Episode 21 - Chat log

Start date: Wed Apr 27, 2011. All times are UTC.

[9:41:17] <Ringo> Here we are again. This dark cave....Everyone ready? Be on your guard.

[9:41:37] <Lagnus> I will. You just lead the way.

[9:41:41] <Theta> Oh, I'm ready sister~

[9:42:29] <Mikki> Ready!

[9:42:31] <Ringo> Okay Marcus. Ready or not, here we come! -begins to trek down the path they did before, levitating over gaps in the floor when necessary-

[9:43:49] <Theta> -follows right behind-

[9:44:28] <Lagnus> -stays close to Ringo and Theta, sword drawn to ward off any surprise attacks-

[9:45:04] <Theta> With that sword out, Lagnus, you should probably go in front!

[9:45:41] <Lagnus> Right...I didn't consider that. -falls back to Mikki-

[9:46:26] <Theta> ...That was the opposite of what I said...

[9:46:30] <Ringo> I know there was a Library and a waterfall down this way...we're almost to the waterfall...but there has to be more civilization down here somewhere!

[9:47:02] <Lagnus> ...My bad. I sometimes misinterpret speech. -goes back to the frontlines lmao-

[9:48:03] <Mikki> (Either way, it'd be troubling if he falls.)

[9:49:34] <Theta> Well, you know this place better than me... what's a library doing in a place like this, though?

[9:50:16] <Ringo> I'm not sure....We should continue past the library and see if we can find anything around that vicinity! ...errr...anything but that creepy minion of Marcus'. -_-;;

[9:50:47] <Mikki> Well, it looks likely it's not just a library hidden.

[9:51:24] <Lagnus> Well, if an entire scociety of Dark Mages lives here, obviously there has to be more than a library.

[9:52:10] <Theta> Maybe we should just go in the library again, see the aftermath of whatever happened last time...

[9:52:17] <Theta> (Since Theta wasn't there last time, of course...)

[9:53:06] <Ringo> Perhaps we should....who knows what's happened there since. -stops at the Library and waits for everyone to catch up-

[9:53:18] <Lagnus> ...

[9:55:13] <Ringo> -leads the way inside the library, anticipating the worst-

[9:56:21] <Keiji> [It's full of smoke. The fire has died down but there are still some small bits of wood still burning, the flames providing the only light inside.]

[9:56:44] <Mikki> ... did something happen here, Ringo?

[9:58:09] <Ringo> Uh...Draco burned the place down, that's what happened.

[9:59:01] <Lagnus> -coughs for a moment, fanning the smoke away from his face- I can't believe it's managaed to burn this long...

[10:00:14] <Theta> ...Well, let's look around... carefully.

[10:01:04] <Ringo> Right! We dont want to miss anything important in here! -begins carefully looking through the smoke and ruin-

[10:01:07] <Keiji> [The dead Librarian and his Shadow Cannon(TM) are still lying on the ground behind the desk]

[10:02:11] <Mikki> -check desk-

[10:02:44] <Lagnus> -creates a ball of light to help himself and the others see...he walks behind the desk, cringing at the sight of the dead Librarian-....how did I perform this task so shamelessly?....

[10:03:40] <Mikki> ... did something happen?

[10:04:18] <Lagnus> ...I'd rather not tell of how that Librarian died...;;

[10:04:55] <Mikki> ... sorry.

[10:05:18] <Ringo> Nevermind that, you guys! We need to look somewhere OTHER than that desk. -continues searching around in other parts of the library-

[10:05:21] <Keiji> [Perhaps luckily, the fire already cremated him. But the cannon is apparently fireproof]

[10:05:42] <Theta> ...You know, we might at least want to take the cannon with us.

[10:06:16] <Lagnus> Maybe....I want to see how that infernal machine created such enormous power.

[10:06:47] <Ringo> Alright then, we'll take the cannon.

[10:07:05] <Mikki> Not to mention, it might come in handy some time... not that we'll overuse it, of course!

[10:08:55] <Ringo> Just dont use it here. We dont want to look any more out of our vector than we already do in this place. -continues to rummage through the wreackage, save for what's still burning yet-

[10:09:25] <Lagnus> -pciks up the cannon and carries it under his arm-

[10:10:10] <Keiji> [There's not really anything else of interest in the rubble. Just rubble.]

[10:11:38] <Ringo> Hmm....Nothing useful here. The only person here is divided by zero, and everything else is just burned up crap. I think we need to move on and try to find more places to search.

[10:13:09] <Lagnus> Okay.

[10:14:28] <Ringo> -Leads the gang out of the Library, and past it, scouting out for any more buildings or people...save Nondescript Minion of course :P-

[10:16:11] <Keiji> [There is a staircase leading down. Press J to descend.]

[10:16:24] <Ringo> J

[10:16:27] <Keiji> lol

[10:16:44] <Theta> J? What's that about?

[10:17:10] <Mikki> Has Ringo played those kinds of games once?

[10:17:57] <Ringo> Maybe too many times....Anyway! Leads head downward. -starts walking down the stairs-

[10:18:40] <Theta> Yeah, I wanna know what that weird orange glow from down here is about...

[10:19:16] <Lagnus> Hm...

[10:20:14] <Ringo> Maybe it's a light, or a fire. They might need something like that deeper down here -presses on towards the orange glow-

[10:23:25] <Keiji> [Nope, it's neither. Someone, their back to you, is crafting something with power tools. All the sparks are giving off the glow.]

[10:24:07] <Lagnus> Ah! It's a person! Perhaps we could ask them around...

[10:24:20] <Theta> Or they might try and kill us?

[10:25:30] <Mikki> What say you, ma'am? (At Ringo)

[10:25:49] <Ringo> They might, but what other choice do we have? We can keep moving foreward, but if we avoid every person we come into contact with besides Marcus, it wont help our cause, and it might make us look suspicious.

[10:26:18] <Theta> Well, it's up to you, sis...

[10:27:04] <Ringo> -thinks for a minute...then taps the person on their back to get their attention- Excuse me sir or madam! Can we ask you something?

[10:30:28] <Ringo> Hello?...

[10:30:28] <Steve> Huh? -turns round and looks at the party that just walked into his workshop... sees Lagnus holding the Shadow Cannon- Oh! My prototype! How is it?

[10:30:50] <Keiji> Name is OU. It's a Minecraft reference. I might rename him later.

[10:30:58] <Lagnus> Well...it's fire proof, to say the least...

[10:31:32] <Steve> Hm, of course! I designed it to be! But haven't you tried shooting it?

[10:32:06] <Ringo> Well, we haven't, but the person who we aqquired it from did...and it blew us away! Hehehe

[10:32:37] <Mikki> Sorry about that person...

[10:33:11] <Lagnus> -elbows Mikki, signaling her to not go telling him they murdered the original recipiant-

[10:33:47] <Akkie> -OUT TO LUNCH (Well, "DINNER", but hey!)-

[10:34:53] <Steve> Glad to hear it. So how can I help you?

[10:36:22] <Ringo> We're looking for a way to contact "Lord Marcus"...or maybe any body in general who could direct us to him. It's kinda important we talk to him!

[10:38:55] <Lagnus> ...

[10:39:09] <Steve> Oh, I can't help with that. I'm just a gun-crafter. As you can tell!

[10:39:58] <Theta> Hmm, no luck, eh...

[10:40:43] <Ringo> I see. Well, thanks anyway. -looks to Theta- Yup. The Golden Ratio is not on our side today. Looks like we'll just have to keep looking...

[10:42:02] <Theta> -walks back up the steps-

[10:42:27] <Ringo> -follows, along with Lagnus and Mikki-

[10:43:19] <Marcus> -is levitating ominously (and pointlessly, what a showoff) at the top of the steps- Well, how about I put you out of your misery? You were looking for me, now you found me.

[10:43:51] <Ringo> !! Aha! There you are! Look, we really need to talk.

[10:44:17] <Marcus> Oh? You didn't bring that hotheaded dragon girl with you.

[10:44:41] <Ringo> No, we didn't. (That would have been disasterous....)

[10:47:01] <Marcus> (...What's Eltia doing with her?)

[10:47:23] <Ringo> First off all, were you the one who blew up the ADMA with a meteor?

[10:47:26] <Marcus> (Oh well. Minions are disposable.)

[10:48:25] <Lagnus> (So this is Lord Marcus...impressive, but perhaps a bit arrogant?...)

[10:48:43] <Marcus> Hm? No, of course not. I certainly arranged for it, though.

[10:49:16] <Ringo> But I bet it wasn't your intention for us to be chronoported and teleported across the place, right?

[10:49:37] <Marcus> ...Chronoported, what now?

[10:50:01] <Theta> ...Yeah, we got moved in space, and some of us in time.

[10:50:24] <Ringo> That's how we survived the resulting explosion.

[10:50:28] <Marcus> Hmm, I was wondering why you weren't all dead from that.

[10:51:04] <Ringo> But we're alot more fragmented now, divided. Anyway....

[10:52:07] <Lagnus> What is your intention with declaring war on our world? We've done nil to you, save for any trouble Draco has caused you over the past few days.

[10:52:30] <Marcus> Yes, to business. I see you already committed arson and murder. Care to return the 'Cannon?

[10:53:03] <Ringo> We didn't mean to murder the librarian! It was self defense....admitedly Draco started that fight...;

[10:53:38] <Lagnus> I will glady return the cannon to you if we can trust you wont aim at us with it.

[10:53:54] <Theta> Hey, don't do that! How can we trust him with such a thing?!

[10:54:12] <Lagnus> Like I said, if we can trust he wont aim at us!

[10:54:32] <Lagnus> He seems rather sensitive at the moment...

[10:54:40] <Lagnus> (And for good reason....)

[10:54:47] <Theta> There's no way...

[10:54:54] <Theta> It's a dangerous weapon!

[10:55:47] <Marcus> ...How about you two stop your bickering and hand it over?

[10:55:56] <Ringo> We didn't come here to fight Marcus. If you want a fight, go find Draco. She'll give you one hell of a fight! WE'RE here to talk.

[10:57:22] <Marcus> And you have anything else to say?

[10:58:03] <Mikki> 'sides, if you use that thing once we give it to you, then we'll be forced to fight again.

[10:59:05] <Ringo> Marcus...this whole incident...with the meteor...you...it's really opened our eyes. We had no idea this dimension existed.....kinda sucks for us, because some of you don't really seem all that bad.

[11:00:05] <Keiji> http://endlessvideo.com/watch?v=-9IBiKle_fo

[11:00:07] <Keiji> IS THAT THE DS VERSION

[11:00:10] <Mikki> Some Dark Mages we met before weren't as "nice" as you guys were, either.


[11:00:39] <Chao> ...lol yes it is

[11:00:43] <Keiji> FINALLY I FOUND IT

[11:00:52] <Keiji> I KNEW IT WAS BETTER ON DS

[11:01:24] <Ringo> I don't want to go to war with you. Not if there's anything in my power I can do to prevent it. Maybe Draco doesn't approve....but....somehow....I just can't see the logic of Draco's equation.

[11:04:29] <Keiji> ALSO, AWESOME


[11:07:36] <Keiji> ...

[11:07:38] <Keiji> okay sorry about that

[11:07:41] <Keiji> back to rp

[11:10:01] <Marcus> ...And if I were to surrender to you? You would oppress us. It's in your nature.

[11:10:26] <Marcus> Dark wars with light. That is the way the world works.

[11:11:31] <Lagnus> Light and Dark don't war; Good and Evil war. Light and Dark balance. I was taught that when I was very young. I've never forgotten it. Light and Dark mages may be rivals often, but less often are they mortal enemies out to supress one another.

[11:12:49] <Marcus> Says the one who brutally murdered my underling.

[11:13:13] <Mikki> Well, does remorse mean nothing?

[11:13:41] <Marcus> If it was anyone else, you would have fled, or put up a barrier. But no, it was a Dark Mage, so you didn't hesitate to kill.

[11:13:58] <Marcus> I don't need your excuses.

[11:14:20] <Lagnus> Grrr! How dare you accuse me of such discrimination!

[11:15:50] <Lagnus> I put up a barrier, but this blasted cannon cut right through it! There was only one way to stop the fire...but I had no intention of murdering that librarian! YOU HEAR ME! -drops the cannon and draws his sword-

[11:16:15] <Marcus> Perhaps you should see how it feels for yourself! -nonchalently summons a barrage of Dark Arrows, every one piercing Lagnus-

[11:16:23] <Lagnus> Nnngh!

[11:16:50] <Ringo> Lagnus!!...-looks back to Marcus- Are you out of your vector?!

[11:17:27] <Marcus> It's as I said, isn't it? You don't expect soldiers on the front line to just say "Oh, we don't need to fight. Let's just go home and watch TV."

[11:17:53] <Lagnus> -is kneeling-...hmph. Thankfully I was wearing armor...else that had been the end of me...

[11:18:23] <Marcus> You're still not dead yet? -fires a beam straight through Lagnus' heart-

[11:18:43] <Lagnus> Hngh!!! -falls onto the ground-

[11:18:45] <Marcus> What a sorry excuse for someone who calls himself a warrior.

[11:19:42] <Theta> ..Lagnus!

[11:19:52] <Mikki> It's a good thing we know why you did this, but, seriously!

[11:20:21] <Theta> -picks up the Shadow Cannon that Lagnus dropped-

[11:20:42] <Mikki> (Lagnus better be alive... 'sides, he's wearing Light Armor!)

[11:20:49] <Ringo> Okay, you've seriously pissed me off now. I can understand anger, but that was totally not part of the equation! -readies to defend herself- If you ever wanted to reason with us...your last chance is up this time!

[11:20:57] <Keiji> (Yeah, that was taken out already)

[11:21:22] <Akkie> You mean the armor?

[11:21:22] <Lagnus> -reverts to his chibi form, clinging to what little life he has left in agony-

[11:22:25] <Marcus> Hm! Give up already.

[11:23:05] <Theta> ...Sis... what should I do?

[11:23:28] <Akkie> What was the last thing said before the disconnect?

[11:23:39] <Keiji> [12:21:22] -reverts to his chibi form, clinging to what little life he has left in agony- [12:22:25] Hm! Give up already. [12:23:05] ...Sis... what should I do?

[11:24:25] <Mikki> Hey, Ringo...

[11:25:30] <Ringo> (Eltia...I'm sorry, but he's gone too far this time!) -looks at Theta- I'd say fire the cannon, but it might not do any good...Mikki, cast any sort of barrier you can! Sis! Let's both show him Tanget!

[11:26:15] <Akkie> BRB, gonna look for that file with spells.

[11:28:10] <Keiji> Chao, claim Theta for the spells

[11:28:23] <Keiji> cause I don't have a clue how to do those =p

[11:28:41] <Keiji> also say whatever is supposed to happen to Marcus

[11:28:45] <Theta> -claims-

[11:28:54] <Theta> Tanget!

[11:29:01] <Ringo> Tangent!

[11:29:18] <Keiji> (...That was all you were gonna do? Fail.)

[11:29:21] <Keiji> (lol)

[11:29:27] <Chao> [Translucent, hexagonal panels surround Ringo and Theta..

[11:30:00] <Chao> [They each fire off beams towards Marcus, damaging him]

[11:30:05] <Akkie> I've forgotten Mikki's spells.

[11:31:12] <Keiji> lol dangit akkie

[11:31:16] <Keiji> make something up

[11:31:22] <Chao> Look at me

[11:32:09] <Akkie> Sauvegarder Protect!

[11:32:17] <Marcus> -gets hit by a whole lot of beams- Ha, you think that's all it takes?

[11:32:30] <Marcus> I could sit here all day and you wouldn't be able to do anything.

[11:32:53] <Marcus> -Just to illustrate his point, he conjures a deck chair and sits in it-

[11:33:05] <Marcus> [It looks very out of place in the cave-like area...]

[11:33:25] <Marcus> -The beams destroy the deck-chair, and he falls on the floor, but gets up again.-

[11:33:32] <Mikki> Sauvegarder Protect! -was only half-listening-

[11:33:47] <Ringo> Well...that wasn't as effective as I thought....-looks down at Eltia-

[11:33:49] <Marcus> Fine, fine, I won't sit on anything. Ruin my fun then.

[11:35:04] <Ringo> Maybe I'm not strong enough alone...or maybe even with Theta...but Eltia!

[11:35:13] <Marcus> -swipes his hand through the air, a thin dark beam sweeping like a laser, tearing a line across Ringo and Theta's clothes-

[11:35:20] <Keiji> (Also where did Theta go)

[11:35:36] <Keiji> (Guess I'll take her back then)

[11:35:38] <Akkie> Wasn't a barrier put up?

[11:35:44] <Chao> (I'm not done with her yet? dangit lol)

[11:36:17] <Theta> Augh! -sees her clothes tear-

[11:36:53] <Ringo> -swiped by the pervert beam- Aaah! -looks to Theta- Are you okay?...save your clothes?

[11:36:57] <Keiji> I didn't see any barrier put up, Mikki certainly called a spell but it didn't do anything!

[11:36:59] <Keiji> :P

[11:37:13] <Akkie> I didn't elaborate yet, of course.

[11:37:21] <Theta> ...Yeah, just about... at least they didn't fall off...

[11:38:07] <Keiji> Also, Eltia won't be summoned THAT easily.

[11:38:23] <Keiji> Ringo still hasn't really kicked ass

[11:38:51] <Mikki> [A barrier seen only by the caster covers the three] Sorry the spell was put up late. ^^;

[11:39:17] <Ringo> ...gee, that's a nasty delay time on your barrier Mikki....-_-;

[11:40:23] <Ringo> Anyway...-levitates into the air- Intergal! -sweeps her book, creating a large shockwave comprised of what looks like mathematical phrases. It plows straight into Marcus-

[11:41:23] <Marcus> -is knocked back, particles digging into him- Ungh! -gets his dark laser set up again, only for it to disappear into nothing at the barrier he can't see-

[11:42:23] <Ringo> -swoops behind Marcus and throws yet another Intergal toward him- Aha! A number I can plug into the variable!

[11:43:16] <Marcus> -dodges, avoiding about half the particles this time and then sets his own barrier up- Two can play at that game!!

[11:44:47] <Mikki> (What a surprise; He didn't even consider a PK Shield-Off! But still...)

[11:45:10] <Ringo> Son of a Digit! This problem got a lot more complicated...Ah well, Parenthesis first I suppose, we'll just have to take down that barrier. Mikki! Dont just stand there! Attack him! Cosine! -tosses two balls of glow at Marcus, one flies straight toward him, and the other at an angle-

[11:45:37] <Mikki> Well, why didn't you just say so...

[11:46:22] <Ringo> ...You were waiting for me?! O_O

[11:46:27] <Akkie> That PPFR sheet...

[11:46:33] <Marcus> -the balls do nothing to him or his barrier- Now, perhaps I should cast a real spell! Newton's Nemesis!

[11:47:02] <Marcus> [Somehow, globs of complete blackness appear near Ringo and Theta - INSIDE their shields.]

[11:47:12] <Theta> ...Eww, what is this stuff? :|

[11:47:27] <Ringo> What the factor?! >8U

[11:48:50] <Theta> They're crawling towards me! DX

[11:49:17] <Ringo> Me too!! What is this?!

[11:49:41] <Ringo> -makes a (futile?) attempt to levitate away from them-

[11:49:57] <Keiji> [The blackness engulfs Theta and Ringo]

[11:50:07] <Marcus> Hahahaha! See, you are pathetic!

[11:51:02] <Ringo> N-no! Not like this!

[11:51:39] <Ringo> -casts Tangent attempting to break up the blackness-

[11:51:42] <Keiji> [Somehow, Theta and Ringo find themselves in some other space, with white all around them. It's the same space, so they can see each other, but nothing else]

[11:51:50] <Theta> ...Where... where are we?

[11:51:59] <Ringo> ....I....don't know...

[11:52:25] <Theta> There's nothing here but us...

[11:52:51] <Ringo> Son of a digit!...

[11:53:37] <Ringo> We have to get out of here, before he finishes off Mikki and Lagnus for good....

[11:53:52] <Mikki> Meteo Shower!

[11:54:05] <Keiji> You missed the fun, Akkie

[11:54:12] <Chao> ikr

[11:54:19] <Keiji> Ringo and Theta are gone, and Lagnus is chibi and useless as you know

[11:54:38] <Akkie> I know that.

[11:54:55] <Marcus> Ha, that'll do nothing to me. -The shower does not penetrate the barrier-

[11:55:37] <Mikki> -not really in a great mood to care-

[11:55:53] <Theta> ...What's this? I feel really hot inside...

[11:56:07] <Lagnus> ...rgh....Ri....Ringo......ngh....

[11:56:35] <Ringo> Huh...? ....I feel warm too...does it burn?

[11:56:49] <Keiji> [No, she doesn't, only Theta feels the heat, I am going somewhere with this]

[11:57:03] <Ringo> Theta?....

[11:57:15] <Theta> I... think I'm going to...

[11:57:42] <Ringo> Oh no...don't do it Theta!

[11:58:08] <Akkie> Since I don't really feel like elaborating how that wand turns into a sword...

[11:58:52] <Theta> [Suddenly, Theta explodes into hundreds of... things. They look like spiders.]

[11:59:15] <Ringo> Aaah!! Thetaaaaa!

[11:59:26] <Theta> [They are all crawling towards you...]

[11:59:40] <Mikki> -charges to Marcus with the sword-

[12:00:11] <Ringo> G-Get back! -backs away, aiming her finger to fire some Cosine if necessary-

[12:00:53] <Marcus> [As the sword is a physical object it can get through the barrier, and Marcus is attacked, he tries to dodge it but the tip just scratches his arm]

[12:01:19] <Theta> [Their sharply pointed legs are going to hurt if they touch you... They're coming towards you]

[12:01:55] <Ringo> -Starts firing Cosines at them in an attempt to keep them back-

[12:02:04] <Mikki> What does that spell do...

[12:02:39] <Marcus> Got through my barrier, eh?? That's a nice trick, but... -he kicks Mikki sharply in the stomach to stop her sword attack-

[12:03:04] <Theta> [The Cosine spells incinerate spider after spider, but they keep coming.]

[12:04:21] <Mikki> Gragh! -drop sword-

[12:04:30] <Ringo> Ugh! This is useless! There's too many of them to destroy this way! -looks down at Eltia- Eltia...I need your help! Dont keep me waiting! -continues to fire off the Cosines while speaking the last part-

[12:07:24] <Eltia> [Finally, Eltia awakens, and jumps out of Ringo's hold onto the ground]

[12:07:51] <Eltia> ...Jump.

[12:08:06] <Ringo> -nods and does as Eltia commands-

[12:08:55] <Eltia> -as Ringo jumps, she spins around, a fan of light visible turning with her, eliminating all the spiders in one clean sweep-

[12:09:31] <Mikki> -gets back up-

[12:09:50] <Marcus> -gives Mikki another kick- You can't hope to do anything to me, you know.

[12:09:56] <Ringo> -lands as the onslaught ends- Thank you. That was so zetta cool.

[12:10:05] <Lagnus> Mi.....kki....

[12:10:25] <Marcus> -picks up Mikki's sword and throws it at her like a spear-

[12:11:44] <Eltia> ...Ringo. Do you want to see out of here?

[12:12:18] <Ringo> Yes! I need to get out of here and help my friends! They're going to become negative numbers if I dont hurry.

[12:13:26] <Mikki> -conscious long enough to get the sword to transform back before...-

[12:13:51] <Eltia> ...You'll have to stay here a while longer, Ringo.

[12:14:28] <Ringo> I guess I've got no choice...-nods in compliance-

[12:15:09] <Eltia> -suddenly, Eltia disappears from Ringo's sight-

[12:15:45] <Ringo> !!

[12:15:51] <Eltia> [The black blobs that were floating up all this time transform into Eltia, and now the white around Ringo changes into what Eltia is seeing with her own eyes]

[12:16:07] <Eltia> [Yes, Ringo-sized Eltia, not doll-sized]

[12:16:45] <Ringo> Mikki!! Lagnus!! They're totally getting factored out there!

[12:16:46] <Eltia> [As you can see, Mikki and Lagnus are next to knocked out, Marcus clearly has the upper hand]

[12:17:33] <Marcus> ...Well well, I see you've returned.

[12:17:44] <Eltia> [Ringo can also hear what Eltia is hearing]

[12:18:18] <Ringo> This has to stop!...

[12:20:49] <Marcus> So, how about we finish off these two and be on our way?

[12:21:24] <Ringo> No....! Dont let him! Y-you can't! I can't!

[12:22:22] <Eltia> (only audible to Ringo) Don't worry, Ringo.

[12:22:30] <Eltia> -narrows her eyes- Forgive me Marcus, for you are no longer my Lord.

[12:23:31] <Marcus> ...What? After all this..?!

[12:23:35] <Ringo> >:D

[12:24:39] <Marcus> All your life... you were... and now you betray me?@

[12:25:42] <Eltia> ...You don't know anything about me, Marcus.

[12:28:28] <Keiji> (Nothing?)

[12:28:35] <Keiji> (From other charas)

[12:28:36] <Ringo> ...

[12:28:42] <Keiji> (...kay)

[12:28:54] <Lagnus> -looks up...sees Elita-...wh....

[12:28:59] <Keiji> *Eltia

[12:29:11] <Chao> I meant that

[12:29:52] <Eltia> Unfortunately for you, I have been summoned on this side of the battle.

[12:30:04] <Eltia> ...You won't last long.

[12:30:34] <Ringo> Huzzah!

[12:31:17] <Lagnus> -barely able to keep his head up-....(isn't that Ringo's doll...? but...)

[12:31:27] <Eltia> [A staff materializes in Eltia's hand. She raises it and silently casts a Nanoha-esque beam (well, a black one) straight towards Marcus.]

[12:32:30] <Marcus> -folds his arms in front of his head, trying to block the beam with multiple barriers, but is getting pushed back- Uurghhh....

[12:33:12] <Ringo> -is in utter awe at the kick ass unfolding before here- ...I must be pretty special...

[12:34:31] <Mikki> -barely regains consciousness- ...

[12:36:07] <Marcus> ...You... I'll be back for you..!!! [He suddenly teleports away, and the beam carves a hole, or more like a tunnel, in the ground]

[12:36:58] <Eltia> -cuts off the beam as soon as she notices Marcus is gone- ...Yes, flee, if that is how you play.

[12:37:26] <Keiji> [The remaining black blobs transform into Ringo, who can now move in this world again]

[12:38:00] <Mikki> (... I guess I was late...)

[12:38:53] <Lagnus> -floats back down to the ground- That was amazing Eltia! Thank you for helping out. We wouldn't have made it without ya!....-looks to Lagnus and Mikki- We need to get you two out of here! Your games are almost over!

[12:39:02] <Chao> Ultimate Nickfail

[12:39:11] <Chao> Pretend Ringo did and said all that k?

[12:39:15] <Keiji> k

[12:39:33] <Eltia> ...You're welcome, Ringo.

[12:39:52] <Eltia> ...I look odd like this, don't I? (She's referring to her height)

[12:40:49] <Ringo> Nah..not really. It's a bit odd when you compare with your actual height...but to us...no. -levitates Lagnus and Mikki- Now, let's get back to that portal!

[12:42:40] <Ringo> -levitates herself and everyone else back to the portal-

[12:43:28] <Eltia> ...

[12:43:31] <Akkie> -currently doodling something-

[12:44:18] <Ringo> -looks back at Eltia- ...?

[12:44:41] <Eltia> ...Yes?

[12:46:12] <Ringo> Are you okay?

[12:46:36] <Eltia> Of course, why do you ask? -dematerializes her staff, since she doesn't need it any more-

[12:48:17] <Ringo> Aah...you just seemed kind of quiet back there....anyway, -she carries Lagnus and Mikki through the portal and back to Draco's Hut...lol-

[12:49:10] <Eltia> -follows Ringo, since she's not in doll form at the moment-

[12:50:28] <Ringo> -lays Lagnus and Mikki comfortably on the beds-

[12:51:28] <Eltia> ...It looks like your curse is gone, Ringo.

[12:51:38] <Ringo> Huh? It is??

[12:52:01] <Eltia> You're not hugging me.

[12:52:40] <Ringo> Ah...So it would appear...I guess my luck is finally starting to turn around....or maybe more like my life.

[12:53:10] <Eltia> ...I'm sorry about your sister.

[12:53:55] <Ringo> She wasn't actually my sister...but I sure did treat her like one....and now she's gone...Theta....

[12:54:08] <Akkie> http://www.mangareader.net/888-37121-11/sayonara-zetsubou-sensei/chapter-8.html

[12:54:37] <Chao> (Are Accord, Sig, and Rider present at the Hut before they split up, since Sig and Theta have arrived back by then having found them?)

[12:55:13] <Keiji> (No)

[12:55:19] <Keiji> (They're still elsewhere)

[12:55:19] <Chao> (Oka)

[12:56:22] <Keiji> (Oh whoops, I didn't notice Ringo spoke)

[12:56:37] <Ringo> -sigh- I see the others aren't back either...-has a seat somewhere where Lagnus and Mikki aren't resting-

[12:57:16] <Eltia> She didn't seem like a normal person... There was something inside her that made her have that reaction to that space...

[12:57:47] <Ringo> ...She was a clone of me, created by a powerful being called "Ekoro".

[12:58:19] <Ringo> Do you think that's why she blew up...and became those...things?

[12:58:43] <Eltia> ...Yes, that would explain it.

[12:59:34] <Ringo> What a shame. :c

[13:00:57] <Ringo> -looks back at Lagnus and Mikki-...I hope they make it out of this alright

[13:01:12] <Eltia> ...They will.

[13:01:24] <Lagnus> -has fallen asleep/lost consciousness, trying to rest and let his wounds heal-

[13:02:22] <Mikki> E-eh...?

[13:03:41] <Ringo> You're not exactly the most observant person in the world, are you Mikki?

[13:06:27] <Keiji> (...)

[13:06:33] <Chao> [Suddenly, a loud honking noise is heard. Over the horizon Satan's bus is fast approaching, and it nearly plows into the hut as he spins circles trying to park it on the sand.]

[13:06:56] <Keiji> lol

[13:07:17] <Mikki> -thankful for the bus... wait a minute. Bus?-

[13:07:20] <Keiji> Who was in that bus, again?

[13:07:23] <Seriri> -leaps out of the bus, faceplanting into the sand-

[13:07:26] <Keiji> Satan obviously

[13:07:30] <Keiji> Arle?

[13:07:39] <Chao> Arle, Seriri and Felidae,

[13:07:46] <Chao> but Felidae is sleeping

[13:07:49] <Chao> so lol

[13:07:50] <Keiji> well we can ignore her yeah :P

[13:08:32] <Seriri> OH THANK GOD! I'll never ride another vehicle with Satan as long as I live! -flops towards the hut-

[13:09:06] <Keiji> (There's no water in there...)

[13:09:14] <Satan> -steps out of the bus- The wheels on the bus go round and round~♪

[13:09:48] <Satan> Arle? Aren't you coming out, my sweetheart?

[13:10:11] <Arle Nadja> -comes out with a sleeping Felidae-

[13:10:16] <Keiji> oh god, green

[13:10:38] <Keiji> oh well, I suppose Satan and Eltia have no reason to talk to each other

[13:10:42] <Ringo> -runs outside to greet Seriri and Arle- Holy factoids you nearly ran us over!!...wait...Satan! Thanks for the delivery. Now get out!

[13:10:46] <Keiji> and neither are changing xD

[13:11:26] <Eltia> -walks outside, following Ringo more calmly-

[13:12:09] <Arle Nadja> -goes into the hut, now ignoring the fact that Satan was the reason they're back, despite being shaken-

[13:12:40] <Satan> Bah! Ungrateful brat! I brought you the mermaid! You should be more like "Thank you, Lord Satan! How ever can I repay you?!" As you bow feverishly before my dress shoes of shining leather!

[13:13:22] <Ringo> Uh-huh...right. We'll be takin....wait...where did Draco go?...Wasn't she with Arle?....

[13:13:58] <Arle Nadja> Draco, whatever she was thinking, flew somewhere after that chat with Nanako.

[13:14:57] <Satan> What?! I'm expected to hunt down dragon ladies for you too? What ridiculousness is this?!...Regardless, I'm too busy for that...-gets back in the bus- I'll be back to pick you up at 7 tommorrow, honey! -he drives the bus recklessly back into the city-

[13:15:44] <Ringo> Good riddens...-follows Arle and Seriri back into the hut- So what were you saying about Draco?

[13:16:00] <Seriri> First...what the hell happened to Lagnus and Mikki???

[13:16:58] <Ringo> Oh...Lord Marcus almost killed them. They'll be alright....

[13:17:13] <Akkie> http://kumizone.org/wiki/:File/XCRFJGM303MWCAAER9CPPKNAHA

[13:18:06] <Seriri> If you insist. The good news is we found Nanako. The bad news is that she's no longer assisting us. Draco flew off in rage. I think it's safe to say she's not coming back any time soon, if ever. She's had it up to here with EVERYONE apparently,

[13:19:55] <Keiji> Brb, not like my presence makes much difference.

[13:20:12] <Ringo> She's out of her vector!....Some leader you are, Draco....but maybe it was for the better...

[13:21:39] <Seriri> What....? -looks at Arle....and Eltia-

[13:22:57] <Arle Nadja> Ringo... how did that doll grow that big...?

[13:23:24] <Ringo> I awakened her. She helped us fend off Marcus.

[13:23:37] <Ringo> We lost Theta though....

[13:24:16] <Seriri> Oh no....;; How awful.

[13:24:48] <Arle Nadja> -just as disheartened by the news-

[13:25:49] <Keiji> Ok back

[13:26:41] <Eltia> ...I don't have to be this size.

[13:27:04] <Ringo> -nods solemnly, but then a look of determination graces Ringo's face- Today...today I stop kidding myself. After that meteor, the ADMA crumbled to bits. That organization is done. Today, I say we form a new pact....a pact to protect people from danger and evil...one that discriminates against no one, not even dark mages. And I'll take charge and represent us.

[13:27:11] <Eltia> Ringo, if you don't mind me asking, would you prefer if I went back to doll size?

[13:27:54] <Ringo> -looks to Eltia- You can be what ever size YOU wish. If you'd rather be doll size, go ahead. I don't mind either way.

[13:29:11] <Seriri> Are you hearing this, Arle?

[13:29:22] <Eltia> ...Well, it's up to you, but this form takes power, so I suppose I could rest... -returns to her usual doll form-

[13:29:45] <Ringo> Yeah. Best to conserve your power.

[13:30:10] <Arle Nadja> Of course I am, Seriri.

[13:31:20] <Seriri> What say we have some delicious curry to mark our new "pact" and get ready for the adventures that await us?

[13:31:46] <Seriri> I've been craving curry for days

[13:33:40] <Arle Nadja> The others aren't here yet... they don't know what they're missing. -goes to kitchen-

[13:34:39] <Ringo> Maybe we should move out of Draco's Hut too. Not like she's with us anymore.

[13:36:29] <Eltia> ...Do you have anywhere else to stay?

[13:36:49] <Seriri> But where would we go?...Nanako isn't in the mood to build us a new base, and the old one is trashed.

[13:37:26] <Ringo> Maybe Ms. Accord would let us use the Magic School for a while.

[13:38:57] <Ringo> It's larger and has proper faculties to care for a large group of people.

[13:39:17] <Eltia> Perhaps it would be better if we had separate homes.

[13:39:42] <Ringo> Huh?...Why's that?

[13:40:02] <Eltia> Well... you saw what happened to the ADMA HQ.

[13:40:39] <Eltia> If we spread out into many separate homes, we wouldn't be relying on a single building that could be destroyed.

[13:41:30] <Seriri> She's right. It's also easier for those of us who can be self sustaining.

[13:41:54] <Seriri> Besides, I still dont feel comfortable staying with Accord....no offense to her.

[13:43:37] <Ringo> Hm...Alright then. We'll have seperate homes...but for one thing, I dont have my own house in this place.

[13:43:54] <Eltia> ...I have a small place in my world, Ringo, if you want to stay with me.

[13:44:47] <Ringo> Your world...? You mean, where that portal leads?...or somewhere else?

[13:45:40] <Eltia> Yes, it's in there.

[13:46:02] <Ringo> As long as you can garuantee I'll be safe, I'll stay with you.

[13:46:51] <Eltia> ...It's no less safe than this world.

[13:49:17] <Arle Nadja> ... I probably don't need to ask, but those other guys can't (or won't be able to) find it, can they?

[13:50:52] <Eltia> ...As I said, it's the same as this world.

[13:51:12] <Seriri> Alright.

[13:51:22] <Ringo> I'll stay with you.

[13:51:30] <Eltia> ...Of course someone could find someone else's home if they tried hard enough.

[13:51:37] <Eltia> That's why it's good to stay split up.

[13:52:23] <Ringo> If we have effective communication means, we can be on the scene if anything happens, but otherwise stay split to avoid the disasters of last time.

[13:52:51] <Seriri> I'll go back to the lake and make myself cozy there.

[13:53:07] <Seriri> -looks over at Lagnus-....err....

[13:55:14] <Keiji> ...?

[13:55:53] <Ringo> Oh right. Uh...I'll just drop him off at the magic school. They'll take care of him there until he can move out on his own.

[13:56:27] <Ringo> Do you have places to stay, Arle? Mikki?

[13:57:49] <Akkie> BRB Map check.

[13:59:00] <Chao> Arle's been in Primp for a while before the exploits of the ADMA, I'm sure she had a house before then.

[14:00:34] <Arle Nadja> Well, I decided to rent a house in town on my stay here, before now, of course.

[14:01:39] <Ringo> Good. And you Mikki?

[14:03:51] <Akkie> Has the whole forest been explored already?

[14:04:11] <Keiji> who knows lol

[14:04:15] <Chao> ^

[14:05:31] <Keiji> ?

[14:06:08] <Chao> *^ This

[14:06:21] <Keiji> oh

[14:06:27] <Akkie> Why is that?

[14:06:34] <Akkie> What's with the question mark?

[14:09:42] <Mikki> Well, there's a cottage in the forest where I stay (Before all this, of course)...

[14:12:37] <Ringo> Alright then. Everyone has a place to stay, so after curry, we'll move out. We can meet again tommorrow if necessary, to figure out what are new objectives will be.

[14:12:58] <Chao> Also, Automatic Mario is among the most ridiculous things I've ever seen.

[14:13:29] <Akkie> Keiji knows AIR, right?

[14:13:37] <Keiji> Mhm

[14:14:21] <Akkie> The most heartwrenching part there was Automatic Mario'd.

[14:14:54] <Akkie> http://kumizone.org/wiki/:File/XCRFJGM303MWCAAER9CPPKNAHA

[14:15:07] <Akkie> It's not Automatic, but it's Mario (And DK).

[14:15:07] <Keiji> Saw that already

[14:15:16] <Keiji> Can we get some RP again? >_> lol

[14:16:50] <Arle Nadja> -happens to be cooking that very curry right now-

[14:17:28] <Seriri> -nods-

[14:18:05] <Seriri> -looks at Lagnus again-....he seems so...tranquil. I wonder why?...

[14:20:01] <Ringo> Who knows. Maybe it's his calm after the storm.

[14:20:46] <Ringo> Anyhow, enjoy your curry guys. This will be the last meal we eat together as a group for a while.


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