Episode 56 - Chat log

Start date: Mon Jan 28, 2013. All times are UTC.

[9:57:37] <Mikki> Party! Escape bag frick!

[9:57:57] <Mikki> -is practically skipping-

[9:58:19] <Lagnus> Well, escaping is certainly being accomplished. *is running as fast as he can with his hands cuffed together*

[9:59:01] <Mikki> Well, sorry I don't have a spell for taking off these cuffs!

[9:59:41] <Mikki> Wait! Would you mind getting hit by a meteor! That's effective!

[9:59:45] <Seriri> It's okay Mikki. We'll find a professional cuff-remover soon enough.

[10:00:26] <Lagnus> Getting hit by a meteor would probably be very unpleasant, given what happened to that poor ice fairy because of it.

[10:00:32] <Mikki> Oh! Just as we~ell~

[10:00:47] <Mikki> ... ice fairy?

[10:01:08] <Lagnus> N-Nevermind. It's a long and convoluted story.

[10:01:25] <Lagnus> I swear civilization that had brains wasn't far from here.

[10:02:04] <Seriri> Maybe being around all these crazy psychos has finally made YOU crazy!

[10:02:51] <Mikki> Hmm~? Well, at any case, I'd like to see that ice fairy~

[10:03:10] <Tech> 3

[10:03:35] <Mikki> Eh~?

[10:03:49] <Tech> *happens to be tinkering with his TechnoBuster near the edge of the village they're approaching*

[10:03:59] <Tech> *He notices them and waves* Yoooo!

[10:04:39] <Seriri> Oh look, Lagnus wasn't delusional after all. Either that or we're in the wrong series.

[10:05:25] <Tech> *He notices that they're chained up* Uh....why are your guy's hands shackled??

[10:06:25] <Mikki> Somebody who thinks muffin thievery was a grave crime decided to accuse us of such a "grave" crime!

[10:06:59] <Mikki> The jail was a pretty terrible one, though.

[10:07:02] <Tech> Oh. You're convicted "muffin theives".

[10:07:27] <Mikki> -leans close to Tech and whispers- No anti-magic.

[10:07:32] <Tech> I'm impressed you managed to break out without uncuffing yourselves first.

[10:07:57] <Mikki> The only way we had of uncuffing was a meteor, and everyone voted no.

[10:08:08] <Tech> Lemme just switch into torch mode here and I'll bust you guys loose.

[10:08:43] <Mikki> By the way, what's so important about muffins that makes stealing them heinous?

[10:09:11] <Tech> *placing a red disc into his Technobuster, he then uses it to make a blowtorch out of his arm cannon and melt the chains of the shackles* No fucking clue. I guess that's what you get for stealing muffins from Muffin Town

[10:09:23] <Lagnus> Muffin Town?...

[10:09:35] <Seriri> How unoriginally named.

[10:09:35] <Mikki> What.

[10:09:50] <Mikki> No wonder.

[10:10:33] <Mikki> The one who accused us of the crime was a lady who was disguised as a dragon who wanted cake.

[10:10:58] <Tech> So that dragon running around earlier was actually a lady?

[10:11:15] <Lagnus> A girl more like.

[10:11:23] <Mikki> She was a pretty fab jerk.

[10:11:39] <Seriri> Yeah. Like major uncaring.

[10:11:58] <Tech> Yikes. No wonder she called the fuzz on you guys.

[10:12:26] <Mikki> ... anyway, where is here again?

[10:12:58] <Tech> I'd show you 'round town, but that might not be a good idea considering you guys are wanted and stuff. There's mass panic over the thieving of the Million Yen Muffin.

[10:13:08] <Mikki> 4

[10:13:08] <Akkie> 2

[10:13:36] <Akkie> 1

[10:14:07] <Akkie> Well, tell us about the muffins instead.

[10:14:16] <Mikki> 3

[10:14:22] <Lagnus> Millon Yen Muffin...?

[10:14:38] <Mikki> Well, tell us about the muffins instead.

[10:14:43] <Seriri> I bet Arle stole it just like she stole all that other stuff.

[10:15:09] <Mikki> Seriri, are you alright?

[10:15:41] <Tech> Yeah man, Arle ain't stealing muffins around here. What the hell would she even do with a muffin worth a million yen anyway??

[10:15:49] <Mikki> 4

[10:15:49] <Akkie> 2

[10:16:51] <Akkie> 1

[10:17:01] <Lagnus> Nnngh....the faster I get out of this kid form, the faster I can go rescue Arle...

[10:17:14] <Mikki> 3

[10:18:31] <Tech> Well, I dunno if they have any mircale-grow aging magic or anything, but there IS a shrine around this place. I can take you guys there without going through town, if you wanted.

[10:19:06] <Mikki> Is there a not-really-boss-strength monster on the way to the shrine?

[10:19:43] <Seriri> There better not be...

[10:20:04] <Seriri> Because the last fight we were in went SO WELL.

[10:21:07] <Mikki> That was a boss-strength monster, you know?

[10:21:28] <Tech> Hey, there's not any monsters or creepies that I know of, but I have a giant arm-cannon(tm), so it's totally okay.

[10:21:36] <Mikki> Something as sweet and sadistic as a Puyo?

[10:22:14] <Mikki> 4

[10:22:14] <Akkie> 2

[10:22:33] <Akkie> 1

[10:22:44] <Tech> Anyway, just follow me you guys, I'll take on anything that gets in the way. *He dashes to a small tree covered area on the outskirts of town, prompting the others to follow*

[10:25:33] <Mikki> 3

[10:26:05] <Mikki> ... not even something to train your Lagnus with?

[10:26:42] <Lagnus> What's that supposed to mean??

[10:30:15] <Mikki> Who knows? Maybe you killing even a Puyo would get normal you back?

[10:30:29] <Lagnus> Hm...

[10:30:44] <Mikki> -shrugs-

[10:31:32] <Chao> [Soon enough, they happen upon the Muffin Town Shrine, complete with all it's holy muffiny shrineness. Aside from all it's chests and a lack of a maiden, there seems to be a pedestal at it's center containing a golden apple.]

[10:32:03] <Tech> Huh....I swear that wasn't there before.

[10:32:15] <Mikki> So, which miserable sinner of us sinners will take the bait?

[10:32:50] <Lagnus> A Golden Apple. It must have some good effect if one eats it. Maybe...

[10:32:58] <Mikki> 4

[10:32:58] <Akkie> 2

[10:33:02] <Lagnus> *He reaches for and takes the apple*

[10:35:01] <Akkie> 1

[10:35:20] <Mikki> 3

[10:35:29] <Lagnus> *He takes a large bite of the apple, finishing it off in record time. After a satisfied sigh, he begins to tremble slightly. Breaking the leftover shackles on his wrists, he resumes his normal form again* Yes! My risk payed off!

[10:35:54] <Mikki> ... what else do you feel?

[10:36:20] <Lagnus> Er...satisfaction? Fed?

[10:37:02] <Lagnus> This time, I wont lose to Satan so easily!!

[10:37:08] <Mikki> 4

[10:37:08] <Akkie> 2

[10:37:13] <Lagnus> *he swings his sword triumphantly*

[10:37:21] <Tech> Woah....

[10:37:25] <Akkie> 1

[10:38:18] <Mikki> 3

[10:38:21] <Mikki> Yup.

[10:38:25] <Mikki> Satisfaction. Fed.

[10:40:02] <Lagnus> Thank you, Mikki, Seriri, and er....whatever your name is, for helping me. But I think now we'll part ways. I'll find some strong allies to help me face Satan and clear Arle's name.

[10:40:24] <Lagnus> If you find any of Satan's minions, you should make them pay too.

[10:40:56] <Mikki> Do you think that dragon girl was one, too?

[10:40:58] <Lagnus> *With a dash, he zooms away, presumably to do exactly as he's said.*

[10:41:02] <Lagnus> 4

[10:41:12] <Mikki> ... OK.

[10:41:20] <Seriri> Well, at least I don't have to help rescue Arle anymore.

[10:41:38] <Seriri> But I'm still a convicted muffin theif.

[10:41:47] <Seriri> Karma's such a bitch.

[10:41:49] <Mikki> Well, you're not a lone~

[10:43:17] <Tech> Yeah. Besides, your name will clear really easily. Unless you were convicted for the MYM, you don't have much to fear.

[10:43:42] <Mikki> Well, Arle is probably the only one convicted for the MYM?

[10:44:02] <Seriri> I wouldn't doubt it.

[10:44:39] <Mikki> ...

[10:45:08] <Mikki> -casts magic shields around everyone-

[10:45:20] <Tech> Uh...what.

[10:45:32] <Tech> We're not under attack or anything?

[10:45:49] <Mikki> Right now, we aren't.

[10:46:06] <Mikki> But what if somebody decides to convince some suckers that WE stole the MYM?

[10:46:37] <Mikki> 4

[10:46:37] <Akkie> 2

[10:47:32] <Tech> The police have "proof" that 'Arle' is the one that stole the muffin.

[10:49:03] <Akkie> 1

[10:49:15] <Mikki> 3

[10:49:25] <Mikki> ... what sort of proof?

[10:49:45] <Tech> Eye Witness reports, they say.

[10:50:21] <Mikki> Sounds convincing.

[10:50:54] <Angol Mois> 3

[10:51:10] <Angol Mois> I see the Golden Apple I layed here had a remarkable effect.

[10:51:49] <Tech> Hey guy. Pretty spooky of you to come out of nowhere and talk about your red herring traps like that.

[10:52:16] <Mikki> Hey, Angol. What're you doing here~?

[10:52:26] <Seriri> Angol?...

[10:52:54] <Angol Mois> I wanted to see the Golden Apple's famed regerative capabilities in action.

[10:53:11] <Mikki> Regenerative? Oh, OK.

[10:53:22] <Mikki> How long does it last, though?

[10:53:32] <Angol Mois> I got my results. Not exactly as I had intended to, but it's more than enough proof that the myth of the Golden Apple is no myth at all.

[10:53:38] <Mikki> 4

[10:53:38] <Akkie> 2

[10:54:08] <Akkie> 1

[10:54:20] <Mikki> 3

[10:54:46] <Mikki> Angol, water you doing here?

[10:55:00] <Angol Mois> It is not some potion; it's effects are permanent. If you are weakened and ailing, the Golden Apple shall recover your lost strength.

[10:55:25] <Tech> Sounds like a damn good apple to me! Where'd you get it though?

[10:55:26] <Mikki> OK, good, good. I guess?

[10:55:37] <Mikki> Angol? Water you doing here?

[10:55:47] <Seriri> Golden Apples are rare though.

[10:56:12] <Seriri> Impudent star mage. Haven't I already told you my business here?

[10:56:22] <Chao> nickfail

[10:56:30] <Angol Mois> Impudent star mage. Haven't I already told you my business here?

[10:56:35] <Mikki> Yes, yes you have.

[10:56:45] <Mikki> Why a holy shrine for muffins and not apples, though?

[10:56:54] <Mikki> That would've been more interesting~

[10:57:00] <Akkie> brb food

[10:57:44] <Mikki> 4

[10:57:44] <Akkie> 2

[10:58:24] <Angol Mois> Because it is very likely that one would come to the shrine and consume it in their greed or haste as a holy food. That part of my hypothesis was correct at least. The brave warrior Lagnus, so desperate to return to his former glory and rescue Arle, consumed the apple in haste to become mature once again.

[10:58:55] <Angol Mois> I was merely lucky enough to stumble upon the apple on my way here.

Start date: Sat Mar 02, 2013. All times are UTC.

[9:54:49] <Lemres> Ah, what a wasted effort. Absolutely no maiden in sight, AND we used up all of my eclair caramel creme chews...

[9:55:51] <Aoi Azuri> [If you were to look at the shrine, you'll notice a girl in blue clothes hanging around]

[9:56:00] <Arle Nadja> She was here all along, Lemres...

[9:56:15] <Arle Nadja> SOMEONE decided to steal the shrine's power.

[9:56:25] <Arle Nadja> A bit of it, anyway.

[9:56:42] <Feli> It was fated for your search to be in vain, my senpai. ;_;

[9:56:46] <Aoi Azuri> I've felt it.

[9:57:06] <Aoi Azuri> Whoever it is, that someone is going to have to pay, one way or another.

[9:57:37] <Arle Nadja> Ah, it figures, you wouldn't know Angol yet...

[9:57:39] <Lemres> So, you are the shrine maiden? Ah, it's good to see you here then. Would you like to have a lollie while you explain things to us?

[9:57:47] <Aoi Azuri> Unless they used the shrine's power for something important.

[9:57:50] <Lemres> A-Angol?

[9:59:03] <Feli> Indeed, the one named Angol Mois is once again causing trouble. While not as dangerous as his past endevours, it still proves rather bothersome, as he has angered the Shrine Madien.

[9:59:24] <Feli> And Arle is without any of her magic power fo some reason.

[10:00:22] <Aoi Azuri> Angol?

[10:01:10] <Nanako> Maa~

[10:01:24] <Nanako> Even if he has angoled our shrine maiden, at least we get to see her now!

[10:01:48] <Keiji> *angered LOL

[10:02:17] <Chao> Angol is now a verb

[10:02:30] <Aoi Azuri> It's rather bothering you never bothered looking for her, though.

[10:02:35] <Akkie> Angoled to a certain Angol.

[10:02:47] <Nanako> I almost can't believe you were right here all along!

[10:02:48] <Akkie> Angol is like a British angle... is it?

[10:02:53] <Nanako> Where were you hiding? :3

[10:03:03] <Aoi Azuri> I was out on an errand.

[10:03:05] <Keiji> also I almost choked on my crisps thanks to Chao saying Angol is now a verb

[10:03:41] <Aoi Azuri> Then again, I did fail to leave a note... but it's not like I would have thought there was any need.

[10:04:39] <Aoi Azuri> Not a lot of people come to this shrine, as far as I know.

[10:04:39] <Nanako> In any case, we should celebrate!

[10:04:42] <Akkie> That is, until recently.

[10:05:18] <Nanako> So... what's on The Menu?

[10:07:13] <Aoi Azuri> Depending on what Angol had done, it's either pounds of his skin, or the usual dish.

[10:09:08] <Lemres> I don't think Angol skin sounds very appitizing

[10:09:20] <Lemres> Why not have these delicious blueberry tarts instead?

[10:09:24] <Aoi Azuri> Then again, we could always serve him well and celebrate with Kuang Steak.

[10:10:22] <Feli> I would love a tart my senpai, but it IS the maiden's shrine, so we should take her suggestions in a serious light.

[10:10:43] <Akkie> Aoi and Feli have met?

[10:10:53] <Nanako> I wouldn't be surprised

[10:10:56] <Nanako> Feli gets around~

[10:11:21] <Keiji> Oh woops I thought that was in character

[10:11:22] <Keiji> lolol

[10:14:31] <Lemres> Well then, Kuang Steak it is! Unless Miss Arle or Miss Nanako have any objections?

[10:15:08] <Aoi Azuri> That would be alright. All dinner is accepted in this shrine.

[10:15:23] <Aoi Azuri> Except for select ones, but it's highly unlikely any of you would know them.

[10:15:23] <Nanako> I'm good with anything~

[10:16:35] <Arle Nadja> Likewise~

[10:16:56] <Nanako> But, uh...

[10:16:58] <Nanako> Just one question.

[10:17:18] <Aoi Azuri> Hmm?

[10:17:29] <Nanako> What's your name :3

[10:17:54] <Lemres> Indeed, we aren't even acquainted with your name, ma'am.

[10:19:18] <Aoi Azuri> Ah! With the lack of formalities lately, I've been forgetting to...

[10:19:22] <Aoi Azuri> Aoi. Aoi Azuri.

[10:19:30] <Aoi Azuri> As you all know by now, I am the shrine maiden here.

[10:19:49] <Nanako> Fitting!

[10:19:51] <Nanako> I'm Nanako~

[10:20:02] <Nanako> But I'm sure you'd know

[10:20:08] <Nanako> since I portaled this entire place here anyway

[10:20:27] <Lemres> I am Lemres.

[10:20:40] <Arle Nadja> He likes sweets, and offering sweets

[10:20:45] <Arle Nadja> and that's all you need to know about Lemres

[10:20:54] <Aoi Azuri> I'm going to have to thank you for having done that, Nanako.

[10:21:00] <Feli> And I am Feli, who has been chosen by the holy powers of Dinner to aid Arle against the forces of evil in this world.

[10:21:12] <Aoi Azuri> I'm sure there is more to Lemres than sweets, but...

[10:22:58] <Lemres> Well, I am a rather famous Comet Warlock back in my own world.

[10:23:18] <Lemres> But in this world I'm probably barely known outside of anyone else who also was transported here from Primp.

[10:24:18] <Aoi Azuri> Also, I must thank Nanako for having portaled the shrine here. Otherwise, there wouldn't be much of a purpose for me right now.

[10:24:22] <Keiji> Chao, Arle and Feli were already introduce

[10:24:23] <Keiji> d

[10:24:29] <Keiji> to Aoi

[10:24:35] <Chao> oh

[10:24:37] <Chao> derp

[10:24:37] <Keiji> Offscreen

[10:24:43] <Chao> right

[10:24:45] <Nanako> Well, you're welcome~

[10:25:14] <Nanako> But I couldn't really just leave it to die in Primp when it got blown up, could I?

[10:25:14] <Nanako> :3

[10:26:16] <Feli> 4

[10:26:16] <Lemres> 4

[10:26:16] <Chao> 2

[10:26:17] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[10:26:17] <Akkie> 2

[10:26:33] <Akkie> 1

[10:26:44] <Chao> 1

[10:26:46] <Keiji> ?!

[10:26:47] <Aoi Azuri> 3

[10:26:54] <Lemres> 3

[10:27:20] <Feli> 3

[10:27:22] <Aoi Azuri> [Aoi simply smiles at Nanako's statement]

[10:27:50] <Chao> Wow I have to claim Feli manually because "feli" is too vauge because Felidae is a thing.

[10:29:28] <Lemres> Indeed

[10:29:43] <Lemres> Though, now we seem to have the problem of Angol stealing Shrine power...

[10:29:57] <Feli> And an unknown phenomena stealing Arle's power.

[10:30:09] <Nanako> It's a conspiracy!

[10:30:11] <Aoi Azuri> Yes... where to start...

[10:30:24] <Feli> And apparently someone is stealing muffins too.

[10:30:33] <Aoi Azuri> ...

[10:30:45] <Aoi Azuri> A conspiracy indeed...

[10:31:03] <Lemres> The Thievery Conspiracy!

[10:31:39] <Lemres> Well...we know who stole what from the shrine...

[10:32:00] <Lemres> But you haven't a clue on what has caused Arle to lose her magic? And she can't even cast a basic spell?

[10:32:22] <Arle Nadja> *Already went to sleep since she's so powerless*

[10:32:32] <Arle Nadja> 6 s-''+'Doing a Sig'

[10:33:07] <Feli> You see, she can't even use any of her basic spells at all. She was chained to a wall with her eyes closed when I found her in Satan's Castle.

[10:33:15] <Nanako> *turns head upside down and gazes at Arle's sleeping face* So cute~

[10:34:02] <Feli> *looks at Arle's face as well* Such adorableness from slumber..

[10:35:22] <Carbuncle> 3

[10:35:27] <Aoi Azuri> I have only heard a bit about it when it happened.

[10:35:43] <Carbuncle> *hops on Nanako's and Arle's heads* Guu! *as if to complain at them staring*-

[10:35:44] <Aoi Azuri> Yes, she is kind of cute~

[10:35:48] <Akkie> Aoi doodle? y/n

[10:36:05] <Keiji> Aoi Feli Nanako and sleeping Arle doodle yesyesyes

[10:36:09] <Keiji> Oh, and with Carbuncle too

[10:36:24] <Akkie> just aoi concept

[10:36:31] <Akkie> but all thats nice too

[10:36:36] <Keiji> haha

[10:36:39] <Carbuncle> 4

[10:36:42] <Nanako> Okay enough of that.

[10:36:55] <Lemres> Indeed.

[10:37:46] <Aoi Azuri> So, Angol and Satan have something to do with all this.

[10:41:28] <Nanako> Think Satan took her power away, then?

[10:42:01] <Lemres> Possibly! She was in Satan's dungeon, afterall.

[10:42:02] <Aoi Azuri> At the very least, Feli did find her in his castle.

[10:43:03] <Feli> But, could Satan have really done that, even with his powers that made him a powerful force in the Tournament?

[10:43:55] <Feli> Satan is strong. Very strong. But I doubt even he has the power to take other people's magic away. There must still be a one somewhere that Nanako had not accounted for...

[10:45:21] <Feli> But the tournament ensured that Amitie and Omega were the only ones that remained...

[10:48:20] <Lemres> So naturally, our priority should be focused on finding someone powerful enough to take Arle's magic away.

[10:48:50] <Lemres> I think Satan should stay on our suspect list for now though; we've been surprised by him before.

[10:51:23] <Aoi Azuri> There should be a reason Arle is in his castle, after all.

[10:53:33] <Keiji> woops, I had to do something]

[10:53:35] <Keiji> sorry about that

[10:54:25] <Chao> it's ok

[10:54:48] <Nanako> Hmm... Somehow, it still doesn't sound complete...

[10:55:01] <Nanako> Maybe we should ask the other shrines if they know anything...

[10:59:32] <Lemres> That, is an excellent idea!

[11:00:48] <Nanako> I guess it's just a question of who goes then, and where

[11:00:57] <Nanako> Or rather, which shrine first

[11:01:47] <Akkie> playing a character whose circumstances even you dont feel sure about is pathetic

[11:01:51] <Akkie> (eg: me)

[11:01:53] <Feli> Which is closer? May I also suggest that sending the shrine maiden would be dangerous.

[11:03:00] <Nanako> Good point... other than this shrine, I've only seen the Suzuri one. Do you know where the third one is, Lemres?

[11:03:32] <Aoi Azuri> The third shrine? The Muffin Shrine?

[11:03:43] <Nanako> Is that what it's called?

[11:03:49] <Nanako> Somehow it seems like Lemres might know that one...

[11:04:25] <Keiji> I assume Mitsuki and Lagnus would be hanging out there

[11:04:45] <Lemres> Oh, yes I've heard of a shrine in Muffin town.

[11:05:09] <Keiji> Also, I guess it'd make sense for me to play the Suzuri shrine maiden, and Chao to play Mizuri

[11:05:21] <Chao> My thinking exactly

[11:05:32] <Keiji> You're doing fine with Aoi, Akkie :3

[11:05:46] <Keiji> I don't really have any backstory for her so feel free to make up your own if you like.

[11:09:01] <Aoi Azuri> Some of my errands involve business with the other shrines, so...

[11:09:34] <Nanako> Then, perhaps we should head off to the Muffin Town Shrine, Lemres?

[11:10:10] <Nanako> I guess we've got no choice but to leave Feli here to protect Arle again...

[11:10:10] <Lemres> Indeed we should! Feli, keep watch over Arle while we're gone in case Satan comes looking for her.

[11:10:31] <Feli> It is alright. I will do my best to protect her, Senpai and Nanako sama.

[11:10:47] <Nanako> You coming too, Aoi-chan?

[11:11:06] <Keiji> (I wonder if she likes being called -chan...)

[11:11:45] <Akkie> OK with it.

[11:12:12] <Aoi Azuri> It would be nice to make sure the shrine's powers aren't abused again.

[11:12:23] <Aoi Azuri> I believe in Feli, though.

[11:14:27] <Nanako> Then, we shall head out again!

[11:15:00] <Midori Mizuri> 5 n+'Midori Mizuri' c+'6' s+'' v+'false'

[11:15:18] <Akai Suzuri> 5 n+'Akai Suzuri' c+'2' s+'' v+'false'

[11:16:21] <Keiji> (Aoi?)

[11:16:25] <Keiji> (Ah, there we go.)

[11:16:26] <Aoi Azuri> Besides! This does count as an errand...

[11:16:32] <Arle Nadja> 4

[11:16:48] <Lemres> Be back soon, Feli! Take care while we're out!

[11:17:09] <Keiji> So who's at the Muffin Town shrine right now? Mitsuki and Schezo?

[11:17:11] <Keiji> Lagnus?

[11:17:18] <Keiji> Wait, Lagnus went to power up.

[11:17:22] <Mikki> 3

[11:17:30] <Keiji> ...at that exact shrine.

[11:17:31] <Lemres> According to the log only Tech, Mikki, Seriri and Angol are there.

[11:17:40] <Chao> nickfail

[11:17:56] <Chao> but yeah Lagnus left right after eating the apple.

[11:18:00] <Keiji> oh

[11:18:11] <Keiji> Angol should probably leave

[11:18:23] <Keiji> Or there won't be much of a wild goose chase

[11:18:28] <Feli> 4

[11:18:32] <Chao> Alrighty

[11:18:42] <Akkie> Mikki was still pestering him about apples.

[11:18:45] <Chao> Let's say he's left before they get ther

[11:18:56] <Chao> and that Mikki annoyed him away or something

[11:19:12] <Keiji> And Mitsuki and Schezo can bump into them wanting to return to their beloved muffins?

[11:19:25] <Chao> Sure

[11:19:37] <Chao> Is this before or after getting to the shrine

[11:19:56] <Keiji> Just before getting to the shrine.

[11:20:02] <Chao> Okay

[11:20:06] <Keiji> So essentially they arrive at the same time

[11:20:33] <Mitsuki> 3

[11:20:39] <Schezo Wegey> 3

[11:21:21] <Mitsuki> Ah, I sure hope Midori's cooked up some more delicious muffins for us

[11:21:29] <Mitsuki> Muffins that aren't stolen, at that!

[11:21:51] <Schezo Wegey> Yes! I've herd her muffins are almost invigorating with magic!

[11:22:03] <Mitsuki> You heard that from me, you dope

[11:22:23] <Schezo Wegey> N-Nobody has to know that!

[11:22:26] <Mitsuki> You simply must try one!

[11:22:30] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[11:22:43] <Schezo Wegey> Oh, Midori's magic muffins...be my desire!!

[11:22:45] <Mikki> Muffins?

[11:22:47] <Mitsuki> *spots Nanako* Oh, look!

[11:22:58] <Mikki> Sacrifice muffins to the muffin god~?

[11:23:05] <Schezo Wegey> Eh? What's that damn bitch doing here?

[11:23:22] <Aoi Azuri> 3

[11:23:38] <Mitsuki> Been a while hasn't it? --"Damn bitch"? :S

[11:23:59] <Mitsuki> And who's that guy and that girl that looks a lot like Midori?

[11:24:05] <Mitsuki> except blue?

[11:24:08] <Mikki> Must be a MacGuffin.

[11:24:30] <Lemres> Ah, some slightly unfamiliar faces.

[11:24:53] <Lemres> I do hope you like chocolates, because I'm afraid it's all I have at the moment.

[11:25:41] <Schezo Wegey> Heh, we master magicians don't need your chocolates.

[11:26:14] <Mitsuki> Yeah! Muffins are where it's at!"

[11:26:21] <Aoi Azuri> Enjoying Midori's muffins, then?

[11:26:35] <Mitsuki> Say, you don't happen to know where that accursed muffin thief is, do you?

[11:27:05] <Aoi Azuri> As of now, I haven't gathered much word on the muffins.

[11:27:11] <Lemres> Muffin thief? Why, I don't know anyone who's been stealing muffins.

[11:27:20] <Keiji> (And it's about time Tech and Seriri were claimed)

[11:27:50] <Seriri> 3

[11:27:57] <Tech> 3

[11:27:59] <Nanako> Sounds like you're in search of some information. We're actually trying to find something out ourselves.

[11:28:14] <Tech> Hey hey, what's this all about out here, huh?

[11:28:18] <Nanako> Specifically, what happened to Arle's power.

[11:28:43] <Mitsuki> Arle? Hey! She's the muffin thief! So you DO know about her!

[11:28:47] <Seriri> Arle's power? It's gone as far as we know. That's all Lagnus would say.

[11:28:59] <Nanako> --Wait, what? Since when was Arle a muffin thief?

[11:29:27] <Tech> Uuuuuuuuuuuh...

[11:29:35] <Aoi Azuri> It isn't just Arle's powers, though.

[11:29:35] <Keiji> (Midori too. Maybe she can come out of the kitchen holding a tray of freshly baked muffins or something equally ridiculous.)

[11:29:48] <Mikki> Banana muffins...

[11:29:58] <Schezo Wegey> Since we saw her steal the damn Million Yen Muffin with our own two eyes!

[11:30:09] <Mikki> Hey, how's Arle holding out?

[11:30:22] <Midori Mizuri> 3

[11:30:49] <Nanako> (glances at Lemres... doesn't think it's a good idea to talk about Arle's situation when these guys are all making accusations.)

[11:31:22] <Midori Mizuri> *Suddenly emerging from behind them, she is holding a tray of delicious Midori Muffins(tm) in bright green muffin papers* AAAAH HAAAAA!! I knew there was a ruckus at my shrine!

[11:31:29] <Aoi Azuri> [makes note of what Nanako was doing]

[11:31:39] <Keiji> (And if you're wondering, according to the logs Feli is the only one who actually knows about the accusations.)

[11:32:08] <Midori Mizuri> If all you wanted was muffins, then why didn't you all just say so instead of leaving golden apples on my shrine?

[11:32:38] <Aoi Azuri> Midori! Did you just say golden apples!?

[11:32:40] <Mitsuki> Oh, they look absolutely delicious!

[11:32:49] <Mitsuki> Nuclear baking paper, too.

[11:33:03] <Mikki> [makes a :I face and takes some muffins]

[11:33:11] <Schezo Wegey> Madam! I desire your muffins this instant!

[11:33:46] <Midori Mizuri> Please! Help yourself. And yes, Aoi, I did indeed say Golden Apples. Pretty rare around these parts.

[11:34:18] <Mitsuki> *takes a muffin and DEVOURS it, talking with her mouth full* Whosh reavim foldem apples?

[11:34:21] <Lemres> *looks at Nanako, also uneasy*

[11:34:47] <Mitsuki> Anf zis is derishush

[11:34:47] <Aoi Azuri> Golden apples made from the power of my shrine without permission or urgent purpose are a taboo to the shrine!

[11:34:54] <Tech> So uh yeah, there was a golden apple and a shady lookin guy with armor and a cape when we got here.

[11:35:07] <Tech> You think he used your shrine to make it golden?

[11:35:23] <Nanako> And then brought it here for some reason?

[11:35:26] <Nanako> So... where is it now?

[11:35:28] <Midori Mizuri> He WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?

[11:35:51] <Seriri> Lagnus ate it just like Angol wanted.

[11:36:12] <Seriri> Then he ran off with all his new "power".

[11:36:35] <Seriri> Honestly though he's so obsessed with rescuing Arle though I'm glad he just ran off.

[11:36:45] <Mitsuki> Rescuing Arle? You mean he didn't run off to CAPTURE her?!

[11:37:08] <Aoi Azuri> He can't exactly be held accountable for eating the apple. He had a purpose.

[11:37:15] <Aoi Azuri> As for Angol, though...

[11:37:49] <Mikki> [is just munching muffins, still with a not-so-amused face]

[11:37:52] <Midori Mizuri> Now Now wait just a minute who is this Arle and this Angol and why is one of them putting impure golden apples in my shrine and committing a most unholy taboo against it???!

[11:38:18] <Nanako> Well you see

[11:38:22] <Nanako> Arle and Angol are potato farmers

[11:38:35] <Nanako> In fact their farm is just south of your shrine so you really should have noticed by now

[11:38:40] <Nanako> Silly Mizuri

[11:38:44] <Mikki> I told him putting enchanted apples on shrines, especially non-apple shrines, would let this happen.

[11:38:49] <Tech> Uh, well, Angol's the guy that put the apple in your shrine miss. He told us that he just picked it up from somewhere, but apparently that's not the case?

[11:38:50] <Mikki> >:T

[11:39:20] <Midori Mizuri> Oh! I see now! Silly me. I didn't know they were the ones I bought those delicious potatoes for my stew.

[11:39:40] <Midori Mizuri> But now I'm not so sure I'll be endorsing Angol's Potatoes any more >:C

[11:39:55] <Midori Mizuri> If he repays me by defiling my sacred grounds.

[11:40:08] <Nanako> That's alright, you can still buy Arle's :D

[11:40:15] <Aoi Azuri> The poor potatoes will have to suffer.

[11:40:33] <Tech> Well, if Arle doesn't get arrested for stealing the Million Yen Muffin....

[11:41:02] <Nanako> Would you stop accusing her of that already

[11:41:10] <Tech> I'm not accusing her!!

[11:41:15] <Mitsuki> No, because she did! >:C

[11:41:24] <Tech> I don't think she did it honestly!!

[11:41:46] <Tech> Some nutjob probably gave the police those eyewitness reports.

[11:41:48] <Mitsuki> Well, we'll just have to bring her here for her "trial"

[11:42:04] <Mitsuki> See how she reacts in front of the Muffin Miko

[11:42:08] <Aoi Azuri> If it means Angol will have to pay as well.

[11:42:15] <Mitsuki> the Muffin Miko Mizuri Midori



[11:42:39] <Mitsuki> ...I kinda want to shoehorn my own name in there too, but I don't think it'll fit.

[11:43:23] <Nanako> ...Mitsuki's Muffin Miko Mizuri Midori?

[11:43:27] <Mitsuki> THAT WORKS

[11:43:29] <Midori Mizuri> T-That is a delicate muffin that is made with the utmost care and toiling hours of hard worked and labor spent in the holy shrine to make it blessed with the most delicious taste and invigorating sensation of power!

[11:43:43] <Nanako> At your service!

[11:43:52] <Nanako> So long as it's making up silly alliterations, and not capturing Arle.

[11:44:37] <Schezo Wegey> Also, those "nutjobs" that told the police are us, you damn loopy kid!

[11:44:50] <Tech> Well, even more reason not to believe them!

[11:45:03] <Mitsuki> And yeah. Mizuri-sama? It was Arle who stole your Million Yen Muffin

[11:45:57] <Midori Mizuri> Wait now, you're all saying she did and didn't do it! Did she or did she not?! Also, where is that damn fourth Angol? I want to bash his head in with my rolling pin...

[11:46:10] <Aoi Azuri> What are you all racketing on about? A shrine has been defiled and a shrine maiden's work is in danger of being put to naught!

[11:46:31] <Mikki> I think the dragon girl who wanted cake really liked muffins too?

[11:46:46] <Nanako> Yeah... we should stop arguing and just try and find the person responsible.

[11:46:49] <Seriri> The blue girl does have a point. I say to hell with Arle and let's focus on the real problems here.

[11:47:00] <Mikki> 4

[11:47:00] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[11:47:00] <Akkie> 2

[11:47:46] <Tech> So...let me get this straight, Angol went to this blue girl's shrine to make an ordinary apple golden, and then placed it in Midori's shrine as bait for Lagnus so he could study what the hell it does when you eat it???

[11:48:17] <Tech> And in the process he's defiled both of the shrines by doing this?

[11:48:54] <Tech> And meanwhile, someone who may or may not be Arle, has stolen Midori's Million Yen Muffin, which in itself is a heinous crime.

[11:49:21] <Lemres> That sounds about right..

[11:49:38] <Akkie> 1

[11:50:55] <Aoi Azuri> 3

[11:51:01] <Mikki> 3

[11:51:47] <Mikki> Good. FinallSomebody who gets to rationalize it all rationally.

[11:52:01] <Mikki> Good. Finall'. Somebody who gets to rationalize it all rationally.

[11:52:14] <Nanako> So, basically it all boils down to Angol...

[11:52:30] <Lemres> Maybe he knows what happened to Arle's power?

[11:52:46] <Lemres> Or why everyone thinks she stole a muffin.

[11:53:09] <Tech> Maybe! For a shady guy he seemed pretty reasonable...

[11:53:35] <Nanako> Well, we still have one shrine to check.

[11:54:11] <Tech> Mind if I come with you guys? Hanging around town is getting kinda boring and I wanna get in on some action.

[11:54:34] <Nanako> Sure. Although the Suzuri Shrine is kinda around town still. Just a different town!

[11:54:53] <Aoi Azuri> It isn't getting rather crowded and bothersome, so...

[11:55:03] <Mitsuki> Yeah, if you aren't gonna tell us where Arle and her stolen goods are, shoo!

[11:55:08] <Nanako> ...

[11:55:32] <Schezo Wegey> Begone! And don't you dare take any muffins with you!

[11:56:15] <Midori Mizuri> Well, seeing as how this may concern my sister shrines and fellow maidens, I might as well come with.

[11:56:39] <Mitsuki> Mizuri-sama...

[11:56:57] <Mitsuki> Well, I sure hope you manage to make them fess up!

[11:57:21] <Mitsuki> We'll protect your Rebucca Bakery(TM)~

[11:57:26] <Seriri> I think I'll stay here with Mr. Pervert and Witch... I trust them alot more than anyone who's rooting for Arle.


[11:57:52] <Mikki> OK.

[11:58:04] <Midori Mizuri> Well, thank you kindly! Here, have these muffins as thanks for guarding my Bakery.

[11:58:07] <Mitsuki> My name is Mitsuki Pervert

[11:58:10] <Mikki> Fine, Mitsy. If you could have just said that a longer time ago...

[11:58:12] <Mitsuki> Or at least it will be once we get married

[11:58:26] <Schezo Wegey> M-M-M-Married!!!

[11:58:33] <Mitsuki> Oh, we must have our wedding ceremony here amongst all the delicious muffins :3

[11:58:48] <Mikki> Schezo Pervert Wegey? Who would have known!

[11:58:50] <Nanako> Let's just... leave them to it...

[11:59:01] <Schezo Wegey> ...Y-Yess! Delicious muffins for the uniting of the most powerful sorcerers in all Madou!

[11:59:06] <Schezo Wegey> Bwahahahahaha!!!

[11:59:22] <Nanako> (And so everyone but the Pervert couple and Seririririrrrrrrrrr travel to Suzuri)

[11:59:26] <Mitsuki> 4

[11:59:29] <Seriri> 4

[11:59:32] <Schezo Wegey> 4

[12:00:11] <Aoi Azuri> ... I don't even know if I should give them the Holy Dinner Shrine's blessing... -whispering to Nanako-

[12:00:54] <Nanako> -whispering back- You don't need to. Mizuri can give her own.

[12:01:36] <Lemres> I haven't seen Suzuri yet. I hope that it's all fixed up neatly.

[12:02:31] <Eltia> 3

[12:02:33] <Akai Suzuri> 3

[12:02:53] <Chitose> 3

[12:03:10] <Keiji> Too much blue, one sec

[12:03:18] <Keiji> Can Aoi be Arle!blue?

[12:03:33] <Akkie> I thought Chitose was purple-ish, not blue?

[12:03:37] <Keiji> I said Aoi

[12:04:03] <Chitose> 6 c-'8'+'10'

[12:04:56] <Keiji> (Actually I'll just change Eltia)

[12:04:59] <Eltia> 6 c-'8'+'5'

[12:05:03] <Chao> I forgot how cute I made her

[12:05:03] <Keiji> Eltia is now nuclear

[12:05:13] <Chao> Evil Nuclear Eltia

[12:05:17] <Akkie> Not quite Okuu, though.

[12:05:22] <Keiji> [And so everyone finally gets to Suzuri Shrine.]

[12:05:35] <Keiji> [Quite an ominous tone in here.]

[12:05:46] <Mikki> Hell~ooo~ Doll~?

[12:05:46] <Eltia> Ah, we have guests. Welcome.

[12:05:55] <Keiji> (Eltia is full size now.)

[12:06:12] <Keiji> (That said, I forget who has and hasn't seen her in the past?)

[12:06:21] <Midori Mizuri> Hello. What a marvelous sense of color and dress you have. Who are you now?

[12:06:47] <Lemres> Erm...I don't recognize any of these faces...Nanako?

[12:07:00] <Mikki> 4

[12:07:00] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[12:07:00] <Akkie> 2

[12:07:15] <Akkie> 1

[12:07:29] <Akai Suzuri> That's quite the question. My name is Suzuri Akai, and this is my assistant.

[12:07:47] <Aoi Azuri> 3

[12:07:50] <Mikki> 3

[12:08:05] <Tech> I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you own the shrine, Suzuri?

[12:08:56] <Aoi Azuri> It's in her name.

[12:09:04] <Tech> Oh, I didn't know we were all hiring assistants now or else I would've gotten me a baker's helper!

[12:09:14] <Chao> nickfail

[12:09:14] <Akai Suzuri> Does a shrine maiden not always own her own shrine?

[12:09:22] <Nanako> Hey... Isn't that...

[12:09:23] <Nanako> Eltia?!

[12:09:32] <Midori Mizuri> Oh, I didn't know we were all hiring assistants now or else I would've gotten me a baker's helper!

[12:09:37] <Tech> El...who?

[12:09:58] <Lemres> I'm unfamiliar with Eltia too...care to enlighten us, Nanako?

[12:10:09] <Nanako> B-but, I thought she...

[12:10:19] <Eltia> You thought what? :3

[12:10:32] <Nanako> e_e...

[12:10:49] <Tech> You look like you're seeing a ghost or something Nanako...

[12:10:56] <Nanako> Maybe I am.

[12:11:18] <Midori Mizuri> Rising the dead are we?

[12:11:31] <Mikki> Eltia, something happened?

[12:11:46] <Aoi Azuri> ... who is this Eltia person indeed.

[12:11:48] <Chitose> *ahem*

[12:12:38] <Mikki> 4

[12:12:38] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[12:12:38] <Akkie> 2

[12:12:59] <Akai Suzuri> Oh yes. If you don't mind. Care to inform us the purpose of your visit?

[12:13:30] <Midori Mizuri> We were wondering if any strange Angol fellows have visited lately?

[12:13:52] <Tech> Yeah, he's been kind of going around and defiling the shrines in this place.

[12:14:09] <Chitose> Well, someone DID steal one of our most beautiful apples recently.

[12:14:24] <Tech> And, there's our "golden

[12:14:27] <Tech> " apple

[12:14:46] <Chitose> Oh? Might you have it?

[12:15:03] <Akkie> 1

[12:15:07] <Lemres> No. We might not. It has already been eaten.

[12:15:11] <Chitose> ...

[12:15:26] <Chitose> YOU ATE IT?

[12:15:28] <Chitose> ;_;

[12:15:39] <Tech> Wait! No no no no!! We didn't eat it!

[12:15:47] <Aoi Azuri> 3

[12:15:47] <Mikki> 3

[12:16:10] <Chitose> A-apple thief! Get out! Get out!

[12:16:27] <Aoi Azuri> We did not steal any apples!

[12:16:28] <Akai Suzuri> *puts a hand over her mouth* Cool it, you.

[12:16:31] <Akai Suzuri> (@Chitose)

[12:17:07] <Tech> See, Angol stole the apple so he could see someone else eat it. He made it golden at one shrine, and placed it as bait in another.

[12:17:16] <Aoi Azuri> However, now that you mention it, it seems that the Golden Apple must also be the same apple that was stolen from you.

[12:17:46] <Midori Mizuri> Yes, he's defiled my sacred grounds too, as well as dear Aoi's.

[12:18:13] <Eltia> Angol... Where have I heard that name before...

[12:18:38] <Aoi Azuri> It's an utter disgrace to have the shrine's power used for such a trifle.

[12:18:52] <Eltia> No! NOOOO! Get out!

[12:18:54] <Eltia> ...

[12:19:00] <Eltia> Pardon me. I must be going.

[12:19:13] <Eltia> 4

[12:19:22] <Mikki> Oh, right! It's been long, Eltia!

[12:19:25] <Tech> Woah...what was that?...

[12:19:28] <Mikki> [like a good decision dinosaur, tries following Eltia[

[12:19:32] <Chitose> Eltia-sama? Waiiit...

[12:19:35] <Akkie> ffff internet

[12:19:50] <Mikki> [stops midfollow] Eltia-sama?

[12:20:01] <Keiji> (No attempts to follow Eltia succeed. Who knows where she went.)

[12:20:01] <Tech> Remembering Angol seemed to cause her much distress...;;

[12:20:25] <Ringo> 3

[12:20:47] <Aoi Azuri> This Angol's chances of being in any good book of mine seems slim.

[12:21:02] <Ringo> 6 c-'2'+'3'

[12:21:02] <Ringo> Oh hey everyone! Didn't expect to see so many visitors at the shrine.

[12:21:16] <Lemres> Ah, hello Ringo chan!

[12:21:29] <Aoi Azuri> I wonder what the Holy Dinner Shrine's Menu holds for him.

[12:21:32] <Chitose> *backs away shyly*

[12:21:39] <Lemres> Oh, well aren't you spunky now! Look at those drills!

[12:21:48] <Ringo> !

[12:21:54] <Mikki> Mami drills. ouo

[12:21:55] <Ringo> You like my hair? ^^

[12:22:19] <Midori Mizuri> Oh yes, it's very stylish, wouldn't you all agree?

[12:22:23] <Tech> Totally!

[12:22:28] <Lemres> Very!

[12:22:35] <Ringo> Ehh, I've never had so many people compliment it like that...

[12:22:40] <Ringo> But thank you all of you!

[12:22:48] <Ringo> (This reminds me of my time with Draco...)

[12:23:22] <Aoi Azuri> I appreciate your hair too, but...

[12:23:32] <Aoi Azuri> Didn't we come here for something important?

[12:23:38] <Aoi Azuri> That Eltia seemed important, too...

[12:23:49] <Nanako> Ringo's hair, huh? Better or worse than Arle's sleeping face? :3

[12:23:59] <Ringo> ...!

[12:24:14] <Tech> You know something Ringo?

[12:24:20] <Ringo> ...

[12:24:32] <Ringo> No, just about to punch this silly persocom for that remark

[12:24:34] <Mikki> 4

[12:24:34] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[12:24:34] <Akkie> 2

[12:25:07] <Tech> Ahahaha! Well, okay then!

[12:25:16] <Nanako> Uhm. Yes. Moving right along~

[12:25:28] <Lemres> Indeedy

[12:25:41] <Nanako> We've established that the golden apple was sourced here, but what about Arle's power?

[12:26:04] <Tech> Arle's power...?

[12:26:22] <Lemres> It was stolen, but we don't know who or what has stolen it.

[12:26:36] <Lemres> We were hoping you maidens would have the answers.

[12:26:50] <Lemres> But Midori didn't know a thing, and nor did Aoi.

[12:27:03] <Lemres> So, we come to you now Akai.

[12:27:12] <Akai Suzuri> Speaking of which, it is rare to see all three of us in one place.

[12:27:38] <Midori Mizuri> Oh, indeed it is! I'd make us all tea and scones if this was just a casual chit chat.

[12:27:47] <Akkie> 1

[12:28:22] <Chitose> Suzuri-sama... Weren't you talking about this with Eltia-sama recently?

[12:28:40] <Akai Suzuri> Was I?

[12:29:01] <Tech> Oh yeah, that was weird. I wonder why she took off in such a hurry after we dropped Angol's name.

[12:29:27] <Aoi Azuri> 3

[12:29:27] <Mikki> 3

[12:29:41] <Akai Suzuri> Oh, Arle and Angol both seem to get to my assistant.

[12:29:48] <Akai Suzuri> But they are unrelated.

[12:30:01] <Akai Suzuri> Except for their potato farms. They certainly do well in that business

[12:30:32] <Lemres> Arle, AND Angol? Hm....

[12:30:45] <Aoi Azuri> We're not quite sure if we should support their farms anymore...

[12:31:22] <Akai Suzuri> So yes, I suppose she might know something. But you'll have to ask her about it, if you can find her.

[12:31:37] <Aoi Azuri> ... that girl is quite suspect...

[12:32:07] <Chitose> As for their potatoes, where else would you go? Arle and Angol are responsible for the entire potato market of the whole continent you know!

[12:32:29] <Midori Mizuri> I wouldn't assume anything suspicious...but then again, she had a strange look to her...kind of like those horned fellow you see.

[12:32:49] <Akai Suzuri> Horned fellows?

[12:32:57] <Mikki> Horned fellow? This really isn't getting any less interesting1

[12:33:21] <Midori Mizuri> There have been all sorts of horned people running around making mayhem in Muffin Town

[12:33:37] <Midori Mizuri> There's a short one, a sexy one, and an evil looking one.

[12:34:39] <Aoi Azuri> How this all relates, though...

[12:35:13] <Tech> Maybe they're the ones that stole the muffins and they pinned it on Arle for no good reason.

[12:35:38] <Lemres> Horned fellow? Sounds like Draco and Satan to me.

[12:36:30] <Mikki> I've seen horned people too interested in Arle to do it all for no good reason.

[12:36:38] <Akai Suzuri> Listen.

[12:36:57] <Akai Suzuri> I can't tell you what happened to Arle's power, but I do know she didn't go stealing any muffins.

[12:37:15] <Akai Suzuri> We're quite up to speed on the Million Yen Muffin incident after all.

[12:37:28] <Midori Mizuri> So who DID steal my muffin then?

[12:37:50] <Mikki> 4

[12:37:50] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[12:37:50] <Akkie> 7

[12:37:53] <Akai Suzuri> Why, let me show you!

[12:37:57] <Akai Suzuri> But under one condition.

[12:38:08] <Tech> And that is?

[12:38:12] <Aoi Azuri> 3

[12:38:18] <Mikki> 3

[12:38:47] <Akai Suzuri> In return, I'd like your help finding the one responsible for stealing our apple and, by the sounds of what you've been saying, doing most terrible things with it.

[12:39:14] <Tech> Oh, well, we were gonna do that anyway, so that's no biggie!

[12:39:20] <Aoi Azuri> That/

[12:39:43] <Midori Mizuri> Indeed. It seems like EVERYONE has a reason to follow him around today.

[12:40:33] <Akai Suzuri> I do hope there will be no need to call out Asumi.

[12:40:35] <Keiji> (The spirit of the ancestor of all three shrine families, which all the mikos know about)

[12:40:44] <Aoi Azuri> Is what we have been doing the whole time.

[12:41:17] <Midori Mizuri> Calling out Asumi would mean a most dreadful thing would be happening.

[12:41:56] <Akai Suzuri> Dewa. Chitose?

[12:42:10] <Aoi Azuri> The reason why we all even went here in the first place.

[12:42:13] <Chitose> Ah, hai...

[12:42:52] <Chitose> *does something with some fancy looking contraption, and suddenly, a secret passage appears!*

[12:43:21] <Keiji> (a wild DIGLETT appeared?)

[12:43:26] <Tech> Aw cool!!

[12:43:32] <Chao> (omfg)

[12:43:43] <Chao> (Go! PUYORIN!)

[12:43:46] <Mikki> 4

[12:43:46] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[12:43:46] <Akkie> 2

[12:43:58] <Akkie> 1

[12:43:59] <Keiji> [And so everyone descends into the secret passage]

[12:44:30] <Akai Suzuri> Welcome to my secret chamber

[12:44:33] <Akai Suzuri> Population: Two.

[12:44:44] <Akai Suzuri> The Million Yen Muffin, and its thie.f

[12:44:46] <Tech> Wow! I feel honored!

[12:44:48] <Akai Suzuri> thief.*

[12:44:58] <Midori Mizuri> Oh!

[12:45:02] <Akkie> 2

[12:45:30] <Keiji> (and NOW Space Boss starts playing omf)

[12:45:32] <Keiji> omg*

[12:45:43] <Chao> omg

[12:46:11] <Auriol> 3

[12:46:25] <Auriol> *Is tied up to the wall much like how Arle was in Satan's dungeon*

[12:46:35] <Akkie> 1

[12:46:40] <Akkie> 2

[12:46:43] <Lemres> Oh, that's an impressive look alike.

[12:46:48] <Akkie> 1

[12:47:01] <Akai Suzuri> You see, this silly girl thinks she can impersonate someone else, steal a very valuable muffin, and then sell it to us!

[12:47:18] <Midori Mizuri> Oh, the outrage!

[12:47:18] <Akai Suzuri> Of course, we wouldn't have that, so you can imagine what we did to get her down here.

[12:47:21] <Akkie> buuuuuuuu

[12:47:38] <Akkie> stop ninjaing my posts to forever internet

[12:47:50] <Akkie> sobbing

[12:48:01] <Midori Mizuri> How dare you steal my million yen muffin?!

[12:48:16] <Midori Mizuri> And then try to pawn it off to one of my very own fellow maidens!

[12:48:19] <Midori Mizuri> Shame on you!

[12:48:51] <Midori Mizuri> If you hadn't already received adequate punishment I'd smack you silly with everything in my kitchen but the sink!

[12:49:01] <Tech> ._.

[12:49:06] <Auriol> *Can't speak for she is gagged.*

[12:49:19] <Akkie> 2

[12:49:29] <Akkie> 1

[12:50:32] <Chitose> It looks like whatever was done to Arle was also done to this impersonator...

[12:50:46] <Chitose> In terms of losing her power.

[12:50:49] <Aoi Azuri> 3

[12:50:59] <Tech> Wait, you mean she's got no power now either?? How creepy is that?!

[12:51:21] <Lemres> So now we have two Arle's without any power...

[12:51:31] <Nanako> Clearly whoever stole Arle's power wanted a double dose, and got it,.

[12:51:56] <Mikki> 3

[12:51:58] <Midori Mizuri> Oh deary me, this is getting quite serious, isn't it?

[12:52:21] <Aoi Azuri> I was thinking she would know something about the Golden apple...

[12:52:59] <Akai Suzuri> Unfortunately she wasn't involved with that scheme.

[12:53:44] <Lemres> According to Feli, Arle is the most powerful sorceress in this world, able to even imprison a goddess into a separate pocket dimension.

[12:53:50] <Lemres> If they have her power.

[12:54:04] <Lemres> They can do as they please.

[12:54:24] <Akai Suzuri> Let's just hope whoever has her power doesn't know how to use it, then.

[12:54:24] <Tech> Aw shit!

[12:54:30] <Chitose> And doesn't set it off by accident...

[12:54:45] <Midori Mizuri> Indeed...

[12:54:48] <Mikki> Don't hope that out loud!

[12:55:07] <Mikki> I think it would only make the possibility of making it happen likelier!

[12:56:38] <Aoi Azuri> But it's not a crime to hope anyway, is it?

[12:56:57] <Chao> [Suddenly, however, there are sounds of explosions coming from upstairs!]

[12:57:04] <Chitose> WTF

[12:57:09] <Chitose> *rushes upstairs*

[12:57:20] <Tech> The hell is that?!

[12:57:27] <Tech> *rushes upstairs with her*

[12:58:08] <Chao> [Upstairs it appears that a giant airship is firing missiles at the shrine at close range!]

[12:58:16] <Akai Suzuri> MY SHRINE!

[12:58:24] <Akai Suzuri> .....

[12:58:33] <Aoi Azuri> No...!

[12:58:37] <Chao> [At the airship's helm is non other than...]

[12:58:37] <Keiji> (It looks like all the ones so far missed, but one's heading straight for it.)

[12:58:44] <Gypsum> 3

[12:58:57] <Mikki> [rushes up]

[12:58:59] <Nanako> Crystal Mesh!

[12:59:03] <Gypsum> Ooooh hohohoho!

[12:59:46] <Nanako> *The shrine is now protected by a hemispherical barrier. The missile explodes on the barrier surface without damaging the barrier or the shrine. But all those explosions before pretty much destroyed the landscape around.*

[13:00:07] <Mikki> [tries casting a meteor spell towards the missile]

[13:00:15] <Tech> Aw, what the hell! Why can't we good guys have cool fucking airships?!

[13:00:17] <Mikki> Misdirect the missile, misdirect, misdirect...

[13:00:38] <Mikki> We're too busy with the common good, probably?

[13:00:40] <Gypsum> *She gets on an intercom speaker* *ahem* Now that I have your attention.

[13:00:57] <Nanako> SEX!

[13:01:06] <Nanako> Oh wait, that's what they say to get people's attention. Nevermind.

[13:01:27] <Gypsum> Please direct me to your sacred apple orchids, and no harm will come to this shrine.

[13:01:46] <Chitose> What is she planning...

[13:01:53] <Ringo> You've gotta be kidding!

[13:01:56] <Aoi Azuri> [knows it's useless but] Tell us your purpose!

[13:02:07] <Ringo> You can't just take our apples like that!

[13:02:10] <Lemres> Suddenly these apples are important!

[13:02:53] <Aoi Azuri> We can't let you defile our shrines and rub it in our faces and get away with it! No way!

[13:02:58] <Gypsum> Oh, but miss Ringo, I think that I most certainly can, and will take these apples. My master has a desire for their divine properties that allow them to be easily converted into mythical Golden Apples.

[13:03:20] <Ringo> Your master... Angol! Of course!!!

[13:03:39] <Tech> She works for Angol??! Well, no wonder they're after the apples then!

[13:03:59] <Tech> Angol must've thought they were some pretty good apples then because DAYUM that was fast.

[13:04:26] <Mikki> Whoever this Asumi is.

[13:04:30] <Mikki> ...

[13:04:54] <Gypsum> I will repeat my threats only once. Please surrender your apples to us, or we will be forced to turn your sacred ground into ash.

[13:04:57] <Mikki> [casts a barrage of nuclear spells towards the airship]

[13:05:18] <Mikki> Buildings were sacrificed for this spell!

[13:05:32] <Unda> 3

[13:05:55] <Unda> *Flies in from the horizon in her water bubble thing of awesome*

[13:05:56] <Aoi Azuri> Tell us your purpose first!

[13:06:00] <Unda> YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING1

[13:06:02] <Unda> *!

[13:06:12] <Gypsum> Oh, what a bother!

[13:06:17] <Gypsum> You're all such bothers!

[13:06:17] <Akkie> So.

[13:06:25] <Gypsum> Why can't you all be like Draco!

[13:06:36] <Gypsum> And call me cute and shower me with praise and affection?!

[13:06:41] <Unda> *turns all the air in her airship to water!*

[13:06:49] <Gypsum> E-Eh?!

[13:06:57] <Unda> *And makes it rain to put out whatever fires started by the missiles*

[13:07:13] <Unda> What did you expect from a water spirit?

[13:07:13] <Midori Mizuri> Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

[13:07:13] <Mikki> [is pretty tired out from the casting] ... that wasn't as good as I had hoped...

[13:07:37] <Gypsum> H-How dare you interfere with the Angolian Air Fleet!

[13:08:15] <Unda> *Thanks to Mikki's nuclear spells, the airship explodes and rains down chunks of metal into the muddy mess that we call ground*

[13:08:41] <Gypsum> Kyaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

[13:09:05] <Unda> *holds Gypsum up by the back of her shirt collar* I won't let you return to your "Master" again

[13:09:23] <Gypsum> You think you can hold me hostage?!

[13:09:26] <Unda> No

[13:09:29] <Unda> But they can

[13:09:39] <Mikki> Mini-suns... [spaces out]

[13:09:40] <Unda> *throws her at Suzuri*

[13:09:48] <Gypsum> Oof!

[13:09:54] <Akai Suzuri> Yes, yes, why don't we tie her up next to the other one.

[13:10:02] <Tech> Woah there...

[13:10:06] <Chitose> That would be a great idea!

[13:10:16] <Aoi Azuri> I have a feeling simply tying this one up wouldn't work.

[13:10:21] <Gypsum> !!

[13:10:29] <Chitose> Why? She's just about powerless.

[13:10:33] <Akai Suzuri> nickfail

[13:10:35] <Gypsum> You can't tie me up and keep me imprisoned here!

[13:10:47] <Akai Suzuri> We can do whatever we want to those who disgrace our shrines

[13:10:49] <Gypsum> Angol will surely notice I have not returned eventually!

[13:10:57] <Gypsum> And he will make you ALL suffer!

[13:10:59] <Akai Suzuri> We'll deal with that when it happens

[13:11:05] <Akai Suzuri> *drags her off to the basement*

[13:11:12] <Gypsum> Nooo!

[13:11:51] <Tech> Wow, what a little spitfire. I wonder how Angol puts up with her.

[13:12:00] <Aoi Azuri> A crisis averted.

[13:12:24] <Midori Mizuri> Probably by "calling her cute and showing her with praise and affection" I suppose.'

[13:12:31] <Chitose> Maybe she's the only one dumb enough to work for him?

[13:12:43] <Unda> Well, can't stop to chat. I must get back to Eldora-sama

[13:12:48] <Unda> Take care

[13:12:52] <Unda> 4

[13:13:08] <Aoi Azuri> Take care, Unda!

[13:13:15] <Keiji> >not that she knew her name

[13:13:26] <Akkie> Wait.

[13:13:32] <Akkie> Oh wait.

[13:13:34] <Tech> Well, boy am I glad that I got to tag along.

[13:14:07] <Tech> Maybe I still haven't gotten to take my baby out for a walk yet, but holy shit this has been way less boring than putzing around.

[13:14:18] <Akkie> Have there been copies of the Menu?

[13:14:29] <Ringo> You have a baby?!

[13:14:38] <Tech> What?? NO?!

[13:14:49] <Tech> I was talking about the Techno Buster on my arm here.

[13:14:51] <Ringo> Oh.

[13:15:11] <Tech> Yeaaah.

[13:16:30] <Aoi Azuri> That Angol...

[13:16:34] <Aoi Azuri> Will really pay.

[13:16:47] <Midori Mizuri> He's gone and done it now.

[13:17:02] <Ringo> *looks around in horror at the demolished Suzuri surroundings...*

[13:17:03] <Midori Mizuri> Attacking our shrines with his giant weapons...who does he think he is?!

[13:17:21] <Ringo> I hope the market's okay... and Maguro's place...

[13:17:30] <Chitose> *erk*

[13:17:37] <Lemres> I hope everyone's safe, too.

[13:17:57] <Chitose> *runs off obviously to check Maguro's okay, but doesn't want to say so*

[13:17:58] <Chitose> 4

[13:18:30] <Auriol> 4

[13:18:33] <Akai Suzuri> 4

[13:18:38] <Nanako> Well then.

[13:18:58] <Akkie> About those copies of the Menu.

[13:18:59] <Gypsum> 4

[13:19:00] <Nanako> Maybe we should all get back to our own places, and think over what we should do about this mess..

[13:19:25] <Tech> Aaw...I guess so...we've got a lot to cover and a little to go off of...

[13:20:31] <Mikki> 6 s-''+'Halfway to doing a Sig'

[13:20:51] <Midori Mizuri> Hm...Well, I do have to get back to my own shrine and Bakery soon.

[13:21:20] <Midori Mizuri> I don't want any giant missle attacks on my place by some crazy little yandere.

[13:22:19] <Midori Mizuri> So if you'll kindly excuse me, I will be going. It was fun adventuring with you all! Stop by any time if you want some of my muffins!

[13:22:45] <Midori Mizuri> *And with that, she heads back to Muffin Town with her reclaimed Million Yen Muffin*

[13:22:51] <Midori Mizuri> 4

[13:23:15] <Aoi Azuri> I feel I should go back as well. I know Feli can handle herself, but it would be nice to help her, on top of actually watching over my own shrine...

[13:23:47] <Lemres> Oh yes, that's right, I almost forgot poor Feli chan was all alone at the shrine.

[13:24:00] <Aoi Azuri> Let's see each other again, OK? There will actually be Kuang Steak, too.

[13:24:01] <Nanako> Well, she's not all alone, since Arle's there...

[13:24:26] <Tech> She's okay right? I mean, besides having her power drained and all.

[13:24:33] <Nanako> Yeah. Just sleeping

[13:25:17] <Keiji> (And everyone goes back to their own place. Shall we RP Mizuri returning and Mitsuki being amazed by the news of Arle actually NOT stealing the muffin? :P)

[13:25:27] <Aoi Azuri> Although... the matter with the shrine's power being used like a trifle isn't done with yet.

[13:25:36] <Chao> (Sure I suppose!)

[13:25:46] <Nanako> 4

[13:25:49] <Ringo> 4

[13:25:49] <Akkie> (Who's going to take a half-asleep mage home?)

[13:25:51] <Lemres> 4

[13:25:53] <Tech> 4

[13:25:56] <Aoi Azuri> 4

[13:25:59] <Keiji> I'm sure Tech could

[13:26:02] <Midori Mizuri> 3

[13:26:04] <Akkie> (She's as light as she's tiny.)

[13:26:14] <Keiji> also why was Tech unclaimed

[13:26:23] <Mitsuki> 3

[13:26:50] <Chao> Uh...because he doesn't live in Muffin Town?

[13:26:51] <Chao> idfk

[13:26:57] <Schezo Wegey> 3

[13:27:03] <Keiji> I thought he'd go back there since he was with that group

[13:27:09] <Keiji> But I guess Mizuri carried her back then

[13:27:11] <Keiji> Cut e:3

[13:27:16] <Seriri> 3

[13:27:16] <Keiji> Cute :3

[13:27:21] <Mikki> 4

[13:27:46] <Mitsuki> Oh! Mizuri-sama, welcome back!

[13:27:58] <Midori Mizuri> Hello Hello!

[13:27:59] <Mikki> 3

[13:28:09] <Mitsuki> Did you find that Arle

[13:28:10] <Mitsuki> ?

[13:28:32] <Midori Mizuri> No, but I found her evil look alike, and, WAIT FOR IT...MY MILLION YEN MUFFIN!

[13:28:33] <Mitsuki> I'm sure you punished her well for what she did!

[13:28:38] <Mikki> Urrrgh...

[13:28:38] <Mitsuki> ....

[13:28:42] <Mitsuki> Wait, evil look alike?

[13:28:43] <Midori Mizuri> *She triumphantly holds up her muffin*

[13:28:45] <Mitsuki> :O!

[13:28:52] <Mitsuki> It's so beautiful!

[13:29:05] <Schezo Wegey> Confoun-- THE MUFFIN!

[13:29:09] <Mikki> She was a useless little limp noodle and...

[13:29:13] <Schezo Wegey> BE.......MY.............DESIRE........

[13:29:20] <Mikki> That's punishment enough?

[13:29:47] <Seriri> So, an evil look alike Arle huh? Aw hmrph. I wanted to be a main character again. >:T

[13:29:53] <Midori Mizuri> o_O

[13:30:08] <Keiji> Well, that's a bug

[13:30:51] <Midori Mizuri> Now to put it back on display in the Muffin shop where it rightfully belongs. ^u^

[13:31:09] <Mitsuki> Maybe you should wait til they rebuild the window and get better security first...

[13:31:16] <Mikki> C'mon... se... curity...

[13:31:41] <Mikki> [casts some shieldy spells on the muffin despite herself]

[13:31:45] <Midori Mizuri> Oh! You're right! Silly me....hey, you three seem like you would make good muffin patrol!

[13:31:51] <Mikki> [promptly passes out]

[13:31:54] <Midori Mizuri> Why don't you all keep it safe for me?

[13:31:58] <Mikki> 6 s-'Halfway to doing a Sig'+'Doing a Sig'

[13:32:06] <Mitsuki> Aye-aye, Mizuri-sama! *salute*

[13:32:21] <Schezo Wegey> It would be my desi--I mean my great honor!

[13:32:48] <Schezo Wegey> But you too should also be honored for the great Mitsuki and Schezo Wegey are guarding your muffin!

[13:33:12] <Seriri> Wegey...kinda sounds like a choking bird more than a brave body guard.

[13:33:46] <Akkie> seririrrrrrrr

[13:34:52] <Schezo Wegey> And "Seriri" sounds like...uh...erm...A CAR ALARM!!

[13:35:04] <Seriri> Yeah sure whatever.

[13:35:06] <Akkie> Def a choking bird.

[13:35:32] <Midori Mizuri> Now, to work on that back order I have out...

[13:36:10] <Keiji> Think we should stop here?

[13:36:34] <Akkie> Summaries?

[13:36:39] <Keiji> SUMMARIES YES

[13:36:49] <Chao> Yeah, I'm pretty much done unless you care to hear a long exposition monologue from Angol.

[13:37:03] <Keiji> actually I wouldn't mind that

[13:37:15] <Seriri> 4

[13:37:17] <Schezo Wegey> 4

[13:37:19] <Midori Mizuri> 4

[13:37:30] <Angol Mois> 3

[13:37:35] <Mitsuki> 4

[13:37:38] <Mikki> 4

[13:37:56] <Chao> [Meanwhile, in his unspecified base, Angol looks out into the night sky after the sun has fallen.]

[13:38:30] <Angol Mois> When once there were two of Arle, there is now one. I ponder what became of the second one?

[13:38:45] <Angol Mois> And her vast reams of knowledge that have vanished with her.

[13:39:20] <Angol Mois> She had created that abomination of a life form she had simply plastered my name unto...

[13:39:36] <Angol Mois> ....but yet, she had improved it somehow from my original designs...

[13:40:17] <Angol Mois> Could the key to creating the true ultimate weapon be somewhere with her? Or perhaps a way of using this power...this knowledge...

[13:40:35] <Angol Mois> To create innovation, instead of degeneration and destruction...

[13:40:58] <Angol Mois> My findings from Marcus and Gypsum's bodies in the aftermath were remarkable...

[13:42:07] <Angol Mois> I must find this knowledge and make that other Arle suffer for slandering my name, no matter the cost. And I ultimately shall use that knowledge to guide the world into a new biosynthetic era...

[13:42:23] <Angol Mois> Now, where is Gypsum with my sacred apples...?

[13:42:33] <Angol Mois> 4


Character text lines: 676
User text lines: 122
Action lines: 139

By character

Mikki: 90
Aoi Azuri: 77
Tech: 76
Nanako: 74
Lemres: 53
Mitsuki: 42
Seriri: 24
Chitose: 24
Lagnus: 19
Gypsum: 19
Ringo: 16
Feli: 14
Unda: 13
Eltia: 6
Auriol: 2