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Sig is a spacey boy who was one of the three protagonists in Puyo Puyo Fever 2, and serves as a major reoccurring character in Compile Worlds. He appeared in Episode 2 originally as one of Ms. Accord's hostages, but soon took on a less passive role. Normally he aids Draco Centauros, Ringo Andou, and Arle Nadja in fending off the various dark mages that attack his home world of Primp. Before it's disbanding, Sig was also a member of the Anti Dark Magic Alliance. He now has resumed taking classes at Primp Magic School.


See also: Diary:Sig

Prior to the events of Puyo Puyo Fever, the book demon roamed through Primp, terrorizing it with his "great" power. However, the evil parts were sealed away with the Sun Bookmark, Star Lanturn, and Moon Stone, and the good parts that remained formed Sig's ancestors. This also explains why Sig's left arm and eye are irregular. Sig spent most of his life prior to the events of the RP studying magic and Puyo Puyo in Ms. Accord's classes. He spends most of his spare time napping or catching insects, and neither of these hobbies has waned much since the events of Compile Worlds.

Sig is generally a very sleepy, spacey and naive character. He is also slightly timid, as shown during the Ekoro Arc, in which the evil Ekoro kept scaring him by merely showing off. Sig is a very caring individual despite all of this however, as shown during the Accord Arc a number of times. He shows deep concern for his friends, especially Rider, who is currently his girlfriend. He also showed concern for Accord, and was the only one willing to give her a second chance during the Ekoro Arc during her unexpected revival. Sig cannot grasp certain concepts, such as "exclusive", which frequently annoys Rider when he innocently admires another female's beauty. Mostly he is gentle, rarely attacking anyone for any reason. Sig can also be easily confused or provoked due to his innocent-naive complex though. When his emotions reach a fever pitch, his power surges through and causes a massive explosion. Sig's explosions have become a running gag throughout the series.

Since Sig rarely fights, his power has been nigh-demonstrated. Mostly he swipes with his large claw, though he knows several Blue magic spells, and is also proficient in casting Hydrangea, the signature spell of his other half. Later, in SHAME Sig acquired the Black Sig form, which amplified his power to a considerable amount; enough to promote him to the status of a one. He used his newly pumped up Hydrangea spell to expel Ekoro's Possessor from Ekoro. Sig's clone, Eta, hasn't demonstrated this kind of power.


It's not exactly clear where Sig's name was derived from. Perhaps it is derived from the German "Sigu", which means "victory", victory relating to his origins.


  • Arle, have you walked through a room full of glass shards barefoot?Episode 12
  • Draco has an idea.Episode 13
  • I guess that's what they call "Curry in a hurry"...Episode 18
  • Do you always eat curry Arle?Episode 20
  • No. I'll become whole somehow. With or without you. But...I guess since you want it so badly...Episode 43
  • Quote: Chao via Skype
Sig: [falls asleep for one episode]
Everyone else: [makes fun of him for it]
Arle: [sleeps for a year and a half]
Plutia: [falls asleep almost every episode she's on screen in]
Aoi: [is practically comatose]
Sig: ok then.


  • Sig has appeared at least once in every arc besides The Transition.
    • However, Sig didn't make a formal appearance within the plot of the "Satan Arc" of Subete.
  • Sig is the only character who is not irresistibly attracted to Arle's delicious curry. It is a gag for Sig to politely refuse it and ask for something else, usually Toast.
  • Sig was one of the only characters in the Meteor Arc who was unaware of both Strange Klug and Lord Marcus XXXIX.
  • Sig, along with Draco, Harpy, Rider, and Satan, is one of the few major characters to have the same text color in all of his appearances.
    • All of these characters also appeared in Episode 2.
    • To this date, he's only shared his text color with one other character: Eltia.
  • While Sig is the reason the gag Pulling a Sig is named such, since he was asleep for nearly the length of the longest episode in the RP's running, he is now the character to have spent the least on screen time sleeping, with Plutia gunning for first place, and Arle Nadja and Aoi Azuri not far behind.
  • Sig is the only character to have a dairy and a diary, even if the former is non-canon.
  • Sig was the first character to neutralize his clone on-screen, doing so in Episode 13.
  • Sig's team was the only team in The Tournament to not follow the LOPAC roles, since there were only 3 members, thus royally screwing up the original plot ending Keiji had in mind
    • It was also the only team not to be present at the start of the SHAME arc, and the only one which did not start with 5 members.
    • It was the only team with less than 5 members throughout the entire ordeal.
  • Sig was the first official Puyo character to receive a "Compile Worlds exclusive" drawing from Chao.

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