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SHAME is the semi-final segment of Compile Worlds, taking place after the Amalgamation. It revolves around a mysterious tournament, "LOPAC roles", the metalevels, and the five teams participating. These teams, named after, Satan, Harpy, Angol, Marin and Ekoro, form the acronym in the title! It covers Episodes 35-43, leading into The Gathering.

And, no, before you ask, LOPAC isn't a "Land of X and Y".


The characters listed in the following table are in no particular order; they do not correspond to LOPAC roles or order of importance.

Team Satan Team Harpy Team Angol Team Marin Team Ekoro
Team Sig The Spectators The Curators Comedy relief The Judge



Episode 35, the first official episode of SHAME, kicks off with Lam the Stelly, who is having a hissy fit about being removed from the plot. Amitie, who had just parted ways with the others two episodes ago, says hi and wonders what's wrong. Mikki returns from gathering mushrooms to join in on Lam's raging. Just then, Lemres appears, handing out candy and looking for Feli, who has since returned from her studies (like, finally). A quick exchange reveals no one knows where the Primp Magic School students, Feli, or anyone else is. Lam suddenly complains that they must go to Fos Canyon, as the clones have made their base there. Lemres, however, insists on checking the dessert desert, citing it's on the way to the Eastern Mountains anyway. Lam finally relents and goes along with it. Once the gang reaches the desert however, trouble is already brewing. Rider, screaming and crying, runs towards them, shouting that the evil Ekoro has ambushed Sig and she fears for his very life. They quickly make their way to the battlefield, where Ekoro is raving to himself. Lam and Mikki instantly go on the offensive, and Ekoro is wounded. Sig absorbs the black blobs that leak from Ekoro's wounds, and he becomes Black Sig. With that, of course, Sig makes the biggest explosion he's ever made, leaving a huge fucking crater in the desert. Chitose arrives on the scene to assist Ekoro. Ekoro then instructs Chitose to grab Rider and flee the scene with him. Ekoro narrowly escapes the aggressive Black Sig and Mikki twins, making off with poor Rider.

As Sig experiences frustration, much less any real emotions, for the first time, Strange Klug appears to do what he does best. He comments on how Sig's new-found transformation may have gotten him into one of the teams if he wasn't "too late". However, he also comments that if he can become more interesting, that he might change his mind. In the meantime, he informs the spectators that Ekoro is using Rider to manipulate Ms. Accord, and scolds them for attempting to interfere with the team organization, threatening to end their lives if they're caught again. He vanishes as usual, leaving the gang confused. Of course, Mikki spouting off completely random and irrelevant questions doesn't help that. Continuing with the oddities, Strigina Reuiss (which looks like Stringy Rice), Mikki's mother, randomly appears out of nowhere. Amitie and Sig are determined to become strong enough to participate in this mysterious contest of teams, so, in the most vague and confusing way possible, Strigina offers to teach the kiddies magic in place of Accord.

Spectator's lament

However, in Episode 36, before Strigina can conduct any proper training, Juichi, who has only JUST now woken up, suddenly realizes he's slept in and is supposed to "go out with Amitie". He stumbles his way all the way to the desert to meet up with them. Juichi catches up with the gang, but suggests that they should participate in the next tournament, rather than the current one. When Amitie asks why they can't participate in the current one, Juichi can't even come up with an answer, other than that it's already started. Afterwards, Juichi is introduced to Strigina and her odd habit of "playing with her toys"... ANYWAY, Juichi assumes that they won't get a spot in the tourney, so instead the gang quarrels over what to do with their spare time. Before they get a chance to decide, though, Arle randomly appears out of seemingly nowhere. She asks the gang what's up and why they're all moping around, which they say is due to their current confusion. Arle notes that they're too weak and lazy to do anything productive, simultaneously revealing herself to be not the real Arle, but Auriol! Juichi pins Auriol down, asking her about Nanako. Auriol then claims that Nanako is a jerk, and that she obviously has no regard for the likes of them regardless of her plans.

Just to illustrate the point, Nanako and Satan arrive on the Bus of Love and kick Juichi around, calling him a weakling. Nanako and Auriol get in a heated argument, which Satan ends by turning the crater into a private beach and dressing all the ladies in swimsuits. Strange Klug reappears, given of course Nanako and Auriol are also both there. Klug however, finds the time to poke fun at Satan, who's "slacking off" instead of doing anything related to the tournament, making Satan lose his cool. Nanako and Klug then hijack Satan's bus, thus "ruining two arcs of tradition". Likewise, Auriol and Satan steal Klug's red vapor trick when they have to leave. While Strigina makes fail attempts at training in the background, Sig contemplates everything that just transpired. Having been enraged by Auriol earlier, he decides that he's had enough with loafing around. Transforming back into Black Sig, he declares he'll train on his own to become strong enough to rescue Rider, and dashes off to do so. After Nohoho attempts his usual shenanigans, Juichi also ducks out, leaving only Amitie, Mikki, Lam and Strigina in the desert.

Those tormented by War's remnants

Episode 37 takes us back in time a little bit, going back to what Satan and Ringo were doing after the events of Episode 31. Satan comments their first recon went rather well, explaining they know a little more about Ekoro's team now, and decide to dismiss him as a relatively minor threat. Angol Mois, on the other hand is another matter. After a bit of reasoning, they decide Angol, without a doubt, must be killed, and that Draco Centauros is the only one worthy of their mercy. Making the wicked man their first target in the tourney, Satan is sent out to do yet more recon, in order to obtain further knowledge of Angol's ranks and his own plans. Meanwhile, Eltia goes on to a rather juicy explanation of what exactly makes Angol such a huge threat regardless of their contempt for him, which relates to the mysterious power of the ones. Marcus, Eltia, and Ringo jointly hope that Satan can come back with some relatively decent information...

Meanwhile, Satan has stopped by his Palace to visit his lovely wife, who is all alone with her DIAMONDS. Auriol is excited to see that Satan has returned, and asks how the tourney is going for him. Auriol suggests that they should mess with the spectators, and Satan agrees, thus distracting him from his real mission while he and Doppel commence plotting to confuse the spectators. They decide that Nanako should be involved to further taunt them, and Doppel poofs off to begin this while Satan drives to the FGF Research Co. to pick up Nanako. Initially refusing to leave, Satan mention's Auriol's involvement, which instantly interests the persocom-eared android (as Auriol called her). The two set off on the Bus of Love, setting the events of Episode 36 in motion.

Of Stolen Towers and Occultist Lolis

After that distraction, Satan remembers his actual mission, and sets of to conduct it. He decides to start at his old tower. However, he soon notices that there are people inhabiting it now, much to his fury. On the inside, Angol and his servants notice him through the windows as well, and decide to let him in, confident he won't be interfering with their previously scheduled plans. After some introductions, Satan demonstrates his anger in Angol populating his tower, despite stealing a base from Ekoro himself. Daichi argues that Angol will make his base wherever he damn well wants to, and Angol tells Satan he should manage his properties better. He then gloats about his one, annoying Satan enough to drive him out of the tower.

With that out of the way, the team decides that Feli would be the best vessel with which to carry out their plans. She sets off to abduct Arle with her best scary face on. She soon arrives in the Woods of Nahe, where Arle and her new friends are enjoying delicious curry. Feli lures Arle away from the others by claiming she, and she alone is needed for a mysterious errand at Satan's Tower. When they're out of earshot though, Arle informs Feli that she knows exactly what she's doing, but is going along with it anyway to give Feli some self esteem, poking fun at the way she talks spooky. When they reach the tower, Feli locks Arle in the dungeon (but only after Arle tells her to hurry up and get on with it), and reports her success to her master. After only five minutes, Arle decides the cell is too boring, so she blows a hole through the entire tower using a fire spell, and suddenly gains the ability to levitate through these holes, searching for the others. First she meets Daichi, who's a little pissed that Arle put a hole in his floor and roof (HOW DO YOU LIKE IT NOW, PUNK??). Before Daichi can get particularly violent though, Arle freezes him solid, along with the rest of his bedroom. She continues upward and meets Gypsum. The assistant is not pleased Arle has escaped, and tries to make her pay by tossing her clipboard at her, but Arle is alert enough to catch it, and begins reading it now that it's in her possession. All of it. Much to the dismay of Gypsum, who cannot seem to retrieve it back by bitch slapping Arle. Angol then appears, intending to settle the commotion one way or another. He notices that she has taken all of their information, for which he glares down Gypsum for. He negotiates a stalemate with Arle, agreeing that now that they know too much about each other they cannot attack each other. Alre leaves. Angol decides it's time to change focus and prepare for an attack lead by Satan's team... except Gypsum, who must now spend the rest of the night repairing the holes without any help from Mikki.

The weakest link

Arle moseys on over to her teammates again, much to their relief. Lagnus questions Arle's mysterious new ability to float, but even she doesn't know how that happened. Arle excitedly shares the information she's gotten from Angol with them. She reveals information about Ekoro's team they previously may not have known, including that Ms. Accord is now one of their team members, much to Lagnus' shock. She unfortunately was not able to gather much intell about Satan's team, mainly because Angol has yet to go snooping about their ranks yet. Finally, she reveals the components of Angol's team, revealing Feli to be their fifth member, although neither this nor the fact that Arle was pretending that Feli was a good person doesn't seem to surprise anyone. They reason out that Angol's team is poorly linked together. Angol is their only connection, and his motives obviously don't coincide with those of his teammates. Therefore, with Angol out of the picture, the other four will come to their senses and defect to more sensible teams for their better interests. However, Arle goes on to say that Angol won't come quietly and let his servants defect so easily, so they decide that he must die. However, they can't really kill him either on their own, for reasons pretty much explained by Eltia earlier, and due to their agreed stalemate. Much like Angol's team, Marin's team refocuses their efforts towards vanquishing Ekoro instead. And so, they rest up, to prepare for what lies ahead...

The canyon of light

Meanwhile, in Episode 38, the clones and Harpy have settled down in Fos Canyon, safely tucked away from Ekoro and Angol. They realize they don't have a particular goal in mind. Beta asks Zeta what she desires most, to which Zeta replies she is unsure. Zeta reasons that all along she just wants to protect her brethren, but also respects Ekoro for creating her and doesn't want to burden him with her betrayal. Beta assures them that despite whatever connections he still has to her, that he certainly means ill will to the rest of them. Phi and Theta attest to this by stating that Eta was absorbed by Ekoro without hesitation earlier, which is leaving Zeta with the most sour taste in her mouth. Beta blurts out that Nanako should be their prime target instead, angry she had been rematarialized as a neko. She also raises the question of Nanako's credibility. However, the other clones dismiss it, not having a reason to be angry with Nanako, nor asserting they could deal with her power. Of course, Angol Mois is also too strong for them to combat, so the eventually decide, even Zeta, that Ekoro is the only common enemy they currently have to seek out. They head over to Ekoro's Castle for their confrontation...

The King of the Abyss vs. The King of Terror! Reclaim Satan's Tower!

Meanwhile, Satan returns from his recon, still angered by the impudence of Angol and his team earlier. Eltia questions her king what is upsetting him, and Satan tells them that Angol's team is occupying their tower, with Daichi and Feli in tow, much to Ringo's shock. One brief discussion later, and Eltia, Satan, and Ringo go off to kill Angol, deciding they've had enough of his bullshit. When they arrive, Draco and Feli greet them. Eltia and Ringo attempt one last time to convince Draco and Feli that both of them have been had by the demon beast, but neither of them will have it, much to Ringo and Satan's anger. Alas, Feli sees that it is futile to resist them anyway, confident Angol or Daichi can eliminate them. Pushing the girls aside, Satan's party follows through, with Draco sneaking behind them. They reach an empty chamber where Angol was training Daichi earlier, with destruction strewn about due to Daichi's lack of self control in beast form. Angol turns to greet the unexpected visitors, explaining the damage they see. At Eltia's demand, Angol finally reveals how he is able to control the power of the ones. When Daichi was still encapsulated, Angol noticed his status as a one, and stole some of Daichi's natural connection to the field. Due to extensive training in the Abyss, Angol learned to draw this power from anywhere in the field. He goes on to state he only learned there were other ones when he unwittingly absorbed Eltia's power to open the portal to the Ekoro Dimension, remarking how he found Eltia's reaction to this sudden draining was "fascinating". While Ringo slips away to find Arle, Eltia and Satan voice their disgust in Angol's callous comment. The Abysians prepare for the final showdown with the evil creature...

...But right as Eltia lunges towards Angol for the first strike, Draco jumps her. The resulting struggle results in Draco's wing being stabbed, which Angol causally ignores to cast his Dead Impact spell. Eltia and Satan are unable to deflect the blow, and Angol makes more impersonal remarks about humans in their last moments. Before he can deal another blow, however, Arle and Ringo arrive just in time, negating his previous attacks. Angol notes that Arle has broken her pact with him, which he decides must be punished by killing her. This angers Draco, who defects against him after Angol spells out that he was only using Arle and Draco as tools. Draco, Ringo, Arle and Satan are then tasked with distracting Angol while Eltia thinks of how to conquer his power. This doesn't last long, however, as Angol threatens to destroy the entire tower with a dark Blitzkrieg. Eltia, thinking fast as usual, warps the group to the Crystal Caves. The fight then continues where it left off, with Team Satan fighting off Angol's Blitzkrieg. Eltia finally gets an idea. While Satan, Draco and Ringo restrain Angol from assuming his beast form, Arle is drained by Eltia. She also summons a spear, and makes to stab Angol. In a flash of light, during the confusion, Eldora interferes and Angol is saved from certain death. Eltia and the others presume him to be dead when the dust settles.

There's no "Moa" Angol in SHAME!

A breath of relief spreads across the party as Angol lay there, dead. Oashi faints from the utter confusion wrought upon her. Ringo takes Arle back to the camp in the woods, while Satan reclaims his tower, removing all the renovation work and damage that Angol had done. Gypsum, Feli and Daichi arrive, confused as ever. Eltia shows them Angol's dead body, to which they all react in different manners. Gypsum is aghast, unsure of what her fate will be with her master dead, Feli is annoyed that she had predicted the wrong team would win the tourney, and Daichi is shocked, but seemingly indifferent. Eltia tells Daichi that Marin is here, and they allow Daichi to go with his old friends. Meanwhile, Gypsum is welcomed by Draco and Satan to their team, much to her relief. She cries in joy and hugs Draco, while Feli is also annexed into the team, much to her annoyance. Eltia stays in the tower, to secure it and nurse Oashi. Satan returns with his harem back to their base in the Ekoro Dimension, and he has a good cackle with Marcus, gloating that they will surely win the tournament with Angol Mois out of the way. For now, all is well and happy in the Compile Worlds...

Next goes the "E"...

In Episode 39, the focus shifts back to Ekoro's team, meanwhile, who is snooping as usual. However, suddenly, there is a lack of knowing what to do among his forces, with the only remotely evil thing happening is the continued torture of Ms. Accord. Ekoro finally decides Mitsuki and Alpha should go out and kidnap some more "teammates" for him to use in his upcoming battles. Mitsuki and Alpha happily oblige. Before they set off though, Schezo Wegey enters and declares Mitsuki is an impostor, because she is working for Ekoro. Mitsuki brushes him off, and clarifies she is the real deal. Schezo leaves, telling them the clones are on their way. Alpha and Mitsuki leave immediately, not wanting to deal with an ambush. Beta expresses more angst about her neko ears to Schezo before barging in with the others. When Ekoro makes fun of their ears, Beta accidentally brain damages herself in frustration, and Theta demonstrates her new power as a one to Ekoro, which in turn frustrates him. A one-sided battle begins, with Ekoro attacking and Theta and Harpy deflecting his attacks. Eventually one of the walls is destroyed by Sig, who is very much living up to his word about going after Ekoro. Harpy becomes horrified by Sig's intense power as he threatens Ekoro to let his hostages go. Ekoro laughs, daring Sig to fire the shot. The angel nearly sacrifices herself when Sig fires, being narrowly saved by Theta. Ekoro though, is hit dead on, separating the true Ekoro from another character named "Ecolo", confirming the theories of "Ekoro" being two different beings from Episode 32 and on. Ecolo falls unconscious and feigns amnesia afterwords..

Birth of a One: Sig joins the Brawl!

Soon, Mitsuki returns, with Draco and Ringo. However, she has arrived with bad timing, seeing Ecolo has been defeate. After insisting he be called "Ecolo" on deaf ears, the real Ekoro's identity is revealed by those there who witnessed the events, shocking mostly everyone there. After exiting the reclaimed Magic School, the characters decide what Ekoro's exorcism means as far as the tournament is concerned. Eventually, it is decided that Ekoro's team is placed 4th and ranked out.

However, they are still hesitant, since it is Sig who defeated him. Theta offers to let Sig join the tournament, to which he immediately obliges to, taking Rider and Accord as his teammates from his defeated foe. Mitsuki, frustrated that "Ekoro" has "suddenly changed into a human" and is not at all proud of her attempted kidnapping, leaves to go resign with Chitose, who had been mysteriously absent during the whole ordeal. The clones decide that the remaining members, Ecolo and Alpha, should belong to them. Sig has no qualms with this, and he claims the old magic school as his base again, with Rider and Ms. Accord. Ringo flees back to Satan to inform him of Ekoro's defeat and Sig's entrance, and Draco leads the clones to the Woods of Nahe.

When two gay tsunderes touch...

When they get there, Alpha and Sho are arguing over who is the real Sho. Sho accidentally claims to be gay, much to his own chagrin. Despite this, the clones insist that he touch Alpha anyway, which neither of them find to be a pleasant idea. Eventually they crack and shake hands, neutralizing Alpha. He then turns and apologizes to the clones for betraying them, and the others come out to see what the commotion is about. A quick exchange reveals Ecolo's defeat and Sig's new power to Arle and her team. The clones then decide it's time to part ways yet again. Arle stops them and wishes them good luck as a good will gesture, despite knowing they will eventually have to fight. The two teams part ways, once again leaving the climax of the action on a light note.

Meanwhile, however, Sig is confronted by Strange Klug and Nanako, as per on cue. Klug and Nanako congratulate Sig for becoming a member of the tournament, and reveal to him he has become a one. Strange Klug then goes on a rather cryptic way about Sig's power, while Nanako expresses excitement in Sig's new promotion and what it has to do with her as-of-yet unknown plans. With the two different tones leaving Sig utterly confused, Nanako tells the boy to "Work hard for her" and vanishes with Klug...

Brave of PuyoPuyo: Satan vs. Arle!

Episode 40 picks up where Satan's Team left off. Ringo and Draco inform their ring master(s) that Ecolo's team is done and that Sig's team has joined in. With little time to spare contemplating that, Auriol returns. She teases Satan about a surprise, and leads his massive team into an equally massive Arena, built specifically for their next fight. Satan's team gets a little cocky as Nanako parades into the arena with Marin's team. She announces the rules formally as a ring-out, 2-on-2 battle royale, and joins Auriol for some silly commentary action. Satan and Draco enter the arena first, and they are initially surprised that Marin and Sho can hold their own. Satan eventually breaks the stalemate by bringing out the Shadow Cannon™ and forcing Marin off the stage with it. Her replacement, Arle, proves a little more difficult to get thrown off though, and they eventually succeed in knocking both Satan and Draco out, causing Eltia and Ringo to take the stage. Ringo and Eltia's teamwork ultimately results in Sho being knocked out too, and Rin, who comes to replace him, isn't much help to Arle either. The two, try as they might, cannot compare to Ringo and Eltia. However, Lagnus and Daichi arrive on the scene and finally make some progress, pushing their opponents to a near-knockout position.

However, just before they touch the outside of the stage, Eltia sends them to Whitespace, which is able to exist within the ring while providing infinite space. Auriol and Steve take the opportunity to repair the destroyed stage floor. Ringo is swapped out for Oashi, who has recovered from the epic battle with Angol prior. However, when she attempts the same tactic as when slaying Angol, Daichi absorbs the energy instead, freeing them from the Whitespace and disqualifying both himself and Oashi in the process. Eltia prepares to duel Lagnus one on one, and then the real Arle Nadja, who cleverly used Fake Arle as a decoy, takes the stage. Gypsum also takes the stage in rage, wanting to have revenge on Arle for humiliating her earlier. However, one epic clipboard toss later, both Gypsum and Lagnus are run off the stage, leaving the two ones to duke it out. Their power pushes them both out at the same time, ending the battle with a draw! ... Or, it would have done, were it not for Steve nonchalantly standing there, giving Satan's team the win. Satan then proceeds to annex the entire team apart from Lagnus into his ranks, making his team arguably the most powerful in the tournament. Lagnus storms off, hoping to join one of the remaining teams to rescue Arle and Daichi with later on...

Panotty's Wee and Other Miscellaneous Bizarriamites

Episode 41 continues the scene from Episode 36, where Amitie, Mikki and Lam had travelled to a Library to learn to be WONDERFUL MAGIC USERS from Stringy Rice. However, Rice never gets to teach anything but the fact that life is full of delays. Panotty shows up randomly, exclaiming "--eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" before being able to talk with actual words, and then proceeds to interrogate Rice about where oh where Ms. Accord is. Nothing after Nothing comes out of the happenoracle, until Seriri and Fufufu show up that is, being immediately dubbed the Fish Army. At this point Rice declares that there are now enough witnesses for her crystal ball to work, showing Panotty the terrible scene that is currently going on at the beginning of Episode 39. He attempts to poke the crystal ball with his flute, but to no avail, and after he insists, Rice decides to teleport him there anyway. He has a short conversation with Accord and Ekoro before the latter decides he must go, and recruits the Giant Evil Ekoronian Cannon of Doom to blast him into space.

Back at the Library, Nohoho shows up, offering a complaining Amitie a 1 day, $50 course to make her a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER. She accepts the offer, making it the frog's first sale evar. He also offers Rice a 5 day, $300 course to make her a WONDERFUL MAGIC TEACHER, but she refuses, and he leaves after insulting her about it. Mikki poofs off while Amitie arranges her course, and before long Omega of all people shows up, doing a strange dance as well! Seriri immediately confused her with Draco, and Omega responded by pointing out the color of her wings. She demonstrates her magic by slicing Fufufu into pieces, reminiscent of Rulue's butchering him way back in Episode 2, and then asks Seriri a trick question, using her apparent lack of knowledge as an excuse to butcher her too. She has a quick battle with Lam, who escapes with Seriri's remains and leaves the Library in flames (hey look, a rhyme! Also, in b4 burning libraries become a Compile Worlds running gag). The episode ends as she leaves Amitie (who she teleported safely out of the burning library for some reason, in contrast with her attacks on the fish and Lam) with an Orb and some mysterious advice.

The Ultimate Clone and her prey

Back in the present in Episode 42, Ecolo is boasting about his "harem" of "five" ladies in Fos Canyon. After briefly being annoyed, Zeta laments on what to do next. Suddenly, Omega appears to them. They are reunited happily, but Omega soon shows distaste in Ecolo and attacks him, threatening for him to stay silent. Meanwhile, Omega convinces Zeta to allow the absorption of her, causing quite a shock to the other clones and Harpy. Zeta, realizing what is happening and what it means, tries to revoke her consent, but it is too late. She solemnly and sadly accepts her absorption into Omega's mass. Once this is over, however, Omega declares the others are trash that she has to clean up. Theta stands up and tries to fight off Omega when she starts attacking Phi, but her attempts prove useless, and she is taken down with a Perfect Bayoen and also absorbed. Now with greater power than before, she makes short work of Beta. Ecolo muses to himself whilst Harpy escapes. Alpha and Phi are absorbed last. The last remaining component of Phi, his light, however, couldn't be absorbed, and it escapes with Harpy. Ecolo is left in the canyon, Omega finding it worthless to kill him. Ecolo is advised to take the opportunity to live in ignorance as a mortal while Omega takes to the skies...

Strange (Klug), isn't it, Nanako?

Meanwhile, Harpy has found her way to Nanako's FGF Research Co. and the two of them go inside. Harpy tells Nanako of Omega's shenanigans, which confuses and concerns Nanako, since she hasn't been aware of Omega's movements in ages. Harpy also becomes concerned as Nanako further explains that Beta and Theta disappeared from her tracking completely. Just then, however, Juichi runs in, yelling about something he's discovered. When Nanako questions what it is, Juichi doesn't say, only confirming it's not Theta. He urges her to come look at the monitors, dragging her and Harpy into the Computer Room...Monitor Room. Once inside, he takes them to a very specific monitor and replays a short clip of footage several times. Upon examining it, it is then realized that Amitie has destroyed Ekoro's Orb, also causing the Ekoro Dimension to completely vanish and absorbing Satan's entire team. This causes her to assume the form of Red Amitie, gaining such massive power it blows even Nanako away. Nanako quickly rushes to the scene with Harpy, telling Juichi to look for Omega.

Once they're on their way though, Strange Klug appears again. He officially claims their truce broken, on the basis that the relation ship was nothing more than a miserable pile of secrets. While trying to play head games with Nanako and Harpy, however, he instills a different thought into Nanako's head, causing her to become even more frenzied. Pressing on in light of Klug's obvious and ominous foreshadowing, they continue to the site of Red Amitie's appearance, in pursuit of a "mask", not knowing what lay in store...

Finale of Compile Worlds! Vs. Omega and the Red Ones!

In Episode 43, Red Amitie is greeted by Omega, who congratulates Amitie on obtaining her power. Soon, Auriol also appears, with both her speaking about Amitie's true purpose. They attack Amitie, who skillfully blocks their attack and is aided by Nanako, who's finally arrived. Suddenly Strange Klug descends from above and lands firmly on the ground, declaring the end is nigh. After another quick series of attacks, Harpy finally catches up to Nanako, only to be shot down by Auriol, absorbing Phi's light and becoming a powerful healer. Just as Strange Klug gets impatient waiting for Sig to show up, he finally does so, defending Nanako from Auriol's powerful Ice Light attack. Omega, Strange Klug and Auriol then announce that the final teams have been assembled, and that they will have one final battle to decide the fate of Primp and a "new world". While Strange Klug begins to boast about his manipulation skills, Omega opens with a Heaven Ray, which is blocked by the heroes. Strange Klug then begins going on an exposition about Sig and Eta's fusion, causing Sig to attempt to silence him with an Smalt attack. Meanwhile, Amitie deals an impressive blow to Omega, who finds Crystal Locus isn't enough alone to deflect Amitie's WONDERFUL magic. Auriol heals both characters of their wounds, and Nanako launches an attack, only to have it deflected several times straight back into Sig. Sig shrugs this off and launches a counter attack, which Omega and Auriol are successful in blocking. Nanako spots an opening created by Sig's attack, and takes a hit from Klug in order to deal a fatal blow to Auriol, who dies shortly thereafter. However, Omega desperately absorbs Auriol and amplifies her own power, killing Nanako and leaving Amitie alone. Meanwhile, Strange Klug disables Sig long enough to enter his body, beginning an unseen internal conflict over control of the body. Amitie, claiming she can hear the voices of her friends, vows not to lose, and fires her ultimate attack. Omega does the same, and eventually lets them combine and fly towards Sig, who is finally expelling Strange Klug from his body.

Just before this attack hits anyone, however, a mysterious man appears out of nowhere and disperses the attack outward, instead destroying a huge chunk of Primp, rather than killing Amitie, Omega, Sig and Klug. Nanako's voice and Omega both claim to have won, but Amitie, Sig and the book demon are confused by this. The man, who does not give his name at the time but we later learn is CFW Judge in disguise, explains that he is metalevel two, and that he has "lost" at the expense of countless sacrifices, to which Omega claims are worth it. Judge shames Nanako and Omega for researching and chasing the metalevels in such destructive ways. Nanako resolves to find more peaceful ways to conduct her research on the metalevels, and she seemingly moves on. A desperate Strange Klug boldly brags that Sig will never be complete without him and that Sig's real personality will always sleep. Sig however, politely denies that and absorbs the book demon, thus ending his control over Klug, freeing him from his possession. Judge, satisfied, restores nearly everyone that was absorbed or destroyed to their lives, and he teleports back to Gamindustri. Satan is despaired by Auriol's death and laments his losses, and is dragged away by Rulue, who has now stolen his Bus of Love. Ringo and Daichi, meanwhile, are finally glad to be no longer obligated to a team, and reunite with their friends. Omega reveals she is controlled by Ekoro, who all along was also as innocent as Nanako, claiming that fusing Ecolo corrupted "him". Everyone disperses off, finally glad the traumatic events are finally over. As for the unconscious Klug, Mikki is now nursing him to health in her cottage like Andrew Hussie is taking care of Spades Slick after that one EOA.

  • This marks the end of SHAME. All of the ones have been create, and nearly every evil in Primp has been laid to rest. But wait! A new Segment/Arc, was set to begin on the upcoming 4th Anniversary of the site! Will the evil Popoi finally make his long-anticipated return? Is Ecolo truly more evil than the blob that was exorcised from him? Tune in next time...on Compile Worlds Z!!!


  • Since Angol's second initial is "M" for "Mois", an alternate reading of the title could be "Satan, Harpy, Angol Mois, Ekoro".
    • The "Ekoro" can also be exchanged with "Ecolo"
    • Similarly, because of Sig's late entry, his name can be swapped with Satan's, or added to the end, creating "SHAMES"
      • However, "SHAME" is much more appropriate for the double meaning in the title.
  • Despite being the season finale, SHAME is shorter than the previous arc. The Amalgamation is 10 episodes long; SHAME is only 9.
    • If one does not count episode lengths, it is the second longest arc in Compile Worlds.
    • It is the third longest segment if the entirety of Subete PuyoPuyo is counted as a single segment.
  • SHAME is the only segment in the first season that does not introduce or reveal the identity of an Ekoro Clone.
  • White Feli and Yellow Satan are the only alternate costumes from 20th that do not appear in the segment.
    • Of the four that did appear, it only introduced two of them; Ecolo was eluded to in the Amalgamation.

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