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Schezo Wegey is a primary antagonist in the Puyo series, as well as a major character in Compile Worlds. He erroneously claims to be the Dark Wizard but is actually a sword-wielding pervert warrior who lusts after Arle Nadja's loli appeal power, not unlike Arle's other rivals. Usually, his advances fail, which resulted in him eventually finding someone else to direct his antics towards.


Schezo's life in dark magic began when he was fourteen, when he discovered a portal to the Madou World. As he ventured through, he was issued a test by the flamboyant Runelord. Schezo eventually defeated Runelord and acquired the title of Dark Wizard from him. Returning, he decided to stay in this new world and practice dark magic instead of returning to his class. Eventually, he grows older and constructs a dungeon, where he lured mages in to steal their powers. Arle was one of his victims, though she escaped and ended these antics. Later, Schezo would scale the Tower of the Magician to claim Wish's power for his own, becoming reluctant allies with Witch, seeking to prove her strength to her grandmother. However, due to Wish being possessed by Dark Matter, and possibly because of a crush on Witch, Schezo did not take Wish's power, stating it would be no good to do so when she is weakened. Soon after, he became a frequent participant in Puyo related antics, which caused him to be warped to Primp.

Schezo has a peculiar way of talking, which causes most people to call him a pervert. Occasionally, he intentionally speaks in a perverted manner just to piss the other person off. Usually, he can't stop thinking about the power he must obtain or the women he likes. When others humiliate or frighten him, he usually goes off the deep end and leaps sword first into action, such as when Witch's blueberry muffin attack him. He has a hard time remaining calm for long, and his loud mouth gets him in trouble frequently, usually with the person he's trying to victimize themselves. It is unknown to what lengths Schezo takes being the dark wizard; Arle suggests that this goes as far as ignoring personal hygiene and living standards in Puyo Puyo SUN.

Though a notable Dark Wizard, Schezo has barely participated in fight scenes, and is usually portrayed in a comedic light, so his capabilities are widely unknown. What is certain is that he is not as well versed in Dark Magic as the primary RP antagonists are.


It is unknown where Schezo's name is derived. It could be derived from the Italian Scherzo, which means 'joke'. Wegey has no known source, as of current knowledge. Much like Rulue, Schezo's name may be completely original nonsense made by Compile.



  • Schezo is the most important reoccurring character with the fewest number of appearances, having only 8 appearances to date.
    • None of these appearances are in the Accord Arc segment.
    • His longest appearance gap is 11 episodes, appearing in Episode 11, and then disappearing again until Episode 23.
      • By pure coincidence, he and Rulue are both absent after Episode 2, and reappear in Episode 10
    • Schezo appeared in Episode 40 however, which reset the record to 12, having not appeared since Episode 27.
  • Notably, in many of his appearances, Witch is also present.
  • While he is retired as a gag character, he has had more appearances than any other gag character, including Nohoho.
  • Schezo has had three different text colors: cyan (current), brown (current) and purple (Pre-Meteor).
    • He shares his current colors with both incarnations of Ecolo and Marcus, both characters associated with strong dark magic.
    • Though the shade of purple he used does not exist on Kawachat, he would have shared it's closest equivalent with Nanako.
    • Cyan is only used when Keiji claims the wrong Schezo in the chat. (There is both a "Schezo" and a "Schezo Wegey")
  • Schezo is one of three major Madou characters not to have met Ekoro during the Ekoro arc, only meeting him in person during Episodes 26 and 27
    • Conversely, this also means he doesn't have a clone, despite Arle and Witch both having one each.
    • However, he DOES have an evil red clone who appeared in Episode 24.
  • In Puyo Puyo Tetris, Schezo is the only boss/rival from the original Puyo Puyo game who does not specialize in Tetris; Satan and Rulue both specialize in Tetris.

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