Suzuri Shrine (InstanceTopic, 22)

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The Suzuri Shrine is a shrine that appears in Compile ♥ Worlds. It, along with the Holy Dinner Shrine and the Muffin Town Shrine, will hold some significance in the plot of the season's first arc. Its shrine maiden is Akai Suzuri, who has additionally enlisted the assistance of Chitose and the newly revived Eltia. Unlike the other two, it is apparently equipped with a secret passage and torture chamber dungeon for torturing anyone who commits grave disgrace to the shrine, say like Doppelganger Arle or Gypsum. Apparently, the shrine is also home to a divine orchid of apples that have a special luster to them and divine properties that make them ideal for forging Golden Apples.

In Episode 56, the shrine was defiled by Angol Mois when he stole a sacred apple from it's grounds. Later, the party arrived and questioned Akai for any knowledge of the recent going ons. Shortly after however, the shrine came under the attack of the Angolian Air Fleet ship piloted by Gypsum, demanding they surrender their apples to Angol so that he may make more Golden Apples. However, Unda appeared to fulfill her duties as a Puyo Spirit, and she and Mikki destroyed the airship, leaving Gypsum to be held hostage and tortured by Chitose and Akai.