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Black Sig, as he appears in 20th Anniversary
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Black Sig, also mistakenly called Dark Sig is Sig under the influence of a mysterious power. He appears in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary as a "guest" character to purchase from Shopoi. In this appearance, he continuously questions the power brimming within him, decidedly becoming less passive in his vocalizations.

In Compile Worlds, the dark alter ego of Sig was introduced in Episode 36, when Sig had inadvertently absorbed some of Ekoro after the latter had been stabbed by Lam the Stelly's scimitar, causing him to transform. While under this transformation, Sig's emotions burst through more than usual, and he can explode on demand, much like Eta. Later, in Episode 39, the extent of Black Sig's power was made clear when he single-handedly purged Ekoro of his possessor, although Harpy seemed rather concerned about this. This power has promoted Sig as a whole to the status of a one, and allowed him to join The Tournament. Also observant as a side effect from this power is that Sig is a lot less idle and passive, actively expressing an interest to join the tournament. In Episode 43 Black Sig was explained by Strange Klug. Sig had absorbed Eta during the Episode 36 shenanigans. Eta, of course, contained the remaining pieces of the book demon's DNA, which allowed Sig to call upon the dormant power of his remains. His personality change was also explained by Eta, who filled in for the "sleeping" half of Sig's conscious. Strange Klug boasted that Sig's true personality would never be complete and that he only served to be a body for the demon, but this proved to be his undoing; Sig absorbed him and removed all remaining traces of his existence by becoming the dominant personality. Since Eta is still inside Sig, it is unclear whether Sig can still transform into this form or not.