Episode 43 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Jan 21, 2012. All times are UTC.

[11:57:44] <Omega> -floats down slowly from the air and lands her wings glowing EPICALLY- So, I see you gained your powers.

[11:58:10] <Amitie> Oh hey! It's you again! I...I feel so WONDERFUL~♥

[11:58:24] <Amitie> I don't even know what to do with all this energy I feel!

[11:58:35] <Omega> 6 c-'12'+'7'

[11:58:41] <Keiji> Her wings are Seriri color.

[11:58:46] <Auriol> 3

[11:58:49] <Amitie> But what's with the epic entrance all of a sudden?

[11:58:52] <Keiji> And I need that color for D. Arle.

[11:59:09] <Auriol> -appears next to Omega-

[11:59:20] <Auriol> Oh, you'll know what to do with it before long.

[11:59:55] <Amitie> Wait, you're that fake Arle!

[11:59:59] <Amitie> What are you doing here?

[12:00:04] <Auriol> "Fake Arle"?

[12:00:16] <Auriol> No, Fake Arle is off in a rocket in SPAAAAAAAACE.

[12:00:42] <Auriol> I am the better version, Doppelganger Arle.

[12:00:55] <Auriol> As you can see, I'm red. Fake Arle is blue.

[12:01:22] <Amitie> Well, whoever you are, you better be up to no good! Or else! *points her staff in D. Arle's direction*

[12:01:28] <Omega> Well, enough delay.

[12:01:30] <Amitie> *Better not

[12:02:50] <Omega> Crystal Thunder I! -casts a lightning bolt at Amitie, with Nanako and Arle's powers added to it. Although it's a stupidly powerful attack, it's still quite tame for Red Amitie-

[12:03:18] <Nanako> 3

[12:03:35] <Amitie> Hey! What was that for!

[12:03:36] <Nanako> -runs towards them, seeing Amitie- Amitie!

[12:03:44] <Amitie> Huh? Nanako!

[12:04:05] <Keiji> (Amitie's not going to react to the attack at all? :P)

[12:04:19] <Keiji> (I expected her to block it at least.)

[12:04:25] <Amitie> *Swiftly twirls her staff around to block the thunder*

[12:04:40] <Keiji> wewt

[12:04:41] <Amitie> OOC: Chuck Testa

[12:04:47] <Nanako> :o]

[12:04:51] <Nanako> *:o

[12:04:53] <Nanako> Hey!

[12:04:58] <Nanako> I recognise that!

[12:06:02] <Amitie> Recognize what?

[12:06:15] <Nanako> -looks to the woman with glowing wings- You're using my power!

[12:06:26] <Auriol> Oh? And what are you going to do about it?

[12:06:38] <Amitie> *turns to Omega and Doppel* Get Real! We're not gonna let you do that!

[12:06:44] <Strange Klug> 3

[12:06:50] <Keiji> Hm.

[12:07:00] <Keiji> S. Klug needs another color.

[12:07:15] <Strange Klug> 6 c-'12'+'10'

[12:07:20] <Nanako> 6 c-'10'+'11'

[12:07:24] <Keiji> OK that'll do

[12:07:24] <Keiji> xD

[12:07:29] <Strange Klug> *floats down from the sky* Hmhmhmhmhm...Oh, but I think you are.

[12:07:45] <Strange Klug> Don't you see it? The end is nigh, Amitie.

[12:07:49] <Keiji> S. Klug is on D. Arle's side, remember.

[12:08:01] <Chao> I know.

[12:08:06] <Keiji> gdgd

[12:08:11] <Nanako> ...

[12:08:30] <Nanako> 0xF1CE1E

[12:08:48] <Strange Klug> Oh look. Nanako. How annoying. It would do you well to hear my final exposition though...as soon as he arrives.

[12:09:16] <Nanako> [A triple beam of fire, ice and lightning shoots out towards D. Arle.]

[12:11:22] <Auriol> Hm. -sends out a barrage of Bayoen particles towards the beam.

[12:11:26] <Auriol> --

[12:12:38] <Auriol> [The beam gets distorted and she manages to evade it, but her attack wasn't very effective.]

[12:12:59] <Omega> -looks concerned at D. Arle- Hey, you can do better than that.

[12:13:47] <Auriol> ...I wasn't really made to fight, believe it or not.

[12:14:12] <Harpy> 3

[12:14:26] <Harpy> -still catching up with Nanako, she flies into the line of sight of D. Arle-

[12:14:39] <Amitie> Harpy!

[12:14:41] <Auriol> Well, this might change things...

[12:14:51] <Akkie> What do.

[12:14:54] <Auriol> -casts Brain Damudo and Bayoen on Harpy-

[12:14:59] <Harpy> Eep!

[12:15:15] <Strange Klug> Ahahahaha!! Looks like your precious light is a bit dim now.

[12:15:24] <Harpy> -gets knocked out of the sky by D. Arle's attacks-

[12:15:36] <Strange Klug> What a waste of oxygen.

[12:15:38] <Harpy> [The Light is knocked out of her too]

[12:15:56] <Auriol> -pulls the Light towards her and absorbs it-

[12:16:01] <Amitie> H-Harpy!!

[12:16:09] <Auriol> [Harpy lays unconscious on the ground.]

[12:16:14] <Auriol> Yes, this might change things indeed.

[12:16:42] <Strange Klug> I'm getting impatient waiting for that teenaged idiot to show up...

[12:16:45] <Strange Klug> So instead...

[12:17:34] <Auriol> Ice Light! -she casts the attack towards Nanako, much stronger than Nanako's earlier attack-

[12:17:45] <Keiji> Can we have Black Sig show up and protect her? X3

[12:17:57] <Sig> 3

[12:18:07] <Sig> 6 c-'8'+'9'

[12:18:07] <Sig> 6 s-''+'Black Sig'

[12:18:07] <Harpy> 4

[12:18:28] <Sig> *Appears from seemingly nowhere and guards Nanako against the attack*

[12:18:35] <Nanako> ...:o

[12:18:40] <Nanako> ...Thanks, Sig.

[12:18:44] <Strange Klug> Ah, he finally emerges.

[12:19:00] <Sig> No problem. *smiles at Nanako, then turns towards the villains*

[12:19:21] <Strange Klug> At long last...you've fully ripened.

[12:19:40] <Omega> It's about time you showed up.

[12:19:42] <Strange Klug> The fruits of my labor can finally be cultivated; I shall regain my true form once more!

[12:19:46] <Omega> Now the final teams are complete.

[12:20:03] <Sig> What are you all saying now?!

[12:20:21] <Amitie> Final teams?

[12:20:26] <Auriol> This is the final battle!

[12:21:16] <Strange Klug> Indeed. And the final time this personality you call Sig shall stand before us.

[12:21:32] <Omega> We are going to win this battle, and show you a new world!

[12:21:32] <Akkie> Did Omega absorb all the clones present?

[12:21:41] <Keiji> Theta, Beta, Phi and Alpha.

[12:21:51] <Chao> and Zeta

[12:21:56] <Keiji> oops, yeah

[12:21:59] <Chao> YOU FORGOT ZETA

[12:22:02] <Keiji> shut up lol

[12:22:36] <Amitie> But this old world right here is just fine. It could do with less crazy people like you, to be honest!

[12:22:45] <Akkie> How to fit the characters in there...

[12:22:51] <Amitie> Everyone would appreciate that.

[12:23:01] <Nanako> Actually, Amiite.

[12:23:08] <Nanako> We're going to win this battle.

[12:23:13] <Nanako> And we'll show THEM a new world!

[12:23:28] <Strange Klug> Hmhmhmhmhm

[12:24:19] <Omega> You wish! Heaven's Ray II!

[12:24:25] <Strange Klug> The only reason you even have a third member for your team is because I made it so. Why else would I allow Sig into this tourney if his power wasn't awakened prematurely!

[12:25:04] <Omega> [She's targetting everyone. cause why the hell not.]

[12:25:34] <Sig> Celeste! *He powers up his defenses and braces himself*

[12:26:13] <Nanako> -throws some more of her magic crystals into Sig

[12:26:15] <Nanako> ...

[12:26:17] <Nanako> damn enter

[12:26:20] <Amitie> *Similarly, she casts her own magical barrier up*

[12:26:26] <Nanako> *Sig's defenses to power them up-

[12:26:41] <Nanako> [The barriers combine and cover them all.]

[12:26:56] <Omega> [The Heaven's Rays hardly penetrate the combined barriers.]

[12:27:12] <Strange Klug> *grins smugly*

[12:27:54] <Keiji> (...going to have S. Klug attack?)

[12:28:23] <Strange Klug> Now...hold still Sig...and Eta. I must weaken you to enter my body.

[12:28:35] <Keiji> ...wat

[12:28:46] <Strange Klug> *He waves his hand and large red bolt-like projectiles are fired at Black Sig*

[12:29:08] <Nanako> Like that's going to get through our barrier.

[12:29:39] <Omega> Thunder III! -she targets it at the same spot as S. Klug's projectiles-

[12:30:30] <Akkie> ... what do.

[12:30:47] <Keiji> you'll just have to spectate, I'm afraid.

[12:31:09] <Sig> Wh--*He braces himself, in case the spell combo breaks through*

[12:32:41] <Amitie> *She begins to stir up a large cyclone of razor sharp winds with her staff* Cyclone Whirl!! *launches the attack towards Omega*

[12:33:16] <Akkie> I wanted an H-Bomb to appear at the very end, but, oh well.

[12:33:29] <Omega> !

[12:34:25] <Strange Klug> Oh come now! Don't act oblivious. Everyone could figure Sig only had half a conscious mind! The other half remained asleep, suppressed by my remnants within him. So then, what accounts for his sudden personality change? None other than Eta, whose DNA also awakened my sleeping power dormant within him.

[12:34:31] <Omega> Crystal Locus I!

[12:34:47] <Omega> [It somewhat reduces the damage, but the attack still tears away at her.] Yaaaargh!

[12:34:52] <Auriol> Omega!

[12:35:28] <Auriol> Moonlight I! [she restores some of Omega's health.]

[12:35:33] <Sig> Shut up! *He leaps into the air and pounds his fists into the ground, creating a huge ripple shockwave that runs towards Klug*

[12:36:22] <Strange Klug> !! *He merely braces himself, and is quite taken aback by the attack* Nrgh! Cursed wimpy body!!

[12:37:43] <Auriol> Hang in there! -she turns to S. Klug and uses Moonlight I on him too-

[12:37:57] <Nanako> You know... nobody likes a healer.

[12:38:05] <Nanako> They only delay the inevitable.

[12:38:30] <Nanako> -uses another crystal to cast a Dark Wind attack at D. Arle-

[12:38:59] <Strange Klug> *nods to Doppel in acknowledgement, then turns back to Sig* Whatever. I'll put your idiocy to sleep forever once I reclaim my rightful body and rid you of your wimpy human parts.

[12:40:32] <Omega> No you don't!! -uses her own magic to reflect Nanako's attack back at Black Sig-

[12:40:44] <Amitie> Blast Beam! *She fires a large beam made of what appear to be bubbles at Omega*

[12:41:29] <Nanako> Oh, I can play tennis too you know. -shoots a fireball over to the side, adding fire to her attack and sending it towards S. Klug-

[12:41:42] <Nanako> [The original fireball goes and destroys a nearby building in Puyopolis]

[12:42:19] <Akkie> If this was a Flash, an orb with the events would appear somewhere.

[12:42:54] <Strange Klug> How dare you! *He fires his own magic into the energy sphere and once again launches it back towards Sig*

[12:43:49] <Nanako> Sig!

[12:44:32] <Sig> !! *He blocks the attack, but he still feels it tear into him a bit* Augh!...Hmph! *He manages to tough it out though* Celestial!! *A rain of Blue and Black stars appear and rain down on D. Arle, S. Klug and Omega*

[12:44:56] <Omega> Ice Wall! -she freezes all the bubbles into little ice marbles and they drop to the ground, making the ground icy-

[12:45:14] <Omega> You can do better than that.

[12:45:29] <Omega> ...:o

[12:45:38] <Strange Klug> Stupid fool! Stop denying your fate! *He raises his cape to the projectiles, and while they slash through his cape and cut him up, he seems to be unfazed*

[12:45:42] <Omega> Crystal Locus II!

[12:46:01] <Omega> -puts up a shield above herself and D. Arle-

[12:46:13] <Auriol> Light Screen I! -she adds to the shield-

[12:46:43] <Auriol> [The shield blocks the projectiles]

[12:46:59] <Amitie> Fiddlsticks!

[12:48:26] <Strange Klug> What's yours is mine! Pomegranate! *Oddly shaped Red blobs form a Leaf-Shield like barrier around him, and then fire off towards Nanako and Sig*

[12:48:56] <Nanako> ...Ha, an opening! Searing Wave! -she sends the rope-like attack towards D. Arle, who has no chance to dodge and gets sliced neatly in two-

[12:49:43] <Amitie> *Follows up with another Cyclone Whirl at Omega*

[12:49:22] <Akkie> 2

[12:50:00] <Nanako> -gets hit by the blobs in the process, but doesn't care cause she took out their healer-

[12:50:01] <Akkie> 1

[12:50:24] <Auriol> Nooooooooooooooooooo.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWaLxFIVX1s

[12:50:30] <Akkie> ... where ARE they fighting?

[12:50:52] <Sig> *Takes the blobs too* Ngh! I...I wont let you take my body!

[12:50:59] <Keiji> Somewhere between Puyopolis and Magic School.

[12:51:05] <Auriol> *dead*

[12:51:07] <Auriol> 4

[12:51:22] <Omega> [her body breaks up into light and dark particles]

[12:51:28] <Omega> [err.. *D. Arle's body does]

[12:51:41] <Omega> Doppel! D:

[12:51:55] <Omega> -she absorbs the particles- I'll have your revenge!

[12:52:16] <Strigina> 6 s-'Being stringy rice, hidden from plain sight, smirking at her keikaku and fondly regarding the moments.'+'Being stringy rice, hidden from sight, fondly regarding the epic battle~'

[12:52:52] <Strange Klug> That's what you think! *rushes to Sig and delivers a quick chop to a pressure point*

[12:53:09] <Sig> Augh!!

[12:53:52] <Strange Klug> Now...accept me! Don't settle for just being half complete...or even three quarters! BECOME WHOLE WITH ME AGAIN!

[12:54:08] <Omega> Light Bayoen Wave IV!

[12:54:33] <Strange Klug> *He slowly dissolves and forces himself into Sig's body*

[12:54:42] <Omega> -she casts the ridiculously overpowered attack at Nanako and it doesn't even cut her, she just fucking DISAPPEARS in the blinding light-

[12:54:47] <Nanako> 4

[12:54:50] <Strange Klug> 6 s-''+'Inside Sig'

[12:55:00] <Amitie> Nanako!!!

[12:55:03] <Amitie> Sig!!!

[12:55:08] <Amitie> Alright, that does it!

[12:55:15] <Omega> It's up to you now, I see.

[12:56:06] <Omega> I have more where that came from. Bring it on!

[12:56:56] <Omega> ...

[12:56:57] <Amitie> I...can hear the voices of my friends...they're telling me not to give up. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do! FAIRY FAIR!! *An attack similar to Bayoen, Amitie floats into the air, her staff levitating on it's own. A huge beam of pinkish, sparkly light rains down on Omega*

[12:57:04] <Keiji> LOL CLICHE

[12:57:10] <Keiji> > voices of one's friends

[12:57:11] <Chao> OTL

[12:57:15] <Keiji> It's okay.

[12:57:16] <Strigina> 3

[12:57:17] <Keiji> Cliches are fine too.

[12:57:25] <Keiji> ...the hell

[12:57:30] <Keiji> Go away rice

[12:57:32] <Keiji> XD

[12:57:42] <Keiji> I am taking this in a particular direction

[12:57:44] <Akkie> She's somewhere none of them can see.

[12:57:48] <Keiji> Oh, okay.

[12:57:57] <Akkie> Fondly regarding the moments.

[12:58:14] <Omega> Did you steal that one from Nanoha?

[12:58:24] <Akkie> I am too. Just... with listening to unfitting music.

[12:58:57] <Omega> Light Bayoen Wave IV! -casts the same stupidly overpowered attack at Amitie's attack. The two attacks rage against each other like your typical DBZ Kamehameha lightshow-

[12:59:22] <Sig> *Is meanwhile engaging in an internal, mental struggle with Strange Klug*

[12:59:57] <Omega> ...

[13:00:20] <Amitie> Get Really Real!

[13:00:25] <Amitie> No way I'm losing now!

[13:00:43] <Amitie> Not after I've just become a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER!!!

[13:00:48] <Omega> -moves to the side, so the two beams perform Vector Addition™ and fire a combined VII-level attack at Black Sig

[13:00:51] <Omega> -

[13:01:12] <Omega> He'd better get over his emo problems quick or he's outta here.

[13:01:36] <Amitie> Sig!! *she dashes over into the beams path and takes the hit for him*

[13:01:44] <Omega> ...:o

[13:02:06] <Benedict> 5 n+'???' c+'4' s+''

[13:02:10] <Benedict> 3

[13:02:13] <Strange Klug> 6 s-'Inside Sig'+''

[13:02:26] <Strange Klug> *is expeled from Sig's body, gasping and panting*

[13:02:54] <Benedict> -appears in front of Amitie and reflects the stupidpowerful attacks into the surface of a big sphere-

[13:03:39] <Benedict> [The attack is dispersed and creates a Giant Fucking Crater™, also taking out several more Puyopolis buildings and the Primp Magic School, but Omega, Sig, Amitie and S. Klug are left just about still alive-

[13:03:41] <Benedict> ]

[13:04:05] <Akkie> No body-counts.

[13:04:30] <Amitie> Woah....what was that?

[13:04:40] <Omega> -pants from all that stuff that just happens and looks over at the tall man with a grin- Heh. We won.

[13:05:13] <Sig> Th-they won? No...

[13:05:25] <Sig> No! T-That can't be right...

[13:05:30] <Nanako> 3

[13:05:39] <Nanako> [Voice inside Amitie's head]

[13:05:44] <Nanako> It's okay. We won too.

[13:05:45] <Akkie> I'd like to H-Bomb, too...

[13:05:54] <Nanako> 4

[13:06:12] <Amitie> Well, we won too! But...how does THAT make sense?

[13:06:34] <Benedict> I'm amazed you went so far.

[13:07:00] <Benedict> But if you're so single-minded that winning is all that matters to you, then yes, you all won, and I lost.

[13:07:18] <Benedict> Through about how many sacrifices?

[13:07:30] <Sig> What?....

[13:08:05] <Omega> ...Heh... many... but it was worth it.

[13:08:42] <Omega> We are mere Zeroes and Ones. You're a Two, aren't you.

[13:08:51] <Keiji> Omega proximity to two

[13:08:53] <Strange Klug> Two?!?

[13:09:08] <Benedict> Indeed I am.

[13:09:24] <Benedict> I should properly introduce myself. My name is Benedict.

[13:09:29] <Benedict> 6 n-'???'+'Benedict'

[13:09:44] <Benedict> And it's about time you lot stopped interfering.

[13:09:59] <Benedict> Since it seems your goal was to find me, then here I am.

[13:10:03] <Benedict> Are you satisfied now?

[13:10:19] <Sig> *looks at Amitie, completely confused*

[13:10:24] <Akkie> What does he look like?

[13:10:56] <Keiji> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ISGPnTVq6m8/TifrDE7NE4I/AAAAAAAAADQ/oz9nlvQWH2Q/s1600/3841722_gal.jpg

[13:11:14] <Chao> lol...

[13:11:26] <Keiji> what? I had to.

[13:11:36] <Nanako> 3

[13:11:45] <Akkie> ... -stares with stars-

[13:11:56] <Nanako> [Using Amitie to talk] There are higher Metalevels out there, aren't there?

[13:12:20] <Benedict> Indeed there are.

[13:13:10] <Benedict> But you should stop chasing after them. It is only hurting you and your friends.

[13:13:26] <Nanako> ...I know...

[13:13:43] <Nanako> We'll find more peaceful ways to research the Metalevels.

[13:14:02] <Strange Klug> Bah...

[13:14:24] <Keiji> Any time you want S. Klug to meet his end is fine. I thought you'd already have done so.

[13:15:19] <Strange Klug> *looks at Sig* Without me, you'll never be complete!....You'll just be half of a person with stolen power...forever! Always Half asleep! ALWAYS HALF STUPID!

[13:15:23] <Keiji> I thought you might have Sig absorb him and overcome the demon.

[13:16:12] <Sig> *Shakes his head at Klug* No. I'll become whole somehow. With or without you. But...I guess since you want it so badly...*begins to absorb the demon*

[13:16:26] <Strange Klug> Wh-What?!

[13:16:29] <Strange Klug> How...

[13:16:29] <Omega> ...It's good to see that final loose end being taken care of.

[13:16:32] <Strange Klug> No

[13:16:37] <Strange Klug> NOOOO!!!!!

[13:16:41] <Strange Klug> 4

[13:16:46] <Klug> 3

[13:17:04] <Klug> *drops unconscious on the ground, free of the demon's possession*

[13:17:12] <Omega> And now I can agree, Nanako. Are you satisfied, Sir Benedict?

[13:17:22] <Benedict> Quite.

[13:17:42] <Benedict> And because I'm a generous man, I'll fix this little mess for you.

[13:18:15] <Sig> I wonder if what he said about Eta is right....I bet he wouldn't want to share bodies with me forever.

[13:18:57] <Benedict> [The following characters start to appear one by one dotted around the crater. (No we don't have to claim them all. Only if we want to have them interact)]

[13:19:08] <Mikki> 3

[13:19:16] <Mikki> 6 s-'Search quest'+''

[13:19:34] <Benedict> [Satan, Ringo, Marcus, Steve, Draco, Gypsum, Feli, Marin, Sho, Rin, Arle, Daichi, Theta, Beta, Phi, Alpha]

[13:19:51] <Mikki> ... is it safe?

[13:20:10] <Benedict> [Theta and Beta are pre-Whitespace form, having lost their special ears. Phi lost his Light. Arle and Daichi lost their status as Ones.]

[13:20:13] <Ringo> 3

[13:20:26] <Benedict> [And no, I didn't forget Eltia. She's not here you dope.]

[13:20:29] <Ringo> What the factor...;

[13:20:41] <Nanako> 4

[13:20:54] <Daichi> 3

[13:20:57] <Benedict> [Nor is Nanako. She was speaking using Amitie's body, so she's not here and she wasn't brought back.]

[13:21:01] <Benedict> Now then.

[13:21:13] <Benedict> I'll be seeing you, after your "peaceful research".

[13:21:25] <Daichi> Wah...;

[13:21:29] <Benedict> -disappears unspectacularly-

[13:21:31] <Benedict> 4

[13:21:33] <Mikki> -will just be running towards an unconcsious Klug-

[13:21:43] <Klug> 6 s-''+'Unconscious '

[13:21:45] <Klug> 4

[13:21:55] <Satan> 3

[13:22:02] <Satan> ...honey???

[13:22:04] <Satan> ;_;

[13:22:39] <Omega> I'm afraid she's been lost.

[13:22:45] <Satan> My lovely wife...WHYYYYYYYYYYY

[13:23:11] <Mikki> -will just be staying with an unconscious Klug- Nobody likes a medic.

[13:23:14] <Mikki> Except their own.

[13:23:19] <Satan> *Is suddenly run over by the Bus of Love, being driven by Rulue. Furiously, she drags him into the bus and drives off with him* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

[13:23:29] <Satan> 4

[13:23:43] <Ringo> ....Good riddens.

[13:23:44] <Keiji> lmao

[13:24:18] <Omega> She was only ever a Portal Clone... and was created, entirely unintentionally, from Eltia's magic...

[13:24:39] <Omega> Speaking of which. Amitie, you ought to be able to use Portal magic now.

[13:24:49] <Ringo> Eltia...where did she go?

[13:25:15] <Mikki> >:T

[13:25:26] <Omega> She was absorbed by Amitie.

[13:25:34] <Amitie> Well, I'm a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER now.

[13:25:40] <Omega> Unlike Arle and Daichi, she was always a One, rather than being promoted.

[13:25:51] <Ringo> ...*staaaaaaaaaare at Amitie*

[13:25:55] <Omega> So she couldn't be brought back.

[13:26:06] <Omega> -holds Ringo's hand gently- Please don't hold anything against Amitie.

[13:26:07] <Daichi> Aw, I'm not a one anymore?

[13:26:51] <Ringo> *siiiiiiiiiigh* It's all over now, right? I can go make friends now without having to factor them out of the equation two seconds later, right?

[13:27:01] <Omega> Yeah.

[13:27:05] <Ringo> If so, then Eltia being absorbed...is okay.

[13:27:10] <Mikki> Amitie.

[13:27:12] <Omega> :o

[13:27:32] <Omega> I'm surprised at your quick change of heart, Ringo.

[13:27:36] <Ringo> Because, all of you, barring Satan, mean just as much to me.

[13:27:54] <Omega> Aw. What'd he do to you?

[13:28:57] <Ringo> Um...well, let's start with Arle, Daichi and his friends, and, oh, I don't know, THE ENTIRE METEOR ARC???

[13:28:59] <Mikki> >:T -going to run closer to the conversers-

[13:29:31] <Daichi> I guess now that I'm "normal" again I should go make sure Sho and Marin are okay.

[13:29:45] <Daichi> OOC: And I'll give Sho a BIG GAY HUG

[13:30:04] <Omega> Be seeing you, Daichi.

[13:30:16] <Mikki> Heeey~

[13:30:20] <Omega> And Ringo... Satan just makes really, really elaborate pranks.

[13:30:27] <Daichi> See ya! *runs towards his friends to interact with them*

[13:30:33] <Daichi> 4

[13:30:44] <Omega> I should probably let you all in on something.

[13:30:57] <Ringo> ?

[13:31:02] <Amitie> Yeah?

[13:31:10] <Omega> This is actually Ekoro talking right now.

[13:31:18] <Sig> !!!

[13:31:23] <Mikki> :O

[13:31:39] <Ringo> WHAT?!

[13:31:41] <Omega> I'm not making any silly rhymes because those were Ecolo's doing.

[13:32:01] <Omega> ...And, the entire time, I only had the same goal as Nanako.

[13:32:07] <Omega> To find the higher Metalevels.

[13:33:09] <Omega> I've achieved my goal, so I have no reason to cause any more violence to you lot.

[13:33:25] <Sig> So...can you separate Eta and I?

[13:33:31] <Omega> But, that Ecolo sure was a nuisance... I would have been able to do it with far less disruption if I hadn't picked on that silly guy's body.

[13:33:45] <Omega> To be honest, you're better as one.

[13:33:52] <Sig> ...Oh.

[13:33:55] <Omega> Just like Zeta and Omega are better as part of me.

[13:34:08] <Mikki> Hey. You.

[13:34:10] <Omega> As I said earlier... there were never meant to be two ultimate clones.

[13:34:13] <Mikki> -talking to Omega now-

[13:34:16] <Omega> Yes?

[13:34:24] <Ringo> So you're saying that the only reason you were evil to begin with was because Ecolo drove you nuts?

[13:34:29] <Mikki> What about all the others that haven't been absorbed yet?

[13:34:36] <Omega> Indeed. He and I made an insane combination.

[13:34:55] <Omega> And, what about them?

[13:34:59] <Ringo> And thus, evil + power = Evil power. That's a no.

[13:35:21] <Mikki> Are you still planning on absorbing them? Or getting them absorbed?

[13:35:38] <Omega> No, there are no special circumstances around the other clones.

[13:35:52] <Mikki> Like? c:

[13:35:53] <Sig> 6 c-'9'+'8'

[13:35:53] <Sig> 6 s-'Black Sig'+''

[13:36:09] <Omega> "like"?

[13:36:34] <Sig> *reverts to normal. His Red Arm is noticeably missing.* Huh...you don't suppose it's gone because I absorbed that crazy guy, do you?

[13:36:45] <Mikki> Like what circumstance?

[13:36:48] <Ringo> Maybe...;;

[13:37:00] <Omega> Like the two ultimate clones or Sig's relationship with the book demon.

[13:37:14] <Omega> There's nothing special about the other clones, they're just clones. So they can stay as they are.

[13:37:42] <Mikki> ... no nuclear bombs happening it is, then~

[13:38:08] <Mikki> She swore she'd put one out if she's not going to have a peaceful end.

[13:38:38] <Akkie> Just... gonna... eat Mario's favorite food here... -holy- that's not a hill of cheese anymore!-

[13:39:29] <Omega> And now the only Ones remaining are Amitie and me.

[13:39:46] <Omega> That's probably a good thing.

[13:39:59] <Omega> We can control our power, right Amitie?

[13:40:18] <Amitie> You betcha!

[13:41:13] <Omega> *handshake*

[13:41:19] <Strigina> -will just be in that space she's in until something happens again; wow, leaving the two star idiots too insignificant was a good move of save-

[13:41:21] <Strigina> 4

[13:42:18] <Keiji> A fitting end to this epic battle~

[13:42:43] <Mikki> Now... to just...

[13:42:46] <Keiji> This epic battle that was fought while playing Souleye - ADVEEEEEEEEEEEEEENTURE music.

[13:43:05] <Mikki> -carries unconscious Klug to her, to the cottage, where she'll nurse her like Andrew nurses Slick-

[13:43:12] <Omega> 4

[13:43:14] <Mikki> *him


Character text lines: 293
User text lines: 56
Action lines: 42

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Omega: 75
Amitie: 36
Nanako: 33
Auriol: 25
Benedict: 23
Sig: 20
Mikki: 20
Ringo: 13
Daichi: 5
Satan: 4
Harpy: 4
Klug: 1