Episode 62 - Chat log

Start date: Sun Sep 06, 2015. All times are UTC.

[9:42:41] <Arle Nadja> *dashes round a corner and stops to pant, then looks up and sees Chian*

[9:42:56] <Arle Nadja> Chian! You're alright!

[9:43:01] <Arle Nadja> 6 s-'Hero-Form! (Alone)'+'Hero-Form!' r-'17'+'17'

[9:43:05] <Chian> *turns around* Arle!

[9:43:05] <Arle Nadja> And Singe, too!

[9:43:25] <Chian> We are alright, how 'bout you?

[9:43:37] <Singe> Ha... I don't think I've run this much in twenty years...

[9:43:49] <Chian> Stop crying ol' man

[9:43:58] <Arle Nadja> Just a bit tired, too...

[9:44:09] <Chian> That girl was crazy!

[9:44:46] <Arle Nadja> Yeah... she blew up your house, didn't she? Gosh... where are you going to live now

[9:44:46] <Arle Nadja> ?

[9:45:53] <Chian> I'll find a new home. But I am afraid of seeing what happened with my firm...

[9:46:18] <Alpha> 3

[9:46:55] <Singe> After all that work we and Noire did to restore Avenir, too...

[9:47:00] <Alpha> *slowly turns a different corner, spotting the trio from a distance*

[9:47:14] <Alpha> Ah! Intelligent life that isn't out to kill us!

[9:47:23] <Alpha> Arlen't I glad to see you!

[9:47:28] <Tech> 3

[9:47:34] <Sigma> 3

[9:47:49] <Keiji> Does Arle actually know Alpha and Sigma?

[9:47:50] <Sigma> *follows behind with Tech*

[9:47:55] <Keiji> I know she knows TEch

[9:48:04] <Chao> She should know both ALpha and Sigma.

[9:48:07] <Keiji> okay

[9:48:18] <Arle Nadja> Alpha! Sigma! Tech! You guys!

[9:48:29] <Shinghi> But chian and singe don't know them right?

[9:48:34] <Tech> Heeeeeey Arle! Wassup!!

[9:48:59] <Arle Nadja> Chian's house just got blew up by a crazy eye girl!

[9:49:01] <Sigma> It's Arle. I'm glad to be reunited with you.

[9:49:07] <Chian> Hey guys!

[9:49:21] <Keiji> Chian and Singe don't know them

[9:49:22] <Keiji> lool

[9:49:36] <Alpha> You think you have it bad, we were ambushed by a crazed man with giant tanks!

[9:49:57] <Tech> He didn't have to sic tanks on me for staring at some booty in class, yeesh.

[9:50:02] <Chian> I lost my freaking home!...

[9:50:28] <Chian> 4

[9:50:28] <Shinghi> 7

[9:50:28] <Singe> Ah, Miss Arle, are these friends of yours?

[9:50:30] <Shinghi> 2

[9:50:42] <Shinghi> 1

[9:50:56] <Sigma> Both scenarios are equally devestating. I witnessed both...

[9:51:03] <Shinghi> 7

[9:51:08] <Arle Nadja> Yeah, they're from my world...

[9:51:17] <Chian> 3

[9:51:23] <Sigma> It's a long story.

[9:51:59] <Alpha> Though, there might be some relevance to it even now.

[9:52:49] <Chian> May I introduce us to you? I am Chian and this is Singe. We have a or had....a firm calld Avenir. Nice to meet you.

[9:53:18] <Chian> And Sigma, right? You aren't a human...?

[9:53:34] <Singe> *extends a hand* Let's be optimistic and say we have.

[9:53:47] <Chian> I hope so, Singe.

[9:54:37] <Sigma> What?... By the technical definition, I am not a member of the homosapien speices. I am a clone of a human who was, for a time, not human. My humanity is entirely debatable, but I think and act as a human being, and therefore present myself as such.

[9:55:13] <Arle Nadja> *nervous laugh* Let's just say he is for now, it's complicated.

[9:55:18] <Alpha> Basically, he just said that he's a clone, but likes to think of himself as human.

[9:55:25] <Chian> That's impressive...really. How are you made? Ah let's talk about this another time

[9:55:43] <Alpha> We still have trouble with giving long, robotic answers, right Sigma?

[9:56:07] <Sigma> I do not have a problem. My responses are thorough and accurate, Alpha-Chan!

[9:56:25] <Tech> Right, let's get down to business.

[9:57:16] <Tech> See this? *holds up the Key Fragment* We CAN'T let anyone have this. I don't know the full details exactly, but this is super important.

[9:57:45] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... is that why you were running so fast?

[9:57:49] <Chian> I've heard something about this a time ago from Neptune. Key fragments, right?

[9:58:18] <Tech> Yeah, my old Teacher... Vani... he came out and nearly killed us all with giant tanks for this. Nanako stayed behind and helped fight them off so we could make off with this.

[9:58:46] <Chian> And where is this Nanako? Don't say she's...

[9:58:48] <Alpha> Thank god I was able to get to Sigma... him dying there would've been very very very bad.

[9:58:54] <Arle Nadja> ..And that crazy eye girl Fresa wanted me dead and destroyed Chian's house to try and accomplish it.

[9:59:03] <Sigma> A-Alpha-Chan...

[9:59:32] <Tech> Dang, someone wants you dead??? You dont suppose these guys are related?

[9:59:48] <Singe> There certainly seem to be a lot of events happening at once...

[10:00:00] <Alpha> It all seems like it's too much connected.

[10:00:28] <Alpha> I believe Angol Mois must be responsible for the actions of both Vanille and Fresa.

[10:00:44] <Alpha> Angol is the only person in this world who would want Arle to die.

[10:00:54] <Arle Nadja> Angol...

[10:00:57] <Chian> Mois? This praline company?

[10:01:11] <Alpha> ...?!?! He owns a company here?!

[10:01:19] <Sigma> Yes, they sell chocolates.

[10:01:36] <Arle Nadja> Of course! We saw that huge TV ad campaign, too...

[10:02:00] <Arle Nadja> With that Praline lady...

[10:02:10] <Chian> They are selling so much chocolate. The people are going to get diabetes.

[10:02:21] <Singe> Not only that, doesn't that make it a front?

[10:02:25] <Chao> [And just like clockwork, all the TVs and Radios in Lastation turn on again, and once again the air in Lastation becomes still as all eyes are on the TV screen]

[10:02:35] <Chao> 10 541

[10:02:42] <Praline> 3

[10:02:51] <Praline> HELLO LASTATION♥

[10:03:01] <Chian> There she is -.-

[10:03:01] <Arle Nadja> Oh... well, what timing. Here she is again.

[10:03:11] <Praline> We're back with you again live from Mois Praline!!!♥

[10:03:19] <Shinghi> That music is awesome >0< D

[10:03:23] <Praline> And this time, we have a special guest on tonight's show!!

[10:03:37] <Praline> Are you hesitating to try out Mois Praline chocolates right away?

[10:03:41] <Praline> Well, STOP!

[10:04:06] <Praline> Because we have with you right here, our very own Miss White Heart all the way from Lowee! Here to do a special interview with us!

[10:04:18] <Singe> What? Miss White Heart is involved..?

[10:04:26] <Arle Nadja> ...White...Heart? Who?

[10:04:28] <Chian> That can't be...

[10:04:30] <Praline> Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome WHITE HEART!♥♥``hear

[10:05:10] <Chao> [Applause roars from the TV as "White Heart" walks on to the set. Everyone watching from home or on the street gasps in awe]

[10:05:34] <Keiji> oh, am I supposed to play her?

[10:05:44] <Shinghi> I dunno

[10:05:57] <Chao> (If you want? I ca claim her though)

[10:06:03] <Keiji> does she already exist?

[10:06:11] <Chao> (Nope)

[10:07:15] <Keiji> Well, if FWH is in on it, then you should play her. Or if you want her to have a more canonical personality, and no insider knowledge is needed, I could play her

[10:07:31] <Chao> I can play her for this show

[10:07:41] <Keiji> okay, I'll leave it to you to create her then

[10:07:48] <Fake White Heart> 5 n+'Fake White Heart' c+'7' s+'' r+'9' v+'false'

[10:07:55] <Fake White Heart> 3

[10:08:11] <Fake White Heart> *walks on to set* ...Hello, Praline.

[10:08:29] <Fake White Heart> *she quietly sits in the sofa with Praline following behind*

[10:08:43] <Keiji> White Heart -> http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/8/8c/White_Heart_beta.png/revision/latest?cb=20110910063415

[10:08:55] <Keiji> also -> http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/1/11/XcI8O7cpqm9mBnLm1iw1hVftX9UsY6u7.png/revision/latest?cb=20111111024402

[10:09:18] <Praline> SO! Miss White Heart! How are you feeling tonight on this special broadcast by Mois Praline?!

[10:09:33] <Keiji> more -> http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/1/10/007.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110525173418 -> http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/e/e6/White_Heart_V2_Scan.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150831100742

[10:09:57] <Fake White Heart> Very happy. I'm glad I could be here to conduct this interview with you tonight.

[10:10:09] <Arle Nadja> ...hmm...

[10:10:14] <Praline> EXCELLENT MY DARLING!♥♥

[10:10:25] <Singe> Something seems a little off, doesn't it...

[10:11:05] <Praline> SO! Tell us all about the brand new Mois Praline chocolate, the Pralatte!

[10:11:43] <Chian> Why would Lady White Heart travel to Lastation? Only because of a chocolate ad? I don't think that

[10:11:47] <Fake White Heart> It's very delicious. I can't stop eating them while I work. I'd love it if everyone in Lowee could have them. And Lastation as well.

[10:12:20] <Praline> You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen, your lovely White Heart just LOVES our new chocolates!

[10:12:58] <Praline> And of course, we're all just suckers for Mois Chocolate Truffles, am I right?

[10:13:06] <Singe> Well, she came to Lastation before...

[10:13:26] <Singe> ...but then she turned out to be a fake. And she was super-refined, just like this one.

[10:13:27] <Chao> [The TV audience laughs, as do people on the street. "White Heart" even vaguely smirks.

[10:13:47] <Singe> I've never met the real White Heart, but I've heard there's no way she could be this polite.

[10:14:03] <Chian> But that was Arfoire's work, right? She disappeared

[10:14:09] <Arle Nadja> So it's a fake?

[10:14:19] <Praline> And, starting now, we're going to make our chocolates available EVERYWHERE in Gamindustry! That's right... Lowee, Leanbox, EVEN PLANEPTUNE♥♥

[10:14:23] <Arle Nadja> Now there's something I'm not used to... /sarcasm

[10:14:38] <Chian> The real White heart is a little bit...hotheaded ^^'

[10:14:39] <Singe> Yeah... Arfoire disappeared

[10:15:05] <Praline> We just love you SO MUCH for supporting us here at Mois Praline! We want all of you to experience a delicious treat you wont forget.


[10:16:07] <Fake White Heart> Well, you see... Starting after this show is over, there will be a new "White Heart" Truffle available to purchase, just to celebrate this occasion.

[10:16:29] <Arle Nadja> A... White Heart Truffle?

[10:16:33] <Chian> We have to inform Vert and Neptune! They have to prevent that they open a shop in Leanbox and Planeptune

[10:16:58] <Chao> [Everyone watching gasps as the new White Heart Truffle is revealed. White Heart cardboard cutouts roll in front of various buildings as well, preemptively]

[10:17:22] <Arle Nadja> ...woah, that's quite the setup they went to.

[10:18:05] <Fake White Heart> White Chocolate surrounding a smooth blueberry creme base. I was even given the privilege of taste testing. I hope you enjoy it. *she eats one on screen, forcing a cute smile and wink*

[10:18:28] <Chian> that was...not normal...

[10:19:09] <Praline> So! What are you waiting for?! Go ahead and try the new White Heart truffle today! You'll be feeling like you're in Lowee in no time!

[10:19:32] <Praline> Don't forget Lastation! We at Mois Praline love you very much!♥♥

[10:19:37] <Praline> Well, that's all for today folks! I'm your gorgeous CEO, Praline! Thank you all for tuning in! I love you all!! Mwah mwah, kisses!♥♥ Buh Bye!♥

[10:19:41] <Praline> 4

[10:19:42] <Fake White Heart> 4

[10:19:50] <Arle Nadja> ...gee, thank god that's over.

[10:20:22] <Chao> [The TVs all turn off, and everyone errupts in a massive frenzy to go buy more Mois Praline White Heart Truffles, totally buying her staged appearance on the Mois Praline Show]

[10:20:26] <Keiji> 10 0

[10:20:46] <Sigma> This... is exactly what happened last time. She came on, shouted at everyone, and now they're all panicking...

[10:20:54] <Sigma> Sugar must have strange effects on the human body.

[10:21:08] <Arle Nadja> So... what do we do..?

[10:21:54] <Tech> Well, we definitely don't buy candy. These guys think it's suspicious, and honestly? Who wants to stand in that line over there? Yikes, I think that guy just punched someone for a chocolate truffle...

[10:22:15] <Singe> We should try and find Vert and Neptune pronto, like Chian said.

[10:22:34] <Chian> Yeah. We better regroup with them

[10:22:37] <Alpha> Good god, these people are like animals for these candies... Also, yeah, that would be wise... where on earth would they have ended up though?

[10:23:13] <Singe> Well, the obvious place to start would be the Basilicoms, right?

[10:24:07] <Chian> I could lead you to the lastation basilicom

[10:24:36] <Arle Nadja> But that won't help. We already established the Lastation Basilicom was taken over by Angol's lot.

[10:24:51] <Sigma> ...I was about to suggest that very notion.

[10:25:01] <Arle Nadja> Planeptune would be the best bet, it's closer than Leanbox.

[10:25:06] <Chian> Oh sorry I didn't knew. Today was strange ^^'

[10:25:18] <Alpha> Agreed.

[10:25:20] <Arle Nadja> Though with no vehicle and nobody able to fly, it's gonna take us a while.

[10:25:28] <Alpha> Sigma's also safe from any shenanigans there.

[10:25:45] <Shinghi> Avenir only makes weapons right?

[10:25:55] <Keiji> well, actually, I had an idea

[10:26:09] <Chao> oh boy

[10:26:10] <Shinghi> maybe they build a plane :D or something like this xD

[10:26:23] <Chao> I wonder if Keiji and I have the same idea...

[10:26:23] <Keiji> well, this is where it helps to have played the second game :P

[10:26:31] <Chao> Oh that confirms we dont

[10:26:49] <Keiji> give me a second to read logs

[10:27:01] <Shinghi> I thought that they go to Avenir and build a helicopter or jetpacks xD

[10:27:26] <Chao> (brb)

[10:27:58] <Keiji> nooooo

[10:28:04] <Shinghi> ?

[10:28:20] <Keiji> well hopefully Chao's brb is a two-minute brb not a two-hour one

[10:28:21] <Keiji> :P

[10:28:27] <Shinghi> :D

[10:28:36] <Shinghi> wwhat was your plan? :)

[10:28:53] <Falcom> 3

[10:29:22] <Shinghi> Falcom :0 <3

[10:29:30] <Uni> 5 n+'Uni' c+'7' s+'' r+'0' v+'false'

[10:29:40] <Uni> 3

[10:29:59] <Shinghi> Please, canI play one of the sisters too some time? >0<

[10:30:25] <Keiji> Sure you can play any of them

[10:30:31] <Shinghi> yaay

[10:30:38] <Chao> Hi

[10:30:39] <Keiji> in fact you can play Uni if you want after I'm done using her for plot points

[10:30:58] <Keiji> wb chao

[10:31:00] <Chao> I just needed to grab some water and stuff

[10:31:15] <Chao> Back to plot!

[10:31:17] <Shinghi> okay ^-^

[10:31:44] <Keiji> [Falcom and Uni arrive out of nowhere]

[10:32:04] <Uni> Sorry for overhearing, but ... you needed to get to Planeptune, right?

[10:32:30] <Shinghi> Does chian know who Uni is?

[10:32:42] <Keiji> Well, that depends how you interpret the canon

[10:32:53] <Keiji> Because the canon doesn't make sense when it comes to where the sisters came from

[10:33:06] <Keiji> They simply don't exist in the first game, but in the second, it's like they were always there.

[10:33:32] <Keiji> If you take the second game as canon and interpret the events of the first, then I'd say Chian and Uni must have met at some point

[10:33:38] <Keiji> But if you take the first game as canon, then they didn't

[10:33:49] <Shinghi> I've no idea what canon means and google translate can't help me but I think i know what u mean :D

[10:34:04] <Shinghi> What do you prefer? they met or not?

[10:34:12] <Keiji> hold on

[10:34:32] <Keiji> apparently it is Kanon in german

[10:34:56] <Keiji> dunno if that helps

[10:34:59] <Shinghi> but a canon is something what you do with another persons while singing 0.o

[10:35:04] <Keiji> Hmm

[10:35:11] <Keiji> well I'm going off this

[10:35:11] <Chao> >Kanon

[10:35:12] <Keiji> https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/canon

[10:35:12] <Shinghi> never mind :D I know what u mean ^^

[10:35:15] <Chao> Puyo wars confirmed

[10:35:26] <Keiji> Meanings relevant here are 1) A generally accepted principle; a rule.  [quotations ▼] The trial must proceed according to the canons of law.

[10:35:27] <Keiji> and 3) The works of a writer that have been accepted as authentic. the entire Shakespeare canon

[10:35:36] <Keiji> Okay

[10:35:38] <Keiji> So anyway

[10:36:02] <Alpha> Well... That's marvelously convenient....

[10:36:08] <Keiji> Let's take a middle ground and say

[10:36:20] <Keiji> Uni and Chian never met, but Chian knows that the CPUs' little sisters exist

[10:36:30] <Keiji> Maybe Chian doesn't recognise Uni though.

[10:36:38] <Shinghi> in her normal form or the black sister form?

[10:36:44] <Shinghi> thats important :0

[10:36:47] <Keiji> She's in her normal form right now

[10:36:57] <Shinghi> yeah but does chian know her in her normal?

[10:37:10] <Shinghi> i mean they didn't knew who black heart is in her normal form

[10:37:12] <Keiji> Chian would probably recognise her HDD form, but doesn't recognise her normal form.

[10:37:16] <Shinghi> okay

[10:37:21] <Alpha> ...I like the word Marvelous, it sounds like the name of a video game company.

[10:37:44] <Chian> Hey guys. And you are?

[10:38:32] <Uni> I can just about fly a mini-airship, which should get you there. But it can only carry four people...

[10:39:07] <Chian> Singe? We better stay here right?

[10:39:12] <Uni> I'm Uni! Falcom said you were in trouble. Whoever y'all are. :I

[10:39:26] <Alpha> I am Al--

[10:39:45] <Sigma> *grabs Alpha's arm* This is Alpha-Chan. I am Sigma.

[10:39:55] <Tech> Name's Tech!

[10:39:57] <Falcom> And I'm Falcom! Just an adventurer, ready to help anyone in need~

[10:40:06] <Tech> Awesome stuff!

[10:40:19] <Falcom> I had a feeling there were some people in trouble round here.

[10:40:35] <Chian> Wait Falcom? You bought a sword a time ago at my shop right? I think I know your face

[10:40:36] <Tech> Hey, you kinda remind me of that one guy from our world. I hope he's okay and stuff.

[10:40:54] <Tech> ...Hey wait isn't Arle wearing his clothes?

[10:40:55] <Falcom> Oh! I may well have done. Rare for someone to remember a customer's face!

[10:41:16] <Arle Nadja> ...That's a long story, Tech...

[10:41:32] <Tech> You'll have to tell me later.

[10:41:36] <Chian> You bought one of my faverorites ^^

[10:41:45] <Keiji> Falcom btw http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/9/93/Falcom.png/revision/latest?cb=20110824212126

[10:42:18] <Shinghi> what? in the first game she had a long braid

[10:42:27] <Keiji> http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/7/78/Falcom_img.png/revision/latest?cb=20121124045637 Falcom in 1st game

[10:42:30] <Keiji> above is 2nd game

[10:42:39] <Shinghi> why did she do this :00

[10:42:42] <Keiji> Falcom appears here in her 2nd game form

[10:42:50] <Shinghi> okay ^^

[10:43:04] <Tech> So... who's getting on the airship? Arle, Alpha, Sigma aaand... Mi?

[10:43:07] <Tech> *Me even

[10:43:42] <Arle Nadja> Well, only three of us can go, right? Cause Miss Uni's gotta drive it for us, right?

[10:43:49] <Alpha> I will absolutely NOT allow Sigma to travel alone again! I must accompany him at all times so he doesn't die?!

[10:43:58] <Sigma> A-Alpha-chan...

[10:44:24] <Tech> Nah, it's cool, I get it. I'll stay here and help Chian and Singe here stay safe.

[10:44:45] <Tech> After all it sounds like Angol's got a bunch of crazies working for him still.

[10:45:10] <Falcom> Ah, if it helps.... Although my hometown is an island west of Planeptune, I have a fishing island over in Lastation as well and I don't mind taking a few extra people in!

[10:45:12] <Chian> You would stay with us? Oh thank you! Maybe we have to fix Avenir a little bit up

[10:45:17] <Tech> Oh, but take this with you guys. *passes Arle the Key Fragment* It's much safer with you guys.

[10:45:25] <Arle Nadja> Woah, woah!

[10:45:29] <Arle Nadja> We haven't even decided who's going yeT!

[10:45:41] <Tech> Well, whoever's going, take that!

[10:46:28] <Arle Nadja> ...We needed to warn Neptune, and... maybe it'd be best if Chian and Singe went, since Chian knows all the CPUs and Singe might have some ideas on what's going on behind the Praline front, right?

[10:46:50] <Singe> Certainly... it does seem an awful lot like how Avenir was when it was corrupt.

[10:47:18] <Uni> So, I can take one more...

[10:47:42] <Alpha> Hm... but then, Sigma must be kept safe... but if I send him with you, can I trust that he'll be safe until we can reunite with him?

[10:47:56] <Alpha> He must absolutely under no circumstance die.

[10:48:07] <Alpha> This is imperitive to foiling Mois Praline's conspiricy.

[10:48:25] <Arle Nadja> And... *takes the Key Fragment* Maybe it'd be best if we kept this in Lastation.

[10:48:41] <Alpha> I dont trust Sigma in Lastation with so much danger...

[10:49:05] <Falcom> Don't worry, this island's pretty remote. And besides you've got me to protect it! :D

[10:49:10] <Sigma> Alpha-chan... As long as I'm not alone, I can be okay.

[10:49:41] <Sigma> Do you want me to stay here?... or should I go with them?

[10:49:56] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... Tech, Sigma, Alpha... why don't we all stay with Falcom?

[10:50:07] <Arle Nadja> Nobody said we had to fill every seat on the plane.

[10:50:19] <Tech> Heyo, that sounds cool with me!

[10:50:27] <Sigma> I can agree with this.

[10:50:51] <Alpha> Alright... I'll stay out a while longer. I hope Nanako notices we haven't returned eventually... ._.;;;

[10:51:09] <Singe> Then, Chian and I will take care of informing Neptune, and hopefully we can take another trip to Leanbox as well.

[10:51:26] <Singe> We'll let them know where you are, too.

[10:51:41] <Alpha> OH THANK YOU GOODNESS

[10:51:59] <Tech> ...Alpha must really hate Lastation.

[10:52:27] <Falcom> Hey, just 'cause it's currently overrun by a bunch of bad guys, doesn't make it a bad place, you know?

[10:52:36] <Falcom> I do quite like Lastation myself...

[10:52:42] <Chian> Wait...and we fly to? Planeptune? I have no idea where Neptune is at the moment

[10:52:45] <Falcom> it has the best fishing spots

[10:52:55] <Singe> Planeptune's Basilicom.

[10:53:01] <Chian> Aye aye!

[10:53:02] <Singe> If she isn't there... we can always search further.

[10:53:20] <Chian> Then she's at Compa's house and eats pudding...

[10:53:21] <Tech> Honestly? I think this place would be perfect if it wasn't swarming with Angol's goons!

[10:53:48] <Uni> Ehehe, well, sis and I tried...

[10:53:57] <Chian> Sis?

[10:54:21] <Singe> Shall we depart?

[10:55:03] <Sigma> Goodbye Singe. Goodbye Chian. Please stay safe.

[10:55:39] <Chian> Good bye! Nice to have met you!

[10:55:58] <Uni> [Uni leads Chian and Singe aboard the mini-airship and sets off for Planeptune]

[10:56:22] <Chian> (waves out of a window)

[10:56:23] <Falcom> [Falcom leads everyone else over to her awesome fishing island]

[10:56:29] <Falcom> See ya!

[10:56:32] <Falcom> 4

[10:56:34] <Arle Nadja> 4

[10:56:36] <Sigma> 4

[10:56:37] <Tech> 4

[10:56:39] <Alpha> 4

[10:57:17] <Uni> ...Oh, yeah. Noire-onee-chan! She's so cool, I wish I could be as useful as her...

[10:57:29] <Chian> Wait what?

[10:57:30] <Uni> But at least I managed this much...

[10:57:37] <Chian> YOU are Noire's sister?

[10:57:52] <Uni> ...Is that a problem?

[10:57:59] <Chian> Oh my gooood! The Black Sister! I just love your rifle!

[10:58:09] <Uni> Ehhehehe...

[10:58:20] <Chian> You look like your sister!

[10:58:26] <Chian> So cute >0<

[10:58:29] <Uni> It's cool, isn't it? :D

[10:58:43] <Chian> It's awesome!

[10:59:20] <Uni> (That's the first time anyone's ever admired my weapon... But there's no way I could admit that..)

[10:59:40] <Uni> ...Look, we're almost at the Basilicom!

[10:59:50] <Chian> Say, where did you learn to shoot with the rifle? I mean it must be heavy

[11:00:08] <Chian> Oh yeah you are right (looks out of the window)

[11:00:12] <Keiji> gosh I don't know the answer to that one lol

[11:00:45] <Shinghi> than she faints xD

[11:01:03] <Keiji> NOOO

[11:01:08] <Shinghi> no no :D

[11:01:09] <Keiji> we can't have Uni's plane crash

[11:01:21] <Chao> No more crash landing on the Planeptune!

[11:01:27] <Keiji> LOLOLOL

[11:01:27] <Shinghi> :D

[11:01:35] <Uni> *tries to ignore Chian and focus on landing. And somehow succeeds*

[11:02:05] <Chian> (claps) good landing pilot

[11:02:16] <Uni> *bows* Why thank you, thank you!

[11:02:26] <Singe> *steps out of the plane like the businessman he is*

[11:02:37] <Singe> Now to see if anyone's in...

[11:02:46] <Chian> Yeah, go now!

[11:03:05] <Chian> (going to the basilicom)

[11:03:22] <Keiji> (Shinghi did you want to play Uni from now on?)

[11:03:31] <Chian> 4

[11:03:31] <Shinghi> 7

[11:03:49] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> 3

[11:03:59] <Shinghi> 7

[11:04:14] <Shinghi> I'd love to!

[11:04:19] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> 4

[11:04:23] <Chian> 3

[11:04:24] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> 3

[11:04:35] <Uni> 4

[11:04:44] <Uni> 3

[11:05:26] <Chian> (goes to the Basilicom Staff) Hey! We are searching for Lady Purple Heart. Is she around?

[11:05:27] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Oh, what do we have here? An old man, a boy and a lovely little sister? What a variety!

[11:05:50] <Singe> Old man? Oi, I've still got one-third my years left I'd hope!

[11:06:19] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> As for Purple Heart-sama, I haven't seen her in a while...

[11:06:30] <Uni> So she's not here?

[11:06:40] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> I'm afraid not...

[11:06:47] <Uni> And my best friend Nepgear?

[11:07:25] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> She's extremely busy at the moment, I'm afraid she can't see anyone right now...

[11:07:49] <Uni> Damn. I wanted to talk to her...

[11:07:55] <Nepgear> 5 n+'Nepgear' c+'4' s+'' r+'0' v+'false'

[11:08:01] <Nepgear> 3

[11:08:03] <Nepgear> ...

[11:08:08] <Chian> Maybe they are eating pudding at Compa's house

[11:08:29] <Nepgear> *suddenly appears from one of the many doors in the hallway*

[11:08:52] <Uni> Nepgear! (runs to her and tries to hug her)

[11:08:54] <Nepgear> Ha... Chocolates this, chocolates that... how many times do I have to tell people we're not interested in selling their chocolates?

[11:09:13] <Nepgear> *Sees Singe first* Oh god, there's another one...

[11:09:15] <Nepgear> ...Uni-chan!

[11:09:36] <Chao> poor singe omfg

[11:09:51] <Keiji> sorry if you're feeling a bit left out btw Chao I hope you can have a part soon

[11:10:04] <Shinghi> what is the nickname for nepgear from uni?

[11:10:05] <Chao> It's fine. I'll make up for it at some point

[11:10:24] <Keiji> Not sure, it might just be Gear-chan

[11:10:28] <Shinghi> okay :)

[11:10:46] <Keiji> wait

[11:10:48] <Keiji> that's what Neptune calls her

[11:10:57] <Shinghi> and compa ge-ge

[11:10:59] <Keiji> maybe? I don't freaking remember XD

[11:11:09] <Keiji> Just call her Nepgear-chan

[11:11:12] <Shinghi> okay ^^

[11:11:41] <Uni> Nepgear-chan! Something happened, i don't know the details but we have to talk with Neptune! Can you tell us where she is?

[11:12:00] <Uni> And we don't want to sell chocolate :D

[11:12:02] <Nepgear> Ah... I don't know, actually. She wandered out a while ago and hasn't been back since

[11:12:24] <Nepgear> I'd certainly hope not! Who is that old man you're traveling with, anyway?

[11:12:33] <Singe> Hey, I already told you I'm not an old man!

[11:12:39] <Uni> So she's not in planeptune?

[11:13:08] <Uni> That's Singe. and the woman next to him is Chian. You know her. The old man works together with her

[11:13:08] <Nepgear> Oh, she's probably around.. But you know Neptune, she just does what she likes! She's probably off sleeping and eating cake in someone else's house

[11:13:26] <Nepgear> (*Onee-chan, even.)

[11:13:41] <Keiji> Chian is a woman now?

[11:13:47] <Keiji> I thought Chian was supposed to be a boy

[11:13:51] <Uni> Are you really busy or do you want to come with us? :)

[11:13:59] <Shinghi> I thought he/she is a girl

[11:14:19] <Keiji> I thought he/she was a girl too but according to official sources Chian is a boy... iirc

[11:14:31] <Shinghi> okay than the man next to singe :D

[11:14:39] <Keiji> Nevermind the wiki says she is female

[11:14:41] <Keiji> where did I get this from

[11:14:46] <Shinghi> idk ^^

[11:15:04] <Chao> Episode 62: "What the fuck is Chian's Gender? We just don't know."

[11:15:18] <Shinghi> xD

[11:15:44] <Keiji> Okay fuck it, Chian is a tomboy then

[11:15:49] <Shinghi> shemale

[11:15:51] <Keiji> ...

[11:15:53] <Keiji> lolno

[11:15:59] <Chao> no

[11:16:00] <Keiji> let's not go there

[11:16:02] <Shinghi> or just a trap :D

[11:16:18] <Keiji> She's a Hideyoshi

[11:16:32] <Chao> please dont refer to people with offensive terms like "shemale".

[11:16:36] <Shinghi> she was born without a gender

[11:16:42] <Chao> thank you muchly

[11:16:48] <Shinghi> okay ^-^

[11:16:50] <Keiji> http://cw.nanako.moe/wiki/:File/RH4CMX15GEHPW9MEPXVPT8EQ36

[11:17:05] <Keiji> Looks like she has boobs

[11:17:14] <Shinghi> yeah seems so

[11:17:18] <Keiji> Tomboy it is

[11:17:27] <Chao> Anyway

[11:17:29] <Keiji> Yes

[11:17:32] <Chao> back to the RP.

[11:17:39] <Keiji> I'll retcon the Staff's line to call her a tomboy

[11:18:23] <Nepgear> ...I just told everyone to say I'm busy because all our visitors lately seem to only care about chocolate.

[11:18:54] <Nepgear> Didn't think I'd have to make it explicit that our friends are still allowed...

[11:19:01] <Chian> That's why we want to talk with neptune. a firm named Mois Pralines wants to open everywhere shops

[11:19:20] <Nepgear> Yes, I'm very familiar with that...

[11:19:35] <Nepgear> And we've turned them all down so far, and we're going to carry on.

[11:19:49] <Nepgear> Mostly because Neptune insists Compa should be the one making sweet shops, but...

[11:20:00] <Chao> [Meanwhile, outside, a sizeable Mois airship parks next to Uni's rather tiny airship.]

[11:20:18] <Nepgear> ...oh, here comes another one. Quick, let's hide in my room

[11:20:31] <Uni> Come guys! Hurry up old man!

[11:20:45] <Singe> ...

[11:20:51] <Mois Praline Employee> 5 n+'Mois Praline Employee' c+'10' s+'' r+'0' v+'true'

[11:20:59] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[11:21:01] <Singe> [Nepgear, Chian and Uni make it inside as if they were never there, but Signe doesn't]

[11:21:12] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[11:21:13] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Oh? How can I help you today?

[11:21:42] <Mois Praline Employee> We are here on behalf of Mois Praline. We would like to negotiate the establishment of Mois Praline shops in Planeptune.

[11:21:55] <Praline> 3

[11:22:04] <Praline> *Walks up with the two Employees*

[11:22:22] <Praline> We'd REALLY love it if we could speak with the owner of the Basilicom here.♥

[11:22:42] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> I'm sorry, Lady Purple Heart has already declared there aren't any plans for new chocolate shops...

[11:22:59] <Praline> Is that so?... I believe you misheard.

[11:23:15] <Praline> We're going to open a chocolate shop here. Several.

[11:23:16] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Are you accusing me of misunderstanding my own adorable CPU?

[11:23:31] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> There will be no chocolate shops without her say-so

[11:23:38] <Praline> I mean, have you TRIED a Pralette?

[11:23:49] <Praline> *practically shoving the truffle in the staff's face*

[11:24:03] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> *backs off* Hey now, that's assault!

[11:24:35] <Praline> *she winks at the two employees.* Please show the staff what it means to disagree with me.

[11:24:48] <Mois Praline Employee> Y-YES MA'AM! WE LOVE YOU PRALINE!

[11:24:57] <Mois Praline Employee> AND WE LOVE LASTATION TOO!

[11:25:00] <Singe> You guys should listen to the staff here.

[11:25:33] <Singe> Planeptune just isn't open for business when it comes to chocolate shops.

[11:25:36] <Chao> [both employees basically grab the staff and attempt to throw them aside so Praline can enter]

[11:25:50] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> ...

[11:25:57] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Ow!

[11:26:01] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Security?!

[11:26:05] <Singe> ...

[11:26:19] <Singe> *inconspicously takes out a cellphone and presses some buttons*

[11:26:29] <Chian> 4

[11:26:29] <Uni> 4

[11:26:29] <Shinghi> 2

[11:26:31] <Shinghi> 1

[11:26:47] <Shinghi> (whsipers) we have to do something!

[11:26:51] <EDGE> 5 n+'EDGE' c+'7' s+'' r+'0' v+'true'

[11:26:51] <Shinghi> woops

[11:26:56] <Praline> Ahahahaha. This is the Planeptune staff? It's pretty underwhelming if you ask me! Still, Im irritated that I had to come down here personally.

[11:26:58] <Chian> 3

[11:27:05] <Uni> 3

[11:27:09] <Keiji> Why are there Chian#2 and Uni#2 now

[11:27:12] <Keiji> what

[11:27:15] <Keiji> do you guys see that too

[11:27:23] <Keiji> [12:26:29] * Chian#2 was unclaimed [12:26:29] * Uni#2 was unclaimed [12:26:29] * Shinghi logged out [12:26:31] * Shinghi logged in

[11:27:25] <Chao> In the unclaimed messages

[11:27:29] <Shinghi> yeah. idk why

[11:27:33] <Chao> Uni and Chain have clones now

[11:27:40] <Bit> 5 n+'Bit' c+'8' s+'' r+'0' v+'true'

[11:27:51] <Uni> (whispers) we have to help them!

[11:27:54] <M-3> 5 n+'M-3' c+'9' s+'' r+'0' v+'true'

[11:28:06] <Praline> Now then, where's the person in charge...

[11:28:07] <Nepgear> Yeah... sounds like a lot of commotion out there

[11:28:13] <Nepgear> But we should wait a bit longer...

[11:28:19] <Keiji> [Suddenly...]

[11:28:20] <Uni> Sister action? ;)

[11:28:32] <EDGE> 3

[11:28:34] <EDGE> 3

[11:28:36] <EDGE> 3

[11:28:45] <Bit> 3

[11:28:48] <EDGE> 4

[11:28:52] <Bit> 3

[11:28:54] <Bit> 3

[11:28:58] <M-3> 3

[11:29:14] <Singe> Good job I left all these robots here from the whole Avenir thing eh.

[11:29:36] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Please, get them off me! I'm sorry for calling you an old man!

[11:29:43] <Praline> Oh. Well, that's annoying.

[11:29:53] <Uni> uh? chapeu old man

[11:30:05] <Singe> [The six robots take aim at the three intruders]

[11:30:15] <Praline> I thought we got rid of all the Avenir loose ends. Sounds like Ganache totally screwed up the orders.

[11:30:29] <Keiji> Uni/Nepgear/Chian can't see what's going on, only hear. They're in Nepgear's room and the door is closed

[11:30:57] <Shinghi> yeah but they heard this. I mean so many robots and the voices

[11:31:08] <Keiji> yeah, I was just clarifying

[11:31:16] <Shinghi> okay ^^

[11:31:28] <Praline> I guess I have no choice now, but this wont be good for publicity... OH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYS♥♥♥

[11:31:36] <Singe> So you won't leave easily I guess.

[11:31:59] <Singe> *The front door closes and high security bulkhead does as well*

[11:32:02] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[11:32:03] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[11:32:04] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[11:32:11] <Mois Praline Employee> 3

[11:32:20] <Keiji> how did they sneak through

[11:32:38] <Chao> [More employees file out of the Airship with various Avenir weaponry from leftovers in Lastation]

[11:32:52] <Keiji> or are they outside

[11:33:05] <Chao> [They begin to take aim at the door to get in by force]

[11:33:11] <Nepgear> Hear that?

[11:33:16] <Nepgear> We should go help!

[11:33:23] <Uni> Yeah we should!

[11:33:26] <Nepgear> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'0'+'0'

[11:33:32] <Uni> *transform*

[11:33:39] <Nepgear> *transforms and flies out the window to confront the enemies outside*]

[11:33:52] <Singe> *Meanwhile all the robots inside fire lasers at Praline and the 2 employees inside*

[11:34:03] <Mois Praline Employee> PRALINE NO!!

[11:34:09] <Uni> 6 s-''+'HDD' r-'0'+'0'

[11:34:12] <Shinghi> Keiji you have to edit Uni

[11:34:12] <Mois Praline Employee> *dives to protect Praline*

[11:34:15] <Shinghi> thx :)

[11:34:20] <Mois Praline Employee> *Does the same*

[11:34:30] <Chao> 10 554

[11:34:42] <Uni> *flies behind nepgear and pulls out her rifle*

[11:34:45] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Anyone who dare threaten my cute CPUs must be punished!

[11:35:00] <Praline> The others will join us eventually. Now, to deal with you.

[11:35:36] <Keiji> for reference: M-3 is the strongest and biggest robot, EDGE are fairly strong, and Bits are small floating helper things

[11:36:17] <Keiji> [Praline is currently covered by 2 employees, so all robots have their lasers focused on those 2]

[11:36:32] <Praline> *Demonstrating surprising agility, she weaves through the robot fire, also having her two employees flanking her without question, despite sustaining potentially fatal injuries just to protect her as she makes her way towards Singe.*

[11:37:08] <Nepgear> You're not getting in!

[11:37:23] <Chao> *Meanwhile the employees outside are oblivious to Nepgear and Uni's arrival on the scene, and are still trying to shoot the door down with high grade weapons*

[11:37:26] <Nepgear> *lunges at two of the outside employees with her Gun Blade*

[11:37:41] <Uni> Aim....FIRE! *fires one shoot on one of the employees outside* But we can defeat them!

[11:37:48] <Mois Praline Employee> Hm??? AUGH!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOO!

[11:38:01] <Mois Praline Employee> WE.... WE MUST NOT FAIL...

[11:38:11] <Chian> *quiet clapping in nepgears room*

[11:38:37] <Singe> *Can't move anywhere near as much as Praline, but tries to flee from the evil woman*

[11:38:39] <Mois Praline Employee> Are you guys injured??? Call for back up! We must break in and secure Planeptune at all costs!

[11:38:54] <Uni> Nepgear-chan! Don't let them in!

[11:39:08] <Uni> *reloads her rifle*

[11:39:15] <Singe> *M-3 and one EDGE tracks Praline, targeting her, as the rest of the robots focus on the 2 employees to make sure they can't come to Praline's help*]

[11:39:39] <Praline> Oh, you. So cute.

[11:40:33] <Nepgear> Mirage Dance! *Still fighting at the employees outside trying to distract them from the door*

[11:40:40] <Nepgear> Uni! The plane!

[11:40:53] <Nepgear> You can fly planes right?

[11:40:57] <Praline> *Praline throws a truffle on the ground, which then snowballs into a very large spherical ball of chocolate and energy and flies towards the robots, she continues to chase after Singe*

[11:40:59] <Uni> Wa-! Sure!

[11:41:06] <Nepgear> Think you can hijack it before anyone else gets out?

[11:41:09] <Uni> *shoots on one of the enemys*

[11:41:29] <Mois Praline Employee> *Fires his bazooka at Nepgear, completely ignoring his wounds*

[11:41:36] <Mois Praline Employee> FOR MADAME PRALINE!!!!!!!!!!

[11:41:43] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Watch out!

[11:41:55] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> *Dives over Singe before the chocolate-attack reaches him*

[11:41:57] <Uni> What? You mean...one of the enemy planes? they are much bigger

[11:42:01] <Mois Praline Employee> Aaaaaauuuugh! My stomach.... Does... Does this mean I can't eat Mois Praline chocolates anymore???

[11:42:15] <Uni> Watch out Nepgear-chan

[11:42:17] <Uni> !!

[11:42:23] <Bit> 4

[11:42:25] <Bit> 4

[11:42:39] <Keiji> *Two of the Bits are destroyed in the attack, but the others hold up to it*

[11:42:54] <Praline> Oh Singe! Come here! I just want to talk to you about your work on Avenir!... and how it shouldn't exist!♥

[11:42:56] <Nepgear> Uni...

[11:43:09] <Nepgear> If there's loads of people on there, we can't take them all!

[11:43:55] <Nepgear> But there shouldn't be anyone else who can fly that plane, right? Can't you take out the pilot, lock yourself in the cockpit and fly it away?

[11:44:15] <Uni> I try! But you have to fight alone! Uh-Wait!

[11:44:19] <Nepgear> *still dancing around fending off 4 Praline goons at once*

[11:44:21] <Nepgear> I'm okay here!

[11:44:24] <Chao> [More people file in to replace the injured ones, who just stand there and die from their wounds trying to fight Nepgear and Uni. Something seems strange about them not fleeing*

[11:44:43] <Nepgear> Don't worry about me, we gotta keep the Basilicom safe!

[11:45:02] <Uni> *flies to one of the hurt employees and steals their weapon. she throws the gun in nepgears room* Here, Chian! *then she flies to one of the planes

[11:45:33] <EDGE> *While Praline is distracted trying to talk to Singe, the three big bots coordinate an attack while the remaining Bit attempts to keep the two employees busy*

[11:45:37] <Chian> What? But...Okay! *starts shooting from the window*

[11:45:43] <Mois Praline Employee> She's headed for the airship! Fire!

[11:46:04] <Nepgear> Chian...?

[11:46:06] <Uni> *evading the attacks she continues flieng*

[11:46:09] <Uni> flying*

[11:46:20] <Nepgear> *watches Chian take out one of the outside Employees with surprising accuracy*

[11:46:20] <Chian> *shooting* Yep,Nepgear?

[11:46:25] <Mois Praline Employee> *This employee and #6 fire at Uni, but then get distracted trying to fight off Nepgear and open the door*

[11:46:29] <Nepgear> Where'd you learn to shoot?

[11:46:32] <Nepgear> That's amazing!

[11:46:37] <Mois Praline Employee> Ugh.. there's too much going on...

[11:46:41] <Chian> Man, I have a weapon firm!

[11:47:09] <Uni> *fights into one of the planes* Aim...Shoot!!!

[11:47:33] <Praline> Singe, please. We can negotiate this like reasonable businessmen.

[11:47:48] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Reasonable businessmen would leave when they're asked to!

[11:48:12] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> *Still pinning down one of the employees while the Bit keeps the other in check*

[11:48:14] <Uni> *gives the pilot a headshot and starts pressing buttons and the plane starts to fly*

[11:48:19] <Praline> Oh but you see, I can't do that I'm afraid. It's in the job description that I sell my stuff here.

[11:48:52] <Singe> Ha... Now! *Singe moves just out of the way while the EDGEs and M-3's attack hits Praline full on*

[11:49:15] <Nepgear> Uni! You made it!

[11:49:20] <Uni> That's hard damn! *still trying to get balance in the air*

[11:49:24] <Praline> ??! W-What!-- Aoof!!

[11:49:34] <Nepgear> *watches as the plane takes off, then goes back to finishing off the remaining Employees outside with Chian's help*

[11:49:52] <Chian> Boom boom boom that's somehow fun! Haha!

[11:49:55] <Chao> [The remaining employees on the ship begin to ambush Uni to stop her from leaving without Praline]

[11:50:04] <Keiji> Uni's locked herself in the cockpit

[11:50:12] <Mois Praline Employee> DO NOT STEAL MOIS PRALINE PROPERTY *banging on the door*

[11:50:19] <Uni> Get of you! *shoots on the employee*

[11:50:29] <Mois Praline Employee> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo

[11:50:30] <Uni> Danb I need 2 hands!

[11:50:36] <Mois Praline Employee> GET HER

[11:50:43] <Uni> *the ship leans to the left*

[11:50:54] <Uni> Crash against the walls!

[11:51:07] <Uni> *she tries to do a looping*

[11:51:09] <Nepgear> No! Uni! Not now!!!

[11:51:12] <Nepgear> You can do this!!

[11:51:37] <Nepgear> *With all the Employees outside taken care of she flies up to the plane to join Uni*

[11:51:40] <Praline> Hmph... How dare you?! I spent thousands on this suit! And now it's wasted! I was going to save this for a special occasion, but now you've forced my hand!

[11:51:56] <Singe> You're going nowhere, lady.

[11:51:58] <Uni> Please, god. Let me survive this! *she pulls with all her power the wheel and the plane starts to turn around*

[11:52:06] <M-3> *M-3 now has Praline cornered*

[11:52:31] <Praline> *She locks direct eye contact with the Basilicom Staff, the staff has an unusual look in their eyes now* Call off these robots! I'm not a threat to you♥.

[11:52:57] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Sorry~ I don't control them!

[11:53:20] <Praline> Would you mind restraining Singe over here for me then?

[11:53:30] <Praline> I'd love to get him onn board with our plans♥

[11:53:44] <Praline> *She continues locking eye contact with the staff*

[11:53:53] <Chian> The enemys outside are finished. I gotta look for Singe! *goes to Singe and Praline*

[11:54:04] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> You're no adorable CPU!

[11:54:10] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> You're a silly old lady!

[11:54:28] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> *Somehow, the idiot of a Basilicom Staff is such a lolicon, even her brainwashing doesn't work.*

[11:55:11] <Nepgear> *manages to get into the plane, taking out the Praline goons left and right* There's so many of them! Uni, I know you can do it!

[11:55:35] <Uni> *she succeded the looping and the employees were smahes against a wall* I did it! I did it wooohoooo!!! Nepgear I did it!

[11:55:37] <Praline> Are you serious?! This is the worst possible time for someone stupid to be in my presence! Ugh, I'll just do this then. *She locks eye contact with Singe, regretting not doing this in the first place* CALL OF THESE ROBOTS! ...NOW♥

[11:55:51] <Singe> ....:I

[11:55:51] <Mois Praline Employee> AUUUUUUUUGH

[11:56:06] <EDGE> 4

[11:56:07] <EDGE> 4

[11:56:08] <Chian> Singe don't do this! She's bad! Stay at my side!

[11:56:09] <Bit> 4

[11:56:11] <M-3> 4

[11:56:53] <Keiji> *The Robots stop their attack. But though Praline and one employee is free, they've sustained heavy damage, and their clothes are a mess, not to mention Praline's sample box of chocolates.*

[11:57:05] <Praline> There. See, isn't that all better? Now, let's talk about getting set up and making you fit into the grand scheme of things♥

[11:57:10] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> *Still pinning down the other Employee*

[11:57:14] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> How about you get out of here!

[11:57:23] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Don't listen to her singe!

[11:57:26] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> err

[11:57:26] <Mois Praline Employee> P-Please... Save me Praline... I love you.

[11:57:31] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> Don't listen to her, old man!

[11:57:39] <Keiji> lol forgetting who doesn't know who is fun

[11:57:45] <Chian> That won't help hahaha. Your plane just flew away lovely Praline! :)

[11:58:32] <Praline> Well, I've got some loose ends to tie up, but I'll be back. *Praline materializes a smoke bomb from her suit, and she uses it to escape with Singe in tow*

[11:58:44] <Singe> 4

[11:58:46] <Praline> LOVE YOU BUH BYE!!!♥

[11:58:48] <Praline> 4

[11:58:51] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> ...Always with the smoke bombs...

[11:58:54] <Mois Praline Employee> N-Noooooo....

[11:58:57] <Mois Praline Employee> *dies*

[11:58:59] <Shinghi> but the door is locked up or not?

[11:59:01] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[11:59:06] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[11:59:08] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[11:59:09] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[11:59:11] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[11:59:15] <Mois Praline Employee> 4

[11:59:24] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> This place is a mess. (There's chocolate, shreds of clothes and bits of robot everywhere.)

[11:59:42] <Keiji> The door opened when the outside threat was gone

[11:59:45] <Uni> I've never flew in such a big plane. Damn that's awesome

[11:59:57] <Chao> THis is not a good day for Signe

[12:00:12] <Nepgear> *finally done taking out all the enemies*

[12:00:20] <Nepgear> Hey, Uni? You can open the door now. They're all gone

[12:00:35] <Uni> Okay. But we are still in the air.

[12:00:41] <Uni> *opens the door*

[12:00:42] <Nepgear> I meant the cockpit door.

[12:01:02] <Uni> oh ^^' *closes the wrong door and open's the cockpit door*

[12:01:17] <Nepgear> *de-transforms and comes to sit in the co-pilots seat*

[12:01:20] <Nepgear> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'0'+'0'

[12:01:23] <Uni> 6 s-'HDD'+'' r-'0'+'0'

[12:01:25] <Uni> *de-transforms*

[12:01:31] <Nepgear> So, how'd you like it? Flying such a big plane?

[12:01:34] <Uni> AAAAAH WE DID IT!!!! *girly screams*

[12:01:45] <Nepgear> We sure did! *high-five*

[12:01:50] <Uni> *high five*

[12:02:01] <Uni> Noire and Neptune will be proud of us!

[12:02:19] <Uni> I think I get this plane. They won't need it anymore :D

[12:03:16] <Nepgear> Still, where did all this come from?

[12:03:31] <Nepgear> The millions of requests for chocolate shops, now this all out attack...

[12:03:59] <Nepgear> Ah, think you can land again? I should see if Chian and everyone are okay...

[12:05:08] <Uni> In Lastation is a firm called Mois Pralines. They are selling tons of chocolate to the people and now they want to open shops here, in Leanbox and Lowee. *lands* Blanc herself came and was in one of the tv spots!

[12:05:32] <Nepgear> Blanc did?

[12:05:42] <Nepgear> *runs inside and sees all the mess* Oh my...

[12:05:45] <Chao> 10 500

[12:05:46] <Uni> She was kinda...changed but she looked like

[12:05:59] <Nepgear> Onee-chan... well, Histoire... is not going to like this.

[12:06:22] <Uni> But now er HAVE to find Neptune!

[12:06:28] <Uni> we*

[12:06:28] <Planeptune Basilicom Staff> She... took the old man!

[12:06:35] <Nepgear> She what..?

[12:06:46] <Uni> But I flew the plane...!

[12:06:55] <Nepgear> Then she must be on the run..

[12:06:58] <Nepgear> literally.

[12:07:09] <Uni> With this old man?

[12:07:15] <Uni> They can't be THAT far


Character text lines: 439
User text lines: 176
Action lines: 81

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Uni: 69
Chian: 58
Nepgear: 57
Praline: 47
Singe: 40
Alpha: 25
Tech: 21
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Falcom: 10
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EDGE (x1): 1