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Puyo Puyo 7 is a stupid edutainment game where you answer math questions cause SEGA thinks that's such a brilliant idea. After you get over 9000 correct answers, it unlocks a special event where you can actually play Puyo. Other than that, it's obviously made with no effort whatsoever. Don't blame them, though. That waiting mob of crazy Japs wouldn't wait busting HQ doors forever.


Scrapped Characters

Prototype Beta versions

See Puyo Puyo 7 Beta version for further reading.

From an "interview" (Hi-jacking and murder threats, actually), it was revealed that the original Puyo Puyo 7 was actually going to have a Sonic theme to it to advocate a rebirth of the series in all nations, and would actually have 15th's features, such as the additional modes. SEGA showed the "interviewer" that they went far enough to make art and animation for all the characters, henshin and all, several tunes from various Sonic games, and a very lengthy, yet incomplete story mode. Unfortunately, half way through development, they thought it would be better just to re-invent the series in Japan only by adding sloppy new characters 3/3MaguroRisukumaDark Arle (and screwing up Draco's design) because the only thing they care about when making Puyo is money, so the Sonic plan was scrapped and several story mode stages and modes were completely cancelled (No add) due to the deadline, leaving what we now know as Puyo Puyo 7. 'sides, maybe Japan's fed up with stuff like that now.

Further interviewing (Hi-jacking, yeah) revealed that there were gonna be other Touhou characters because SEGA wanted to please Japan even more. They were going to e-mail ZUN for permission but all of a sudden, another one of the staff thought it would be a better idea to just go with the original Puyo characters so they also abandoned the idea. At least we have our Fever-styled Touhou BGs. Possibly, SEGA was also thinking about making a Touhou-based Puyo game but this is unconfirmed.