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Strange Klug is the antagonist of Puyo Puyo Fever 2, and a secondary antagonist in Compile Worlds. He is the result of the book demon taking control of Klug's body in order to have a physical presence. He mysteriously appeared in Episode 18, and continued to make semi-scheduled meetings with the protagonists during the Meteor Arc to taunt them. Though he was one of four conspirators behind the events of SHAME, his intentions were malevolent, and ultimately he was defeated when Sig absorbed him and consequently let Eta devour his remains.


Strange Klug actually started life as a complete demon. It was unknown what he did in Primp before he was sealed away in a book. Three items, the Sun Bookmark, the Star Lantern and the Stone of the Moon, were used in this process. If one were to obtain these items, they could unseal the demon. Klug learned of this prophecy and sought the items for himself, daring his classmates to challenge his powered up form. Klug claims he was willingly possessed by the demon, but perhaps he was only covering up for his cowardice. Regardless, Klug didn't learn his lesson the first time, and unsealed the demon again, becoming Strange Klug once more.

Strange Klug himself is a puzzling character. Much like many other villains in Compile Worlds, Strange Klug can be found rambling. Unlike the others, however, he tends to speak in a much more approachable manner, accommodating for other character's lack of intelligence. Strange Klug is also well-learnt and resourceful, being able to gain information through even little means. Often the demon can be seen scorning the ignorant, reckless, and even the carefree. This is because he identifies them as unintelligent. Strange Klug is unusually open with his motives at times, casting suspicion on him. Regardless, Strange Klug is actually a man of his word, never really lying through the series. However, Strange Klug will use his intellect and cunning to snoop around for his own personal interest.

Though the demon is a powerful entity, Strange Klug hardly showed off any impressive battle tactics. Indeed he was a member of the final battle in SHAME, but he spent more time raving than attacking. His arrogance proved to be his downfall, though he was able to disable Black Sig long enough to enter his subconscious and wage mental war with him. As a one, of course he had impressive defense, being able to merely defend himself by just holding his cape in front of him, but even this was in vain in the presence of Amitie and Nanako.


Strange Klug's name is simply the word "Strange" applied to "Klug" as an adjective, similar to Doppelganger Arle.


  • With a moniker like "Anti Dark Magic Alliance", you could get a lot of nasty hate mail.Episode 18
  • Someone forgot to wipe their fingerprints off the keyboard. It's all too easy if you're well learned in forensic science.Episode 19
  • Whatever happened to your ambitions of blowing every dark mage on the planet to smithereens?Episode 23
  • And what have you been doing? You're all a mockery of the heroes you are on the newspaper! — Episode 23
  • Fuahahahaha. So, a little home made beach eh? What a charming use for a crater.Episode 36
  • Curses! Two arcs of tradition are ruined!! — Episode 36


  • When Strange Klug first appeared, he was ???? (or four question marks), causing Keiji to lol.
    • Why was never certain, though it is possible Eltia was going to be introduced as ????.
    • Actually it's because of Marcus's name origin. Logically, ???? would refer to a descendent of Marcus at least ten generations on. Which would have required some time travel...
  • Strange Klug is the first (and only antagonist) to be Pure Dark, and one of the only two not to be Chaotic.
    • Popoi, the other non-Chaotic antagonist, also happens to be from the Fever series.
  • Strange Klug has implied that he has met Ekoro before.
    • However, every time Strange Klug mentions Ekoro, he usually brings him up to laugh at his failures.
    • It is unknown whether Strange Klug meant Ekoro's Possessor or Ecolo.
  • Strange Klug always exits the scene in a cloud of red smoke or vapor, laughing "Fufufufu!"
    • In Episode 36 however, Strange Klug was forced by Nanako to exit the scene via the Bus of Love, thus "ruining two arcs of tradition".
    • His final exit was also different, being that he was dramatically absorbed by Sig.

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