Metalevels (ConceptTopic, 11)

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Metalevels is a term referring collectively to the use of "zero", "one" and "two" as used as nouns classifying the characters in Compile Worlds.

The first mention of these terms was by Nanako in Episode 32, where she promptly claimed that Arle was a zero. It is now known that Arle is actually a one; what Nanako said here was not entirely incorrect, merely outdated. What is clear is that it is possible for a zero to become a one - as this is exactly what Arle has done, albeit unwittingly - but it is not yet known how this is done.

The term "zero" generally refers to an ordinary denizen of the Compile Worlds universe, while "one" refers to a specific few characters who have access to a certain scientific field, outside the dimensions of space, time and the usual magical fields. The ones are clearly far more powerful than the zeroes, though Angol Mois is definitely an anomaly, being technically a zero while being stronger in practice than any of the ones.

As well as being powerful, the ones all seem to share some intimate "behind-the-scenes" knowledge that the zeroes do not have. Thus, they have been known to frequently do Strange Klugs. In some cases it also appears particularly condescending to the zeroes. Nanako's case has been exemplified and exaggerated in-universe, where she has seemingly transformed from a very nice person giving the ex-ADMA all sorts of things to help them on their quest into someone that Auriol has quite rightly called a "jerk". Perhaps the entire point of the LOPAC roles was to spread the ones about and encourage communication between ones and zeroes so it didn't just become an all out war between the two metalevels.

It was revealed that the entire events of SHAME were orchestrated by Nanako and Ekoro's Possessor in order to study the metalevels and eventually meet someone of metalevel two; indeed they did when the guardian of Gamindustri Graveyard, CFW Judge showed up and ended their final feud over Primp. He revealed there were probably even higher metalevels than those seen on Primp, and he scolded Nanako and Ekoro for chasing him down and pitting all of Primp against itself in the process. Nanako resolved to find a more peaceful way to continue her studies, while Ekoro was satisfied by just seeing a two in person. Though Strange Klug and Auriol were original involved with SHAME's construction, they deviated to their own motives, with Auriol's being unknown, and the book demon's being to reclaim his original body and power.

Though the concept seems to have been all but forgotten by Compile ♥ Worlds, Angol Mois' unusual anomaly with the magical field continues to be an integral plot point.