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CFW Judge
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CFW Judge is a character taken from Neptunia 2. He is the guardian of the Gamindustri Graveyard, is extremely heavily armored, wields an axe, and is known to work for someone else.

But that's where the similarities end.

In Neptunia 2

He is one of the Four Felons, the leaders of ASIC. He's extremely violent, frenzied and more or less uncontrollable. Like the rest of the Four Felons, he is a vessel for Arfoire's revival, and dies by self-destruction after the protagonists beat him. He appears at the very start of the game in a forced-loss battle, soon after the cutscene showcasing CFW Magic taking out Nepgear and all four older CPUs, yes, that same Magic that's responsible for tying them up for practically the entire game.

Yet, despite all this, his position, strength, name, appearance, and cameo as Alnair in Neptunia 1 have earned him respect from a certain player, giving him a much more appropriate role elsewhere...

In Compile ♥ Worlds

Neptunia 2 never happened in C♥W canon (only Neptunia 1 did); Arfoire never revived, and thus doesn't need any vessels. He is not one of the Four Felons, as that isn't even a concept that exists. However, the Graveyard still exists, and he still guards it. The one he works for has not yet been revealed, but is not evil.

Not counting retcons, he makes his debut in Episode 63 when Angol attempts to collect the third Key Fragment from the Graveyard. Judge shows remarkable strength and nigh-invincibility; he later reveals he is actually the same person as who was once called Benedict, when he ditched his armor, donned sunglasses, and showed up in one of the Puyo worlds to chastise the Tournament instigators for murdering for research, and reviving (most) of those killed. This also shows that Judge is a two; the first reference to the metalevels in C♥W.

He then summarily locks up Angol in the Anti-Crystal Cage - the same cage that housed the four older CPUs in Neptunia 2 and the Neptunia anime.