Episode 49 - Chat log

Start date: Sun Apr 22, 2012. All times are UTC.

[6:23:30] <Alpha> ...ngh...mph. Fuu...

[6:24:34] <Alpha> Is it winter?... *He slowly gets up. He sees white, crystalline scenery around him. * Well...I don't think it's Whitespace...

[6:24:41] <Alpha> But...where am I then???

[6:24:48] <Phi> 3

[6:24:56] <Phi> Father!!

[6:25:27] <Alpha> Phi!! W-What are you doing here??

[6:25:38] <Phi> I....I really don't know... :o

[6:25:57] <Phi> I was hoping YOU'D know, father... *he hangs his head*

[6:26:19] <Epsilon> 3

[6:26:28] <Epsilon> There is nothing here to sell!

[6:26:44] <Epsilon> Disappointed I am!

[6:27:00] <Alpha> E-Epsilon! You two?!

[6:27:03] <Alpha> *too

[6:27:31] <Phi> Hm...I'm not sure I'd buy anything from you anyway.

[6:27:39] <Epsilon> You bad customer!

[6:28:35] <Gamma> 5 n+'Gamma' c+'6' s+''

[6:28:46] <Gamma> 3

[6:29:02] <Gamma> Erm...This is quite a sight...seeing all of you here.

[6:29:11] <Alpha> Gamma!

[6:29:27] <Phi> Gamma Sama! ...Hehe, that rhymed!

[6:30:04] <Gamma> The last thing I remember is everything around me exploding into darkness and being swallowed by it all.

[6:30:24] <Epsilon> Funny thing: all I remember is explosion.

[6:30:29] <Epsilon> Maybe Eta do it.

[6:31:02] <Alpha> N-No. Eta isn't capable of destroying an entire planet with one of his emotional outbursts on his own...

[6:31:43] <Phi> Hm...all I remember is that myself...

[6:32:01] <Phi> *looks around* But, we can't be the ONLY ones here...right??

[6:32:40] <Chao> [All four of them look around in the strange environment. Nothing but white, translucent everything for miles and miles around.]

[6:33:17] <Alpha> I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but that's kind of what it looks like...

[6:33:39] <Alpha> *mumbling* My luck to get stuck with a frekkin' frog

[6:34:19] <Gamma> There has to be some explanation for this. Why us? Why here? This place seems pretty empty and bland.

[6:34:45] <Epsilon> Need more color! Only if had my paint cans

[6:35:07] <Alpha> What are you suggesting, Gamma?

[6:35:21] <Gamma> That perhaps this place is new?

[6:35:28] <Alpha> New?...

[6:35:33] <Phi> :o

[6:38:05] <Ecolo> 3

[6:38:14] <Ecolo> 6 s-'Ekoro'+''

[6:38:19] <Ecolo> Surpriseeee

[6:38:46] <Ecolo> Do you like the world we made for your souls?~''star

[6:39:25] <Ecolo> I think Arle did a terrific job matching what you really are with where you should be imprisoned for the rest of eternity~☆

[6:39:51] <Ecolo> Hollow, empty, transparent existences.

[6:40:22] <Ecolo> Only living because a heart pumps Ekoro's cells through your bodies.

[6:40:39] <Alpha> Ecolo!!

[6:40:46] <Gamma> How dare you!

[6:40:54] <Phi> That isn't true!

[6:41:05] <Ecolo> Oh but it is~

[6:41:18] <Ecolo> No need to work up such a fizz`

[6:41:29] <Epsilon> Why you do this???

[6:42:02] <Ecolo> This world is kind of like you, Alpha

[6:42:47] <Ecolo> it precedes the REAL deal, but proves our method is successful. It's disposable at will, but still quite useful.

[6:42:58] <Ecolo> This world...has no heart.

[6:43:21] <Ecolo> And my new world wont have a heart either!

[6:43:41] <Keiji> 1

[6:43:47] <Chao> ohi

[6:43:47] <Keiji> what the shit

[6:43:58] <Chao> Self Rp to expose plot twist spoilers

[6:44:04] <Chao> Weird I know

[6:44:06] <Chao> but lol

[6:44:14] <Chao> if you want throw Beta in there.

[6:44:38] <Keiji> I'd need to catch up. :I

[6:44:46] <Chao> lol ok

[6:45:09] <Chao> I didn't think you'd show up just yet so I was all like "ah fuck it lol

[6:45:43] <Keiji> man I love Forgotten World.mp3

[6:45:46] <Keiji> it's so appropriate right now

[6:45:55] <Chao> :o

[6:46:13] <Keiji> You downloaded FFFFFFFFFF, right?

[6:46:35] <Chao> Uh...

[6:46:40] <Chao> It doesn't ring a bell

[6:47:31] <Keiji> http://www.mediafire.com/?z5tnqyzkfmr

[6:49:35] <Keiji> Staring at the picture you drew of Ralie is weird.

[6:49:43] <Keiji> It's kinda like a necker cube, except with genders.

[6:49:52] <Chao> lmao

[6:49:59] <Keiji> It's like, "it's a guy, clearly a guy"

[6:50:00] <Keiji> for ages

[6:50:01] <Keiji> and then

[6:50:02] <Keiji> suddenly

[6:50:08] <Keiji> "Hey, that could be a girl"

[6:50:14] <Keiji> lol

[6:50:28] <Keiji> And then it's back to "nope, it's gotta be a guy."

[6:50:39] <Chao> lmao

[6:51:01] <Chao> Also Forgotten World.mp3 is nice

[6:51:06] <Keiji> told you so

[6:51:16] <Chao> At, up until Ecolo showed up it was rather fitting indeed

[6:51:27] <Keiji> 7

[6:52:47] <Gamma> A heartless world, hm? Just what would that accomplish?

[6:53:25] <Ecolo> Oh, how I'd LOVE to explain!~♥

[6:54:13] <Ecolo> You see, unlike the hearts of living creatures and imitations of thereoff, the hearts of planets aren't just there to look pretty.

[6:55:11] <Ecolo> They pump what I've dubbed "life energy", you see. This is a force that contains the essence of life; it sustains both the planet itself and the life that inhabits it.

[6:55:50] <Ecolo> This force is a natural occurring substance in Puyo, the basic life form of all the worlds you know.

[6:56:25] <Ecolo> The energy output from opening a world heart would be quite massive~☆

[6:57:34] <Ecolo> Without that energy, the planet crumbles to pieces, but such a powerful force, if left to sprawl out over the universe, would create new planets over time.

[6:58:18] <Ecolo> But I am utilizing that force to create a new planet. A planet that doesn't rely on such fragile organs and limited resources to sustain itself.

[6:58:40] <Epsilon> 4

[6:58:40] <Phi> 4

[6:58:40] <Alpha> 4

[6:58:40] <Ecolo> 4

[6:58:40] <Gamma> 4

[6:58:40] <Chao> 7

[6:58:45] <Chao> oops

[6:59:13] <Keiji> well you can keep self RPing if you want

[6:59:18] <Keiji> I have no interest in such a scene

[6:59:23] <Chao> lol.

[6:59:24] <Chao> ok

[6:59:32] <Alpha> 3

[6:59:36] <Phi> 3

[6:59:41] <Gamma> 3

[6:59:52] <Keiji> and leave Beta and Omega out of this.

[6:59:53] <Ecolo> 3

[7:00:02] <Keiji> And Theta.

[7:00:03] <Keiji> lol

[7:00:04] <Chao> They're not part of this.

[7:00:25] <Chao> Theta and Omega can't even be part of it because they're running around doing shit LOL

[7:00:31] <Keiji> exactly

[7:00:45] <Alpha> A lifeless planet eh?

[7:00:52] <Gamma> How boring.

[7:01:02] <Ecolo> Not when you populate it with...

[7:01:04] <Ecolo> wait for it


[7:01:34] <Phi> You'd really populate a fake planet with fake people?

[7:01:42] <Ecolo> Well, duh.

[7:02:02] <Ecolo> There wouldn't be enough life energy to sustain any life other than Arley and Me

[7:02:41] <Ecolo> Not like you should care. You'll be here. I'll be there.

[7:03:02] <Ecolo> And your bodies will be disintegrating on some other planet I can't name~♥

[7:04:01] <Ecolo> Oh, and I wouldn't try to portal out of here. Arley keeps a very close eye on things. Her wrath is something you should fear.

[7:04:24] <Ecolo> Oh, silly me! I'm late to blow up another planet in this solar system!

[7:04:27] <Ecolo> Gotta go~

[7:04:30] <Ecolo> 4

[7:04:58] <Gamma> Just...Just what was all of that?

[7:05:18] <Phi> Why does he want to make a lifeless planet, father?

[7:05:26] <Keiji> You forgot Epsilon, btw.

[7:05:46] <Chao> He had nothing interesting to contribute, so I pretended he huffed off.

[7:05:49] <Keiji> k

[7:06:27] <Alpha> Um...that's a good question. I don't know why he wouldn't just harness all that life energy for his own purposes.

[7:06:48] <Alpha> Or why he would imprison our "souls" in some limbo dimension.

[7:07:28] <Gamma> It seems we were just plain unlucky.

[7:08:36] <Phi> I'm scared...what's gonna happen to us? Or the other worlds he's going to blow up??

[7:09:33] <Gamma> Now now, let's think. He said "Arley" keeps an eye on this place. Something of importance must be here for her to watch it and get angry if something were to try leaving it.

[7:10:02] <Gamma> The question is...what exactly is that.

Start date: Mon Apr 23, 2012. All times are UTC.

[3:26:58] <Ringo> Uh...Mikki, I think someone's coming to our house.

[3:27:04] <Feli> 3

[3:27:12] <Mikki> 3

[3:27:13] <Feli> What disturbing presence is this?

[3:27:16] <Lam> 3

[3:27:18] <Klug> 3

[3:27:22] <Lam> 6 s-'Delta'+''

[3:27:35] <Klug> Probably just that frekkin frog.

[3:27:46] <Strigina> [arriving with a parcel, on her witch broom]

[3:28:24] <Strigina> -dismounts, gives parcel to Mikki and proceeds to whack Klug upside the face with a broom- That's quite rude of you~

[3:28:43] <Klug> *squeals like a girl*

[3:28:49] <Lam> What's in the parcel, Thil?

[3:28:55] <Ringo> *Snigger*

[3:29:48] <Feli> I too inquire what's in this package.

[3:30:18] <Mikki> -opening the parcel-

[3:30:50] <Mikki> -inside is a box and a note-

[3:31:02] <Mikki> -stare at note, then mother-

[3:31:20] <Tech> 3

[3:31:25] <Strigina> I, too, would like to stay and speak of the delivery...

[3:31:28] <Tech> Guys, what's going on down here?

[3:31:58] <Strigina> However... there are other precious matters I must attend to.

[3:32:21] <Strigina> May luck be ever at your side~

[3:32:29] <Ringo> Such as?....You could at least explain what you just gave us, uh...what's your name.

[3:32:46] <Strigina> It's all in the note, dearie~

[3:32:56] <Ringo> *looks at Mikki*

[3:33:06] <Feli> *also looks at Mikki*

[3:33:49] <Strigina> Tally-hoo, then~

[3:33:57] <Strigina> 4

[3:34:06] <Mikki> Tally-hoo...

[3:34:07] <Tech> ...Who was that?

[3:34:16] <Lam> Ma.

[3:34:17] <Klug> A bitch, that's who.

[3:34:22] <Lam> At least, Thil's ma.

[3:34:33] <Mikki> Bitchy witches gonna be bitchy witches...

[3:34:38] <Ringo> ...That.....sounds about right.

[3:34:39] <Mikki> -starts to read the note-

[3:34:56] <Ringo> I wouldn't have expected much less of Mikki's mother.

[3:35:27] <Mikki> Dear Thilde Reuiss (also, several other people),

[3:37:27] <Mikki> What's inside the box is a frog with a clock for a belly. He is currently in a countdown setting.

[3:38:49] <Mikki> Apparently, this frog is relevant to your interests in Ecolo, as he once used this frog to count down to the time of the tournament...

[3:39:38] <Mikki> And is now using the frog to count down to a time in which he shall blow up a planet, for some reason nobody knows.

[3:39:58] <Ringo> He's out of his vector!!

[3:40:06] <Tech> Sound's like it.

[3:40:25] <Feli> Let us see the frog.

[3:40:40] <Mikki> This note hasn't even ended yet, but...

[3:40:51] <Lam> Gimme the box...

[3:40:57] <Lam> -take box, open-

[3:41:01] <Clocger> 3

[3:41:03] <Klug> Stupid newfag villain.

[3:41:11] <Clocger> 6 s-'Hammerspace\'d'+'Unconscious'

[3:41:39] <Clocger> -is all beat up and abused, thought the countdown clock is still working-

[3:41:48] <Lam> ... poor froggy...

[3:41:59] <Ringo> What the factor did your mom do to this thing?!

[3:42:23] <Klug> She slapped it around a bit with a large trout, by the looks of it.

[3:42:47] <Feli> A fish would be incapable of such high damage.

[3:43:06] <Mikki> An Arle look-alike seems to find it relevant to her interests to entrust this frog to you, of all cast herds.

[3:44:25] <Ringo> Arle look alike...? I thought all of them got backspaced last arc!

[3:44:52] <Tech> Apparently not.

[3:44:54] <Lam> There's one you haven't met yet, though.

[3:45:31] <Tech> I haven't met any of them. *shrugs* Unless they like to hang out on irc or something, but that'd be kinda coincidental.

[3:45:38] <Lam> Last I saw her, she was clamoring about some kind of vessel from Ekoro.

[3:45:54] <Ringo> Vessel?

[3:46:09] <Feli> Ekoro? Or perhaps Ecolo?

[3:46:10] <Mikki> Last I saw her, she was chucked into outer space after cake things happened...

[3:46:19] <Mikki> -continues reading the note-

[3:47:54] <Mikki> Whatever her purposes, her game seems one we mustn't (and can't) miss... (Spiteful woman...)

[3:48:46] <Mikki> It would be wise to keep the frog in hammerspace until you find the right thing to do, as bait for a certain someone might be what she wishes.

[3:49:07] <Mikki> (Long note is looong...)

[3:49:13] <Ringo> ...could that wording be ANY more vague and confusing?

[3:49:24] <Ringo> How long IS this damn note??

[3:49:25] <Lam> Err....

[3:49:33] <Klug> nickfail

[3:49:45] <Klug> How long IS this damn note??

[3:49:47] <Lam> Translation: Keep the frog in hammerspace as we find out what to do with it.

[3:50:50] <Mikki> Blah, blah, blah, something about how beat up he is because of some business with making him harder to track in hammerspace...

[3:50:57] <Mikki> Poor froggy...

[3:51:21] <Tech> I think she messed up the clock, too. It's definitely not 11:55.

[3:51:43] <Lam> Of course not.

[3:52:03] <Lam> I mean, the countdowns I know show cool times like, say, 413:00.

[3:52:23] <Feli> *looks at the clock herself* Remember, it counts down. It means the doom of another planet is imminent. When the clock strikes exactly 12, the planet shall be doomed.

[3:52:59] <Ringo> And there's nothing we can do about it? Greaaaaaaaat.

[3:53:10] <Mikki> Speaking of the fake Arle's interests...

[3:54:00] <Mikki> There are five Puyo Spirits she has sealed away with the help of a friend.

[3:54:22] <Tech> Puyo Spirits?

[3:54:38] <Feli> Hm...

[3:54:59] <Feli> Ancient legends spoke of them protecting planets.

[3:55:30] <Mikki> I'm skipping this hear part, because it's just exposition some of you guys may know...

[3:56:06] <Mikki> By the time I arrive, the first shall have been unsealed by your friends.

[3:57:33] <Mikki> They shall be going for the next Puyo Spirit, who has been sealed in the Light Temple.

[3:58:36] <Mikki> Rendezvous with them, or whatever else you like, go ahead.

[3:59:43] <Ringo> Hm...

[3:59:57] <Ringo> What should we do?

[4:00:27] <Lam> There's also the matter with Clocger...

[4:00:50] <Tech> I'm not quite sure, but I guess we should unseal those Puyo Spirits... They aren't supposed to be sealed away, methinks.

[4:01:30] <Mikki> -doesn't bother reading the last, non-P.S. part-

[4:02:04] <Mikki> -not that the P.S. part is any less unpleasant-

[4:03:20] <Feli> Such seems to be fate. Though we cannot stop the next planet from being doomed, we CAN unseal the Puyo Spirits and use their power to stop the further destruction of worlds.

[4:04:24] <Lam> -puts Clocger back in the box with some Delicious Salad-

[4:04:49] <Lam> -hammerspace-hood-

[4:04:56] <Clocger> 4

[4:05:21] <Lam> Yes, we can go with that, too.

[4:05:57] <Mikki> -staring at the last parts of the note-

[4:06:04] <Ringo> Alright then. That's what we'll do. Klug, you stay behind and tell the others when they get up where we've gone and what the situation is.

[4:06:28] <Klug> Wh!! But...But...No! Don't leave me with these perverts!!

[4:07:13] <Lam> Pihihi~ How rude...

[4:08:06] <Tech> Just have some muffins as lure and you'll be fine. *turns to the others and heads toward the door* Shall we?...

[4:08:40] <Lam> You guys do know where the Light Temple is, right?

[4:08:51] <Ringo> Uh....

[4:09:08] <Feli> I can deduce it's location with my dowsing rods.

[4:09:25] <Feli> By sensing the supernatural energy that is sealing the spirit away.

[4:10:23] <Mikki> -finally tearing the note away from eyes- Do dowse the location~

[4:10:35] <Klug> 4

[4:11:45] <Chao> [And so, they set out for the Light Temple. However, instead, Feli's dowsing rods have brought them to the Holy Dinner Shrine. Not that these guys'd be able to tell the difference anyway, because they're not native to the Madou World. There are statues of the King adorning the place]

[4:12:47] <Lam> Speaking of irrelevance...

[4:13:17] <Tech> For some reason, I feel compelled to say "Mah boi".

[4:13:36] <Lam> Or to ask what's for dinner...

[4:14:04] <Ringo> We must remember what we true warriors strive for!

[4:14:10] <Tech> ....boredom?

[4:15:00] <Feli> Enough! There is a strong supernatural energy inside...it must be within. *Begins to enter the shrine without a second thought*

[4:15:05] <Mikki> Where is this, I wonder...

[4:16:51] <Chao> [The begin to wander inside the Shrine. Atop a podium at the far end of the Shrine is the almighty Menu itself, in all it's Dinnery glory. A light from absolutely nowhere(tm) is shining down upon it in a cliche manner.]

[4:17:54] <Lam> This is...

[4:18:10] <Feli> C-Could it be?!

[4:18:21] <Feli> The Holy Book of DINNER?!?!?

[4:18:40] <Tech> Oh great, Feli's hungry. Someone break out the cake rolls.

[4:18:54] <Lam> The almighty Book of DINNER...

[4:19:20] <Ringo> Book of...DINNER?...and I thought Primp was the strangest place I've ever been...

[4:19:40] <Mikki> How great that we are able to witness its glory! I guess.

[4:20:52] <Lam> Did the note have a map?

[4:21:00] <Mikki> No, it didn't.

[4:21:26] <Feli> *runs up to The Menu and begins to inhale it's prophetic texts*

[4:21:32] <Mikki> It was just one long paper of text...

[4:21:43] <Feli> Y-Yes...this is truly the most sacred of all holy texts...

[4:22:00] <Feli> And now it's contents are mine to read...

[4:22:02] <Feli> ALL MIEN...

[4:22:05] <Feli> MIEN

[4:22:24] <Lam> -is looming behind Feli-

[4:22:46] <Feli> *http://youtu.be/aQH4JCkZ_6I?t=1m31s*

[4:22:53] <Feli> -*

[4:24:00] <Tech> Oh please. The most she's gonna do is write half of it down and try to sell it to the history textbook.

[4:24:18] <Ringo> E-Eh? What's that light?

[4:24:27] <Mikki> What light~?

[4:24:40] <Chao> [A light shines up Feli. It grows brighter. Feli stares into it.]

[4:24:51] <The King> 3

[4:24:57] <The King> Ohohohohohohho!

[4:25:00] <The King> 4

[4:25:51] <Chao> [Suddenly, the light completely engulfs Feli, and then the entire room. As the light dims and everyone can see again, Feli is in white clothing and has angel wings.]

[4:26:01] <Feli> 6 c-'10'+'7'

[4:26:01] <Feli> 6 s-''+'White Feli'

[4:26:15] <Lam> -backing the hell off-

[4:26:18] <Feli> Dinner shrine to the fuck is because of light and dan to slay!

[4:26:45] <Ringo> O_O

[4:27:12] <Mikki> By the way.

[4:27:14] <Feli> Love the temple of Lemres actually decided to hug or at the meteor!

[4:27:26] <Feli> CAKE IS TOTALLY ROCKET!

[4:27:41] <Feli> Verse 560. C:

[4:28:03] <Lam> -running to the menu now-

[4:28:25] <Feli> *Shoots a Holy Dinner Laser at Lam*

[4:29:13] <Lam> BAH!


[4:29:28] <Lam> But... but that Menu...

[4:29:55] <Feli> *takes the Menu* Squadalah, Lemres Senpai! I am off to find you and show you TRUE COLORS!

[4:30:02] <Feli> *Flies away*

[4:30:04] <Feli> 4

[4:30:28] <Lam> I was too late...

[4:30:35] <Ringo> The factor...???

[4:31:06] <Tech> *shrugs* She's just a weirdo.

[4:31:42] <Mikki> She forgot to mention the fact that this was the wrong temple.

[4:31:44] <Mikki> :(

[4:32:02] <Tech> Yeah.

[4:32:08] <Tech> Now we're just kinda stuck here...

[4:32:21] <Ringo> Hm...

[4:32:33] <Ringo> That does throw a variable in our equation.

[4:32:40] <Ringo> But that's never stopped us before!

[4:33:02] <Mikki> Sadly, the note lacked a map.

[4:33:31] <Tech> I guess we gotta find our own way around this place.

[4:33:57] <Tech> We can't always rely on what's given to us. It's kind of annoying, because who likes doing work? But yeah.

[4:34:57] <Mikki> Pretty much...

[4:35:17] <Mikki> So... the next move would be...?

[4:36:13] <Ringo> Well...I guess if we find anything temple like around this place, we should look there.

[4:36:32] <Ringo> That'd be the most logical thing to do.

[4:37:12] <Lam> Stairs... stairs...

[4:38:09] <Tech> Don't even think about evoking Stairsman.

[4:40:13] <Lam> Are there stairs in this temple, I wonder...

[4:42:21] <Mikki> -will just be running to the exit now-

[4:42:44] <Ringo> To the nearby areas!

Start date: Mon Apr 30, 2012. All times are UTC.

[20:07:56] <Draco> Welcome to Draco's latest Beauty Contest~

[20:08:03] <Keiji> nice timing, fei

[20:08:17] <Draco> Today, we have something special for you!

[20:08:37] <Draco> Arle got bored of thinking of ways to improve her outfit...

[20:08:41] <Draco> So she just stole another one!

[20:08:55] <Arle Nadja> 3

[20:09:07] <Arle Nadja> -walks on stage in Lagnus cosplay.-

[20:09:10] <Arle Nadja> Hey!

[20:09:17] <Arle Nadja> I only borrowed it!

[20:09:30] <Arle Nadja> He gave me permission, you know!

[20:09:58] <Draco> Ne, ne...

[20:10:11] <Draco> I heard there's only one of this legendary outfit!

[20:10:49] <Draco> So... is poor Lagnus off skinny dipping or something?

[20:11:26] <Keiji> ...where the fuck is Lagnus in the character list

[20:11:34] <Lagnus> 3

[20:11:38] <Keiji> Oh, there he is

[20:11:44] <Chao> lol

[20:12:13] <Lagnus> Dynamic entry go! -jumps down to the stage from... somewhere up out of sight-

[20:12:36] <Lagnus> -wearing Arle's clothes, except shorts instead of a skirt-

[20:13:07] <Lagnus> There's only one thing to do when your legendary clothes are being borrowed, of course, and that's borrow them back!

[20:14:19] <Lagnus> -arm around Arle's shoulders- You're such a perv, Draco, suggesting I might be in such a state...

[20:14:48] <Arle Nadja> Well, not really, she's a les after all...

[20:15:01] <Draco> Oh, you two just make such a great couple~!

[20:15:16] <Draco> Except it should be me there with Arle, but what can you do...

[20:15:28] <Seriri> 3

[20:16:08] <Seriri> You know, if you would just look over this way... even after multiple arcs of being totally ignored...

[20:16:47] <Draco> Okay, who brought Seriri's wheelchairtubthingy in here?!

[20:17:02] <Contractor> 3

[20:17:27] <Contractor> B-but she paid me to do it... I hope it wasn't breaking any rules

[20:18:46] <Draco> The beauty contest for disabled people is that way. -points, still not looking over at Seriri- Maybe I won't tell Nanako about your insubordination if you disappear in five seconds.

[20:18:51] <Contractor> ...u_u

Start date: Fri May 04, 2012. All times are UTC.

[22:31:25] <Angol Mois> Bitter resentment aside, our next goal is to unseal the Puyo Spirit where this angel claimed to have seen them, yes?

[22:32:01] <Omega> Indeed.

[22:32:13] <Harpy> Then, let me lead the way~

[22:32:25] <Lagnus> Please do.

[22:32:28] <Harpy> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg3EaFgLhr8


[22:32:53] <Lagnus> [Damn that was epic]

[22:33:17] <Harpy> -looks around-

[22:33:33] <Harpy> ...Eep, I have no idea which way I came in...

[22:33:47] <Charyl> Well, now that

[22:33:53] <Charyl> 's just fantastic

[22:33:56] <Charyl> (Damn enter)

[22:34:15] <Arle Nadja> Hm... it didn't take us that long to come in, right?

[22:34:24] <Arle Nadja> We should be able to find our way out pretty easily.

[22:34:32] <Angol Mois> Indeed.

[22:34:32] <Arle Nadja> *steps out the archway they entered from*

[22:34:40] <Angol Mois> *follows her*

[22:34:53] <Lagnus> OOC: Why don't we just use an Escape Rope?

[22:35:09] <Arle Nadja> OOC: Because in the real world those have to be set up beforehand

[22:35:43] <Arle Nadja> [Half an hour later, they arrive back where they started.]

[22:35:48] <Arle Nadja> ...Well, I guess not...

[22:36:07] <Camus> Hm...If I only I could remember where the exit was myself..

[22:36:12] <Charyl> IF ONLY.

[22:37:35] <Arle Nadja> [Suddenly, a circular area of floor that they all happen to be standing on rises up as a same-sized hole in the ceiling opens up.

[22:37:38] <Arle Nadja> ]

[22:37:52] <Arle Nadja> [Before anyone can do anything, the room has disappeared below them.]

[22:38:03] <Angol Mois> Convenience has struck again.

[22:38:12] <Omega> Convenience?

[22:38:19] <Omega> We don't know where this goes, do we?

[22:38:32] <Lagnus> We could have walked straight into that fake Arle's trap!

[22:38:40] <Omega> It could just lead to a cliche crushing trap, or something.

[22:39:12] <Charyl> And I'd just burn it the hell up.

[22:39:47] <Arle Nadja> [Eventually, they all rise onto a stage.]

[22:40:01] <Charyl> What the?

[22:40:05] <Draco> 3

[22:40:35] <Kawase> 1

[22:40:36] <Draco> *appears from wherever with a microphone* There we are! I was determined to make my beauty contest canon somehow!!

[22:40:47] <Lagnus> W-What?!

[22:40:53] <Draco> Now, now...

[22:41:01] <Draco> *shuffles Arle and Lagnus off backstage*

[22:41:14] <Angol Mois> Don't tell me she wants Arle again...

[22:41:40] <Arle Nadja> [Goodness knows what goes on backstage, but by the time they return, they're in their swapped outfits]

[22:42:18] <Lagnus> Delightfully comfortable, to my surprise.

[22:42:31] <Charyl> Say whu-

[22:44:32] <Arle Nadja> *sweatdrops* Well, the outfits aren't the most important thing anyway...

[22:44:41] <Angol Mois> Indeed.

[22:44:52] <Arle Nadja> Whatever you like Draco to let us get back to saving the world?

[22:44:58] <Keiji> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qsWFFuYZYI&feature=BFa&list=PL5FE83BD443079BFF&shuffle=81008

[22:45:07] <Keiji> idk

[22:45:10] <Keiji> i just like it

[22:45:49] <Harpy> Well, if we can get outside somehow, I should be able to find the way for real this time~♪

[22:46:35] <Camus> So, getting outside is what we need to do.

[22:47:01] <Draco> Fine, be a spoilsport... *points to one of the many Exit Doors*

[22:47:08] <Draco> (That didn't last long.)

[22:47:09] <Draco> 4

[22:47:21] <Angol Mois> ...she was surprisingly cooperative

[22:47:36] <Arle Nadja> Only because we traded outfits.

[22:47:45] <Arle Nadja> Anyway...

[22:47:52] <Lagnus> Onward ho!

[22:47:53] <Harpy> Yes! I know exactly where I am now!

[22:48:24] <Charyl> Good. Because I don't.

[22:48:34] <Harpy> The journey's quite uphill, though.

[22:49:10] <Chao> http://cw.nanako.cc/thumb/990.png considering they have to move from one side of this map to the other

[22:49:11] <Chao> lol

[22:49:14] <Keiji> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKB3BC-LFho&feature=BFa&list=PL5FE83BD443079BFF&shuffle=81008

[22:49:31] <Keiji> I didn't know you made a map of it.

[22:50:08] <Chao> Sort of; I didn't include every possible location I could have. nor did I go out of my way to make up a lot of areas like I did Primp.

[22:50:24] <Chao> I was also an idiot and didn't label it like the Primp one.

[22:50:24] <Keiji> Well, regardless... this music should keep them going. :P

[22:51:06] <Angol Mois> Then so be it. We must proceed with haste, as our enemy is swift as well.

[22:51:34] <Keiji> Up to you now I guess, if you want to have anything happen on the way. I have nothing planned at the moment.

[22:52:50] <Keiji> Oh god I think a part of me just died

[22:52:54] <Keiji> What has the internet come up with

[22:52:55] <Keiji> ...

[22:52:55] <Keiji> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjhLyDh392o

[22:53:24] <Chao> Ponies have killed parts of me too

[22:53:27] <Chao> :/

[22:54:15] <Chao> [After several long hours of hiking, useless banter and a pit stop at the shopping mall, they have finally gotten to the top of the mountain. The Floating Island (of the Madou World) where the Light Temple is is in sight. But suddenly they see a large, armed helicopter.]

[22:54:20] <Keiji> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dclghhnW4oU

[22:54:42] <Keiji> Oh woops, I'm late... if they already got there.

[22:54:48] <Keiji> In that case

[22:55:02] <Keiji> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp3qiOKuEBM

[22:55:08] <Keiji> XD

[22:55:33] <Arle Nadja> A... helicopter?

[22:55:47] <Charyl> Yeah...I don't know what's up with that either.

[22:55:48] <Arle Nadja> Whose could this be? The only helicopter I've seen before is Nanako's one.

[22:56:48] <Chao> [As the helicopter flies closer, it IS indeed the FGF Helicopter. In fact, it's the same one that disappeared through a portal so many episodes ago. The mounted turrets on it take aim and fire at the party]

[22:57:06] <Arle Nadja> Woah!

[22:57:39] <Lagnus> Watch out everyone! [He throws a shield up, thinking fast]

[22:57:49] <Omega> Really, is that all they can do? *puts up a Shield I*

[22:58:05] <Omega> /cue yt/FA2pCqpfAkM

[22:58:39] <Chao> [The helicopter retracts the turrets, and a much larger cannon emerges in their place. The cannon fires a large beam at the party]

[22:58:55] <Harpy> *flies around in panic*

[22:59:22] <Arle Nadja> *dodges the fuck outta there*

[22:59:45] <Angol Mois> [Also dodges] We must stay collected. Whomever is flying that contraption has been waiting for us.

[23:00:15] <Omega> *casts a long range Bayoen on the helicopter blades to make it crash land on the Neptune*

[23:01:29] <Chao> [The Helicopter does indeed take a hefty blow. The large weaponry and armor falls off from the damage, revealing the bare FGF Helicopter.]

[23:01:49] <Omega> *rushes towards it to investigate!*

[23:02:03] <Ecolo> 3

[23:02:07] <Ecolo> Oh hai Omega.

[23:02:21] <Ecolo> Do you like my new ride?

[23:02:36] <Omega> You...

[23:02:45] <Ecolo> Me~☆

[23:02:48] <Omega> You, petty, thief!

[23:02:50] <Ecolo> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoQB-Cg-7d4

[23:02:58] <Ecolo> Oh me~☆

[23:03:33] <Ecolo> I'm only the driver deary. Arley chronoported this especially for me~

[23:03:39] <Omega> Ffffff...

[23:03:45] <Ecolo> And I put lots of big guns on it

[23:03:48] <Ecolo> :3

[23:03:52] <Arle Nadja> That not-even-so-much-as-a-clone of me has to go.

[23:04:11] <Angol Mois> Indeed

[23:04:15] <Omega> Those big guns clearly didn't have much going for them.

[23:04:25] <Omega> They fell off pretty quick.

[23:04:36] <Omega> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXigTfx5YW0

[23:04:47] <Keiji> Because you posted LI music.

[23:04:48] <Ecolo> Of course not. You fired a Bayoen at them. Of course, there are other ways of impeding your progress. >:3

[23:05:01] <Harpy> And what would they be♪?

[23:05:04] <Chao> (This is now Ecolo's theme)

[23:05:10] <Keiji> LOLWUT

[23:05:17] <Keiji> Brickster Bots is now Ecolo's theme?

[23:05:33] <Ecolo> If I told you, then that would ruin the surprise.~♥

[23:05:37] <Keiji> In b4 he sends Brickster Bots after them

[23:05:43] <Ecolo> And I /love/ surprises.

[23:05:45] <Keiji> and the Infomaniac shows up and generates loads more quotes

[23:05:45] <Keiji> for us

[23:06:44] <Ecolo> So...if you don't mind, I'm just gonna fly this little piece of Nanako technology straight to the Temple of Light and what have you.

[23:06:55] <Ecolo> Wheeeee~☆

[23:06:58] <Omega> Hey!

[23:07:18] <Ecolo> *He drives the Helicopter at full speed towards the temple*

[23:07:20] <Ecolo> 4

[23:07:25] <Omega> :U

[23:07:41] <Charyl> Man, he better not crash that thing into my sister.

[23:07:55] <Omega> /cue yt/-1NIAdwL7lk

[23:08:38] <Angol Mois> Once again, we must make haste, because obviously the fake Arle is not wasting any of her time.

[23:09:40] <Omega> *sigh*

[23:09:54] <Omega> He just does whatever he damn well likes, doesn't he?

[23:10:13] <Lagnus> Ecolo? Or Angol?

[23:10:17] <Omega> Ecolo.

[23:10:31] <Lagnus> Yeah...that does seem to be the case

[23:10:45] <Omega> How many more times do we have to kill him before he dies?

[23:11:11] <Angol Mois> Hopefully not that many more

[23:11:27] <Omega> Well, you're an optimist...

[23:11:38] <Charyl> Why don't we just have the gods kill him after we take care of all the other problems?

[23:11:54] <Omega> You haven't even seen 1% of his torment.

[23:12:00] <Omega> ...of the world.

[23:12:21] <Lagnus> And that was just isolated to Primp

[23:12:32] <Lagnus> Imagine that kind of Chaos on a global, universal scale.

[23:12:50] <Omega> No, you're missing the point.

[23:13:18] <Lagnus> huh?

[23:13:49] <Omega> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EJeSjFtzk8

[23:14:07] <Omega> You remember who I am, right?

[23:14:16] <Angol Mois> You are Ekoro.

[23:14:45] <Omega> Only recently was I not also Ecolo.

[23:14:53] <Omega> Before that, how long do you think that idiot and myself have been in the same body?

[23:15:19] <Angol Mois> Quite a long time, as far as anyone can tell.

[23:15:45] <Lagnus> They were one body before I even met them...and that was before you met them, Angol.

[23:16:42] <Omega> Six, hundred, years...

[23:17:04] <Lagnus> :o

[23:17:06] <Omega> He's done far more to our worlds than Eldora and co ever did to theirs.

[23:17:18] <Omega> You haven't seen anything yet.

[23:17:27] <Omega> And you think he can just be defeated that easilyl.

[23:17:32] <Omega> "Just get the gods to kill him!"

[23:18:08] <Charyl> Well excuse me for not recognizing a threat above the Gods and Spirits.

[23:18:20] <Angol Mois> Still your arrogant tongue.

[23:18:48] <Angol Mois> Ekoro speaks of a very powerful being. The fake Arle herself is also not to be toyed with.

[23:18:54] <Omega> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c0Ha-O09aY

[23:19:00] <Angol Mois> Together, those two are capable of nearly anything.

[23:19:24] <Angol Mois> Such power...such conniving, manipulative control.

[23:19:31] <Angol Mois> Not even I could dream to seek such power.

[23:19:39] <Omega> Well, now that you mention it...

[23:19:46] <Omega> Ecolo might die this time.

[23:19:53] <Omega> ...to the hands of that other Arle.

[23:20:18] <Camus> I'm surprised she didn't kill me, to be honest.

[23:20:31] <Omega> She isn't even twenty years old, and she's already in full control of that idiot.

[23:20:32] <Camus> Considering I was nothing but an accessory to her.

[23:20:46] <Omega> She'll run out of uses for him soon enough.

[23:21:05] <Omega> Nobody is more than an accessory to her.

[23:21:35] <Angol Mois> Indeed. Especially since she has played such a role in manipulating the events around us.

[23:22:04] <Omega> Do you still think that tackling this head on is going to do anything?

[23:22:13] <Omega> What are we going to achieve at the Light Temple?

[23:22:23] <Lagnus> ....

[23:22:46] <Charyl> What, we're just gonna leave her there all sealed away??

[23:22:58] <Omega> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9H6ULM-Bwg

[23:23:12] <Harpy> We gotta rescue her, right?

[23:23:55] <Angol Mois> Rescuing the Spirit is much more convoluted than it was initially now that Ecolo and Fake Arle are meddling with us to prevent it.

[23:24:36] <Arle Nadja> :I

[23:24:52] <Lagnus> *looks at Arle*

[23:25:02] <Arle Nadja> Omega, as touching as your speech was there...

[23:25:09] <Arle Nadja> ...we gotta save her, no matter what.

[23:25:21] <Arle Nadja> And the others.

[23:25:23] <Lagnus> I knew you'd say something like that.

[23:25:29] <Lagnus> *he grins*

[23:25:40] <Omega> *turns her back*

[23:25:45] <Omega> Do as you wish.

[23:26:30] <Omega> I hope you don't mind if I'm not there to die in vain, though. *walks back in the opposite direction*

[23:26:32] <Omega> 4

[23:26:56] <Charyl> Well, whatever. :/

[23:27:01] <Keiji> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zZ9dN9SJXQ

[23:27:22] <Harpy> *looks at everyone concernedly*

[23:28:03] <Arle Nadja> Come on. *steps towards the temple*

[23:28:22] <Angol Mois> *He quietly follows her, as he has the entire time since joining her, lmao*

[23:28:48] <Keiji> ...

[23:29:48] <Chao> [They approach the temple, the Helicopter is parked right next to the entrance. Statues of Harpy-like women adorn the surrounding area]

[23:30:18] <Harpy> Seeing all my people here still feels a bit weird...

[23:30:49] <Lagnus> ...and I thought it was weird seeing that there was more than one Draco...;

[23:32:46] <Chao> [They walk inside. There are holes in the ceiling that let rays of sunlight shine through. Rather than stairs leading underground, the stairs here lead up into two large double doors. Beyond them are parts unknown.]

[23:32:50] <Chao> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL4-o0hM9xQ

[23:34:11] <Angol Mois> Well, it seems we have found an appropriate abode for the spirit, yes?

[23:34:25] <Arle Nadja> Seeing those stairs and doors makes me wonder if Ecolo built this place...

[23:34:59] <Lagnus> Ha. Are stairs some sort of architectural gimmick he likes to employ?

[23:35:23] <Arle Nadja> You didn't know?

[23:35:41] <Lagnus> I didn't aid you when you attacked his base, so I wouldn't know.

[23:35:53] <Arle Nadja> Just be glad you didn't.

[23:36:23] <Arle Nadja> Well, regardless, let's try and get these ominous doors opened.

[23:36:54] <Angol Mois> *He has already proceeded to walk to the doors as they were speaking. He waits for them* Indeed.

[23:38:00] <Arle Nadja> Well it's not like they're just going to conveniently let us open them... is it? *She leans on one of the doors*

[23:38:48] <Chao> [The door gently moves a little. Not like Phi at Ekoro's Castle, but enough to show that she could have easily pushed it open herself*

[23:38:51] <Chao> ]

[23:39:34] <Arle Nadja> Huh. *pushes it open* Well, who'd a thunk it.

[23:39:55] <Angol Mois> Rather weak doors for a temple this age.

[23:43:18] <Chao> [Beyond, the doors lead into what is quite obviously a maze of some sort. The walls and ceilings are clear, but they appear to be one only one of several floors. The archway to the altar where the spirit is sealed is of course, on the lowest level, barely visible below them. Rather than stairs, there seem to be elevators to help navigate the maze]


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