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KasaneTeto (AKA Akkie) lives somewhere on the eastern part of the world. Their hobbies include fandoms, roleplay, making up stories that never really get on paper, and getting really frustrated when they forget they never actually finished stuff before they finalized them.

Akkie now goes by they/them pronouns and may or may not refer to themself in the third person... for some reason.


  • Their username (which is commonly used in many other sites) was taken after Arle Nadja, an awesome girl loved by many, and Carbuncle, other wise known as Carby/Kaa-kun, who is her beloved but overpowered pet rabbit-dragon thing. Their namesake here is just as obvious as the fact that Earth revolves around the sun.
  • In earlier media, they can be found as a rabbit of some sorts eating curry. But the reason they weren't seen anywhere at all is because they're hidin' from ya! Even if you try looking in that cellar, you may never find them.
    • In recent media, they can now be found as a purple-haired Breloom with a gunblade eating whatever the hell. The forehead carbuncle ruby and curry are still things, but the curry is no longer as spicy for some reason.
  • They are fond of saying things with tildes and hearts~♥ Too bad their new laptop keeps them from making heart emojis easily, though. They can only type in less-than-threes instead now. <3
  • As mentioned above, they love doodling. They CAN draw like a pro, if they puts their mind into it... which they never do. Their coloring skills are... questionable.
  • Their "nyan-nyan-nyan" is over 9000 ~
  • A good way to set them off is reminding them of The Game in any shape or form.
    • This trivia bullet will always set them off, but they will be merciful because they did that to themself. Neheheh.
  • If they tell you something, depending on who you are and what they are saying, they may or may not care that you don't care that they doesn't care that you don't care.


  • Quote: Kawachat

A Tell Space

Akkie will be putting whatever stuff she happened to have in mind here, that is, when she wants to say them to someone who is currently not present and said message has a high risk of eradication in that chat. People who wish to tell HER something are also free to edit this little space.

  • Akkie and Keiji have wished Chao a happy birthday, with the former having drawn some messy penart of the OmNipoteNt for him~♥
  • Akkie wonders why other people are complaining at other people as she herself chills with herself and her lonely laughs with her favorite things. ;w;
  • Keiji is listening to The Adventures of Batman and Robin music again and gets the urge to write wiki pages. BUT WE HAVEN'T RP'D FOR AGES ;_; (in other words go nag chao)
    • Akkie would also like to RP with you guys again, but is wondering which canon character to RP this time... and because of things like that, she'll hold off 'til further notice. (Someone who is not Clocger, perhaps. And someone from Pop'N Music sounds cool, too.)
  • Akkie would rather that the government hand out free sopas instead of passing SOPA and PIPA.
  • Akkie was tempted to replace the whole article with a statement to the effect of "I wish the chat doesn't hate me so much that it disconnects me the moment I try to log in. ;_;". But she still thinks it would be nice if that chat just stopped being so mean. >:'C
    • Also confirmed for an actual return once things get less busy. (Read: Around Thursday or Friday)
      • hey, it's been two weeks already :<
      • sadly things are still p busy ono sorry!
  • Remember when Akkie wrote that Akkie would return in two weeks? Over months ago?
    • Akkie shall now go by they/them pronouns at this point, by the way. The tell space stays for historic purposes, however.
  • Would Akkie be interested in joining in Compile ♥ Worlds? Where we all crash land on Planeptune~ Keiji 22:17, 13 April 2015 (UTC)
    • It's starting imminently, where are you D:
  • 'confirmed to return around thursday or friday' they said last year and now where did chat go
    • They are also unable to RP official characters and will likely be fucked up by trying to write a thesis eventually...
      • ... eventually...