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Juichi is Nanako's brother, meant to appear in Project Nanako. He is much more proactive than his sister, and posed as a scientist in order to escape from the Internet, causing him and Nanako many problems in the real world. He also appears in Compile Worlds as a member of the FGF Research Co., usually making appearances alongside Nanako.

In most of his Compile Worlds appearances, he is Nanako's slightly meek sidekick, often doing work directly under her orders, such as flying helicopters or maintaining the Computer Rooms. Despite being weak, he's quite the pilot, driving helicopters through the deadly stormy conditions surrounding Ekoro's Base. He tends to keep to himself mostly, and is perfectly content doing behind the scenes work for Nanako when she isn't treating him like a jerk.

Akkie tends to call him Mr. 11 because his name is the Japanese word for the number eleven. Whenever she does get the chance to refer to him, of course.


  • OH! Nanako! It's super-important! Some idiot set the date 622 years in the future. I was actually only stuck here ten minutes.Episode 60