Episode 14 - Chat log

Start date: Sun Sep 20, 2009. All times are UTC.

[14:33:29] <Juichi> *jumps out the helicopter to greet everyone.*

[14:33:49] <Ringo> Hey there, stranger!

[14:34:03] <Juichi> Hey, I'm no stranger!

[14:34:23] <Sig> Hi, Mr. Helicopter guy!

[14:34:41] <Juichi> I'm second in command in the ADMA forces!

[14:34:55] <Juichi> I heard you needed some assistance.

[14:34:56] <Ringo> Oh applesauce! Sorry sir!

[14:35:11] <Rider> Wow!

[14:35:29] <Ms. Accord> Quite the service you have there, sir! ^^

[14:36:03] <Draco> *is still staring at the helicopter.*

[14:36:15] <Akkie> Can I let Arle appear on the helicopter? And Mikki too?

[14:36:18] <Draco> Even /I/ didn't know our chopper was that big! O_O

[14:36:23] <Keiji> y4es

[14:36:25] <Keiji> yes

[14:36:29] <Seriri> /me in turn is staring at the chopper

[14:36:30] <Keiji> They came in it

[14:36:40] <Keiji> Seriri color after /me

[14:37:21] <Seriri> O_O that's about as big as our room!

[14:37:30] <Arle Nadja> *looks down from the helicopter to the guys. Howdy-do, everyone!*

[14:37:32] <Sig> Or bigger.

[14:37:44] <Eta> Hi Arley!

[14:37:45] <Draco> Hey, Arle~!

[14:38:00] <Mikki> Huge helicopter, isn't it?

[14:38:03] <Ms. Accord> Mrs. Arle!

[14:38:27] <Ringo> Wow! Hi Mikki!

[14:39:22] <Juichi> So, everyone want to hop on? There's plenty of room for you lot!

[14:39:32] <Sig> Yeah!

[14:39:51] <Seriri> Yes! We haven't got much time to lose!

[14:39:56] <Draco> *climbs aboard the helicopter.*

[14:40:00] <Ms. Accord> Indeed!

[14:40:31] <Ms. Accord> *climbs aboard the helicopter.*

[14:41:00] <Chao> [Sig, Rider, Ringo, Seriri and Dark Sig also board the chopper]

[14:41:07] <Mitsuki> *and Dark_Witch board the helicopter.*

[14:41:47] <Juichi> *closes the doors.*

[14:41:54] <Juichi> So, where are we off to?

[14:42:20] <Ringo> See that mountain with the swirling clouds around it?

[14:42:32] <Ringo> We need to get to the top of that mountain!

[14:42:47] <Juichi> Woah.

[14:42:58] <Juichi> Those clouds look pretty ominous.

[14:43:30] <Rider> I bet it's because of Ekoro...

[14:43:53] <Juichi> *starts to fly the helicopter.*

[14:44:11] <Eta> Aah! I remember why I exploded!

[14:44:22] <Eta> *turns to Ms. Accord*

[14:44:23] <Draco> What?

[14:44:39] <Eta> ...Ms_Accord....do you hate me?

[14:44:48] <Arle Nadja> So, what did I miss?

[14:45:07] <Ms. Accord> What~? I've scant known you for ten minutes! How could I hate you?

[14:45:32] <Mikki> Ekoro must've copied the original's memories to the "clones" too, eh?

[14:45:46] <Eta> So....how did Ekoro convince me Accord hated me?

[14:46:21] <Draco> What Mikki said :p

[14:46:28] <Seriri> He did it to make you explode probably. Real Sig's explosions tend to be emotional outbursts.

[14:46:48] <Sig> ^^:

[14:47:31] <Ringo> Arle, you missed a fight with Dark Sig here, but we neturalized him! Just like Witch neturalized Dark Witch!

[14:47:51] <Keiji> *neutralized

[14:48:00] <Ringo> And then Dark Sig told us where Ekoro was, so that's where we're going ;)

[14:48:27] <Arle Nadja> Neutralized, that's a good thing.

[14:48:36] <Mikki> How does that happen?

[14:49:11] <Seriri> Witch said it happens when a clone meets it's other.

[14:49:36] <Mitsuki> touches, to be more specific.

[14:50:10] <Ringo> Now you sound like Risukuma =\

[14:50:14] <Arle Nadja> Interesting...

[14:51:36] <Rider> Oh my, those clouds do look ominous...

[14:51:57] <Juichi> *continues flying the chopper towards the mountaintop as it slowly appears bigger*

[14:52:01] <Ms. Accord> They're getting darker....?!

[14:53:05] <Mikki> I have a feeling that something fun is gonna happen.

[14:53:14] <Akkie> Fun = Dangerous. :)

[14:53:51] <Chao> [The black clouds start thundering as they get closer]

[14:54:26] <Sig> Looks stormy...

[14:55:13] <Seriri> Whatever happens Draco, I still wub you =3

[14:55:35] <Draco> Awwwwww... what was that for? :3

[14:55:36] <Beta> I wonder what Ekoro's up to to make those clouds.

[14:55:37] <Seriri> *cuddles with Draco*

[14:56:33] <Ringo> Everyone knows no evil plan for world domination is complete without a complementary lightning storm of doom.

[14:56:52] <Ringo> Ekoro is sadly no exception.

[14:57:13] <Rider> But what if it's m-m-more than just scenery?

[14:57:25] <Mikki> Nice media reference. But still normal for an onimous character.

[14:58:06] <Akkie> OK. Don't mind the first sentence.

[14:58:42] <Draco> I guess we'll have to find out when we get there...

[15:00:28] <Eta> ...

[15:00:53] <Sig> What's the matter red- me?

[15:01:30] <Eta> ....It's nothing. I'm just slowly regaining my memory of what happened at the old base....

[15:01:56] <Arle Nadja> I have a bad feeling about this.

[15:02:40] <Ringo> *starts humming Puyo no Uta to herself*

[15:02:41] <Mikki> How were you guys made?, D Sig?

[15:04:04] <Eta> I dunno. I just came out of a tube.

[15:04:23] <Eta> And saw my "brilliant creator" standing before me.

[15:04:44] <Beta> It was quite a simple task for Ekoro.

[15:04:47] <Keiji> colorfail

[15:05:06] <Beta> He only had to take samples of your DNA and create a clone in an incubator tube.

[15:05:29] <Beta> I watched over the whole of Dark Sig's creation...

[15:05:46] <Mikki> Is Ekoro making more?

[15:05:52] <Eta> You did?

[15:06:08] <Beta> Ekoro made six in our base.

[15:06:31] <Beta> I don't know how many more he made after Dark Sig, as he was the last to be made in our base.

[15:07:02] <Ringo> After he was released, Ekoro had to flee the base because Accord found it.

[15:07:15] <Eta> And another girl...

[15:07:23] <Mikki> Who?

[15:07:28] <Rider> Another?

[15:07:43] <Keiji> o.o

[15:07:44] <Keiji> another girl?

[15:07:54] <Eta> She wore black clothes and screamed things like "A plauge on you and your family"....

[15:08:17] <Ms. Accord> ....Feli?

[15:08:30] <Sig> Feli scares me.

[15:08:42] <Arle Nadja> That diviner girl?

[15:09:06] <Eta> Ekoro tricked her and beat her easily though. She ran away after that.

[15:09:19] <Draco> Wait...

[15:09:23] <Draco> Feli was here?!

[15:09:51] <Mikki> Please define more of Feli to me?

[15:09:56] <Ms. Accord> She was!

[15:10:17] <Ms. Accord> I remember seeing her inside the base trying to curse Ekoro for cloning Lemres.

[15:11:09] <Ms. Accord> But I ran away before she and Ekoro supposedly fought because Dark Sig found me.

[15:11:21] <Arle Nadja> How Yandere of her.

[15:11:53] <Ringo> She sounds like a crazy fourtune teller lady...

[15:12:36] <Draco> Damn...

[15:12:40] <Draco> We need to find her

[15:12:41] <Draco> !

[15:13:37] <Seriri> But we can't go look for her now! We don't know how long Ekoro will be here! And we're almost there! Look!

[15:14:15] <Arle Nadja> Best we get ready.

[15:14:33] <Rider> Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-yes....

[15:15:27] <Draco> Ugh, it's almost black in these clouds now... I can't see a thing!

[15:16:09] <Seriri> I hope Juichi knows what he's doing!

[15:16:28] <Arle Nadja> Do lights work here?

[15:16:30] <Sig> I'm scared...

[15:16:43] <Rider> M-m-m-me too!

[15:17:07] <Sig> *hugs Rider and Accord for support.*

[15:17:24] <Ms. Accord> I'm as scared as you are kiddies...

[15:18:02] <Juichi> *slowly lands the helicopter where it is as it's impossible to see any further forward. As it descends visibility returns*

[15:18:12] <Arle Nadja> SAVE

[15:18:24] <Akkie> Configuration file was modified while irssi was running. Saving

[15:18:25] <Akkie> configuration to file '/home/rp/.irssi/config.autosave' instead. Use

[15:18:25] <Akkie> /SAVE or /RELOAD to get rid of this message.

[15:18:26] <Akkie> >_>

[15:18:58] <Keiji> ignore that

[15:19:21] <Seriri> Oh my god....

[15:19:24] <Keiji> that's just an irssi bug

[15:20:15] <Chao> [slowly a large mechanical palace like structure becomes visible. The building looks like it goes into the mountain}

[15:20:40] <Draco> Woah...

[15:20:41] <Mikki> Is that where Ekoro is?

[15:20:52] <Sig> Wooow.....

[15:21:00] <Draco> I think we should try to look around this place before Ekoro blows it up this time!

[15:21:01] <Ringo> OH SHIT!!!

[15:21:17] <Ms. Accord> It's enourmous!

[15:21:39] <Mitsuki> that's an understatement.

[15:21:52] <Rider> Quite.

[15:22:06] <Arle Nadja> Did Ekoro really try to blow this base up?

[15:22:24] <Draco> No, but he blew up his last base.

[15:22:28] <Draco> Or rather, got Dark Sig to.

[15:22:29] <Seriri> There's part of it going into the mountain it looks like even!

[15:22:47] <Juichi> I'll stay with the helicopter if you're all getting out to investigate.

[15:23:14] <Sig> Thanks, Juichi!

[15:23:32] <Juichi> No problem.

[15:23:33] <Ms. Accord> Thank you muchly sir.

[15:23:58] <Ringo> Thanks! And sorry about our meeting...that was akward...

[15:24:37] <Rider> Who's this wheel chair for?

[15:25:01] <Seriri> It /might/ be mine...

[15:25:08] <Juichi> Hey, don't sweat it.

[15:25:15] <Keiji> wheelchair?

[15:25:19] <Seriri> *get's in the wheelchaier*

[15:25:37] <Seriri> Wee! I don't have to be lugged around anymore =#

[15:25:51] <Seriri> I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

[15:26:13] <Sig> Yay, wheelchair.

[15:26:14] <Draco> O_O

[15:26:18] <Mikki> *takes a bucket out. Just in case someone dries up.*

[15:26:23] <Draco> Hey, that's pretty cool.

[15:26:43] <Ringo> SHouldn't we be getting out now before Ekoro finds out we're here?

[15:27:03] <Mikki> Getting in?

[15:27:27] <Ringo> Getting OUT of the helicopter Mikki =P

[15:27:50] <Mikki> I meant or thought the base. Not the helicopter.

[15:28:21] <Sig> *gets out*

[15:28:36] <Mikki>

[15:28:42] <Keiji> I thought eveyrone already implicitly got out. :p

[15:28:48] <Mikki> ?me gets off.

[15:28:51] <Chao> Right...

[15:28:57] <Chao> =P

[15:29:10] <Ringo> Oh wait...

[15:29:19] <Ringo> Yeah, let's get inside!

[15:29:35] <Rider> *gulps...*

[15:30:27] <Eta> I'm ready for you...clone abandoner.

[15:30:48] <Keiji> lol clone abandoner

[15:31:24] <Draco> *steps up to the front of the building.*

[15:31:25] <Chao> [The group enters the base...]

[15:31:35] <Chao> Er...

[15:31:38] <Keiji> ...

[15:31:40] <Chao> lol XD

[15:31:56] <Chao> [Draco steps up]

[15:32:00] <Keiji> lol

[15:32:07] <Draco> Well, there's the entrance, but it's not exactly open...

[15:32:38] <Sig> Are we gonna open the door like that one tower?

[15:33:04] <Arle Nadja> How should we open this?

[15:33:48] <Juichi> 4 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has left #rp-subete (in the helicopter.)

[15:34:00] <Seriri> Well, It's either push or pull =P

[15:34:37] <Draco> That's not gonna bust a lock, Seriri!

[15:34:58] <Ringo> Lock?

[15:35:18] <Ringo> I can do locks >=3

[15:35:45] <Ringo> Watch this!

[15:36:32] <Ringo> *examines the lock...she picks at it for a little while until it unlocks]*

[15:36:56] <Arle Nadja> Sweet, Ringo!

[15:36:57] <Ringo> BIN-GO!

[15:37:04] <Draco> Woah, nice one!

[15:37:15] <Sig> Yay, Ringo!

[15:37:18] <Draco> *follows Ringo inside the base.*

[15:38:07] <Chao> [Inside, everything seems to be a rusty gold color, with bronze columns. The air inside is slightly dark and distorted]

[15:38:24] <Eta> Creepy...

[15:39:09] <Ms. Accord> Hm...rather disturbing and uninviting...

[15:39:56] <Mikki> This place has a somewhat ominous atmosphere.

[15:40:27] <Draco> It was already ominous before we got in!

[15:41:30] <Seriri> Oh wow! There are multiple floors in this room!

[15:41:49] <Sig> ...But no stairs to get to them.

[15:42:20] <Mikki> Aww...

[15:42:23] <Ms. Accord> They're likely in another room Sig.

[15:43:09] <Ringo> Well, we better start going through some doors and see what we can find.

[15:44:53] <Seriri> Er....which door? There's like, 10.

[15:45:30] <Arle Nadja> I guess we should split up, then.

[15:46:00] <Ringo> o_O Split up?!

[15:46:07] <Ringo> Are you nuts?!

[15:46:24] <Ringo> In this place, that's a death wish!

[15:46:32] <Draco> Yeah, we should all go together...

[15:47:01] <Sig> Yeah, together!

[15:47:49] <Mikki> So, what's the best thing to do, then?

[15:48:15] <Ringo> Pick a door and follow it.

[15:49:30] <Mikki> ... which door?

[15:52:49] <Chao> ....my Putty windows are going super slow now...?

[15:52:49] <Chao> Putty fatal error: Software caused connection abort.

[15:52:59] <Keiji> weird

[15:53:02] <Keiji> reconnect i guess

[15:53:20] <Rider> 4 has quit (Lost terminal)

[15:53:21] <Chao> Okay.

[15:53:33] <Chao> Lost Rider =P

[15:53:50] <Arle Nadja> Test

[15:53:50] <Ringo> 4 has quit (Lost terminal)

[15:53:56] <Seriri> 4 has quit (Lost terminal)

[15:54:12] <Mikki> Test

[15:54:25] <Akkie> It's fine here.

[15:54:54] <Sig> 4 has kicked Sig from #rp-subete (Chao)

[15:55:03] <Sig> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[15:55:18] <Chao> Okay Sig's stable again.

[15:56:07] <Rider> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[15:57:07] <Seriri> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

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[15:59:02] <Ms. Accord> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[15:59:21] <Mikki> (TEST) Is this OK for you guys?

[15:59:43] <Eta> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[15:59:55] <Chao> Sorry about that.

[16:01:02] <Sig> That door! *Points straight ahead*

[16:01:54] <Mikki> *rushes off to the door.*

[16:02:25] <Draco> *follows Sig and Mikki.*

[16:02:56] <Chao> [The gang follows them]

[16:04:02] <Chao> [A long narrow hallway sprawls infront of them. It is surrounded by glass, where the can look below them and see many large and complex machines working...]

[16:04:43] <Ringo> Wow....Ekoro's got his work cut out for him, don't he?

[16:05:22] <Draco> I only wonder why he bothers making it look so pretty in here.

[16:05:32] <Draco> It's less like a base and more like a museum.

[16:05:45] <Draco> As if he was expecting someone to come here.

[16:05:57] <Seriri> Us, maybe?

[16:06:27] <Arle Nadja> Still, this seems pretty suspicious.

[16:07:24] <Ms. Accord> You should be suspicious of Ekoro and his inventions..

[16:07:31] <Eta> ...

[16:08:09] <Eta> *runs off and away from the group...*

[16:08:21] <Draco> >_>

[16:08:28] <Rider> Oh....

[16:08:33] <Draco> Come back!

[16:08:38] <Ringo> DARK SIG!

[16:08:39] <Draco> *chases Dark_Sig*

[16:08:56] <Sig> Where's red me going?

[16:09:09] <Draco> *doesn't let him out of her sight*

[16:09:15] <Ms. Accord> I don't know! SHould we follow Draco?

[16:09:24] <Seriri> Well DUH!

[16:09:41] <Seriri> *chases Draco*

[16:09:58] <Rider> DON"T LEAVE ME HERE!

[16:10:03] <Rider> *chases Seriri*

[16:10:11] <Chao> [The others follow suit.

[16:10:14] <Chao> ]

[16:10:41] <Akkie> Eating...

[16:11:22] <Eta> *slows down as he reaches the door at the end of the hall*

[16:11:41] <Eta> *pant* *pant* *pant*

[16:11:52] <Draco> Dark Sig!

[16:11:59] <Draco> Why'd you run off like that?

[16:11:59] <Eta> ?

[16:12:26] <Eta> I want to find Ekoro and make him suffer for leaving me behind!

[16:12:39] <Rider> !

[16:13:23] <Draco> Well, running off won't help...

[16:15:02] <Mikki> Can we help with your desired torture to Ekoro?

[16:15:05] <Ms. Accord> We should be moving on. Dark Sig, don't stray from the group again, okay?

[16:15:20] <Eta> Alright...

[16:15:39] <Sig> I would never run off like that....

[16:15:51] <Sig> Would I?

[16:16:42] <Beta> You might, if you were angry...

[16:17:44] <Chao> [The group continues on. The next room is just a flight of stairs going up and down 1 level. Arrows on the walls point the opposite direction the stairs travel.]

[16:19:02] <Rider> Oh dear...that's confusing

[16:19:07] <Arle Nadja> So, we go up or down?

[16:19:35] <Ringo> Up, assuming down leads to that machinery we saw eariler...

[16:20:43] <Draco> I wonder if we'll find more incubation tubes.

[16:21:37] <Mikki> Same.

[16:23:04] <Chao> [The group goes up the stairs and through the door. Another Hall. This time however, the walls are made of blue prints for building various people. Notably, Draco and Skeleton T reoccur later in the hallway]

[16:23:55] <Sig> Look Draco! Blue prints for you!

[16:24:12] <Draco> !

[16:24:23] <Draco> So, he does intend to clone me...

[16:24:27] <Draco> Or, already has...

[16:24:32] <Rider> And me too!

[16:24:35] <Draco> I think we should stay on our guard...

[16:25:03] <Arle Nadja> We should be ready at all times.

[16:25:03] <Eta> *is staring at some Sig blueprints...*

[16:25:17] <Eta> So.....that's me...

[16:25:50] <Ringo> OH SHIT I found me!

[16:25:57] <Keiji> ...

[16:25:59] <Keiji> I just realized...

[16:26:04] <Akkie> Is there one for Mikki?

[16:26:05] <Akkie> What?

[16:26:18] <[ChanServ]> Mode lock on channel #rp-subete changed to +rG.

[16:26:19] <[ChanServ]> *sets mode +G #rp-subete*


[16:26:31] <Keiji> That's better.

[16:27:00] <Chao> AKK: There can be one for Mikki

[16:27:41] <Akkie> Is there really one?

[16:27:49] <Chao> Yes.

[16:28:09] <Sig> I'm scared...

[16:29:07] <Mikki> asdfgdfgafgasdf I found mine...!

[16:29:31] <Draco> Remember, we only have to touch our clones to neutralize them.

[16:29:40] <Draco> So don't be scared!

[16:29:49] <Rider> L-l-l-let's keep moving!

[16:29:52] <Mikki> Yes. I know that.

[16:30:46] <Chao> [The group reaches the end of the Hall. Another Stair-case room]

[16:31:29] <Ringo> STAIRS! WHAT A STUMPER EKORO!

[16:31:51] <Arle Nadja> Cool that there are more stairs here. >_>/

[16:32:25] <Draco> How many more stairwells are there gonna be in this place??!

[16:32:46] <Mikki> More than 2 more, I'd assume.

[16:32:53] <Sig> Let's go up!

[16:35:27] <Chao> [The group continues. They are back in the main foyer,except they are 2 levels higher. They can now see a large Mural of Ekoro holding the world on the opposite wall. On the level above them, they can see two large double doors.]

[16:36:09] <Draco> Who wants to bet those doors house yet more stairs?

[16:36:31] <Seriri> o_O

[16:36:41] <Arle Nadja> Not me.

[16:37:14] <Ringo> Chexk out that perverted mural!

[16:38:21] <Ms. Accord> Oh my...

[16:38:25] <Mikki> Don't wanna anymore.

[16:39:01] <Sig> Big doors are important! We should try to find a way up to them!

[16:39:26] <Mikki> Are there gonna be more stairs?

[16:39:45] <Seriri> Likely, Mikki

[16:40:27] <Mikki> Yay!

[16:40:52] <Arle Nadja> ... you like stairs too much, Mikki. O_O

[16:40:57] <Draco> ....yay?

[16:41:46] <Mikki> Nah. It's just me. I just like stairs.

[16:42:58] <Chao> 2 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[16:43:18] <Keiji> ?

[16:44:03] <Eta> 4 has quit (Lost terminal)

[16:44:10] <Rider> 4 has quit (Lost terminal)

[16:44:51] <Akkie> ... why, Chao?

[16:44:51] <Chao> 1 (Mibbit@dev-A256EECE.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #rp-subete

[16:44:51] <[ChanServ]> *gives channel operator status to Chao*

[16:45:01] <Keiji> lol that was weird

[16:45:21] <Chao> Stupid missing plugin pop up blew up mibbit >_>

[16:45:27] <Sig> 4 has kicked Sig_ from #rp-subete (Chao)

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[16:45:33] <Keiji> lol

[16:45:33] <Ringo> 4 has kicked Ringo from #rp-subete (Chao)

[16:45:37] <Ms. Accord> 4 has kicked Ms_Accor1 from #rp-subete (Chao)

[16:45:47] <Keiji> Why'd you close your putties, though?

[16:46:12] <Sig> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[16:46:47] <Rider> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[16:47:16] <Chao> I lost them....again >_>

[16:47:46] <Seriri> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[16:47:55] <Keiji> Maybe it's your connection

[16:48:22] <Ringo> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[16:49:11] <Ms. Accord> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[16:49:56] <Eta> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[16:51:35] <Ringo> Let's head towards that door leading into that mural!

[16:54:31] <Chao> [The group heads for the door. Another stair case room, but this time, the stairs only go up...]

[16:54:43] <Sig> We can only go one way now...

[16:54:50] <Draco> Woopee. More stairs.

[16:55:02] <Draco> We shoulda just landed on the bloody roof!

[16:55:28] <Seriri> There wasn't anywhere on the roof to land.

[16:56:36] <Chao> [The stairs lead back into the main foyer. Now they are on the same level as the large double doors.

[16:57:07] <Draco> So... do we get to go in there yet?

[16:57:23] <Seriri> Looks like it.

[16:57:42] <Eta> *'s eyes flash*

[16:57:49] <Eta> AAAAAAAGH!

[16:58:01] <Eta> *falls to the floor.*

[16:58:13] <Ms. Accord> Good heavans!

[16:58:32] <Sig> What's wrong?

[16:59:00] <Eta> .....pain....pain....! Suddenly, I'm in so much pain....gaah!

[16:59:35] <Eta> Go.....go on....without....me....rrrrgh!

[16:59:55] <Draco> Dark Sig?!

[17:00:02] <Draco> What happened!

[17:00:25] <Ringo> Apparently he just suddenly hurt!

[17:00:44] <Eta> Draco.....I started....hur...hurtig.....

[17:01:06] <Eta> It hurts......really....really....grh..bad....rrrrgh!

[17:02:10] <Mikki> What's wrong?

[17:02:12] <Rider> Should we go on without him like he asks?

[17:02:30] <Arle Nadja> Should we, Draco?

[17:03:09] <Draco> ...Seriri, do you think you can do anything for him?

[17:03:32] <Seriri> I wish I could...

[17:03:58] <Seriri> But a first aid kit and a few tears aren't going to releive such serious pain.

[17:04:16] <Draco> >.<

[17:04:35] <Ringo> I wonder if Dark Witch will start hurting too....?

[17:04:55] <Beta> ...

[17:05:00] <Beta> No, I'm fine.

[17:05:17] <Beta> As for Dark Sig, though...

[17:05:26] <Beta> It might be Ekoro.

[17:05:59] <Beta> I'll carry him so we don't have to leave him behind.

[17:06:15] <Ms. Accord> That could mean he could be just behind those doors! Be prepared!

[17:06:43] <Eta> .....Tha...thank you....Dark.....Witch...

[17:07:24] <Beta> *leans over and places a hand on Dark Sig's shoulder, performing a spell to make him fall asleep.*

[17:07:40] <Beta> *then picks him up and takes him on her shoulders.*

[17:09:14] <Chao> [The group proceeds through the large double doors. There is a Large machine in the room. It follows the walls to a giant incubation tube in the back of the room. At the terminal in front of the room is none other than...

[17:09:20] <Ecolo> 3 (Mibbit@dev-A256EECE.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #rp-subete

[17:09:33] <Chao> Ekoro]

[17:09:50] <Ecolo> (To himself)They're coming to take me away, ha ha.

[17:10:05] <Ecolo> (To himself)They're coming to take me away, ho ho! Hee Hee! Haa Haa!

[17:10:11] <Draco> Ekoro!

[17:10:17] <Mitsuki> Ekoro!

[17:10:20] <Ecolo> Ah....

[17:10:26] <Ecolo> You have arrived.

[17:10:35] <Ecolo> And not a moment too soon either.

[17:10:52] <Ecolo> *turns to greet them*

[17:11:00] <Ecolo> Isn't it grand?

[17:11:14] <Ecolo> A wonderful little base, isn't it?

[17:11:22] <Ecolo> Nice and cozy inside the mountains...

[17:11:32] <Draco> Terribly unfitting for whatever evil you're doing here.

[17:11:41] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE HE!

[17:12:12] <Ecolo> I didn't want my honorable, yet uninvited guests to feel uncomfortable!

[17:13:01] <Ecolo> Alas though, since my experiment is complete, I should reveal my plans...

[17:13:06] <Draco> =_=

[17:13:26] <Sig> ...You're weird Ekoro.

[17:14:01] <Seriri> What, you want us to die "comfortably"?

[17:14:25] <Ringo> Tell us Ekoro; what's in the tube?

[17:14:38] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE!

[17:14:47] <Ecolo> If I told you, that would ruin the surprise!

[17:15:06] <Beta> (mumble mumble mumble)

[17:15:11] <Ecolo> I see, My clones have returned to me...only to become my enemy.

[17:15:44] <Ecolo> Nevertheless, they shall be punished! But I digress!

[17:15:55] <Beta> *points her hand at the terminal*

[17:16:23] <Ecolo> What madness is this, Perfect Witch?

[17:16:37] <Seriri> Perfect?

[17:16:50] <Beta> *sends a beam of lightning at the terminal and it explodes spectacularly*

[17:16:53] <Mikki> What do you mean by "perfect", Ekoro?

[17:17:15] <Beta> To answer your question, Ringo... nothing. Nothing at all.

[17:17:16] <Ecolo> She WAS perfect.

[17:17:18] <Beta> *smiles.*

[17:17:41] <Ecolo> Oh, but I need not that terminal to release my experiment.

[17:18:14] <Mikki> Well, what?

[17:18:15] <Draco> Fair enough!

[17:18:35] <Ecolo> I suppose since you are all being rather impatient, I should show you my little toy before I reveal my plans in full.

[17:18:35] <Draco> *jumpkicks the tube, smashing it and spilling glass shards and liquid everywhere.*

[17:18:52] <Zeta> 3 (Mibbit@dev-A256EECE.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #rp-subete

[17:18:58] <Zeta> *falls out of the tube*

[17:19:01] <Keiji> ...okay, that's inconvenient

[17:19:14] <Keiji> is Dark_Arle an RP character or Tomo

[17:19:23] <Chao> RP chara

[17:19:27] <Keiji> lol, good

[17:19:46] <Zeta> ...

[17:19:53] <Ecolo> BEHOLD!


[17:20:19] <Ecolo> ISN"T SHE MARVELOUS?!?!

[17:20:32] <Sig> ! It looks like Arle...!

[17:20:58] <Draco> ...

[17:21:01] <Draco> Dark Arle?

[17:21:04] <Draco> Is that all you've got?

[17:21:22] <Ecolo> Don't underestimate this one, Draco.

[17:21:33] <Ecolo> Unlike the others, she is perfect in everyway.

[17:22:22] <Ecolo> She is far more advanced than any of the others.

[17:22:38] <Ecolo> Even you, "Perfect" Witch.

[17:22:42] <Draco> *narrows her eyes: No! Arle... Arle has one flaw!*

[17:22:58] <Ecolo> O rly?

[17:23:13] <Beta> What do you mean, "even"? I was the first, of course I'd be nowhere near as good as any of the others

[17:23:36] <Draco> She...

[17:24:22] <Draco> She saw... saw nothing in me!

[17:24:36] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HEE!!

[17:24:39] <Ecolo> OH GAWD!

[17:24:53] <Ecolo> HOW IS THAT A FLAW?!

[17:25:24] <Ecolo> I award you Arle, for being the most perfect being on this entire [not-so-good] planet!

[17:25:32] <Arle Nadja> Well, nothing's perfect. There will always be a flaw in something.

[17:25:46] <Ecolo> But now, I have recreated your perfection...and even improved upon it!

[17:26:01] <Ecolo> So there is no need for you!

[17:26:12] <Ecolo> Infact, there is no need for any of you!

[17:26:25] <Ecolo> This world is skewed...flawed...mangled.

[17:26:29] <Ecolo> It saddens me.

[17:26:48] <Ecolo> It makes me feel like the formless black blob I am...

[17:26:55] <Ecolo> But...

[17:27:02] <Ecolo> I shall repair that...

[17:27:16] <Ecolo> I will destroy all of you, along with your precious world!

[17:27:46] <Ecolo> And then I shall build in it's place a new world, where everything shall be perfect!

[17:27:56] <Draco> Hi, Count Bleck.

[17:28:04] <Ecolo> Nothing but perfection shall exist! All will be well, All will be happy!

[17:28:08] <Mikki> Oh really?

[17:28:41] <Arle Nadja> Well, can you?

[17:28:45] <Ecolo> There will be no need for Anti Dark Mage Associations, since Dark mages and White Mages will live peacefully together.

[17:29:04] <Ecolo> And I shall be the sole inforcement of the law and order in this new world!

[17:29:05] <Mikki> Hello, Byakuren.

[17:29:20] <Draco> You know, there's a few problems with that.

[17:29:22] <Ecolo> Any conflict, war, rebellions...I'll destroy them all!

[17:29:32] <Draco> First, nothing's perfect.

[17:29:36] <Ecolo> They will all be my plaything!

[17:30:12] <Draco> Second, nobody'd want someone like you as their emperor.

[17:30:26] <Mikki> Especially not me.

[17:30:27] <Draco> And third... destroying the world's just [not-so-good] crazy, man!

[17:31:03] <Sig> Plus...I don't know if Popoiwould like being forced to get along with us...

[17:31:36] <Seriri> Ekoro....You are without a doubt, the most insane person I know.

[17:31:46] <Ms. Accord> God complex, anybody

[17:31:58] <Ringo> That explains the pererted mural and the "

[17:32:05] <Ringo> Perfect clones"

[17:32:27] <Mikki> Forget your desire of being a god-like entity, Ekoro.

[17:32:38] <Ecolo> BAH! Perfection and Perversion are separate and different!

[17:32:50] <Draco> Looks like you need to be taught what it feels like to be destroyed.

[17:32:51] <Ecolo> You still seek to stop me?

[17:33:00] <Ecolo> You fools amaze me.

[17:33:09] <Ecolo> You are powerless to stop me.

[17:33:37] <Ecolo> Perfect Arle! Make these idiots know their place in the new world!

[17:33:57] <Arle Nadja> Don't be too power-hungry, you insane person!

[17:34:01] <Zeta> ...

[17:34:09] <Zeta> *strikes Arle*

[17:34:25] <Akkie> nanabot flip

[17:34:26] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[17:34:43] <Arle Nadja> *dodges.*

[17:34:52] <Zeta> Diacute!

[17:35:00] <Akkie> You fixed the dice too, Keiji?

[17:35:11] <Keiji> nanabot roll 1d6

[17:35:12] <[Nanabot]> 1d6 = 2

[17:35:12] <Zeta> *'s acuteness goes up*

[17:35:14] <Keiji> ^

[17:35:33] <Draco> Arle!

[17:35:39] <Draco> Remember what I said earlier!

[17:35:51] <Ecolo> ?

[17:36:08] <Arle Nadja> *tries to touch Dark_Arle.*

[17:36:29] <Zeta> *grabs Arle and throws her at Draco*

[17:36:40] <Zeta> Huhuhuhuhuhuhu~

[17:36:51] <Seriri> YOU bitch!

[17:36:56] <Arle Nadja> Waaah!

[17:37:10] <Draco> ...

[17:37:12] <Mikki> Expected that.

[17:37:15] <Draco> *blushes*

[17:37:25] <Seriri> *gets out of the wheelchair to smack Dark Arle*

[17:37:45] <Ringo> INTERGAL!

[17:37:48] <Akkie> nanabot flip

[17:37:49] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[17:37:56] <Akkie> nanabot flip

[17:37:57] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[17:38:01] <Akkie> Well...

[17:38:04] <Akkie> How many dice. That.

[17:38:09] <Ringo> *pulls out a big-[butt] book and tries to hit Dark Alre with it*

[17:38:19] <Zeta> nanabot flip

[17:38:20] <Akkie> nanabot roll 3d6

[17:38:21] <[Nanabot]> 3d6 = 14

[17:38:31] <Zeta> ...

[17:38:39] <Zeta> nanabot flip

[17:38:42] <Mikki> ... wow... Ekoro isn't really kidding about "perfect"... Meteor!

[17:38:58] <Keiji> you need to use black to get nanabot to do anything

[17:39:04] <Zeta> nanabot flip

[17:39:04] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[17:39:14] <Zeta> *is hit by Ringo's book*

[17:39:21] <Zeta> YATANA~

[17:39:27] <Akkie> Mikki used Star Meteor.

[17:39:41] <Draco> *recovers from her blushing.*

[17:39:54] <Zeta> FIYA

[17:40:10] <Seriri> nanabot flip

[17:40:12] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[17:40:15] <Draco> *breathes flames at Dark_Arle.*

[17:40:19] <Seriri> *is set on fire*

[17:40:28] <Beta> *also breathes flames at Dark_Arle.*

[17:40:29] <Akkie> Well, Mikki used Star Meteor at Dark_Arle.


[17:41:04] <Zeta> *ignites from Draco and Dark Witch's flames*

[17:41:13] <Zeta> ...

[17:41:13] <Beta> Arle, try the neutralization again!

[17:41:35] <Arle Nadja> OK!

[17:41:38] <Zeta> *'s body suddenly stops burning*

[17:41:51] <Arle Nadja> *tries to touch Dark_Arle again.*

[17:42:04] <Ecolo> NEUTRALIZATION?!

[17:42:05] <Ecolo> HAA!

[17:42:07] <Ecolo> HA HA!

[17:42:11] <Ecolo> HA HA HA HA!

[17:42:25] <Ecolo> Perfect Arle cannot be "neutralized"!

[17:42:38] <Ecolo> She's on MY side, and MY SIDE ONLY!

[17:43:03] <Mikki> (I expected that.)

[17:43:16] <Zeta> *once again grabs Arle, throwing her at Mikki*

[17:43:33] <Sig> *swipes at Dark Arle with his claw*

[17:43:42] <Zeta> Ah~!

[17:44:14] <Arle Nadja> Hey! *crashed on Mikki*

[17:44:15] <Sig> You should learn how to be nice to people!

[17:44:35] <Mikki> Kyaa!

[17:45:03] <Ms. Accord> LARGO!

[17:45:09] <Beta> ...

[17:45:17] <Mitsuki> ...

[17:45:45] <Ms. Accord> nanabot roll 1d6

[17:45:47] <Mikki> *gets up. What Ms. Accord said!*

[17:45:52] <[Nanabot]> 1d6 = 1

[17:46:06] <Mitsuki> *and Dark_Witch synchronise and produce a super-powerful thunderbolt striking Dark Arle dead center*

[17:46:08] <Zeta> *isn't affected by Largo.*

[17:46:16] <Mikki> nanabot flip

[17:46:17] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[17:46:21] <Mikki> nanabot flip

[17:46:22] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[17:46:25] <Zeta> UWA~!

[17:46:28] <Akkie> How many dice. Again.

[17:46:43] <Zeta> You're soo cruel!

[17:46:51] <Draco> *tackles Dark Arle while she's down*

[17:46:51] <Mikki> nanabot roll 3d6

[17:46:52] <[Nanabot]> 3d6 = 13

[17:47:05] <Ecolo> AH! MY PERFECTION!

[17:47:11] <Draco> Cruel?

[17:47:11] <Draco> Look around you!

[17:47:15] <Mitsuki> 4 has quit (Ping timeout)


[17:47:19] <Mitsuki> 3 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp-subete

[17:47:25] <Draco> Who do you think's the cruel one?

[17:47:30] <Arle Nadja> Hey! Look who's calling who "cruel"!

[17:47:42] <Mikki> Once again...

[17:47:49] <Ecolo> Now now, must I be the one to put you in misery?!

[17:47:52] <Mikki> Star Meteor!

[17:48:06] <Beta> 4 has quit (Ping timeout)

[17:48:07] <Draco> *kicks Dark Arle again*

[17:48:08] <Beta> 3 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp-subete

[17:48:11] <Mikki> *shoots a meteor to Dark_Arle again.*

[17:48:18] <Akkie> Gah! I gotta go sleep.

[17:48:18] <Draco> Why should you follow Ekoro?

[17:48:19] <Zeta> Uwaaaa~!

[17:48:41] <Zeta> The new world!

[17:48:47] <Zeta> The new world

[17:48:52] <Draco> The new world is a bluff!

[17:49:04] <Ecolo> The new world is no bluff.

[17:49:12] <Draco> Something that perfect is impossible!

[17:49:18] <Draco> Where's the proof?

[17:49:27] <Draco> Don't just take his word for it!

[17:49:29] <Ecolo> In fact, it has been in the making ever since you have gotten here!

[17:49:33] <Akkie> G'night, guys.

[17:49:37] <Keiji> bye

[17:49:47] <Arle Nadja> 4 has quit (Lost terminal)

[17:49:49] <Keiji> Chao we'll carry on without her this is too epic to stop =p

[17:49:50] <Mikki> 4 has quit (Lost terminal)

[17:49:59] <Chao> Okay

[17:50:02] <Akkie> Hope we RP again soon.

[17:50:10] <Akkie> 2 has quit (Leaving)


[17:50:26] <Ecolo> OBSERVE!

[17:50:26] <Draco> Says you!

[17:50:47] <Chao> [The ground beneath Draco turns black and vanishes]


[17:51:15] <Mitsuki> No!

[17:51:16] <Mitsuki> ...

[17:51:17] <Mitsuki> nickfail;

[17:51:20] <Beta> No!

[17:51:40] <Beta> *mutters a spell*

[17:51:48] <Keiji> *The ground reappears.

[17:51:55] <Sig> *takes a cheap shot at Ekoro while he's ranting and raving*

[17:52:08] <Ecolo> BLEH!

[17:52:17] <Ecolo> *turns to Sig*

[17:52:39] <Sig> Stop yelling at us! We didn't do anything!

[17:52:53] <Draco> *whispers to Seriri: Don't mind me, I'll be right back...#*

[17:53:01] <Draco> *runs off with Dark Witch.*

[17:53:08] <Ecolo> Allow me to demonstrate what happens to fools like yourself, Sig...

[17:53:20] <Ecolo> *wakes up Dark Sig.*

[17:53:29] <Eta> ARRRGH!

[17:53:32] <Mitsuki> *aims a thunderbolt at Ekoro.*

[17:54:04] <Chao> [Dark Sig's pain grows stronger....]

[17:54:21] <Eta> AAAAAAAAGH!

[17:54:29] <Mitsuki> ...damnit... dark witch better get back in time to heal him...

[17:54:37] <Eta> *dies from the pain*

[17:54:54] <Keiji> ...

[17:55:04] <Keiji> nvm

[17:55:06] <Eta> *disintegrates into black blobs that become part of Ekoro*

[17:55:15] <Mitsuki> !

[17:55:23] <Eta> 4 has quit (Lost terminal)

[17:55:27] <Mitsuki> No!!!

[17:55:38] <Ecolo> EYAAAH HE HE!

[17:55:55] <Ecolo> See what happens, Sig?

[17:56:06] <Ecolo> Now....YOUR NEXT IN LINE, SO BE HAPPY!


[17:56:32] <Mitsuki> ...

[17:56:41] <Seriri> *slaps Ekoro with her tail*

[17:56:43] <Mitsuki> *fires another thunderbolt at Ekoro.*

[17:57:14] <Seriri> That's what you get for messing with the Uroko Sakana Bito!

[17:57:23] <Keiji> LOL

[17:58:10] <NekoMithos> Face-Slap? ouch...

[17:58:11] <Zeta> Silly Mermaid.

[17:58:21] <Zeta> *bitchslaps Seririr*

[17:58:26] <Draco> *and Dark_Witch return, with...*

[17:58:29] <Omega> 3 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp-subete

[17:58:37] <Zeta> bitch-slaps are for [whiners]

[17:59:00] <Sig> Twin Dracos! Yay!

[17:59:09] <Ringo> Yay indeed!

[17:59:12] <Omega> Ekoro.

[17:59:28] <Ecolo> OHO!

[17:59:40] <Ecolo> You want some too, "perfect" Draco?

[17:59:40] <Omega> You know what I am.

[18:00:01] <Omega> And I knw

[18:00:05] <Keiji> damn enter

[18:00:28] <Omega> And I know what you're hiding.

[18:00:37] <Ecolo> O rly?

[18:00:45] <Zeta> Ya rly

[18:01:20] <Ms. Accord> I need to find me a Perfect Accord ^^

[18:01:28] <Omega> inside those blobs of yours you're shaking in fear of your Omega right here.

[18:01:46] <Omega> Give it up, Ekoro!

[18:02:06] <Ecolo> How dare you talk to me with such disrespect!

[18:02:10] <Omega> *charges through Ekoro, bringing out an alive and healthy Dark Sig.*

[18:02:33] <Omega> The power won't be yours much longer!

[18:02:35] <Rider> Oh my! Dark Sig!

[18:02:48] <Ecolo> *strikes Rider*

[18:02:55] <Rider> IYAAN!

[18:03:09] <Sig> Rider!

[18:03:27] <Ecolo> *stares at Sig*

[18:03:36] <Sig> *'s forehead flashes*

[18:03:50] <Sig> Wha....wha..?!

[18:03:59] <Sig> No....NO!

[18:04:00] <Omega> *pins down Ekoro.*

[18:04:08] <Sig> She can't be!

[18:04:30] <Beta> *also stands by Ekoro and mutters a spell.*

[18:04:54] <Ecolo> I may be as delicate as a leaf, but I am as slippery as a snake!

[18:05:38] <Beta> *'s spell puts Ekoro to sleep.*

[18:05:41] <Ecolo> But if you were in my Masturbatorium you would've have known that all ready.

[18:06:29] <Sig> *starts sobbing*

[18:06:33] <Beta> Arle, the neutralization should work now that he can't control her any more.

[18:06:45] <Keiji> ...uh

[18:06:50] <NekoMithos> (Masturbatorium? oh, you pervert you...)

[18:06:52] <Keiji> Chao, spawn arle xD

[18:06:59] <Seriri> Ew...masterbatorium..

[18:07:40] <Arle Nadja> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[18:08:35] <Arle Nadja> *touches Dark Arle*

[18:08:57] <Mari-chan> 1 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[18:09:05] <Zeta> ...

[18:09:12] <Rika Delgado> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp-subete

[18:09:23] <Zeta> The cruel one is Ekoro.

[18:09:31] <Zeta> You needed not to touch me.

[18:09:49] <Zeta> I realized now how evil he was...absorbing my fellow brother...

[18:10:06] <Omega> Dark Arle!

[18:10:10] <Seriri> RIKA!

[18:10:11] <Beta> Dark Arle!

[18:10:24] <Zeta> Yes?

[18:10:24] <Omega> Glad to have you.

[18:10:25] <Rika Delgado> Nyan Seriri?

[18:10:39] <Seriri> How the fuck did you find us?!

[18:11:04] <Sig> *begins glowing...*

[18:11:14] <Beta> ...

[18:11:17] <Sig> How...how could he....

[18:11:27] <Sig> How could he kill Rider!

[18:11:33] <Rider> SIG!

[18:11:46] <Rider> I'm N-n-n-ot dead!

[18:12:06] <Rika Delgado> Yay!! he is not dead nyan

[18:12:07] <Rider> I was unconcious for a moment!

[18:12:16] <Draco> Rika, where'd you come from? o_o

[18:12:24] <Rider> Don't go exploding!

[18:12:44] <Sig> *sniff*Okay...

[18:12:53] <Rika Delgado> I was having a catnap when I smelt trouble and I cam rushing to you guys

[18:12:57] <Sig> I'm so glad you're alive...

[18:13:05] <Rika Delgado> nya!

[18:13:06] <Draco> Seems you missed the battle, though

[18:13:12] <Ecolo> *awakens*

[18:13:17] <Ecolo> Speaking of naps...

[18:13:18] <Keiji> also, re-spawn Dark Sig.

[18:13:33] <Ecolo> It's time to take YOURS, Rika!

[18:13:48] <Chao> Do we still need Arle?

[18:13:52] <Rika Delgado> my what?

[18:13:55] <Keiji> nah

[18:14:04] <Arle Nadja> 4

[18:14:04] <Eta> 3

[18:14:09] <Keiji> she's present, but we don't need her nick :P

[18:14:20] <Keiji> same for mikki

[18:14:35] <Ecolo> *transforms into Arle's shape*

[18:14:40] <Ecolo> BAYOEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

[18:14:59] <Keiji> also isn't Dark Arle going to react to ekoro or what

[18:15:09] <Zeta> *smacks Ekoro*

[18:15:22] <Chao> [interupting his Bayoen]

[18:15:35] <Ecolo> ;_; Perfect Arle....

[18:16:16] <Omega> Zeta :3

[18:16:32] <Zeta> Ha! I am not perfect! I am so flawed from being misled by your words and lies of perfection that I have become no more tainted than any of these others...

[18:16:37] <Omega> *cheers her on*

[18:16:44] <Zeta> If I'm perfect, then they are too.

[18:17:03] <Zeta> And if you beg to differ, the Perfect Bayoen shall rain down upon you!

[18:17:11] <Keiji> LOL

[18:17:32] <Omega> Woo!

[18:17:41] <Omega> Show him who's boss!

[18:17:43] <Rider> Look at all the clones...!

[18:18:03] <Rika Delgado> there are sooooo many nya!

[18:18:10] <Zeta> My malevolent, [exceptionally rude person] of a creator...

[18:19:01] <Rika Delgado> ...created all of these clones nyan?

[18:19:35] <Zeta> you are, straight up and without a doubt, the most scandalous, dirty, rotten, cheating, lying, stealing, no good son-of-a-bitch I have ever met.

[18:19:48] <Zeta> And today, you shall go back to that bitch...

[18:20:02] <Zeta> Back in Puyo Hell with Satan Sama

[18:20:26] <Omega> *gets sparkly eyes from Dark Arle's words*

[18:20:46] <Zeta> And it will be like your vision came true.

[18:21:05] <Zeta> We'll all be perfect and live happily ever after...without you.

[18:21:35] <Zeta> There is no need for YOU, because there are people and powers who do the things you seek to do rather well already.

[18:22:00] <Ecolo> But I can do them better...

[18:22:04] <Zeta> How so?

[18:22:40] <Zeta> You have done nothing but kill and manipulate. Even your own "Perfect creations"

[18:23:10] <Zeta> So I ask you.....are you ready to die, great puppet master?

[18:23:42] <Ecolo> ha

[18:23:43] <Ecolo> ha ha

[18:23:47] <Ecolo> ha ha ha

[18:23:50] <Ecolo> HA HA HA HA HA HA

[18:24:00] <Ecolo> HAAA HAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA~!

[18:24:05] <Omega> Still laughing like a maniac?

[18:24:19] <Omega> Admit it Ekoro, you've got nothing on Zeta or me.

[18:24:31] <Ecolo> If I die, you will all die with me!

[18:24:36] <Rika Delgado> would you mind telling us what is so funny Ekoro nya?

[18:24:45] <Omega> Without possession of your clones, you've no power!

[18:24:53] <Omega> And says who?

[18:24:58] <Ecolo> Oh, but I've power.

[18:24:58] <Omega> We're not tied to you!

[18:25:12] <Omega> You've no real power

[18:25:17] <Omega> Show him, Zeta

[18:25:18] <Ecolo> Power enough to destroy this entire [not-so-good] planet before I die!

[18:25:22] <Ecolo> And then!

[18:25:33] <Zeta> Shut up bitch

[18:25:54] <Zeta> PERFECT BAYOEEN~!

[18:25:55] <Beta> This planet's going nowhere as long as I'm standing here.

[18:26:00] <Zeta> >8D

[18:26:14] <Ecolo> D=<

[18:26:21] <Rika Delgado> Dark Witch!?

[18:26:42] <Beta> Don't worry, Rika.

[18:26:55] <Chao> [Perfect Bayoen strikes Ekoro]

[18:27:20] <Ecolo> BLAAAAAH!

[18:27:31] <Ecolo> .

[18:27:33] <Ecolo> ..

[18:27:35] <Ecolo> ...

[18:28:01] <Ecolo> ....

[18:28:15] <Rika Delgado> /me pounces on Ekoro

[18:28:21] <Mari-chan> fail

[18:28:28] <Keiji> *gives channel operator status to Mari-chan*

[18:28:36] <[ChanServ]> Channel AOP lists may only contain registered nicknames.

[18:28:55] <Rika Delgado> mode/#rp-subete

[18:28:56] <Ecolo> *shoves Rika off*

[18:29:19] <Rika Delgado> nya! Like to play rough do we?

[18:29:31] <Ringo> Wow...I feel so helpless =P

[18:30:02] <Rika Delgado> /me legthens claws

[18:30:03] <Ecolo> *hovers into the remains of Dark Arle's tube*

[18:30:15] <Omega> Oh no you don't!

[18:30:27] <Chao> [cords attach to Ekoro]

[18:30:42] <Omega> *fires at Ekoro knocking him out of the tube*

[18:30:44] <Ecolo> Behold! My final surpise!

[18:31:00] <Rika Delgado> nya what now?

[18:31:02] <Omega> Your final surprise...

[18:31:06] <Omega> ...is that you FAILED.

[18:31:15] <Chao> [the cords re attach to him]

[18:31:25] <Ecolo> Yes...I am weaking...

[18:31:26] <Omega> ...

[18:31:35] <Ecolo> I will likely die here...

[18:31:36] <Ecolo> but....

[18:31:38] <Omega> *blows up the cords.*

[18:31:47] <Ecolo> my death will not be in vein.

[18:31:54] <Omega> Says you!

[18:32:12] <Ecolo> With me, all evidence I existed shall be destroyed....

[18:32:27] <Rika Delgado> even the clones nyan?

[18:32:44] <Omega> You forgot one little thing.

[18:32:51] <Ecolo> .....such is fate....

[18:33:20] <Mitsuki> 4

[18:33:20] <Theta> 3

[18:33:31] <Ecolo> o_O

[18:33:41] <Theta> *steps out from behind Dark Draco.*

[18:34:00] <Rika Delgado> another one!?

[18:34:10] <Theta> I heard someone forgot their calculus.

[18:34:23] <Theta> *walks towards Ekoro.*

[18:34:28] <Ecolo> ....Alas.....fate is so cruel...

[18:34:41] <Theta> Your plans are flawed!

[18:34:49] <Theta> You'll take nothing with you when you disappear!

[18:35:12] <Theta> *continues walking towards Ekoro.*

[18:35:20] <Ecolo> .......I could have only hoped for an epic defeat....

[18:35:25] <Ecolo> but...alas....

[18:35:29] <Theta> In fact... you're going to disappear right now.

[18:35:31] <Ecolo> Fate is so cruel....

[18:35:41] <Ecolo> such is my fate....

[18:35:43] <Ecolo> Fate is so cruel....

[18:35:45] <Theta> *narrows her eyes and silently performs a spell causing Ekoro to implode*


[18:36:14] <Ecolo> LET FATE fuck YOU ALL!

[18:36:42] <Ecolo> 4 (Mibbit@dev-A256EECE.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has left #rp-subete

[18:36:58] <Zeta> YAY ^^

[18:37:03] <Rika Delgado> is he gone for good nya?

[18:37:07] <Sig> You did it!

[18:37:11] <Theta> He's gone for good.

[18:37:16] <Theta> Never to return!

[18:37:18] <Seriri> WEE!

[18:37:21] <Theta> *turns back at the others and smiles*

[18:37:27] <Rider> Oh yes!

[18:37:35] <Rider> Oh happy day!

[18:37:44] <Ms. Accord> Happy day indeed!

[18:38:06] <Eta> Are we...free..?

[18:38:45] <Ringo> *shakes hands with Dark_Ringo*

[18:38:54] <Rika Delgado> time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!

[18:38:55] <Ringo> You are so cool!

[18:39:03] <Theta> Why, thank you :3

[18:39:22] <Chao> [Suddenly, the walls of the base turn black...]

[18:39:33] <Chao> [And the base begins shaking]

[18:39:37] <Rika Delgado> what now?

[18:39:38] <Beta> ...

[18:39:45] <Sig> Huh?!

[18:39:50] <Beta> *nullifies the destructive effect.*

[18:39:57] <Beta> ...

[18:39:59] <Seriri> ...

[18:40:11] <Beta> Theta...

[18:40:37] <Theta> *sweatdrops*

[18:40:50] <Theta> Uhh... looks like I was a bit off...

[18:41:08] <Beta> This won't hold forever.

[18:41:21] <Rika Delgado> what do ya mean?

[18:41:25] <Ms. Accord> We need to get out of here!

[18:41:28] <Beta> We have to get out of here and seal your black hole!

[18:41:51] <Ringo> BLACK HOLE?!

[18:42:04] <Rika Delgado> *turns to giant cat form* anyone need a lift?

[18:42:10] <Theta> Yeah... sorry guys... I screwed up...

[18:42:28] <Sig> It's okay. As long as we're all okay!

[18:42:47] <Beta> Everyone, run!

[18:42:58] <Beta> I will escape last and seal the base!

[18:43:09] <Seriri> *leaps into Draco's arms*

[18:43:17] <Draco> Seriri!

[18:43:22] <Draco> Come on!

[18:43:32] <Seriri> Trust me this is much faster than Wheelchair right now =

[18:43:41] <Draco> *runs out first*

[18:43:50] <Omega> *follows*

[18:43:53] <Rider> *is carried by SIg*

[18:44:04] <Sig> *and Rider follow*

[18:44:07] <Rika Delgado> me/rushes out

[18:44:12] <Ringo> *follows*

[18:44:18] <Ms. Accord> *follows*

[18:44:23] <Eta> *follows*

[18:44:37] <Zeta> *follows*

[18:44:42] <Theta> *follows*

[18:45:19] <Beta> *tails the line*

[18:45:55] <Chao> [The group escapes the base]

[18:46:01] <Keiji> * Everyone escapes the base. The clouds have turned white again

[18:46:35] <Chao> [The clouds disappear, leaving the mountain top and Ekoro's rotting base visible.

[18:46:35] <Beta> *turns towards the base as it disintegrates, holding up her hand and mumbling*

[18:47:01] <Keiji> * The base becomes enveloped in a sphere

[18:47:27] <Keiji> * which shrinks as its insides turn black, and eventually stops shrinking at the size of a baseball

[18:47:28] <Chao> [base implodes within the sphere]

[18:47:46] <Beta> *picks up the black sphere.*

[18:48:13] <Rika Delgado> is it over nya?

[18:48:22] <Rika Delgado> are we safe?

[18:48:45] <Beta> Well, looks like this is now the most dangerous object on the planet.

[18:48:53] <Zeta> Should be.

[18:49:19] <Draco> We'd better take it back to the ADMA HQ and lock it up in a high security safe room.

[18:49:38] <Sig> Draco....

[18:49:52] <Sig> Do you forgive Mrs. Accord, now?

[18:50:13] <Draco> =_=

[18:50:20] <Draco> ...I guess it can't be helped.

[18:50:28] <Ms. Accord> Sig...

[18:50:53] <Ms. Accord> You didn't need to apologize Draco ^^

[18:51:01] <Draco> I don't trust you any more than Schezo or Lagnus, but I'll let you in.

[18:51:30] <Ms. Accord> ^^

[18:51:49] <Draco> Let's all get back to the base.

[18:51:54] <Keiji> ...er, HQ.

[18:51:55] <Keiji> lol

[18:52:03] <Sig> Yay! Back to HQ!

[18:52:06] <Rika Delgado> Nya! What an adventure! I cannot believe Lagnus declined to accompany me when I smelt trouble! I take it we are all friends now *looks at Ms Accord*

[18:52:14] <Omega> 4

[18:52:14] <Juichi> 3


[18:52:25] <Draco> There's the helicopter :3

[18:52:31] <Sig> *hugs Draco VERY tightly*

[18:52:37] <Draco> Oww!

[18:52:45] <Sig> ...sorry

[18:52:48] <Draco> Let go of me ;_;

[18:52:58] <Sig> *lets go*

[18:53:06] <Draco> *replaces Sig with Seriri*

[18:53:15] <Seriri> C10=3

[18:53:20] <Seriri> er...

[18:53:25] <Draco> Mrs. Accord, now? [18:50] [Dark_Ringo(+iwx)] [2:puyonex/#rp-subete(+Gnrt)] [Act: 1]

[18:53:25] <Seriri> =3

[18:53:28] <Draco> [#rp-subete]

[18:53:30] <Keiji> ...wut

[18:53:48] <Keiji> anyway

[18:53:56] <Draco> *climbs aboard the helicopter.*

[18:54:17] <Juichi> Hey, where'd the huge base go?

[18:54:18] <Sig> *climbs aboard, helping Rider and Accord*

[18:54:30] <Beta> In here.

[18:54:30] <Rider> Thank you Sig ^^;

[18:54:36] <Beta> *holds up the ball.*

[18:54:47] <Beta> Let's get back to HQ.

[18:55:27] <Sig> Yay! It's over! We're going home!

[18:55:28] <Rika Delgado> *climbs aboard turning into catgirl form* yes lets!

[18:55:46] <Ms. Accord> Yes Sig...we're going home *sniff*

[18:56:09] <Theta> You know, there's still 3 clones out there somewhere.

[18:56:26] <Seriri> You mean 2?

[18:57:00] <Seriri> Or even 1.

[18:57:14] <Theta> No, I mean 3.

[18:57:30] <Seriri> Hm.

[18:57:31] <Theta> Gamma, Delta and Epsilon.

[18:57:55] <Rika Delgado> who are they cloned off?

[18:58:16] <Sig> *is smiling like he's never smiled before.*

[18:58:26] <Theta> Gamma is Dark Lemres.

[18:58:36] <Theta> Delta is Dark Mikuri.

[18:59:05] <Theta> Epsilon I never met.

[18:59:13] <Rider> I see.

[18:59:24] <Rika Delgado> so it could be anyone?

[18:59:38] <Theta> Anyone Ekoro met on his travels.

[19:00:05] <Juichi> 4

[19:00:05] <Omega> 3

[19:00:15] <Ms. Accord> Draco, You've made Sig so happy today...

[19:00:32] <Ms. Accord> It tickles me to see him so happy.

[19:00:37] <Draco> *blushes: Thank you xD*

[19:00:46] <Omega> You know... Ekoro's rather premature with his naming.

[19:01:01] <Ms. Accord> No, thank YOU Draco ^^;

[19:01:29] <Omega> I was SUPPOSED to be his ultimate creation, as you can tell from the name Omega.

[19:01:38] <Chao> Any chance we can wrap this up soon?

[19:01:42] <Keiji> yeah

[19:01:47] <Chao> I need to be going >_>

[19:02:05] <Omega> But apparently, he decided I wasn't good enough, and made Dark Arle.

[19:02:14] <Mari-chan> thanks for the pic so far Chao btw

[19:02:23] <Omega> Who's name Zeta is really #5...

[19:02:30] <Chao> Your welcome =3

[19:02:43] <Omega> and the original #5 was a failure.

[19:02:54] <Rika Delgado> and he kept making them until he could find the ultimate right? nya

[19:03:19] <Theta> He really isn't as "perfect" as he always insisted he was, huh?

[19:03:39] <Keiji> And, unless Dark Arle wants to comment, we can leave it there.

[19:03:39] <Sig> Nah...he was a weirdo.

[19:03:39] <Beta> 6 n-'Dark Witch'+'Beta'

[19:03:39] <Omega> 6 n-'Dark Draco'+'Omega'

[19:03:39] <Theta> 6 n-'Dark Ringo'+'Theta'

[19:03:39] <Eta> 6 n-'Dark Sig'+'Eta'

[19:03:39] <Zeta> 6 n-'Dark Arle'+'Zeta'


Character text lines: 801
User text lines: 151
Action lines: 55

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Ecolo: 123
Draco: 110
Sig: 61
Zeta: 55
Seriri: 50
Ringo: 49
Mikki: 49
Beta: 47
Eta: 38
Omega: 37
Rider: 30
Theta: 24
Juichi: 16
Mitsuki: 15