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Sho is a secondary character in Puyo Wars and a major protagonist in Compile Worlds. He aids Daichi and Marin in defeating the evil Angol Mois, and debuted in Episode 33 to stop Angol's revived plans in Primp as well. His DNA was used by Ekoro to create an impostor that would go on to start the events of the Ekoro Arc.


Sho's first life was unknown; MadouCyc suggests that he was the "original spirit of the wind (magic?)" in the Madou World. Unlike Marin though, his life and cause of death(?) are unknown, and were not explored in Puyo Wars. He reincarnated as a human in the Puyo Wars World, where he met Marin and constructed a Protector to ride, shaped like a duck, interestingly enough. Later on, he and Marin confront Daichi to test his might, and he states that Daichi would never equal Angol. Sho left, and didn't appear again until Daichi lost control of his synthetic form and rampaged about, prompting Sho to take action. After learning of Daichi and Angol's common origin and dragging the goddess Eldora into the mess, Sho helped Daichi defeat Angol, resulting in his "banishment" to the Abyss. He also presumably returned to his homeworld with Marin.

Translations suggest that Sho is a Tsundere, though this has yet to be confirmed. There are also numerous jokes(?) in the dialogue suggesting he could be in love with Daichi. Regardless of whether Sho is or isn't gay, the other characters, particularly Marin and Ecolo, tease him for it anyway. Due to this, he almost refused to neutralize Alpha, since it required touching him. Which would've been okay if Alpha was a Nintendo DS. He may have a possible interest in birds or flying, given his Protector is an aerial vehicle based on a Duck. Watty apparently describes him as a "Mama's boy", on top of being ambiguously homosexual.

Of course, being a wind elemental, Sho can manipulate the wind to his whim. Stirring up tornadoes and launching powerful gusts are some of the things he's capable of. Additionally, he is a good air pilot and is athletic, cartwheeling out of the way of Draco's fiery breath. He's also quite skilled at Melee combat apparently, being able to perform low kicks and uppercuts during the battle with Satan's Team in SHAME.


Sho is a common given name in Japan. It means "To soar" or "Flying". This puns with Daichi and Marin's names, who relate to the land and sea respectively. (Sure is Kingdom Hearts in here)



  • Were it not for Chao playing Sho grossly out of character, Sho would have been the first Puyo Wars character to appear in the RP, predating Angol's appearance by three episodes.
    • Considering there was nearly 3 months between those two episodes and a lot of translation, that would have actually been rather impressive.
  • Despite the latter half of Compile Worlds trying to be more heavily Puyo Wars-centric, neither Sho nor Marin had appeared in the last arc of that season.
  • An epic word cluster suggests that Sho will suddenly make another clone.
    • The Book of DINNER even goes so far as to claim he'll make robots too, but such claims must be taken into careful consideration.
    • Alternately, the sentence could be read as "Sho suddenly makes another portal", but Sho hasn't even made a portal once.
      • Then again, technically Sho never made clones either.
  • Sho is the only Puyo Wars character to have a clone modeled after him.
    • This is similar to Mikki, who is the only character exclusive to Compile Worlds to receive a clone.

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