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This page is about the Compile Worlds character. Perhaps you were looking for the Greek letters.

Phi, also known as Project Perfect Light and Ekoro's secret project, was an experiment conducted by Ekoro in Compile Worlds. He is also one of Ekoro's clones, (physically) debuting in Episode 24. Originally, the project's existence was almost over looked until Strange Klug revealed it to a crumbling ADMA. Though his current whereabouts are unknown, he was a plot point in the Meteor Arc segment.

Character concept

Phi was conceptualized in Episode 20 by User:Chao. Unlike most of Chao's plot twists, which are usually, in some part, made up as they go along, Chao had known he was going to make Phi the form of a secret clone. It was in the time frame between Episodes 20 and 23 that Chao decided that Lagnus the Brave would be the model. To go with the unique backstory of Phi, Chao chose to make Phi embody the child form, in contrast to the older form normally assumed by his counter part.


Ekoro decided that, after being bested by Lagnus' light in Episode 11 that he wanted to harness this light somehow on his own. After enlisting Alpha to help him with his heavy work load, Ekoro created a secret sister project to his cloning project. Dubbed "perfect light", Ekoro used Lagnus' DNA to mold the clone shell that would harbor the heart, knowing Lagnus was the only suitable vessel for what he desired. However, everyone but Ekoro knows a person with a pure heart is incapable of doing anything evil. So instead, Ekoro destroyed Phi, being only a nuisance in his plans at that point and deemed a failure. Fortunately, Phi was smart enough to create backup of his data onto a CD as a fail safe. He even took the time to hide it in Fos Canyon, which was also where Ekoro had locked Alpha away after Phi's creation. He would visit Alpha in his brainwashed state to keep him company. Phi's data disk was used to reconstruct him in Episode 23, awakening in the episode immediately afterwords.

Phi is rather childish, usually acting like a blind sheep. He has a child-like attachment to Harpy and Alpha, the former of which at least sees him as sort of a son in the same regard. Though he is meek and easily intimidated, he is generally good natured and wants nothing more than to do the right thing. His child-like personality is a contrast to Lagnus' more mature personality, though both have similar beliefs. Phi's exceptionally well-meaning nature is derived from the fact that he has a "Pure Heart", which prevents him from being tainted by Ekoro or similar evil entities.

Phi's power so far has only been demonstrated in his defensive capabilities. He was able to heal Harpy's wounds with a massive healing spell, which also revealed the true nature of a dark parasite attached to her head. It is a general assumption, however, that he is capable of rivaling or exceeding his original counterpart's power.


Phi is named after the twenty first letter of the Greek Alphabet. In Greek Numerals, it represents 500 or 5000, and also represents the Golden Ratio in mathematics. Phi was chosen specifically to keep in the naming scheme of the clones Keiji invented, with odd numbers being male clones. It was also chosen for it's close proximity to Omega, the letter after which the would-be final clone was named. Finally, Phi is also the first letter in Fos, a greek word for light.


  • Phi is the only clone who was not named by Keiji, having been created after the original 8 debuted in the Ekoro Arc.
    • As such, Phi is also the only clone named by Chao.
  • Though Alpha was stated to have worked on the other clones as well, Phi is the only clone Alpha and Ekoro have both explicitly stated to have worked on together.
  • Phi's text color is yellow. Currently, he shares it only with Theta.
    • By coincidence, when speaking about angles, both Phi and Theta are used to represent angles.
    • Both of them are also Ekoro's Clones.
  • It has been stated that Phi is the only clone who was not born with Ekoro's essence imbued in him.
  • Phi is the only clone that died in the Pre-Meteor Arc segment. By the same note, he was also the only one that was revived in the Meteor Arc itself; All other clones who were killed died in the Meteor Arc and were revived in the Post-Meteor Arc.
  • Though Strange Klug was aware of his existence, and personally wanted Perfect Light for himself, he is one of the few characters who has not been informed of Phi's revival...