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Tech is a character in Compile Worlds. He is a teenage boy who studies to be a technomage at the same school as Lemres and Feli, though these studies were put to a halt when Ecolo destroyed Primp. He debuted in Episode 44, showing up at Madou Homu-Mikki randomly after being dumped off from the aftermath of Ecolo's destruction.

Character concept

One day, Waterchan and Chao were discussing original Puyo characters, and Chao decided to create one himself. Thus, Tech was born, taking elements off of Amitie's then current design to give him a cool appearance. His primary weapon, the Techno Buster, is worn on his left arm.

However, Chao being the idiot he is, went and lost the old design in a computer failure, and Waterchan no longer had the reference herself, so Chao had to redesign the outfit from a bust he drew in a notebook. In general, it is very close to what the original had looked like, sharing some similarity with the Chibi form outfit he had also designed at the time.


Tech is a student of the neighboring (possibly rival?) Magic School where Lemres and Feli study. Like Lemres, he is ina senior class to Feli, and even has free time to do what he wants in The Computer Room. Unlike what his technological interests imply, he studies magic at the school. This was brought to a sudden halt when Ecolo destroyed Primp entirely, warping him to the Madou World.

Tech is a good student, having spare time to "derp off" in class. He is also interested in computers and technology, though he made a fool of himself expressing this once. He may also have interests in video games and memes, reciting Minecraft memes for the hell of it. He is proud of his status as a senior student, and often teases Feli about it. He is also quite fond of the colors pink and red it seems. He is somewhat smug with himself, claiming Feli would only attempt to better her own social status with The Book of DINNER's holy texts. He seems to have a thing for Draco Centarous, but that might just be because she's the sexiest girl in the entire Madou World.

His physical strength is unknown, but armed with his Techno Buster, he was able to distract Ecolo and disintegrate his clones while the others unsealed Aeris. Given the versatility of his weapon, it's quite clear he is a capable fighter.


Tech is obviously derived from technology.


  • ...Bummer. I was hoping to learn some cool stuff today and derp off in computer class.Episode 44
  • ..Seriously? I've heard of people who never upgrade their plugins, but jesus. — Episode 44
  • For some reason, I feel compelled to say "Mah boi".Episode 49
  • Oh great, Feli's hungry. Someone break out the cake rolls. — Episode 49
  • Don't even think about evoking Stairsman. — Episode 49
  • Me? I sure do. But Who wouldn't? You're totally friggen hot.Episode 50
  • I'd be mashing the A button right now if I could. — Episode 50
  • He had a nice ass, ok?Episode 61


  • Tech is the only male character whose pink text color matches his attire; Strange Klug and Eta did not wear pink, and only had pink colors due to being evil at one time.
  • Speaking of, Tech's affinity for the color pink has yet to be explained.
  • Tech is one of two character's whose silhouette was used to hype the Gathering before it's beginning, the other being Charyl.
    • He's the only one of the two to make an appearance in the first episode of the arc, though.

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