Episode 45 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Feb 18, 2012. All times are UTC.

[19:53:18] <Lagnus> *looks at where the syringe stabbed him again, he notices a decent-sized, icky looking scab there. He pokes it. Throb! Throb!* Dammit!

[19:53:53] <Arle Nadja> Hey, you shouldn't do that, it'll only make it worse.

[19:54:03] <Draco> Yeah, that's gross! ;x

[19:54:10] <Lagnus> It gets worse than it eventually killing me?

[19:54:21] <Arle Nadja> Well it won't make it any better.

[19:54:34] <Lagnus> That's quite a nasty scab for only 24 hours.

[19:55:12] <Arle Nadja> *sighs and goes to find him a bandaid*

[19:55:27] <Ms. Accord> There must be someway to disinfect him. It IS a virus after all.

[19:55:42] <Draco> Not necessarily, he only called it that.

[19:55:54] <Draco> People misuse words like "virus" all the damn time.

[19:56:35] <Ms. Accord> But still, I would think despite his nasty welt that Ecolo wouldn't kill him off THAT quickly. You know how he loves to torture people.

[19:59:04] <Arle Nadja> *comes back and applies the bandaid*

[19:59:27] <Arle Nadja> There, now you won't have to see it any more.

[19:59:31] <Lagnus> ...*slight blush* Thank you Arle.

[20:00:39] <Arle Nadja> *sigh* In any other circumstances, I'd be really happy to be back in my home world.

[20:00:40] <Rulue> Hmph. If it wasn't for Ecolo I'd still have this place to myself!

[20:01:35] <Amitie> Nice to see what your world looks like though, Arle!

[20:01:36] <Arle Nadja> But having no idea what to do about Ecolo...

[20:01:57] <Arle Nadja> I feel like we should be doing something, but I have no idea what!

[20:02:46] <Lagnus> It also seems strange that Eldora isn't bothering to stop any of these huge, world destroying calamities as of late.

[20:03:07] <Draco> Maybe she died?

[20:03:25] <Rider> D-don't say things like that, Miss Draco...

[20:03:43] <Lagnus> How the hell do you kill a goddess, Draco?!

[20:04:15] <Draco> Maybe if you're another god or goddess?

[20:04:27] <Sig> Maybe Ecolo did it.

[20:04:31] <Draco> Or maybe gods just die of old age like people do.

[20:04:35] <Draco> Who are we to know?

[20:05:00] <Amitie> I wonder if goddesses worry about wrinkles then?...

[20:05:44] <Draco> Well, I guess they ought to be able to change their appearance at will...

[20:07:03] <Rulue> Perhaps this is more of Satan's meddling.

[20:07:14] <Rulue> He's always doing this and that for Arle.

[20:07:52] <Arle Nadja> Don't be silly. Satan isn't capable of destroying Primp.

[20:08:06] <Lagnus> But Ecolo is.

[20:08:17] <Lagnus> But what reason would Ecolo have to slay Eldora

[20:08:29] <Lagnus> and more importantly, when would he have done such a thing?

[20:10:22] <Draco> Who says he did?

[20:11:09] <Draco> So far you're the only one here that knows about her, so I doubt Ecolo even knows Eldora either.

[20:11:58] <Lagnus> ...We have to find Marin and her friends. They know Eldora too somehow

[20:12:04] <Gypsum> 3

[20:12:10] <Chao> I forgot Gypsum

[20:12:11] <Chao> :c

[20:12:17] <Chao> /dope

[20:13:26] <Arle Nadja> OOC: *pulls out acellphone and calls Marin*

[20:13:33] <Keiji> if only it were that easy huh

[20:13:42] <Chao> indeed

[20:14:21] <Arle Nadja> Well then, no use staying round here.

[20:14:32] <Arle Nadja> Shouldn't we go out and start looking?

[20:15:03] <Lagnus> Right. Rulue, do you know where Daichi went after you..er...."hanganshou"'d him in the face?

[20:15:57] <Rulue> He took off towards the direction of Night City, it's North-West of here.

[20:17:08] <Keiji> Night City?

[20:17:23] <Chao> Name I gave to a city-ish place that appears in YON

[20:17:32] <Chao> You fight Kikimora there

[20:17:51] <Chao> http://cw.nanako.cc/wiki/Map:Madou_World

[20:17:53] <Chao> derp

[20:18:17] <Keiji> well uh

[20:18:29] <Keiji> very helpful that you've labelled the places on that map

[20:18:42] <Chao> lol I forgot to do that

[20:18:52] <Chao> Night City is the purple set of buldings

[20:20:15] <Keiji> I see...

[20:20:45] <Chao> it's also inconvenient SAI doesn't have a text tool. <_>

[20:20:47] <Arle Nadja> Hmm, well, that's very useful information, Rulue. Come on, let's go~

[20:21:04] <Lagnus> Indeed!

[20:21:42] <Chao> (And then All these characters went to Night City?)

[20:22:12] <Keiji> sure

[20:22:16] <Keiji> All these villains

[20:22:29] <Keiji> Except Rulue I guess if she doesn't want to come

[20:22:48] <Rulue> 4

[20:24:40] <Chao> [Night City. True to it's name, it's always night there for some reason, and it's quite bustling despite being so "late".]

[20:25:01] <Rider> So many p-people...

[20:25:07] <Gypsum> Indeed...:o

[20:25:26] <Draco> Might be tough to find him...

[20:25:50] <Amitie> I hope we don't get lost...

[20:27:06] <Arle Nadja> So where do we start?

[20:27:48] <Ms. Accord> I would try that shopping center first. They might have a store that's relevant to his interests~♪

[20:28:06] <Sig> Yay...shopping?

[20:29:09] <Draco> Well, we're not here to shop, but whatever...

[20:29:25] <Arle Nadja> [everyone hobbles over to the shopping mall]

[20:30:16] <Daichi> 3

[20:30:29] <Daichi> [Sure enough, he's aimlessly wandering around in the mall]

[20:31:01] <Keiji> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa4YKZB6jG0&feature=related lmao

[20:31:03] <Daichi> I look away for one second and then I'm lost...*sigh*

[20:31:13] <Arle Nadja> He-he-he-hey, Daichi!

[20:31:23] <Arle Nadja> Nice to see you here~!

[20:31:43] <Daichi> Wha?? It's Arle!

[20:31:49] <Daichi> Boy am I glad to see you!

[20:31:54] <Gypsum> .....:

[20:32:16] <Arle Nadja> Do you know someone called Eldora?

[20:33:06] <Daichi> Eldora? Yeah! She's a goddess! She watched over Gaias while I tried to defend it from Angol's wars! Why?

[20:33:19] <Gypsum> .........................;

[20:33:37] <Arle Nadja> Uhh... well ask Lagnus, I guess.

[20:34:00] <Lagnus> How could Eldora watch over your world when she watched over mine?

[20:34:11] <Daichi> ...huh?

[20:35:06] <Lagnus> Eldora crowned me a hero, but I failed to save my world from destruction.

[20:35:23] <Lagnus> So...did she move on to another world?

[20:35:31] <Daichi> *shrug*

[20:36:00] <Draco> ...fat load of good that was.

[20:36:54] <Gypsum> ...how could you praise such a deity...

[20:38:01] <Arle Nadja> We must be missing something here.

[20:38:14] <Daichi> Well, yeah.

[20:39:08] <Ms. Accord> So many mysteries, so little time,

[20:39:31] <Ms. Accord> Ecolo is destroying the planet, a goddess is MIA, and somehow it inextricably links us all together

[20:40:33] <Arle Nadja> Auuu... I wish we had something to investigate, at least.

[20:42:49] <Daichi> So, uh...

[20:43:04] <Daichi> Where is this place?

[20:43:16] <Daichi> I don't recognize it...

[20:43:33] <Daichi> But, I think Marin was saying something about how it was good to be home.

[20:43:51] <Daichi> And then I remembered that she didn't actually come from my world...

[20:43:56] <Arle Nadja> Hm, I don't recognise it either.

[20:44:04] <Arle Nadja> [Because YON hasn't happened yet.]

[20:44:20] <Ms. Accord> Rulue called it "Night City"

[20:44:40] <Arle Nadja> Well, that sounds like a sensible name alright!

[20:45:03] <Sig> Yep.

[20:45:48] <Lagnus> I guess that means Marin is from this world.

[20:45:52] <Lagnus> Hrm

[20:46:04] <Keiji> wut

[20:46:27] <Keiji> Didn't they come from Lagnus' world

[20:46:53] <Chao> but there wouldn't be a world to go back to if they did come from there

[20:47:17] <Chao> assuming Wars happened after Saturn

[20:47:23] <Chao> and not before it somehow

[20:47:32] <Keiji> well yes it was after

[20:47:34] <Keiji> hm

[20:47:39] <Keiji> ok yeah true

[20:47:47] <Keiji> then they did come from the Madou World

[20:49:14] <Keiji> ....

[20:49:20] <Chao> ...?

[20:49:31] <Keiji> Stuck...

[20:49:40] <Chao> So am I...

[20:49:42] <Chao> derp

[20:49:55] <Keiji> Well, you're leading the plot.

[20:50:03] <Chao> I know

[20:50:13] <Keiji> and I thought you had everything prepared.

[20:50:14] <Keiji> DX

[20:50:30] <Chao> :c

[20:51:27] <Chao> I feel like it's inappropriate for Gypsum or Daichi to mention Eldora/Angol stuff right now because we haven't figured all of that out yet

[20:51:38] <Chao> but where else do we go

[20:53:22] <Keiji> How about a distraction

[20:53:27] <Keiji> i.e.

[20:53:29] <Keiji> Minor villain

[20:53:53] <Keiji> Not Satan, we've had loads of him already lol

[20:54:29] <Incubus> 3

[20:54:34] <Incubus> HEY BABY~

[20:54:50] <Keiji> Incubus is a villain?

[20:54:51] <Incubus> Mmmmm damn you got sexier since we last met~

[20:54:55] <Arle Nadja> ...

[20:55:01] <Chao> No but he's a distraction

[20:55:01] <Chao> XD

[20:55:04] <Arle Nadja> Well, this is the last person I wanted to see right now.

[20:55:25] <Daichi> Who's this guy

[20:56:15] <Incubus> Honey

[20:56:41] <Incubus> Why don't we go to the lovely gardens and take a romantic walk into the darkness!

[20:56:49] <Incubus>

[20:57:16] <Incubus> *Suddenly though, Incubus is blasted from behind*

[20:57:21] <Incubus> 4

[20:57:35] <Lucifer> 5 n+'Lucifer' c+'6' s+''

[20:57:44] <Keiji> Lucifer lol what

[20:58:01] <Lucifer> 3

[20:58:16] <Lucifer> So, I see you've all returned safe and sound.

[20:58:23] <Lucifer> You've been gone for ages...

[20:58:34] <Keiji> ...who is Lucifer?

[20:58:45] <Keiji> Anyone Arle knows?

[20:59:08] <Chao> Satan's brother. He's mostly a Madou character, and Arle meets him in Arle's Adventure, which is at least somewhat relevant to this.

[21:00:09] <Keiji> And what's her opinion of him?

[21:02:14] <Chao> indifferent?

[21:02:38] <Arle Nadja> Hm. Yeah, maybe we returned safely, but it wasn't a particularly nice trip.

[21:03:19] <Lucifer> Oh?

[21:03:48] <Amitie> Yeah! The world blew up!

[21:03:53] <Arle Nadja> Well, the reason we ended up back here is the world we were in was dest-- ninja'd.

[21:04:07] <Daichi> ...P-Primp was destroyed?!

[21:04:13] <Lucifer> I see...

[21:04:16] <Arle Nadja> Yup...

[21:04:46] <Lucifer> It seems the Abyss has also vanished. I guess Satan finally got tired of it

[21:05:19] <Lucifer> But it certainly is a dilemma that worlds are disappearing.

[21:05:37] <Lucifer> Not that I care what happens to another world besides this one.

[21:06:57] <Lucifer> It's not the first time I've heard of world's being destroyed and recreated though.

[21:07:06] <Lucifer> Eventually, something will take it's place.

[21:07:18] <Lucifer> That's the way the universe works.

[21:07:19] <Draco> "Something"?

[21:07:27] <Draco> Like what?

[21:08:21] <Lucifer> Another planet? A star? An asteroid chain, even? Space is a place where lots of things can happen.

[21:08:58] <Arle Nadja> Well, that's pretty sparse information.

[21:09:51] <Lucifer> I can't tell you everything there is to know about the universe

[21:10:08] <Arle Nadja> Uh huh.

[21:10:15] <Lucifer> but I can tell you that this world has been linked with another for years.

[21:10:33] <Lucifer> But Satan is the only one who has ever seen or maybe even used that special portal.

[21:10:38] <Lucifer> Even I have never seen it.

[21:11:19] <Lucifer> Well...at least not before recently

[21:11:33] <Lucifer> I wouldn't tell just anyone this.

Start date: Sat Feb 18, 2012. All times are UTC.

[21:43:38] <Arle Nadja> [Arle, Daichi and Lagnus went off to discuss their predicament leaving the others to go to a Draco-organised Beauty Contest in the shopping mall]

[21:43:50] <Lagnus> 3

[21:44:22] <Lagnus> Can't that woman think of anything but beauty contests??

[21:44:35] <Arle Nadja> Let her be. It's not like they had any useful information on Eldora.

[21:45:02] <Daichi> Hm... Last I saw her was when Angol was sent back home.

[21:45:11] <Arle Nadja> Wait... sent... home?

[21:45:18] <Lagnus> Sent home?

[21:45:18] <Arle Nadja> I thought he was, er, banished?

[21:45:45] <Lagnus> According to Gypsum's clipboard that Arle read he was banished.

[21:46:19] <Daichi> Hey... you're right! Now I remember, Angol got turned back into a human and wanted to go back to his homeworld. He said he wouldn't start any more worlds...

[21:46:37] <Daichi> So why'ds he suddenly go and do that to your world, Arle?

[21:46:45] <Daichi> *wouldn't start any more WARS

[21:46:53] <Lagnus> Well...

[21:47:07] <Lagnus> I don't know...

[21:47:53] <Satan> 3

[21:48:05] <Arle Nadja> *sees Satan*

[21:48:13] <Arle Nadja> Oh, hi! Do you know anything about Eldora?

[21:48:15] <Satan> Oh! Arle! My lovely! You're safe I see~

[21:48:26] <Satan> Eh--? Erm...

[21:49:06] <Satan> Well, I know an Eldora exists on the other side of the Door to Gaias I created...

[21:49:18] <Daichi> You created a door to Gaias?

[21:49:31] <Daichi> That's amazing! How'd you manage that?!

[21:49:52] <Satan> I am the Portal Master™

[21:50:20] <Satan> I can make a portal to wherever the hell I want.

[21:50:29] <Satan> Sort of like that Ekoro thing.

[21:50:29] <Keiji> No he can't. Only Eltia can do that.

[21:50:43] <Satan> Er...actually, Eldora helped me make the portal.

[21:50:48] <Keiji> lol

[21:50:57] <Arle Nadja> ...Well, more importantly, could you take us there?

[21:51:08] <Arle Nadja> That'd be really helpful, cause we're trying to find that Eldora!

[21:51:51] <Satan> Hmph! I love you Arle...but that portal isn't to be seen by mortal eyes!

[21:52:12] <Arle Nadja> Oh come on, won't you please show me?

[21:52:18] <Arle Nadja> [In super cute Atoli voice.]

[21:52:42] <Satan> I....I can't!

[21:52:45] <Satan> ;_;

[21:52:49] <Arle Nadja> What do you mean, you can't?

[21:53:00] <Lagnus> What if we were to call Rulue into this?

[21:53:17] <Lagnus> She'd just LOVE to get married to you in front of the door to another world~

[21:53:49] <Satan> Okay! Fine! I'll take you to the door!

[21:53:53] <Arle Nadja> ...uh...

[21:54:00] <Keiji> Nickfail.

[21:54:04] <Keiji> That didn't make sense.

[21:54:16] <Keiji> If Satan doesn't show them where the door is, then Rulue can't do that anyway.

[21:54:26] <Chao> derp

[21:54:32] <Keiji> lmao

[21:54:57] <Chao> magic retcon time

[21:55:25] <Black_Amendment> 1

[21:55:29] <Keiji> WAT

[21:55:34] <Chao> Ohi

[21:56:00] <Chao> what timing lmao

[21:56:08] <Keiji> I love how he "never gives a straight answer" and then he suddenly comes in as soon as we've finally got a plot going that we can do ourselves... XD

[21:55:51] <Black_Amendment> 2

[21:56:43] <Keiji> Btw

[21:56:45] <Keiji> ...lol

[21:56:50] <Keiji> I've been wondering this for ages

[21:56:58] <Keiji> but do you and your brother live in separate places?

[21:57:08] <Chao> inb4 he barges in my room and asks what "never gives a straight answer is about"

[21:57:13] <Black_Amendment> 1

[21:57:14] <Keiji> I take that as a no.

[21:57:45] <Chao> Type yes if you can read this

[21:57:51] <Keiji> yes

[21:57:52] <Keiji> *shot*

[21:57:55] <Chao> kajkfssajfalfja

[21:58:07] <Black_Amendment> snooPINGAS usual I see

[21:58:13] <Keiji> No silly

[21:58:18] <Keiji> It's derpingasusual now

[21:58:24] <Black_Amendment> oh

[21:58:30] <Black_Amendment> lol

[21:58:47] <Keiji> P is everywhere, even in your derping.

[21:58:47] <Chao> I would say "oh" backwards, except that spells ho

[21:59:00] <Black_Amendment> ho breff?

[21:59:14] <Keiji> oh slepps

[21:59:39] <Keiji> Shall we just continue with the RP?

[21:59:45] <Chao> I was about to ask

[21:59:48] <Keiji> Or the magic retcon that you were going to do, at least?

[22:00:09] <Chao> lol yeah I was just gonna re-word Lagnus' "blackmail"

[22:00:15] <Chao> so it made sense

[22:00:17] <Chao> :P

[22:01:21] <Chao> I guess black is watching then?

[22:01:50] <Chao> Unless you want to randomly plug someone in there before we get to the Door

[22:02:13] <Black_Amendment> I guess I am, in between working on a song for a video I might film later today lol but I'll be here if I should want or need to plug in a character

[22:02:15] <Keiji> Nah, that wouldn't really make sense

[22:02:26] <Keiji> he can just watch for now

[22:03:01] <Black_Amendment> or I can just watch lol

[22:04:00] <Lagnus> What if we involved Rulue into this, Satan? We could tell her we met you on the way back, and then she'll leave us her mansion and chase you into the sunset

[22:03:27] <Black_Amendment> 2

[22:04:05] <Lagnus> (Of Puyo Puyo)

[22:04:44] <Arle Nadja> Yeah, that would be quite convenient if she got off my back, too...

[22:05:12] <Satan> ....Okay fine! I'll show you to the door!

[22:05:29] <Satan> Just don't get Rulue on my tail! I just finally eluded her ;_;

[22:05:51] <Black_Amendment> 1

[22:06:06] <Arle Nadja> Yaay!♥ Thank you, Satan~

[22:06:21] <Satan> You're welcome Arle~♥

[22:06:25] <Lagnus> >_>

[22:06:42] <Arle Nadja> Hey, don't look at me like that...

[22:06:46] <Satan> So, shall we?

[22:07:11] <Daichi> Yeah, we should get going...

[22:08:36] <Satan> [And So Satan leads them through his Castle and through a secret passage way only he and Lucifer know about. Eventually they come up a long, winding pathway that seems to go into the sky. At the end of that path is the Door to Gaias, a rather literal door.]

[22:08:56] <Arle Nadja> Well, that was certainly interesting...

[22:09:02] <Daichi> So Eldora is behind this door?

[22:09:15] <Satan> Well, the world called Gaias is beyond this door.

[22:09:34] <Satan> Whether Eldora herself is still there I don't know.

[22:10:23] <Lagnus> Well, we only have one way to know...

[22:11:08] <Arle Nadja> Yeah, let's go through!

[22:13:06] <Chao> [And so the four of them enter the door...on the other side, they appear in Gaias. At a color change spring no less]

[22:13:26] <Color Changer of 1000> 6 n-'Ekoro Clone'+'Color Changer of 1000'

[22:13:26] <Color Changer of 1000> 6 c-'0'+'2'

[22:13:26] <Color Changer of 1000> 6 s-''+'Red'


[22:13:38] <Color Changer of 1000> 3

[22:13:45] <Color Changer of 1000> AND, YOU CAN CHANGE COLORS!

[22:13:56] <Keiji> oh god

[22:14:00] <The Infomaniac> 3

[22:14:04] <The Infomaniac> Hey, that's my line!

[22:14:20] <Color Changer of 1000> But it's MY spring!

[22:14:23] <Color Changer of 1000> So Soosh!

[22:14:35] <Satan> Oh god the Puyo are alive!

[22:14:39] <The Infomaniac> Are you ready to le--

[22:14:52] <The Infomaniac> [Suddenly the world is filled with Lego bricks]

[22:14:59] <Color Changer of 1000> GreenRedBrickYouStay?

[22:15:14] <Arle Nadja> Uh...

[22:15:35] <Lagnus> Obviously we're not gonna learn about Eldora by hanging out here.

[22:15:48] <Arle Nadja> *Bayoens the Lego bricks into smithereens*

[22:16:04] <The Infomaniac> Oh, sorry, I see you are not ready to le.

[22:16:28] <Satan> Yes, we are not ready to le.

[22:16:46] <Satan> So go find some other car or bike or something to change the flowers on!

[22:16:52] <The Infomaniac> Then I shall return to my day job of guiding Pepper! Ta-ta!

[22:16:54] <The Infomaniac> 4

[22:17:16] <Color Changer of 1000> Now then....are you going to change the color of a Puyo today, Daichi?

[22:17:33] <Daichi> No, that's not what we came here for...

[22:17:44] <Daichi> Why do you have a second head in your hand anyway?

[22:17:54] <Color Changer of 1000> It's not a head it's a Puyo!

[22:18:16] <Lagnus> But, your head IS a Puyo...

[22:19:11] <Color Changer of 1000> But it's not a replacement head in case someone happened to chop mine off.

[22:19:34] <Color Changer of 1000> Anyhow, if you're not here to CHANGE COLORS, then vamos!

[22:19:41] <Daichi> Ok fien!

[22:19:49] <Daichi> *VAMOSes just like the Infomaniac just did.*

[22:19:51] <Color Changer of 1000> There are actually people who WANT to CHANGE COLORS you know?

[22:20:00] <Color Changer of 1000> 4

[22:20:16] <Daichi> Well, I'm sorry about that. Weird dudfe.

[22:20:17] <Daichi> *dude

[22:20:27] <Lagnus> It's quite alright.

[22:20:54] <Lagnus> After living in Primp for so long, you could say you'd be used to it.

[22:21:52] <Arle Nadja> So then... any idea where Eldora is?

[22:22:20] <Kanon> 5 n+'Kanon' c+'7' s+''

[22:22:26] <Kanon> 3

[22:22:29] <Kanon> ...

[22:22:37] <Satan> :o!

[22:22:47] <Kanon> [Just a glowing sphere in the sky over their heads for now.]

[22:22:57] <Lagnus> Eldora?...

[22:23:11] <Arle Nadja> *shields her eyes from the bright light trying to look up* What's that...?

[22:24:29] <Satan> It...

[22:24:35] <Keiji> ...Oh, derp, I forgot I had claimed Daichi

[22:24:36] <Satan> I don't know!

[22:24:45] <Daichi> ...That's uh, not Eldora...

[22:25:37] <Lagnus> Then who or what is it?!

[22:27:27] <Kanon> Eldora...

[22:28:26] <Satan> Yesssss?

[22:28:56] <Kanon> She has undergone a great trial.

[22:29:44] <Kanon> And at the end of it, once the trial was passed

[22:29:52] <Kanon> She immediately disappeared...

[22:30:34] <Lagnus> Wh-What?!

[22:30:53] <Kanon> I had asked her fellow angels [= PGoGs] but they know nothing of her whereabouts.

[22:31:19] <Satan> Well, that answers your question

[22:31:24] <Arle Nadja> ...No, it doesn't!

[22:31:57] <Arle Nadja> ...At the very least, could you please stop glowing so much? It's impossible to look at you like that.

[22:32:12] <Lagnus> Indeed.

[22:32:15] <Kanon> ...

[22:33:33] <Satan> But, it does seem rather odd that somehow she vanished without anyone knowing.

[22:34:03] <Kanon> [The glowing ball of light turns into a small young girl. Still glowing, particularly her eyes and hair, but not enough to be blinding any more.]

[22:34:35] <Arle Nadja> :I

[22:34:39] <Arle Nadja> Er, well, that'll do I guess.

[22:35:06] <Satan> Aaaaaaah! A girl!

[22:35:16] <Lagnus> Silence Satan!

[22:36:50] <Kanon> It was a mystery, but the time of limbo has come and gone.

[22:37:14] <Kanon> Orders were to simply continue with next year's tuition.

[22:37:58] <Lagnus> Next year's tuition?....*looks at the others confusingly* Pardon, but what exactly are you talking about?

[22:38:44] <Kanon> Whatever happened to your patron, Sir Lagnus, is none of the academy's concern

[22:38:47] <Kanon> However...

[22:39:14] <Kanon> *she sheds a tear*

[22:39:27] <Lagnus> :o

[22:39:55] <Daichi> *looks at Lagnus* I... don't really understand it much either.

[22:41:17] <Arle Nadja> ...is there anything we can do to help, then?

[22:41:31] <Daichi> I doubt it, they are gods and all, and we're just...

[22:41:46] <Kanon> Humans?

[22:41:55] <Kanon> Eldora had a lot of faith in your kind.

[22:42:07] <Lagnus> Don't say things like that, Daichi! If a god can help a human, then why can't a human help a god?

[22:42:41] <Satan> Because then you have me.

[22:42:44] <Daichi> Th... that's an interesting way to put it.

[22:44:11] <Kanon> This world is abandoned.

[22:44:30] <Kanon> Eldora worked hard to save it.

[22:44:46] <Kanon> She wanted this world, instead of receiving her own on graduation.

[22:44:57] <Lagnus> Not by choice though! Didn't Daichi get abducted by Ecolo?

[22:45:20] <Kanon> And... she would have had her wish, but then she simply vanished...

[22:45:51] <Lagnus> ...

[22:46:19] <Arle Nadja> What's Daichi got to do with anything?

[22:46:54] <Lagnus> I didn't know where she was going with "this world is abandoned"

[22:46:59] <Lagnus> my apologies.

[22:47:14] <Daichi> Abandoned by its god, not abandoned by its people...

[22:47:32] <Daichi> Hey, don't tell me you thought I was the only person here...

[22:47:41] <Lagnus> But, if she truly wanted this world

[22:47:43] <Daichi> *glare*

[22:47:49] <Lagnus> then why would she abandon it?

[22:47:57] <Lagnus> It doesn't make sense!

[22:48:03] <Lagnus> None of this does!

[22:48:33] <Arle Nadja> It looks like Kanon thinks the same thing, you know...

[22:48:33] <Lagnus> Why is any of this being allowed to happen anyway? Nanako and Ecolo and all of these other fiends should have been dealt with ages ago!

[22:48:37] <Keiji> ff.

[22:48:48] <Keiji> Arle doesn't know Kanon's name.

[22:48:59] <Arle Nadja> It looks like the goddess here thinks the same thing, you know...

[22:49:26] <Satan> Derp

[22:50:07] <Arle Nadja> And hey, Nanako wasn't a fiend!

[22:50:24] <Satan> Well, at least Angol Mois is going around stealing my towers any more...

[22:50:32] <Keiji> *isn't

[22:50:34] <Keiji> lmao

[22:50:49] <Kanon> "Angol Mois."

[22:50:55] <Satan> But now Ecolo's going around and stealing worlds to take over. ;_;

[22:50:57] <Kanon> She would talk about that person a lot.

[22:51:32] <Kanon> It seems they learnt a lot from each other.

[22:51:44] <Keiji> (It seems Kanon is yet another autoresponder *shot*)

[22:52:18] <Lagnus> Right...Angol and Eldora knew each other...

[22:52:35] <Lagnus> so why did Angol try to oppress people in another world?

[22:52:47] <Satan> And steal towers?

[22:54:38] <Kanon> That is as much a mystery to me as the rest.

[22:55:39] <Kanon> Let me take you to my office. It's not very safe here.

[22:55:58] <Lagnus> Indeed it's not...

[22:56:18] <Kanon> [One flash of later, they are presumably in an office in the Angel Academy.]

[22:56:35] <Arle Nadja> Seats! I was getting a little tired of standing around.

[22:56:57] <Liechi> 3

[22:57:03] <Liechi> Who wants some tea? :3

[22:57:10] <Kanon> ..

[22:57:11] <Satan> So...much-- Oh tea!

[22:57:31] <Kanon> These new-fangled customs, I do not understand them at all...

[22:58:42] <Lagnus> *sits* It's only polite to offer someone a drink. At least to us.

[22:58:45] <Lagnus> Anyway

[22:59:17] <Kanon> I'd be surprised if you graduate on time, Liechi. You seem to spend all your time making this "tea" thing.

[22:59:22] <Liechi> 6 n-'Office Girl'+'Liechi'

[22:59:35] <Liechi> Hehe, don't mind me♥

[23:00:14] <Arle Nadja> Well, I'll take some tea. It's nice that even the gods have some laid-back people here and there.

[23:00:29] <Keiji> ...does Daichi like tea?

[23:00:59] <Chao> how would I know xD

[23:01:09] <Chao> I'd say yeah because most people like it

[23:01:11] <Chao> but idk

[23:02:25] <Daichi> Well, me too. Kinda thirsty.

[23:02:32] <Daichi> what with all that getting lost and all.

[23:03:18] <Liechi> Then, three coming right up~ *goes off to make tea*

[23:04:01] <Kanon> Back to the matter at hand... well, I do not have that much left to tell you.

[23:04:25] <Kanon> As mentioned, I've no news on her movements.

[23:04:55] <Lagnus> Yes, you've mentioned that.

[23:05:22] <Lagnus> And you also mention she just simply vanished.

[23:06:59] <Kanon> Indeed, one could easily conclude that there is some other power out there.

[23:07:46] <Kanon> But what would I know? I am simply an aging tutor here

[23:08:12] <Keiji> in b4 Satan comments on her looks again

[23:08:32] <Lagnus> But a power to abduct goddesses and prevent them from maintaining their own universes?

[23:09:14] <Satan> It's as the little loli tells you; she knows nothing. We're simply wasting time now drinking tea in her office and chatting about the weather

[23:08:58] <Black_Amendment> 2

[23:09:56] <Arle Nadja> Who knows? The Ones were pretty powerful...

[23:10:19] <Liechi> [Oh yeah, she already returned with the tea. I forgot to mention that.]

[23:11:08] <Lagnus> ...Do you think it could have been Ecolo's doing? He seems to have done quite a bit of meddling over all this time.

[23:16:03] <Arle Nadja> ...I wouldn't think so...

[23:16:15] <Arle Nadja> She /did/ say it was a while back.

[23:16:59] <Lagnus> But awhile back is also when he abducted Daichi from this world and tried to destroy Primp the first time.

[23:17:18] <Lagnus> And that was with the possessor suppressing his evil power.

[23:18:09] <Arle Nadja> Well, I dunno...

[23:18:45] <Satan> I'd like to think that stupid wannabe villain isn't capable of making plans of such high calculating caliber.

[23:18:53] <Arle Nadja> It doesn't really make much difference anyway. Either we're dealing with a super-powerful Ecolo that we can't find... or we're dealing with at least two weirdos that we can't find.

[23:19:17] <Arle Nadja> Oh!

[23:19:26] <Satan> Oh?

[23:19:31] <Lagnus> Ooh?

[23:19:41] <Arle Nadja> How could I forget, we should probably introduce ourselves. I'm Arle! *holds out a hand to Kanon*

[23:20:03] <Lagnus> Right...I am Lagnus, but you already knew that?

[23:20:13] <Satan> MY NAME IS SATAN~♪

[23:20:24] <Kanon> *nods and looks at Arle's hand curious about these new-fangled customs* Kanon.

[23:21:08] <Lagnus> You shake her hand. It's a customary greeting gesture to us. Eheh.

[23:21:34] <Kanon> Ano... *shakes her hand awkwardly*

[23:22:05] <Arle Nadja> Ehehe, I'm sorry. It must feel weird to do that with a mortal, right? ^^;;

[23:22:13] <Lagnus> *can sense the awkward, sweat drop*

[23:22:32] <Daichi> Well, I'm Daichi, though Eldora probably told you about me.

[23:23:17] <Liechi> Liechi, at your service♥ *bows*

[23:23:34] <Liechi> *looks at Satan* and whoever named you must have been pretty unimaginative, huh?

[23:23:54] <Satan> The same could be said for many from our world.

[23:24:26] <Keiji> /cue PP15 Satan theme

[23:24:30] <Lagnus> It's nice to meet you, Leichi.

[23:24:40] <Liechi> Spell it right, wouldya~

[23:24:51] <Lagnus> ...S-Sorry

[23:24:54] <Lagnus> Liechi.

[23:24:57] <Liechi> That's okay~

[23:25:09] <Chao> also why Satan theme

[23:25:10] <Chao> lol

[23:25:18] <Liechi> It's not like I can hear your spelling mistakes anyway. [/NO FOURTH WALL]

[23:25:23] <Keiji> because Satan is awesome

[23:25:32] <Keiji> also speaking of him

[23:25:35] <Keiji> can you change him to red

[23:25:42] <Satan> 6 c-'6'+'2'

[23:25:44] <Color Changer of 1000> 3

[23:25:45] <Satan> FIEN

[23:25:50] <Color Changer of 1000> BUT ADULTS ALSO CANNOT CHANGE COLOR

[23:25:52] <Color Changer of 1000> ONLY PUYO CAN

[23:25:54] <Color Changer of 1000> 4

[23:25:58] <Satan> I just did faggot

[23:26:12] <Satan> *ahem*

[23:26:54] <Arle Nadja> Alright, well, regardless of anything else, we need a plan.

[23:27:07] <Arle Nadja> Even if said plan involves finding Omega like we were going to do in the first place.

[23:27:16] <Kanon> ..."Omega"?

[23:27:18] <Chao> Wrong Group

[23:27:32] <Chao> unless Draco suggested that and I forgot

[23:27:38] <Keiji> Who cares, even if they never brought it up Arle would have wanted to do that

[23:28:10] <Lagnus> You know Omega?

[23:28:23] <Kanon> Yes, he was one of my students.

[23:28:34] <Satan> "He"?

[23:28:39] <Kanon> ...still is. He had to retake the year.

[23:28:42] <Kanon> As did Weather.

[23:29:14] <Kanon> What do you mean, "he?"

[23:29:34] <Lagnus> The Omega we know is a she. And as far as we know, she's not a god either.

[23:29:51] <Kanon> Ah, I see. A naming collision?

[23:30:06] <Lagnus> Yes.

[23:30:25] <Arle Nadja> Well, that's a shame. A red herring, eh...

[23:30:55] <Satan> But perhaps finding Omega would do us good...

[23:31:39] <Arle Nadja> Indeed. With all the shenanigans over, she and Amitie are the two most powerful people we know now, the only difference is, Amitie hasn't a clue how to use her power whereas Omega does.

[23:32:22] <Lagnus> Right.

[23:33:36] <Liechi> Maybe I could find her for you? What's she look like?

[23:34:21] <Lagnus> O-Oh?! Uh...She's about ne high, green hair, horns, and PURPLE wings!

[23:34:32] <Lagnus> And not a Purple Tail

[23:34:57] <Liechi> Hmm...

[23:35:54] <Liechi> *after a few moments a projection sphere appears in the middle of the table showing Omega wandering around on the beach where Suke appears in SUN.* Is this her?

[23:36:10] <Arle Nadja> :o!

[23:36:14] <Arle Nadja> Wow, you got her!

[23:36:18] <Arle Nadja> That was fast!

[23:36:19] <Lagnus> Yes! I do believe that's her! Thank you!

[23:36:35] <Liechi> Hehe~! See, I told you I'd be alright, didn't I Kanon-sama?♥

[23:36:55] <Kanon> ...Well, that is only a basic skill for a goddess...

[23:37:20] <Liechi> :u

[23:37:33] <Liechi> *pout* Someday you'll praise me, Kanon-sama.

[23:38:49] <Arle Nadja> What say we go talk to her?

[23:39:12] <Daichi> ...Uhm... Couldn't Liechi-sama just summon her here?

[23:39:25] <Liechi> ...-sama? Oh goodness, you flatter me♥

[23:39:41] <Satan> Well if you're going to summon her get on with it already!

[23:40:21] <Liechi> Oh, sure, sure!

[23:40:35] <Liechi> [Omega appears in another flash of light]

[23:40:43] <Omega> 3

[23:40:54] <Lagnus> Hello, Omega!

[23:41:03] <Omega> What the? Well, who, what, where and why?

[23:41:07] <The Infomaniac> 3

[23:41:09] <The Infomaniac> THAT'S MY LINE

[23:41:10] <Satan> You have been summoned to a council meeting!

[23:41:12] <The Infomaniac> 4

[23:41:28] <Omega> 6 c-'7'+'12'

[23:41:33] <Omega> A council meeting you say?

[23:41:39] <Satan> Hosted by the loli goddess Canon and her lovely assistant Liechi

[23:41:53] <Liechi> Oi, spell her name right too darnit~!

[23:42:13] <Lagnus> Canon is not the canon spelling

[23:42:47] <Liechi> Well, it's not quite a council meeting anyway. This isn't the council meeting room, at least.

[23:42:52] <Liechi> I'm not even allowed there...

[23:43:06] <Liechi> Oh, it's so sad, I can't make tea for Kanon-sama when she goes to her council meetings... SOBBU

[23:43:18] <Satan> Anywaaaaaay.

[23:43:45] <Satan> Omega. Ecolo has destroyed Primp, and a goddess named Eldora has gone missing.

[23:43:46] <Omega> Yes. First I get thrown onto a beach, and now I end up here.

[23:43:51] <Satan> Are you innocent or guilty?

[23:44:06] <Lagnus> We're not her to accuse her Satan!

[23:44:20] <Omega> As if I couldn't notice what happened to Primp!

[23:45:57] <Lagnus> But...I don't suppose you could lend us your help. We're trying to figure out where Eldora went and how to stop Ecolo, and you're one of the most powerful people we know.

[23:47:03] <Omega> Okay. First off, who the flying bananas is Eldora, not to mention these beauty contestants here?

[23:47:22] <Arle Nadja> ..."flying bananas"?

[23:47:58] <Keiji> Wait.

[23:48:06] <Keiji> Retcon the second part of that sentence since satan already told her.

[23:48:11] <Omega> Okay. First off, who the flying bananas is Eldora?

[23:48:59] <Lagnus> A goddess who watched over both my world and Gaias, apparently forgoing graduation at this "Angel Academy".

[23:49:38] <Daichi> And then mysteriously disappeared right before she could graduate.

[23:49:56] <Omega> Mysteriously disappeared... near here, you say?

[23:50:35] <Kanon> To be precise, it was in the council meeting room, which isn't outside this building.

[23:50:49] <Lagnus> S-She vanished IN the room?? O_O

[23:50:59] <Liechi> :u why must everything interesting happen in there...

[23:51:02] <Satan> The suspense!

[23:51:47] <Liechi> See, if you'd let me bring your tea in, I'd have maybe been able to help stop her disappearance!

[23:52:16] <Kanon> ...You weren't even a student when this happened, Liechi.

[23:52:20] <Kanon> *student here

[23:52:38] <Satan> So tea saved nothing.

[23:52:57] <Arle Nadja> So... Do you think it might have anything to do with the Ones, Omega?

[23:53:05] <Omega> Well, I can take a look...

[23:53:24] <Lagnus> Hm...

[23:53:27] <Omega> What the...

[23:53:35] <Lagnus> Huh?...

[23:53:38] <Omega> You're right!

[23:53:45] <Lagnus> ???

[23:53:49] <Omega> There's a massive hole in the magic field near here.

[23:54:03] <Omega> Something big must have happened.

[23:54:11] <Omega> But...

[23:54:13] <Omega> That's funny.

[23:54:17] <Omega> It's not moving.

[23:54:26] <Omega> And surely if it happened that long ago it'd be refilled by now.

[23:54:40] <Omega> But it's not, and there's no sign of it filling either.

[23:54:43] <Lagnus> :o!

[23:55:02] <Satan> So then...what does any of that mean?

[23:55:12] <Omega> Well... I can only think it's the work of a Two.

[23:55:28] <Lagnus> A two??

[23:55:38] <Omega> You know. Like that Benedict fellow.

[23:55:43] <Satan> Can anybody say "Eggs benedict"?

[23:55:50] <Chao> lol ninja'd

[23:55:51] <Keiji> uh, what?

[23:55:56] <Keiji> eggs?

[23:56:30] <Keiji> Please fill me in on this one :P

[23:56:48] <Chao> You've never had eggs benedict?

[23:57:09] <Chao> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eggs_Benedict

[23:57:58] <Chao> anyway

[23:58:24] <Lagnus> So

[23:58:29] <Keiji> Nope lol

[23:58:49] <Lagnus> that means whatever may have removed Eldora from that room...

[23:59:09] <Lagnus> could potentially be much MUCH more powerful than either Ecolo or Eldora herself.

[23:59:24] <Omega> Indeed, and as far as I'm concerned, he or she would be invincible.

[23:59:47] <Arle Nadja> Well, at least you can sense their footprints, unlike anyone else here...

[23:59:54] <Lagnus> And if they're abducting goddesses and allowing madmen like Ecolo to destroy planets, we've got a serious problem.


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