Episode 4 - Chat log

Start date: Wed Apr 01, 2009. All times are UTC.

[12:54:38] <Akkie> 3 (775e0164@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[12:55:02] <Chao> GASP!

[12:55:06] <Chao> Your here!

[12:55:14] <Akkie> Hi!

[12:55:26] <Keiji> Hi!

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[12:56:10] <Rider> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[12:56:20] <Chao> Just preparing

[12:56:27] <Keiji> whered the story get to?

[12:56:48] <Chao> You don't rememer?

[12:57:01] <Sig> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[12:57:11] <Keiji> no i was just sleeping lol

[12:57:13] <Keiji> XD

[12:57:23] <Seriri> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[12:57:54] <Keiji> wait

[12:58:01] <Keiji> same place as before right?

[12:58:02] <Chao> Nothings happened yet since last morning

[12:58:11] <Chao> Yup.

[12:58:13] <Keiji> ah

[12:59:01] <Keiji> so in other words everyones gotta meet up with draco and shit

[12:59:17] <Chao> Yeah pretty much p

[12:59:47] <Draco> 3 (5220a91c@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[13:00:06] <Keiji> *gives channel operator status to ArleKaakun*

[13:01:15] <Rider> ...

[13:01:37] <Rider> So, Draco...how will we get ahold of the others?

[13:01:59] <Sig> zzzzz........

[13:02:07] <Draco> Maybe we should just go look for them?

[13:02:22] <Chao> *Draco's phone rings*

[13:02:29] <Keiji>

[13:02:31] <Rider> ?!

[13:02:33] <Keiji> oops

[13:02:39] <Keiji> *cellphone, sure :p

[13:02:48] <Draco> *answers her phone*

[13:02:56] <Seriri> Hello?

[13:03:12] <Draco> Is that you Seriri?

[13:03:17] <Seriri> Yes it is.

[13:03:22] <Seriri> Is this Draco?

[13:03:34] <Draco> You bet

[13:03:51] <Seriri> We need to know where you are. It's very important.

[13:04:35] <Draco> Hey, why don't I come pick you guys up? Yanno, just in case.

[13:04:55] <Seriri> Er...as long as you can make it snappy.

[13:05:19] <Draco> Sure I can, don't you trust these wings? Whereabouts are you?

[13:05:30] <Seriri> We're....

[13:05:40] <Seriri> (Arle, where are we?)

[13:06:07] <Seriri> Er...we're on some dirt path...

[13:06:08] <Keiji> also where did mikki go, if she didn't leave we're probably gonna need her played

[13:06:23] <Draco> Some dirt path?

[13:06:59] <Seriri> To be honest, I have no idea where we are, other than that it's near Satan's favorite Sushi shack.

[13:07:20] <Draco> Well, how did you get there

[13:07:20] <Draco> ?

[13:07:52] <Seriri> We went our separate ways after Accord's last attack, remember?

[13:07:59] <Carbuncle> 3 (775e0164@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[13:08:03] <Mikki> 3 (775e0164@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[13:08:28] <Arle Nadja> We sure did. Anyway, what happened to you guys?

[13:08:37] <Mikki> Gyh!

[13:08:41] <Mikki> *Guh!

[13:08:50] <Keiji> lol nickfail

[13:09:11] <Draco> Oh, we're safe. Anyway I think I know where you are, so I'll be over in a sec.

[13:09:27] <Seriri> Thank you very much, Draco.

[13:09:36] <Draco> Rider, you okay if I go out for a bit?

[13:09:38] <Seriri> Your the best friend a Mermaid could have.

[13:09:56] <Rider> Of course. I'll stay with Sig, you go and get the others.

[13:10:04] <Draco> Okay~

[13:10:11] <Draco> *flies to where Seriri etc are*

[13:10:27] <Seriri> Draco!

[13:10:50] <Akkie> Definitely! XD

[13:10:50] <Draco> Hey Seriri! Arle! Mikki~!

[13:10:55] <Seriri> *hugs Draco*

[13:11:15] <Carbuncle> *Guh!

[13:11:16] <Draco> *hugs Seriri back*

[13:11:34] <Arle Nadja> Oh, Draco!

[13:11:45] <Arle Nadja> Where's Rider and Sig?

[13:11:51] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:12:07] <Draco> They're staying over ay my place.

[13:12:13] <Draco> We're gonna make our base there.

[13:12:27] <Draco> Come on, follow me~

[13:12:37] <Draco> *starts to walk the way back*

[13:12:45] <Seriri> *flops along*

[13:13:10] <Draco> Aww, sorry ^^

[13:13:14] <Draco> *carries Seriri*

[13:13:24] <Seriri> Thank you.

[13:13:37] <Draco> So, what have you been up to?

[13:13:55] <Seriri> I'll explain when we get back to base.

[13:14:11] <Seriri> I still don't feel quite comfortable out in the open.

[13:14:32] <Arle Nadja> Let's go!

[13:14:32] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:14:50] <Draco> Well, anyone else have anything to say?

[13:15:37] <Seriri> What exactly is your place, Draco?

[13:15:43] <Seriri> Is it exciting?

[13:16:15] <Draco> Not really I'm afraid... It's a small beach hut, so it's gonna be kinda cramped with 6 of us in there..

[13:16:28] <Seriri> Oh...

[13:16:34] <Arle Nadja> A beach? That's not a problem. Really.

[13:16:48] <Keiji> *hut? lol

[13:16:52] <Seriri> Beach /hut/

[13:17:02] <Keiji> oh it was intentional, k

[13:17:49] <Seriri> How far away is it?

[13:18:08] <Draco> Not far at all now, as you can see, we're just coming on to the beach anyway!

[13:18:41] <Seriri> *sniffs* I can smell that cool ocean breeze...

[13:18:54] <Seriri> I'll feel /right/ at home.

[13:19:03] <Draco> Mm, s'good isn't it?

[13:19:44] <Seriri> Yeah..but sometimes I miss the little invertebrates and mollusks that would be all over the ocean floor.

[13:20:23] <Draco> Well, here we are!

[13:20:45] <Draco> *unlocks and opens the front door to the tiny 2-room home*

[13:20:56] <Rider> Oh, Draco! Your back! Thank goodness she found you! Come in!

[13:21:13] <Rider> Just try not to wake up Sig, p-p-please

[13:21:24] <Seriri> Rider.

[13:21:30] <Seriri> *hugs Rider*

[13:21:32] <Draco> Ahahaha, I don't think /anything's/ going to wake him up

[13:21:49] <Draco> *closes the door after everyone comes in*

[13:21:52] <Sig> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....hu..........hubbbabbubba

[13:22:04] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... except a nightmare?

[13:22:21] <Draco> Well... maybe...

[13:22:26] <Seriri> Now.

[13:22:42] <Seriri> I shall inform you of what happened when we split up.

[13:23:03] <Seriri> Essentially, we were ambushed by Accord... again.

[13:23:31] <Arle Nadja> But we might as well talk about what happened before that.

[13:23:38] <Mikki> Should I explain?

[13:23:44] <Draco> Go ahead

[13:23:52] <Seriri> And Amitie gave us some bad news, as well.

[13:24:23] <Mikki> Hmm... we met up with Amitie and told us that she just met up with Klug.

[13:24:50] <Seriri> Amitie said that Accord is now bribing the students that will obey her into killing us for her in exchange for the school year of with an "A"

[13:25:20] <Seriri> These sudents apparently go by "Klug", "Raffine" and "TaruTaru"

[13:25:42] <Seriri> However, Klug did not kill Amitie, because we speculate he may be in love with her,

[13:25:58] <Rider> Oh...my gosh.

[13:26:13] <Draco> Well, that's just great... T_T I don't even know who those three people are.

[13:26:18] <Rider> H-h-how could she?!

[13:26:28] <Rider> How c-could they?!

[13:27:13] <Rider> I thought Raffine..and Klug...and especially TaruTaru were my fellow c-c-classmates, and maybe e-even f-f-friends...

[13:27:24] <Draco> *puts an arm around Rider*

[13:27:29] <Draco> I'm sorry, Rider...

[13:27:30] <Rider> H-how could they listen to that w-w-witch?!

[13:27:57] <Draco> Maybe it's better to stop asking questions and accept people are taking sides now.

[13:28:09] <Mikki> Kill us for an "A"? Lame. >=(

[13:28:10] <Draco> *questions like that

[13:28:11] <Arle Nadja> I don't know whether they would risk an "F" or OUR lives.

[13:28:55] <Seriri> Remember the measures we've seen Accord go to. Who says just their grade is at stake?

[13:29:13] <Mitsuki> 3 (775e0164@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[13:29:34] <Arle Nadja> We've got to find a cause of her behaviour!

[13:29:38] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:29:52] <Mitsuki> Hiya! Anyone called for me? =3

[13:29:55] <Seriri> And also remember that because Taru is repeatedly absent and Klug saved Amitie, they might be in danger, too.

[13:30:04] <Seriri> Hello, Witch.

[13:30:17] <Mitsuki> Now... about that blueberry...

[13:30:58] <Mikki> Oh! It's you again!

[13:31:08] <Arle Nadja> Witch? How did you get here?

[13:31:41] <Draco> Well, I can't say anything for those three. But I will say this. If Accord or her minions tries anything on any of you, *clenches fist* she's going to have to go through me first.

[13:32:27] <Seriri> I would say at this point though, that as long as Rider and Amitie are with us, the only legitimate threat besides herself is Raffine.

[13:33:04] <Seriri> Because TaruTaru may either be on the hit list or like Rider, and Klug obviously likes Amitie.

[13:33:06] <Mitsuki> Huh? Who's that Raffine girl? ... tee-hee!

[13:33:29] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... does Raffine have any rivals?

[13:33:32] <Draco> I don't think it's a safe idea to assume either of them can be ignored...

[13:34:08] <Seriri> No. But we have precautions against them, if necessary.

[13:34:29] <Draco> Oh?

[13:34:38] <Rider> I don't think M-m-ms Raffine likes any of us besides Sig, because Sig is attractive.

[13:35:21] <Sig> .......ZAP! Pow!.....Beep.....dododeedododododudo.....

[13:36:02] <Draco> Well, you got that right. Who wouldn't like Sig?

[13:36:54] <Rider> I think TaruTaru likes m-m-m-me.....but I-I-I l-l-l-like S-s-s-s-ig, And I-i-i-uh...

[13:36:58] <Mikki> What are Sig's likes?

[13:37:34] <Seriri> So...as long as Rider's with us, we can persuade TaruTaru if he comes along.

[13:37:45] <Rider> Insects....I think/

[13:38:36] <Draco> Anyway, we need some sort of strategy for dealing with Accord.

[13:38:58] <Draco> Mikki's the only one here that can use recovery magic, so without her, we're screwed at the moment.

[13:39:26] <Mikki> Hmm... let me assume... those who easily get disgusted of bugs or those too "Lady-like" to even... LIKE bugs?

[13:39:47] <Seriri> But Mikki's obsession with Puyo Puyoing is making us appear to be quite the anti-social bunch.

[13:40:01] <Mikki> And I'd assume that Raffine wouldn't hurt her rival... if she has one...

[13:40:07] <Draco> Indeeed.... she's going to have to get over that.

[13:40:23] <Mikki> I still wanna Puyo POP with that "teacher", anyway.

[13:40:30] <Seriri> See?

[13:40:35] <Draco> well you can't, it's too dangerous!

[13:40:53] <Seriri> It's almost as if Mikki is attracting Accord to us with this urge to Puyo Puo with her.

[13:41:11] <Mikki> Oh... is she?

[13:41:11] <Mitsuki> Tee-hee!

[13:41:12] <Arle Nadja> She IS a teacher.

[13:41:25] <Draco> *looks weirdly at Witch*

[13:41:58] <Mitsuki> Hee-hee! What is it? =3

[13:42:16] <Draco> You're weir.d

[13:42:30] <Seriri> And that baby...I know you didn't appreciate his manners, non of us did, but that was no reason to bluster around your magic and scare him away.

[13:43:14] <Draco> but I think we're all hungry and tired. We've been walking around and fighting all day. Maybe we should all eat some of Arle's awesome curry and have a good night's rest and work on this in the morning.

[13:43:44] <Keiji> (lol curry is such a meme now xD)

[13:44:18] <Chao> (and the blueberry muffin thing)

[13:44:23] <Keiji> hehe yup

[13:44:40] <Chao> [later that night, after dinner]

[13:44:51] <Sig> *finally wakes up*

[13:45:06] <Sig> *sees it's dark outside...*

[13:45:14] <Draco> Aww, Sig, why'd you have to go and wake up just when we were about to sleep?

[13:45:18] <Arle Nadja> Sure! Let's eat curry!

[13:45:27] <Keiji> ...timing fail?

[13:45:30] <Keiji> [later that night, after dinner]

[13:45:52] <Sig> Sleep?

[13:45:58] <Sig> Is it bed time already?

[13:46:01] <Arle Nadja> I'll prepare the curry later.

[13:46:07] <Rider> Almost...

[13:46:07] <Draco> Yes, Sig...

[13:46:28] <Seriri> Deary me, you've awakened.

[13:46:28] <Mikki> Hmm... I rarely sleep at the right time. XD

[13:46:51] <Mitsuki> Huh? Who is this?

[13:47:01] <Seriri> How...wonderful....fopr us.

[13:47:17] <Rider> It's m-m-mr Sig.

[13:47:24] <Draco> So, who wants the bed?

[13:47:28] <Sig> Hi Witch lady.

[13:47:43] <Rider> M-m-may I have it?

[13:47:58] <Draco> Don't see why not.

[13:48:20] <Kikimora> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[13:48:29] <Mitsuki> Oh! Tee-hee! Hello, Sig!

[13:48:32] <Chao> A loud knock on the door

[13:48:46] <Seriri> Holy shit what was that?!

[13:48:47] <Mikki> This isn't good!

[13:48:53] <Seriri> *covers her mouth.*

[13:48:57] <Carbuncle> *hid somewhere.*

[13:49:01] <Draco> Arhg, it's bedtime... go away...

[13:49:05] <Arle Nadja> Carby?

[13:49:16] <Carbuncle> *hid under the bed.*

[13:49:18] <Sig> *answers the door*

[13:49:37] <Arle Nadja> Kikimora!?

[13:49:49] <Kikimora> Hi. I was running a cleaning service. Can I come in to clean your house?

[13:49:59] <Draco> No you can't...

[13:50:02] <Sig> Nope, sorry, it's bed time.

[13:50:03] <Draco> We were just about to sleep!

[13:50:07] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[13:50:10] <Draco> Please leave us in peace.

[13:50:14] <Kikimora> *pushes Sig over.*

[13:50:16] <Mikki> Except me.

[13:50:21] <Draco> *shooes Kikimora out of the door and locks it*

[13:50:29] <Kikimora> I said...CAN I COME IN TO CLE-HEY!

[13:50:34] <Arle Nadja> I don't think that's gonna work!

[13:50:37] <Kikimora> OPEN THIS DOOR!

[13:50:42] <Draco> NO U

[13:50:47] <Kikimora> YOU OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!

[13:50:52] <Draco> THIS DOOR HAS SUPER COW POWERS (tm)

[13:50:58] <Mikki> (Heheh!)

[13:51:08] <Kikimora> 4 has kicked Kikimora from #rp (Trampled by door cattle.)

[13:51:23] <Akkie> Cow powers! LMAO!!!

[13:51:38] <Draco> Now... to get some sleep...

[13:51:49] <Mikki> Does she clean as much as I Puyo Puyo?

[13:52:09] <Seriri> Sometimes she tries to clean up dirt.

[13:52:15] <Seriri> It's weird.

[13:52:15] <Draco> *waits til everyone else has settled down... except Mikki i guess... then makes herself comfortable next to Arle*

[13:52:29] <Mitsuki> Hmm?

[13:52:49] <Rider> *and Sig decide to share the bed, since Rider is very small otherwise.*

[13:52:50] <Draco> 6 s-''+'Sleep'

[13:53:08] <Mitsuki> OK... good night...

[13:53:09] <Rider> 6 s-''+'Sleep'

[13:53:26] <Sig> *lays there wide awake*

[13:53:55] <Sig> . . .

[13:54:33] <Mitsuki> 6 s-''+'Sleep'

[13:54:35] <Arle Nadja> Mikki? Aren't you going to sleep?

[13:54:39] <Mikki> Don't worry about me! I rarely go to sleep at the right time.

[13:54:49] <Mikki> Or am I ever going to get sleepy.

[13:54:52] <Seriri> ...I can't go to sleep...

[13:55:09] <Seriri> Wait...

[13:55:19] <Seriri> I CAN GO TO SLEEP!

[13:55:27] <Chao> nickfail ftl

[13:55:37] <Keiji> lul

[13:55:41] <Sig> I can't got to sleep

[13:55:55] <Sig> . . .Arle?

[13:56:01] <Sig> . . .

[13:56:04] <Arle Nadja> 6 s-''+'Sleep'

[13:56:20] <Arle Nadja> ... good night...

[13:56:27] <Mikki> *stares outside.*

[13:56:41] <Seriri> 6 s-''+'Sleep'

[13:56:42] <Draco> *gently cuddles Arle in her sleep*

[13:56:57] <Mikki> Stars are twinkling so beautifully tonight, aren't they?

[13:57:04] <Sig> huh?

[13:57:13] <Arle Nadja> ... ugh... Carby...

[13:57:24] <Carbuncle> *went to Arle and slept with her.*

[13:57:37] <Carbuncle> 6 s-''+'Sleep'

[13:58:03] <Mikki> Hmm... I guess I wanna step out for a bit...

[13:58:14] <Sig> Step out?

[13:58:16] <Keiji> door is locked, you can't leave ;p

[13:58:32] <Sig> . . .

[13:58:48] <Mikki> But it might be too dangerous...

[13:59:25] <Sig> What is your name?

[13:59:57] <Mikki> Don't worry about me. Even without sleep, I'm still fine and energetic! I only sleep whenever I take naps...

[14:00:14] <Sig> . . .

[14:00:54] <Mikki> Me? Mikuri Tejina. A. K. A. : Mikki.

[14:01:17] <Sig> Mikki?

[14:01:29] <Mikki> Yup!

[14:01:42] <Sig> Do you know any bedtime stories?

[14:01:49] <Sig> I can't fall asleep...

[14:02:12] <Mikki> Sorry... I don't know bed time stories...

[14:02:19] <Mikki> And I really don't sleep...

[14:02:27] <Mikki> Because of these stars...

[14:02:34] <Akkie> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[14:03:00] <Keiji> o_o

[14:03:08] <Sig> Oh...

[14:03:13] <Sig> Okay...

[14:03:36] <Akkie> 3 (775e0164@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[14:04:23] <Keiji> Chao feel free to skip to morning whenever you feel it's appropriate

[14:04:38] <Akkie> Yeah...

[14:04:39] <Chao> Alrighty

[14:04:47] <Sig> ...

[14:05:05] <Mikki> (Hmm... why do I feel that this is an RP, about to skip to the morning?)

[14:05:09] <Sig> *lays there, trying to fall asleep, but simply cannot*

[14:05:13] <Keiji> >_>

[14:05:26] <Akkie> Sorry.

[14:06:06] <Sig> One sheep. Two sheep. Three sheep. Four sheep. Five sheep.

[14:06:30] <Sig> 6 sheep. 7 sheep. 8 sheep. 9 sheep. 10 sheep.

[14:07:17] <Sig> 11 sheep. 12 sheep. 13 sheep. 14 sheep. 15 sheep. 16 sheep. 17 sheep. 18 sheep.19 sheep. 20 sheep.

[14:07:48] <Mikki> (Counting stars won't make me sleep but... oh well...)

[14:07:49] <Mikki> (One star... two stars... three stars... four stars... five stars...)

[14:08:11] <Chao> [dawn break, when the heroes rise]

[14:09:06] <Chao> [Skip to morning]

[14:09:24] <Arle Nadja> 6 s-'Sleep'+''

[14:09:31] <Keiji> nickfail

[14:09:45] <Draco> 6 s-'Sleep'+''

[14:09:49] <Sig> ....1,872 sheep. 1,873 sheep 1,874 sheep, 1,875 sheep, 1,876 sheep, 1,877 sheep 1,878 sheep...

[14:09:58] <Mitsuki> 6 s-'Sleep'+''

[14:10:08] <Mikki> Oh! Good morning guys!

[14:10:11] <Seriri> 6 s-'Sleep'+''

[14:10:14] <Draco> *stirs, but stays still and pretends to be asleep still as she waits for Arle to move*

[14:10:28] <Carbuncle> 6 s-'Sleep'+''

[14:10:35] <Arle Nadja> Good morning, Carby!

[14:10:43] <Rider> 6 s-'Sleep'+''

[14:10:50] <Draco> (<- is still cuddling Arle)

[14:10:56] <Arle Nadja> *tried to stand up until she noticed Draco, hugging her.*

[14:11:02] <Draco> :3

[14:11:08] <Arle Nadja> Draco! Wake up!

[14:11:08] <Draco> Morning, Arle

[14:11:11] <Rider> Oh my goodness.

[14:11:23] <Arle Nadja> Get off of me!

[14:11:26] <Rider> Sig, have you been awake this whole time?

[14:11:30] <Draco> *lets go of Arle*

[14:11:47] <Sig> 1,900 sheep. Good morning guys!

[14:11:51] <Draco> Aww, don't be so tense so early in the morning!

[14:11:51] <Mikki> Yeah... not unlike me... except that he was asleep for sometime...

[14:12:06] <Sig> No I wasn't...

[14:12:23] <Sig> I didn't sleep at all last night.....

[14:12:35] <Seriri> Oh how horrible...

[14:12:36] <Mikki> Good thing nothing bad happened last night. ^^

[14:13:01] <Mikki> I meant before you weren't able to sleep.

[14:13:09] <Draco> *stands up and exercises her wings*

[14:13:34] <Seriri> So, what are we having for breakfast?

[14:13:48] <Rider> T-t-that's a good question.

[14:13:52] <Keiji> CURRY*bricked*

[14:14:02] <Keiji> lul

[14:14:14] <Sig> I want cinnamon toast, with bacon and milk.

[14:14:27] <Seriri> . . .

[14:14:53] <Arle Nadja> I'll cook the curry!

[14:14:58] <Arle Nadja> *cooks some curry.*

[14:15:01] <Keiji> ..:o

[14:15:02] <Keiji> lol

[14:15:03] <Rider> {Sig, I don't think Draco has that here}

[14:15:12] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:15:39] <Mikki> I can't wait for more curry...

[14:15:47] <Sig> Curry?

[14:16:01] <Draco> Haven't you had curry yet, Sig?

[14:16:04] <Draco> o_o

[14:16:11] <Rider> He has.

[14:16:26] <Arle Nadja> Too bad he didn't remember...

[14:16:35] <Arle Nadja> Here!

[14:16:46] <Arle Nadja> *hands some curry to Sig.*

[14:16:50] <Arle Nadja> And of course...

[14:16:58] <Arle Nadja> *hands some curry for everyone.*

[14:17:02] <Sig> But I wanted toast...and bacon.....and milk....

[14:17:05] <Draco> *digs in*

[14:17:06] <Mitsuki> Thanks, Arle!

[14:17:18] <Carbuncle> Guh! Guh guh!

[14:17:20] <Seriri> Thank you again, Arle.

[14:17:28] <Draco> Mm, Arle's curry, always the best. :D

[14:17:31] <Mikki> Thank you!

[14:17:39] <Mikki> *digs in real fast.*

[14:17:42] <Rider> Yummy.

[14:17:51] <Draco> Arigatou~

[14:18:05] <Rider> *notices Sig isn't eating any of the Curry.*

[14:18:21] <Rider> Aren't you going to eat some breakfast, Sig?

[14:18:45] <Seriri> We can't go out on empty stomachs...

[14:19:08] <Sig> I kinda wanted toast....

[14:19:09] <Mikki> Summon! Obtenez le Puyo!

[14:19:36] <Mikki> Draco doesn't have toast and milk, BTW.

[14:19:47] <Draco> I have toast and milk...

[14:19:58] <Draco> *gets toast and milk*

[14:20:13] <Draco> + and gives it to Sig

[14:20:17] <Seriri> Well please feed Sig with it before we do anything else.

[14:20:30] <Sig> Thanks, Dragon Lady!

[14:20:41] <Sig> *begins to chow down on the Toast*

[14:20:44] <Draco> The name's Draco :3

[14:20:54] <Sig> Thanks, Draco!

[14:21:02] <Draco> No problem!

[14:21:19] <Rider> Thank you Arle.

[14:21:26] <Rider> That curry was yummy.

[14:21:35] <Draco> It sure was~

[14:21:47] <Seriri> It's always yummy.

[14:22:47] <Arle Nadja> Thanks... ^///^

[14:22:58] <Keiji> lol mibbit formatting fail

[14:23:03] <Mitsuki> Tee-hee! This is pretty great!

[14:23:12] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:23:19] <Rider> I think Arle deserves s-s-something special for making us all this delicious curry!

[14:23:38] <Arle Nadja> Oh shucks... not really... ^///^

[14:23:50] <Mikki> Greatest curry ever!!!

[14:23:53] <Rider> B-b-but I insist...!

[14:24:00] <Mikki> *lets the Puyo out.*

[14:24:08] <Rider> Wouldn't you all agree?

[14:24:16] <Draco> Certainly.

[14:24:46] <Seriri> Most definitely.

[14:25:01] <Sig> Mmm-Toast! :3

[14:25:29] <Draco> Ahaha, I'm glad you liked my toast... but its nothing compared to Arle's curry, honestly! ^^

[14:25:47] <Sig> Yeah.....maybe....

[14:25:59] <Sig> Thanks for making my friends good Curry Arle!

[14:26:16] <Arle Nadja> Try the curry, Sig! Maybe you'll like it like before. =3

[14:26:21] <Keiji> *gives channel operator status to ArleKaakun*

[14:26:32] <Sig> I know I like curry....

[14:28:19] <Rider> He say's he remembers eating it, so let's not pester him anymore. As delicious and spectacular as Arle's curry truly is, I can see why he didn't want any for breakfast...

[14:29:09] <Arle Nadja> OK. At least he liked it before.

[14:29:13] <Carbuncle> Guh! Guh!

[14:29:25] <Carbuncle> *wanted the curry that Arle was supposed to give to Sig.*

[14:29:50] <Seriri> Maybe we should take Arle out today and treat her to something nice. /Very/ nice. ;)

[14:30:22] <Arle Nadja> Umm... how nice?

[14:30:23] <Draco> Well, I wouldn't mind doing that myself... ^^

[14:30:55] <Rider> All in favor of treating Arle, say "I".

[14:30:58] <Rider> I

[14:31:01] <Seriri> I

[14:31:02] <Draco> I

[14:31:05] <Sig> I

[14:32:36] <Mikki> I!

[14:32:41] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:32:51] <Mitsuki> Hee-hee... Aye!

[14:33:36] <Arle Nadja> Really, guys... ^///^

[14:33:41] <Rider> The vote is unanimous.

[14:33:52] <Rider> You can't argue with t-t-that.

[14:34:05] <Mikki> What if it's really great, Arle? Besides, Seriri really hates Ms. Accord so it's not going to be "Ms. Accord-ic".

[14:34:19] <Mikki> (I hope she didn't hear that...)

[14:35:26] <Seriri> We think you, and more importantly we as a group, should have a girls day out. You seriously don't get enough credit for what you do.

[14:35:46] <Rider> Err...a girls AND guys day out

[14:36:46] <Arle Nadja> Really!?

[14:36:52] <Draco> So, anyone got any suggestions for where to go?

[14:37:10] <Rider> We could go to the Puyo Mall!

[14:37:33] <Mikki> Can we take a Puyo?

[14:37:34] <Rider> They have lots of really b-b-big s-s-stores there!

[14:37:37] <Arle Nadja> What do you mean?

[14:38:02] <Seriri> Ooh! Shopping!

[14:38:20] <Rider> And there's also an a-a-arcade there, too.

[14:38:47] <Seriri> And I think we should end it all by eating out for lunch and dinner, too.

[14:39:00] <Mikki> Although, I prefer real time Puyo POPing... maybe I'll take you on about that later...

[14:39:01] <Sig> Yeah!

[14:39:54] <Arle Nadja> Sorry if it's going to hurt you guys but... no thanks.

[14:39:59] <Arle Nadja> Besides, what if Ms. Accord or her lackeys are there disguised as anonymous people...

[14:40:08] <Mikki> Hmm... you've got a point there...

[14:40:15] <Mikki> (I don't like malls either...)

[14:40:35] <Draco> Aww...

[14:40:37] <Sig> So we're not going?

[14:40:42] <Sig> Aww....

[14:40:49] <Draco> I'll still take you out on a date anywhere though, Arle~

[14:40:54] <Mitsuki> I'm really sorry...

[14:41:01] <Arle Nadja> *I'

[14:41:14] <Akkie> What just happened?

[14:41:19] <Keiji> ?

[14:41:40] <Keiji> what do you mean what happened?

[14:41:42] <Keiji> nothing happened

[14:42:02] <Rider> .Oh Ms Accord, why did you have to go and spoil our day?!

[14:42:14] <Seriri> Indeed.

[14:42:24] <Akkie> Role fail

[14:42:32] <Draco> Clearly because she wants this fist in her belly.

[14:42:44] <Draco> And to be burned alive at 700 degrees Celcius.

[14:42:51] <Arle Nadja> Maybe we'll save the treat for later...

[14:42:54] <Seriri> I think it's totally utter bullshit that we can't go out with Arle because of her.

[14:43:04] <Mikki> Or maybe be burried under several tonnes of Puyo!

[14:43:07] <Seriri> But she IS a legitimate threat.

[14:43:21] <Seriri> tonnes?

[14:43:30] <Mikki> But don't take me with you about the treat...

[14:43:42] <Arle Nadja> OK... kilograms. Happy?

[14:43:54] <Keiji> stones lol

[14:43:57] <Seriri> I think she means /tons/

[14:44:01] <Draco> So, are you saying we should just stay here forever?

[14:44:17] <Sig> That sounds boring.

[14:44:29] <Draco> Exactly!

[14:45:35] <Draco> We should be finding some way to attack, not just sitting around waiting.

[14:45:50] <Arle Nadja> No... that's not what I mean.

[14:46:09] <Mikki> OK! Let's go get her when she gets us!

[14:46:34] <Keiji> ...no we're supposed to get her before she gets us lol

[14:46:35] <Rider> That never works out...remember the l-l-last three times?

[14:47:05] <Seriri> Indeed.

[14:47:41] <Seriri> We must find a point when she is vulnerable or obtain the first strike. Either would be nice.

[14:47:58] <Draco> So wait... Arle, what /did/ you mean?

[15:13:29] <Arle Nadja> Maybe we should just beat Accord /before/ the treat.


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