Episode 23 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Jul 16, 2011. All times are UTC.

[11:46:59] <Mitsuki> -pokes her head out of a cave she found in the mountains to shelter in from that damn muffin-

[11:47:55] <Chao> AHA! Witch! I've found you at last! You can't hide from me any longer! Keeper of delicious muffins....be my desire!

[11:48:03] <Chao> ...dammit

[11:48:09] <Schezo Wegey> *AHA! Witch! I've found you at last! You can't hide from me any longer! Keeper of delicious muffins....be my desire!

[11:48:30] <Mitsuki> Wah... I can't...

[11:49:06] <Mitsuki> That damn blueberry muffin just won't leave me alone!

[11:49:26] <Arle Nadja> Hey, Schezo! Why don't you just mess with someone a little less... pre-occupied!?

[11:50:02] <Schezo Wegey> -turns around- Arle! And Witch! And not a muffin or white robe in sight! Curses! I'll just have to settle for both of you isntead!

[11:50:27] <Mitsuki> Oh, you...

[11:50:44] <Arle Nadja> I was kind of worried about you, so...

[11:50:46] <Mitsuki> Won't anyone help me out here? He's going to possess me again at this rate!

[11:51:04] <Schezo Wegey> Possess you? This muffin sounds bewitched!

[11:51:12] <Arle Nadja> Well, I'm here.

[11:51:45] <Mitsuki> That was a really lame joke, you know...

[11:52:11] <Chao> LOL I didn't see the pun there

[11:52:12] <Chao> XD

[11:52:26] <Akkie> /doesn't get it

[11:52:31] <Schezo Wegey> Pesky Pastries warrant no fear from the dark wizard. I will aid you in return for my white robes...which I don't usually wear anymore...

[11:52:50] <Arle Nadja> Then what's the need to do them, anyway?

[11:53:07] <Mitsuki> White robes? I don't have any white robes...

[11:54:00] <Schezo Wegey> It wasn't you who stole my white robes?...That's...embarassing...er...SO! Where was this muffin the last time you saw it?

[11:54:16] <Arle Nadja> *Then, what's the need to get them, anyway?

[11:55:10] <Mitsuki> Probably chasing me... So I'm sure it's somewhere around... -finally comes out of the cave-

[11:55:46] <Mitsuki> Ah, there it is! -points to a muffin hopping around on the ground like a puyo might-

[11:56:30] <Arle Nadja> So, we get at it, or...

[11:56:35] <Schezo Wegey> -points his sword at it- Good god this thing truly IS possessed! Let us smite it, Arle!

[11:57:07] <Carbuncle> Guh! [inb4 Carby tries eating the muffin]

[11:57:45] <Schezo Wegey> SHADOW EDGE! -dark arrow shaped beams fly out of the dark sword to hit the muffin-

[11:57:59] <Keiji> [Instead they hit Carby while he eats the muffin][

[11:58:26] <Schezo Wegey> STUPID CREATURE!

[11:58:28] <Arle Nadja> Carby!

[11:58:58] <Mitsuki> Ah, you silly Schezo, look what you did!

[11:59:55] <Schezo Wegey> -facepalm, then fistshake- Grrrr! That creature picked the wrong time to eat this muffin! What if it's possessed now too?!

[12:00:08] <Arle Nadja> [runs to get Carby]

[12:00:24] <Mitsuki> Ah... It better not possess Arle too...

[12:00:33] <Akkie> Was Carby ever possessed?

[12:00:44] <Akkie> Not counting PP7, because Carby was just playing around the time.

[12:01:01] <Chao> no, Carbuncle has never been possessed in a game.

[12:01:52] <Keiji> Ooh, Witch faces Rider

[12:01:57] <Arle Nadja> I don't Carby was ever affected when he eats something, but...

[12:02:03] <Keiji> Rider is so cute too <3

[12:02:53] <Schezo Wegey> Hm...perhaps his infinitely vast stomach might pay off.

[12:03:30] <Schezo Wegey> (I wanted that muffin ;a;)

[12:03:31] <Keiji> Like a second Kirby?

[12:03:50] <Mitsuki> -watches Carby eat the muffin in despair-

[12:05:33] <Schezo Wegey> So...when this muffin possessed you....what did it make you do?

[12:06:22] <Mitsuki> ..;_; You don't wanna know!

[12:06:56] <Schezo Wegey> ....O_O.....Ahem....well then...forget I asked. It is no longer my desire.

[12:07:18] <Arle Nadja> ... I guess that's all we'll ask from you about it...

[12:07:32] <Mitsuki> ...Is Carby okay..?

[12:08:23] <Carbuncle> Guh~ [yes, kinda]

[12:08:46] <Schezo Wegey> ....

[12:09:01] <Schezo Wegey> Well at least I didn't kill it.

[12:09:07] <Mitsuki> Well, that was anticlimatic.

[12:09:15] <Carbuncle> [feels that the muffin tasted a little ickier than the usual, spit part of muffin out]

[12:09:29] <Mitsuki> Ahh!

[12:09:34] <Mitsuki> Kill it, kill it!

[12:10:10] <Arle Nadja> Well, it's a bad thing to waste food, whether possessed or not, but... [burns muffin] Fire!

[12:10:17] <Schezo Wegey> IDIOT! YOU REGURGITATED THE DEMON?! DIE! -slashes at it with the sword-

[12:10:27] <Schezo Wegey> *it = the muffin

[12:11:34] <Arle Nadja> [puts Carby back on shoulder] You should see if it's safe to start eating things, but...

[12:13:25] <Chao> (Did you have plans for the muffin or did you just want it dead? XD)

[12:13:31] <Arle Nadja> ... at least the muffin was dealt with quick.

[12:13:34] <Keiji> Just kill it.

[12:13:34] <Keiji> lol

[12:13:48] <Keiji> it's a muffin and it's been around way too long

[12:13:55] <Keiji> what kind of plot can you get out of a fucking muffin

[12:14:02] <Keiji> it was keeping Witch out of the roleplay >:(

[12:14:07] <Akkie> The muffin wielded not even a large part of EXP orbs.

[12:14:11] <Chao> -little black particles emit from the muffin and disappear into thin air-

[12:14:27] <Mitsuki> Is... is it gone now?

[12:14:46] <Arle Nadja> [notices] What possessed the muffin, I wonder...

[12:14:48] <Schezo Wegey> ...I think we've exorcised it now. Too bad it's half eaten and burned now. ;a;

[12:15:04] <Arle Nadja> Well, what matters is that its gone now. Happy, Witch?

[12:15:22] <Carbuncle> [feels bad for not having been able to share with Schezo, no matter how icky the muffin tasted]

[12:15:30] <Mitsuki> Very~! -gives Arle a big hug-

[12:15:53] <Schezo Wegey> ....-feels left out because he didn't get hugged or get a muffin-

[12:15:57] <Arle Nadja> -hugs back-

[12:16:17] <Carbuncle> -stares at Schezo, feeling bad for him-

[12:16:23] <Carbuncle> Guh...

[12:17:30] <Harpy> -suddenly falls from the sky, squealing in a high pitched voice- Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~... -slams into the ground-

[12:18:08] <Schezo Wegey> !! It's that squealing angel...

[12:18:23] <Arle Nadja> Oh, what brings you here, Harpy?

[12:18:45] <Schezo Wegey> Well, at least she's tolerable and wont burn me to a crisp indiscriminately like the dragon lady...

[12:19:23] <Harpy> OOC: -burns Schezo to a crisp indiscriminately like the dragon lady-

[12:19:34] <Chao> LOL

[12:19:47] <Harpy> -lays on the ground unconscious-

[12:20:18] <Arle Nadja> OOC: You killed Schezo! You [Whine(R)]!

[12:20:31] <Schezo Wegey> .....do you suppose she's gone and killed herself? -prods at her with the blunt edge of his sword-

[12:20:41] <Arle Nadja> Hey... what's wrong!?

[12:21:30] <Harpy> -at the touch she wakes up and looks around, and retracts herself when she sees Schezo- Kyaa-hii~~

[12:22:22] <Schezo Wegey> Are you injured?....Please tell me your not. My day has been full of too many embarrassing mistakes as it is.

[12:23:28] <Arle Nadja> -goes closer to where Harpy is, ready to pick her up if ever she falls unconscious again-

[12:23:31] <Harpy> Don't touch meeeee~

[12:23:41] <Harpy> (^ aimed at the pervert)

[12:23:57] <Arle Nadja> Did something happen, Harpy?

[12:23:59] <Harpy> -sits up, shaking the dust off her delicate wings-

[12:24:07] <Schezo Wegey> Erm....pardon me...;

[12:24:48] <Harpy> Ahh... I was just flying around my floating island~~ Then I don't know, I ended up down here!

[12:25:52] <Arle Nadja> ... that doesn't sound good... /but of course!

[12:26:27] <Schezo Wegey> I think someone shot you down. :/ You don't normally fling yourself into the ground.

[12:26:42] <Harpy> Maybeeeee it was the heavens~

[12:27:47] <Arle Nadja> But what would the heavens want with you falling from the sky?

[12:27:55] <Harpy> But I haven't seen you in ages! So it is nice too, I guess~

[12:28:09] <Schezo Wegey> Wait...if the heavens have sent us an angel...that means something evil is lurking....something catastrophic is waiting to happen.

[12:28:13] <Mitsuki> Yeah, it's nice to see you!

[12:28:50] <Arle Nadja> Harpy would know if something happens.

[12:29:01] <Schezo Wegey> Perhaps I am overthinking this, given the causal nature of this conversation.

[12:29:44] <Harpy> Anywayyyyy~ This is a rather dull looking area, is it not?

[12:30:01] <Schezo Wegey> Yes. Dull indeed.

[12:30:23] <Arle Nadja> It wouldn't be if you fell a little earlier.

[12:31:23] <Schezo Wegey> Is it worth even mentioning to Harpy of the demonic muffin? I think she's rather suggesting we move to a less barren tiresome location.

[12:32:08] <Arle Nadja> So, what's Witch's say to coming with us?

[12:32:20] <Mitsuki> Sure~ I never liked this place, anyway.

[12:33:58] <Harpy> Soooooooo~ what is the plan now?

[12:34:26] <Schezo Wegey> I think the plan was to find else where to have our chit chat. Let's go!

[12:34:59] <Keiji> Why can Amitie use Bayoen..?

[12:35:05] <Arle Nadja> So... have a place in mind?

[12:35:13] <Chao> because SEGA wanted a clone

[12:35:27] <Schezo Wegey> Anywhere but here.

[12:35:38] <Mitsuki> Agreed... wait... how am I agreeing with that pervert?

[12:36:54] <Chao> [So the party relocates to the Highway Rakuti; an area with many winding roads and signs, including a "No Puyo" sign]

[12:37:34] <Mitsuki> LOL

[12:37:39] <Keiji> nickfail

[12:37:42] <Keiji> but lol.

[12:37:45] <Keiji> No puyo sign xD

[12:37:56] <Arle Nadja> I dunno why either, myself, but he isn't being bad today, so...

[12:37:57] <Rider> -staring at the signs, confused and disorientated- Oh no... Not this same group of signs a-a-again...but, I already went this way and w-w-which way and "not that way" and..oh no. I'm so lost. :'C

[12:38:07] <Harpy> What is this crazy playyyyyce?

[12:38:56] <Arle Nadja> Oh, hi, Rider! This place is as confusing as always, isn't it?

[12:39:01] <Schezo Wegey> It looks like where roads meet....but there are too many roads here! Eh? ....the imp.

[12:39:03] <Harpy> Klug's theme <3

[12:39:09] <Keiji> wow, nickfail

[12:39:13] <Chao> LOL

[12:39:17] <Chao> Epic nickfail is epic

[12:39:34] <Mitsuki> This looks like a pointless maze to me...

[12:39:40] <Mitsuki> Except you can see all the roads from all the other roads...

[12:39:48] <Mitsuki> Anyone sensible would just fly over it!

[12:40:22] <Arle Nadja> If they know how to fly, in the first place.

[12:40:30] <Rider> M-m-ms Arle! -runs to and hugs- I'm so glad I found you! I'm so lost and...-sees Schezo-...oh no Mr. Pervert is going to harass you, Arle.

[12:40:59] <Arle Nadja> Don't worry. He's forgotten about it after... a certain something just happened. -hugs back-

[12:41:02] <Schezo Wegey> Stop making false accusations, imp! -fistshake-

[12:41:36] <Rider> B-but yes! I'm so lost and I don't know what to do....or where to go...or how to even find my way back.

[12:41:44] <Mitsuki> Ah... what happened to you?

[12:42:07] <Harpy> If you came just to get lost~ Then why did you come at all~

[12:42:50] <Rider> Well, you see, I went to look for Draco...b-b-but I couldn't find her at her hut or in Puyopolis...so I went on the highway...and I've been wandering around in these s-s-signs for so many hours. Oooh...;

[12:43:33] <Arle Nadja> The last time I saw her, she was... badly affected by what Nanako said, and she flew away.

[12:44:00] <Rider> ....wh-what?

[12:44:15] <Draco> -runs in, facing Harpy- Ah! There you are! You owe me a rematch!

[12:44:28] <Harpy> A reeeeeee~match?

[12:44:28] <Arle Nadja> Hey, Draco!

[12:44:30] <Rider> D-D-DRACO!

[12:44:40] <Arle Nadja> You had us worried when you flew away!

[12:44:43] <Schezo Wegey> DRAGON LADY! -hides behind Witch-

[12:45:44] <Rider> A-are you alright, D-draco?! I found out about the meteor and the bad man and I was s-s-s-so worried. -wibbling up-

[12:46:06] <Arle Nadja> What were you... -checks herself; maybe asking her what she was thinking wouldn't do good... kinda-

[12:46:59] <Arle Nadja> Anything that happened after you flew away? For instance, that "rematch" you were talking about.

[12:47:03] <Draco> Ah... heheh.. I'm fine, Rider~

[12:47:35] <Harpy> Oh, that's nothing~ You seeeee~, I just beat her in a beauty contest~

[12:47:57] <Draco> -facefall- Ah, how could you say it so easily...

[12:47:59] <Rider> I s-see. That makes me happy. -smiles-

[12:48:07] <Mitsuki> -giggles to herself at the proceedings-

[12:48:16] <Rider> N-not that you lost...but that you're okay.

[12:48:27] <Arle Nadja> ... back to your old ways, now are you?

[12:49:09] <Draco> More importantly, what is that?! -points to Harpy's head-

[12:49:18] <Harpy> Eh?

[12:49:40] <Schezo Wegey> -leaps from behind Witch with his sword- WHAT IS IT?! WHERE?! I'LL SMITE IT!

[12:50:24] <Rider> -looks at Harpy, trying to spot the abnormality-

[12:50:33] <Harpy> -puts her hands to her head, feeling for whatever it is Draco is talking about. The movement in her hair reveals a black "scar" in a line from the front to back of her head-

[12:50:36] <Harpy> What is it, what is it?

[12:51:08] <Rider> O-o-oh my god! Are you hurt, ms. Angel?!

[12:51:22] <Harpy> Ah, I can't feel anything...

[12:51:24] <Schezo Wegey> !!

[12:51:59] <Akkie> I went poof.

[12:52:17] <Arle Nadja> Wait, wha... -stares at Harpy's head-

[12:53:32] <Schezo Wegey> She can't feel it?....

[12:53:58] <Mitsuki> It's a huge black scar!

[12:54:04] <Mitsuki> How could she not feel that?

[12:54:23] <Mitsuki> It's almost like... someone whacked her with an axe causing her to fall down here...

[12:54:59] <Schezo Wegey> This day becomes more bizarre! First there's deranged bakery treats and now the insensible black scar! Bad karma is at work here!

[12:55:09] <Draco> Oh!!

[12:55:14] <Draco> It must be...

[12:55:24] <Draco> This must be Marcus' doing!

[12:55:33] <Rider> Marcus...?

[12:55:58] <Arle Nadja> We can't know for sure... but what would Marcus want from hitting her, if then?

[12:56:02] <Schezo Wegey> Marcus?....the hell kind of villain's name is that. -laughes- Even "Ekoro" was more intimidating as a name than Marcus!

[12:57:08] <Draco> You shouldn't underestimate him!

[12:57:30] <Rider> Marcus must be that bad man L-Lagnus and Ms. Accord warned me about...

[12:57:37] <Harpy> Well... surely it's okayy~? Because I feel fine~

[12:58:03] <Arle Nadja> It might not be "okay

[12:58:27] <Rider> Mr. Pervert. D-draco is right. That Marcus person almost killed L-Lagnus. He's still mostly bed-ridden from pain alone.

[12:58:27] <Arle Nadja> " if we leave it like that for too long, though...

[12:59:23] <Schezo Wegey> I'll be damned. If you're certain Harpy's scar is Marcus' doing, then we may indeed be dealing with a powerful foe...even more drats.

[13:01:26] <Arle Nadja> Even if it isn't caused by Marcus, though... this scar would still be worrying...

[13:02:50] <Rider> B-but...who else could cause it, Arle?...Anyway, you should consider g-g-getting that wound treated, ms. Harpy....;;

[13:04:05] <Draco> Well, Harpy, you're sure not going to beat me in a beauty contest with /that/ on your head!

[13:04:18] <Keiji> And sorry for slowness, mom interrupted

[13:04:28] <Chao> it's k

[13:04:47] <Arle Nadja> "Even if". But of course we... hey, Draco. You're still thinking about the beauty contests?

[13:04:56] <Arle Nadja> I know it's been a while since that time, but...

[13:05:09] <Draco> Oh, you want one too, huh?

[13:05:35] <Rider> How could you think of beauty contests at a time like this?...

[13:05:40] <Mitsuki> Well, if you three are... How about me, too?

[13:06:06] <Harpy> Fine with meeeeee~

[13:07:01] <Schezo Wegey> If I considered myself more beautiful than any of you I would want in too. Oh the beauty...Be my desire!

[13:07:25] <Arle Nadja> ... I never said I wanted to participate in a beauty contest...

[13:07:40] <Draco> ...Hey, men aren't allowed in beauty contests!

[13:07:43] <Draco> Especially perverts!

[13:08:42] <Schezo Wegey> ...confound it! I wanted your beauty! Not the contest!

[13:08:59] <Arle Nadja> Hey... hey, hey, hey... -inaudible-

[13:09:09] <Rider> -sigh-...I suppose I'll join in too.

[13:09:24] <Rider> Even though my horns are hideous and embarassing...:'c

[13:09:32] <Arle Nadja> ... actually, I don't think I feel like joining...

[13:10:00] <Draco> Aww, really? Come on, you know how much fun we had!

[13:10:05] <Arle Nadja> Don't say that, Rider! I actually think your horns are pretty cute... (And you're already moe, yourself!)

[13:10:39] <Rider> M-m-me?...Cute?....but Only Sig thinks I'm "cute"...-blushes-

[13:10:56] <Schezo Wegey> Then Arle...what DO you feel like doing?

[13:11:23] <Keiji> > Only Sig

[13:11:25] <Keiji> > capital O

[13:11:35] <Keiji> > reminds me of Only God from Touhou Mother

[13:11:46] <Akkie> ROFLMAO Why.

[13:12:03] <Keiji> because of the capital o on Only

[13:12:04] <Keiji> :P

[13:12:26] <Arle Nadja> ... not that what I actually want to do WOULD do any good, that being a mood spoiler.

[13:13:30] <Schezo Wegey> I'm good at ruining moods and I don't even have to try.

[13:13:36] <Akkie> I know that. I just found it a little too lulzy.

[13:14:28] <Mitsuki> So... are we gonna stand in the middle of a bunch of stupid road signs where puyo matches are apparently forbidden (OOC: just like glass!), or are we gonna actually do something?

[13:15:36] <Akkie> ... fine... I guess it'll just have to wait.

[13:15:43] <Schezo Wegey> That depends on what exactly we're doing. Some of us want to heal Harpy's scars, others discover their origins, and most of you want to partake in some silly beauty contest!

[13:16:18] <Draco> Well, it's really one big scar, but...

[13:16:23] <Arle Nadja> Actually, healing Harpy's scar first would be better.

[13:17:16] <Schezo Wegey> If we're going to have a Beauty contest, well hell! It doesn't matter where we hold it! If we're going to heal Harpy, then we desire to chase down the nearest hospital!

[13:18:30] <Arle Nadja> That'll all well and good, if we actually know how to get out of this place fast.

[13:18:32] <Harpy> Awh... don't I get a say in the matter? Whatever's on my head really doesn't bother me~

[13:19:15] <Arle Nadja> It -might- bother you sometime in the future if we don't get it out quick, though.

[13:19:37] <Rider> Oh, I'm so confused now. Maybe we should vote.

[13:20:00] <Draco> Beauty contest~!

[13:20:11] <Harpy> Beauty contest~

[13:21:15] <Arle Nadja> ... this is getting nowhere fast... Harpy's scar.

[13:21:40] <Schezo Wegey> FOOD!

[13:21:50] <Mitsuki> ...what?

[13:21:53] <Rider> Can I vote Beauty contest?

[13:24:04] <Mitsuki> I guess we're having a beauty contest, then?

[13:25:00] <Arle Nadja> -stares at every single one of them- Well... I can only hope...

[13:25:24] <Schezo Wegey> Dammit I'm hungry. :_:

[13:26:39] <Draco> So... who's judging?

[13:26:51] <Draco> -looks at Schezo- I guess it'll have to be you!

[13:27:19] <Schezo Wegey> WELL THEN!

[13:27:44] <Lam> [some random hooded girl enters the scene] In my opinion, there will have to be a female judge in a beauty contest, as well!

[13:28:23] <Draco> There's no room for you -kicks her into the sky-

[13:29:10] <Schezo Wegey> Ahem...let's begin! I'm hungry dammit!

[13:29:27] <Draco> So... what are we competing on, exactly?

[13:29:36] <Harpy> Who knows~ Nobody set any rules yet~

[13:30:23] <Schezo Wegey> Uh...whoever's appearance and pose arouses me the most!

[13:30:44] <Mitsuki> Arouses? Really? -raises an eyebrow-

[13:30:53] <Arle Nadja> ... on second though, I don't really feel like entering now...

[13:31:12] <Rider> ............;

[13:31:49] <Draco> Hey! You said you would!

[13:31:52] <Draco> Don't be a quitter!

[13:33:10] <Arle Nadja> Sorry, but the aspect of having just one judge whose judgement comes from arousal... doesn't really give me good vibes.

[13:33:17] <Rider> -strikes a totally modest and insecure pose=

[13:34:14] <Schezo Wegey> Hmm...vulnerable....but too innocent. Not flashy enough.

[13:35:12] <Mitsuki> Ah, mou~ -twirls her broom and tries her best at a "cool" pose-

[13:36:32] <Schezo Wegey> Aaah! Such power and poise! Your blonde hair waving all the while makes it even more pleasing to my eyes! Can you beat her, or will she be....-drammatic pause- MY DESIRE?!

[13:37:54] <Rider> Welp, I've lost already. :/

[13:38:27] <Arle Nadja> -knows that she just lost out on some fun, but still-

[13:38:41] <Harpy> -ruffles her hair up again to hide the scar, and hovers in the air, hands to her chest, her halo glowing brightly- Hara~~~

[13:40:06] <Schezo Wegey> Ah. Raw beauty in her figure and glow from the halo...but her hair is too messy and voice to inaudiable to reach my heart.

[13:41:28] <Draco> Come on, Arle~ You've gotta pose too~ -Puts an arm round her and strikes a pose, breathing fire over the fingers of her other hand-

[13:42:18] <Arle Nadja> -looks at a Carby that just nodded- Well, fine...

[13:43:00] <Schezo Wegey> Ooh! Pair attack! Charming and impressive, if ever so slightly intimidating! Tomboy and innocent, side by side! It's so alluring!...

[13:43:30] <Schezo Wegey> I have made my judgement; Arle and Draco are the object of my desire!

[13:43:51] <Keiji> Singular? D:

[13:44:09] <Chao> lmao


[13:44:12] <Keiji> NOOO HE NEEDS TWO

[13:44:17] <Akkie> Here be the description:

[13:44:19] <Chao> LOL

[13:45:13] <Akkie> Arle dons a cute pose, victory sign and leg position and all,

[13:45:24] <Chao> [clapping is heard from a distance, along with a voice: Bravo, Bravo, Draco.]

[13:45:50] <Keiji> ...I dunno what Draco'd do. XD

[13:46:05] <Strange Klug> You've won yourself yet another stalker from the depths of hell. Are you satisfied with yourself?

[13:47:17] <Keiji> wait she was already being stalked by Schezo... right?

[13:47:23] <Keiji> Or were you referring to SKlug?

[13:47:48] <Arle Nadja> ... I didn't notice you there. -stare-

[13:47:58] <Chao> SKlug was jokingly telling Draco Schezo is her new stalker.

[13:48:03] <Rider> K-K-Klug....?!

[13:48:13] <Keiji> But she was already being stalked ;_;

[13:48:29] <Draco> Never~ Not til I win every contest on the planet~!

[13:48:34] <Mitsuki> Ooh, ambitious aren't ya?

[13:48:48] <Mitsuki> And to think, I would have won that had you not grabbed Arle...

[13:48:50] <Mitsuki> Sneaky one.

[13:49:11] <Strange Klug> Ahahaha! Whatever happened to your ambitions of blowing every dark mage on the planet to smithereens?

[13:49:20] <Draco> Eh?

[13:49:25] <Draco> Oh, yeah, that...

[13:49:40] <Draco> -pushes her fingers together- Eh! Never mind that! Beauty is more important! <3

[13:49:59] <Arle Nadja> You really have gotten over it?

[13:50:38] <Strange Klug> Feh! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While I fancy you pretty on the outside, all of your insides are rather ugly, deep down.

[13:50:56] <Strange Klug> Even I am a horrible person, but I already came to terms with that.

[13:51:11] <Draco> Ugly? How dare you... -raises fist-

[13:51:26] <Harpy> Now, now, don't get like that~

[13:52:00] <Arle Nadja> So... what brings you here, greeting us like that?

[13:52:18] <Strange Klug> Oh, and who is this? Another victim of Lord Marcus? Or perhaps it was Ekoro?.... Look what happens when Ringo isn't there to pick up your messes, everyone.

[13:52:44] <Draco> Ah, Ringo...

[13:52:54] <Draco> -looks down- Ringo...

[13:53:48] <Strange Klug> Ringo's been nothing but productive since that meteor strike. She's hunted down remains of a project I thought Ekoro should have destroyed for good...she personally confronted the baddies who are terrorizing this world...

[13:54:16] <Draco> -collapses-

[13:54:58] <Strange Klug> And what have you been doing? You're all a mockery of the heroes you are on the newspaper!

[13:55:09] <Arle Nadja> D-Draco...

[13:55:31] <Strange Klug> Holding beauty contests in the middle of the road....what does that accomplish? Nothing more than fuel for your selfish egos!

[13:55:44] <Rider> Klug s-s-stop it!

[13:56:46] <Arle Nadja> ... and now, you're going to mock those who failed to stop such a thing?

[13:56:50] <Rider> -rushes to Draco-

[13:58:12] <Draco> Ah, Rider... It's all true... -sigh-

[13:58:28] <Keiji> Also, what did Arle mean o.O

[13:59:18] <Strange Klug> You know, Ekoro WILL rise again to have his revenge. His soul isn't completely locked away in that orb. That pathetic attempt to recreate my true body you call Eta? Ekoro's soul flows through his veins. And those you call Zeta and Beta? Why, he exists within them, too.

[14:00:03] <Akkie> Arle wanted to just push the contest date later, didn't she?

[14:01:07] <Strange Klug> And judging from the damage Marcus has already managed to cause to this world's protagonistic forces, he's struck at an inconvenient time. Underestimate either foe, and you get slapped in the face. But if you do nothing at all, you get slapped by your friends anyway.

[14:01:25] <Mitsuki> Oh, don't be silly~ You know as well as we do that the clones are nothing to do with Ekoro~

[14:03:25] <Strange Klug> Oh? Are you sure? Have you...taken them apart like I have? Have you seen their very life force? Seen what makes them tick? Don't delude yourself. Just because they no longer act on his whims does not mean they don't act as his vessel unwittingly.

[14:03:53] <Akkie> Did I miss anything? /refreshed, in case she went poof again

[14:03:59] <Mitsuki> They're their own selves!

[14:04:07] <Mitsuki> Ekoro isn't any part of them!

[14:05:01] <Arle Nadja> Sure, he had a part in putting them into being, but...

[14:06:14] <Harpy> What is all this jabber about clones~

[14:06:54] <Strange Klug> At any rate, war has begun. There's Ringo's army, Marcus' army, and maybe even Ekoro's army. If you don't side for any of them, you stand alone, or stand idly. If you stand alone, all sides can open fire on you. If you stand idly, you watch Marcuscrush Ringo into oblivion while the real war continues with his only opposition being...why, the dark mages themselves. Ironic, isn't it?

[14:07:14] <Draco> Ringo has an army?

[14:08:32] <Strange Klug> Not a formal army, but the magic school will back her up. The absent minded witch and Arle will back her up. Hell, the pervert may back her up. But what about you? What about that cute little mermaid? That frail hearted scientist? Who do they side with?

[14:08:34] <Arle Nadja> Well, not really an army... when you went MIA, Draco, Ringo decided to take over for what's left of ADMA.

[14:10:26] <Strange Klug> In the metaphor of War, these people are Ringo's "army". But you see, Marcus has already proven too powerful for her to stand up to alone. Ekoro was too powerful for you to stand against alone. You had to turn his junk-piles against him. But there aren't any clones to un-brainwash in Marcus' soliders.

[14:11:25] <Keiji> (What about Eltia?)

[14:11:54] <Strange Klug> So....how do you stop him? Begging for forgiveness? For his mercy? Oh! I know! Maybe you'll just beauty contest him to death! Fuahahahaha!!! Other than that doll and Ringo herself, they stand no chance.

[14:12:55] <Schezo Wegey> What is the purpose of all this taunting....;;

[14:14:19] <Arle Nadja> Yes... it's true we hit slumps like this from time to time... but, that doesn't really go on for too long, does it?

[14:14:22] <Mitsuki> ...What do you get out of this, Klug?!

[14:14:26] <Mitsuki> What do you get out of telling us all this

[14:14:27] <Mitsuki> ?

[14:16:38] <Strange Klug> What I get? Well, let's count the benefits. For starters, if I can successfully prompt Draco into eliminating Lord Marcus and cleaning up her mess from the Ekoro incident, then there wont be anymore road blocks in regaining my true power. Plus, just the sheer satisfaction of being there to watch these supposedly almighty villains meet their end is enough to keep me murmuring to you.

[14:17:44] <Strange Klug> You see, what is the purpose of having a world to live in peace or conquer when there are forces actively trying to destroy it?

[14:18:10] <Strange Klug> It's in everyone's best interest to make sure these threats are permanently erradicated.

[14:18:20] <Draco> So, we could just forget about the "threats", sit on our asses and have beauty contests all day, and you'd stop bothering us?

[14:18:23] <Draco> Sounds cool to me.

[14:19:49] <Arle Nadja> Besides, just for whose side will you be in for this war?

[14:19:59] <Strange Klug> Listen to yourself. You only care about what is convenient. Whatever will make me go away. Whatever will make me stop throwing the cold truth to your face. Fine then. I'll leave you alone, but just to piss you off, we WILL meet again, and it will be to say "I told you so" when Puyopolis is in ruins.

[14:20:12] <Strange Klug> Fufufufufu! -vanishes into his red smoke again-

[14:21:00] <Draco> Well, at least he's gone...

[14:21:09] <Harpy> For now~~

[14:21:44] <Rider> I'm sorry Draco...K-Klug is a mean person sometimes...but he normally doesn't act that mean....Something was wrong with him....

[14:23:08] <Draco> Oh, that's no Klug...

[14:23:09] <Schezo Wegey> -looks to Witch, then to Draco-

[14:23:14] <Draco> That's that damn book demon.

[14:23:28] <Mitsuki> So... what should we do?

[14:24:12] <Rider> What should we do?....what CAN we do...;;

[14:24:16] <Arle Nadja> Well, as he says, standing idly wouldn't be a great thing to do...

[14:25:11] <Harpy> So~ Do we fight then~?

[14:25:27] <Mitsuki> You're one to suggest fighting...

[14:25:32] <Arle Nadja> Oh, yeah. Why not just treat Harpy's damn scar before something bad happens.

[14:25:37] <Harpy> Not really~ But you were talking about it~

[14:25:47] <Harpy> And there's really no problem with my head~

[14:26:48] <Arle Nadja> ... I know that I shouldn't worry, with you being an angel and all, but...

[14:26:52] <Schezo Wegey> So...why does he practically beg for us to kill the other two? I say we smite HIM! It's not like he's done anything to justify himself!

[14:27:13] <Arle Nadja> And as he says, the sideless have a disadvantage.

[14:27:34] <Rider> B-b-but....I don't think he's done anything to harm us either....other than maybe Draco.

[14:27:39] <Arle Nadja> Exactly what he is.

[14:28:06] <Mitsuki> Maybe we should hunt him down, then?

[14:28:13] <Mitsuki> Damn, am I agreeing with that pervert again?!

[14:28:30] <Keiji> BTW CHAO

[14:28:34] <Keiji> Did you know

[14:28:40] <Keiji> Harpy was gonna be in 20th

[14:28:48] <Keiji> But negotiations with the VA failed

[14:28:51] <Keiji> so they replaced her with don

[14:28:56] <Chao> Wait what?

[14:29:00] <Keiji> That's why all the classic chars fight Don

[14:29:02] <Chao> No fucking way

[14:29:04] <Keiji> Yup

[14:29:09] <Keiji> nmn just told me

[14:29:24] <Akkie> Dude? That's nuts, brah. (WAIT WHAT. All for a VA failure...?)

[14:29:25] <Harpy> OOC: So cruel~

[14:29:36] <Chao> I wonder if there's any art left over in the ROM...probably not >_>

[14:29:38] <Keiji> I'd have thought they'd just get a different VA >_>

[14:29:39] <Keiji> Nope

[14:29:40] <Keiji> There isn't

[14:30:04] <Arle Nadja> OOC: It'll be over, soon... have hope!


[14:30:54] <Keiji> lol

[14:31:22] <Arle Nadja> I have a feeling that... putting "Smite that demon" as top priority right now would get us bombarded with guilt trips and expositions again.

[14:31:24] <Schezo Wegey> Is it a crime to agree with me?...I don't know why you keep agreeing with me if it's such a sin.

[14:32:47] <Rider> -hugs Draco- ....It's so bleak right now....:c

[14:33:03] <Draco> No it's not~ We just had a fun beauty contest, how could it be bleak? -stands up

[14:33:05] <Draco> -

[14:33:57] <Rider> What if the demon is right?...He made it seem like if we made o-o-one wrong move that the world would come to an end...;;

[14:34:21] <Draco> Gosh, Marcus isn't that strong

[14:34:36] <Arle Nadja> ... we'll get around that... hey, who cares what a demon says, anyway?

[14:34:39] <Draco> And Ekoro isn't even here

[14:34:44] <Arle Nadja> (Well, a demon like that.)

[14:34:48] <Draco> He's just trying to rile us up

[14:34:59] <Rider> Rile us up?

[14:35:04] <Keiji> brb a sec

[14:36:59] <Akkie> Bed time is coming soon and I'm really tired...

[14:37:12] <Akkie> But not tired enough to want some sleep.

[14:37:40] <Akkie> Also, Retrace LXIII will be read by me tomorrow, methinks.

[14:38:39] <Keiji> Ok, back

[14:38:56] <Draco> Yeah, he's just trying to annoy us!

[14:39:44] <Schezo Wegey> Well, it certainly worked! I'm annoyed!

[14:40:19] <Mitsuki> So... should we have another vote on what to do?

[14:40:34] <Mitsuki> And... should we get Ringo, too..?

[14:40:46] <Arle Nadja> ... that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

[14:41:19] <Arle Nadja> She stays in Eltia's home, though.

[14:41:27] <Rider> Eltia....?

[14:41:33] <Akkie> Why does Eltia not have a design yet.

[14:41:40] <Keiji> she does

[14:41:54] <Keiji> Chao, didn't you draw her?

[14:42:02] <Keiji> She doesn't seem to have a pic on kumizone, but I thought you did something

[14:42:14] <Chao> ...wait what? You told me specifically YOU were going to draw her

[14:42:20] <Keiji> Oh, weird

[14:42:35] <Keiji> Okay, I'll have to spend some time re-imagining her, since I kind of forgot

[14:42:37] <Chao> That you had a perfect little design in your head for her. It was Marcus I drew.

[14:42:41] <Keiji> Ah yes, that's right

[14:42:43] <Keiji> Whoops

[14:42:56] <Keiji> Yeah, my bad

[14:43:20] <Keiji> So, your answer is Eltia doesn't have a design because I'm still far too busy to draw her

[14:43:24] <Keiji> Sorry ^^;;

[14:43:45] <Akkie> ... ah.

[14:43:58] <Keiji> So, back to the RP

[14:44:42] <Draco> Eltia's from Marcus's world...

[14:44:50] <Schezo Wegey> Ah...it appears I have been dragged into something very complex. All these people with connections to Marcus this and Ekoro that.

[14:45:08] <Draco> Oh, dangit! Now I remember why we split up in the first place!

[14:45:21] <Rider> ???

[14:46:09] <Draco> Well, of course! How am I supposed to cooperate with a dark one?

[14:46:29] <Schezo Wegey> ...-AHEM-

[14:47:00] <Arle Nadja> ... I see you really weren't able to get over it.

[14:47:00] <Rider> You left Ringo because of this Eltia person?

[14:47:28] <Rider> OOC: Well, there's always Seriri. :T

[14:47:44] <Arle Nadja> OOC: That sounds creepy out of context, Rider.

[14:48:17] <Draco> OOC: There's always you, too.

[14:48:18] <Rider> OOC: It was supposed to sound creepy IN context! ;A;

[14:48:44] <Keiji> BTW, I got a really awesome idea for the whole Draco/Eltia thing.

[14:48:57] <Chao> :D

[14:49:00] <Keiji> I'll have it take place next time they meet up and it's convenient

[14:49:04] <Akkie> :3c

[14:49:06] <Keiji> and maybe then Draco can get the fuck over it

[14:49:08] <Keiji> lol

[14:49:27] <Keiji> As for now, though...

[14:49:40] <Draco> Yeah... I dunno what she's thinking!

[14:49:53] <Draco> And they even sleep together now!! (Obvious jealousy is obvious)

[14:50:05] <Rider> Well, regardless, I think maybe we should find Ringo again. L-L-Lagnus had nothing but praise for her.

[14:50:10] <Harpy> Hara~~ Who are all these people I don't know..?

[14:50:28] <Mitsuki> I'm sure you'll get to meet them sooner or later, Harpy...

[14:51:51] <Schezo Wegey> Well, even the demon praised Ringo. It sounds like she'd be the best person to consult about this matter.

[14:52:28] <Draco> Eh... if you insist...

[14:52:39] <Keiji> Wait, what the hell happened to Witch episode? D:

[14:53:08] <Akkie> ... sorry.

[14:53:38] <Keiji> Not your fault lol

[14:53:40] <Keiji> More like mine

[14:53:46] <Keiji> But I don't really have anything to work off with her

[14:53:52] <Keiji> Maybe when Beta gets recreated

[14:55:13] <Chao> [The gang travels to the portal in Puyopolis, to meet up with Ringo just stepping out of it]

[14:55:39] <Ringo> Welp, it's time to go check on Sh- HOLY FACTOIDS! D-DRACO?!

[14:55:56] <Draco> Ah, Ringo!!

[14:56:05] <Keiji> Change Ringo's colour again, please~

[14:56:16] <Keiji> To orange I guess

[14:56:18] <Keiji> Theta-orange

[14:58:05] <Akkie> /me has plans with that Hood Girl.

[14:58:55] <Ringo> It's....It's been one hell of a time without you. -_-

[14:58:57] <Keiji> Ooh, sounds cool

[14:59:32] <Draco> Uhm... -looks away, not sure what to say-

[15:00:38] <Harpy> Sure seems tense between you two~~

[15:01:26] <Ringo> Uh...I was just about to go back to our old HQ....you wanna come?

[15:01:53] <Rider> Well, It'd be better than discussing our p-plans out in the open...right?

[15:02:07] <Draco> Yeah... I guess...

[15:02:14] <Keiji> (I assume she brought Eltia?)

[15:03:04] <Chao> (As usual)

[15:03:57] <Eltia> -is sleeping in Ringo's arms-

[15:04:26] <Eltia> (different color?)

[15:04:30] <Eltia> (yeah, that looks good)

[15:04:51] <Ringo> So...what brings you back to these parts? I heard you just sort of...rage quitted....from Arle and Seriri.

[15:05:34] <Draco> Uhm... Well, I haven't really returned yet... we kind of just coincidentally met up, I guess...

[15:05:51] <Ringo> Oh....well...uh....

[15:06:56] <Rider> Why are you going back to the old HQ, Ringo?

[15:07:10] <Arle Nadja> Well, we came here to discuss things with Ringo...

[15:07:31] <Ringo> Oh! This guy named Sho! He used to be Ekoro's little bitch to put it frankly, and- wait huh? Discuss what with me?

[15:07:48] <Draco> Ahh... You didn't need to say that, Arle...

[15:08:03] <Mitsuki> You seem quite unlike yourself today, Draco...

[15:09:02] <Arle Nadja> You're probably in one of those times again, Draco.

[15:09:02] <Ringo> Apparently she's been unlike herself since that meteor blew up the ground level of the headquarters. -levitates the cordons and rubble out of the way so the gang can wade through it-

[15:10:01] <Draco> Eh, that long? It was fine until that damn doll showed up...

[15:10:41] <Ringo> ...what the factor is wrong with Eltia, Draco! She just wants to help!

[15:10:56] <Rider> Oh no....

[15:11:16] <Arle Nadja> Here we go...

[15:11:45] <Draco> But she's evil!

[15:13:26] <Ringo> EVIL?! I'll tell you something, Draco! Eltia has helped us quite a few times since you decided to fly off! Would she have guarded us from Zeta's Perfect Bayoeen or Marcus' onslaught if she was that outwardly wicked?!

[15:13:35] <Ringo> Have some common sense Draco!

[15:14:11] <Draco> Haven't you ever thought that maybe she was just deceiving you and plotting something all along?

[15:14:21] <Rider> -backs up closer to Witch and Arle....sort of afraid to be close to either party-

[15:16:11] <Keiji> (No, she isn't, Draco's just trying to come up with excuses... and I'm waiting for Eltia to be woken up :3 )

[15:16:49] <Ringo> Sure, there's that possibility, but Elita gave her home, her power, and more importantly, her frickin life to me! You're too untrusting!

[15:18:05] <Rider> -is now hiding behind Witch and Arle-

[15:19:06] <Ringo> Maybe you should just hear Eltia yourself Draco, since obviously you don't trust my judgement anymore.

[15:19:30] <Eltia> -poofs into "human" size-

[15:20:00] <Eltia> Draco... You say I'm evil...

[15:20:05] <Schezo Wegey> -observes Eltia.-

[15:20:16] <Eltia> But the truth is... even if I am... you're just as evil

[15:20:30] <Draco> Oh, come on, don't give me that!

[15:20:57] <Rider> (...oh not again...)

[15:21:30] <Eltia> This isn't the first time our worlds have met, you know.

[15:22:03] <Eltia> They met before, hundreds of years ago. And one of your ancestors was from our world.

[15:22:20] <Rider> !!

[15:22:42] <Eltia> Because of that... and having no exposure to our world since... you've developed an aversion to those from our world

[15:22:53] <Schezo Wegey> (How intriguing! The Dragon Lady with foreign...dark blood?)

[15:22:54] <Eltia> As has anyone else that might have come from the same line of ancestry.

[15:23:13] <Draco> What? You can't be serious... you're trying to trick me!

[15:23:40] <Ringo> -facepalm- Draco...

[15:23:43] <Mitsuki> ...Draco... remember what Strange Klug said earlier..?

[15:23:53] <Mitsuki> That you were evil on the inside?

[15:24:00] <Mitsuki> That's why... right?

[15:24:27] <Draco> Gauu... It can't be like that!

[15:24:27] <Rider> He called us all "u-ugly on the inside"...

[15:24:57] <Schezo Wegey> But in this case, it applies only to Draco.

[15:25:08] <Mitsuki> No, he was talking to Draco specifically wasn't he?

[15:25:21] <Ringo> Most likely.

[15:25:27] <Arle Nadja> ... -was mostly observing- This is all so confusing, isn't it...?

[15:25:39] <Ringo> I don't see what reason he has to pester any of the rest of you.

[15:25:58] <Eltia> Draco... I know it's hard. But you have to accept it and move on.

[15:26:10] <Eltia> You have part of our blood, too.

[15:26:55] <Draco> So you expect me to just turn round and accept you just like that?

[15:27:23] <Eltia> No, not at all. But I'm sure you'll understand once you think about it for a bit.

[15:29:09] <Ringo> -looks to Draco- ...

[15:29:19] <Akkie> ... it's too bad I'll have to leave at such a great time, though. (Not that there's much to say)

[15:30:34] <Eltia> Well, I'll just go back to sleep now~ -returns to doll size and sleeps in Ringo's arm once again-

[15:31:08] <Akkie> Well... I bid you all good night (good day?)~

[15:31:18] <Keiji> Night ^^

[15:31:24] <Ringo> ....Do you still want to come in?....or....

[15:31:32] <Chao> Bye Akkie!

[15:32:27] <Draco> ...Yeah. Let's just get to the HQ, for now.

[15:32:42] <Keiji> (Or to wherever they're going, since they're already there)

[15:33:21] <Chao> [Down in the basement floors, they take a seats in one of the lounging areas]

[15:33:36] <Keiji> there are no lounges in teh basement

[15:33:36] <Keiji> lol

[15:33:55] <Chao> Well whereever they can all sit down or something

[15:33:59] <Keiji> only office rooms and high security storage and maybe some lab stuff

[15:34:03] <Keiji> the basement wasn't built for meetings

[15:35:07] <Ringo> So....let's play catch up. (OOC: and mustard) What was it that Arle mentioned earlier you were coming to fetch me to talk about?

[15:36:06] <Ringo> Or...do you want me to breif you first?

[15:36:09] <Mitsuki> Oh, that Strange Klug came over again and told us more useless stuff

[15:36:17] <Harpy> And apparently, we have to fight~

[15:36:30] <Ringo> Wow. That's exciting...wait what fight?

[15:37:11] <Draco> Fight Marcus, who's really not as strong as he thinks he is, and Ekoro, who's already gone anyway...

[15:38:42] <Ringo> Marcus....he killed Theta and Beta....I watched him kill Theta with my own two eyes....and then watched him nearly kill Lagnus and Mikki...

[15:39:40] <Draco> Wait... he what now?

[15:40:02] <Ringo> That's right. He killed Theta and Beta.

[15:40:14] <Ringo> And he ALMOST killed Lagnus, Mikki and I.

[15:40:48] <Rider> Lagnus...I told you he was still h-h-hurting from his battle wounds...right?

[15:41:07] <Draco> Well, damn... I guess he really was going on a rampage while we had our silly beauty contests, eh..?

[15:42:07] <Ringo> But, we found someone who might be able to help us bring Theta and Beta back. His name is Sho. Ekoro kidnapped him to use as slave labor in building the clones. Right now he's building one we never even got to see.

[15:42:45] <Draco> Oh..? That sounds pretty amazing.

[15:42:53] <Draco> So, where's he at?

[15:43:43] <Ringo> He's here in this building. Probably one of the lab-type setups. Zeta might be there with him too.

[15:45:34] <Keiji> (Arle's supposed to be here, so let's just say she took us to them, since she was with them at the time)

[15:45:57] <Chao> (K)

[15:46:09] <Keiji> (you writing anything?)

[15:46:35] <Chao> (Writing?...as in RP text or Kumizone?)

[15:47:17] <Keiji> RP.

[15:47:38] <Chao> Oh lol I'm trying to XD

[15:47:43] <Keiji> kay :3

[15:48:36] <Alpha> -fiddling with controls on an incubation pod he's set up- Aha! Just that one last component and he's finally reborn! -turns around- Oh god! -startled- When did you all get here?

[15:49:12] <Harpy> Just now~

[15:49:18] <Harpy> Awfully small room though~

[15:50:18] <Alpha> As if I built it. Anyway. I see some faces I don't recognize, so allow me to introduce myself. I'm Sho. And behind me, in that incubation chamber, is Phi. The pinnacle of my work.

[15:51:08] <Keiji> (Description of Phi, at all?)

[15:51:42] <Ringo> Er...Phi is the clone, Draco, gang. He was a clone of Lagnus-

[15:52:58] <Alpha> -Phi was much more than that. He was to be "Project Perfect Light". And Perfect Light he was! Oh it was so amazing! I can't believe I had succeeded in replicating a soul so pure that not even Ekoro could corrupt it!...Needless to say, that's why Ekoro destroyed Phi and locked me in a cage.

[15:53:51] <Rider> How amazing....

[15:54:07] <Draco> Well, there you go S.Klug... proof that the clones aren't anything to do with Ekoro!

[15:54:24] <Alpha> And now, I've come so close to recreating him! There's just one thing missing....the light.

[15:54:39] <Draco> The light..?

[15:54:48] <Harpy> ..The lii~ight?

[15:55:12] <Harpy> (Harpy's halo glows quite noticably in this small room...)

[15:55:36] <Alpha> Without that light, any sort of impurity, Ekoro included, can come into him and reside within him, corrupt him, control him. That's what made him so special in the first place. Without it, he has no power or truly free will.

[15:56:07] <Keiji> (What about Harpy's light? :3)

[15:56:08] <Alpha> Oh...that halo...perhaps, it could work?...

[15:56:22] <Harpy> Ah, what's that~?

[15:56:55] <Alpha> It's glaring...but it was exactly like the light Ekoro extracted from that chip of Lagnus' armor...let me see a piece of your halo, madam!

[15:57:19] <Harpy> You're looking at it~

[15:57:36] <Ringo> Ah, he's got all the variables of this equation solved.

[15:59:02] <Alpha> -very gently takes a piece of the halo and places it inside the incubation tube.- Now it should only be a matter of minutes, and Phi will be reborn! My..my masterpiece....life...no Tectar or machine I've ever built can compare to this.

[15:59:10] <Keiji> Wait.

[15:59:14] <Keiji> How can you take a PIECE of the halo.

[15:59:19] <Keiji> That would hurt.

[15:59:38] <Chao> Well, taking the whole halo would hurt even more wouldn't it?

[15:59:55] <Keiji> Well, you certainly can't split it up@

[16:00:04] <Keiji> And you certainly can't take the whole thing...

[16:00:21] <Keiji> What's to say he needs to /take/ the halo ? ;)

[16:00:21] <Chao> Maybe my logic is fuzzy after not sleeping for 12 hours straight.

[16:00:43] <Chao> it might be a good place to call it an episode anyway.

[16:00:50] <Keiji> Not quite.

[16:00:59] <Keiji> Harpy can just shine on it, can't she? :3

[16:01:11] <Chao> That's true I suppose.

[16:01:19] <Chao> Alright, retcon the halo chopping

[16:01:42] <Alpha> OOC: I hate that game. Call of Duty is better :P

[16:03:14] <Alpha> Ma'am...can you possibly lend that light to the boy in that tube? He needs it in order to wake up. -smiles-

[16:04:08] <Harpy> No problem~ -walks over and stares into the tube, her halo glowing brightly-

[16:05:05] <Alpha> Yes! That's perfect! Now it's only going to be minutes...and I'll finally be able to appreciate my masterpiece...my greatest creation....

[16:05:41] <Draco> You know, you sound a lot like Ekoro yourself, talking like that...

[16:06:26] <Alpha> E-eh?! Nononononono! I'm nothing at all like that raving psychopath! Other than being a great scientific mind, we have nothing in common.

[16:06:43] <Draco> Well, just as long as you aren't gonna turn evil like him...

[16:07:26] <Alpha> Pff! Please! I have absolutely no reason to be anything like him!....though...I did have a curious dream revolving around him last night.

[16:08:23] <Ringo> . . . Will he ever cease to plague us, even on the other side of the equals sign?

[16:09:01] <Draco> He's not plaguing us, he's gone.

[16:09:11] <Draco> Everyone just keeps TALKING about him, though.

[16:09:18] <Mitsuki> Like a myth, huh?


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