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This is a list of major characters in Compile Worlds, previously known as Subete PuyoPuyo.


Arle Nadja
The original heroine of Puyo Puyo! She also happens to be lusted or envied by half the cast for various reasons. Her magic is diverse, and she makes the most delicious curry in all of the Compile Worlds! Of course, being the main character of the games, she's one of the main characters in the RP, too.
A mythical "dragon" who happens to be Arle's pet, after defecting from his original owner. He spends most of his time eating curry and shooting giant lasers from the gem on his head. He also says "guh" alot. Since that's incredibly annoying after like 5 seconds, the RPers just pretend he's there with Arle without actually portraying him.
Lagnus the Brave
The hero of an unnamed world, he slayed an oracle and was crowned by the Goddess Eldora for his efforts. Unfortunately, Yoggus threw his homeworld into utter chaos, and he got stuck with a curse that makes the physical age of his body fluctuate at inconvenient times, with the only cure being level ups.
The main character of Puyo Puyo Fever. Her main goal in life is to hit the books hard to become a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER!!! Unfortunately, she's also blonde, so that kind of makes her a total ditz and somewhat cliched at times, making her goal difficult to achieve. She is capable of transforming into an alter ego that borders on Deus Ex Machina.
Amitie's rival classmate in Puyo Puyo Fever. She's a snobby rich girl who doesn't actually know how to use magic, instead using a stupid pouch at her waist to convert her kinetic energy into magic spells. One may say due to her more serious attitude that she'd actually be more qualified to be at the top of the class than Amitie, but she spent too much time getting on the teacher's bad side and hasn't been quite the same since.
The new hero in Puyo Puyo Fever 2. He is a spacey, insect obsessed boy who was born from the good half of the book demon. Thus, half of his power comes from the big ass crab-claw of a left arm he has. He tries hard to be a good boyfriend to Rider, but he hasn't quite learned how to stop telling other girls they're attractive yet. He, like Amitie, has a powerful second form that he enters when he means serious business.
The main hero of Puyo Wars and the first male protagonist! He's a synthetic lifeform born and raised as an ordinary human by a Professor in the Puyo Wars World. He can sense the power and feelings of Puyo, and shatters his opponents with mighty earth magic and his trusty Protector. He has a strange relationship with Angol Mois.
A cute little girl with control over the sea. She was a pink Puyo, who was reincarnated by Eldora to deal with Angol Mois, who had become out of hand. She teamed up with Daichi and demonstrated that cute looks don't mean she can't kick some ass! That being said however, she is gentle and sweet, and often tries to look for less violent ways to accomplish her goals.
Daichi's rival and a tsundere. He's kind of handsome with his emo hair, but everyone just thinks he's gay for Daichi, frustrating him to no end. Regardless, anyone who dares get on his bad side will get a nice taste of wind magic. Like Marin, he's also the reincarnated form of a previous life, though of exactly what is uncertain.
Ringo Andou
The heroine of Puyo Puyo 7, and easily one of the most kickass characters ever! She's the daughter of a grocer from the Suzurian Shopping District, gaining the ability to use powerful magic straight from her Geometry textbook! She also makes a lot of mathematical analogies and euphemisms. Because she's such a great heroine, many people have tried to put their lives in her hands, both metaphorically and literally.
Tejina Mikuri
A Star Mage from some unknown parts. She is excessively random and speaks in a unique way that is hard to interpret. She tries often to break the fourth wall or make shout-outs to other series, and most of her spells are invoked by lulzy Latin incantations. Her humorous nature tended to get her left out of earlier plots, but more recently she's had a chance to shine.
A technomage from a different magic school in Primp. He is known for his invention and weapon the Techno Buster, situated on his right arm. He's also a total computer freak, owning a Linux computer (somehow able to run Windows drivers, we might add). Despite being a male character, Tech wears alot of pink, which makes him super gay manly.
One of the five Planetary Gods of Gaias, she is a kind and benevolent deity who watches over the Compile Worlds. Originally, she only monitored life on Gaias, but also eventually gained power over space and time from her co-gods Omega and Weather. She resisted the molting of the planet once, infuriating her fellowship and leading to a possible expulsion from Angel Academy. She was imprisoned by Fake Arle for a good length of the RP, but she is now free.

Neutral Characters

Draco Centauros
A hot tempered dragon-lady and Arle's ultimate rival in beauty contests. Once the leader of the Anti Dark Magic Alliance, Draco has since retired from such a demanding role and opted to take a less serious approach to life, siding with whoever would get her what she most desired. Her one true love is Arle herself, but she often gets the hots for many other cute girls, dumping each for various reasons.
A quiet and lonely mermaid who used to be shy. Since gaining the courage to have a voice, she can sometimes make it very known her opinions and thoughts on matters. She is famous for her Seriri Blue text color, which is near illegible on the boring white theme of the Wiki and chat. Seriri is in love with Draco, but was rejected because she's such a cripple without water. Isn't it sad, Seriri?.
A beautiful angel with a soothing singing voice. She always talks in a sing-songy manner and tries her best to help everyone. She is kind and caring, and only wants the best for her world, protecting it with her very life sometimes. She has played various roles of importance throughout the events of the RP, from predicting the future to intervening in critical moments.
A tribal girl with a strange appearance. She is the only character introduced in Puyo Puyo~n. She seems to specialize in Nature magic and keeps Dragon around as a pet. Wielding a staff, her true nature and power has yet to be seen...
An illusionary(?) person created to help Magical Kindergarten students pass their final exams. He gained a crush on Arle, however, and he gained a physical presence in order to find her and pursue her love. However, he was instead manipulated by Fake Arle into carrying out her evil plans, causing his reputation to become soiled. He is trying to repair it to little avail...
A quiet moe with a second set of jugs on her head. She has a bad habit of stuttering constantly due to being painfully shy and reclusive. She also wears the longest sleeves known to man as a result of this hermit-like behavior. Despite that, though, Rider has a crush on Sig, and has agreed to be his boyfriend, though these days they don't get much time for romantics. Rumor has it she is an excellent Tetris player...
Ms. Accord
Apparently the only teacher at Primp Magic School. She is a humble woman with an interest in music theory, though she has also displayed tendencies of being a raving mad (wo)man. She was a puppet of her own puppet in the beginning of the RP, but has since been brought back to her senses. She prioritizes the studying of her students above other things, and she is capable of teaching them advanced magic in very little time.
A comet wizard from a neighboring magic school. He has a curious fascination with candy, causing most people to mistake him for a pedophile at first glance. He is, however, the exact opposite; a moral, well-doing, person who doesn't want to date people much younger than he is. He's often flying around on his broom taking care of trouble when it calls him to a situation, but he can also be found screaming the most epic exclamation ever.
The mascot of this very website, and the star of her own game! She has persocom ears and is a artifical lifeform. She owns the FGF Research Co. and has helped the heroes with random god-mod powers at times. While she generally means well, she can act impersonal and treat people like a jerk, giving people a suspicious or uncomfortable approach to her. She, along with four others, coordinated the entire events of SHAME in order to study the mysterious metalevels.
Nanako's brother and right hand man. He is more proactive than Nanako is with the behind-the-scenes work at FGF, often keeping her up to date on the latest going ons. However, also like a slave or employee, he is not exempt from Nanako's rude behavior, causing him to feel lonely and unappreciated at times. He fishes to himself while thinking and is the catalyst of the events in Project Nanako.


Schezo Wegey
A perverted dark wizard who wants Arle...'s power! He accidentally makes euphemisms in his dialogue that the characters interpret as come-ons, much to Schezo's dismay, though he sometimes does that just to piss you off. Secretly, though, he wants Witch to be his desire, though she hasn't come around...yet. When he's not being a goofball or trying to not impress the ladies, he works on becoming better than his rival Lagnus.
The self-proclaimed fighting queen and rival of Arle. She is jealous that Satan is in love with Arle and not herself, so she goes out of her way to ridiculous lengths to antagonize Arle and woo Satan into bed with her. Despite her riches and two giant estates, she still can't seem to make it work out for herself, and one episode showed us why. Rulue is determined to have her way, though, no matter the cost.
A hyperactive witch with a strange fetish for blueberry muffins. She is quite silly and acts on her own whims, rather wanting to cause distractions and have fun than be involved in anything serious. Somehow, she came to be a proficient mage and yet another rival to Arle, though sometimes she has seen Arle as a victim to be sexually harassed as well. Secretly, she is envious of Arle.
The valedictorian of Primp Magic School. He is a stuck-up goody two shoes with a penchant for stealing library books. He studies one particular book obsessively, and has willingly let himself be possessed by it twice in order to obtain ultimate power. His lust for power and fame and his snobby attitude make no one want to be around him though. Secretly, he has a crush on Amitie, though he may never live to see the day she reciprocates those feelings.
A loli whose specialties are dark magic and divination. She is somewhat-yandere and is consumed by lust for Lemres, whom does not reciprocate. She is well-versed in ancient texts and legends, in particular the Book of DINNER, which caused her to obtain a divine ascension into power.
Angol Mois
The ultimate biological weapon. He is a charismatic, yet stoic character from the Madou World who was summoned by Eldora to lead Gaias into prosperity. However, Angol became infuriated at human greed and stupidity, and ultimately went to war with the people of Gaias to destroy them, nearly losing his grip on sanity. He was stopped and sent to the Abyss, making him distrust the gods as well as humans. Despite his cold and extreme take on life, he values his relationships with Daichi an Gypsum...
A business-like girl from the Abyss. She was rescued from poverty and recognized for her talents by Angol, whom she has seen as a master-figure ever since. She is fiercely loyal to Angol, but slightly irritable to others. She has a grudge against Witch, which requires disciplinary action from Angol to control. Other than the aforementioned grudge, she tries to mind her manners and even acts cute and courteous to those that show her kindness.
Lord Marcus XXXIX
A dark mage and noble men serving for his king, Satan. He is the uncle of Lady Eltia, and has absolutely no shame or remorse in being Satan's minion. Often, he takes up a position of leadership and (ab)uses his power to make a compelling argument to others to band with his cause. He is somewhat arrogant and vain, boasting about his superior power and taking credit for his underlings' hard work.
Lady Eltia
A powerful dark mage who is about the size of a doll. She is the niece of Lord Marcus, and she cares deeply for her family, but also does her best to fulfill her servitude to Satan. She has found a significant other in Ringo, whom she entrusted her life to once before after seeing potential in her. Despite being the cause of much tension between the characters during the first season, she is not an antagonistic character by nature, and is almost sort of melancholy...
A being whom apparently has no true form or body. He takes the bodies of others to convey his thoughts and power. His cells are unique in that they can be remote controlled by himself. For 600 hundred years, he and Ecolo shared the same body and name, and he suffered while watching Ecolo practice his insane antics on the universe. Currently controlling the body of Omega, Ekoro is a depressing character, often expressing negative emotions or pessimistic outlooks.


Doppelganger Arle
An evil alter ego of Arle that was the main antagonist of Puyo Puyo~n. She was accidentally created by the portal to the Abyss, and was convinced by her future self to be madly in love with Satan, causing her to marry him and live in an alternate dimension with him. Being a coordinator of SHAME, she is mysterious and hard to read. Ultimately, she was killed in the events of SHAME and YON, but has since returned to cause mischief in the second season.
Strange Klug
The unholy fusion of Klug and the book demon. He was a quiet, negotiable man, keeping his dark motives on a back burner to gain insider scoop on everything. He coordinated SHAME with Nanako and Doppel in order to make Sig's body suitable for him to re-merge back into himself as a whole being. However, this proved to backfire on him fatally, as Sig absorbed him instead and allowed Eta to devour his remains within him.


The king of the Abyss and main antagonist of Puyo Puyo. His evil plans are centered around forcing Arle Nadja to marry him and have a honey moon under the starry night sky with her. While his motivation is ultimately rather ridiculous, he is a villain to be feared, with many powerful underlings carrying out his whims and fancies. He also seems to like DIAMONDS and showers Arle in massive amounts of wedding gifts. He also has a strange interest in Carbuncle, going so far as to even cosplay him.
A demonic cat that doubles as Ms. Accord's puppet. He is notorious in Primp for his efforts to murder the students of Primp Magic School via his manipulation of Ms. Accord. However, Popoi is mostly a shadow villain, never seen and doing all his work off screen. He has an acquired taste for Norwegian Black Metal and sick mind games. In his spare time, he likes to play the host of torturous game-shows such as Jump to Conclusions!.
A psychotic technomage who has been causing havoc and chaos for 600 years. He forcefully merged with the more benevolent Ekoro, stealing both his name and his power until being exorcised by Sig. He is extremely fond of goofing off and causing big lulz, and often spends more time pissing the protagonists off than actually doing them any harm. However, in an instant he can snap and cause extremely bad things to happen, such as summoning black holes and destroying Planetary Hearts. He was finally killed in the first arc of Compile Worlds 2.
Fake Arle
Half of Arle's personality that separated into a different entity and went renegade. While at first she seemed to be just a comedy relief character, she has since revealed this to be a ruse, being a sinister mastermind playing Xanatos Speed Chess against the entire universe. She has been laying out incredibly calculated plans since the RP's first moments, with the desired results still remaining a mystery. She finally merged back with Arle in the finale of Compile Worlds 1.
Neo Angol
The ultimate lifeform created by Fake Arle. Touted to be an improved version of Angol's synthetic biology, he is a genetic copy of Daichi, with Angolian characteristics. He was completely obliterated by Omega, and plans for a second one were laid, but alas, it was just not meant to be.

Ekoro's clones

A clone of Sho who pretended to be the real one throughout the Meteor Arc and the Amalgamation. He is responsible for helping create nearly all of Ekoro's clones, and was ultimately banned due to his excessive miscalculations in their haste. He is also a member of the cloning project itself, being the very first clone and was thought to be destroyed. He also has an irrational hatred of antagonizing ducks.
Beta/Dark Witch
The second clone in the series, who was based off Witch. Unlike her model, she is actually super-serious and takes things with a no-nonsense approach. As such, it was extremely humiliating when she was rebodied with kitty-ears instead of persocom ears like Theta, much to her dismay.
Gamma/Dark Lemres
The third clone in the series, who was based off Lemres. He doesn't seem to act much different from his model, other than not being as candy-obsessed. His soul is trapped in Limboseum, being the only clone left unfound after the RP's first season.
Delta/Lam the Stelly
The fourth clone in the series, based off Mikki. She gracefully wields a scimitar, and has impressive renovation skills. Notably, she wears a hood at times to conceal her identity and practices other odd habits, such as making dishes from wild mushrooms and living underneath people's beds. She enjoys watching Strigina poke fun at Mikki on the rare occasion she does.
Epsilon/Dark Nohoho
The fifth clone in the series, based off that frekkin frog Nohoho. He acts much like his counterpart, though he is much more irritable and charges in yen instead of US Dollars. He also tends to make much more expensive offers, leading to failure to sell things in a less-humorous manner.
A clone destined to be a vessel for Fake Arle's plans. She was a clone of Amitie, but a severe miscalculation caused her to die before birth.
Eta/Dark Sig
The sixth clone in the series, based off Sig. He is passive-aggressive at times, and is prone to exploding and bursts of anger. He is also easily confused by his peers and often looks to his other clones for protection and security. He was absorbed by Sig in SHAME, where he became a part of Sig's personality and lent him his power for the Black Sig transformation.
Theta/Dark Ringo
The seventh clone in the series, based off Ringo. She was a key character throughout much of the Meteor Arc, but was killed by the atmosphere of Whitespace during an epic battle with Marcus, and turned into hundreds of spiders, leading to Eltia's awakening. She was rebodied by Nanako in a semi-digital form, with persocom ears, and ultimately was revived by Benedict.
Phi/Perfect Light/Dark Lagnus
The eighth clone in the series, based off Lagnus and also Ekoro's futile attempt to harness the Light. Alpha designed Phi with free will AI, and both Ekoro and Alpha gave him a perfectly Pure heart. This ultimately resulted in his destruction though. However, Phi recorded his data on a backup disc, along with recording a crude AVI of his final words. He was revived by Alpha and Harpy.
Omega/Dark Draco
The ninth clone in the series, based off Draco. Though she was scrapped due to a "design flaw" pointed out by Fake Arle, she erroneously claims there was only meant to be one "ultimate clone". She rebelled against her creator and gathered her brethren against him in the finale of Subete PuyoPuyo. She is currently the physical body of Ekoro himself; nobody can ever be sure if it's her or him talking now...
Zeta/Dark Arle/Aru-Zeta
The tenth and final clone of the series, based off Arle, and Ekoro's most powerful clone. She was created to compensate for the loss of the original Zeta, and gained the affectionate nick-name "Aru-Zeta" as a result. Zeta is prone to emotional moments and sudden inferiority complex break-downs. She was programmed with several fail-safe programs to keep her in line for Fake Arle's plans, but even these failed to deter her from ultimately letting herself be absorbed by Omega.

Played for Laughs

Strigina Reuiss
The mother of Tejina Mikuri, who we nicknamed "Stringy Rice" due to the strange spelling of her name. She tries her hardest to piss people off by enacting delays on her services and performing them in bizarre ways, causing Mikki much distress. She also enjoys teasing and torturing Mikki herself, leading one to question what kind of parental role model she is. She also happens to be leagues better at potion crafting and dark magic than her daughter.
A sleazy frog merchant. He's known for smuggling curry and offering goods and services at prices that are too good to be true. He also lowers his prices constantly or makes up sales on the spot to entice customers into purchasing his goods. Usually though, he fails spectacularly and is often shoved off by his target consumers, who are annoyed by his presence.
Doppelganger Schezo
The villain of Waku Waku Puyo Dungeon. He's a wannabe evil red clone who just couldn't live up to the epicness of his contemporaries. As such, when he tried to make the end of the Meteor arc a Gambit Pileup, he failed miserably and was trapped Above the Abyss forever.


Rika Delgado
A tortiseshell cat-girl from a northern Nyan village. She joined the Anti Dark Magic Alliance to put an end to Ecolo's madness in Primp. Her abilities included being able to transform into a full-cat form and using her cat instincts and attacks to swiftly bring down her prey.
A yuki-onna from a world not known. She quickly became friends with Ecolo and serviced him when he asked. Her talents included pissing everyone off with her tapedeck and manipulating the snow.
The Librarian
A librarian who worked in the Abyss. Unlike the two above, he was killed on-screen by Lagnus in self defense when he attacked his party in the library.


An ice fairy from the Touhou series. She's a bakafairy who's out to prove that she's the strongest! In the Meteor arc, she was knocked astray by a meteor Marcus summoned and now she's thirsty for revenge!...and some frogs to hug.
Patchouli Knowledge
An exasperated librarian form the Touhou series. She just wants peace and quiet in her library, but she is constantly disrupted by Marisa Witch Mitsuki, who insists on beating her up and taking her books.
Sonic the Hedgehog
The main protagonist of the Sonic series. A blue hedgehog who hasn't a care in the world and just likes to run around.
Amy Rose
Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend. She has a bad temper and likes to whack people on the head with a giant hammer.
Dr. Eggman
The primary antagonist of the Sonic series. He's a morbidly obese scientist who's goal is World domination.
The Infomaniac
A denizen of Lego Island, his job is to guide you through the game, though sometimes he just installs DirectX 5 incorrectly instead. He tells you how to do mundane things like changing flowers and putting the CD in your computer. For some reason, he plays the role of a police officer.
Kakurine Woodsly
A Witch-in-Training. She's constantly looking for ways to better herself and is out to become the best witch there is.
Happy the Chao
A Chao obsessed with apples to the point of insanity. Dare you touch his apples and he totally freaks out.
Baby Max
A pre-pubescent boy trying to physically affix his age to early childhood. He fails at being either age.
A wannabe ladies man with a golden afro. He was tied up and used as bait in the Abyss and was never seen again.
A demon of sloth disguised as a cute little kitty girl. She spends more time sleeping than even Sig, which is saying something.
An Abysian craftsman. Basically a cameo from Minecraft and usually played for laughs.