Episode 57 - Chat log

Start date: Wed Mar 27, 2013. All times are UTC.

[12:13:51] <Gypsum> This is so humiliating...not only did I butcher that mission, but now I'm chained to a wall in a shrine cellar.

[12:14:20] <Gypsum> Angol sama is going to be very dissatisfied with me D:

[12:14:42] <Auriol> ...You know, these chains don't look all that strong actually.

[12:15:09] <Gypsum> Oh really now?

[12:16:07] <Auriol> Whoever put them up clearly didn't know about that 720 degree trick.

[12:16:38] <Gypsum> Silly shrine maidens.

[12:16:57] <Auriol> *twists around oddly a bit, and suddenly the chain comes off the wall, now she and Gypsum are merely chained to each other*

[12:17:19] <Auriol> Who said math puzzles never helped you out in real life?

[12:17:23] <Gypsum> O-Oh!!

[12:17:46] <Gypsum> This is most remarkable! Thank you erm...Arle that's not quite Arle.

[12:18:06] <Auriol> You know I'm a bit darn tired of being called "Doppelganger Arle" all the time.

[12:18:22] <Auriol> That silly Witch renamed herself, maybe I should too...

[12:18:48] <Gypsum> A name for yourself, hm?

[12:18:49] <Akkie> Where did the name Arle come from.

[12:18:59] <Keiji> France is the only lead we have.

[12:19:02] <Chao> A commune in france

[12:19:14] <Keiji> There's a place called Arles, which is pronounced like Arle of course

[12:19:49] <Keiji> and then I see this on google

[12:19:50] <Keiji> > Arle is a district of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England.

[12:19:57] <Keiji> > no s

[12:20:22] <Keiji> http://www.flickr.com/photos/arleimages/ Arle is also trains, apparently.

[12:20:47] <Gypsum> Arle is french, so...how about "Auriol"?

[12:20:51] <Internetakias> 1

[12:21:07] <Akkie> Hi?

[12:21:10] <Internetakias> hey

[12:21:22] <Auriol> Good enough for me! Enough with this burdenous description of a name!

[12:21:36] <Auriol> 6 n-'Doppelganger Arle'+'Auriol'

[12:22:03] <Auriol> Say, what does it mean?

[12:22:40] <Keiji> 10 38

[12:22:54] <Akkie> wait

[12:22:56] <Gypsum> It's a placename. There's a commune in France named Auriol, as there also is of Arles.

[12:22:56] <Akkie> gotta eat

[12:22:57] <Akkie> bbl

[12:22:59] <Keiji> and no I don't care that this music is Fake Arle's, since Fake Arle is gone.

[12:23:13] <Auriol> Where the heck is France?

[12:23:15] <Auriol> ...

[12:23:22] <Auriol> Well, enough arguing over names anyway.

[12:23:53] <Gypsum> Indeed

[12:24:02] <Gypsum> a more pressing matter is getting out of this dungeon

[12:24:03] <Auriol> *starts banging their metal cuffs together until the locks fail*

[12:24:16] <Auriol> often the simplest solution is the best one

[12:24:33] <Gypsum> I see!

[12:24:44] <Auriol> But how to get out of here?

[12:24:47] <Gypsum> Perhaps I could've taken that advice before I took arms against this place...

[12:25:20] <Gypsum> *She looks up and around, looking for any loose bricks, secret passages, anything they can sneak out through without capturing Akai or Chitose's notice*

[12:25:40] <Auriol> The main way in and out is closed, and it apparently opens only from above.

[12:25:56] <Auriol> Even if we found a way to open it from here, it'd surely draw attention to us.

[12:26:03] <Gypsum> Indeed

[12:26:59] <Keiji> 10 143

[12:27:06] <Gypsum> Well...I suppose this is why I started keeping the basics on hand.

[12:27:25] <Gypsum> *She pulls a Pick Axe out of her magic hammerspace inventory*


[12:28:53] <Auriol> ....ooh. Digging our way out now, are we?

[12:29:25] <Gypsum> Seems logical enough, correct?

[12:29:42] <Auriol> Where are you planning on going, though?

[12:30:16] <Gypsum> Well, after I escape, I plan on returning to Master Angol to report my apple gathering mission was a spectacular failure :C

[12:30:40] <Auriol> Why does he have to know about your failure?

[12:31:13] <Auriol> We could still go gather the apples.

[12:31:28] <Auriol> ...Well, we could, IF your aircraft hadn't completely obliterated the orchids

[12:31:46] <Gypsum> That's what I'm saying, Auriol...;;

[12:32:22] <Gypsum> Not to mention my aircraft itself is destroyed, which he also won't be pleased about...

[12:32:39] <Gypsum> *sigh* The rags of an assistant manager.

[12:32:50] <Auriol> Why do you even work for him anyway?

[12:35:09] <Gypsum> I owe him my life. If it wasn't for him, I would still be poor, unemployed, and without food or water in that god damned Abyss that's probably rotted from having no life in it by now.

[12:35:37] <Gypsum> He gave me purpose. He gave me shelter, meals, sustenance. The ability to live.

[12:36:31] <Akkie> 2

[12:37:02] <Gypsum> For all of this I owe to him my eternal gratitude and servitude. Would you not do the same if you were in my shoes?

[12:37:08] <Akkie> 1

[12:37:53] <Gypsum> He is harsh in his punishment, but he is also a fatherly figure to me at times....I only ever left his side once...and only out of fear...and because it would've made no difference.

[12:38:23] <Akkie> a stern father

[12:38:24] <Akkie> awww

[12:39:31] <Auriol> I can see where you're coming from, but I think working your ass off for him is going a bit too far

[12:40:09] <Auriol> Still, without my power, I've nothing better to do, so I may as well hang around with you for a while even if you're going back to Angol

[12:40:41] <Gypsum> Oh, I see. Where has your power gone?

[12:41:50] <Auriol> *shrugs* Goodness knows. Probably the same place as Arle's, though. I just woke up without it one day. Maybe it's some kind of punishment for playing silly pranks with those muffins?

[12:42:45] <Gypsum> Both you and Arle are powerless? Interesting! Maybe this little excursion isn't completely fruitless after all!

[12:43:33] <Auriol> Oh, I think you hit the surface!

[12:43:50] <Gypsum> Oh! So I seem to have!

[12:44:21] <Gypsum> *She finishes digging them out of the place, ending up a fair ways away from the shrine grounds as she had planned*

[12:45:47] <Auriol> ...Not that I recognise this place, though.

[12:46:10] <Gypsum> What were you saying about muffins? We'll have to go through Muffin Town to get back to where we've made base.

[12:46:42] <Auriol> ...eep.

[12:47:22] <Gypsum> ...or around it if that's an inconvenience?

[12:48:35] <Auriol> Well, which is easier?

[12:48:54] <Auriol> Just so long as I don't run into one of those shrine maidens again...

[12:49:18] <Gypsum> Going through it would be more direct, and therefore easier. We don't have to enter near the shrine if we're careful enough.

[12:49:45] <Auriol> Well, you lead the way.

[12:49:46] <Internetakias> 2

[12:49:55] <Internetakias> 1

[12:49:56] <Gypsum> *She does so*

[12:50:00] <Internetakias> 7

[12:50:09] <Internetakias> 7

[12:50:12] <Chao> (brb gonna grab something to eat real fast)

[12:51:29] <Internetakias> hm

[12:51:33] <Internetakias> really like this RP

[12:51:38] <Internetakias> I'm from Nexus btw

[12:51:42] <Internetakias> Keiji invited me

[12:52:07] <Keiji> lol this isn't even a particularly interesting bit

[12:52:20] <Internetakias> I know

[12:52:29] <Internetakias> But I like it

[12:55:00] <Akkie> i

[12:55:12] <Akkie> honestly dont know how youll feel about the other eps

[12:55:20] <Internetakias> oh?

[12:55:23] <Internetakias> why's that?

[12:55:36] <Internetakias> I've read some before

[12:55:37] <Akkie> OK, they're kind of OK.

[12:55:42] <Internetakias> yeah

[12:55:45] <Akkie> But when I read my own RPing.

[12:55:47] <Akkie> I cry.

[12:55:52] <Internetakias> heh

[12:56:52] <Internetakias> Don't let it get to you, I bet there are a lot of RPers out there that are worse than you

[12:57:19] <Internetakias> And I'm not necessarily referring to way they RP

[12:57:26] <Internetakias> Rather, the way they behave

[12:57:36] <Internetakias> *the way

[12:58:09] <Akkie> I've seen some like that, yes...

[12:58:22] <Akkie> (i dont always judge relatively though)

[12:58:33] <Internetakias> yeah

[12:58:53] <Internetakias> But still

[12:58:57] <Chao> Okay I'm back

[12:59:09] <Internetakias> It isn't everyday that someone makes an RP on something as obscure as Puyo

[12:59:12] <Internetakias> Or Madou

[12:59:17] <Internetakias> for that matter

[12:59:19] <Chao> indeed

[12:59:34] <Akkie> Yeah.

[13:00:17] <Internetakias> By the way

[13:00:24] <Internetakias> Do you guys have any open roles?

[13:00:51] <Chao> Do we Keiji??

[13:01:15] <Akkie> Can there?

[13:01:43] <Keiji> Oh hi

[13:01:56] <Internetakias> ey!

[13:02:28] <Keiji> I was playing some S3 Cz while you were gone

[13:02:30] <Keiji> and then this happene

[13:02:40] <Chao> Welp

[13:03:05] <Keiji> http://ompldr.org/vaHdkdw/water.png

[13:03:06] <Akkie> Open roles?

[13:03:12] <Keiji> I have no idea why, but the entire screen is flooded with water

[13:03:25] <Chao> oh my

[13:03:49] <Keiji> actually I think I know why, it must be because I took Knuckles' route in AIZ and then took Sonic's route in HCZ2 but I don't have anything to set flags for the HCZ2 routes yet

[13:03:52] <Keiji> that explains it

[13:03:53] <Keiji> so yes

[13:04:55] <Keiji> open roles... Well, you're free to add them if you can think of something that would fit

[13:05:02] <Keiji> Like how Akkie introduced Mikki

[13:05:07] <Keiji> way back when

[13:05:24] <Internetakias> alright

[13:05:42] <Internetakias> I should bring my self up to speed with the RP first though

[13:05:58] <Keiji> Other than that pretty much any official character is up for grabs so long as they're not required by a certain player due to plot related shenanigans

[13:06:15] <Internetakias> uh huh

[13:06:40] <Keiji> So are Auriol and Gypsum going to bump into someone or are they just going to keep walking?

[13:07:10] <Akkie> Comic relief allowed?

[13:07:23] <Chao> Hm...it'd be boring if they kept walking, but idk who to throw at them.

[13:07:34] <Akkie> Rebucca?

[13:07:41] <Chao> omg do it

[13:07:50] <Chao> introduce us to this Rebucca woman

[13:08:01] <Keiji> YES REBUCCA

[13:08:14] <Rebucca> 5 n+'Rebucca' c+'3' s+'' v+'false'

[13:08:44] <Akkie> unfortunately shes not the strongest

[13:08:49] <Rebucca> 3

[13:11:53] <Rebucca> [Suddenly, Gypsum and Auriol find themselves face to face with a woman in a simply dress and apron (who also happens to smell like cake)]

[13:12:11] <Keiji> oh man I was reading the latest SDLR minutes and there was someone called Phil Drummond on the list

[13:12:20] <Gypsum> O-Oh my...what a sweet smelling purfume you have on, ma'am!

[13:12:20] <Keiji> I immediately thought of Ryan Drummond

[13:12:30] <Rebucca> Why~ Hel-lo to you, too~

[13:13:19] <Auriol> (...hopefully, this isn't one of Midori's minions...)

[13:13:47] <Rebucca> Everyone says that a lot! Choosing "pastry" as my motif sure paid off~

[13:14:28] <Gypsum> Eh? Pastry...motif....I don't quite follow you.

[13:14:59] <Rebucca> Ah~ Magicians of our kind have to choose motifs~

[13:15:22] <Gypsum> Oh. I see..

[13:15:24] <Auriol> You're a magician?

[13:15:41] <Rebucca> I haven't lived with this motif for very long, though.

[13:16:04] <Rebucca> Anyways! What brings you ladies here, hmm~?

[13:16:13] <Gypsum> J-Just passing!

[13:16:47] <Rebucca> If that is all, mind helping me for a little?

[13:17:13] <Auriol> Depends what you need help with...

[13:17:18] <Rebucca> Don't worry if you have urgent business! I'll just ask you something!

[13:17:46] <Gypsum> *looks at Auriol*

[13:21:51] <Rebucca> For one, do you happen to know of a red-headed little girl with a star hairpin? I have some business with her regarding one of my bakery bases...

[13:22:06] <Auriol> Mikki?

[13:22:18] <Gypsum> Or the clone of thereoff?

[13:22:36] <Rebucca> She has a clone now? My, I'm missing a lot!

[13:22:41] <Auriol> I haven't seen either of them for a while, though...

[13:22:58] <Internetakias> 2

[13:23:04] <Rebucca> Hmm... what about your friend here? Miss...

[13:23:30] <Gypsum> Well, I have no idea where Mikki's gotten herself off to either.

[13:23:36] <Gypsum> Do forgive me, ma'am.

[13:23:40] <Internetakias> 1

[13:23:46] <Rebucca> Hmm... I see...

[13:23:58] <Rebucca> Well, that'll have to wait, I guess?

[13:24:06] <Auriol> Auriol.

[13:24:47] <Rebucca> Mmm, Miss Auriol~

[13:24:58] <Rebucca> Oh, yes!

[13:25:08] <Auriol> ...yes?

[13:25:33] <Rebucca> I also heard of some business regarding muffin thievery and all that.

[13:26:34] <Rebucca> It has all been very concerning and all, but most especially because among these stolen muffins is my dear friend Midori's Million Yen Muffin!

[13:26:50] <Auriol> oh? Is that Arle still on the loose?

[13:27:01] <Gypsum> Indeed, that trouble making Arle!

[13:27:14] <Gypsum> Stealing muffins left and right.

[13:28:17] <Rebucca> Yes, yes, I know. That darned thief! If she were to meet me, she'll have to prepare herself!

[13:30:19] <Rebucca> Assuming it's just a she. I've heard of her power, but not enough of her speed to steal so many muffins in such short notice. There must be accomplices...

[13:31:21] <Auriol> Hmm, that might make sense actually... I wonder if there are...

[13:31:36] <Auriol> Anyway, I think we should better get going... ne Gypsum?

[13:31:59] <Rebucca> Hmm? Urgent business, I see!

[13:32:01] <Gypsum> Yes! I do believe we've spent enough time dwaddling around here!

[13:32:45] <Rebucca> Before you go, I would like to grant you some few things, as a token of our short companionship! (Cheesy, I know, but still sweet~)

[13:33:38] <Rebucca> [Rebucca makes some gestures, and suddenly, bag and boxes of assorted sweets and pastries for Gypsum and Auriol]

[13:33:51] <Auriol> Oh my

[13:33:56] <Auriol> You really are a magician!

[13:34:10] <Gypsum> Aaah!! Thank you very much!

[13:34:26] <Gypsum> *she bows and does a cute curtsy for Rebucca*

[13:34:50] <Auriol> *feels obliged to the same, but isn't used to such politeness*

[13:36:05] <Rebucca> -curtsies too, but mostly because that's what you do after a show- You're welcome~ Things like this are nothing for a pastry magician like me~

[13:37:30] <Rebucca> Hope to see you again! And thank you for your time~

[13:37:53] <Gypsum> You're welcome, ma'am!

[13:38:04] <Gypsum> Now then, shall we continue, Auriol?

[13:38:09] <Auriol> Yes, shall we...

[13:38:22] <Auriol> which way from here?

[13:38:38] <Akkie> would be funny if she found out

[13:38:59] <Akkie> but for one she doesnt even know what an arle even looks like

[13:39:02] <Gypsum> To the south, and the west. The direction of the great Ruins.

[13:39:53] <Gypsum> 4

[13:39:53] <Chao> 2

[13:39:54] <Rebucca> 4

[13:39:54] <Akkie> 2

[13:40:15] <Keiji> derp

[13:40:21] <Chao> 1

[13:40:29] <Gypsum> 3

[13:40:38] <Auriol> The ruins, hmm? And what would be of interest there?

[13:40:51] <Gypsum> Our base.

[13:41:00] <Auriol> OH

[13:41:02] <Auriol> Oh!*

[13:41:08] <Auriol> Then let's get a move on ~

[13:42:24] <Gypsum> *And so they do! When they arrive, Gypsum shows them to a large, temple like building that is relatively intact; at it's top is a more modern looking structure that brings the base to an even more sky-touching height.*

[13:42:44] <Akkie> 1

[13:43:01] <Auriol> Woah...

[13:43:07] <Auriol> That's some base.

[13:43:26] <Gypsum> Indeed. Angol never cuts corners when making a base of operations

[13:43:37] <Gypsum> Come inside, if you'd like.

[13:43:46] <Auriol> *follows Gypsum inside*

[13:44:01] <Chao> 10 37

[13:44:27] <Gypsum> *Once inside, she goes directly to the room where Angol is situated, observing some monitors*

[13:44:32] <Keiji> 10 0

[13:44:36] <Keiji> oops

[13:44:42] <Angol Mois> 3

[13:44:43] <Keiji> didn't think that would actually do that

[13:45:06] <Chao> derp

[13:45:19] <Keiji> 12 37 t-'Compile - PW18 - Angol\'s Theme (Chao)'+'Compile - PW18 - Angol\'s Theme (Normal version) (Chao)'

[13:45:24] <Chao> 10 27

[13:45:30] <Keiji> welp

[13:45:45] <Keiji> command error Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined

[13:45:47] <Keiji> that's fun

[13:45:51] <Angol Mois> Where is your aircraft, Gypsum?

[13:46:14] <Angol Mois> Surely you did not leave it where you parked it last?

[13:46:41] <Gypsum> Erm...it was destroyed by a Puyo Spirit, sir.

[13:47:13] <Angol Mois> *Shakes his head* And once again Eldora is meddling in my affairs. It never ends with her.

[13:47:45] <Angol Mois> *He turns around, finally noticing Auriol* And..yet another doppelganger of Arle?

[13:48:02] <Auriol> I have a name now, it's Auriol!

[13:48:19] <Gypsum> I helped pick it out and everything`heart

[13:48:24] <Gypsum> *♥

[13:48:48] <Angol Mois> I see.

[13:48:50] <Keiji> 10 348

[13:49:01] <Keiji> And yet that one works and deosn't give error

[13:49:01] <Keiji> s

[13:49:30] <Gypsum> While I do not bring apples, I bring you very important news!

[13:49:56] <Gypsum> Neither Arle or Auriol have their power!

[13:50:45] <Angol Mois> Arle? You mean to tell me that Arle's power has suddenly vanished into thin air? And that Auriol's power has also been lost?

[13:50:58] <Auriol> More like... someone took it.

[13:51:01] <Auriol> Although we have no idea who.

[13:51:07] <Angol Mois> Fascinating...

[13:51:18] <Auriol> Or why.

[13:51:36] <Auriol> You know how powerful Arle is, why would anyone need two Arle's worth of power?

[13:51:44] <Auriol> Unless they took it to stop us using it...

[13:52:06] <Keiji> 10 165

[13:52:19] <Angol Mois> Things have become even more interesting with this revelation. Coincidentally, things are also more convenient for me now.

[13:52:27] <Auriol> More convenient?

[13:52:32] <Angol Mois> Now that I know Arle would be useless to resist me.

[13:53:27] <Angol Mois> I sent Purple Mois in lieu of your failure to return apples to me, Gypsum, but this makes up for that. The aircraft however, must still be repayed.

[13:54:20] <Gypsum> Understood. Is there anything else I should be assigned to?

[13:55:19] <Angol Mois> I have no further assignments from you at the moment. But if you learn of Arle's whereabouts, do not hesitate to communicate them to me.

[13:55:40] <Angol Mois> Now, I must tend to business.

[13:55:58] <Gypsum> Perhaps I should show you my room, Auriol?

[13:56:26] <Auriol> Sure!"

[13:56:58] <Auriol> Ah, in case it's not clear yet, I figured I'd hang out with your assistant for a while, or at least until I get my powers back.


Character text lines: 161
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Action lines: 28

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Rebucca: 24