Episode 63 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Sep 12, 2015. All times are UTC.

[19:56:20] <Chao> [The Accord Tank (Driven by Nanako) is headed towards Leanbox. Much like the airship segment of the previous episode, there's some time to kill while they drive,]

[19:56:52] <Plutia> *snoring*

[19:56:55] <Vert> So, it seems we didn't manage to find Histoire...

[19:57:24] <IF> But we DID find a Key Fragment. That would suggest Histoire's not around to be found.

[19:57:53] <Juichi> Yeah... I guess my information was wrong after all... Sorry to lead you into all that.

[19:58:09] <Popoi> It seems history isn't the villain's strong points, meow...

[19:59:07] <Ms. Accord> It's been such a long time since we last met, Nanako. How have you been keeping busy? Not planning any more shady tournaments I hope~

[19:59:52] <Nanako> Tournaments? I think we've got our hands pretty full right now!

[20:00:34] <Peashy> A tournament? I force you to a duell sometimes Nanako!

[20:00:50] <Ms. Accord> Indeed. I'm not sure what excatly is going on these days, but I figured that this scenery change and that tank fight happened for a reason.

[20:01:31] <Nanako> Oh let's not go there again. I thought we made a truce!

[20:02:11] <Peashy> Not now. But we'll find time in the future!

[20:02:39] <Popoi> I'd love to watch that.

[20:02:57] <Peashy> And if I win I can touch your boobies for hours!

[20:03:19] <Nanako> ...not like that'd ever happen, though.

[20:03:20] <Ms. Accord> O-Oh my...

[20:03:42] <Peashy> You've never felt the power of Super-Peashy!

[20:04:23] <Plutia> 4

[20:04:23] <Peashy> 4

[20:04:23] <Shinghi> 2

[20:04:35] <Shinghi> 1

[20:04:46] <Peashy> 3

[20:04:50] <Plutia> 3

[20:04:54] <Popoi> Nya, I doubt anyone in this tank wants to feel that.

[20:04:55] <Nanako> I sure hope Sigma and the Key Fragment are safe.

[20:05:10] <Plutia> 4

[20:05:10] <Peashy> 4

[20:05:10] <Shinghi> 2

[20:05:22] <Shinghi> 1

[20:05:22] <Shinghi> 2

[20:05:29] <Shinghi> 1

[20:05:35] <Peashy> 3

[20:05:37] <Plutia> 3

[20:05:40] <Ms. Accord> Sigma? That sounds like the name of a clone, but not one I ever remember encountering.

[20:05:42] <IF> Hmm, it's kinda funny how we all rushed over there to rescue him, and we end up leaving him there...

[20:07:24] <Plutia> 4

[20:07:24] <Peashy> 4

[20:07:24] <Shinghi> 7

[20:07:29] <Nanako> I think he's a new one... To be honest I don't know that much about him.

[20:07:30] <Peashy> 3

[20:07:34] <Plutia> 3

[20:07:47] <Ms. Accord> Oh! Well, I quite hope he's alright then.

[20:08:24] <Ms. Accord> It would be a shame if any of those poor things had to suffer any more than they already have.

[20:09:29] <Keiji> where were we going with this again

[20:10:10] <Chao> Nanako needed to get to FGF Lab, but there might be a small detour before she gets there :U

[20:10:23] <Keiji> She didnt "need" to, she's just on the way back.

[20:11:33] <Nanako> So, as for what all happened today...

[20:11:43] <Nanako> What was that guy called again, Vanille?

[20:12:04] <Peashy> *giggling* vanille :D

[20:12:50] <Nanako> I can't believe he almost had us, even though it was one versus six...

[20:13:10] <Nanako> Only Accord and Satan managed to save our bacon.

[20:13:31] <Peashy> Thank ya Accord!

[20:13:35] <Popoi> That man has a dark power, that nyan. I felt it when we rolled in.

[20:13:50] <Ms. Accord> Oh, You're welcome, but it was really no trouble of me.

[20:14:16] <Nanako> Whatever new world we're in... there's some pretty powerful people here.

[20:14:24] <Peashy> Like me!

[20:14:27] <Ms. Accord> I just can't believe he would roll out tanks on innocent people like that. He was such a nice man... ;_;

[20:15:13] <Nanako> Yeah, well, YOU couldn't beat him either, ya silly bee

[20:15:28] <Popoi> Oh the humanity of a school teacher turning evil! GEE I WONDER WHEN THIS HAS EVER-- *is muffled by Accord*

[20:15:54] <Ms. Accord> We don't talk about other people like that, Popoi.

[20:16:00] <Ms. Accord> That's naughty.

[20:16:30] <Nanako> Even so, Angol still seems to be behind everything.

[20:16:37] <Peashy> Hey don't be so mean Nanako! I am from this would and you're not! I didn't knew what this is! *starts crying*

[20:16:49] <Peashy> world*

[20:16:58] <Vert> Ah, now look what you did, you made her cry...

[20:17:16] <Ms. Accord> O-Oh! Look! It looks like we've arrived!

[20:17:28] <Nanako> Back at the old Arcade once more~!

[20:17:38] <Nanako> *quickly parks up so everyone can hop out*

[20:18:02] <Peashy> *wakes up plutia while sobbing* we arrived. wake up

[20:18:09] <Plutia> Huh? =_=

[20:18:28] <Ms. Accord> Oh, this isn't far from the Magic School at all!

[20:18:41] <Ms. Accord> I remember when they used to be on opposite sides of the world.

[20:18:48] <Nanako> Wait, the Magic School is close by?

[20:18:59] <Ms. Accord> Indeed!

[20:19:36] <Nanako> That's quite a lot of places ending up in Leanbox... my lab, Satan's tower, now the Magic School..

[20:19:55] <Vert> Well, I guess we just must be an attractive place to be~!

[20:20:50] <Popoi> The grass is always greener in someone else's lawn, nya, but I think this is the greenest you can get.

[20:21:30] <Vert> Of course! This IS the Land of Green Pastures, after all!

[20:21:46] <Ms. Accord> Would you like to see the kiddies again? They could use some familiar faces in their lives right now.

[20:21:52] <Ms. Accord> And maybe some new ones too~

[20:22:09] <Peashy> Kiddies? I WANNA PLAAAY!!

[20:22:10] <Ms. Accord> And perhaps some excercise... They've been taking a lot of exams lately...

[20:23:49] <Nanako> I'd rather stop off at my lab and get back to fixing everything up, to be honest. I mean, if Vanille or someone like that comes over here and blows it up... I dunno WHAT I'd do.

[20:24:48] <Ms. Accord> Oh, that's very true. In that case, maybe I'll just send them back here when you're ready. I'll be nearby if you need my tank or my magic again!♪

[20:25:06] <Vert> Hmm~ I wouldn't mind coming though! I'm rather interested to see what's new in my Land lately!

[20:25:15] <Vert> Won't you come too, Iffy?

[20:25:48] <IF> Ah, sure, it can't hurt to get some more info on the new arrivals.

[20:26:00] <Ms. Accord> Oh how wonderful!

[20:26:09] <Juichi> Then, can you drop me off first?

[20:26:14] <Popoi> Oh great, more guest speakers...

[20:26:28] <IF> Sure thing. *transfers Juichi back to a computer at the lab, before they head off*

[20:26:39] <Juichi> 6 s-'In IF\'s Phone'+'In an FGF Arcade Machine' r-'14'+'14'

[20:26:42] <Juichi> 4

[20:26:44] <Nanako> 4

[20:27:07] <Vert> Well then, lead the way, miss...

[20:27:19] <Ms. Accord> Now then, let us go!

[20:27:35] <Peashy> Ms.Accord?

[20:27:46] <Peashy> Can I come with you to play with those kids? *-*

[20:27:51] <Ms. Accord> *Accord leads them to the Magic School. It's a nice walk from the arcade*

[20:28:20] <Ms. Accord> Of course, deary.

[20:28:26] <Ms. Accord> Just be nice.

[20:28:36] <Peashy> Plutia! Come with me! We've gotta show them what fun is!

[20:28:41] <Ms. Accord> I can't have any naughty children on my campus.

[20:28:41] <Plutia> Okay =_=

[20:28:57] <Peashy> Of course. I won't touch them I promise!

[20:28:58] <Popoi> I think it's too late to ban naughty children now >_>

[20:29:43] <Amitie> 3

[20:30:09] <Amitie> Heeeeeeeeeey! Ms. Accord!

[20:30:33] <Sig> 3

[20:30:42] <Sig> Yay, Ms. Accord's back

[20:31:29] <Peashy> Heeeeyooo! I am Peashy and this is Plutia and we are the.....FUN SQUAAAAD!

[20:31:46] <Sig> Fun.... squad?

[20:32:10] <Ms. Accord> Oh, hello kiddies! Today, I have some very special people for you to met.

[20:32:18] <Ms. Accord> They all live here, so be polite to them.

[20:32:25] <Peashy> Yeah let's have some fun! I am a CPU and Plutia too so we can fly high or can be really fast or just play cards as serious people

[20:33:01] <Amitie> The name's Amitie! Nice to meet you! ....C...P...U?

[20:33:31] <Vert> And I'm Vert, CPU of Leanbox, the continent where you are right now~

[20:33:35] <Sig> I'm Sig.

[20:34:02] <Plutia> Nice to meet you all! =_=

[20:34:11] <Amitie> We're on an entirely new continent?! Wow! I wonder what kind of incredible magic sent us way off the map this time?

[20:34:19] <Vert> Don't worry, I'm not as scary as some of the other CPUs~ And you might find me in an online guild sometime!

[20:34:40] <Peashy> Oh yeah....Vert the Progamer

[20:35:02] <Sig> What's a CPU? Are they suppossed to be scary?

[20:35:26] <Plutia> No we are supposed to help and defend the people who are living here. We are goddesses

[20:35:29] <IF> I'm IF, Vert's, uhm...

[20:35:33] <Vert> Assistant!

[20:36:01] <IF> Yeah, assistant. That's right... I collect information to help the CPUs.

[20:36:18] <Ms. Accord> Oh! That must be useful!

[20:36:40] <Amitie> What took you so long teach? Is everything okay?

[20:37:02] <Popoi> To be blunt, nyo, probably nyat.

[20:37:10] <Peashy> We just fought a battle against some robots and a crazy man

[20:37:14] <Peashy> nothing special

[20:37:29] <IF> Oh, I would say it's pretty special.

[20:37:46] <Amitie> Sounds like there's trouble again!

[20:37:54] <IF> It's not normal for us to have such a hard time in a fight, after all.

[20:38:06] <Sig> Uh oh...

[20:38:08] <Peashy> Not in the life of the FUN SQUAAAD! Plutia and me used to be adventurers

[20:38:25] <Peashy> We fought against the biggest dragons you've ever seen!

[20:38:55] <Peashy> And then cam Vert and SMASHED them all with her spear!

[20:39:02] <Ms. Accord> That's very impressive.

[20:39:22] <Plutia> Peashy?... What did we say about lying?

[20:39:26] <Ms. Accord> Though, the tactics of our enemy today were also very impressive.

[20:39:43] <Peashy> Okay okay. We didn't foight against dragons....

[20:39:50] <Vert> I think I'll just stay out of this one ^^

[20:39:58] <Peashy> Oh yeah I loved the combo with Nanako!

[20:40:06] <Peashy> She threw me and then BOOM!

[20:40:14] <Plutia> You're overdoing it

[20:40:49] <Peashy> But then came Ms. Accord and saved us all from dying! She's a good one. Probs to you

[20:40:57] <Ms. Accord> Amitie, Sig... I think your most important test may be coming soon. You are the most adept students in my class, and there's some nasty things going on in the next continent over... There may come a time where you will have to help hese people.

[20:41:21] <Peashy> Yeah yeah yeah help me! Me! And Plutia of course!

[20:41:29] <Amitie> Get real! Another test?! Well, at least it sounds like this one isn't on paper.

[20:42:07] <Amitie> I'll just have to do my best! After all, my new goal is to become the MOST WONDERFUL MAGIC USER!

[20:42:19] <Amitie> ☆u☆

[20:42:29] <Peashy> Woah what's that`? :0

[20:42:33] <Keiji> 11 574 k+'yt/GmYn2hqrcKI' t+'?????'

[20:42:42] <Peashy> I could be a wonderful magic user too!

[20:42:48] <Peashy> *transforms*

[20:42:49] <Raffine> 3

[20:42:51] <Keiji> 10 574

[20:42:56] <Peashy> 6 s-''+'HDD ' r-'9'+'9'

[20:43:00] <Peashy> Baboom!

[20:43:03] <Raffine> Oh-ho-ho~!

[20:43:13] <Amitie> Hey! Raffine!

[20:43:16] <Peashy> Calm down Peashy! You're not THAT awesome

[20:43:18] <Ms. Accord> Oh my...

[20:43:19] <Raffine> What's this about an important test?

[20:43:20] <Plutia> nickfail

[20:43:32] <Plutia> Hey yo =_=

[20:43:38] <Sig> Ms. Accord said we might have to use magic to help these guys.

[20:43:53] <Sig> She didn't say anything about you though, Raffine...

[20:44:31] <Peashy> Wow..no one cares about my boobs. *detransforms*

[20:44:32] <Raffine> Oh, are you sure~?

[20:44:36] <Peashy> 6 s-'HDD '+'' r-'9'+'9'

[20:45:07] <Raffine> If there's a most adept student, I'm sure we all know who it is...!

[20:45:13] <Ms. Accord> Well... I suppose you should do your part to help too, but I... erm.... how do I put this....

[20:45:25] <Popoi> You suck compared to Sig and Amitie.

[20:45:30] <IF> ...why do I get the feeling it's NOT the person who just showed up.

[20:45:33] <Popoi> Nyayayayaya!!!!

[20:45:46] <Raffine> I suck? How dare you say that!

[20:46:04] <Ms. Accord> Be nice, Popoi.

[20:46:18] <Ms. Accord> I'm sure with time, Raffine could match her peers and excell.

[20:46:24] <Ms. Accord> I-Isn't that right, everyone?

[20:46:36] <Amitie> Of course it totally is!

[20:47:00] <Amitie> The three of us can do anything we put our minds to!

[20:47:20] <Raffine> There, that's more like it~!

[20:47:21] <Peashy> Hey why don't we ask Nanako to organize a tournament and the best one can join us!

[20:47:34] <Peashy> I want to plaay! >.<

[20:47:38] <Vert> She DID say she had her hands full.

[20:47:42] <Sig> No. No more tournaments.

[20:47:50] <Vert> And, miss.. I don't believe you've told us your name?

[20:48:06] <Raffine> Oh, la-ti-da! How rude of me! Raffine, at your service~☆

[20:48:29] <Ms. Accord> Yes, this young miss is Raffine. She is also one of my students.

[20:48:33] <Plutia> *whispers to Vert* I swear she's not that nice how she acts

[20:49:20] <Raffine> Now then, what are these nasty things you speak of?

[20:50:08] <Raffine> Take me to them! I'm sure you won't need to look any further for an answer to your troubles ~

[20:50:26] <Ms. Accord> Come to think of it.. I'm nnot actually sure how many of my students know about Angol Mois...

[20:51:22] <Raffine> Oh, is that the big boss guy? Can't be that much harder than that Strange Klug...

[20:52:04] <Amitie> Mongol Mwah? Oh yeah, wasn't he a bad guy a long time ago?

[20:52:20] <Raffine> Are you talking with your mouth full again Amitie?

[20:52:25] <Sig> ...

[20:52:41] <Peashy> *eating some sweets* actually it's me with the mouth full blah haha

[20:52:57] <Vert> Oh my, such terrible manners around here...

[20:53:09] <Peashy> Sorry but these Mois sweets are damn good

[20:53:11] <Amitie> I wasn't eating anything!

[20:54:30] <Vert> Well, there's no reason we have to have a tournament!

[20:54:50] <Peashy> But it's fun *-*

[20:54:57] <Vert> I think we're going to need as much firepower as we can get, especially if there's more than one of these people like Vanille

[20:55:05] <Vert> So why can't everyone come along~?

[20:55:10] <Ms. Accord> I agree.

[20:55:23] <Keiji> also I believe nobody here has actually seen the Praline adverts, right?

[20:55:23] <Ms. Accord> We must assess the threat very carefully.

[20:55:40] <Chao> Nope!

[20:55:46] <Chao> Not yet anyway

[20:55:57] <Keiji> So they don't know that the Mois sweets Peashy's eating are bad for you.

[20:55:59] <Keiji> Hmmm..

[20:56:00] <Chao> Oh wait Peashy, Pluia, Vert, and IF might have.

[20:56:03] <Shinghi> Peashy got some sweets from lastation

[20:56:46] <Keiji> ah crap yeah

[20:56:56] <Chao> They were in Lastation when the first ad aired

[20:57:00] <Keiji> well let's let it slide

[20:57:33] <IF> (Peashy really shouldn't be eating those, after that ad we saw in Lastation... I don't want to make her cry, though...)

[20:57:49] <Raffine> So, where too, sensei-sensei?

[20:58:09] <Peashy> Omg this one had a white chocolate center *o*

[20:58:29] <Ms. Accord> Well... I think they're based in a place called "Lastation?"

[20:58:54] <Amitie> Lastation? That sounds like a video game system!

[20:59:32] <Amitie> Come to think of it, so does "Leanbox"

[20:59:46] <Plutia> And there is Lowee and Planeptune left

[21:00:13] <Plutia> 4 continents with 4 goddesses. Peashy was made and I cam from the sky

[21:00:26] <Plutia> not like you but I crashed into Noire

[21:01:00] <Vert> Indeed. Lastation's currently taken over by those Praline goons... and Noire's in trouble

[21:01:22] <Sig> That doesn't sound very good.

[21:01:38] <Vert> And yes, Lastation has their own brand of video game systems! But I do believe you'll find the Leanbox systems far more entertaining~

[21:02:05] <Peashy> But the sweets aren't bad. They are actually damn good! But yeah I know...Mois isn't

[21:02:10] <Amitie> Wicked! Am I psychic or what!

[21:02:37] <Amitie> We dont have time to play games though if someone's in trouble!

[21:02:46] <Plutia> We don't?

[21:03:13] <Plutia> I thought we came here to play as this...fun squad

[21:03:38] <Vert> Oh, did we not come here to recruit more allies?

[21:04:12] <Ms. Accord> That was certainly the intention, but I think there are more serious matter that have come to our attention. Don't worry, we'll all play together soon when the danger has passed~♪

[21:04:13] <Peashy> Oh man the fight isn't long ago. I wanna have some fun before we fight against some others foes

[21:04:29] <Peashy> Okay Ms. Accord...

[21:04:55] <Raffine> Well, allies or no allies, I'm sure I can rescue this Noire person or whoever she is!

[21:05:00] <Sig> Yeah, we'll all hang out... or something.

[21:05:16] <Vert> (...really... this magic student, rescue a CPU... all by herself..?)

[21:05:27] <IF> (I seriously doubt it, yeah.)

[21:05:35] <Amitie> (Raffine's REALLY getting ahead of herself...)

[21:05:37] <Raffine> Hey! What're you looking at me all funny for?

[21:05:54] <Sig> (...I wonder what kind of bugs are in Lastation or if they have good toast...)

[21:05:56] <Raffine> Are we gonna sit around all day or are we gonna get out there and kick some butt?

[21:06:02] <Plutia> Raffine, right? You have no idea who these people are. U know, CPU's are not some little butterflies ehich u can catch easily with a bugnet

[21:06:12] <Sig> !!

[21:06:13] <Raffine> Or did you just wanna tell me where to go and let me get at them for you?

[21:06:16] <Sig> Butterflies?

[21:06:18] <Sig> Where?

[21:06:33] <Peashy> I saw one right there! :<

[21:06:54] <Raffine> Yeah, I'm sure that's it, you lazy lot, wanting Raffine to do all the work~ But just this once she'll do it... So, where's this Angol persn at?

[21:07:34] <Ms. Accord> I'll send Amitie an Sig with you Raffine. I'm sure you don't want your peers to be "lazy" and do all the hard work for you.

[21:07:50] <Ms. Accord> I think it's best if I stay here and protect the others.

[21:07:54] <Vert> ...Well, in any case, I don't think it'd be wise to go after Angol straight away. We should at least do something about that rogue teacher who nearly stole a Key Fragment

[21:08:14] <Ms. Accord> Indeed.

[21:09:22] <Keiji> 10 0

[21:09:30] <Ms. Accord> ...Oh, I do remember something rather strange that happened a long time ago with him. I'm not sure if it would be of any help, but there was a time where he lost his contact lenses, an he went utterly mad until he found them again.

[21:10:44] <TOTA> 1

[21:11:12] <Shinghi> Omg who are you? *o* Hey :33

[21:11:15] <Ms. Accord> Well, either way, I trust that you'll be able to handle the situation with Amitie, Raffine, and Sig in tow.

[21:11:23] <TOTA> 10 207

[21:11:42] <Keiji> TOTA is me

[21:12:03] <Shinghi> Oh man. I thought someone came to join us ._.

[21:12:29] <Peashy> We take care of 'em Ms. Accord!

[21:12:40] <Raffine> Right, so, take out the subordinate first, and trash his contacts.

[21:12:46] <Raffine> Got it.~

[21:13:27] <Popoi> (I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.)

[21:13:37] <Plutia> Bye bye lil sweet cat *tries to pet Popoi to say good bye*

[21:13:47] <Amitie> We can take on anything!

[21:14:03] <Popoi> Touch me again and I'll bite your flipping hand off.

[21:14:21] <Plutia> What? :< you're mean! =_=

[21:14:30] <Beta> 3

[21:14:36] <Beta> *pant, pant, pant*

[21:14:53] <Sig> Beta!

[21:14:58] <Beta> Ah! Accord-sensei, Sig, Amitie!

[21:15:08] <Beta> Thank god I found this place..!

[21:15:13] <Amitie> Oh! It's you! What's the rush about?

[21:15:46] <Beta> You gotta help us! Something's come to destroy the FGF Arcade... ;_;

[21:15:53] <IF> !

[21:15:58] <Ms. Accord> O-Oh no!

[21:16:10] <Amitie> What?! FGF Arcade... But that's where---

[21:16:21] <Amitie> Nanako is in danger...!

[21:16:46] <Raffine> Well, why don't you go help them then, and I'll take out this evil teacher dude like I said~

[21:16:50] <Vert> ...No, no.

[21:17:21] <Vert> Plutia, why don't you and I go help out at the Arcade?

[21:17:23] <Plutia> 4

[21:17:23] <Peashy> 4

[21:17:23] <Shinghi> 2

[21:17:32] <Vert> Ms. Accord said she'd stay here to look after everyone.

[21:17:33] <Shinghi> 1

[21:17:39] <Peashy> 3

[21:17:41] <Plutia> 3

[21:17:53] <Vert> I'm sure the students and Peashy can get along and do a fine job over in Lastation.

[21:18:01] <Plutia> Sure Vert. Let's go!

[21:18:08] <Plutia> 4

[21:18:08] <Peashy> 4

[21:18:08] <Shinghi> 2

[21:18:16] <Vert> Ai-chan, why not go with them? Just to help out.

[21:18:19] <Shinghi> 1

[21:18:29] <IF> But... well... if you're asking that of me, then sure!

[21:18:30] <Peashy> 3

[21:18:33] <Plutia> 3

[21:18:47] <Ms. Accord> Amitie, Sig, Raffine... please stay safe. I'll hold fort and try to help at the Arcade. Don't worry about Ms. Nanako. She's very capable.

[21:18:54] <Peashy> Split up with Plutia *tears come through* okay!

[21:19:06] <Popoi> Nyahaha... is it finally time for me to power nyap again?!

[21:20:14] <Vert> Well then, let's go, Ms. Beta.

[21:20:27] <IF> 4

[21:20:28] <Plutia> *follows Vert and waves to the others*

[21:20:28] <Raffine> 4

[21:20:38] <Peashy> 4

[21:20:57] <Keiji> (sorry Chao you're gonna have to unclaim all your characters for a bit)

[21:21:03] <Popoi> 4

[21:21:04] <Amitie> 4

[21:21:05] <Sig> 4

[21:21:06] <Ms. Accord> 4

[21:21:11] <Chao> (Ah okay)

[21:21:14] <Shinghi> :/

[21:21:17] <Chao> (I'll make up for it later)

[21:21:31] <Nanako> 3

[21:22:24] <TOTA> 10 523

[21:22:55] <Nanako> [Nanako is holding up barriers around the Arcade while it gets pelted with bullets from something flying in figure-eights in the sky]

[21:23:16] <Plutia> Not machines again...

[21:23:18] <Nanako> Beta! You're back! And you brought Vert and Plutia! Good timing, I can hardly hold these up!

[21:23:30] <Plutia> Vert, it's time to transform right?

[21:23:48] <Vert> Sure is!

[21:23:55] <Plutia> *transforms*

[21:24:01] <Vert> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'9'+'12'

[21:24:03] <Plutia> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'9'+'12'

[21:24:29] <Plutia> I crack that thing and then I'll crunch the head of this person who's sitting in there!!

[21:24:49] <Keiji> Chao, any idea what attacks/moves Beta uses? I can't remember and don't want to spend an hour looking stuff up

[21:25:07] <Chao> Anything that Witch and Nanako can do I think.

[21:25:11] <Keiji> got it

[21:25:30] <Vert> Anything that threatens Leanbox and its rightful citizens must be dealt with!

[21:26:27] <Plutia> Vert? Throw your spear with me on it! I'll fly to this thing and try to invade it!

[21:26:39] <Plutia> or just try to damage it

[21:27:10] <Vert> Hmm, I think we should try to bring it down first!

[21:27:17] <Vert> *precision-aims her lance throw*

[21:27:40] <Plutia> But from here I can only block some shoots!

[21:28:08] <Vert> ...Alright, you got it

[21:28:16] <Plutia> Let's try it!

[21:28:34] <Plutia> *grabs the lance*

[21:28:39] <Plutia> U can do it!

[21:28:41] <Vert> *Somehow throws Plutia up into the sky on a lance*

[21:29:00] <Nanako> [The shields come down just in time for Plutia to make it through]

[21:29:14] <Nanako> Beta, a little help here!

[21:29:24] <Beta> You got it! Crystal Meteor!

[21:29:26] <Plutia> *flies higher and higher and puts out her sword*

[21:29:57] <Beta> [The attack rains down on the airborne enemy, while Plutia pummels it with her sword attacks and Vert with her lance]

[21:30:38] <Plutia> Damn you ...thing! Crack now!

[21:30:52] <Plutia> *still slashing the machine*

[21:31:04] <Nanako> [Bits of plane fall to the ground, and Nanako inspects them while trying to recover her magic.]

[21:31:38] <Vert> *watches the pattern of the plane, it's getting more unpredictable. But she still throws another lance directly at another of its engines*

[21:32:56] <Beta> *Beta meanwhile is helping restore the shields. Though the bullet attacks are gradually reducing in intensity anyway.&

[21:33:11] <Vert> Just a little more Plutia! Get the other engine!

[21:33:41] <Plutia> I am hitting for my life! *hits the engine with all her power*

[21:34:14] <Vert> *Finally the engine dies out, and the plane comes crashing to the ground*

[21:34:23] <Plutia> Ay!

[21:34:27] <Beta> [The bullet rain subsides, and Beta can remove her shields.]

[21:34:31] <Beta> Whew..

[21:34:47] <Plutia> *detransforms* My back uh

[21:34:51] <Plutia> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'12'+'12'

[21:34:57] <Vert> 4

[21:35:01] <Vert> 3

[21:35:05] <Vert> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'12'+'12'

[21:35:20] <Vert> You did well up there... now let's see what this thing is made of.

[21:35:58] <Plutia> Thanks, but your spearthrows were awesome too

[21:36:14] <Vert> Ehehe, well, I am Leanbox's CPU after all... ^^

[21:36:37] <Vert> *walks over to the wreckage and opens the door which was turned sideways*

[21:38:25] <Nepgear> 3

[21:38:25] <Nepgear> *falls out from the door nearly on top of Vert, as Uni falls on top of her* Awawa... I told you not to disable the ASLR subsystems, Uni!

[21:38:29] <Keiji> 10 522

[21:38:39] <Chao> oh my god

[21:38:41] <Uni> 3

[21:39:03] <Uni> Nepgear I am so sorry but it happened!

[21:39:08] <Nepgear> Oh! Vert! So it was you attacking us...

[21:39:19] <Nanako> More like it was you attacking us...

[21:39:35] <Uni> That girl there was hacking on me! That was scary!

[21:39:37] <Nepgear> ...We're sorry! We couldn't help it...

[21:40:43] <Nepgear> Uni said we should take the plane to Leanbox to investigate it, but... then we lost all control and it started firing bullets and everythinG!

[21:40:52] <Nepgear> Now it's a wreck...

[21:41:02] <Uni> But back in Planeptune it worked well!

[21:41:23] <Vert> Well, you DID get to Leanbox, in a way.

[21:41:33] <Uni> Mission completed I'd say...

[21:41:53] <Nanako> Ano..

[21:42:24] <Nanako> I don't really know who you two are, but I'm guessing someone told you I had a lab here and thought it'd be a great idea for me to investigate this piece of technology?

[21:43:35] <Uni> Okay first of all WE are the sisters of 2 CPU's! And next we don't have an idea why this plane starts shooting at your ,,lab''. We just wanted to fly to leanbox!

[21:43:58] <Nepgear> Woah, woah, Uni-chan..

[21:44:04] <Nepgear> Please forgive her~

[21:44:10] <Uni> What? We couldn't knew!

[21:44:18] <Nepgear> We should really introduce ourselves~ This is Uni, and I'm Nepgear~

[21:45:14] <Nepgear> And, yeah... that's exactly what happened. What was his name again, Alpha, right?

[21:45:56] <Nanako> Ha... And you managed to wreck the thing you wanted investigating, as well as take a chunk out of my lab... Now I've even more fixing up to do...

[21:46:29] <Beta> Hmm... *pokes around* If you ask me, there's still plenty on the inside that's intact...

[21:46:57] <Nepgear> ...Then... We'll help you fix it!

[21:47:05] <Uni> If I have to...

[21:47:22] <Nepgear> Come on, don't be like that... did you want to help save Lastation or not~?

[21:47:34] <Keiji> 10 0

[21:47:51] <Uni> I don't think that cleaning up a place like this will help us saving lastation! We came ot search for neptune!

[21:48:02] <Uni> And my sister disappeard too!

[21:48:11] <Uni> Ain't nobody got time for that!

[21:48:35] <Nepgear> But we get to investigate the enemy's tech... how cool is that? *starry eyes* I mean, uh, we'll get an advantage over them, right?

[21:49:16] <Uni> *sigh* okay...

[21:49:42] <Nanako> ..

[21:50:15] <Nanako> ...Err, Uni, or whoever you are... if you want to go back to Planeptune so bad, I won't stop you

[21:50:28] <Uni> We CAME from planeptune!

[21:51:00] <Vert> You came to Leanbox to search for Neptune? That's a bit odd, when she's still in Planeptune...

[21:52:11] <Uni> Vert? She wasn't there. While I was talking to Nepgear, together with Singe and Chian, Praline Mois came with her soliders! We fought them and got their plane but she disappeared with Singe and now we've gotta find 'em

[21:52:45] <Nanako> Woah, woah, information overload.

[21:53:04] <Plutia> She's probably stting at compa's eating pudding

[21:53:20] <Uni> I need to find them! Noire...where are you?

[21:53:34] <Uni> She's so cool and strong...she could save us..

[21:53:46] <Nepgear> Uni-chan!

[21:54:09] <Uni> Nepgear! I am not strong enough to handle this!

[21:54:25] <Nepgear> *sigh*

[21:54:46] <Nepgear> Look, everything was going fine til the plane got messed up.

[21:55:05] <Nepgear> It looks like Neptune and Noire aren't in Leanbox, so...

[21:55:12] <Uni> But who knows what happens in the future...

[21:55:25] <Nepgear> *Onee-chan >_>

[21:55:34] <Keiji> I keep forgetting that one lol

[21:55:47] <Shinghi> oh me too damn

[21:56:09] <Beta> Hmmm... I don't really get it, but♪

[21:56:15] <Uni> Vert? Can I ask you, what is this place here? I've never heard from it before

[21:56:32] <Beta> It sounds like Nepgear wants to help Nanako, and Uni wants to look for these other people...

[21:56:50] <Beta> Why not just do that~?

[21:57:10] <Uni> You mean me alone? Searching for them without Nepgear?

[21:57:41] <Beta> Hey, I'll come with you if you like~

[21:57:50] <Uni> I...don'T know you

[21:58:03] <Beta> Sobbu

[21:58:11] <Uni> Sobbu?

[21:58:21] <Keiji> sorry, I couldn't help it

[21:58:31] <Shinghi> what does sobbu mean? xD

[21:58:44] <Beta> it's a meme xD She's just putting on a fake pouty crying face

[21:58:47] <Keiji> nickfail

[21:59:06] <Shinghi> ah okay xD foreign people :/ xD

[21:59:21] <Nepgear> Uni-chan... maybe you should go without me... I mean, if you want to get stronger... you can't be tagging along with me all the time, right?

[21:59:28] <Uni> Naw okay. But you have to follow my instructions!

[21:59:37] <Uni> But we are a team Nepgear!

[21:59:40] <Nepgear> It's just like me and sis... When Sis was always there for me... I never wanted to get stronger

[21:59:52] <Nepgear> I only could when she wasn't around.

[21:59:58] <Nepgear> I know, Uni!

[22:00:08] <Uni> But....we were strong back in planetpune...

[22:00:37] <Nepgear> Uni.

[22:01:06] <Nepgear> Go find our sisters and tell them what's happened. Then after that, we can go get revenge on that Praline woman together.

[22:01:09] <Nepgear> How does that sound? :3

[22:01:12] <Uni> Nepgear...*hugs Nepgear* see you.

[22:01:57] <Nepgear> *hugs sincerely* I'm sure you'll find them! And I'll miss you!

[22:02:07] <Uni> I'll miss you too!

[22:02:26] <Uni> Let's go....idk who you are but let's go now!

[22:02:52] <Beta> Name's Beta~

[22:03:10] <Uni> Got it Beta. See you guys!

[22:03:13] <Uni> 4

[22:03:15] <Nanako> 4

[22:03:17] <Vert> 4

[22:03:19] <Nepgear> 4

[22:03:21] <Plutia> 4

[22:03:27] <Uni> 3

[22:04:13] <Uni> Sooooo Beta....I didn't hear anything about this place before. Are there more of these buildings?

[22:04:40] <Beta> Hmm... Well, there's Satan's Tower, that's for sure. I don't know how many places got teleported here in all, though.

[22:04:57] <Beta> And where we just left was the FGF Arcade. Also known as Nanako's lab.

[22:05:31] <Uni> Uhm...okay? Do you think we can find Neptune and my sister in...Satan's Tower?

[22:05:40] <Beta> No, that's in Leanbox^^

[22:05:59] <Beta> I thought you'd lead us back to Planeptune so we can search properly.

[22:06:45] <Uni> We already searched there. If Compa AND Neptune aren't around they travlled to another continent.

[22:06:55] <Keiji> They didn't search there

[22:07:02] <Keiji> Neptune and Compa and Noire are all in Planeptune lol

[22:07:15] <Keiji> They literally only went to the Basilicom and then headed for Leanbox ouo

[22:07:18] <Shinghi> I thought the shrine is in leanbox too :0

[22:07:21] <Shinghi> oh damn xD

[22:07:25] <Keiji> noooooooo

[22:07:25] <Keiji> well

[22:07:30] <Keiji> the Mizuri Shrine is

[22:07:40] <Shinghi> okay forget what I said

[22:07:41] <Keiji> but the people we are looking for are at the Azuri Shrine

[22:07:45] <Chao> Is it true the muffin town relives

[22:07:51] <Keiji> of course it is

[22:08:35] <Uni> Actually...Nepgear and me went to leanbox to find them here but...we forgot to search in planeptune ^^'

[22:08:38] <Keiji> [And so Uni and Beta travel back to Planeptune, having... ahem... *dropped off* the plane over at the FGF Arcade for investigation.]

[22:09:11] <Keiji> (Now would be an appropriate time for Gypsum to make an appearance, methinks.)

[22:09:33] <Gypsum> 3

[22:09:37] <Keiji> (but brb I'm gonna quickly grab some food)

[22:09:48] <Shinghi> Gypsum was who?

[22:09:59] <Chao> 10 348

[22:10:21] <Gypsum> I'm sorry, May I help you?

[22:10:35] <Uni> Who are you?

[22:10:54] <Gypsum> I am Gypsum... a-and.. that's.

[22:11:10] <Gypsum> *Noticing Beta, she shivers a little, bowing*

[22:11:16] <Uni> Beta you know her?

[22:11:22] <Gypsum> Please forgive me.

[22:11:46] <Gypsum> I made terrible mistakes under the guidance of that man. But no more.

[22:11:55] <Uni> And how do you want to help us?

[22:12:15] <Uni> And which man? Girl, you are making me confused >.<

[22:12:52] <Gypsum> I've wandered outside of the shrine to see who else might be on this continent, but so far, it has only resulted in you two.

[22:13:26] <Uni> A shrine? Where? Is there a little cute girl with purple hair or a girl with black braids?

[22:14:26] <Gypsum> Oh.. Excuse me, I've taken up residence in a shrine here. Angol Mois... he is a man who wants me dead for my treachery. A girl with purple braids? I believe...

[22:14:32] <Gypsum> Someone like that may be at the shrine.

[22:14:49] <Uni> Take me to this shrine! Please!

[22:15:04] <Uni> And you worked for this Angol Mois? That's why I am here, I think.

[22:15:30] <Gypsum> ...O-Oh, is it...??

[22:15:37] <Uni> Yeah!

[22:15:40] <Gypsum> *she seems unnerved*

[22:16:03] <Uni> Please, bring us to this shrine.

[22:16:27] <Uni> I fought against Mois soldiers and crashed with a plane. I had a long day

[22:16:52] <Beta> Ah... you were his assistant, weren't you?

[22:17:03] <Gypsum> That's right. You remember.

[22:17:21] <Beta> But... I don't feel any evil intent from you right now.

[22:17:41] <Gypsum> I... turned against Angol. He wants me dead now.

[22:18:14] <Gypsum> My assassin chased some poor souls and I here to ..."Planeptune", is it?

[22:18:18] <Beta> Probably best to stay inside or in hiding then. He's got PLANES now.

[22:18:28] <Gypsum> And we've been in refuge ever since.

[22:18:55] <Gypsum> I'm very well aware that Angol has airship technology. I drove one on his behalf once.

[22:19:03] <Uni> Oh me too.

[22:19:19] <Beta> Well, maybe without the "on his behalf" part... ^^

[22:19:37] <Uni> yeah, but this thing is...was ^^' cool

[22:20:04] <Gypsum> Anyway, it's probably best for me to go back to the shrine now. I'm sure the others must be worried. You may come with,.

[22:20:21] <Uni> Let's hurry up!

[22:20:56] <Keiji> [And so everyone gets back to the shrine!]

[22:21:02] <Compa> 3

[22:21:06] <Keiji> [and by everyone I mean all three of them.]

[22:21:16] <Neptune> 3

[22:21:20] <Compa> Neptune! There is NO pudding left!

[22:21:21] <CyberConnect2> 3

[22:21:28] <Noire> 3

[22:21:29] <Neptune> Wah~?

[22:21:31] <Neptune> No Pudding?!

[22:21:35] <Compa> You ate it ALL!

[22:21:36] <Neptune> How can this be!! x_x

[22:21:43] <Compa> *sigh*

[22:21:53] <Gypsum> Excuse me, I've returned.

[22:22:10] <Compa> Hey Gypsum wha- Uni?!

[22:22:18] <Noire> Uni?

[22:22:23] <Neptune> Huh? Uni-chan?

[22:22:24] <Uni> ONEE-CHAAAAN!!!

[22:22:25] <Noire> What are you doing here?!

[22:22:53] <Uni> *runs to Noire* I were so worried about you! Why didn't you call me or sent a message or something like this!

[22:22:54] <Neptune> Uni-chan, I'm so sorry! We've got no pudding left somehow, we didn't know you were coming to eat some too ><

[22:23:08] <Noire> Uni...

[22:23:26] <Uni> I have to tell you some stuff guys.

[22:23:48] <Noire> Y-You shouldn't worry about me so much. I was kicked out of my Basilicom again, and I have to save Lastation. It's the least I can do for them.

[22:23:56] <Neptune> Oh? What could this be? Any super juicy gossip is about as welcome as Compa's delicious pudding~

[22:24:06] <Uni> It's not about pudding...

[22:24:12] <Uni> Where should I start?..

[22:24:16] <Uni> Okay

[22:25:24] <Uni> I was in Lastation when I saw a group of strange looking people. They watched an ad from Mois Pralines. And you won't belve who sat there and talked to this bad woman! Blanc!

[22:26:14] <Noire> Blanc?...

[22:27:14] <Uni> And then they said something about a new kind of sweet which was developed by Blanc and the people freaked out and tried to get as much of this new chocolate as they could! Then I talked to this people and they fought against a little girl called...idk Fresh or something like this. This irl blew Chian's house!

[22:27:53] <Uni> We heard that Mois Praline wants to open shops in Planeptune and Leanbox so we flew to Planeptune's Basilicom to inform you, neptune

[22:28:00] <CyberConnect2> Woah, hold up a second.

[22:28:03] <Uni> yeah?

[22:28:06] <CyberConnect2> Are you sure that's Blanc?

[22:28:10] <Uni> the story isn't finished yet

[22:28:19] <Noire> I was there when Freshener blew up Chian's house.

[22:28:33] <Uni> She looked like blanc yeah

[22:28:49] <Noire> Furthermore, there's no way Blanc would've ever gone along with that hair-brained chocolate scheme that willingly.

[22:28:49] <CyberConnect2> Well, was she ever in her normal form?

[22:28:53] <Uni> she behaved not so heatheaded like always but yeah

[22:29:09] <Shinghi> she was in her hdd form right?

[22:29:14] <Keiji> indeed

[22:29:25] <Uni> no she was lady white heart

[22:29:38] <CyberConnect2> Then she's probably that fake going around

[22:29:46] <CyberConnect2> That fake that can't de-transform.

[22:29:46] <Uni> but arfoire isn't here anymore

[22:30:01] <CyberConnect2> She's not Arfoire.

[22:30:04] <Noire> They've got that faker doing publicity stunts?

[22:30:13] <Uni> uhm...yea

[22:30:23] <Compa> 4

[22:30:23] <Uni> 4

[22:30:23] <Shinghi> 2

[22:30:32] <Noire> That Angol... I'm going to give him more than a piece of my mind when this is all over.

[22:30:32] <CyberConnect2> Remember Noire?

[22:30:33] <Shinghi> 1

[22:30:45] <Compa> 3

[22:30:51] <CyberConnect2> The Fake White Heart that's going round and looking for the Key Fragments.

[22:30:52] <Uni> 3

[22:31:08] <Compa> 4

[22:31:08] <Uni> 4

[22:31:08] <Shinghi> 2

[22:31:09] <CyberConnect2> Uni.. if you ever find yourself with a Key Fragment, watch out, 'cause she'll be coming after you.

[22:31:19] <Noire> First he makes a fake white heart to go round up Histoire and now she's pretending to be the real blanc so people will worship his candies?!

[22:31:19] <Shinghi> 1

[22:31:30] <Uni> 3

[22:31:34] <Financier> 3

[22:31:37] <Financier> 4

[22:31:41] <Compa> 3

[22:31:55] <Keiji> oh man as much as I'd love to have Financier and her adorable self involved

[22:31:59] <Keiji> she's banned til Lowee arc

[22:32:04] <Shinghi> :D

[22:32:06] <Keiji> :p

[22:32:18] <Uni> These people found a key fragment

[22:32:28] <CyberConnect2> Which people?

[22:34:34] <Uni> Some foreign. I have never seen them before. The guy with the key fragment was called Tech. And then there were people like alpha, arle and sigma. they went to falcom's fishing island

[22:34:52] <Uni> Should I continue the stoey?

[22:34:54] <CyberConnect2> Well, if they're with Falcom, then I'm sure it's safe

[22:34:58] <CyberConnect2> Yeah, you said there was more, do go on

[22:35:25] <Gypsum> Arle Nadja... my assailant also wants her dead.

[22:36:49] <Uni> okay. so we flew, chian, singe and me, to planeptune's basilicom. the staff said that you aren't around and that they don't wan tto buy some chocolate but then came nepgear. She told us that Mois tries to persuade them to open stores but they passed.

[22:38:08] <Uni> then came Praline with her employees and they FORCED the staff and singe to open some stores and stuff like this. Singe had hidden some robots in the basilicom so they started fighting. outside of the basilicom were many employees too which were taken out by nepgear, chian and me,

[22:38:18] <Neptune> Woah, woah!

[22:38:36] <Uni> in the end, praline took singe and I flew with nepgear to leanbox

[22:38:45] <Neptune> You're telling me there was a big battle in the Basilicom and I wasn't there to be a part of it ? D:

[22:38:57] <Gypsum> ...

[22:39:03] <Noire> See Neptune?

[22:39:14] <Noire> This is what happens when you're not a responsible CPU like me!

[22:39:21] <Uni> then we attacked a place named FGF Arcade or ,,lab'' and there we started to shoot on some people, cause the plane freaked out.

[22:40:12] <Uni> we were, rescued or more holded back from destryoing this place from Plutia and Vert. We talked to them and Beta and me decided to search you

[22:40:26] <Uni> Story end *takes a biiiig breath*

[22:40:32] <Neptune> Hey! Isn't checking out this shrine part of my reposibillies or whatever too?

[22:40:38] <Noire> Uni... Why did you do all of this?!

[22:40:54] <Uni> Why? Cause I HAD too! You weren't around

[22:40:56] <Noire> ...urr, you have a good point Neptune..

[22:41:06] <Noire> ...I'm sorry Uni.

[22:41:37] <Uni> I don't understand why you are sitting here, eating pudding and drinking tea while anywhere else something bad happens!

[22:41:52] <Noire> But those aren't foes that you recklessly approach the way you did! I want to punch Angol's brains out, but we can't even punch his front door with all these powerful goonies he has!

[22:42:23] <Uni> And what you are doing here is better than just crashing his door?

[22:42:26] <Beta> Which is exactly why Nepgear wanted to help Nanako investigate the plane.

[22:42:53] <Neptune> Hey! It's not just any pudding, it's Compa's pudding! Always gotta make time for that!

[22:43:35] <Noire> I'm not sitting here eating pudding! I'm trying to understand our enemy so we can take him down!

[22:43:46] <Uni> Now it is YOUR turn to think about it and to decide what to do next!

[22:43:54] <Noire> That's why Cyber-chan and Gypsum are here!

[22:44:20] <Beta> Well, I think Uni needs a break... Sounds like she's been under a lot of pressure lately.

[22:45:21] <Noire> But yeah! Sure! I'm just sitting here waiting for Angol to die in his office! ...I'm sorry. I just don't want you to get hurt or shoulder my burdens for me. You do enough.

[22:46:02] <Uni> You don't want me to get hurt? I think I able to take care of me alone now!

[22:46:15] <Uni> *leaves the shrine t get some fresh air*

[22:46:27] <Noire> . . .

[22:46:32] <Compa> Some tea anyone? ^^'...

[22:46:33] <Beta> Hey, just half an hour ago you were moaning about not having Nepgear come here with you...

[22:47:07] <Beta> And yes, tea would be lovely.

[22:47:10] <Gypsum> I would love some tea.

[22:47:17] <Beta> I've had a relatively exhausting fight myself.

[22:47:40] <Compa> *pours some tea into some cups*

[22:47:41] <Beta> I sure hope Nanako and Nepgear can get the plane fixed. It was quite a piece of work!

[22:48:07] <Beta> If we had something like that and didn't crash it... well, that'd be quite a valuable weapon to take on Angol and his goons with.

[22:48:30] <Noire> Uni thinks she has to take on the world by herself... And it's because I'm a lousy CPU.

[22:48:45] <Noire> First Arfoire, and now Angol.

[22:48:58] <Neptune> ...uuu

[22:49:14] <Neptune> Don't say things like that Noiruu

[22:49:28] <Noire> What good is a CPU who can't protect their own people from being corrupted not once, but twice.

[22:49:46] <Compa> I just think Uni is disappointed. She wanted you to say at her side, cause she thinks she's not strong enough to handle the situations. But she is. Definetely. And you are a good CPU, just like Uni will become one

[22:50:14] <CyberConnect2> Noire, you're not a lousy CPU.

[22:50:28] <CyberConnect2> Lastation has the best tech in the world... and sadly, that's what attracts all the villains./

[22:51:00] <CyberConnect2> Of course they're going to take over Lastation rather than another land, it's the most advantageous place to hold.

[22:51:24] <CyberConnect2> But remember, who was it that built all that tech?

[22:51:36] <Noire> ...Me?

[22:51:40] <CyberConnect2> Exactly.

[22:51:59] <CyberConnect2> A lousy CPU couldn't even dream of building all the things you've built!

[22:52:27] <Noire> It's nothing, really.

[22:52:36] <CyberConnect2> So, you gonna sit and grumble about evil guys doing what they'll do, or are you gonna fight and get your land back?

[22:52:40] <Compa> Neptune, write that down. You've gotta do something for planeptune too!

[22:52:53] <Neptune> Eh, really~?

[22:52:54] <Noire> I'll fight like hell for Lastation!

[22:53:17] <Neptune> Planeptune doesn't need more tech~ It's pretty as it is, isn't it?

[22:53:20] <Gypsum> I will do my best to tell you about Angol.

[22:53:37] <Neptune> Planeptune has pudding and that's what matters! :D

[22:53:40] <Gypsum> It's very likely I created the metal alloy he uses in his weapons.

[22:54:35] <Keiji> 12 574 t-'?????'+'Sonic Adventure DX - Theme of Amy (Instrumental)'

[22:55:21] <CyberConnect2> Then... you'll know its weakness too?

[22:55:43] <Shinghi> Do we finish for today soon? when they want to travel to somewhere?

[22:56:32] <Gypsum> I know it's composition. We can develop suitable countermeasures for it with the right minerals.

[22:56:46] <Neptune> Ohh, sounds like a fetch quest!

[22:56:52] <Gypsum> But above all else, it is weakest to magic.

[22:57:15] <Gypsum> In the worlds we came from, even the strongest technology gave way to magic.

[22:57:28] <Gypsum> Some even deigned to use them together.

[22:57:36] <Compa> I wonder where MAGES is?

[23:00:31] <Noire> Well, we can leave the magic to the lot of sorcerers that are running around lately. What we need is the means to take him on, magic or not!

[23:01:16] <CyberConnect2> ...So, Uni. You mentioned Vanille and Praline earlier. And Neptune and Noire had the run-in with Fresa. And then there's the Fake White Heart. All of them minions of this Angol person.

[23:01:36] <Shinghi> Uni's not in the shrine

[23:01:41] <Keiji> oh derp

[23:01:49] <CyberConnect2> ...So, Uni mentioned Vanille and Praline earlier. And Neptune and Noire had the run-in with Fresa. And then there's the Fake White Heart. All of them minions of this Angol person.

[23:01:53] <Keiji> fixed :P

[23:02:02] <Shinghi> :D

[23:02:36] <Keiji> and yeah I know Uni didn't mention Vanille, but we can pretend she did. Alpha/Tech could easily have told her about Vanille back last episode

[23:02:41] <Keiji> before they split up

[23:02:45] <Uni> yeah

[23:02:52] <Shinghi> nickfail

[23:02:53] <Shinghi> yeah

[23:03:11] <Shinghi> End it for today?

[23:03:19] <CyberConnect2> I guess the obvious question is, who do we try to take out first?

[23:03:24] <Keiji> just a bit longer?

[23:03:28] <Shinghi> okay

[23:03:33] <Keiji> Want to get their plans sorted out

[23:03:37] <Shinghi> k ^^

[23:03:48] <Compa> Maybe the bad guy?

[23:04:06] <Beta> There's already a party from Leanbox going to take on Vanille.

[23:04:57] <Beta> Students of the Magic School, plus one of your CPUs, Peashy. After what Gypsum said about magic earlier.. I think they stand a good chance. So we should try going for someone else.

[23:05:18] <Gypsum> Fresa has the most mobility and is after Arle and I. It would be in our best interest to deal with her first, since she will likely try to snipe us if we were to go after Praline or this Fake White Heart person.

[23:05:26] <Compa> Peashy alone with some students she doen's know? That could be funny

[23:05:28] <Neptune> I'm still mad at that Freshener girl! Why don't we take her out?

[23:06:17] <Neptune> We'll beat her into submission and make her rebuild Chian's lovely house!

[23:06:19] <Noire> Yeah, That Freshener can get a fresh load of us after what she did to me and Chian... and Singe I guess.

[23:06:35] <Neptune> Yeah! The Nep-Nep-Noire tag team strikes again! *hi-five*

[23:06:46] <Noire> *hi-fives*

[23:06:52] <Neptune> ...

[23:07:16] <Noire> ...

[23:07:16] <Neptune> Hey, Noire actually did it! Where'd that old shy no-high-fives Noire go, eh <3

[23:07:29] <Neptune> *best bud hug*

[23:07:48] <Noire> S-Shut up! I wasn't thinking about it. I was too busy getting riled up to beat on that Freshener.

[23:07:56] <Compa> Nep-nep? :< Gimme a hug too! :(

[23:08:09] <Neptune> Sure! Hugs for everyone *hug*

[23:08:32] <Compa> Yaay ^-^ I'll make you the BEST pudding you've ever eaten soon!

[23:08:41] <Neptune> Waiii~! Pudding :D

[23:09:13] <Keiji> I think we can cal it here

[23:09:21] <Shinghi> okay ^^

[23:09:33] <Shinghi> i think we should play lemres and feli in the next episode :D

[23:09:42] <Keiji> Sure

[23:09:48] <Chao> Yeah, I'd like to do a monologue with Angol but Shinghi can sit that out if he needs to be somewhere.

[23:09:55] <Chao> Also yeah Feli and Lemres next episode for sure

[23:10:22] <Chao> I actually meant for them to appear this time but the situation didn't call for it.

[23:10:28] <Keiji> Shinghi can always read the logs, I was thinking we should do a bit at the Arcade where there are now none of his characters around

[23:10:37] <Chao> Sure, sure.

[23:10:46] <Shinghi> okay :) I'll read them then ^^

[23:10:52] <Keiji> See you}~

[23:10:55] <Shinghi> Bye :3

[23:10:58] <Compa> 4

[23:10:58] <Uni> 4

[23:10:58] <Shinghi> 2

[23:11:13] <Keiji> btw Chao

[23:11:24] <Keiji> For someone who's never seen any of the source material

[23:11:28] <Keiji> you play a freaking perfect Noire

[23:11:32] <Chao> Really?!

[23:11:33] <Chao> omg

[23:11:35] <Keiji> yes

[23:11:43] <Chao> She was an epic Tsundere today

[23:11:55] <Keiji> Noire's better than just a tsundere

[23:12:04] <Keiji> She is a tsundere, but she's a special kind of tsundere

[23:12:05] <Chao> She only does everything.(tm)

[23:12:09] <Keiji> YES

[23:12:12] <Keiji> SHE ONLY DOES EVERYTHING.

[23:12:51] <Keiji> Hey, instead/as well as your Angol monologue, want to have him head off to the Graveyard?

[23:13:15] <Chao> I could set that up too yea if you'd like.

[23:14:43] <Keiji> Btw

[23:14:43] <Keiji> http://cw.nanako.moe/wiki/Map:Gamindustri

[23:14:48] <Keiji> Graveyard does not appear on this image

[23:15:13] <Keiji> It's another thing that was conveniently added in Neptunia 2, with no explanation as to where it came from, and made out like it always existed... you know, like the Sistesr

[23:15:17] <Keiji> Sisters*

[23:16:10] <Chao> >Lastation

[23:16:11] <Chao> >Ringo

[23:16:14] <Keiji> However, you can see it in the Neptunia 2 map: http://gaming.thedigitalfix.com/protectedimage.php?image=LewisBrown/Map.jpg_07022015

[23:16:15] <Chao> well shit

[23:16:16] <Keiji> err

[23:16:17] <Keiji> http://i.imgur.com/vmzikzI.jpg

[23:16:36] <Keiji> It's just under the Shares box, it's that black and red floating island thing.

[23:16:48] <Chao> I figured

[23:17:15] <Keiji> Also in the Neptunia 2 Map, Planeptune and Leanbox basically switch places. Leanbox's capital is the white/green structure to the south, while Planeptune is west of the Graveyard and offscreen there.

[23:17:35] <Chao> I see

[23:18:18] <Keiji> For CHW Canon, I'd like to go for a mix of the two maps.

[23:18:54] <Keiji> Leanbox and Planeptune are as they are in Neptunia 1, while Lowee, Lastation and the Graveyard are as in Neptunia 2.

[23:19:06] <Chao> Got it

[23:19:39] <Keiji> That is, Lowee and Lastation are separated only by a river, while Leanbox and Planeptune are still islands like in 1.

[23:20:29] <Keiji> Falcom's homeland is an island off to the south-west of Planeptune, seen in http://cw.nanako.moe/wiki/Map:Gamindustri sadly covered by my big white box but you can JUST see the westmost tip of it to the left of the name "Nanako"

[23:20:58] <Keiji> Falcom's Fishing Resort Island is the island with the "NEW" speechbubble in the bottom right corner of http://i.imgur.com/vmzikzI.jpg

[23:21:15] <Keiji> So, does that all make sense?

[23:21:20] <Chao> Yeah

[23:24:09] <Keiji> So, Arcade first or Graveyard first?

[23:24:46] <Chao> I think maybe Arcade first, then Angol's shenangians at the basilicom and the graveyard.

[23:24:52] <Keiji> basilicom?

[23:24:55] <Keiji> Oh, Lastation's?

[23:24:59] <Chao> Yeah

[23:25:02] <Keiji> aight

[23:25:09] <TOTA> 10 485

[23:25:15] <Gypsum> 4

[23:25:17] <Noire> 4

[23:25:19] <Beta> 4

[23:25:20] <Neptune> 4

[23:25:21] <CyberConnect2> 4

[23:25:25] <Nanako> 3

[23:25:32] <Keiji> wait

[23:25:37] <Keiji> Is it literally just my characters there now

[23:25:38] <Ms. Accord> 3

[23:25:53] <Chao> (Accord or someone else could be there?)

[23:25:57] <Keiji> well, I thought Accord stayed at the Magic School, but sure

[23:26:03] <Chao> (Oh, hm)

[23:26:09] <Keiji> Or you could play Beta and/or Vert

[23:26:12] <Chao> (Maybe Phi is there since Beta was there)

[23:26:18] <Nepgear> 3

[23:26:27] <Keiji> Want to play Beta and Vert?

[23:26:31] <Ms. Accord> 4

[23:26:42] <Chao> Wait, Beta was at the Shrine.

[23:26:42] <Keiji> Has Phi appeared in CHW yet?

[23:26:45] <Keiji> err

[23:26:47] <Keiji> not beta

[23:26:49] <Keiji> ...

[23:26:50] <Keiji> right

[23:26:51] <Chao> Also no, he hasn't

[23:26:52] <Keiji> yeah she left

[23:26:53] <Keiji> Okay

[23:26:55] <Keiji> then

[23:26:57] <Keiji> Vert and Phi

[23:27:06] <Chao> Sure.

[23:27:08] <Keiji> Also this music is love

[23:27:30] <Vert> 3

[23:28:11] <Chao> Yeah

[23:30:36] <Nepgear> [Nepgear, Nanako, Vert and Phi have already finished patching together the Arcade. Now they're investigating the plane, trying to see if they can repair it.]

[23:30:46] <Phi> 3

[23:31:23] <Nanako> I gotta say, that went a lot quicker than I expected. Nepgear, you've been a great help!

[23:31:26] <Phi> So... I'm glad I was able to help with fixing up the Arcade! Sorry about sleeping through all that comotion though, eheh.

[23:31:47] <Nepgear> *starry eyes* Ehehe... any day, Miss Nanako! This is like my dream come true, to work on stuff like this!

[23:31:57] <Phi> Traveling across worlds really takes it out of you.

[23:32:12] <Nanako> You two as well, of course. [Phi and Vert]

[23:32:23] <Nanako> And.. just call me Nanako. Titles weird me out.

[23:32:39] <Vert> Oh, it's my pleasure. After all, I'm Leanbox's CPU ^^

[23:33:04] <Nanako> So... you really think we can fix this plane, even when it's this badly wrecky

[23:33:06] <Nanako> wrecked?*

[23:33:55] <Phi> I dunno... It looks pretty beat up. But everything's worth a shot! Right?

[23:34:22] <Keiji> maybe we can be changing Phi to blue temporarily?

[23:34:38] <Phi> 6 c-'4'+'3' r-'0'+'0'

[23:34:44] <Keiji> that's orange, but sure

[23:35:03] <Chao> I think he was orange a long time ago but then he was yellow because color conflicts

[23:35:40] <Nepgear> Hmm, I think we can! It looks trashed, but the inside's almost intact, and we should be able to recover the plans for what's bust.

[23:35:50] <Nepgear> So long as we have the materials for it

[23:36:06] <Nanako> Where would we get those, though? I don't even know my way around here

[23:37:09] <Vert> I believe I can take care of that. As the Land of Green Pastures, there should be plenty of natural resources.

[23:38:07] <Nanako> Oh? Well, it's handy to have you around then!

[23:38:14] <Nanako> I'll leave it to you!

[23:38:41] <Nanako> First, let's get this thing righted..

[23:39:28] <Phi> That might be tough with just the four of us, but we can handle it!

[23:39:55] <Nanako> Well, some Crystal Magic would make it a darn site easier.

[23:40:55] <Nanako> So... I can either try and lift it out of the ground, or support it as we set it back down

[23:41:42] <Phi> Hmm.. which do you think would be better? I'm thinking maybe getting it unstuck...

[23:42:04] <Vert> Nepgear and I should be able to steady it when it's loose.

[23:42:10] <Nepgear> Vert, can't you help guide it with wind magic?

[23:42:23] <Vert> Oh, I suppose that may work too!

[23:42:31] <Nanako> Then it's settled.

[23:42:49] <Nanako> Crystal Levitation!

[23:43:56] <Keiji> [With Vert's wind magic and Nepgear's guidance, and Nanako's crystal magic powered by Phi's light energy, they somehow manage to get the massive airship the right way up. It's quite a bit bigger than the entire FGF Arcade!]

[23:44:21] <Phi> This thing is massive...

[23:44:25] <TOTA> 10 207

[23:44:42] <Nepgear> And now you can all see how most of it's still intact :D

[23:45:13] <Nanako> Yeah... looks like Vert went for the engines. And Beta went for the guns... we'd want those to work, though.

[23:45:43] <Vert> Ah, what a shame I had to destroy them then.

[23:46:13] <Phi> At least we dont have to fix the rest of the plane mostly...

[23:47:13] <Phi> We can investigate it still while most of it is intact.

[23:47:54] <Nepgear> Then, how about you and Nanako do the investigating, I'll do the fixing, and Vert can gather the resources we need?

[23:48:10] <Phi> Sounds good!

[23:48:18] <Nanako> *climbs aboard with Phi*

[23:48:41] <Vert> *leaves to go gather resources*

[23:48:49] <Nanako> *wanders into the cockpit*

[23:48:55] <Nanako> ...That Uni flew THIS?

[23:49:07] <Nanako> Jeez, damn...

[23:49:11] <Phi> Woah... I guess she did.

[23:49:27] <Phi> I certainly wouldn't have been able to! Well... without some hand holding anyway.

[23:49:34] <Nanako> She might have screwed it up, but I don't blame her. The fact that she got this plane out of Planeptune is a feat in itself

[23:49:48] <Nanako> And... we ARE going to need a pilot.

[23:50:19] <Phi> Yeah... You want this fixed up so we can use it against Angol, right?

[23:50:58] <Nanako> I'm thinking Praline, to be specific.

[23:51:08] <Phi> ...What?

[23:51:33] <Nanako> After all, our pilot deserves some revenge. And what more ironic way to secure a victory than to use one's own craft against them?

[23:51:59] <Phi> Yeah, that would be pretty ironic.

[23:52:31] <Keiji> (anything specific they should find on board?)

[23:52:42] <Chao> (Hmm...)

[23:53:22] <Phi> ...Hey, I recognize some of this stuff over here. It looks like the same stuff Angol made his portal machine out of back in the Abyss.

[23:53:37] <Nanako> Oh? What, Angolium was it?

[23:54:05] <Phi> I think they called it Angolium. It's super reinforced metal made with abyssian minerals. How was he able to keep making it here though?

[23:54:30] <Nanako> Maybe he brought it with him?

[23:54:44] <Phi> Yeah... plus, I guess Satan's here, given what you've told me.

[23:55:19] <Phi> Either way, that's how Beta was totally able to trash the thing's guns.

[23:55:20] <TOTA> 10 245

[23:55:42] <Nanako> Think we could upgrade them to run on Crystal energy?

[23:56:29] <Phi> I think so! I know that the machines Ecolo and Alpha used to make the clones and their base were run on magical energy. I think we should be able to upgrade that to run on crystal energy.

[23:56:41] <Phi> It'd be even harder to break than Angolium, and just as tough!

[23:57:01] <Nanako> Sounds like a plan!

[23:57:11] <Nanako> And, say...

[23:57:14] <Nanako> I've a hunch.

[23:57:23] <Phi> Oh yeah?...

[23:59:10] <Nanako> I bet that Praline will be coming over here to try and "recover" her plane.

[23:59:28] <Phi> You think so?

[23:59:43] <Nanako> Well, why wouldn't she? I would, if I were her.

[0:00:08] <Nanako> I got pretty mad when my Helicopter got blown up, after all.

[0:00:10] <Phi> Hm, I guess you're right. It'd be weird having a plane advertising your company in the hands of your enemy...

[0:00:11] <Nanako> Then again...

[0:00:24] <Nanako> if Praline has a thousand more of these, I guess she wouldn't be worried.

[0:00:36] <Nanako> So maybe we should go on the offensive before she gets her hands on another.

[0:00:49] <Phi> Yeah...

[0:01:06] <Nanako> But, that's not to say we can't use it on more than her. It's a hefty tool in our arsenal.

[0:01:38] <Phi> You bet! And, if we have enough resources, we might be able to manufacture our own versions of these

[0:01:53] <Phi> We wouldn't have as many, but they'd be a big boost.

[0:02:12] <Nanako> Let's just stick with the one. That way, we can put all our effort into it.

[0:02:18] <Phi> Yeah.

[0:02:42] <Phi> I think I've been spending too much time with Alpha... He gets kinda carried away with these things.

[0:02:48] <Nanako> [...later...]

[0:02:57] <Nanako> There, that should just about do it for the Crystal upgrade.

[0:03:06] <Phi> Looking good!

[0:03:22] <Nanako> *disembarks, to see..*

[0:03:32] <Nanako> [The entire outside is sparkling as if brand new]

[0:03:43] <Nanako> ...holy CRAP you two did an amazing job on this

[0:03:52] <Nepgear> Ehehe☆

[0:03:58] <Vert> Oh, it was nothing ^^

[0:04:13] <Phi> Wow! This thing looks amazing!

[0:04:23] <Nepgear> Don't worry, I don't charge! Just being able to do this was payment enough~

[0:04:48] <Nanako> ...I'd be pretty scared if you DID say you wanted payment for your work, after all this. I'd be bankrupt!

[0:04:57] <Phi> You would be a HUGE hit here at the lab, Nepgear!

[0:05:08] <Phi> If Alpha saw this he'd be doing backflips.

[0:05:26] <Nepgear> *sweatdrops, blushing* Um.. now you're just flattering me... ^^

[0:05:52] <Vert> I'd say we all did our fair share in getting this aircraft in tip-top shape.

[0:07:05] <Nanako> Now all that's left is to go find our pilot and get the battle started.~

[0:07:32] <Vert> Indeed.

[0:07:46] <Phi> That'll be the hardest part.

[0:08:52] <Phi> But if we rally together, we'll be able to do it!

[0:11:24] <Keiji> Angol time? don't really see any sense stringing this out any longer

[0:11:37] <Chao> Yeah

[0:11:47] <Phi> 4

[0:11:49] <Vert> 4

[0:11:53] <Nanako> 4

[0:11:54] <Nepgear> 4

[0:12:06] <Angol Mois> 3

[0:12:14] <Praline> 3

[0:12:41] <Chao> [IN the Lastation Basilicom, Angol is alone with Vanille and Praline, discussing their next moves and their plans]

[0:12:47] <Vanille> 3

[0:13:09] <Angol Mois> It's been awhile. I assume things have been going smoothly?

[0:13:32] <Vanille> N-Not.... Not exactly "smoothly", but they are progressing.

[0:13:44] <Angol Mois> Define "Not Exactly."

[0:14:39] <Praline> That stupid Ganache royally screwed up! He told Fresa to take care of the Avenir loose ends, and apparently neither of them did it, because that old man was still running around. Luckily, Singe belongs to us now, so that won't be an issue.

[0:15:00] <Praline> Still, it was somewhat annoying, since Singe and Chian know too much.

[0:15:40] <Angol Mois> I told Fresa to eliminate Arle Nadja and Gypsum. That was her task. Her task was not to silence Avenir. This was what I entrusted to Ganache. The fool.

[0:16:04] <Angol Mois> He is not to distract Fresa from her task again. Is this clear?

[0:16:22] <Keiji> is FWH in this meeting too?

[0:16:26] <Keiji> or not

[0:16:39] <Chao> She is not present. Neither are Fresa or Ganache.

[0:16:42] <Keiji> ok

[0:17:09] <Praline> I'll pass this on to ol Fake Whitey too, so she can use her persuasion.

[0:17:36] <Angol Mois> Speaking of that. How is the search for the Key Fragments? Surely we must be in possession of one by now.

[0:18:40] <Vanille> I've located three of them. Unfortunately, one barely escaped our grasp. It's still somewhere here in Lastation though. I'm sure of it.

[0:19:10] <Angol Mois> There's no room for "barely escaped." You must collect them. Where are the others?

[0:19:28] <Keiji> (I also presume "located" does not mean "collected2)

[0:20:04] <Vanille> One is in Leanbox somewhere. The other... is in the Graveyard. I've yet to locate the last, sir.

[0:20:21] <Keiji> FWH knows Cybercon has one.

[0:20:40] <Keiji> and nobody knows there are actually fiev

[0:21:03] <Praline> I spoke with Whitey the other day. She knows the last one is with someone who's hiding out in one of the other continents.

[0:21:20] <Angol Mois> And this intel is reliable?

[0:21:31] <Praline> Only the most reliable for you, sir!

[0:21:51] <Angol Mois> That should speed things along. All we have to do now is collect them.

[0:22:09] <Angol Mois> How is our candy business doing? Are people consuming them as planned?

[0:23:03] <Praline> Practically everyone in Lastation is eating them! I can't contact anyone in Lowee, but I sent some negotiators there anyway. Leanbox is next on my list, but Planeptune is still resisting.

[0:23:35] <Angol Mois> Lastation alone is enough. This phase is nearly complete. Lastly, Vanille, about the Motherboard...

[0:24:15] <Vanille> T-The Motherboard is progressing smoothly sir! It should be ready exactly when you said it should be.

[0:24:34] <Vanille> I have to ask though, sir, if I may... why did you start this project?

[0:24:41] <Vanille> The implications it has...

[0:25:44] <Angol Mois> You dare question me? I know what's best for this world. This world shall not suffer the same fate as the worlds under incompetent gods did.

[0:26:09] <Angol Mois> Perhaps you seek to be eliminated and relieved of your oath to me?

[0:26:22] <Vanille> ...No sir. Just asking.

[0:27:12] <Angol Mois> Vanille. You are to continue your search for Key Fragments. Do not let one get away this time. Destroy Leanbox and Lastation with your armies if you have to.

[0:27:23] <Angol Mois> They will be reborn in due time.

[0:27:32] <Vanille> Yes sir.

[0:27:34] <Vanille> 4

[0:27:43] <Praline> And as for moi?♥

[0:28:11] <Angol Mois> Aid him. He's clearly incapable of doing this alone. And, when the time should be right, complete the chocolate phase.

[0:28:44] <Praline> I have to go to Leanbox anyway to set up shop there, so I'll pick up the Key Fragment there while I'm at it. Don't worry boss man, you can count on Praline~♥

[0:29:33] <Angol Mois> Tone down that flirtatious attitude with me. I will not be swayed by your wily ways. You have earned my respect through your competence, not your whiny voice influxtions. Now, go.

[0:30:04] <Praline> Right, of course sir.

[0:30:30] <Praline> *has to resist every urge she has to say "BUH BYE♥" as she leaves*

[0:30:34] <Praline> 4

[0:30:54] <Angol Mois> Hmph... those bumbling fools.

[0:31:12] <Angol Mois> No. Perhaps it is not their competence. Perhaps this is Arle's doing.

[0:31:34] <Angol Mois> Yes, she must be carrying out Eldora's hand again in worlds where Eldora cannot reach. Or her own sins.

[0:31:35] <Keiji> lol the irony that Arle has done hardly anything

[0:32:08] <Angol Mois> Only her lot would be able to resist the Neapolitan Trio so tenaciously.

[0:32:29] <Keiji> or maybe Nepgear

[0:32:59] <Angol Mois> Any minute now, he should show up. Once I brush him off, I will collect the Key Fragment in the Graveyard personally. I must see my plan through to completion. Nothing shall stand in my way.

[0:33:30] <Angol Mois> No incompetence from the trio can be trusted with this task.

[0:33:54] <Angol Mois> Soon, Gamindustri will no longer need these Basilicoms.

[0:34:32] <Chao> [As if right on cue, something puts two huge dents in Angol's door. The door is just eventually ripped clean right off]

[0:34:37] <Daichi> 3


[0:35:04] <Angol Mois> I expected your arrival, Daichi. That is why security was nonexistent.

[0:35:16] <Daichi> YOU'VE REALLY DONE IT NOW!

[0:35:26] <Daichi> I Heard you got thrown in Jail again!

[0:35:31] <Daichi> For trying to murder Arle!

[0:35:53] <Daichi> What're you thinking?! What happened to promising not to get into any more trouble?!

[0:36:03] <Angol Mois> ...Are you really that stupid?

[0:36:08] <Angol Mois> I made no such promise.

[0:36:19] <Angol Mois> You asked me to, that much is true.

[0:36:29] <Angol Mois> But I could not make that promise, to you.

[0:36:37] <Angol Mois> Furthermore, I am not obligated to.

[0:36:56] <Angol Mois> If that's all your business is with me, I demand that you leave.

[0:37:03] <Angol Mois> I have other things to deal with.

[0:37:18] <Daichi> Maybe... Maybe I've been too soft with you.

[0:37:31] <Daichi> I thought you could change, that you were different from guys like Satan and Ecolo.

[0:37:39] <Daichi> But I guess I was wrong.


[0:38:10] <Daichi> You don't believe in justice! You're a self righteous hypocrite!

[0:38:27] <Angol Mois> Security. Take him away. His business with me is done.

[0:38:43] <Chao> *Two Praline Goons drag Daichi away*


[0:39:03] <Daichi> 4

[0:39:16] <Angol Mois> How irritating. As if he could possibly understand.

[0:39:31] <Angol Mois> Perhaps he too should die.

[0:39:55] <Angol Mois> *Angol heads outside to a newly built Helipad*

[0:40:13] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[0:40:25] <Mois Praline Employee> Where to, Lord Angol?

[0:40:31] <Angol Mois> The Graveyard.

[0:40:39] <Mois Praline Employee> Of course sir.

[0:41:09] <CFW Brave> 5 n+'CFW Brave' c+'3' s+'' r+'0' v+'false'

[0:41:18] <Chao> [Angol is flown by Helicopter to the Graveyard, anticipating to collect the fragment and leave]

[0:41:30] <CFW Judge> 5 n+'CFW Judge' c+'8' s+'' r+'0' v+'false'

[0:41:43] <CFW Magic> 5 n+'CFW Magic' c+'12' s+'' r+'0' v+'false'

[0:41:48] <CFW Judge> 3

[0:41:51] <CFW Judge> 6 c-'8'+'7' r-'0'+'0'

[0:42:14] <Chao> [The helicopter lands, and Angol steps out, as stoic as ever.]

[0:42:23] <Keiji> proceed

[0:42:41] <Angol Mois> Hmph... this wasteland, I'll be rid of it soon enough.

[0:42:54] <CFW Judge> Uroooooooooo.

[0:43:02] <Keiji> 10 549

[0:43:08] <Angol Mois> Oh...?

[0:43:23] <CFW Judge> Who dares wake me from my slumber

[0:43:24] <CFW Judge> ?

[0:44:03] <Angol Mois> It is I, Angol Mois of Lastation. You will tell me where the Key Fragment is. I require it to further this world to its true potential,

[0:44:15] <Angol Mois> I will not be met with resistance.

[0:45:25] <CFW Judge> The Key Fragment is right here. [Holds it up in his left hand] As if the guardian of the Graveyard would be stupid enough to leave it somewhere where it could be stolen.

[0:46:11] <Angol Mois> Stolen? You are mistaken. I'm not stealing it. I am taking it and putting it in its rightful place with the others. You are the one who is holding its secrets hostage.

[0:46:15] <Angol Mois> Now, give it to me.

[0:46:47] <CFW Judge> Its rightful place is here. After all, they were united not more than a few days ago.

[0:47:17] <CFW Judge> [pockets it again. Because Judge has pockets, yeah.]

[0:47:58] <Angol Mois> Hmph, you are foolish to oppose me. *Angol draws a large angolium Claymore*

[0:48:15] <Angol Mois> I will only ask you once more. GIVE ME THE KEY FRAGMENT.

[0:48:23] <CFW Judge> I think you sorely overestimate your power, zero.

[0:49:25] <Angol Mois> How dare you refer to me in such terms. I WILL NOT BE CLASSIFIED IN YOUR LOWLY TERMINOLOGY!!! *Angol practically lunges at Judge with his claymore, his movement filled with rage never before seen*

[0:50:03] <CFW Judge> [The sword does no damage to the guardian's solid defenses...]

[0:50:37] <Angol Mois> Tch!

[0:51:20] <Angol Mois> (Why... Why has my magic not returned... No. I will not rely on Magic. This is too important for that.)

[0:51:42] <Angol Mois> *Angol swings again. And again. And again.*

[0:52:43] <CFW Judge> *Swings his mighty axe at the idle Mois employee, decapitating them.* That's your warning. If you want that to happen to you, keep trying with that flimsy sword of yours.

[0:52:55] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[0:53:36] <Angol Mois> I am Angol Mois. I am above Zeroes and Ones. I will lead this world to salvation. You cannot hope to decapitate me so easily!

[0:54:11] <CFW Judge> You will do no such thing, and neither will your pathetic minions.

[0:54:41] <Angol Mois> *Mustering all of his physical strength Angol swings his sword once more. The blade of the sword opens up and fires energy from it. Indeed, it also has technology*

[0:55:56] <CFW Judge> [The fire courses a scratch through Judge's front left piece of armor, but it's still hardly anything.]

[0:57:18] <CFW Judge> *Swings at Angol, but... adjusts his aim to knock the sword out of Angol's reach instead of harming him.*

[0:57:33] <Angol Mois> Tch! You...!

[0:57:55] <CFW Judge> *Then pokes the spear at the end through Angol's suit, lifting him up by it.*

[0:58:38] <Angol Mois> Your resolve unbreaking, your armor, impenatrable...

[0:58:46] <Angol Mois> What are you?

[0:59:04] <CFW Judge> The Anti-Crystal Cage hasn't seen an inhabitant in years. I do believe you'll make good company.

[0:59:19] <Angol Mois> You deign to imprison me?!

[1:01:02] <CFW Judge> *carries Angol over to the tetrahedral Cage, firing up the Anti-Crystals, rendering Angol suspended and powerless inside, though he is still able to hear and be heard*

[1:01:24] <CFW Judge> As for me... I don't believe we've met.

[1:01:58] <CFW Judge> But I had an awful lot of cleanup to do after a certain Tournament you were involved in.

[1:02:09] <Angol Mois> You...

[1:02:14] <Angol Mois> How do you know about that?!

[1:02:41] <Angol Mois> No, wait, it's obvious. You're in league with Her, aren't you?

[1:02:45] <CFW Judge> Her?

[1:02:56] <CFW Judge> Come now, be more specific. Nearly everyone in this world is female.

[1:03:09] <Angol Mois> ...Perhaps then you do not know Eldora.

[1:03:25] <Angol Mois> Still, you know far too much for someone who has never had contact with me.

[1:03:43] <CFW Judge> And you know far too little for someone who seeks to rewrite the world.

[1:04:15] <Angol Mois> Enlighten me, what exactly are you, and why are you so familiar with my past?

[1:04:26] <Angol Mois> If you are going to imprison me, I at least deserve that much.

[1:04:52] <CFW Judge> I know nothing of your past other than the Tournament and what you've been up to here in Gamindustri.

[1:05:15] <Angol Mois> But how... how did you learn of the Tournament? What is this cleanup?

[1:05:54] <Angol Mois> Tch...

[1:06:13] <CFW Judge> A certain someone drew it to my attention.

[1:06:35] <Angol Mois> A certain someone, you say?

[1:06:53] <Angol Mois> Perhaps we mutally know them?

[1:06:59] <CFW Judge> Perhaps.

[1:07:46] <CFW Judge> In any case, I could not forgive the outright murder that went on there for the sake of mere research

[1:08:11] <CFW Judge> Some things are better off not being known.

[1:08:16] <Angol Mois> You should be imprisoning the curators of that tournament, and not I.

[1:08:34] <CFW Judge> The Tournament has already been dealt with.

[1:08:37] <CFW Judge> You are a separate matter.

[1:08:49] <Angol Mois> Hmph.

[1:09:42] <Angol Mois> Listen well, I concede defeat here. However, I have not given up. I will clash with you as many times as necessary. I will make you understand.

[1:10:00] <Angol Mois> Eventually, I will rise again, and you will have to deal with me.

[1:10:12] <Angol Mois> What will you do then?

[1:10:22] <CFW Judge> We'll see if that day ever comes. For now, I have expended too many words on you.

[1:10:32] <CFW Judge> *leaves, presumably to go guard some other part of the Graveyard*

[1:10:38] <CFW Judge> 4

[1:10:46] <Angol Mois> Tch... This madness.

[1:10:55] <Angol Mois> 4

[1:10:59] <Keiji> Madness? THIS. IS. THE GRAVEYARD

[1:11:03] <Keiji> 10 0

[1:11:39] <Chao> [Angol remains imprisoned in his Crystal Cage, contemplating how he will escape and continue his plans with the chocolates, the Key Fragments, and the mysterious project, "Motherboard"]

[1:11:44] <TOTA> 10 437


Character text lines: 771
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Action lines: 132

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