't killed already.

[22:09:11] <Theta> Speaking of which, you might like to know that Ekoro's team is no more.

[22:09:24] <Lagnus> Huh?

[22:09:31] <Theta> But it looks like the number of teams hasn't decreased.

[22:09:46] <Daichi> Ekoro's gone? So...who replaces him?...

[22:10:15] <Harpy> Sig decided to join the tourney, and he's got Rider and Accord in tow♪

[22:10:30] <Arle Nadja> Sig, huh?

[22:10:52] <Arle Nadja> That should make it more interesting...

[22:11:05] <Beta> Be warned, though. He's gained quite the power.

[22:12:02] <Lagnus> Funny. I never fancied him the type...

[22:13:04] <Theta> Anyway, as I said already, we should head back.

[22:13:12] <Theta> Right everyone?

[22:13:18] <Alpha> Indeed.

[22:13:22] <Zeta> Yes

[22:13:33] <Draco> I'll head back to where Ringo is~

[22:14:45] <Draco> 4

[22:14:45] <Beta> 4

[22:14:46] <Theta> 4

[22:14:47] <Harpy> 4

[22:14:48] <Marin> 4

[22:14:49] <Sho> 4

[22:14:50] <Rin> 4

[22:14:52] <Ecolo> 4

[22:14:54] <Daichi> 4

[22:14:55] <Alpha> 4

[22:14:56] <Phi> 4

[22:14:58] <Arle Nadja> 4

[22:14:59] <Zeta> 4

[22:15:00] <Lagnus> 4

[22:15:38] <Chao> sure is rainbow in here

[22:15:38] <Keiji> record number of unclaims in a row

[22:15:44] <Keiji> nice timing :P

[22:15:51] <Chao> lol

[22:16:12] <Keiji> one final thing to end this episode with

[22:16:37] <Keiji> claim Sig, Rider and Accord and have Strange Klug appear in his trademark puff of smoke.

[22:16:45] <Chao> :3

[22:16:50] <Ms. Accord> 3

[22:16:55] <Black Sig> 3

[22:16:58] <Rider> 3

[22:17:10] <Keiji> claim Sig, I said :P

[22:17:15] <Black Sig> 4

[22:17:17] <Keiji> I dunno why you even made a separate Black Sig character

[22:17:19] <Sig> 3

[22:17:24] <Keiji> that should probably just be a status of Sig's

[22:17:27] <Keiji> but whatever

[22:17:57] <Keiji> Smoke go!

[22:18:10] <Strange Klug> 3

[22:18:24] <Strange Klug> *poofs in his signature Red Smoke*

[22:18:27] <Nanako> 3

[22:18:32] <Nanako> *follows suit*

[22:18:35] <Strange Klug> Ah, it feels so good to be poofing in again.

[22:18:51] <Nanako> So, it appears we have a late entrant, eh?

[22:18:54] <Sig> !! K-Klug!

[22:19:10] <Ms. Accord> And Ms. Nanako.

[22:19:16] <Nanako> Don't "Ms." me.

[22:19:43] <Nanako> You should know I am a fine maiden!

[22:19:49] <Nanako> :D

[22:20:06] <Rider> Y-yes we d-do, Nanako.

[22:20:32] <Strange Klug> Anyhow...

[22:21:05] <Keiji> is he about to say something?

[22:21:22] <Chao> Not really? You can have Nanako go on

[22:22:07] <Keiji> Aw, I wanted one of his mysterious lines.

[22:22:15] <Chao> oh okay

[22:22:16] <Chao> :3

[22:22:56] <Strange Klug> Quite an impressive power, Sig. Yes, charming that you were able to use my power without me being there at all.

[22:23:29] <Sig> Your power?...*looks at his red hand, confused(*

[22:24:06] <Nanako> Indeed... it's always interesting to see someone get promoted to a One.

[22:25:02] <Nanako> You'll have a tough time in the tournament, but even with just three members, you were allowed in.

[22:25:17] <Nanako> And you've demonstrated a fearsome power.

[22:25:54] <Ms. Accord> Fearsome indeed! Why, he seemed to have purged Ekoro of some nasty parasite or something.

[22:26:52] <Nanako> Indeed he had.

[22:26:59] <Nanako> But whether that was a good move remains to be seen.

[22:27:32] <Strange Klug> Yes. Now with that thing roaming free, who knows who it might possess next!

[22:27:49] <Nanako> If anything...

[22:27:58] <Strange Klug> Or perhaps now it will attack without a host.

[22:29:52] <Nanako> Regardless, it's things like this that keep my interest.

[22:29:52] <Strange Klug> Either way, you finally got your way and were able to join in the fun, Sig. Take this as a rite of passage. I wouldn't expect anything less of my old body.

[22:30:29] <Nanako> I have to admit, I predicted much of the tournament events up until now... but this was entirely unexpected.

[22:30:46] <Nanako> I'm sure it'll only make things go even better than planned, though~ ♥

[22:30:52] <Sig> *looks at them, confused as hell*

[22:31:01] <Strange Klug> Indeed...

[22:31:48] <Nanako> Good luck, young Sig. Work hard for me♥

[22:31:58] <Nanako> *disappear~*


Character text lines: 441
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Ecolo: 69
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Beta: 41
Harpy: 36
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Draco: 23
Zeta: 21
Alpha: 20
Nanako: 16
Schezo: 15
Ringo: 15
Phi: 15
Black Sig: 15
Sho: 10
Rider: 6
Daichi: 5
Sig: 3
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