Compa (EntityTopic, 7)

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Compa is a nurse who appears in the Neptunia series. She is with you from the very start of the game; she is the one who finds Neptune half-buried in the ground after she fell out of the sky. She is your main healing character (until Histoire comes along anyway, if you have her DLC installed) and she also attacks with a giant syringe.

She has a fairly easygoing and ditzy personality, and says "desu" in almost every sentence. Apparently this counts as a power, as when Arfoire first attempted to steal Neptune's powers, Compa got in the way and Arfoire copied her desu-habit instead.


The exact etymology of her name is unknown, but Chao reckons it is derived from Compile and Keiji guessed that it is short for companion, as she is the first one you get.