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Daichi is the main protagonist of Puyo Wars, and also a protagonist in Compile Worlds. Debuting in Episode 28, he was abducted from his home world by the malevolent Ekoro through a portal. He is friends with Puyorin, Marin and Sho, and got stuck in Primp. While his arch-nemesis, Angol Mois, attempted to pawn him during the Amalgamation, he was freed from his control by Satan and his associates.


Daichi's past is mysterious. He was discovered in a capsule in the ruins of an island by The Professor, who found he was a Puyo-Human Bioweapon created 6000 years ago. He was then taken and raised by Professor as his own son, a normal human boy, completely ignorant of his origins. Daichi and the Professor protected Wild Puyo together using Protectors and Puyo Response. This all changed one day after meeting Puyorin and Angol Mois in the Northern Forest, one warning of a catastrophe, and the other stalking him. After reporting this to his "father", his body suddenly shrinks to the size of a Puyo. Daichi, after learning Angol is using Puyo in horrible experiments to take over the world, sets out to put an end to the crazy man's plans, making friends with Marin and Sho along the way. Eventually, he defeats Angol, resulting in Eldora "banishing" him to the Abyss, and Daichi finally got to rest easy... briefly, anyway.

Daichi is a good-natured character. Despite this, Daichi can sometimes be a blockhead and act rash or be ignorant of certain social cues. He's very vulgar, and when he gets going, he has absolutely no regard to who he's throwing swear words at. Daichi is also easily fascinated by technology or Puyo, and can sometimes get distracted by something interesting to him. He lends a hand out to others when he can, and will defend his beliefs that everyone is equal, as shown when Gypsum made a resentful remark at Ekoro's clones. Despite being able to act like an idiot, Daichi has a good head on his shoulders, thinking tactically in certain situations and being able to build and operate machinery. He's quite hotblooded as well, having absolutely no tolerance for any one who gets on his bad side, with the exception of Angol, whom he's slowly come to forgive over months of good behavior in Compile Worlds.

In Puyo Wars, Daichi (or his Protector?) is capable of summoning various types of laser beams from nowhere. Since he is a synthetic life form like Angol, he is also capable of drawing upon those powers, but usually not on his own. In Episode 32 he was described as a "fighter" by Nanako and Strange Klug speculated Daichi could be a one, but was powerful regardless. Indeed, Daichi proved he was a force to be reckoned with in Episode 33, and Eltia confirmed in Episode 36 he was promoted to a one. This potential allowed Angol to seize control of the one's energy field when Daichi was still encapsulated, unable to prevent Angol from doing this. Later in SHAME, Daichi proved his worth by manipulating the Earth to attack Satan's team full force, including with a "Spell-cant-remember-the-name-of-blatantly-stolen-from-Golden-Sun!" Aside from manipulating the Earth, Daichi can absorb energy from another one's attacks and fight with a giant wrench.


Daichi is a common given name in Japan. In Daichi's case it is in the form of 大地, which means "great land". This puns with Sho and Marin's names, who relate to the sky and sea respectively. (Sure is Kingdom Hearts in here)


  • You're a Fifth! — Puyo Wars
    • Now an official part of the unofficial translationKeiji
  • Shit! Shit! Goddammit! — Puyo Wars
  • He must be trying to get them to pilot some protectors... but why?Episode 31
  • ...I had no purpose. I SHOULD destroy them!!Episode 33
  • Angol'll let himself into any darn empty building he wants!Episode 37
  • You...You shut your whore mouth! I'm not doing ANYTHING for you! You sealed away Puyo Spirits...you kidnapped Eldora and ruined Angol's life! And above all else you want to use ME to further all that! NO! WAY!Episode 50


  • Daichi's text color is currently brown.
    • It was originally Red, shared with Draco and, ironically, Angol.
    • Daichi and Draco's names also look similar.
  • Daichi was one of the guinea pigs for Keiji's palette cycle, the others being Draco, Nanako and Juichi.
  • Daichi has met all three of the other main Puyo protagonists.
    • However, he still has yet to meet all the main antagonists, as neither Doppelganger Arle nor Popoi have appeared in his presence since his debut.
    • Due to Doppelganger Arle being killed in SHAME, it is likely he never will meet her, either.
  • Daichi debuted in one of the two episodes Arle was absent from.
  • In Puyo Wars, one of Daichi's beam attacks is a Fire attack called Grand Fire (グランファイヤー), which is similar to Draco's Great Fire (グレートファイヤー).
  • Another attack, Seintto Ban, is similar to "Saint Aubin".
  • Daichi and Puyorin are the only characters in the Puyo series that can be renamed by the player.
    • However, Daichi is the name entered in the text box by default. It is also used heavily in promotional material.
  • According to Keiji's sentence generator, "Daichi is basically a muffin".


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