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Subete PuyoPuyo was retroactively made the first segment of Compile Worlds, covering episodes 1 to 16. During this segment, there was a lot of shuffling around of characters and the software used itself. Do note that the roster changes significantly in the Meteor Arc, which saw a much more consistent plot and has been played solely on TIMP.


ADMA Members

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ADMA Forces

Ekoro's clones

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  • Beta / Dark Witch (played by Keiji)
  • Gamma / Dark Lemres
  • Delta / Dark Mikuri
  • Epsilon / ???
  • Zeta / Dark Arle (played by Chao)
  • Eta / Dark Sig (played by Chao)
  • Theta / Dark Ringo (played by Keiji)
  • Omega / Dark Draco (played by Keiji)




Satan arc

The Satan arc covered the first episode and the first half of the second, and a number of unlogged sessions that originally began with just User:Chao and User:KasaneTeto. Originally, Arle was originally out to find Carbuncle, whom had gone missing. She found him at Satan's Tower, where Satan had "saved" him. Satan then told Arle he hadn't even begun any evil plans yet, and tried to flee. Arle was then on a mission: to stop Satan's plans before they ever begin!! She was downright determined to complete this mission. She gathered several faces along the way, including Harpy and those whom would later make up the ADMA, along with Ms. Accord herself. Together they followed Satan on a ridiculous goose chase all the way back to his tower. Eventually, Satan's plans (though barely begun) were thwarted.

Accord arc

The Accord arc started with the second half of the second episode, and ended with the first half of Episode 9. In the Random Field where Arle and company had defeated Satan, Accord showed her "true" colors. She muted Seriri after admitting she kidnapped and nearly killed her, and tried to attack Arle. However, Arle defended herself, and she and her friends (along with the annoying Mikki) formed the Anti-Accord Association, or AAA. Arle then went on a mission to rescue Sig from the forest, which proved the group's strength, as well as Mikki's abilities of annoyance. During this period, the AAA were focused on taking out Ms. Accord, who pretty much wanted to torture and kill everyone.

Arle met back up with Draco, and together, they made a base at Draco's hut. Around this time, it was discovered that Arle makes absolutely delicious curry, which is so good that the rest of the group were, in fact, willing to live off of it for the rest of their lives - except for Sig, who just insists on some nice toast and milk. After making this new base, the group got to only go on one mission: rescuing Amitie from Primp Magic School. The mission would have been extremely dangerous and painful were it not for Nanako. The ADMA returned home to Draco's hut and started planning a new mission. However, one day, Accord and Popoi followed Tarutaru to the hut in order to prevent this. The resulting uproar had Sig so confused he went berserk and blew the hut up in rage. Arle was temporarily knocked out following this, and Draco and Rider left to talk on the mountains alone.

Rider and Draco then reasoned out what just happened, and Rider had burst into tears from Sig's explosion harming her. She was confused about her relationship with Sig, and Draco provided a comforting hand by listening and sympathizing, though also informing her Sig truly indeed was concerned for her safety and regretted the fact his explosion hurt her.

Eventually, Draco came back. Accord also walked in and literally sacrificed herself as Draco set her ablaze in rage. Accord revealed that she had been manipulated by Popoi, and that she wanted no part in any of it. In this scene, all except Seriri and Witch felt deep regret and remorse for her death, although Draco was still firm in her justification. Later, she and the rest of the group were sucked up by Ekoro's evil portal thingy and were transported to the Madou World to go on a mission to save Klug, despite his previous disrespect for the gang.

Ekoro arc

The Ekoro arc started with the second half of the ninth episode, and ended at the end of Episode 14.

Ekoro's first appearance in Subete was pretty much to deliver a riddle. This confused everyone, especially Seriri, but Arle and Mikki seemed hell bent on not putting any thought into it. After all, nobody can be quite sure what a guy who mixes Arabic and Hebrew in the same sentence thinks. In due time though, Ekoro returned to the ADMA. He then noted that the new organization would have a LOT more dark mages other than Popoi to deal with. Ekoro then opened a portal and sucked all the ADMA members into the Madou world. He then directed the group to a mysterious castle, telling them if they got their asses over there in time, that Klug would be there, alive and well. The ADMA took up his challenge and, with the help of an angelic Harpy, succeeded.

After completing his challenge, and having a short break on the Floating Island, Ekoro appeared again, this time, attacking the ADMA. Ekoro used powerful magic capable of reflecting even Mikki's attacks. However, his weaknesses were Light magic and not being able to handle multiple attacks at the same time (sound familiar already?). So everyone started attacking him all at once, and after "A comeback not expected by you!", he was defeated. However, he revealed he had intentions to continue forth despite being injured and losing the battle, through another vague and cryptic rhyme.

Ekoro vanished again after that, presumably to tend to his "experiment", heal his wounds, and continue his plans. Later, he was found to have created eight powerful clones of various ADMA members and neutral characters. He had created a few in his UT base to test his methods and processes. He destroyed and absorbed his first clone, and the others were deployed away, aside from Dark Sig. However, Feli and Accord stumbled upon his base. Dark Sig spotted Accord, and Accord fled, while Feli got into a fight with Ekoro. After easily over-powering her, Feli fled as well. However, since people had discovered his base, it would only be a matter of time before the ADMA would arrive, so Ekoro brainwashed Dark Sig into thinking that Accord hated him to make him blow up the base, and he fled for his Mountain Base, abandoning Dark Sig in the process.

However, Ekoro was in for many surprises himself at the Mountain Base. It was discovered his clones could be neutralized and used against him. Taking advantage of this, the ADMA was led to the Mountain Base by the clones. Ekoro, waiting in his room, also the room of a rather extravagant machine, was finally ready to reveal both his secret experiment and his ultimate goal. Ekoro sought to destroy the world, and replace it with a new, "perfect" one modeled by him, where his "perfect clones" would populate the planet, and Ekoro would play God for the new world, and should the clones chose to rebel against him or not live harmoniously, they would be destroyed and absorbed. At this point everyone realized how delusional Ekoro really was. However, Ekoro was not going to come this far and have a leopard fail, so he sent Dark Arle, his most powerful clone and surprise experiment, to attack the ADMA. Dark Arle was tough, as was both strong and resistant to neutralization tactics. However, Ekoro eventually joined in, and the battle raged on. However, since he was still recovering from the last fight and wanted to show off Dark Arle, he participated less. Shortly after joining in, Ekoro kills Dark Sig in front of them and absorbs him into his body.

However, just then, Draco returns from a short absence with Dark Draco, Ekoro's original perfect model, whom was later scrapped for Dark Arle. Here, Dark Sig was forcefully removed by Dark Draco. Ekoro however, used the distraction to strike Rider and brainwash Sig. However, even this failed, as Ekoro was put to sleep and Sig promptly brought back with reality. In a twist of fate, Dark Arle realized the true nature of Ekoro, calling him "the most scandalous, dirty, rotten, cheating, lying, stealing, no good son-of-a-bitch" she's ever met. She also explained that she has been just as tainted as everyone else on the planet due to her being led by Ekoro in the first place, thus making her perfection imperfect. Eventually, Ekoro became desperate, exhausting any more tricks he could come up with. Even these were foiled though, and Ekoro was essentially cornered. Dark Draco, Dark Arle, and Dark Ringo finished him off, proving indeed Ekoro had created the most perfect and powerful clones on the planet...perhaps, too powerful for him. Ekoro died via implosion, leaving his last, and very ironically blunt words: "Let fate fuck you all,".

A period of relief...? (Plot lull)

After Ekoro's defeat, Episode 15 and Episode 16 were spent by the ADMA celebrating their victory over their strongest enemy yet. Once they arrived, Accord, Lagnus, and the clones were officially accepted as members of the group, and Ekoro's remains, along with the black hole and his Mountain Base, were locked tightly inside a vault. Afterwords, a celebratory dinner was prepared, but it soon became awkward when Lagnus felt the need to ask for Arle's hand in love. Suddenly, another Arle swooped in, and Satan arrived in a giant cake, attempting another fail proposal. However, he was content with the fake(?) Arle, who gladly accepted his hand in marriage after being rejected by Lagnus. After blasting off in a rocket cake, everyone finished dinner and thought they could rest easy...or could they?