Homu-Mikki (InstanceTopic, 18)

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Homu-Mikki (Simply called Mikki's House at times) is the residence of Tejina Mikuri situated in a clearing in Paraplu Forest in Compile Worlds. It is also the residence of Dark Mikki, under the alias of Hood Girl, during the Meteor Arc and Post-Meteor Arc segments. Not much is known about the one-story cottage, neither it's interior or it's exterior, other than a pile of pieces of paper on one corner (One of them with gibberish made up of the letters of "STAR") and it's rather fragile roof, which Daichi put a huge hole in during his fall in Episode 28. Sho and Marin put even more holes in the roof during Episode 33.

Knowing Mikki, she probably summoned it from nowhere after the meteor kicked her out of the ADMA HQ.

It was destroyed along with all of Primp, causing Mikki much off-screen grief. She then summons a much more spacious cottage after meeting up with some of the others.