Episode 3 - Chat log

Start date: Tue Mar 31, 2009. All times are UTC.

[11:00:00] <Amy Rose> *ignored Mikki*

[11:00:15] <Amy Rose> What!? That doctor's at it again!?

[11:00:30] <Mikki> Err... who is he?

[11:00:45] <Sonic> ...DUH!?!

[11:01:00] <Amy Rose> Then let's save the world together!

[11:01:15] <Amitie> (What are they talking about?)

[11:01:30] <Akkie> I don't feel like taking Shadow's role... XD

[11:01:45] <Sonic> Well geesh if you'd just said that earlier.

[11:02:00] <Sonic> I wonder if that communicator Tails gave me still works....

[11:02:15] <Sonic> Yo Tails!

[11:02:30] <Sonic> Tails?!

[11:02:45] <Sonic> Little Buddy?!? You there?!

[11:03:00] <Amy Rose> Well, at least we're together... ^_^

[11:03:15] <Sonic> TAILS!!!

[11:03:30] <Mikki> Do you even know where you are?

[11:03:45] <Seriri> I have /a/ tail...

[11:04:00] <Sonic> No clue...

[11:04:15] <Sonic> (Maybe I'm in Blaze's world...)

[11:04:30] <Sonic> You wouldn't happen to know a princess named Blaze, would ya?

[11:04:45] <Arle Nadja> You don't look like your from this world... like I'm not.

[11:05:00] <Mikki> Sorry. Name doesn't ring a bell.

[11:05:15] <Sonic> Wait.../you're/ not from here either?

[11:05:30] <Arle Nadja> Err... who's that?

[11:05:45] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:06:00] <Sonic> What the hell is going on here?

[11:06:15] <Sonic> I bet this is all one of Eggman's dirty tricks!

[11:06:30] <Amy Rose> Well, no matter where we are, at least we're still together...

[11:06:45] <Sonic> That Cheeseball!

[11:07:00] <Mikki> What does he look like?

[11:07:15] <Amitie> Huh? Cheese? Where?

[11:07:30] <Akkie> Where's the Chaos Emerald?

[11:07:45] <Seriri> Presumably, he looks like a Cheeseball, whatever that may be...

[11:08:00] <Sonic> ...

[11:08:15] <Sonic> Amy, do you have a Chaos Emerald?

[11:08:30] <Amy Rose> He looks like an old man with a brown moustache, a red jacket and goggles.

[11:08:45] <Amy Rose> Nope. Sorry... =(

[11:09:00] <Sonic> And he's fat.

[11:09:15] <Sonic> Crap...

[11:09:30] <Sonic> I hope Tails is okay...

[11:09:45] <Amy Rose> Me either...

[11:10:00] <Sonic> Knuckle head is out with Tikal ...T_T

[11:10:15] <Sonic> .....................................CREAM!!

[11:10:30] <Sonic> Shiiit!

[11:10:45] <Sonic> I gotta go get her!

[11:11:00] <Sonic> I need someway to get to Eggman's base before he get's her!

[11:11:15] <Mikki> Excuse me! Can you tell me what's going on? Pretty please?

[11:11:30] <Seriri> I don't know of an Eggman's base anywhere near here....

[11:11:45] <Amy Rose> Isn't Tikal sealed within the Master Emerald?

[11:12:00] <Amy Rose> And where's Cream!?

[11:12:15] <Sonic> I dunno!

[11:12:30] <Sonic> I don't even know where I am, Amy!

[11:12:45] <Mikki> Wait... did you actually know that this is the world of Puyo? I just guessed you're not from here.

[11:13:00] <Sonic> Of all the people I could get stuck with...>_<

[11:13:15] <Sonic> Puyo? Tails plays that all the time...

[11:13:30] <Amy Rose> At least I'm with you... ^_^

[11:13:45] <Sonic> It's on of his Japanese anime games or something,,,

[11:14:00] <Mikki> Can I Puyo POP with him

[11:14:15] <Amitie> Well, Puyo isn't a video game, here!

[11:14:30] <Mikki> *?

[11:14:45] <Amitie> Not in primp anyway!

[11:15:00] <Arle Nadja> Not even in our world!

[11:15:15] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:15:30] <Seriri> She's right.

[11:15:45] <Seriri> And you, er...what ever your name is.

[11:16:00] <Seriri> You really need to work on controlling your Puyo Puyo obsession...

[11:16:15] <Amy Rose> My name is Amy Rose and his name is Sonic the Hedgehog.

[11:16:30] <Sonic> I can introduce myself, Amy.

[11:16:45] <Sonic> *does an acrobatic backflip.*

[11:17:00] <Sonic> I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!

[11:17:15] <Mikki> Can you tell me your skills?

[11:17:30] <Arle Nadja> Sonic the Hedgehog?

[11:17:45] <Sonic> Wait, you don't know who I am?

[11:18:00] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:18:15] <Arle Nadja> Of course I don't. I mean... you're really not from here so how can I know you?

[11:18:30] <Sonic> I'm just a fun loving, supersonic hedgehog.

[11:18:45] <Amy Rose> Well... too bad for you.

[11:19:00] <Sonic> Watch this..hehe..

[11:19:15] <Mikki> This looks fun!

[11:19:30] <Sonic> *runs up the side of a building, flips off of it, grabs on of the blades on a nearby windmill, flips off it, Homing attacks some random Puyo, and arrives back down.*

[11:19:45] <Amitie> Huh?!

[11:20:00] <Seriri> Impressive

[11:20:15] <Amy Rose> You're as great as before, my darling Sonic!

[11:20:30] <Arle Nadja> (Why does she even remind me of Rulue?)

[11:20:45] <Sonic> Er!

[11:21:00] <Mikki> I didn't quite get it. Is your speed the real bomb?

[11:21:15] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:21:30] <Seriri> Are you two an item?

[11:21:45] <Amy Rose> What do you mean?

[11:22:00] <Sonic> Who? Me and Amy?! We aren't going out...uh...right Amy?

[11:22:15] <Sonic> *blushes...*

[11:22:30] <Amitie> You sure look like a couple to me...

[11:22:45] <Amy Rose> Of course, we are, Sonic! ^^

[11:23:00] <Sonic> *Sonic falls over*

[11:23:15] <Mikki> Err... what? *is neutral*

[11:23:30] <Amy Rose> *hugs Sonic.*

[11:23:45] <Seriri> Well, you make a very cute couple...

[11:24:00] <Mikki> By the way, are you two hungry?

[11:24:15] <Sonic> Amy....this is embarrassing...

[11:24:30] <Amy Rose> Why thanks you!

[11:24:45] <Sonic> (...At least these guys are supportive...Tails and Knuckles'd be laughing their asses of by now..)

[11:25:00] <Amy Rose> And I am kinda hungry.

[11:25:15] <Sonic> Sure! Got any Chilidogs?

[11:25:30] <Seriri> Chilidog?

[11:25:45] <Arle Nadja> Sorry... but I do have curry.

[11:26:00] <Sonic> Hm...

[11:26:15] <Amy Rose> Curry?

[11:26:30] <Sonic> Well, Amy, it's all we got.

[11:26:45] <Amy Rose> I'll try some...

[11:27:00] <Arle Nadja> *cooks some curry.*

[11:27:15] <Carbuncle> Guh guh!

[11:27:30] <Sonic> I think I tried Curry at Vanilla's house one day, but I don't remember if I liked it or not...

[11:27:45] <Sonic> *shrugs*

[11:28:00] <Sonic> Aw what the heck.

[11:28:15] <Sonic> *grabs himself a plate of curry and eating utensils.*

[11:28:30] <Seriri> Arle's curry is particularly good.

[11:28:45] <Arle Nadja> Curry for all!

[11:29:00] <Seriri> You'll like it....if you like curry

[11:29:15] <Seriri> I think I'll have some, too.

[11:29:30] <Mikki> This is as great as before!!! ^^

[11:29:45] <Amy Rose> Hmm... this isn't half bad! In fact, it's pretty great!

[11:30:00] <Arle Nadja> Glad you liked it!

[11:30:15] <Sonic> ....Aw Yeah! This is awesome! It's got a really good kick to it!

[11:30:30] <Sonic> I'm gonna have some more!

[11:30:45] <Arle Nadja> Here!

[11:31:00] <Amitie> Get real! You're not full yet?!

[11:31:15] <Arle Nadja> *hands Sonic some curry.*

[11:31:30] <Sonic> Hey! A heroes gotta eat sometime!

[11:31:45] <Akkie> I feel like putting Shadow in the RP.

[11:32:00] <Akkie> But I don't think I make a great Shadow role-player...

[11:32:15] <Sonic> Huh? What's that noise?

[11:32:30] <Ms. Accord> *comes out of a bush*

[11:32:45] <Seriri> Oh no!

[11:33:00] <Amitie> Ms Accord!!

[11:33:15] <Mikki> I don't think we introduced ourselves...

[11:33:30] <Mikki> My name's Mikuri Tejina. Just call me Mikki. =3

[11:33:45] <Mikki> Wha-- oh no!

[11:34:00] <Arle Nadja> Not you!

[11:34:15] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:34:30] <Ms. Accord> Alright. Now I know what to put on your tombstone, Mikki!

[11:34:45] <Amy Rose> What's wrong with her!

[11:35:00] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee hee hee hee!

[11:35:15] <Mikki> (Not good...)

[11:35:30] <Amitie> Get Real, Ms Accord! Mikki's not gonna be dead!

[11:35:45] <Ms. Accord> She will be when I get through with her.

[11:36:00] <Arle Nadja> You can't kill her!

[11:36:15] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:36:30] <Ms. Accord> And why not?

[11:36:45] <Mikki> Ugh...

[11:37:00] <Mikki> Arashi Hoshi!

[11:37:15] <Ms. Accord> *deflects it with a counter spell.*

[11:37:30] <Ms. Accord> Don't think that now that your Dragon friend is gone that that silly spell will still work!

[11:37:45] <Sonic> Then I guess we'll have to take this crazy lady on the old fashioned way!

[11:38:00] <Mikki> Contrôleur!

[11:38:15] <Akkie> Shield.

[11:38:30] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee hee hee! Don't trouble yourselves!

[11:38:45] <Akkie> *Guard.

[11:39:00] <Sonic> *runs for Ms_Accord*

[11:39:15] <Ms. Accord> *throws an entire blackboard at Sonic*

[11:39:30] <Sonic> Ugh!

[11:39:45] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee hee!

[11:40:00] <Amy Rose> You have gone far enough!

[11:40:15] <Amy Rose> *takes her hammer our.*

[11:40:30] <Amy Rose> *out

[11:40:45] <Amy Rose> Sonic!

[11:41:00] <Amy Rose> That does it!

[11:41:15] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear! Let's not use big weapons!

[11:41:30] <Amy Rose> *charges towards Ms. Accord, swinging her hammer like a maniac.*

[11:41:45] <Ms. Accord> *makes Amy's hammer one of those squeaky toy hammers*

[11:42:00] <Mikki> Défaisons Cicatriser

[11:42:15] <Ms. Accord> Not you again...

[11:42:30] <Ms. Accord> *turns towards Mikki*

[11:42:45] <Ms. Accord> I'm going to make sure you never cast another spell again!

[11:43:00] <Ms. Accord> *brings out the Silver Axe from PPF1*

[11:43:15] <Ms. Accord> *raises the axe over her head!*

[11:43:30] <Mikki> épelent Contrôleur

[11:43:45] <Ms. Accord> I hope you like your heads separate from your bodies! Tee hee hee!

[11:44:00] <Mikki> Contrôleur

[11:44:15] <Ms. Accord> *brings down the axe*

[11:44:30] <Ms. Accord> *'s axe though, is deflected by Mikki's sheild.*

[11:44:45] <Ms. Accord> You little...

[11:45:00] <Sonic> Hey!

[11:45:15] <Sonic> Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

[11:45:30] <Mikki> Staff or no, I still have spells!

[11:45:45] <Ms. Accord> Better yet, why not pick on someone bigger than me?

[11:46:00] <Amy Rose> This is too pointless!

[11:46:15] <Sonic> Huh?!

[11:46:30] <Ms. Accord> *grows Sonic to enormous proportions.*

[11:46:45] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee hee!

[11:47:00] <Arle Nadja> True that!

[11:47:15] <Mikki> (Défaisons Cicatriser)

[11:47:30] <Sonic> I'm getting the feeling I'm the one she's going to be picking on!

[11:47:45] <Akkie> Curable or uncurable, the spell can do it.

[11:48:00] <Ms. Accord> Strenghtas Increaseas!

[11:48:15] <Sonic> Heey!

[11:48:30] <Sonic> *shrinks back down.*

[11:48:45] <Ms. Accord> *then lifts up a huge boulder. *

[11:49:00] <Ms. Accord> Let's go bowling!

[11:49:15] <Ms. Accord> *throws the boulder towards everybody else.*

[11:49:30] <Sonic> Amy!

[11:49:45] <Sonic> *pushes Amy out of the boulder's path*

[11:50:00] <Amy Rose> *smashes the boulder with her hammer.*

[11:50:15] <Ms. Accord> You little brats!

[11:50:30] <Ms. Accord> Must I teach you your manners?!

[11:50:45] <Mikki> Glace Etoile!

[11:51:00] <Mikki> *smashes all of the boulders.*

[11:51:15] <Akkie> With the spell.

[11:51:30] <Ms. Accord> Let's start with the most important manner: Teachers always have the first priority!

[11:51:45] <Ms. Accord> Memory Erasia!

[11:52:00] <Ms. Accord> *erases Mikki's memories of all her spells.*

[11:52:15] <Amy Rose> épelent Contrôleur

[11:52:30] <Mikki> *casts épelent Contrôleur*

[11:52:45] <Akkie> Amy one was a mistake.

[11:53:00] <Ms. Accord> Let's see you get past that one!

[11:53:15] <Mikki> *wasn't affected.*

[11:53:30] <Ms. Accord> You just like being a persistent little bitch, don't you?

[11:53:45] <Amitie> Ms Accord you said the B-word!

[11:54:00] <Ms. Accord> Now! I banish you two back to where you came from!

[11:54:15] <Amy Rose> Hey! You're the second person that I heard said that!

[11:54:30] <Sonic> What the>!

[11:54:45] <Sonic> *dissappears*

[11:55:00] <Amy Rose> *disappears as well.*

[11:55:15] <Ms. Accord> ..Hmm...one last move...what should it be....

[11:55:30] <Ms. Accord> Hm...

[11:55:45] <Ms. Accord> *transforms the axe into a sword*

[11:56:00] <Mikki> Hey! Where'd they disappear to?

[11:56:15] <Ms. Accord> *stabs Amitie with the sword*

[11:56:30] <Amitie> OW!

[11:56:45] <Ms. Accord> That's all folks! Tune in next time for more fun!

[11:57:00] <Ms. Accord> *dissappears*

[11:57:15] <Seriri> Amitie!

[11:57:30] <Seriri> Are you alright?!

[11:57:45] <Mikki> Cicatriser

[11:58:00] <Amitie> . . Ms Accord...why?

[11:58:15] <Akkie> Heals injuries.

[11:58:30] <Arle Nadja> what's been happening with her lately?

[11:58:45] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:59:00] <Seriri> Hm...

[11:59:15] <Seriri> I don't know...

[11:59:30] <Seriri> It's really kind of scary...

[11:59:45] <Mikki> Hmm... I might learn a spell that reveals what happened...

[12:00:00] <Seriri> Well, it's been scary.

[12:00:15] <Seriri> But even more so now.

[12:00:30] <Mikki> It was pretty brutal as well...

[12:00:45] <Seriri> It seems she was really trying to break through our defenses now that half of them were gone...

[12:01:00] <Seriri> We need to find Draco again before she decides to stab any of us again...

[12:01:15] <Chao> And that shall be where we break for now.

[12:01:30] <Akkie> OK.

[12:01:45] <Akkie> I'm not leaving yet, though.

[12:02:00] <Chao> Do you have a copy of all the events that have just transpired, so when Keiji comes back, we can tell him?


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